How to Activate Internet Banking in State Bank Of India (SBI)

SBI bank is the largest government in India and always been crowded.  People tend to spend hours standing in long queues for completing their banking transactions.   There is only one solution for this, opt for Internet banking of  SBI.

Here is how you can activate internet banking in SBI

1. First of all, the user has to obtain the internet activation form for this purpose from the official website of SBI. It should be filled and submitted to the branch where you are already holding a savings account. In case, you are opening a fresh account, the application form already has a separate page for this purpose.

2. Once you have submitted the application, you will receive an envelope containing the password. It is delivered to home address. It is important that the address mentioned in the application form is correct so that you can receive the password.

3. Username has to be collected from the bank only and make sure that the envelope is sealed when you are receiving it.

4. Thereafter, you have to login on the offcial website for SBI internet banking,

5. At the time of first login, you will be asked to change the password and add a profile password. Profile password is used when you are transferring money from one account to another.

6. You might have to visit the branch in case some problem occurs. You can contact the bank manager to get your doubts clarified.

But you should keep below mentioned points secret and never disclose to anyone.

1. Never disclose your password to anyone.

2. The mobile number you give while filling the application for net banking is very important. You will receive one time verification code on that number for validating every transaction.

3. also asks users to update their passwords at regular intervals so as to keep the accounts safe.

4. Do not fall in trap of calls of scammers pretending to be bank officials and asking you for bank account related information.

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