Crime insurance

The basic idea to get the Commercial Crime insurance is to secure the assets from theft, fraud and dishonesty and losses due to the third party. It is insurance can cover all types of members like the permanent employee, temporary worker and freelancer as well. It is a scheme which is helpful in reducing the risks for all cases like theft, forgery and fraud.

Everyone knows that life is unpredictable and anything can happen in life. So it is the best thing one should prepare him for these types of conditions.  Crime insurance is a kind of such privilege which can support us to get ready for an unseen situation for vehicle, house and health.

Perils of Commercial Crime Insurance

  1. Employee Theft Insurance – It is a loss of money and other assets by theft and breaking of the law by the insurance employee.
  2. Coverage of Workplace – The third parties losses of damage, disappearance and other assets which take place in the companies.
  3. Coverage of Transit – It is for the losses which occur outside the premises during transit of items from a location to the other.
  4. Coverage of Counterfeit – The losses which happen due to the dishonesty of cheques drawn on the accounts of the company by some third party.
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