Rajasthan Pin Codes

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OfficeName PinCode Taluk District
Chiksana B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Hatizar B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jharoli B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Didawali B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Hathodi B.O 321409 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Chentoli B.O 321407 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Akata B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Thairawar B.O 321206 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dundawal B.O 321205 Nagar Bharatpur
Jotruhalla B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Gudawali B.O 321642 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Anand Dadri B.O 321022 Nagar Bharatpur
Barauli Dhau B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhandara B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bilond B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bolkhera B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bilong B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Chhichhalwari B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dhilawati B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dhamari B.O 321022 Kaman Bharatpur
Garh Ajan B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Indrauli B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Luhesor B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Matuki B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Musepur B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pasopa B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sablana B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sunhera B.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Astawan B.O 321201 Kumher Bharatpur
Dhanwara B.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Khakhawali B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Babekhar B.O 321615 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Olanda B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Atari B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kumha B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Nehra Chauth B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Randhirgarh B.O 321406 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Barkheda B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dehra B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dharsoni B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jahangirpur B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Lakhanpur B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Mai B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Paraswara B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pingora B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Shekhpur B.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bansi B.O 321301 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bargha B.O 321301 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bareh Mafi B.O 321301 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhainsa B.O 321301 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kurka B.O 321301 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ajan B.O 321025 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bilothi B.O 321025 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dhormui B.O 321025 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jatoli Rathbhan B.O 321025 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Moroli Kalan B.O 321025 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Santruk B.O 321025 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Takha B.O 321025 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ajau B.O 321303 Kumher Bharatpur
Bansi Khurd B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhont B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dhanota B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Gagwana B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Helak B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Mahua B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Mudota B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Par B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Uncha Gaom B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Andhiyari B.O 321302 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bachhamdi B.O 321302 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ekta B.O 321302 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Milakpur B.O 321302 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Mudhera B.O 321302 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Nagla Tehriyan B.O 321302 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Nekpur B.O 321302 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sehna B.O 321302 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Veerampura B.O 321302 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Au B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Badangarh B.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bahaj B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bahtana B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Baroli Chuth B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Moroli B.O 321206 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bedham B.O 321206 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Chulhera B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dantlothi B.O 321206 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Guhana B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Iklera B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jateri B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Khoh B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Khohri B.O 321203 Nagar Bharatpur
Nigoi B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Panhori B.O 321206 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Parmadra B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pasta B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Samai Kheda B.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Syorawali B.O 321206 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Shiswara B.O 321206 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Barauli Chhar B.O 321614 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Baroli Ran B.O 321614 Nadbai Bharatpur
Nayabas B.O 321614 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Piprau B.O 321614 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Talchhera B.O 321614 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Utarda B.O 321614 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ghatri B.O 321409 Weir Bharatpur
Gogera B.O 321409 Weir Bharatpur
Jahaj B.O 321409 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jasupura B.O 321409 Weir Bharatpur
Kalsada B.O 321409 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Karawali B.O 321409 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Majajpur B.O 321409 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Mainapura B.O 321409 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Nithar B.O 321409 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Salempur Kalan B.O 321409 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Baroli B.O 321406 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Diwali B.O 321406 Bharatpur Bharatpur
M.V.Peeth Bhusawar B.O 321406 NA Bharatpur
Narharpur B.O 321406 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Nayagaom Khalsa B.O 321406 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Saindhli B.O 321406 Weir Bharatpur
Suhari B.O 321406 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bachhren B.O 321407 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bijwari B.O 321407 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kamalpura B.O 321407 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Mudia Sadh B.O 321407 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Newada B.O 321407 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Salempur Khurd B.O 321407 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Hantra B.O 321601 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kherli Gujar B.O 321601 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Moloni B.O 321601 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Mudiya Lalita B.O 321601 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pali B.O 321601 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Badipur B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bamanwari B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dandera B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Gaomri B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ghosinga B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Nogaom B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Nonera B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pai B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Saheda B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Satwas B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sehson B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Unchera B.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Mehrawar B.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pala B.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pichumar B.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sikrori B.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sinsini B.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ushrani B.O 321206 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Anchera B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Belara B.O 321602 Nadbai Bharatpur
Bhadira B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhatawali B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Birheru B.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Gangrauli B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ishapur Katara B.O 321602 Nadbai Bharatpur
Karai B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Karili B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kawai B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Khatoti B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Luhasa B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Manjhi B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Paharsar B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Paprera B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Raisis B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ronija B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sabora B.O 321206 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sihi B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Unch B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhatpura B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Hingota B.O 321206 Nagar Bharatpur
Jaluki B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jatoli Thoon B.O 321206 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Manota Kalan B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Moondoti B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Mundiya B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Padalwas B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pendka B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Poonchhari B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sadpuri B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Semla Kalan B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Semli B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sirthala B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sundrawali B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Tarondar B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Thoon B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhonri B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bodoli Dahar B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dhoolet B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Gangora B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ghatmika B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Gopalgarh B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jotri Peepal B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kathol B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Khandeola B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ladamka B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Nagla Satwari B.O 321204 Pahari Bharatpur
Papra B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pathroli B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Samler B.O 321204 Pahari Bharatpur
Saumka B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ubhaka B.O 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Alipur B.O 321615 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhaiseena B.O 321615 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jharauti B.O 321615 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Naroli B.O 321615 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Abhorra B.O 321202 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Awar B.O 321202 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Gunsara B.O 321202 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kasot B.O 321202 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Konrer B.O 321202 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Talfara B.O 321202 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Tamrer B.O 321202 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhutoli B.O 321642 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jharkai B.O 321642 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Khangri B.O 321642 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Naom B.O 321642 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Niyotha B.O 321642 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pili B.O 321642 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Alghani B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Alamshah B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Berru B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Boodli B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dawak B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Gulpada B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jai Sri B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jalalpur B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jhanjhar B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kakrala B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kaithwara B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Khohri B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Khesti B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Palka B.O 321024 Nagar Bharatpur
Pipalkheda B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ranf B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Teski B.O 321024 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Aghapur B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bachhamdi Noh B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Barso B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Behnera B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Chichana B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Forest Lodge B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ghusiyari B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ikran B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Malah B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sogar B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sunari B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Tuhiya B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Undra B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Barakhur B.O 321021 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Gaomdi B.O 321021 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Hatheni B.O 321021 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pipla B.O 321021 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Phulwara B.O 321021 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Baben B.O 321026 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhandore B.O 321026 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Borai B.O 321026 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Dehra B.O 321026 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kasoda B.O 321026 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Madhoni B.O 321026 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Murwara B.O 321026 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Rooppura B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sardarnagar B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Soniyana B.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dhamnia B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jeeva Ka Khera B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhagwanpura B.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ullela B.O 311203 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bheeta B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kadisahna B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Brahmano Ki Sareri B.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ganglas B.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kabradia B.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Karjaliya B.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Keriya B.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Palri B.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Rupaheli Khurd B.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bagudar B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bharni Kalan B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bihada B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bishniya B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gandher B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Paroli B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ropan B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Titoda B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Titodi B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Deoriya B.O 311407 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dohriya B.O 311407 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Hukumpura B.O 311407 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kanechan Khurd B.O 311407 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kanechan Kalan B.O 311407 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sangari B.O 311407 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Taswaria Basa B.O 311407 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bankda B.O 311203 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Baroda B.O 311203 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bai B.O 311203 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Biletha B.O 311203 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dhor B.O 311203 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Palran B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Barsani B.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Seedriyas B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Joravarpura B.O 311402 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Cheerkheda B.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Rajgarh B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Barundani B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Leswa B.O 311402 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sangwa B.O 311402 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Tunka B.O 311402 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Babrana B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bara Mahuwa B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Baran B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Chamanpura B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kalsans B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kankolia B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kunwar B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Rakshi B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Richda B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dhakarkhedi B.O 311601 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jalia B.O 311601 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jawal B.O 311601 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kankrolia B.O 311601 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Khatwara B.O 311601 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jojwa B.O 311601 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kishangarh B.O 311601 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Nandrai B.O 311601 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Suras B.O 311601 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Aroli B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bikampura B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhopatpura B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bijolia Khurd B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Chand Ji Ki Kheri B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gopalpura B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gudha B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Makredi B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Naya Nagar B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Salawatia B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Tharoda B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Tiliswa B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Uma Ji Ka Kheda B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kasya Kala B.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Arnia B.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ashaholi B.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bharak B.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Delana B.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Lakhola B.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Nandsha B.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Shivrati B.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Badla B.O 311021 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gageda B.O 311021 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jalampura B.O 311021 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Lamba Khari Ka B.O 311021 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Taswariya B.O 311021 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ama B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Amli B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bardod B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gendlia B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jitya B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kherabad B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ojayada B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Pipli B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Suthepa B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Swaroopganj B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Borani B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dhuwala B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gadoli B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gangithala B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Itunda B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kuradia B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Luharikala B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Rawatkhera B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sarsiya B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Tikar B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Uncha B.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Amalda B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Amargarh B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhagunagar B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jhanjhola B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jassu Ji Ka Khera B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kheruna B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Manoharpura B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sarthala B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Thala B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Titoda Tehla B.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Chawandia B.O 311805 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Deoria B.O 311805 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Galwa B.O 311805 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jhadol B.O 311805 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Khemana B.O 311805 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mokhunda B.O 311805 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Nandsha J B.O 311805 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ullai B.O 311805 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Arwar B.O 311023 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dhanop B.O 311023 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Khamore B.O 311023 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kotri Bhado Ki B.O 311023 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sangria B.O 311023 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Birdhol B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Borda B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Chhaprel B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dantra B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gahuli B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kothaj B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mansha B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Rased B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Reeth B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sankda B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gega Ka Khera B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Redwas B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Swaipur B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Barliyas B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Baori B.O 311403 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhadu B.O 311403 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Chankhed B.O 311403 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dhuwala B.O 311403 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Luhariya B.O 311403 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Laduwas B.O 311403 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Meja B.O 311403 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Suras B.O 311403 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Santokpura B.O 311403 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Baldarkha B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bikaran B.O 311606 Mandalgarh Bhilwara
Genoli B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jalindri B.O 311606 Mandalgarh Bhilwara
Kalyanpura B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Khachrol B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ladpura B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mahuwa B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Malka Khera B.O 311606 Mandalgarh Bhilwara
Mangthala B.O 311606 Mandalgarh Bhilwara
