Invest only 5000 per month in SBI New Mutual Fund and earn big profits

SBI has introduced a new fund SBI Nifty Next 50 which primarily invests in Nifty next 50 stocks. New fund offer opens on 11th May, 2021. You can earn good returns by investing in this fund.

Minimum Investment Requirement :

You can invest in SBI Nifty Next 50 Fund by investing only Rs. 5000/-. As this fund is index fund, they invest only in Top 50 index stocks so you will get good profits when markets move upwards. You can start with Rs. 5000/- then in future you can investment in little amounts say 500 per month or 1000 per month to accumulate handsome funds for future.

Conclusion :

Investment in this fund are subject to market risks but as this fund is managed by reputed fund manager Ravi Prakash who manages various other strong portfolios. So you can be safe as he handles all those funds efficiently and your investments will fetch good returns.

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