Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Nowadays the primary source of revenue is kidnapping for the professional type of kidnappers. It has become prevalent around the world, and the number of cases has been growing in Latin America. All the families in all the parts of Latin America should know about it and prepare themselves in advance. They should have proper Kidnap and Ransom Insurance for an appropriate cover for kidnapping and protection of their loved ones.

It is not necessary to buy the insurance policy for the payment of reimbursement amount but to it is a kind of professional help. It is essential these days

Coverage for all types of Kidnapping

  1. Fast Kidnapping – It is done with no extra planning and the particular type of target.
  2. Political Based Kidnapping – The principal object of this kind of seizure is a demand of government and power of politics.
  3. Robbery – It needs two types of victims which are done by blackmail and another kind of crime.
  4. Virtual Type of kidnapping – It is for stealing things like mobile phone and personal kind of information to make someone feel that he is kidnapped.
  5. High Profile Kidnapping – It is a most elaborative type of scheme in criminal gather all the information about victim family.
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