Manpura B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mohanpura B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sarana B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Singoli B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Srinagar B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ralayata B.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Almas B.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bheemdiyas B.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gudha B.O 311203 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Khajuri B.O 311203 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Shakkargarh B.O 311203 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Atun B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhopalgarh B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhunas B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dariba B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Deoli B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dhosar B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dudiya B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gundli B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Karoi CO B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kochoria B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Malola B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mahendragarh B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Pansal B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Pithas B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Rampuria B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sethuria B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Balesaria B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bera B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dholi B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Iras B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ghadwala Ka Kheda B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kaliyas B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kundia Kalan B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Lambia Kalan B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Lambia Station B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Lambia Khurd B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Motipur B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sareri CO B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sodar B.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Borana CO B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kot B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Khankhermala B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Nathdiyas B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Nahari B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Pitha Ka Khera B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Thala B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Umari B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sarewadi B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Narayan Khera B.O 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Amalda CO B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bagolia B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bemali B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhabhana B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Chileshwar B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Chitamba B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dahimatha B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dhuwala B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gorkhiya B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gyangarh B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Marewada B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Nimbahera Jatan B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Rampuria B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Shivpur B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Thana B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kangani B.O 311806 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Khankhala B.O 311806 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Majhawas B.O 311806 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Negdia Ka Khera B.O 311806 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Salera B.O 311806 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sargaon B.O 311806 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Satliyas B.O 311806 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Surawas B.O 311806 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Akarsada B.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Amesar B.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Antali B.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dantra B.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jagpura B.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Khejri B.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Motras B.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sangramgarh B.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Phalamada B.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Amli Kalan B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Arnia Ghoda B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Arnia Rasa B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bachkhera B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Basera B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bavdi B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhojpur B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Biliya B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Borda B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dabla Chanda B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dhikola B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Lulas B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mindolia B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mahula B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ragurajpura B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Rahad B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Tehnal B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Lasadia B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mata Ji Ka Khera B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Arjiya B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Badla B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ban Ka Kheda B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bholi B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Danthal B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Haled B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kanda B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Khedliya B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kodu Kota B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Lasadiya B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mahuwakhurd B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Rupaheli B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Satola Ka Khera B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Udliyas B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Baldarkha CO B.O 311408 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bamnia B.O 311408 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Itmaria B.O 311408 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Megras B.O 311408 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Munshi B.O 311408 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Nimbahera Kalan B.O 311408 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Phulia Khurd B.O 311408 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Taswaria Khurd B.O 311408 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bajunda B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Barana B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Borela B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Chainpura B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dantra B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Darawat CO B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jhalriya B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kavlas B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Katar B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kidimal B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Lachura B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Negdia B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ratanpura B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ragunathpura B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Tiloli B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Parasoli B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bor B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhadsi B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhojpura B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Chatarpur B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jaitgarh B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Khedela B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mogar B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ojhiyana B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Patan B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Pura B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Rampura B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Shekhawas B.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Adsipura B.O 311402 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bavlas B.O 311402 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Boriapura B.O 311402 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Chandras B.O 311402 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ghodas B.O 311402 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Ratanpur B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Rathari B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Galander B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Odabada B.O 314804 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gardhuna B.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Devla B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gada Jhumji B.O 314032 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Mahudipal B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Barjodia B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Rohanwari B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Buda Bassi B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Padoli Gordhan B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Patan B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Magarda Bada B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Chriyawasa B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Navagoan B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Dhatana B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Falonj B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ganeshpur B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Hathai B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Indora B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kanthari B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kheda Samor B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Khampur B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Odwariya B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Parda Thoor B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ragunathpura B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sakani B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Savgarh B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Thoorkipal B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Nokhna B.O 314029 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kotada B.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Moti Timbi B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Agarpura B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Madlada B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Bassi B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Himmatgarh B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Chhoti Sarwan B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Sevna B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Palisoda B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gada Moriya B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Somkamla Amba B.O 314021 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gamdi Devki B.O 314024 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Vasunder Chhoti B.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Asoda B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Berwa B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Bhagora B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Chopasang B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Daduka B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Khodan B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Kharan Ka Parda B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Matwala B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Malana B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Mor B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Naya Goan B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Samagarha B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Umbada B.O 327022 Banswara Banswara
Amarthun B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Badana B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Dalwara Lokiya B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Devda B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Doodka B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Jagpura B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Jharkaniya B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Kanji Ka Gara B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Padal Badi B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Padoli Rathor B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Padal Chhoti B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Runjia B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Sanawasa B.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Amja B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Ador B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Bhatar B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Gopinath Ka Garha B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Naugama B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Nahali B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Odwara B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Paraheda B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Pindarama B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Raiyana B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Tamtiya Rathor B.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Biladi B.O 327606 Banswara Banswara
Lilwani B.O 327606 Banswara Banswara
Mahudi B.O 327606 Banswara Banswara
Nagawara B.O 327606 Banswara Banswara
Peeplod B.O 327606 Banswara Banswara
Rakho B.O 327606 Banswara Banswara
Suwala B.O 327606 Banswara Banswara
Borpi Khera B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Dagal B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Dungariya B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Dungra B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Kanthao B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Kherwa B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Miyasa B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Mudsal B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Narwali B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Rupji Ka Kheda B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Sarodia B.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Badli Pada B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Badi Sarwa B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Badwasa B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Charkani B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Chhoti Sarwa B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Dhumath B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Jhikali B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Kotra Ranga B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Kalinjara B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Kushalapada B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Loharia B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Mokampura B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Mundri B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Padikalan B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Ramgarh B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Sabalpur B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Timbada B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Unkala B.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Akhebhanji Ka Gara B.O 327605 Banswara Banswara
Lasada B.O 327605 Banswara Banswara
Paloda B.O 327605 Banswara Banswara
Thikariya B.O 327605 Banswara Banswara
Bhungda B.O 327026 Banswara Banswara
Badgun B.O 327026 Banswara Banswara
Cheev B.O 327026 Banswara Banswara
Kherdabada B.O 327026 Banswara Banswara
Andheshwar B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Chaura Kalan B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Dungra Kalan B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Dungra Chhota B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Godwara Noren B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Itala B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Jalampura B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Kesharwadi B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Khundni Rupa B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Mahudi Maska B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Machchar Para B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Rath Dhanraj B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Rohaniya Laxman Singh B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Tanda Mangla B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Tambesara B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Tandi Kalan B.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Bachadiya B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Badi Saredi B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Bhimsore B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Gamdi B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Kheda B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Kunwala B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Kushalpura B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Masotiya B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Sagwadiya B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Sundanpur B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Sakaria B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Vajwanaia B.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Bari B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Boriya B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Borwat B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Badrel Khurd B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Bor Khaber B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Bhapor B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Badgoan B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Badliya B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Chanduji Ka Gara B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Chacha Kota B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Danpur B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Dana Khari B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Fefar B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Galkiya B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Godi Tajpur B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Harnathpura B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Jahapura B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Jhupel B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Katumbi B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Kalakhet B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Kaserpura B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Khajuri B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Khandu B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Kundla Kalan B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Kheda Khas B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Kopda B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Kundal B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Kotra B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Lodha B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Maheshpura B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Mokampura B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Mordi Nichali B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Nalda B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Napla B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Nichala Ghantala B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Panchalwasa B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Palaswani B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Rohida B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Surpur B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Singhpura B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Sundni B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Tajpur B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Thikariya B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Tamtiya B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Upla Ghantala B.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Amaritia B.O 314021 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bhinda B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bageri B.O 314031 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Diwda Bada B.O 314031 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jethana B.O 314031 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Semalia Pandya B.O 314031 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Vandarved B.O 314031 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Chhapi B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Chundawada B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dhamod B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ger B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Khajuri B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kherwara B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Malmatha B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Modar B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Palpadar B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Talaiya B.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Baba Ki Bar B.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bhamai B.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bhesara Bara B.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jhosawa B.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jogpur B.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kasariya B.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Likhatiya  B.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Parda Mataji B.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ratriya B.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ubli B.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ambada B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Badgama B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bawadi B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dhangaon B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dungarsaran B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Doongar B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gariyata B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gundlara B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gara Mertiya B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jasela B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kochri B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kuwan B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kherasa B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Nandia B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Panch Kundli B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ramsore B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Saleda B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sendola B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Tamboliya B.O 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dhavri B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dowda B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kheda Kachawasa B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kherwara Sulai B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Naraniya B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Paldhara B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Pagara B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Upergaon B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Vassi B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Underda B.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bansia B.O 314402 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ghuver B.O 314402 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gandhwa B.O 314402 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Karawada B.O 314402 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Nagria Panchola B.O 314402 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Pohri Khatu B.O 314402 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Pohri Patelan B.O 314402 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Vedsa B.O 314402 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bodamali B.O 314402 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gol B.O 314021 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Khudarda B.O 314021 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Parda Itiwar B.O 314021 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gamdi Ahada B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jalukuwa B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kherwara Chela B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Mada B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Mewada B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Rampur Mewada B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Surpur B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sundarpur B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Teejwar B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Veerpur B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Wer B.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Raiki B.O 314021 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Tokwasa B.O 314021 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Balota B.O 314037 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bilia Badgama B.O 314037 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Chouki B.O 314037 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dojapal B.O 314037 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Hirata B.O 314037 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kanhari B.O 314037 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Surata B.O 314037 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Salaj B.O 314037 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Nalwarda B.O 314037 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Silohi B.O 314026 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Garmala B.O 314804 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ghugra B.O 314804 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Karoli B.O 314804 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Navalshyam B.O 314804 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sabli B.O 314804 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sanchia B.O 314804 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Thana B.O 314804 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Chadoli B.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Daiyana B.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Diwda Chhota B.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ghata Ka Gaon B.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ghotad B.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Hadmala B.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Leemri B.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Mewara B.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Suraj Gaon B.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Semlia Ghata B.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Barbudnia B.O 314401 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Decha B.O 314401 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Pepal Gunj B.O 314401 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Parlamahtonka B.O 314401 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Phaota B.O 314401 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Virat B.O 314401 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Akhaipur B.O 314024 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Karada B.O 314024 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Oad B.O 314024 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Padra B.O 314024 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Vagdari B.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bara B.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dewal B.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gumanpura B.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gamdi Deval B.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gamdi Pal B.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Rampur Sati B.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Shishod B.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Tadi Obri B.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bandela B.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bankra B.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bhachdhia B.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dhoondhariya B.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dookan B.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dhodhra B.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jharani B.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jorawarpur B.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Punawada B.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Rajpur B.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kolkhanda B.O 314028 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Mandav B.O 314028 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Mando Ki Pal B.O 314028 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Borigama Chhota B.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ghotada B.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jhariyana B.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Katisor B.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kabja B.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Lalpani B.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Mal B.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Pachlasa Chhota B.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Pachalasa Bada B.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bhojato Ka Oda B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Deosomnath B.O 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ara B.O 314025 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Barsinghpur B.O 314025 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ganda Brahamania B.O 314025 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gowadi B.O 314025 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Palmavit B.O 314025 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Duchiya Bada B.O 314032 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gada Wasan B.O 314032 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Khadlai B.O 314032 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kariyana B.O 314032 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Padardi Badi B.O 314032 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Semaliya B.O 314032 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Vamasa B.O 314032 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Badi Likhi B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Charwara B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gara Gokal B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jhalai B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jalap B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Mandli B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Rasta B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sadaria B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sakarsi B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sarthuna B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Seethal B.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Beejawara B.O 314029 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gara Bejaniya B.O 314029 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kahela B.O 314029 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Nandod B.O 314029 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Tamtiya B.O 314029 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Varda B.O 314029 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bera B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Genji B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ghata B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jhontri B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Pagara B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Pokhrun B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Rainta B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sansarpu B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Venja B.O 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bharga B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bhakhrad B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Biloora B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Devpur B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dolpur B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Gamdi B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Khanan B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Lodawal B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Miyala B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Munged B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Nandli B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Nithauva B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Pindawal B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Pal Nithauwa B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Rinchha B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sagot B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Salonj B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Valai B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Jogiwara B.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ajna B.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Bassi Badi B.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Biloda B.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Kesharpura B.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Nawadhara B.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Paderi B.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Panchawara B.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Saranpur B.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Vakhatpura B.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Ambalia B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Badliya B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Bareth B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Chhaja B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Cheekli Teja B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Chandwara B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Dokar B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Phalwa B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Kajelia B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Madkola B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Mundri B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Minapadar B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Naharpura B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Obla B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Sundrao B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Tamtiya B.O 327031 Banswara Banswara
