RBI gives instructions to All Banks if anyone brings torn or damaged 500 or 2000 currency notes

There are many types of questions among people since 500 and 1000 notes are banned in India. After this noteban where the people are happy with the new notes, due to these new notes the common people have to face some problems.

The biggest problem among the people is that if there is something written on the note of 500 or 2000, then it is refused to take it in the market. Even if the note is a bit chopped from anywhere, then people in the market In such a situation, RBI has recently issued a letter and you will not be convinced by knowing what all the banks have said.

There were several rumors about the note 2000 after the note of the bank, such as the new note would be chip or there would be radium inside the new note.

In the meanwhile, it became a matter of speculation on the social media that if something written on the 500 or 2000 note, it will be out of circulation. But recently RBI has issued a letter saying that if you have 500 and 2000 If there are new notes of rupees and have written something on them, do not panic.

Neither any bank nor any businessman can refuse to take it. Even if someone refuses to take those notes then strict action can be taken against them. Let me tell you in a letter dated April 25, RBI said this.

However, the central bank has told the banks to withdraw such notes from the circulation, assuming such notes as inescapable notes. It is clear that banks are to accept such notes but the same note is not to be returned to the customers.

Let us tell you there are rumors about the new notes in the market. There is neither any chip in the new note nor any radioactive material as well as if there is anything written on the note or ink, there is no problem with it.

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