Bhaler Bhodar B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Chordi B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Dhalar B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Gangad Talai B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Handi B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Jambudi B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Jhanjharwa B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Jher Moti B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Khadalim B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Khunta Galia B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Lankai B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Ramka Munna B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Rohaniya B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Salia B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Sallopat B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Sangariya B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Shergarh B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Udaipura B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Ummadgarhi B.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Bodigama B.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Budwa B.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Chokhala B.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Karji B.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Limthan B.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Pali Kalan B.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Sagrod B.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Saliya B.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Samaria B.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Surwania B.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Bansala B.O 327603 Banswara Banswara
Balwara B.O 327603 Banswara Banswara
Bodigama B.O 327603 Banswara Banswara
Patan B.O 327603 Banswara Banswara
Amarsingh Ka Gara B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Asan B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Bamanparda B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Bhimpur B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Bhuwasa B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Bhoyar B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Borda B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Dukawara B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Karanpur B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Mota Goan B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Mota Tanda B.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Bagwara B.O 303805 Jaipur Jaipur
Raghunathpura B.O 303107 Jaipur Jaipur
Bada Bujurg B.O 322240 Dausa Dausa
Thuni Dhirajpura B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Nandri B.O 303509 Dausa Dausa
Boroda B.O 303507 Dausa Dausa
Turkyawas B.O 303602 Jaipur Jaipur
Panwalia B.O 303904 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhamori B.O 303706 Jaipur Jaipur
Sanwali B.O 303009 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhainsawa B.O 303123 PHULERA Jaipur
Chhapra Khurd B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Bajrangpura B.O 303119 Jaipur Jaipur
Chatarpura B.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Sandarsar B.O 303801 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhandana B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Dhula B.O 303305 Jaipur Jaipur
Ralawata B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Ancheri B.O 303323 Dausa Dausa
Pancholi B.O 303509 Dausa Dausa
Peepalki B.O 303509 Dausa Dausa
Pundarpada B.O 303509 Dausa Dausa
Thikriya B.O 303509 Dausa Dausa
Udaipuria B.O 303509 Dausa Jaipur
Chharda B.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Churiawas B.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Dob B.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Kallawas B.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Koliwara B.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Malwas B.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Manpura B.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Palunda B.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Rahuwas B.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Gahnoli B.O 321612 Dausa Dausa
Gazipura B.O 321612 Dausa Dausa
Palanheda B.O 321612 Dausa Dausa
Santha B.O 321612 Dausa Dausa
Hapawas B.O 303506 Dausa Dausa
Jaun B.O 303506 Dausa Dausa
Khawaraoji B.O 303506 Dausa Dausa
Mundghisya B.O 303506 Dausa Dausa
Shyalawas Kalan B.O 303506 Dausa Dausa
Thumdi B.O 303506 Dausa Dausa
Amrabad B.O 303510 Dausa Dausa
Beechha B.O 303510 Dausa Dausa
Bidarkhan B.O 303510 Dausa Dausa
Gangliawas B.O 303510 Dausa Dausa
Shyampura Kalan B.O 303510 Dausa Dausa
Barkhera B.O 321613 Dausa Dausa
Dholkhera B.O 321613 Dausa Dausa
Pakhar B.O 321613 Dausa Dausa
Unkroond B.O 321613 Dausa Dausa
Bapi B.O 303507 Dausa Dausa
Bishanpura B.O 303507 Dausa Dausa
Kableshwar B.O 303507 Dausa Dausa
Khuri Kalan B.O 303507 Dausa Dausa
Neemla B.O 303507 Dausa Dausa
Udawala B.O 303507 Dausa Dausa
Abhaneri B.O 303326 Dausa Dausa
Bawanpara B.O 303326 Dausa Dausa
Bhandari B.O 303326 Dausa Dausa
Brahman Bairada B.O 303326 Dausa Dausa
Chhokarwada B.O 303326 Dausa Dausa
Khuntla B.O 303326 Dausa Dausa
Kuti Mariyada B.O 303326 Dausa Dausa
Peechupara Kalan B.O 303326 Dausa Dausa
Heengwa B.O 303508 Dausa Dausa
Kalwan B.O 303508 Dausa Dausa
Kundera Doongar B.O 303508 Dausa Dausa
Namner B.O 303508 Dausa Dausa
Anantpura B.O 303302 Dausa Jaipur
Bas Badwa B.O 303302 Dausa Jaipur
Danau Kalan B.O 303302 Dausa Jaipur
Garh B.O 303302 Dausa Dausa
Hemlyawala B.O 303302 LALSOT Dausa
Habaspura B.O 303604 Jaipur Jaipur
Kazipura B.O 303604 Jaipur Jaipur
Korsina B.O 303604 Jaipur Jaipur
Mokhampura B.O 303604 Jaipur Jaipur
Tyod B.O 303604 Jaipur Jaipur
Astikalan B.O 303602 Jaipur Jaipur
Deva Ka Bas B.O 303602 Jaipur Jaipur
Gudhaliya B.O 303602 Jaipur Jaipur
Kishanpura B.O 303602 Jaipur Jaipur
Luniawas B.O 303602 Jaipur Jaipur
Nangal Govind B.O 303602 Jaipur Jaipur
Ajairajpura B.O 303007 Jaipur Jaipur
Awania B.O 303007 Jaipur Jaipur
Begas B.O 303007 Jaipur Jaipur
Dehmi Kalan B.O 303007 Jaipur Jaipur
Gadota B.O 303007 Jaipur Jaipur
Mahlan B.O 303007 Jaipur Jaipur
Rampura Unti B.O 303007 Jaipur Jaipur
Akodiya B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Chhandel Kalan B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Garwasi B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Kadera B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Kareda Khurd B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Kothoon B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Malpuria B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Mandlia Meda B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Nimodiya B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Shaakar Khawda B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Sanwalia B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Sawai Madhosinghpura B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Silki Doongari B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Tamariya B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Thoomli Ka Bas B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Chittora B.O 303904 Jaipur Jaipur
Dabla Kalan B.O 303904 Jaipur Jaipur
Gohandi B.O 303904 Jaipur Jaipur
Harsulia B.O 303904 Jaipur Jaipur
Heerapura B.O 303904 Jaipur Jaipur
Mohabatpura B.O 303904 Jaipur Jaipur
Pahandia B.O 303904 Jaipur Jaipur
Peepla B.O 303904 Jaipur Jaipur
Dantri B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Dhandholi B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Gagardoo B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Gehlota B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Harsoli B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Khudiyala B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Ladera B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Nanan B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Padasoli B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Rasili B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Rehlana B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Sakhoon B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Sali B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Sirohi Kalan B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Sewa B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Sinodia B.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhaislana B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhojpura B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Dhani Boraj B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Dheendha B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Hingonia B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Jorpura B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Jorpura Sundariawas B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Kalakh B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Kodi B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Mundoti B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Murlipura B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Sinodiya B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Bassi Naga B.O 303706 Jaipur Jaipur
Durjania Was B.O 303706 Jaipur Jaipur
Machwa B.O 303706 Jaipur Jaipur
Mundota B.O 303706 Jaipur Jaipur
Pachar B.O 303706 Jaipur Jaipur
Achalpura B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Arp Dhelana B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Barodiya B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Jhapda Kalan B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Kashipura B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Khera Raniwas B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Ramnagar B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Roopa Hedi Kalan B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Roopahedi Khurd B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Theekariya Gujran B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Theekariya Meena B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhankrota B.O 303006 Jaipur Jaipur
Bichi B.O 303006 Jaipur Jaipur
Chandamakalan B.O 303006 Jaipur Jaipur
Dabach B.O 303006 Jaipur Jaipur
Didawata B.O 303006 Jaipur Jaipur
Dosara B.O 303006 Jaipur Jaipur
Gopalpura B.O 303006 Jaipur Jaipur
Jhardla B.O 303006 Jaipur Jaipur
Dhamana B.O 303009 Jaipur Jaipur
Gangoti Kalan B.O 303009 Jaipur Jaipur
Jhag B.O 303009 Jaipur Jaipur
Kansel B.O 303009 Jaipur Jaipur
Mandore B.O 303009 Jaipur Jaipur
Chainpura B.O 303348 Jaipur Jaipur
Gidhani B.O 303348 Jaipur Jaipur
Mamana B.O 303348 Jaipur Jaipur
Marwa B.O 303348 Jaipur Jaipur
Sanwarda B.O 303348 Jaipur Jaipur
Srirampura B.O 303348 Jaipur Jaipur
Choru B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Ghatiyali B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Kishorpura B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Kudli B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Ladana B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Lasadiya B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Mandawari B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Mehandwas B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Mandi B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Narera B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Nimera B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Pachala B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Parwan B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Akoda B.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Bobas B.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Boraj B.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Gudha Bersal B.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Hirnoda B.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Kachroda B.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Rojdi B.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Shardulpura B.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Teja Ka Bas B.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Ugariwas B.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Bagawas B.O 303603 Jaipur Jaipur
Baseri Khurd B.O 303603 Jaipur Jaipur
Dungri Khurd B.O 303123 PHULERA Jaipur
Harsoli B.O 303123 PHULERA Jaipur
Karansar B.O 303603 Jaipur Jaipur
Khedi Milak B.O 303123 PHULERA Jaipur
Kishangarh Renwal B.O 303603 Jaipur Jaipur
Lalasar B.O 303603 Jaipur Jaipur
Mundiagaarh B.O 303603 Jaipur Jaipur
Ramjipura B.O 303123 PHULERA Jaipur
Surmalikpur B.O 303603 Jaipur Jaipur
Badapadampura B.O 303903 Jaipur Jaipur
Chandlai B.O 303903 Jaipur Jaipur
Khajalpura B.O 303903 Jaipur Jaipur
Khijuria Brahmin B.O 303903 Jaipur Jaipur
Kumariawas B.O 303903 Jaipur Jaipur
Sambharia B.O 303903 Jaipur Jaipur
Teetaria B.O 303903 Jaipur Jaipur
Toontoli B.O 303903 Jaipur Jaipur
Yaarlipura B.O 303903 Jaipur Jaipur
Dadiya B.O 303905 Jaipur Jaipur
Goner B.O 303905 Jaipur Jaipur
Mohanpura B.O 303905 Jaipur Jaipur
Vidhani B.O 303905 Jaipur Jaipur
Badodia B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Badi Jori B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Bidara B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Chhapra Kalan (Shahpura) B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Chimanpura B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Devan B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Devipura B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Ghasipura B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Jaje Kalan B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Kant B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Khori B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Let Ka Bas B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Nathawala B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Nithara B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Rampura B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Saiwad B.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Jaitpura Khinchi B.O 303002 Jaipur Jaipur
Kali Pahadi B.O 303002 Jaipur Jaipur
Kant B.O 303002 Jaipur Jaipur
Labana B.O 303002 Jaipur Jaipur
Rajpurawas Tala B.O 303002 Jaipur Jaipur
Hanutia B.O 303601 Jaipur Jaipur
Hanutpura B.O 303601 Jaipur Jaipur
Markhi B.O 303601 Jaipur Jaipur
Nayan B.O 303601 Jaipur Jaipur
Birsana B.O 303001 Jaipur Jaipur
Dangaarwara B.O 303001 Jaipur Jaipur
Dantil B.O 303001 Jaipur Jaipur
Footalo B.O 303001 Jaipur Jaipur
Raipur B.O 303001 Jaipur Jaipur
Sankotra B.O 303001 Jaipur Jaipur
Thali B.O 303001 Jaipur Jaipur
Tholai B.O 303001 Jaipur Jaipur
Antela B.O 303119 Jaipur Jaipur
Bagawas Ahiran B.O 303119 Jaipur Jaipur
Bagawas Choriyasi B.O 303119 Jaipur Jaipur
Jawanpura B.O 303119 Jaipur Jaipur
Luhakna Khurd B.O 303119 Jaipur Jaipur
Hadota B.O 303702 Jaipur Jaipur
Khadi Bagh B.O 303702 Jaipur Jaipur
Sirsali B.O 303702 Jaipur Jaipur
Tankarda B.O 303702 Jaipur Jaipur
Amloda B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Behlod B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Bobadi B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Chharsa B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Dantala Meena B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Dhola B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Jaichandpura B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Kanwarpura B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Surana B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Tala B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Anantpura B.O 303712 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhutera B.O 303712 Jaipur Jaipur
Dhoblai B.O 303712 Jaipur Jaipur
Dhodsar B.O 303712 Jaipur Jaipur
Hasteda B.O 303712 Jaipur Jaipur
Malikpur B.O 303712 Jaipur Jaipur
Manda Bhinda B.O 303712 Jaipur Jaipur
Nangal Turkan B.O 303712 Jaipur Jaipur
Amarpura B.O 303804 Jaipur Jaipur
Charanwas B.O 303804 Jaipur Jaipur
Dhanota B.O 303804 Jaipur Jaipur
Nangal Koju B.O 303804 Jaipur Jaipur
Niwana B.O 303804 Jaipur Jaipur
Raopura B.O 303804 Jaipur Jaipur
Tigaria B.O 303804 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhato Ki Gali B.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Deogudha B.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Jairampura B.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Jalsu B.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Kanipura B.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Nangal Ladi B.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Radahkishanpura B.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Raghunathpura B.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Punana B.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhurthal B.O 303704 Jaipur Jaipur
Chetawala B.O 303704 Jaipur Jaipur
Khore Shyamdas B.O 303704 Jaipur Jaipur
Rambura Dabari B.O 303704 Jaipur Jaipur
Bandha Jamwaramgarh B.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Booj B.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Kharkara B.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Khawa B.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Lalwas B.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Mahangi B.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Manota B.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Mathasula B.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Raisar B.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Samred Kalan B.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Alisar B.O 303801 Jaipur Jaipur
Dhola Ka Bas B.O 303801 Jaipur Jaipur
Chinoi B.O 303801 Jaipur Jaipur
Jaisinghpura B.O 303801 Jaipur Jaipur
Kanarpura B.O 303801 Jaipur Jaipur
Naupura B.O 303801 Jaipur Jaipur
Pratapura B.O 303801 Jaipur Jaipur
Raithal B.O 303801 Jaipur Jaipur
Bilanderpur B.O 303803 Jaipur Jaipur
Kariri B.O 303803 Jaipur Jaipur
Singot Kalan B.O 303803 Jaipur Jaipur
Singot Khurd B.O 303803 Jaipur Jaipur
Chaturbhuj B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Gonera B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Gopalpura B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Goverdhanpura B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Jaisinghpura B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Kalyanpura B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Kansli B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Keshwana B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Kujota B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Mohanpura B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Molaheda B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Mordha B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Nangal Panditpura B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Paniyala B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Pawana B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Ramsinghpura B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Sangteda B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Sunderpura B.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhamod B.O 303003 Jaipur Jaipur
Jodhula B.O 303003 Jaipur Jaipur
Naurangpura B.O 303003 Jaipur Jaipur
Paldi B.O 303003 Jaipur Jaipur
Talba Bihajar B.O 303003 Jaipur Jaipur
Teori B.O 303003 Jaipur Jaipur
Alooda B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Bada Gaon B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Baniyana B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Bhankari B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Chandrana B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Chawandeda B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Hingotia B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Jasota B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Jirota Khurd B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Kherwal B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Ladi Ka Bas B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Mahesara Kalan B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Maheshara Khurd B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Malarna B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Nangal Bairsi B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Surajpura B.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Ananantwada B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Arniya B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Badial Kalan B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Badiyal Khurd B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Bandikui Jagir B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Bhandeda B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Delari B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Kolana B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Mundghisya B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Nandera B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Panditpura B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Peechupada Khurd B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Pratappura B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Ralawata B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Shalawas Kalan B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Shyalawas Khurd B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Unbadagaon B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Badwa B.O 303305 Jaipur Jaipur
Dharampura B.O 303305 Jaipur Jaipur
Hansmahal B.O 303305 Jaipur Dausa
Jatwara B.O 303305 Jaipur Jaipur
Jhajwar B.O 303305 Jaipur Jaipur
Jhar B.O 303305 Jaipur Jaipur
Newar B.O 303305 Jaipur Jaipur
Padasoli B.O 303305 Jaipur Jaipur
Rajpura B.O 303305 Jaipur Jaipur
Benada B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Chanwandia B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Deogaon B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Doodhali B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Kacholiya B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Khatipura B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Lalgarh B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Manoharpura B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Mohanpura B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Palawalan Jatan B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Toda Bhata B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Gullana B.O 303327 Dausa Dausa
Jhajhirampura B.O 303327 Dausa Dausa
Karnawar B.O 303327 Dausa Dausa
Shabdawali B.O 303327 Dausa Dausa
Behrawanda B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Farrashpura B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Gandarawa B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Gumanpura B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Jhanpdawas B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Jopada B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Gothra B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Kalakho Ambadi B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Lanka B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Mochingpura B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Ranoli B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Shekhpura B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Torda B.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Aliapara B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Alipur B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Balahera B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Bejupada B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Dhigaria Bhim B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Golada B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Gudha Ashikpura B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Mahukhera B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Nihalpura B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Sudharanpada B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Digo B.O 303511 Dausa Dausa
Dungarpur B.O 303511 Dausa Dausa
Indawa B.O 303511 Dausa Dausa
Khatumbar B.O 303511 Dausa Dausa
Nizampura B.O 303511 Dausa Dausa
Rajoli B.O 303511 Dausa Dausa
Salempura B.O 303511 Dausa Dausa
Bane Ka Barkhera B.O 303304 Dausa Dausa
Dhanawad B.O 303304 Dausa Dausa
Dolika B.O 303304 Dausa Dausa
Kalakho Sadak B.O 303304 Dausa Dausa
Kelai B.O 303304 Dausa Dausa
Peelwa Kalan B.O 303304 Dausa Dausa
Reta B.O 303304 Dausa Dausa
Achalpura B.O 303502 Dausa Dausa
Denda Basedi B.O 303502 Dausa Dausa
Gangadwadi B.O 303502 Dausa Dausa
Gerota B.O 303502 Dausa Dausa
Ghumna B.O 303502 Dausa Dausa
Chandera B.O 303323 Dausa Dausa
Muhi B.O 303323 Dausa Dausa
Burthal B.O 303012 Jaipur Jaipur
Dantli B.O 303012 Jaipur Jaipur
Faliawas B.O 303012 Jaipur Jaipur
Bilochi B.O 303805 Jaipur Jaipur
Cheethwari B.O 303805 Jaipur Jaipur
Chonp B.O 303805 Jaipur Jaipur
Daulatpura B.O 303805 Jaipur Jaipur
Manpura Machedi B.O 303805 Jaipur Jaipur
Rundal B.O 303805 Jaipur Jaipur
Sewapura B.O 303805 Jaipur Jaipur
Banar B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Banethi B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Beri B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Chhardera B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Chimanpura B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Deota B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Kalyanpura Kalan B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Kharab B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Purshottampura B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Raikaranpura B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Sarund B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Fatehpura Khurd B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Jaisinghpura B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Panditpura B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Rampura B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Taskola B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Thikariya B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Torda Kalan B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhainslana B.O 303107 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhuri Baraja B.O 303107 Jaipur Jaipur
Dantil B.O 303107 Jaipur Jaipur
Dwarikapura B.O 303107 Jaipur Jaipur
Jodhpura B.O 303107 Jaipur Dausa
Pathredi B.O 303107 Jaipur Jaipur
Sujatnagar B.O 303107 Jaipur Jaipur
Suderpura Dhadha B.O 303107 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhalloji B.O 303110 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhankari B.O 303110 Jaipur Jaipur
Karoli B.O 303110 Jaipur Jaipur
Mandha B.O 303110 Jaipur Jaipur
Panchudala B.O 303110 Jaipur Jaipur
Bansa B.O 303806 Jaipur Jaipur
Dholi B.O 303806 Jaipur Jaipur
Gulab Bari B.O 303806 Jaipur Jaipur
Jagatpura B.O 303806 Jaipur Jaipur
Jatanwali B.O 303806 Jaipur Jaipur
Khelana B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Mahar Kalan B.O 303806 Jaipur Jaipur
Mahar Khurd B.O 303806 Jaipur Jaipur
Naya Bas B.O 303806 Jaipur Jaipur
Shivsinghpura B.O 303806 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhopawa B.O 303807 Jaipur Jaipur
Hathnoda B.O 303807 Jaipur Jaipur
Loharwada B.O 303807 Jaipur Jaipur
Nangal Bharda B.O 303807 Jaipur Jaipur
Beelwadi B.O 303102 Jaipur Jaipur
Chhitoli B.O 303102 Jaipur Jaipur
Kuthada B.O 303102 Jaipur Jaipur
Sothana B.O 303102 Jaipur Jaipur
Kunthada Khurd B.O 303012 Jaipur Jaipur
Nayla B.O 303012 Jaipur Jaipur
Papad B.O 303012 Jaipur Jaipur
Aund Meena B.O 322240 Dausa Dausa
Bada Gaon B.O 322240 Dausa Dausa
Dhand B.O 322240 Dausa Dausa
Koondla B.O 322240 Dausa Dausa
Nahira B.O 322240 Dausa Dausa
Salempura Chowki B.O 322240 Dausa Dausa
Talchidi B.O 322240 Dausa Dausa
Badoli B.O 303325 Dausa Dausa
Bahnwata-bhanwati B.O 303325 Dausa Dausa
Gadarwada Gujran B.O 303325 Dausa Dausa
Gudhliya B.O 303325 Dausa Dausa
Kali Pahadi B.O 303325 Dausa Dausa
Kalota B.O 303325 Dausa Dausa
Kolwa Gram B.O 303325 Dausa Dausa
Sindoli B.O 303325 Dausa Dausa
Titarwada Kalan B.O 303325 Dausa Dausa
Bagdi B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Bilona B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Chandsen B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Chondiawas B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Daulatpura B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Deoli B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Jhapada B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Kalyanpura B.O 303503 Dausa Jaipur
Kankariya B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Khatwa B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Lalpura B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Mirjapura B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Nirjharna B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Sanwasa B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Shivsinghpura B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Srimaa B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Sumel B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Talab Gaon B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Bhateri B.O 303004 Dausa Dausa
Bhurla B.O 303004 Dausa Dausa
Dhigariya B.O 303004 Dausa Dausa
Dugrawata B.O 303004 Dausa Dausa
Khanwas B.O 303004 Dausa Dausa
Patan B.O 303004 Dausa Dausa
Rajwas B.O 303004 Dausa Dausa
Balahedi B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Gagwana B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Hurla B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Khonchpuri B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Norangwada B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Pali B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Ramgarh B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Rontehdiya B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Salampura B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Tudiyana B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Vishala B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Banawar B.O 321609 Dausa Dausa
Garh Himmat Singh B.O 321609 Dausa Dausa
Haildena B.O 321609 Dausa Dausa
Jatwara B.O 321609 Dausa Dausa
Kot B.O 321609 Dausa Dausa
Mandawar Singh B.O 321609 Dausa Dausa
Reendali B.O 321609 Dausa Dausa
Binori B.O 303504 Dausa Dausa
Kherla Khurd B.O 303504 Dausa Dausa
Khurra B.O 303504 Dausa Dausa
Kishorpura B.O 303504 Dausa Dausa
Mahariya B.O 303504 Dausa Dausa
Suratpura B.O 303504 Dausa Dausa
Toda Thekla B.O 303504 Dausa Dausa
Chandera B.O 303509 Dausa Dausa
Karodi B.O 303509 Dausa Dausa
Lotwara B.O 303509 Dausa Dausa
Liloj B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Mansar Khedi B.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Hingota B.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Jeetawal B.O 303012 Jaipur Jaipur
Hodayali B.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Samleti B.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Kaluwas B.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Nabhawala B.O 303507 Dausa Jaipur
Itawa B.O 303602 Jaipur Jaipur
Thali B.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhadwa B.O 303328 Jaipur Jaipur
Radoli B.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Chakwada B.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Dungrikalan B.O 303123 PHULERA Jaipur
Radawas B.O 303601 Jaipur Jaipur
Khora Lad Khani B.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Anantpura B.O 303704 Jaipur Jaipur
Govindpura Baseri B.O 303803 Jaipur Jaipur
Bishangarh B.O 303104 Jaipur Jaipur
Suklawas B.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Barnagar B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhonawas B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Buchara B.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Chandwaji B.O 303104 Jaipur Jaipur
Chitanu Kalan B.O 303104 Jaipur Jaipur
Dev Ka Harwada B.O 303104 Jaipur Jaipur
Lakher B.O 303104 Jaipur Jaipur
Nawalpura B.O 303104 Jaipur Jaipur
Sirohi B.O 303104 Jaipur Jaipur
Veelpur B.O 303104 Jaipur Jaipur
Ghatoli B.O 326518 Kota Kota
Digod Kalan B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Kachnara B.O 326516 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Borda Mau B.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Khandgaon B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Baroni B.O 325216 Baran Baran
Ishwarpura B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Todri Jagannath B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Julmi B.O 326519 Kota Kota
Kamolar B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Bhanda Heda B.O 325203 Kota Kota
Kanwara B.O 326501 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Thanawad B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Khuri B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Fatehpur B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Kherdarasoolpur B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Khurad B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Mawasa B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Anwan B.O 325602 Kota Kota
Baluheda B.O 325602 Kota Kota
Bansya hedi B.O 325602 Kota Kota
Darrah B.O 325602 Kota Kota
Dhulet B.O 325602 Kota Kota
Hingonia B.O 325602 Kota Kota
Mamore B.O 325602 Kota Kota
Sawan Bhadon B.O 325602 Kota Kota
Goyanda B.O 326529 Kota Kota
Bagli B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Balupa B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Borda B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Chhapol B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Dhipari B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Jorawarpura B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Jatwada B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Kakrawada B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Miyana B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Talab B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Nimola B.O 325009 Kota Kota
Borabas B.O 324001 Kota Kota
Borkheda B.O 324002 Ladpura Kota
Dolya B.O 324001 Kota Kota
Naya Nohra B.O 324001 Kota Kota
Arjunpura B.O 324002 Kota Kota
Kishan Pura Takiya B.O 324002 Kota Kota
Sogaria B.O 324002 Kota Kota
Girdharpura B.O 324008 Kota Kota
Nanta B.O 324008 Kota Kota
Badipura B.O 325224 Baran Baran
Bajrang Garh B.O 325216 Baran Baran
Balda B.O 325224 Baran Baran
Bhanwargarh B.O 325224 Baran Baran
Bansthuni B.O 325216 Baran Baran
Chhatargang B.O 325224 Baran Baran
Chhinod B.O 325216 Baran Baran
Digodpar B.O 325216 Baran Baran
Garda B.O 325216 Baran Baran
Khandela B.O 325224 Baran Baran
Kherli B.O 325224 Baran Baran
Missai B.O 325216 Baran Baran
Nahar Garh B.O 325224 Baran Baran
Paraniya B.O 325224 Baran Baran
Sakrawada B.O 325216 Baran Baran
Akodiya B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bhagwanpura B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dobra B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dahikheda B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gadarwada Noorji B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Golana B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Jarga B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Jolpa B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kanwarpura B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Khandli B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Leemi B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Maraitha B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Panwar B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Pakhrana B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Piplaj B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sumar B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sojpur B.O 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Asnawar B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Bamori Kalan B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Bhatwada B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Jaloda Tejaji B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Jarela B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Kishanpura B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Karwari Kalan B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Mau B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Mal Bamori B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Piplod Kalan B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Ramgarh B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Raingarh B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Kheemuch B.O 326517 Kota Kota
Kamalpura B.O 326517 Kota Kota
Kukra Khurd B.O 326517 Kota Kota
Anwalheda B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Baneth B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Chandipur B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Chandpura Bheelan B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dangipura B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Garbolia B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Jawar B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Ranwasia B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kherkheda B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Khatkakhedi B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kolukheri Kalan B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kolukheri Maliyan B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Manpasar B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Pindola B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Samrol B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Semlihat B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sorti B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Thiakria B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Banskhedi B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Awar B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bani B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bisthunia B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Devgarh B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Guradia Joga B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Guradia Khurd B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Guradia Kalan B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gurah B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Karawan B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Maralwada B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Mishroli B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Naharghatta B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sarod B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Pagaria B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Silahgarh B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Singhpur B.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dabla Bhoj B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Danta B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dharonia B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Harnawda Gaja B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Khairana B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kharpakalan B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kotri B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Naulai B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Odiya Khedi B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Ramai Dalpat B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Rampuria B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Saroniya B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Deoli Khurd B.O 326519 Kota Kota
Kudaila B.O 326519 Kota Kota
Kumbhkot B.O 326519 Kota Kota
Pipa Khedi B.O 326519 Kota Kota
Satal Khedi B.O 326519 Kota Kota
Undwa B.O 326519 Kota Kota
Banore B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dewal Kheda B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Ditya Khedi B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Fateh Garh B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Himmat Garh B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Jhumki B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kali Talai B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kutki B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Mathania B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Salri B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Soyala B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Semli Khan B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sunwas B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dilod B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Hani Heda B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Hathidilod B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Kharkheda Ramlothan B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Kundi B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Mawasa B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Musai Gujaran B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Mothpur B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Nanwata B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Phool Barod B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Tancha B.O 325219 Baran Baran
Borina Kalan B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Digod B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Hingi B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Kishanpura B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Kundanpur B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Kuradia B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Mandap B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Rolana B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Shyampura B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Vinod Khurd B.O 325601 Kota Kota
Akawad Khurd B.O 326035 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Chanpa Khurd B.O 326035 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dhanoda B.O 326035 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Karanwas B.O 326035 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Malanwas B.O 326035 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Taraj B.O 326035 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Agar B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Bamangaon B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Benta B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Beel Kheda B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Beel Kheda Mal B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Bhoyal B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Dhikwani B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Deori B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Ganeshpura B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Kasba Nonera B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Khanda Sahrol B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Khatka B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Mahodra B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Mundiyar B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Natai B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Rajpur B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Sanwara B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Samrania B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Sahrol Taleti B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Shubhadra Colony B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Choma Malian B.O 325203 Kota Kota
Golya Hedi B.O 325203 Kota Kota
Haripura B.O 325203 Kota Kota
Polai Kalan B.O 325203 Kota Kota
Rel B.O 325203 Kota Kota
Suhana B.O 325203 Kota Kota
Ukalda B.O 325203 Kota Kota
Badgaon B.O 325206 Kota Baran
Baldarah B.O 325206 Kota Baran
Patunda B.O 325206 Kota Baran
Raithal B.O 325206 Kota Baran
Shahpura B.O 325206 Kota Baran
Tisaya B.O 325206 Kota Baran
Udpura B.O 325206 Kota Baran
Amarpura B.O 325204 Digod Kota
Banethia B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Barod B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Budha Deet B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Dhanwa B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Jhargaon B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Kherli Tanwaran B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Kharula B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Kishorepura B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Kotradeep Singh B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Lakh Sanija B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Mandanpura B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Mandawara B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Morpa B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Nautara B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Toran B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Ummedpura B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Bhilwari B.O 326501 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gadia B.O 326501 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gundi B.O 326501 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Jawahar Nagar B.O 326501 Jhalawar Chittorgarh
Khod B.O 326501 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Piplia B.O 326501 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Rajpura B.O 326501 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Samrai B.O 326501 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Salawad Khurd B.O 326530 Kota Kota
Bolia Bujurg B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Chachhlao B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dabla Kheenchi B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dola B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dubalia B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gadia B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Hemda B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Karodia B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Mangispur B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Osav B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sangria B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Semlia B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sirpoi B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Salotia B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Unhel B.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Budh Khan B.O 326520 Kota Kota
Morak Gaon B.O 326520 Kota Kota
Badwad B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Baira Garh B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Churalia B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Deori Kalan B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gehu Khedi B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Lasudia Shaha B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kam Khera B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Lhas B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Maithun B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Mishroli B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Saredi B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Thedol B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Turkadia B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bhojya Kheri B.O 325202 Baran Baran
Khajurana Kalan B.O 325202 Baran Baran
Mandeeta B.O 325202 Baran Kota
Mirja Pur B.O 325202 Baran Baran
Palaitha B.O 325202 Baran Baran
Raj Garh B.O 325202 Baran Baran
Sorsan B.O 325202 Baran Baran
Thikaria B.O 325202 Baran Baran
Badwa B.O 325209 Baran Baran
Jai Nagar B.O 325209 Baran Baran
Kachri B.O 325209 Baran Baran
Pachel Kalan B.O 325209 Baran Baran
Sorkhand Kalan B.O 325209 Baran Baran
Tam Khera B.O 325209 Baran Baran
Dungargaon B.O 326021 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Iktasa B.O 326021 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Junakheda B.O 326021 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Lawasal B.O 326021 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Panwasa B.O 326021 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Ruparel B.O 326021 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Badora B.O 325223 Baran Baran
Bamori B.O 325223 Baran Baran
Bhensara B.O 325223 Baran Baran
Bichalas B.O 325223 Baran Baran
Katawar B.O 325223 Baran Baran
Richhanda B.O 325223 Baran Baran
Sakatpur B.O 325223 Baran Baran
Shergarh B.O 325223 Baran Baran
Anatana B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Ardan B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Barlan B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Chardana B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Jalwara B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Kachra B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Marma Chah B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Merma Talab B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Mundla B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Patna B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Piplod B.O 325218 Baran Baran
Ayani B.O 325214 Baran Kota
Durjanpura B.O 325214 Baran Kota
Jaloda Khatian B.O 325214 Baran Baran
Laxmi Pura B.O 325214 Baran Baran
Agaria B.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Baday B.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dev Nagar B.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gurukul B.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Garwada B.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Karal Gaon B.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kushalpura B.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Modi B.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Nanore B.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Thobariya Khurd B.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Khedia B.O 325207 Jhalawar Baran
Kunjed B.O 325207 Jhalawar Baran
Laturi B.O 325207 Jhalawar Baran
Labaniya B.O 325207 Jhalawar Baran
Moi Kalan B.O 325207 Jhalawar Kota
Sahrod B.O 325207 Jhalawar Baran
Tulsan B.O 325207 Jhalawar Baran
Bamla B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Barana B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Batawada B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Bengana B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Bijora B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Chhajawa B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Dhoti B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Gajanpura B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Iklera B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Kalmanda B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Kherali B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Lisadia B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Melkheri B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Mandola B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Mathna B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Moondla Bisoti B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Nareda B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Patheda B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Ratawad B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Sundlak B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Anwali Kalan B.O 326502 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Ghatod B.O 326502 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Guradia Mana B.O 326502 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Ganeshpura B.O 326502 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Mogra B.O 326502 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Narayan Kheda B.O 326502 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sulia B.O 326502 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kundi Kheda B.O 326502 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Miyada B.O 325222 Baran Baran
Simli B.O 325222 Baran Baran
Tisaya B.O 325222 Baran Baran
Bhanwaria B.O 325003 Kota Kota
Dhani Kasar B.O 325003 Kota Kota
Gopalpura B.O 325003 Kota Kota
Mandana B.O 325003 Kota Kota
Mandlya B.O 325003 Kota Kota
Ranpur B.O 325003 Kota Kota
Barodia Kalan B.O 326520 Kota Kota
Hatiya Kheri B.O 326518 Kota Kota
Kherli B.O 326518 Kota Kota
Ruddha Kheda B.O 326518 Kota Kota
Bapcha B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Batawada Par B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Bhilwada Neecha B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Bhulon B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Bhuwakheri B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Chachoda B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Godia Mehar B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Hana Heri B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Halgana B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Kadia Ban B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Kadia Hat B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Kadia Nohar B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Kotrapar B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Kotri B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Kulinjara B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Mundkya B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Nipania B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Pachpada B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Pali B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Phalia B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Semli B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Telni B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Teetar Kheri B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Ajnawar B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Bamorighata B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Banjari B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Bhavpura B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Bilendi B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Deori B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Dholam B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Digod Jagir B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Ametha B.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Barodia B.O 326021 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Luhawad B.O 325214 Baran Baran
Karnaheda B.O 325205 Baran Baran
Ummedpura B.O 325003 Kota Kota
Jaipla B.O 325220 Baran Baran
Kalpajagir B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Guradia Jhala B.O 326516 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Pushod B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Rundlao B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Richhadia B.O 326529 Kota Kota
Ghatti Colony B.O 325224 Baran Baran
Dhumar Khedi B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Maharajpura B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Govindpura B.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Piplod B.O 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bareda B.O 326035 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dhaba B.O 325203 Kota Kota
Takarwada B.O 325204 Kota Kota
Bardia Veer Ji B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Berla B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Chara B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Keetia B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kumthia B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kundla B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Magsi B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Parapeeli B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Parlia B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Ranaira B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Rawangurari B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Talawali B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Unhel Nagdev B.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Alod B.O 326518 Kota Kota
Deoli B.O 326518 Kota Kota
Gagchana B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Gordhanpra B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Jhinjhni B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Kachnariya B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Kalmodiya B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Khajuria B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Mohkampura B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Rai B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Sahjanpur B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Sarthal B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Sethkolu B.O 325221 Baran Baran
Devgarh B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dhaturia B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dobra B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dodi B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dudhalia B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Harnawda B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Jagdishpura B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Jamuniya B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kayasara B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Luharia B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Mandirpur B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Nandpur B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Piplia Khurd B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Tisai B.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dungarja B.O 325201 Kota Kota
Kotsuan B.O 325201 Kota Kota
Manasgaon B.O 325201 Kota Kota
Nimoda B.O 325201 Kota Kota
Parlia B.O 325201 Kota Kota
Tathed B.O 325201 Kota Kota
Bambori B.O 325208 Kota Kota
Sarota B.O 325208 Kota Kota
Bhaura B.O 325208 Kota Kota
Kelu Kheri B.O 326516 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Rampura B.O 326516 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Rajhana B.O 326516 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sarwad B.O 326516 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sunari B.O 326516 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Asalpura B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Banskhedi Lodhan B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bahalta B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Borband B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Borkhedi Gujran B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gopalpura B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gulkhedi B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kohri Jhar B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Pachola  B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sarda B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Sarkhandia B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Umaria B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bambolia Kalan B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Binayaka B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Gainta B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Ganeshganj B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Karwad B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Khyawada B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Nonera B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Piplda B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Rajopa B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Ranodia B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Shahnawda B.O 325004 Kota Kota
Bagher B.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bhimsagar Dam B.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Duragpura B.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gagron B.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Gordhanpura B.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Harigarh B.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Laiphal B.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Mandawar B.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Mundla B.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bhanwarsa B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Dunda B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Govindpura B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Guradkheda B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kalmandi Kalan B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Khanpuria B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Nasirabad B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Parlia Kulmi B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Richhawan B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Rijhone B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Ratlai B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Salawad B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Titarwasa  B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Aamli B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Arand Kheda B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Aralia Jagir B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Baniani B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Deoli B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Dhakadkhedi B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Dhoti B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Golana B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Gandiphali B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Jakhora B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Khajuri B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Payga B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Jhirana B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Titonli(Badagaon) B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Hatuna B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Baori B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Roop Pura B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Palda B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Khiniya B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Songar B.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Dora B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Ajeta B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Roopwas B.O 304026 Tonk Tonk
Sunthra B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Sureli B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Kakor B.O 304026 Tonk Tonk
Beejwad B.O 304507 Tonk Tonk
Dabar Kalan B.O 304507 Tonk Tonk
Hisampur B.O 304507 Tonk Tonk
Maleda B.O 304507 Tonk Tonk
Thanwala B.O 304507 Tonk Tonk
Titaria B.O 304507 Tonk Tonk
Arniya Kedar B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Bambore B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Bharni B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Chandlai B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Chhan B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Dardahind B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Dakhiya B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Deoli Bhanchi B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Dodwari B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Dhuwan B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Ghas B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Galod B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Geroli B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Harchandera B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Kabra B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Lawadar B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Lamba B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Mehandwas B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Pasrotia B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Raj.State Tennries Ltd. B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Sankhana B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Sonwa B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Soran B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Takholi B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Wazirpura B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Amli B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Bada Kheda B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Ghat Ka Barana B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Ajanda B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Utharana B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Sakhawda B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Rebarpura B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Notada B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Papdi B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Makhida B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Dei Kheda B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Laban B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Dhagaria B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Baswada B.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Badodiya B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Talab Gaon B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Bherupura Antri B.O 323026 Bundi Bundi
Neem Ka Kheda B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Borda B.O 323026 Bundi Bundi
Lalpura B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Chatarpura B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Silore B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Akoda B.O 323026 Bundi Bundi
Thikarda B.O 323026 Bundi Bundi
Borkhandi B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Ramnagar B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Gudha Nathawatan B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Mangal B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Dolara B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Ramganj B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Matunda B.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Chanda Khurd B.O 323614 Bundi Bundi
Balban B.O 323614 Bundi Bundi
Anghora B.O 323614 Bundi Bundi
Daulatpura B.O 323614 Bundi Bundi
Nawalpura B.O 323614 Bundi Bundi
Kaithuda B.O 323616 Bundi Bundi
Mani B.O 323616 Bundi Bundi
Mohanpura B.O 323613 Bundi Bundi
Antarda B.O 323616 Bundi Bundi
Babai B.O 323613 Bundi Bundi
Karwala Ki Jhopri B.O 323301 Bundi Bundi
Roteda B.O 323301 Bundi Bundi
Jaloda B.O 323301 Bundi Bundi
Jaithal B.O 323301 Bundi Bundi
Hingonia B.O 323301 Bundi Bundi
Chardana B.O 323301 Bundi Bundi
Balkasa B.O 323301 Bundi Bundi
Arnetha B.O 323301 Bundi Bundi
Bhiya B.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Lesarda B.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Karwala B.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Tirath B.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Sarsala B.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Radi B.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Gamach B.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Chitawa B.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Maiza B.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Khadipur B.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
Budhpura B.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
Lambakho B.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
Dhanesar B.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
Dabi B.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
Loicha B.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
Gadarda B.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
Kalpuria B.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
Amli B.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
Sunwasa B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Anthada B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Leeleda B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Ladpura B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Dehit B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Barundhan B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Bajar B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Notada B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Gumanpura B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Jhakhmund B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Ballop B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Jamitpura B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Laxmipura B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Alphanagar B.O 323021 Bundi Bundi
Suwania B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Phuleta B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Jajawar B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Chainpuria B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Sisola B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Samidhi B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Rajalawata B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Khanpura B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Gambhira B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Dhanugaon B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Bachola B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Bamangaon B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Balapura B.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Bansi B.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Sahan B.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Jarkhoda B.O 323616 Bundi Bundi
Sadera B.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Renthoda B.O 323616 Bundi Bundi
Morsan B.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Khajoori B.O 323616 Bundi Bundi
Gudasadawartia B.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Guda Deo Ji B.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Dugari B.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Dokun B.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Bhajneri B.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Dabeta B.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Luharpura B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Borda Kachhiyan B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Bamori B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Gendoli B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Jhali Ji Ka Barana B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Jetpur B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Khyawda B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Neem Ka Khera B.O 323616 Bundi Bundi
Peepliya B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Pholai B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Rehana B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Raithal B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Bherupura Ojhha B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Rajwas B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Talwas B.O 323616 Bundi Bundi
Nayagaon B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Alod B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Basoli B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Ranipura B.O 323026 Bundi Bundi
Sanwatgarh B.O 323026 Bundi Bundi
Soran B.O 323026 Bundi Bundi
Sathur B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Ronija B.O 323026 Bundi Bundi
Ramchandra Ji Ka Kheda B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Owan B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Negharh B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Mendi B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Guda Turkadi B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Gothra B.O 323026 Bundi Bundi
Dhowara B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Chetan B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Bhawanipura B.O 323026 Bundi Bundi
Abar B.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Sahaspuriya B.O 323023 Bundi Bundi
Chatarganj B.O 323023 Bundi Bundi
Vijaygarh B.O 323025 Bundi Bundi
Phalenda B.O 323025 Bundi Bundi
Pagaran B.O 323025 Bundi Bundi
Kachola B.O 323025 Bundi Bundi
Guda Gokulpura B.O 323025 Bundi Bundi
Thana B.O 323025 Bundi Bundi
Tonkra B.O 323025 Bundi Bundi
Pech Ki Baori B.O 323025 Bundi Bundi
Bilota B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Choru B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Deoli B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Hedri Pura B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Kunder B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Kholiya B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Mandawara B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Mohammed Pura B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Pchala B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Shop B.O 304023 Tonk Tonk
Chandsen B.O 304501 Tonk Tonk
Kadila B.O 304501 Tonk Tonk
Kalmanda B.O 304501 Tonk Tonk
Chaturbhujpura B.O 304022 Tonk Tonk
Palai B.O 304022 Tonk Tonk
Raholi B.O 304022 Tonk Tonk
Sunara B.O 304022 Tonk Tonk
Dangarthal B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Khandewat B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Seedra B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Botunda B.O 304804 Tonk Tonk
Deoli Gaon B.O 304804 Tonk Tonk
Kaseer B.O 304804 Tonk Tonk
Gaonri B.O 304804 Tonk Tonk
Rajmahal B.O 304804 Tonk Tonk
Ambapura Colony Daulta B.O 304804 Tonk Tonk
Bheepur B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Chainpura B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Chosla B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Chavandia B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Deshma B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Dholi B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Malikpur B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Sitarampura B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Soda B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Soda Baori B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Borkhandi B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Naner B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Nimera B.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Anwan B.O 304802 Tonk Tonk
Balunda B.O 304026 Tonk Tonk
Banthali B.O 304802 Tonk Tonk
Chandwar B.O 304026 Tonk Tonk
Charnet B.O 304026 Tonk Tonk
Dewarawas B.O 304802 Tonk Tonk
Ghad B.O 304802 Tonk Tonk
Gurai B.O 304026 Tonk Tonk
Juniya B.O 304802 Tonk Tonk
Kanwara B.O 304802 Tonk Tonk
Rajkot B.O 304802 Tonk Tonk
Santhali B.O 304802 Tonk Tonk
Satwara B.O 304026 Tonk Tonk
Sitapura B.O 304802 Tonk Tonk
Tonkrawas B.O 304802 Tonk Tonk
Bahad B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Khirgi B.O 304025 Newai Tonk
Lalwadi B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Bhartala B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Datwas B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Dehlod B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Jamdoli B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Khareda Bujurg B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Mahapura B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Nohata B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Nayagaon B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Sirohi B.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Antoli B.O 304503 Tonk Tonk
Budha Dewal B.O 304503 Tonk Tonk
Jharli B.O 304503 Tonk Tonk
Kacholia B.O 304503 Tonk Tonk
Morla B.O 304503 Tonk Tonk
Aliyari B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Awara B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Datob B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Dungri Kalan B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Ganwar B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Indoli B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Kantoli B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Kuharakalan B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Kookar B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Mandolai B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Kurar B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Mehrun B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Moar B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Parli B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Panwalia B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Nagar B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Rajpura B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Reendliya B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Reendliya Rampura B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Sanwaria B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Tilanju B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Tordisagar B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Uniara Khurd B.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Baroni B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Jaulan B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Jugalpura B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Khandwa B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Luhara B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Mundia B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Pahari B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Sohela B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Chanani B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Chainpuria B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Natwara B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Parana B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Siras B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Rajwas B.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Bagari B.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Phyawadi B.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Bagdawa B.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Ranoli B.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Kathmana B.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Chogai B.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Dardaturki B.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Kashipura B.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Sandera B.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Loharwara B.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Chandli B.O 304803 Tonk Tonk
Sanwatgarh B.O 304803 Tonk Tonk
Niwaria B.O 304803 Tonk Tonk
Polyada B.O 304803 Tonk Tonk
Bassi B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Barwas B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Bansera B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Bisalpur B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Bhanwata B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Bhasu B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Dabardumba B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Ganeti B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Indokia B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Kakalwad B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Khareda B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Lamba Kalan B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Laxmipura B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Mor Bhatiyan B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Mundia Kalan B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Thadoli B.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Balithal B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Banetha B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Bosariya B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Gothara B.O 304026 Tonk Tonk
Jhundwa B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Kachrawata B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Khatoli B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Khelniya B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Mohammed Garh B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Palai B.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Phuleta B.O 304026 Tonk Tonk
Ranipura B.O 304026 Tonk Tonk
Balda B.O 307001 Sirohi Sirohi
Dodua B.O 307001 Sirohi Sirohi
Dhanta B.O 307001 Sirohi Sirohi
Sherpur PSSK B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Mahapura B.O 322704 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Rampura PSSK B.O 322026 Phalodi Quarry Sawai Madhopur
Tapur B.O 322703 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Mandakheda B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Khirod B.O 333042 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Bay B.O 333042 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Gangiasar B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Barau B.O 333026 Khetri Jhujhunu
Kari B.O 333305 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Swami Sehi B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Sehi Kalan B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Ram Rikh Ki Dhani B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Pichanawa B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Ojtu B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Nangli Gujran B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Nangli Saledi Singh B.O 333026 Khetri Jhujhunu
Lamba Gothra B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Kidwana B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Gadakhera B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Charawas B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Chanana B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Badsari Ka Bas B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Bamanwas B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Bhatiwar B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Bhukana B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Bigodana B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Nunia Gothra B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Rasoolpur B.O 333026 Khetri Jhujhunu
Aduka B.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Indali B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Bagot B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Bhakhari B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Gudhasalt B.O 341509 Parbatsar Nagaur
Mindha B.O 341509 Parbatsar Nagaur
Panchwa B.O 341508 NA Nagaur
Bursu B.O 341505 NA Nagaur
Alai B.O 341001 NA Nagaur
Diyawari B.O 342902 NA Nagaur
Dhanapa B.O 342902 NA Nagaur
Toonkaliyan B.O 342902 NA Nagaur
Harsolav B.O 342902 NA Nagaur
Nokhachandawatan B.O 342902 NA Nagaur
Senani B.O 342902 NA Nagaur
Talanpur B.O 342902 NA Nagaur
Nimod B.O 341506 NA Nagaur
Jaola B.O 341503 NA Nagaur
Peelwa B.O 341503 NA Nagaur
Chansda B.O 313015 NA Udaipur
Kharwa B.O 313015 NA Udaipur
Umaramines B.O 313015 NA Udaipur
Harshawara B.O 313804 NA Udaipur
Budel B.O 313038 NA Udaipur
Nayagaon B.O 313038 NA Udaipur
Kalyanpur B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Kolar B.O 313903 NA Udaipur
Dhundi B.O 313001 NA Udaipur
Basni B.O 323025 NA Bundi
Lawa B.O 304504 NA Tonk
Pachewar B.O 304502 NA Tonk
Hamirpur B.O 304505 NA Tonk
Gajner Palace B.O 334001 NA Bikaner
Makrasar B.O 334001 NA Bikaner
Sujandeser B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Karmisar B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Kujti B.O 334602 NA Bikaner
Jhajhoo B.O 334302 NA Bikaner
Riri B.O 331803 NA Bikaner
Jhanjheu B.O 331811 NA Bikaner
Samandsar B.O 331811 NA Bikaner
Palana B.O 334402 NA Bikaner
Gohili B.O 307001 NA Sirohi
Khambal B.O 307001 NA Sirohi
Krishnaganj B.O 307001 NA Sirohi
Makroda B.O 307001 NA Sirohi
Mamawali B.O 307001 NA Sirohi
Mandwa B.O 307001 NA Sirohi
Padiv B.O 307001 NA Sirohi
Rampura B.O 307001 NA Sirohi
Sindrath B.O 307001 NA Sirohi
Sundhaparbat B.O 307515 NA Sirohi
Vellangari B.O 307001 NA Sirohi
Delwara B.O 307501 Abu Road Sirohi
Oriya B.O 307501 Abu Road Sirohi
Utraj B.O 307501 NA Sirohi
Awal B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Bahadurpura B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Chandela B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Channar B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Chandrawati B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Dattani B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Deldar B.O 307032 NA Sirohi
Dhavli B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Derri B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Girwar B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Jamburi B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Jayadara B.O 307032 NA Sirohi
Khadat B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Kyariya B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Mawal B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Mungthala B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Morthala B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Makawal B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Nichalagarh B.O 307032 NA Sirohi
Ore B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Siyawa B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Soorpagla B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Santpur B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Tartoli B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Tankiya B.O 307032 NA Sirohi
Uplagarh B.O 307032 NA Sirohi
Vasda B.O 307026 NA Sirohi
Dabani B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Dak B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Gulabganj B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Hathal B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Malgaon B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Nagani B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Pamera B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Positra B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Sirodi B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Sanwara B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Udwaria B.O 307511 NA Sirohi
Amli B.O 307031 NA Sirohi
Amlari B.O 307512 NA Sirohi
Dhan B.O 307512 NA Sirohi
Nimbaj B.O 307512 NA Sirohi
Sanpur B.O 307512 NA Sirohi
Barloot B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Bhutgaon B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Deldar B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Gol B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Jhadoliveer B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Lass B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Mandani B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Mandwaria B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Manadar B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Manora B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Mandwara B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Naradara B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Oda B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Udd B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Varada B.O 307801 NA Sirohi
Basantgarh B.O 307019 Pindwara Sirohi
Chadual B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Haliwara B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Jela B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Madia B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Mohabbatnagar B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Mermandwara B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Nawara B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Phungani B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Sildar B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Sartara B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Tanwari B.O 307802 NA Sirohi
Bant B.O 307513 NA Sirohi
Jetawara B.O 307513 NA Sirohi
Pithapura B.O 307513 NA Sirohi
Raipur B.O 307513 NA Sirohi
Sorda B.O 307513 NA Sirohi
Andore B.O 307043 NA Sirohi
Bagseen B.O 307043 NA Sirohi
Chhibagaon B.O 307043 NA Sirohi
Morli B.O 307043 NA Sirohi
Uthman B.O 307043 NA Sirohi
Van B.O 307043 NA Sirohi
Ajari B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Janapur B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Jhadoli B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Kojra B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Moras B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Nandia B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Peshua B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Sanwara B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Sivera B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Telpur B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Varli B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Verwara B.O 307022 NA Sirohi
Arathwara B.O 307028 NA Sirohi
Alpa B.O 307028 NA Sirohi
Bhev B.O 307028 NA Sirohi
Chuli B.O 307028 NA Sirohi
Jogapura B.O 307028 NA Sirohi
Joyla B.O 307028 NA Sirohi
Khandera B.O 307028 NA Sirohi
Rowada B.O 307028 NA Sirohi
Basan B.O 307514 NA Sirohi
Bherugarh B.O 307514 NA Sirohi
Bhatana B.O 307514 NA Sirohi
Jeerawal B.O 307514 NA Sirohi
Jolapur B.O 307514 NA Sirohi
Lunol B.O 307514 NA Sirohi
Magriwara B.O 307514 NA Sirohi
Marol B.O 307514 NA Sirohi
Padar B.O 307514 NA Sirohi
Varman B.O 307514 NA Sirohi
Bhula B.O 307024 NA Sirohi
Bhimana R.S. B.O 307024 NA Sirohi
Doytra B.O 307024 NA Sirohi
Paba B.O 307024 NA Sirohi
Valoriya B.O 307024 NA Sirohi
Vasa B.O 307024 NA Sirohi
Vatera B.O 307024 NA Sirohi
Bhawari B.O 307023 NA Sirohi
Dhanari B.O 307023 NA Sirohi
Ishra B.O 307023 NA Sirohi
Kachholi B.O 307023 NA Sirohi
Kermandwara B.O 307023 NA Sirohi
Mandwarakhalsa B.O 307023 NA Sirohi
Nitora B.O 307023 NA Sirohi
Akrabhatta B.O 307510 Abu Road Sirohi
Amthala B.O 307510 NA Sirohi
Achpura B.O 307510 NA Sirohi
Ganka B.O 307510 Abu Road Sirohi
Muderla B.O 307510 NA Sirohi
Kiverli B.O 307510 NA Sirohi
Badgaon B.O 307027 NA Sirohi
Dhurbana B.O 307027 NA Sirohi
Jetpura B.O 307027 NA Sirohi
Kesharpura B.O 307027 NA Sirohi
Alasan B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Bhagli Sindhlan B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Chawarcha B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Harji B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Keshwana B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Leta B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Meda Uparla B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Rewatra B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Sankarna B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Samtipura B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Safada B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Thawla B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Unn B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Veerana B.O 343001 NA Jalor
Aipura B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Badanwari B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Bala B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Bankli B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Bhadrajun B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Bhorda B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Bhenswara B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Baori B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Charli B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Chunda B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Deoki B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Ghana B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Govindla B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Godan B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Kamba B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Kishangarh B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Nimbla B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Nosra B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Neelkanth B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Rama B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Sankhwali B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Sugalia Jodha B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Samuja B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Sanwara B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Vedia B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Norwa B.O 307029 NA Jalor
Akoli B.O 343025 Sanchore Jalor
Bakra B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Bakra Road B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Berath B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Bibalsar B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Chura B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Degaon B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Doodsi B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Dakatra B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Madgaon B.O 343025 Jalor Jalor
Noon B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Narnawas B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Santhu B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Sarat B.O 343025 NA Jalor
Chenpura B.O 343032 NA Jalor
Dadal B.O 343032 NA Jalor
Detakalan B.O 343032 NA Jalor
Jaisawas B.O 343032 NA Jalor
Koridhawecha B.O 343032 NA Jalor
Morseem B.O 343032 NA Jalor
Nandia B.O 343032 NA Jalor
Raota B.O 343032 Bagora Jalor
Rangala B.O 343032 NA Jalor
Surana B.O 343032 NA Jalor
Tiloda B.O 343032 NA Jalor
Bharudi B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Bhagal Bhim B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Bhagal Sefta B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Borta B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Bhalni B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Bhadvi B.O 343029 Bhinmal Jalor
Chatwara B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Daspan B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Fagotra B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Gazipura B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Jodwara B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Khanpur B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Kora B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Kotkastan B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Kuka B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Ledarmer B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Mandhar B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Munthala Kaba B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Narta B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Nasoli B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Nimbawas B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Paoli B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Punasa B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Tawab B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Thobau B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Vandhar B.O 343029 NA Jalor
Pantheri B.O 343023 NA Jalor
Thalwad B.O 343023 NA Jalor
Unri B.O 343023 NA Jalor
Agawari B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Bedana B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Bhuti B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Bithura B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Chandrai B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Dayalpura B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Dodiyali B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Kawarada B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Kawlan B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Padarli B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Panchota B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Paota B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Palasia B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Rodla B.O 307030 Ahore Jalor
Umedpur B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Valdara B.O 307030 NA Jalor
Amli B.O 343027 NA Jalor
Bhimguda B.O 343027 NA Jalor
Dawal B.O 343027 NA Jalor
Janvi B.O 343027 NA Jalor
Khejariyali B.O 343027 NA Jalor
Soonthri B.O 343027 NA Jalor
Surachand B.O 343027 NA Jalor
Dorda B.O 307515 NA Jalor
Dantlawas B.O 307515 NA Jalor
Gajapura B.O 307515 NA Jalor
Golana B.O 307515 NA Jalor
Kalapura B.O 307515 NA Jalor
Rajikawas B.O 307515 NA Jalor
Dungarwas B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Dhumbadia B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Jaitu B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Jeran B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Kawatra B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Kaleti B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Komta B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Loonawas B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Narsana B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Rah B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Sewari B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Vali B.O 343030 NA Jalor
Alri B.O 343049 NA Jalor
Bilar B.O 343049 NA Jalor
Chirpatia B.O 343049 NA Jalor
Chitrodi B.O 343049 NA Jalor
Kori B.O 343049 NA Jalor
Panseri B.O 343049 NA Jalor
Ropsi B.O 343049 NA Jalor
Savidhar B.O 343049 NA Jalor
Silasan B.O 343049 NA Jalor
Anwloj B.O 343042 NA Jalor
Bhawrani B.O 343042 NA Jalor
Bishangarh B.O 343042 NA Jalor
Balwara B.O 343042 NA Jalor
Debawas B.O 343042 NA Jalor
Odwara B.O 343042 NA Jalor
Raithal B.O 343042 NA Jalor
Sarana B.O 343042 NA Jalor
Tikhi B.O 343042 NA Jalor
Akhrad B.O 343039 NA Jalor
Puran B.O 343039 NA Jalor
Surajwara B.O 343039 NA Jalor
Basda Dhanji B.O 343028 NA Jalor
Serna B.O 343028 NA Jalor
Boogaon B.O 307803 NA Jalor
Chandur B.O 307803 NA Jalor
Mandoli Nagar B.O 307803 NA Jalor
Mudtrasili B.O 307803 NA Jalor
Punakkalan B.O 307803 NA Jalor
Somta B.O 307803 NA Jalor
Sikwara B.O 307803 NA Jalor
Sandhara B.O 307803 NA Jalor
Thoor B.O 307803 NA Jalor
Ajodar B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Binjrol B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Dungri B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Dantwara B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Dhanol B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Deora B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Gundau B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Gong B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Hemguda B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Itada B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Jhakhari B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Jhab B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Kardan B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Karwada B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Korka B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Kuda B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Meda B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Pamana B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Raniwara Khurd B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Ratanpur B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Sankad B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Sarnau B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Sewara B.O 343040 NA Jalor
Achalpur B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Akoli B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Arnay B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Bichhawadi B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Bhadwal B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Birol B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Bawarla B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Bhawatra B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Balera B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Bhadruna B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Chora B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Chitalwana B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Dabal B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Dhamana B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Dungri B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Duthwa B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Golasan B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Hadetar B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Hariyali B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Hotigaon B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Jakhal B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Karola B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Keriya B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Khara B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Luniyasar B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Nenol B.O 343041 Sanchore Jalor
Parawa B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Panchala B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Pur B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Ranodar B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Sewara B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Surawa B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Sarwana B.O 343041 NA Jalor
Veerawa B.O 343041 Sanchore Jalor
Asana B.O 343022 NA Jalor
Malyawas B.O 303338 NA Jaipur
Bhawani B.O 303001 NA Jaipur
Khandel B.O 303604 NA Jaipur
Aruda PSSK B.O 322218 NA Sawai Madhopur
Maharajpura B.O 322243 NA Sawai Madhopur
Karnos B.O 305204 NA Ajmer
Amarwasi B.O 311201 NA Bhilwara
Ganeshpura B.O 311801 NA Bhilwara
Sirdiyas B.O 311026 NA Bhilwara
Jamoli B.O 311202 NA Bhilwara
Barantia B.O 311030 NA Bhilwara
Gharta B.O 311030 NA Bhilwara
Tumkarwar B.O 311030 NA Bhilwara
Bhojras B.O 311030 NA Bhilwara
Kanvlias B.O 311030 NA Bhilwara
Dabla B.O 311030 NA Bhilwara
Kasuriya B.O 311030 NA Bhilwara
Sagreo B.O 311803 NA Bhilwara
Babarana B.O 312204 NA Chittorgarh
Kanakhera B.O 312204 NA Chittorgarh
Nahargarh B.O 312613 NA Chittorgarh
Shobhasar B.O 331506 NA Churu
Bhimsar B.O 331506 NA Churu
Chayan B.O 345023 NA Jaisalmer
Jaleli Fozdara B.O 342027 Phalodi Jodhpur
Ishru B.O 342311 NA Jodhpur
Badu B.O 342311 NA Jodhpur
Bapini B.O 342311 NA Jodhpur
Jaisla B.O 342311 NA Jodhpur
Auwa R.S. B.O 306001 NA Pali
Bera B.O 306126 NA Pali
Koselao B.O 306708 NA Pali
Churi Miyon B.O 332401 NA Sikar
Birodibadi B.O 332316 Sikar Sikar
Birodi Chotti B.O 332316 NA Sikar
Doodwa B.O 332316 NA Sikar
Khinwasar B.O 332316 NA Sikar
Kheerwa B.O 332316 NA Sikar
Panlawa B.O 332316 NA Sikar
Palas B.O 332302 NA Sikar
Kasli B.O 332002 NA Sikar
Banura B.O 332023 NA Sikar
Sesam B.O 332023 NA Sikar
Ladhana B.O 332402 NA Sikar
Garoda B.O 332312 NA Sikar
Raghunathgarh B.O 332027 NA Sikar
Kanchanpur B.O 332715 NA Sikar
Pithalpur B.O 332701 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Deorala B.O 332701 NA Sikar
Chala B.O 332706 NA Sikar
Pachar B.O 332710 NA Sikar
Karad B.O 332710 NA Sikar
Govindpura B.O 332714 NA Sikar
Dabla B.O 332718 NA Sikar
Rajpura B.O 332718 NA Sikar
Bhudoli B.O 332713 NA Sikar
Jassika Kabas B.O 332714 NA Sikar
Kotra B.O 332713 NA Sikar
Khadra B.O 332713 NA Sikar
Mahawa B.O 332713 NA Sikar
Napawali B.O 332713 Neem-Ka-Thana Sikar
Mandholi B.O 332713 NA Sikar
Nayabas B.O 332713 NA Sikar
Nimod B.O 332713 NA Sikar
Puranabas B.O 332713 NA Sikar
Godawas B.O 332713 NA Sikar
12z B.O 335001 NA Ganganagar
Mahaksar B.O 335804 NA Ganganagar
Jakharanwali B.O 335803 NA Hanumangarh
Phephana B.O 335523 NA Hanumangarh
Sherda B.O 335503 NA Hanumangarh
Bori B.O 314804 NA Dungarpur
Balwara B.O 314804 NA Dungarpur
Bhiyana B.O 314804 NA Dungarpur
Kuwania B.O 327001 NA Banswara
Bori B.O 327022 NA Banswara
Jharas B.O 327022 NA Banswara
Panasi Chhti B.O 327034 NA Banswara
Biladi B.O 314001 NA Dungarpur
Mandwa B.O 314001 NA Dungarpur
Mathugamda B.O 314001 NA Dungarpur
Metali B.O 314001 NA Dungarpur
Pal Mathugamda B.O 314001 NA Dungarpur
Piplada B.O 314001 NA Dungarpur
Rohanwara B.O 314001 NA Dungarpur
Sagwa B.O 327606 NA Banswara
Saredi Chhoti B.O 327025 NA Banswara
Amzara B.O 314801 NA Dungarpur
Barothi B.O 314801 NA Dungarpur
Gada Jasrajpur B.O 314035 NA Dungarpur
Asela B.O 314036 NA Dungarpur
Ambada B.O 314027 NA Dungarpur
Bokhla B.O 314011 NA Dungarpur
Dariyati B.O 314406 NA Dungarpur
Malakholda B.O 314406 NA Dungarpur
Baroda B.O 314038 NA Dungarpur
Bhiyodi B.O 314038 NA Dungarpur
Bodigama Kalan B.O 314038 NA Dungarpur
Talora B.O 314022 NA Dungarpur
Kareliya B.O 314034 NA Dungarpur
K.K.Gopal B.O 305408 Kekri Ajmer
Dwarapura B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Khedi B.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Barli B.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Gagadwas B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Saint B.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Khemra B.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Itriya B.O 311023 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bawari B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gudawali B.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhojpur B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Cheri B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Dantalia B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Devla B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Gadriawas B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Gadwas B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Jhadoli B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Keshariawad B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Lohagarh B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Managaon B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Nalwa B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Pahad B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Parel B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Pipilia B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Sihada B.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Add B.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Anant B.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Bharkudi B.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Boria B.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Gopalpura B.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Gothada B.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Khunta B.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Ledia B.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Mungana B.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Mandvi B.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Jamli B.O 312624 Pratapgargh Chittorgarh
Jawharsagar Dam B.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
Khabdala B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Jawati Kalan B.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Bagheri Kala B.O 301403 Mandawar Alwar
CHAK 6 UTS B.O 335512 Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh
CHAK 2 V B.O 335027 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Bandhala B.O 334804 Bikaner Bikaner
Phalodra B.O 312402 Doongla Chittorgarh
Gagarwas B.O 331023 Rajgarh Churu
Nayanohra B.O 324002 Ladpura Kota
Chak 12 MLD B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
Jodhpuria B.O 304022 Tonk Tonk
MEWADAKHURD B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Sendaria B.O 305002 Ajmer Ajmer
KUMHAREDI B.O 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Karangarh B.O 303302 Dausa Jaipur
Mahadeopura B.O 303302 Dausa Jaipur
Milakpur Turk B.O 301707 Tijara Alwar
Phullawas B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Gahankar B.O 301405 Tijara Alwar
Ramjika Guwada B.O 301027 Tana Gazi Alwar
Devatara B.O 342606 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Dheerpura B.O 342025 Shergarh Jodhpur
Chuturpura B.O 342022 Shergarh Jodhpur
Ghanamagra B.O 342605 Bilara Jodhpur
Hirnawali B.O 335064 Sadulshahar Hanumangarh
Ganguwala B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
16BB B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
41RB B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
Tamkot B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
Kikarwali B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
10TK B.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
14 S Majhiwala B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Sardargarhia B.O 335504 Bhadra Hanumangarh
12 MLD B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
2 V B.O 335027 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Jetsar Farm B.O 335702 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
Beedsar B.O 332316 Lachhmangarh Sikar
Footala B.O 332712 Srimadhopur Sikar
6UTS B.O 335512 Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh
Salera Khurd B.O 326518 Kota Kota
Rassoolpura B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Abhaypur B.O 312022 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Jamli B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Chhari B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Ghantali B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Semliya B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Sowaniya B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Dunglawani B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Jethalia B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Sodalpur B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Nayan B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Bori B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Kupda B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Kelamela B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Prithivipura B.O 312624 Arnod Chittorgarh
Peepalkhunt B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Gudli B.O 313706 Girwa Udaipur
Goverdhanpura B.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Makarwali B.O 305004 Ajmer Ajmer
Nitooti B.O 305814 Kishangarh Ajmer
Nosar B.O 305004 Ajmer Ajmer
Akodia B.O 305813 Kishangarh Ajmer
Bhamolao B.O 305813 Kishangarh Ajmer
Bhogadeet B.O 305813 Kishangarh Ajmer
Dadia B.O 305813 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Dang B.O 305813 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Gagunda B.O 305813 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Gothiana B.O 305813 Kishangarh Ajmer
Kalanada B.O 305813 Kishangarh Ajmer
Lamba B.O 305813 Kishangarh Ajmer
Chhota Naraina B.O 305812 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Nalu B.O 305816 Kishangarh Ajmer
Patan B.O 305816 Kishangarh Ajmer
Khori B.O 305021 Ajmer Ajmer
Kanwalai B.O 305021 Ajmer Ajmer
Amarpura B.O 305819 Kishangarh Ajmer
Sargoan B.O 305802 Kishangarh Ajmer
Silora B.O 305802 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Tikawara B.O 305802 Kishangarh Ajmer
Udaipur Kalan B.O 305802 Kishangarh Ajmer
Ararka B.O 305811 Ajmer Ajmer
Babaicha B.O 305811 Ajmer Ajmer
Chitakhera B.O 305811 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Magara B.O 305811 Ajmer Ajmer
Magari B.O 305811 Ajmer Ajmer
Narwar B.O 305811 Ajmer Ajmer
Bhagwan Pura B.O 305022 Ajmer Ajmer
Deo Nagar B.O 305022 Ajmer Ajmer
Ganahera B.O 305022 Ajmer Ajmer
Kanas B.O 305022 Ajmer Ajmer
Kishanpura B.O 305022 Kishangarh Ajmer
Nand B.O 305022 Kishangarh Ajmer
Picholia B.O 305022 Ajmer Ajmer
Tilora B.O 305022 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Bithur B.O 305205 Ajmer Ajmer
Kaklana B.O 305205 Ajmer Ajmer
Kotaj B.O 305205 Ajmer Ajmer
Maya Pur B.O 305205 Ajmer Ajmer
Bhadoon B.O 305814 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Jajota B.O 305814 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Kotdi B.O 305814 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Nawa B.O 305814 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Nosal B.O 305814 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Paner B.O 305814 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Raghunath Pura B.O 305814 Kiashan Garh Ajmer
Sinodia B.O 305814 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Tyod B.O 305814 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Khatoli B.O 305815 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Pinglod B.O 305815 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Singara B.O 305815 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Tityari B.O 305815 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Amba Masina B.O 305206 Ajmer Ajmer
Bhaonta B.O 305206 Ajmer Ajmer
Dumara B.O 305206 Ajmer Ajmer
Kesarpura B.O 305206 Ajmer Ajmer
Makrera B.O 305206 Ajmer Ajmer
Nooriawas B.O 305206 Ajmer Ajmer
Tabiji B.O 305206 Ajmer Ajmer
Badlia B.O 305025 Ajmer Ajmer
Beer B.O 305025 Ajmer Ajmer
Danta B.O 305025 Ajmer Ajmer
Farkia B.O 305025 Nasira Bad Ajmer
Jhalawara B.O 305025 Ajmer Ajmer
Kana Kheri B.O 305025 Nasirabad Ajmer
Kanpura B.O 305025 Nasirabad Ajmer
Mundolao B.O 305025 Kishangarh Ajmer
Palran B.O 305025 Ajmer Ajmer
Tihari B.O 305025 Nasirabad Ajmer
Sandolia B.O 305813 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Sironj B.O 305813 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Bandar Sindari B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Barna B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Dhasook B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Deo Puri B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Dindwara B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Jheerota B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Katsura B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Khandach B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Mudoti B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Ralaota B.O 305801 Kishsangarh Ajmer
Sanwatsar B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Sardar Singh Ki Dhani B.O 305801 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Sursara B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Thal B.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Bhudol B.O 305023 Ajmer Ajmer
Bubani B.O 305023 Ajmer Ajmer
Chachiwas B.O 305023 Ajmer Ajmer
Gegal Akhari B.O 305023 Ajmer Ajmer
Googhra B.O 305023 Ajmer Ajmer
Kayar B.O 305023 Ajmer Ajmer
Ladpura B.O 305023 Ajmer Ajmer
Mohami B.O 305023 Ajmer Ajmer
Untra B.O 305023 Ajmer Ajmer
Buharu B.O 305812 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Ajaiser B.O 305005 Ajmer Ajmer
Hatikhera B.O 305005 Ajmer Ajmer
Kharkheri B.O 305005 Ajmer Ajmer
Dorai B.O 305003 Ajmer Ajmer
Somalpur B.O 305003 Ajmer Ajmer
Makhupura B.O 305002 Ajmer Ajmer
Nareli B.O 305024 Ajmer Ajmer
Rasoolpura B.O 305024 Ajmer Ajmer
Hatundi B.O 305012 Ajmer Ajmer
Chorsiawas B.O 305004 Ajmer Ajmer
Asarwa [Araba] B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Bissukallan B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Dhani Jan Singh Ki Beri B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Harpalia B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Kalewa B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Khudal B.O 344705 Gunga Barmer
Mahilawas B.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Nimbla B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Ranideshipura B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Shobhala Jetmal B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Undu B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Bithuja B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Bola B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Boli B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Booth Jetmal B.O 344708 Sanawara Barmer
Booth Rathodan B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Boothia B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Bore Charnan B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Borwa B.O 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Budiwara B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Bukar B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Burhan Ka Tala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Chadi B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Chadon Ki Dhani B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Chalkana B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Chandesara B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Chandi Ka Par B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Chawa B.O 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Chetrodi B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Chhotu B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Chidiya B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Chilanadi B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Chinchrasar B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Chitar Ka Par B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Chochra B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Chokhala B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Chuli B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Dabar B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Daboi B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Dakha B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Dandali B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Dangaria B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Dedawas B.O 344031 Gudamalni Barmer
Dedusar B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Deedhas B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Deora B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Derasar B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Detani B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Devandi B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Dhanau B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Asotra B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Atimalani B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Babuguleria B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Bachhrau B.O 344708 Dhorimana Barmer
Badnava B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Bagawas B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Bhadkha B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Bhadresh B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Bhag Bhare Ki Beri B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Bhagwa B.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Bhakharpura B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Bhalgaon B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Bhalikhal B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Bhalisar B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Bhalron Ka Bada B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Bhandiyawas B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Bhanwar B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Bhawaria B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Bhanwarlai B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Bhata B.O 344801 Padru Barmer
Bhedana B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Bherudi B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Bhilon Ka Par B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Bhimarlai B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Bhimarl R.S. B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Bhimda B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Bhimthal B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Bhinyad B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Bhojaria B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Bhojasar B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Bhunia B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Bhunka B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Bhurtia B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Binjasar B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Binjrad B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Bisarniya B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Bisasar B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Bishala Agore B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Dhanne Ki Dhani B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Dhanwa B.O 344801 Padru Barmer
Dharasar B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Dharna B.O 344801 Padru Barmer
Dharvi Kallan B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Dharvi Khurd B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Dhiran B.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Dhok B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Dolikallan B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Doli Rajguran B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Dudhiya Kallan B.O 344708 Sanawara Barmer
Dudhu B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Dudhwa B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Dudhwakhurd B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Ed Sindhari B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Ekal B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Fogera B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Gagaria B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Gandhavkallan B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Gangala B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Gangasara B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Garal B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Gardia B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Gehun B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Gida B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Girab B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Gidan B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Godawas B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Gohar Ka Tala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Go R.S. B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Golia Bhailan B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Golia Jet B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Goliar B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Gopari B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Gora B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Gudanal B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Gumane Ka Tala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Gwalnada B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Hadwa B.O 344705 Gunga Barmer
Hapon Ki Dhani B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Harkhali B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Harsani B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Hathala B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Hathitala B.O 344708 Sanawara Barmer
Hathma B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Hire Ki Dhani B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Hodu B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Hudon Ki Dhani B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Indrana B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Indroi B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Ishrol B.O 344708 Sanawara Barmer
Intada B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Itwaya B.O 344801 Padru Barmer
Jagsa B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Jaisar B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Jaisindhar B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Jaisindh R.S. B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Jajwa B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Jakhada B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Jakhdon Ki Dhani B.O 344708 Sanawara Barmer
Jalikheda B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Jalila B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Jalipa B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Janiyana B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Janpalia B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Jasai B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Jasa Ka Gaon B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Jaton Ka Bera B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Jaydu B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Jethantri B.O 344027 P;arlu Barmer
Jhak B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Jhampli Kallan B.O 344705 Gunga Barmer
Jhankali B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Jharpa B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Jogasar B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Juna Lakhwara B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Juna Mitha Kheda B.O 344801 Padru Barmer
Junapatrasar B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Junejon Ki Basti B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Kabooli B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Kachhabe Ki Dhani B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Kagau B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Baitu Bhimji B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Baitu Chimanji B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Baitu Panji B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Bakhasar B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Balai B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Balasar B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Balau B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Balau Jati B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Balera B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Balewa B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Bamarla B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Bamarwala B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Bamnore Amarshah B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Bamseen B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Band B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Bandasar B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Bandhada B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Bandra B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Banta B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Baori Kallan B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Barmer Agore B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Batadu B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Bhachbhar B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Abhey Ka Par B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Adarsh Basti B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Adel B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Adrim Ka Tala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Ajit B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Akadara B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Akoda B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Alamsar B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Alamsariya B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Alpura B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Antia B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Arang B.O 344701 Gunga Barmer
Arniyali B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Arthandi B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Arti B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Asada B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Asadi B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Kaludi B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Kamon Ka Bada B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Kamthai B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Kanana B.O 344027 Parlu Barmer
Kanasar B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Kankhi B.O 344801 Padru Barmer
Kankrala B.O 344027 Parlu Barmer
Kanod B.O 344034 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Kantal Ka Par B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Kaprau B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Kapurdi B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Karmawas B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Kartia B.O 344704 dhorimana Barmer
Kashmir B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Katarla B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Kathadi B.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Kekar B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Kelnoor B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Keshumbla Bhatian B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Khadeen B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Khandap B.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Khaniyani B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Khanoda B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Khara Mahechan B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Khara Rathodan B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Kharantia Khurd B.O 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Kharapar B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Kharchi B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Kharda BS B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Khardi B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Khari B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Kharia Kallan B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Kharia Rathodan B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Kharia Tala B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Kharia Khurd B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Kharwa B.O 344027 Parlu Barmer
Khattu B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Khejadiyali B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Khimpsar B.O 344037 Swaupadamsingh Barmer
Khokhsar B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Khudala B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Khudasa B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Kitnod B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Kitnoria B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Koja B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Koliyana B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Kolu B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Konra B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Korna B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Kosariya B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Koslu B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Kotari B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Kothala B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Kotra B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Kudi B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Kumpalia B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Kundal B.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Kundanpura B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Kundawa B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Kurla B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Kuship B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Lakhwara B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Langera B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Lapundara Tarli B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Leelma B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Leelsar B.O 344708 Sanawara Barmer
Loharwa B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Lolawa B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Lukhu B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Lunada B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Lunukhurd B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Junwa Jagir B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Madhasar B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Madpura Barwala B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Madpura Sani B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Magne Ki Dhani B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Mahabar B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Majal B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Malpura B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Malwa B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Mandali B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Mandawala B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Mangle Ki Beri B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Mangta B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Manki B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Manpura Kharda B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Maori B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Marudi B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Mate Ka Tala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Medusar B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Mehlu B.O 344708 Sanawara Barmer
Meli Bandha B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Mithara Khurd B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Mitharau B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Mithe Ka Tala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Mithoda B.O 344801 Padru Barmer
Mithra Khurd B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Mokhab B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Moolani B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Moothali B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Motisara B.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Munabao B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Mungda B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Mungeria B.O 344701 shiv Barmer
Nagana B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Nagarnava B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Nagarda B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Nand B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Navatala Bakhasar B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Navatala Jetmal B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Nehron Ka Tala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Nehron Ki Dhani B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Neori B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Netrad B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Newai B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Nimbalkot B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Nokh B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Nokhada B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Nosar B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Ogala B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Pachpadra Salt B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Panawara B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Panchala B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Pandhi Ka Niwan B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Pandhi Ka Par B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Panoria B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Panyala Kallan B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Para B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Paradia B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Padarli B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Pareu B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Patau Khurd B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Patodi B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Patodi Navatala B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Pau B.O 344801 Padru Barmer
Phagalia B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Piprali B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Punion Ka Tala B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Punjasar B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Punion Ki Basti B.O 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Purawa B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Pusad B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Rabasar B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Radwa B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Rajdal B.O 344705 Gunga Barmer
Rakhi B.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Ramdeoria B.O 344708 Sanawara Barmer
Ramjan Ki Gaffan B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Ramania B.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Rampura B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Ramsar Ka Kua B.O 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Ranasar B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Ranasar Kallan B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Ranasar Khurd B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Raniadashipura B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Ratanpura B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Ratasar B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Rateu B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Ratri B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Redana B.O 344001 Barmer Ho Barmer
Richholi B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Rohidi B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Rohila B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Rohila West B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Rohili B.O 344035 Barmer Barmer
Sada B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Sadecha B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Saiyon Ka Tala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Sajan Ka Par B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Sajiyali Pk B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Salaria B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Sanau B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Sanjata B.O 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Sanpa Manji B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Santara B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Sanwa B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Sanwlore B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Sarana B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Sarla B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Sarli B.O 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Sarnu B.O 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Sarupe Ka Tala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Sarwadi Purohitan B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Sata B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Sathuni Purohitan B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Sella B.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Setrau B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Sewaniyala B.O 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Sewali B.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Shahar B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Shahdad Ka Par B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Shivkar B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Shobhala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Shobhala Jetmal II B.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Shohda B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Sillore B.O 344027 Parlu Barmer
Simarkhiya Purohitan B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Simarkhiya Khara B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Sindhasawa Harniyan B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Sindhasawa Chauhan B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Siner B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Sinhaniya B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Sinhar B.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Sinli Jagir B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Sinyani B.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Sodiyar B.O 344708 Sanawara Barmer
Somesara B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Somarad B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Sonari B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Soorpura B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Sriramwala B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Sundra B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Sura B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Swamy Ka Gaon B.O 344705 Gunga Barmer
Swau Moolraj B.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Taku Beri B.O 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Tamliyar B.O 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Tamlore B.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Tanu Mansingh B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Tapra B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Taratara B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Taratara Math B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Thapan B.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Thob B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Thumbali B.O 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Thumbali B.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Tilwara B.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Tirsinghdi B.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Udasar B.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Umarlai B.O 344027 Parlu Barmer
Undari Juni B.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Undkha B.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Unroad B.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Uparla B.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Uttarlai Mines B.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Uttarl R.S. B.O 344001 Barmer Ho Hanumangarh
Uttarni B.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Biliyawas B.O 305922 Beawar Rajsamand
Manpura B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Sanod B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Deolia Kalan B.O 305629 Nasirabad Ajmer
Kohda B.O 305408 Kekri Ajmer
Gulgaon B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Dewata B.O 305922 Beawar Ajmer
Dunger Khera B.O 305922 Beawar Rajsamand
Saroth B.O 305922 Beawar Rajsamand
Alipura B.O 305207 Beawar Ajmer
Bhadsuri B.O 305207 Beawar Ajmer
Dantra B.O 305207 Beawar Ajmer
Dodiana B.O 305207 Beawar Ajmer
Nagelao B.O 305207 Beawar Ajmer
Durgawas B.O 305927 Beawar Ajmer
Kishanpura B.O 305927 Beawar Ajmer
Kotra B.O 305927 Beawar Ajmer
Nai Kalan B.O 305927 Beawar Ajmer
Gola B.O 305202 Beawar Ajmer
Kanakhera B.O 305202 Beawar Ajmer
Lamana B.O 305202 Beawar Ajmer
Piplaj B.O 305202 Beawar Ajmer
Rudlai B.O 305202 Beawar Ajmer
Rawatmal B.O 305923 Beawar Ajmer
Soniana B.O 305923 Beawar Ajmer
Taragarh Dadoli B.O 305923 Beawar Ajmer
Arjunpura B.O 305203 Beawar Ajmer
Bhimpura B.O 305203 Beawar Ajmer
Brickchiawas B.O 305203 Beawar Ajmer
Leeri B.O 305203 Beawar Ajmer
Begliawas B.O 305630 Beawar Ajmer
Doulatpura B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Deomali B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Dholadanta B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Harrajpura B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Jhipian B.O 305630 Beawar Ajmer
Kirap B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Lamba Kund Ka B.O 305630 Beawar Ajmer
Lulwa B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Mayala B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Moyana B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Nandwara B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Satawaria B.O 305630 Beawar Ajmer
Shergarh B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Shyamgarh B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Kheempura B.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Budhwara B.O 305204 Beawar Ajmer
Fathepura B.O 305204 Beawar Ajmer
Kalesara B.O 305204 Beawar Ajmer
Pagaran B.O 305204 Beawar Ajmer
Rampura Dabla B.O 305204 Beawar Ajmer
Mewaria B.O 305204 Beawar Ajmer
Atitmand B.O 305925 Bewar Ajmer
Deo Khera B.O 305925 Beawar Ajmer
Gohana B.O 305925 Beawar Ajmer
Kalinjer B.O 305925 Beawar Ajmer
Laget Khera B.O 305925 Beawar Rajsamand
Sarvena B.O 305925 Beawar Ajmer
Shahpura B.O 305925 Beawar Ajmer
Surdiya B.O 305925 Beawar Ajmer
Malto Ki Ber B.O 305924 Beawar Ajmer
Arwar B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Asha Pura B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Bhatiyani B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Derathu B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Dhal B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Dilwara B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Goyla B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Lawera B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Loharwara B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Motipura B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Shokalia B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Bhagawant Pura B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Sarana B.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Deogaon B.O 305415 Kekri Ajmer
Karonj B.O 305415 Kekri Ajmer
Salari B.O 305408 Kekri Ajmer
Chhachhundra B.O 305621 Bhinai Ajmer
Jharwasa B.O 305621 Bhinai Ajmer
Karanti B.O 305621 Bhinai Ajmer
Niyara B.O 305621 Bhinai Ajmer
Kumharia B.O 305621 Bhinai Ajmer
Paranga B.O 305621 Bhinai Ajmer
Banewara B.O 305401 Nasirabad Ajmer
Baghsuri B.O 305401 Nasirabad Ajmer
Boobaniya B.O 305401 Nasirabad Ajmer
Rajosi B.O 305401 Nasirabad Ajmer
Nandla B.O 305401 Nasirabad Ajmer
Barala B.O 305628 Bhinai Ajmer
Bubkiya B.O 305622 Bhina Ajmer
Dhatol B.O 305622 Bhinai Ajmer
Kanai Kalan B.O 305628 Bhinai Ajmer
Kanai Khurd B.O 305628 Bhinai Ajmer
Kurthal B.O 305628 Bhinai Ajmer
Nandsi B.O 305628 Bhinai Ajmer
Padlia B.O 305628 Bhinai Ajmer
Khayda B.O 305622 Bhinai Ajmer
Sobri B.O 305622 Bhinai Ajmer
Surkhand B.O 305628 Bhinai Ajmer
Barali B.O 305624 Nasirabad Ajmer
Baral B.O 305624 Nasirabad Ajmer
Badi B.O 305624 Nasirabad Ajmer
Ekal Singha B.O 305624 Nasirabad Ajmer
Lamagra B.O 305629 Nasirabad Ajmer
Ratakot B.O 305624 Nasirabad Ajmer
Nimera B.O 305624 Nasirabad Ajmer
Singhawal B.O 305624 Nasirabad Ajmer
Shikhrani B.O 305624 Nasirabad Ajmer
Sathana B.O 305624 Nasirabad Ajmer
Doulatpura B.O 305624 Nasirabad Ajmer
Gudha Khurd B.O 305629 Nasirabad Ajmer
Barol B.O 305412 Nasirabad Ajmer
Bidla B.O 305412 Nasirabad Ajmer
Borada B.O 305412 Nasirabad Ajmer
Dabrella B.O 305412 Nasirabad Ajmer
Manoharpura B.O 305412 Nasirabad Ajmer
Sher Garh B.O 305412 Nasirabad Ajmer
Siyar B.O 305412 Nasirabad Ajmer
Kaseer B.O 305412 Nasirabad Ajmer
Hanutia B.O 305625 Nasirabad Ajmer
Kaniya B.O 305625 Nasirabad Ajmer
Lodiyana B.O 305625 Nasirabad Ajmer
Harpura B.O 305406 Nasirabad Ajmer
Hingonia B.O 305406 Kekri Ajmer
Lalai B.O 305406 Kekri Ajmer
Lasadia B.O 305406 Kekri Ajmer
Aloli B.O 305405 Kekri Ajmer
Bhimrawas B.O 305405 Kekri Ajmer
Mehru Kalan B.O 305405 Kekri Ajmer
Piplaj B.O 305405 Kekri Ajmer
Sankariya B.O 305405 Kekri Ajmer
Khawas B.O 305405 Kekri Ajmer
Bogla B.O 305408 Kekri Ajmer
Dhundhari B.O 305408 Kekri Ajmer
Molkiya B.O 305408 Kekri Ajmer
Ajgara B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Taswaria B.O 305408 Kekri Ajmer
Bharai B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Jetpura B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Kerot B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Mevada Kalan B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Pharkia B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Pranhera B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Rampali B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Sanpla B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Sarsari B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Sunpa B.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Jhadol B.O 305402 Nasirabad Ajmer
Mandawaria B.O 305402 Nasirabad Ajmer
Samproda B.O 305402 Nasirabad Ajmer
Mawasia B.O 305402 Nasirabad Ajmer
Morajhari B.O 305402 Nasirabad Ajmer
Tilana B.O 305402 Nasirabad Ajmer
Bhagwan Pura B.O 305403 Sarwar Ajmer
Jadana B.O 305403 Sarwar Ajmer
Satolav B.O 305403 Sarwar Ajmer
Khiriya B.O 305403 Sarwar Ajmer
Bajata B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Bisundri B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Chitiawas B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Tankawas B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Jotayan B.O 305627 Nasirabad Ajmer
Kebania B.O 305627 Nasirabad Ajmer
Kitap B.O 305627 Nasirabad Ajmer
Ghatiyali B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Gordha B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Kunwar Ji Ka Kalera B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Kushayata B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Napa Khera B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Sadara B.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Rammalia B.O 305627 Nasirabad Ajmer
Balad B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Bayala B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Andheri Deori B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Beawar Khas B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Borwa B.O 305901 Beawar Rajsamand
Dedpura B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Delwara B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Dewas B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Jeewana B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Jhak B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Jalia-i B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Malpura B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Narbad Khera B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Noondri-Mendratan B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Noondri-Maldev B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Ramgarh B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Roopnagar B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Sedaria B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Shivpura Ghata B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Suhawa B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Sarmalia B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Jain Gurukul B.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Asan B.O 305926 Beawar Ajmer
Barakhan B.O 305926 Beawar Ajmer
Bamanheda B.O 305926 Beawar Ajmer
Banjari B.O 305926 Beawar Ajmer
Khodmal B.O 305926 Beawar Ajmer
Palri B.O 305926 Beawar Ajmer
Roop Nagar Arnali B.O 305926 Beawar Ajmer
Leswa B.O 305201 Beawar Ajmer
Anakar B.O 305922 Beawar Ajmer
Bar Kochara B.O 305922 Beawar Ajmer
Nagrasar B.O 334303 Bikaner Bikaner
Dantaur B.O 334023 Bikaner Bikaner
Sowa B.O 334201 Biakner Bikaner
Khindasar B.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Bana B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Jodhasar B.O 331811 Dungargarh Churu
Nokhara B.O 334303 Bikaner Bikaner
Ankhisar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Berasar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Dhoopaliya B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Gajsukhdesar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Gondusar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Jasrasar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Jesalsar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Jhadeli B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Kakra B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Lalamdesar Bara B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Mansoori B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Mainsar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Moondar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Sadhasar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Seeniwala B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Thawariya B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Udsar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Utmamdesar B.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Bamanwali B.O 334601 Bikaner Bikaner
Dheerera R.S. B.O 334601 Bikaner Bikaner
Dheerera Village B.O 334601 Bikaner Bikaner
Khara B.O 334601 Bikaner Bikaner
Malasar B.O 334601 Bikaner Bikaner
Sodhwali B.O 334601 Bikaner Bikaner
Garabdesar B.O 334602 Bikaner Bikaner
Kharda B.O 334602 Bikaner Bikaner
Rawansar B.O 334602 Bikaner Bikaner
Sahjrasar B.O 334602 Bikaner Bikaner
Chak 8 Kyd B.O 334023 Bikaner Bikaner
Delitalai B.O 334808 Khajuwala Bikaner
Karnisar Bhatiyan B.O 334808 Bikaner Bikaner
Karamwala B.O 334023 Bikaner Bikaner
Siyasarchogan B.O 334023 Bikaner Bikaner
Siyasar Panchkosa B.O 334808 Bikaner Bikaner
17 K.Y.D. B.O 334023 Bikaner Bikaner
2 K.L.D. B.O 334023 Bikaner Bikaner
61 Head B.O 334023 Khajuwala Bikaner
Bhikhnera B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Dulmera B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Hansera B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Kankarwala B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Kapoorisar B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Khinyera B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Khokhrana B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Nathwana B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Rajasar Karnisar B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Rojan B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Sui B.O 334603 Biakner Bikaner
Surnana B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Shekhsar B.O 334603 Bikaner Bikaner
Arjansar B.O 334604 Bikaner Bikaner
Baladesar B.O 334604 Bikaner Bikaner
Jaitpur B.O 334604 Bikaner Bikaner
Malkisar B.O 334604 Bikaner Bikaner
Mithdiya B.O 334604 Biakner Bikaner
Rambag B.O 334604 Bikaner Bikaner
Sherpura B.O 334604 Bikaner Bikaner
Gajroopdesar B.O 334201 Bikaner Bikaner
Kesardesarjatan B.O 334201 Bikaner Bikaner
Ramsar B.O 334201 Bikaner Bikaner
Bandhra B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Bhalda B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Beekasar B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Charkra B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Chitana B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Dawa B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Desalsar B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Hiyadesar B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Hansasar B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Jaisingdesar B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Jangloo B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Kakoo B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Nokha Villege B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Raisar B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Rora B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Sadhoona B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Saloondiya B.O 334803 Bikansr Bikaner
Sarunda B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Somalsar B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Siyana Bhatiyana B.O 334803 Bikaner Bikaner
Dharnok B.O 334804 Bikaner Bikaner
Dhingsari B.O 334804 Bikaner Bikaner
Kisnasar B.O 334804 Bikaner Bikaner
Koo Dsoo B.O 334804 Bikaner Bikaner
Kumbhasariya B.O 334804 Bikaner Bikaner
Nathusar B.O 334804 Biakner Bikaner
Saisar B.O 334804 Bikaner Bikaner
Udasar B.O 334804 Bikaner Bikaner
Bheloo B.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Bithnok B.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Chani B.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Dasori B.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Gura B.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Hadan B.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Hadlan Bhatiyan B.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Akasar B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Amarpura B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Bachasar B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Bholasar Budhan B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Gadhwala B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Gusainsar B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Jalwali B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Jaimalsar B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Kalasar B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Kanasar B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Kawani B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Kelan B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Kolasar B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Khari Charnan B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Lakhusar B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Nal Bari B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Norangdesar B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Motigarh B.O 334021 Bikaner Bikaner
Raner B.O 334021 Bikaner Bikaner
Kotri B.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Madh B.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Belasar B.O 334202 Bikaner Bikaner
Badhnu B.O 334202 Bikaner Bikaner
Kuchor Aguni B.O 334202 Bikaner Bikaner
Kuchor Athuni B.O 334202 Bikaner Bikaner
Moondsar B.O 334202 Bikaner Bikaner
Tejrasar B.O 334202 Bikaner Bikaner
Aadsar B.O 331801 Bikaner Bikaner
Jalabsar B.O 331801 Biakner Bikaner
Surjansar B.O 331801 Bikaner Bikaner
Udrasar B.O 331801 Bikaner Bikaner
Bigga B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Biggabas Ramsara B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Rajasar Bhatiyan B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Shiv Bari B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Surdhana Chauhanan B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Surjara B.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Bagadsar B.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Barsalpur B.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Bikampur B.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Bhaluri B.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Bijeri B.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Godoo B.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Gogariyawala B.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Mankasar B.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Mithriya B.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Phulasar Khurd B.O 334305 Kolayat Bikaner
Ranjeetpura B.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Dandi B.O 334021 Chhatargarh Bikaner
Kharbara B.O 334021 Bikaner Bikaner
Loonkhan B.O 334021 Chhatargarh Bikaner
Mahadevwali B.O 334021 Bikaner Bikaner
Satasar B.O 334021 Bikaner Bikaner
Takhatpura B.O 334021 Bikaner Bikaner
Bhamatsar B.O 334801 Bikaner Bikaner
Ghatoo B.O 334801 Bikaner Bikaner
Morkhana Athuna B.O 334801 Bikaner Bikaner
Parwa B.O 334801 Bikaner Bikaner
Rasisar B.O 334801 Bikaner Bikaner
Sinjguru B.O 334801 Bikaner Bikaner
Surpura B.O 334801 Bikaner Bikaner
Bhanekagaon B.O 334303 Bikaner Bikaner
Gariyala B.O 334303 Bikaner Bikaner
Grandhi B.O 334303 Bikaner Bikaner
Girajsar B.O 334303 Bikaner Bikaner
Bapeu B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Badela B.O 331803 Dungargarh Bikaner
Barjangsar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Beejhansar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Dhaneru B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Dheerdesar Chotiyan B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Delwan B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Gusainsar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Jetasar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Jakhasar B.O 331803 Dungargarh Bikaner
Jaisalsar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Indpalsar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Kalyansar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Keu B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Keetasar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Kuntasar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Kunpalsar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Likhmadesar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Migsariya B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Pundalsar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Rajedoo B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Soniyasar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Thakariyasar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Toliyasar B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Upni B.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Bainisar B.O 331811 Bikaner Bikaner
Dusarna B.O 331811 Bikaner Bikaner
Dulchasar B.O 331811 Bikaner Bikaner
Derajsar B.O 331811 Bikaner Bikaner
Likhmisar B.O 331811 Bikaner Bikaner
Sanwatsar B.O 331811 Bikaner Bikaner
Lakhasar B.O 331811 Bikaner Bikaner
Manakarasar B.O 331811 Bikaner Bikaner
Punrasar B.O 331811 Bikaner Bikaner
Sheruna B.O 331811 Bikaner Bikaner
Ambasar B.O 334402 Bikaner Bikaner
Barsingsar B.O 334402 Bikaner Bikaner
Lalmdesar B.O 334402 Bikaner Bikaner
Saroopdesar B.O 334402 Bikaner Bikaner
Bambloo B.O 334022 Bikaner Bikaner
Gersar B.O 334022 Bikaner Bikaner
Ridmalsar B.O 334022 Bikaner Bikaner
Runiya Bara Bas B.O 334022 Bikaner Bikaner
Serera B.O 334022 Bikaner Bikaner
Bardia B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Bori B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Bori B.O 312616 Arnod Chittorgarh
Chakunda B.O 312205 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Chakunda B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Chandera B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Chechi  B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Chikarada B.O 312027 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Chiklad B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Chiksi B.O 312613 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Chittorgarh Fort B.O 312001 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Chogawadi B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Chorwadi B.O 312205 Bhopalsagar Chittorgarh
Chupna B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Dabda B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Dalla (Kishanpura) B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Damakhera B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Daulatpura B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Delwas B.O 312404 Doongala Chittorgarh
Devgarh B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Deopura B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Deori B.O 312001 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Dewad B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Dhamana B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Achalpur B.O 312605 Pratapgarh Chittorgarh
Achalawada B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Achnera B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Adana B.O 312203 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Akhepur B.O 312605 Pratbgarh Chittorgarh
Akiya B.O 312001 Chittorgah Chittorgarh
Akola Kalan B.O 312027 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Alod B.O 312404 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Amarpura B.O 312022 Chittorgah Chittorgarh
Ambawali B.O 312604 Chhoti Sadari Chittorgarh
Ambirama B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Amlawad B.O 312605 Pratabgarh Chittorgarh
Angona B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Anoppura B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Anwleshwar B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Bhagwanpura B.O 312614 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Gomana B.O 312604 Chhoti Sadri Chittorgarh
Karunda B.O 312604 Chhoti Sadrai Chittorgarh
Mangalwar B.O 312024 Doongala Chittorgarh
Pandolimataji Ki B.O 312201 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Samari B.O 312612 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Veerawali B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Anwalhera B.O 312022 Bassi Chittorgarh
Arned B.O 312402 Doongla Chittorgarh
Arni B.O 312203 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Arnia Joshi B.O 312620 Mangrol Chittorgarh
Arniapanth B.O 312612 Shambhupura Chittorgarh
Arnoda B.O 312620 Mangrol Chittorgarh
Asawara B.O 312602 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Asawata B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Badolighata B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Badolimadhosingh B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Badoliya B.O 323307 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Badwai B.O 312402 Doongla Chittorgarh
Badwal B.O 312401 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Badwaskalan B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Bagund B.O 312024 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Bajranggarh B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Balarada B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Balkundikalan B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Bambori B.O 312614 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Banakiyakalan B.O 312207 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Bangreda B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Bangreda Ghata B.O 312606 Kanera Chittorgarh
Bansen B.O 312001 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Banslai B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Baori Khera B.O 312616 Dhamotar Chittorgarh
Barawarda B.O 312616 Arnod Chittorgarh
Bardia B.O 312623 Partapgarh Chittorgarh
Bari B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Barilank B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Barisagthali B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Barodia B.O 323307 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Barodia B.O 312021 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Barotha B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Baru B.O 312207 Rasmi Chittorgarh
Basad B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Basera B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Basera B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Bavlas B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Bedma B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Bhalotan Ki Kheri B.O 312206 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Bhalundi B.O 312602 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Bhanuja B.O 312603 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Bhatoli Bagrian B.O 312027 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Bhatoli Brahmnan B.O 312403 Barisadari Chittorgarh
Bhatton Ka Bamniya B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Bhawaliya B.O 312620 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Bichhor B.O 312022 Begun Chittorgarh
Bhimgarh B.O 312203 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Bhoopal  Nagar B.O 312204 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Bhuwasia B.O 312623 Pratapgarh Chittorgarh
Bilesari B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Biloda B.O 312402 Doongla Chittorgarh
Binayaka B.O 312404 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Bolon Ka Sanwata B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Bood B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Borav B.O 323304 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Borda B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Dhamancha B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Dhanet B.O 312027 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Dhanet Kalan B.O 312201 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Dheerji Ka Khera B.O 312602 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Dhiknia B.O 312616 Arnod Chittorgarh
Dhaula pani B.O 312604 Chhoti Sadri Chittorgarh
Dindoli B.O 312203 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Dorai B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Doria B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Dowani B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Dudhli Tanda B.O 312616 Arnod Chittorgarh
Dugar B.O 312022 Begun Chittorgarh
Eklingpura B.O 323307 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Fathegarh B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Gadola B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Gadola B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Gagrol B.O 312604 Chhoti Sadri Chittorgarh
Gandher B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Ganeshpura B.O 312604 Chhoti Sadri Chittorgarh
Gardana B.O 312603 Bari Sadri Chittorgarh
Ghatiawali B.O 312612 Shambhupura Chittorgarh
Gilund B.O 312612 Shambhupura Chittorgarh
Gopalpura B.O 312022 Bassi Chittorgarh
Gopalpura B.O 323304 Bhensrorgarh Chittorgarh
Gotarsi B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Gulana B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Gundli B.O 312205 Akola Chittorgarh
Gyaspur B.O 312605 Annuppura Chittorgarh
Harnathpur B.O 312203 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Hathiyana B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Hinglat B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Hingoria B.O 312207 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Idra B.O 312024 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Jadana B.O 312203 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Jainagar B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Jajli B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Jalampura B.O 312612 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Jaliya B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Jalkheda B.O 323307 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Jaloda Jagir B.O 312614 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Jalodia B.O 312604 Chhoti Sadari Chittorgarh
Jarkhana B.O 312403 Bari Sadrai Chittorgarh
Jashma B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Jawada  1 B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Jawada  II B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Jawasia B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Jeerawata B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Jhansri B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Jitiya B.O 312207 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Jojron Ka Kheda B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Jolar B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kachotiya B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kalyanpura B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kanad B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Kangarh B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Kankarwa B.O 312204 Bhuopalsagar Chittorgarh
Kannoj B.O 312613 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Kanora B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kanthariya Chobe Ji Ka B.O 312201 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Kanti B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Karsana B.O 312404 Doongala Chittorgarh
Karjali B.O 312205 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Karju B.O 312403 Bari Sadrai Chittorgarh
Karunda B.O 312620 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Kashmore B.O 312201 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Katunda B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Kiratpura B.O 312403 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Keli B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Kerwas B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kesunda B.O 312604 Chhoti Sadri Chittorgarh
Kewalpura B.O 312401 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Kharkhanda B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Khatikhera B.O 323307 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Kheda B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kheranarsingh Mata B.O 312616 Arnod Chittorgarh
Khardeola B.O 312403 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Kheri B.O 312022 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Khermalia B.O 312603 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Kherot B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kherpura B.O 312022 Begun Chittorgarh
Khodip B.O 312614 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Khoria B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kotri B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Kotri Kalan B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Kotwal B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kulthana B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kuni B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kunthana B.O 312024 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Kunwalia B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Lalgarh B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Langach B.O 312207 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Lasadiaya Kalan B.O 312206 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Lasdawn B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Laxmipura B.O 312403 Barisadri Chittorgarh
Leswa B.O 312024 Bhdesar Chittorgarh
Lothiyana B.O 312024 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Luharia B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Madhura Talab B.O 312616 Arnod Chittorgarh
Magroda B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Maharaaj Ki Netawal B.O 312207 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Mahuda B.O 312401 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Mandawari B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Mandesara B.O 323306 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Mandfiya B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Mandkalan B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Mandla Charan B.O 312614 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Mandawara B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Manohar Garh B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Manpura Jagir B.O 312403 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Marjivi B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Marmi B.O 312203 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Itarana Alwar B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
New Jahadu B.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Anoppura B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Tanot B.O 345022 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Sohanpura B.O 345025 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Padampura B.O 345025 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Sangad B.O 345027 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Bhomsagar B.O 342022 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Fitkasni B.O 342015 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Chhatrel B.O 345001 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Lanela B.O 345001 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Salriya Kalan B.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bavri B.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jhalamand B.O 342013 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Nougama B.O 314029 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Shyam Garh B.O 311604 Mandalgarh Bhilwara
Dabla Kachra B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Pratappura B.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Belwa Ranajee B.O 342023 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Nandra Kallan B.O 342015 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Badliya B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Pabusar B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Jhujhanda B.O 341026 Marwar Mundwa Nagaur
Ghatwa B.O 341508 Parbatsar Nagaur
Sirana B.O 343022 Sayla Jalor
Garha B.O 342022 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Sai B.O 342022 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Karda B.O 345034 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Dev rajgarh B.O 342022 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jaimla B.O 345024 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Sindoliya B.O 304503 Tonk Tonk
Banskheda B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Harnawda Shaji ED B.O 325221 Kota Baran
Bamolia Kalan B.O 325209 Kota Baran
Badan B.O 325222 Baran Baran
Hingonia B.O 325222 Baran Baran
Koyala B.O 325222 Baran Baran
Sevni B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Simlia B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Kasba Thana B.O 325217 Baran Baran
Badbad B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Deori B.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Todrimeeran B.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Binda Kheda B.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Hathoj B.O 302012 Jaipur Jaipur
Nangal Purohitan B.O 302013 Amber Jaipur
Shri Ram Ki Nangal B.O 302022 Jaipur Jaipur
Bilwa B.O 302022 Sanganer Jaipur
Relawan  B.O. B.O 325215 Baran Baran
Khajurna B.O. B.O 325001 Kota Kota
Luniawas B.O 302031 Amber Jaipur
Sumel B.O 302031 Jaipur Jaipur
Babtra B.O 343022 NA Jalor
Chorau B.O 343022 NA Jalor
Jeewana B.O 343022 NA Jalor
Meghalwa B.O 343022 NA Jalor
Posana B.O 343022 NA Jalor
Sangana B.O 343022 NA Jalor
Taliyana B.O 343022 Sayla Jalor
Bhetala B.O 343024 NA Jalor
Chandana B.O 343024 NA Jalor
Sawna B.O 343024 Jalor Jalor
Raipuria B.O 343024 Jalor Jalor
Dangra B.O 343021 NA Jalor
Elana B.O 343021 NA Jalor
Nimblana B.O 343021 NA Jalor
Othwala B.O 343021 Jalor Jalor
Dhamseen B.O 343048 NA Jalor
Karoda B.O 301020 Bahror Alwar
Kolila B.O 301020 Mandawar Alwar
Dooghera B.O 301020 Bahror Alwar
gadoj B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Gunti B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Hamidpur B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Jainpurwas B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Jaguwas B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Kankardopa B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Mohammedpur B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Khatankhera B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Manchal B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Nangal Khoria B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Pahari B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Rewali B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Sherpur B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Tasing B.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
A.G.Dadhiya B.O 301401 Alwar Alwar
Basni B.O 301401 Mandawar Alwar
Beejwar Chauhan B.O 301401 Mandawar Alwar
Bhanot B.O 301401 Mandawar Alwar
Gaduwas B.O 301401 Mandawar Alwar
Jonal B.O 301401 Mandawar Alwar
Manka B.O 301401 Mandawar Alwar
Saraikalan B.O 301401 Mandawar Alwar
Seelgaon B.O 301401 Mandawar Alwar
Sihalikalan B.O 301401 Mandawar Alwar
Bhupsera B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Buteri B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Choola B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Fetehpur B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Girudi B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Gunta B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Hazipur B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Holawas B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Hamirpur B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Khera B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Khori B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Lakkakanagal B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Lekri B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Mahanpur B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Ratanpura B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Shyampura B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Santhalpur B.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Alamdika B.O 301405 K.g.basss Alwar
Machhroli B.O 301405 K.g.basss Alwar
Nangal Salia B.O 301403 K.g.basss Alwar
Jalawas B.O 301714 Bahror Alwar
Sanoli B.O 301714 Bahror Alwar
Basai B.O 301709 Bahror Alwar
Budhwal B.O 301709 Bahror Alwar
Khohar B.O 301709 Bahror Alwar
Peepli B.O 301709 Bahror Alwar
Alanpur B.O 301412 Mandawar Alwar
Babari B.O 301412 Mandawar Alwar
Babaria B.O 301412 Mandawar Alwar
Bamanwas B.O 301412 Mandawar Alwar
Bhagukawas B.O 301412 Mandawar Alwar
Shamda B.O 301412 Mandawar Alwar
Jatiyana B.O 301403 Mandawar Alwar
Khanpur Ahir B.O 301403 Mandawar Alwar
Mirjapur B.O 301403 Mandawar Alwar
Patalia B.O 301403 Mandawar Alwar
Anantpura B.O 301713 Bahror Alwar
Guwana B.O 301713 Bahror Alwar
Khohrana B.O 301713 Bahror Alwar
Khohri B.O 301713 Bahror Alwar
Maharajawas B.O 301713 Bahror Alwar
Bhungra Ahir B.O 301427 Mandawar Alwar
Hatoondi B.O 301427 Mandawar Alwar
Jasai B.O 301427 Mandawar Alwar
Mundanwara Kalan B.O 301427 Mandawar Alwar
Padmara Khurd B.O 301427 Mandawar Alwar
Peepli B.O 301427 Mandawar Alwar
Rajwara B.O 301427 Mandawar Alwar
Sodawas B.O 301427 Mandawar Alwar
Basai Kalan B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Bahroj B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Ghatla B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Ismailpur B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Jindoli B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Mator B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Noor Nagar B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Patan Mewan B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Pahel B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Ranoth B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Rasgan B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Sorkha Kalan B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Tatarpur B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Vallabhgram B.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Nagli B.O 301708 Behror Alwar
Raisarana B.O 301708 Mandawar Alwar
Santo B.O 301708 Mandawar Alwar
Siryani B.O 301708 Mandawar Alwar
Aklimpur B.O 301703 Bahror Alwar
Doomroli B.O 301703 Bahror Alwar
Dosod B.O 301703 Bahror Alwar
Kayasa B.O 301703 Bahror Alwar
Kanhawas B.O 301703 Bahror Alwar
Majrikanhawas B.O 301703 Bahror Alwar
Talwana B.O 301703 Bahror Alwar
Dabarwas B.O 301704 Neemrana Alwar
Giglana B.O 301704 Neemrana Alwar
Huria Kalan B.O 301704 Neemrana Alwar
Kathoowas B.O 301704 Neemrana Alwar
Khoondrot B.O 301704 Neemrana Alwar
Mehtawas B.O 301704 Neemrana Alwar
Nanagwas B.O 301704 Neemrana Alwar
Partapur B.O 301704 Neemrana Alwar
Basmenpur B.O 301407 Mandawar Alwar
Balluwas B.O 301407 Mandawar Alwar
Chandpur B.O 301407 Mandawar Alwar
Gopipura B.O 301407 Mandawar Alwar
Sheopur B.O 301407 Mandawar Alwar
Gheelot B.O 301705 Neemrana Alwar
Naghori B.O 301705 Neemrana Alwar
Pratapsinghpura B.O 301705 Neemrana Alwar
Rodwal B.O 301705 Neemrana Alwar
Chaubara B.O 301706 Neemrana Alwar
Gugalkota B.O 301706 Neemrana Alwar
Jonichakalan B.O 301706 Neemrana Alwar
Jonicha Khurd B.O 301706 Neemrana Alwar
Palwa B.O 301706 Neemrana Alwar
Pholadpur B.O 301706 Neemrana Alwar
Sakatpura (Bawad) B.O 301706 Neemrana Alwar
Akbarpur B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Bagarrajput B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Bamboli B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Bhoggore B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Burja B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Chandoli B.O 301023 Alwar Alwar
Diwakari B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Ghat B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Jatiyana B.O 301023 Alwar Alwar
Khuteta Kalan B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Machari B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Mahuakhurd B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Madhogarh B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Nangli Megha B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Parisal B.O 301023 Alwar Alwar
Raisis B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Rata Khurd B.O 301023 Alwar Alwar
Shahpur B.O 301023 Alwar Alwar
Siliserh B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Toolera B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Umren B.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Bhajera B.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Chikani B.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Chorotipahar B.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Karoli B.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Kherajahar B.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Kakrali Meo B.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Kithoor B.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Raibka B.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Shahdoli B.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Untwal B.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Buntoli B.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Beda B.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Butiyana B.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Deenar B.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Gandura B.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Itera B.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Molia B.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Nizamnagar B.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Nibhera B.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Sadhka B.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Dongri B.O 301604 Laxmzn Garh Alwar
Khera Mahmood B.O 301604 Laxmzn Garh Alwar
Phari B.O 301604 Laxmzn Garh Alwar
Rambas B.O 301604 Laxmzn Garh Alwar
Sedampur B.O 301604 Laxmzn Garh Alwar
Semla Khurd B.O 301604 Laxmzn Garh Alwar
Balata B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Beejwar B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Barkhera B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Dhakpuri B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Haldeena B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Jamalpur B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Kalsara B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Kerwawal B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Khareda B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Leeli B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Nithari B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Pala B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Prithvipura B.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Ajabpura B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Bamanwas Kankar B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Basaijogian B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Bilali B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Chatarpura B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Garhi B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Gyanpura B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
KARANA B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
kherkheri Kalan B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Kolahera B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Mundawar B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Neemuchana B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Nayabas B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Vijayapura B.O 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Beejwa B.O 301025 Ramgarh Alwar
Cheerwa B.O 301025 Ramgarh Alwar
Dhanwari B.O 301025 Ramgarh Alwar
Mubarikpur B.O 301025 Ramgarh Alwar
Neekuch B.O 301025 Ramgarh Alwar
Raghunathgarh B.O 301025 Ramgarh Alwar
Rasgaon B.O 301025 Ramgarh Alwar
Pata B.O 301025 Ramgarh Alwar
Alaora B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Chomu B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Indpura B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
KHERI B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
khilora B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Kkoh B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Malpur B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Milakpur B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Naswari B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Peproli B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Sainthli B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Sirmor B.O 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Baldeogarh B.O 301410 Rajgarh Alwar
Ghewar B.O 301410 Rajgarh Alwar
Gordhanpura B.O 301410 Rajgarh Alwar
Golakabas B.O 301410 Rajgarh Alwar
Khoh B.O 301410 Rajgarh Alwar
Syaluta B.O 301410 Rajgarh Alwar
Talab B.O 301410 Rajgarh Alwar
Tilwar B.O 301410 Rajgarh Alwar
Shahdod B.O 301019 Tijara Alwar
Bahali B.O 301414 Rajgarh Alwar
Bhandodi B.O 301414 Rajgarh Alwar
Beleta B.O 301414 Rajgarh Alwar
Chandupura B.O 301414 Rajgarh Alwar
Nawalpura B.O 301414 Rajgarh Alwar
Palwa B.O 301414 Rajgarh Alwar
Patan B.O 301414 Rajgarh Alwar
Poonkher B.O 301414 Rajgarh Alwar
Barkokhurd B.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Bhikhaheri B.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Gothra B.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Jatpur B.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Jhalatala B.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Kanethi B.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Kheramangal Singh B.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Pinan B.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Sehra B.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Todanagar B.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Arwa B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Bahtookalan B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Baseth B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Isrota B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Kherameda B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Masari B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Mathuraheda B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Methna B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Sonkh B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Sudiana B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Reta B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Tasai B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Tikri B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Titpuri B.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Sheetal B.O 301018 Tijara Alwar
Silarpur B.O 301018 Tijara Alwar
Dantia B.O 321606 Laxman Garh Alwar
Daroda B.O 321606 Laxman Garh Alwar
Doroli B.O 321606 Laxman Garh Alwar
Garu B.O 321606 Laxman Garh Alwar
Kalwari B.O 321606 Laxman Garh Alwar
Natoj B.O 321606 Laxman Garh Alwar
Samuchi B.O 321606 Laxman Garh Alwar
Sonkher B.O 321606 Laxman Garh Alwar
Sonkheri B.O 321606 Laxman Garh Alwar
Baghore B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Veersingh Pur B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Bambora B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Bhindoosi B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Baskripal Nagar B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Ghasoli B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Gothra B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Khanpur Mewan B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Kalgaon B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Langerwas B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Mahond B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Mancha B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Mandha B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Mothuka B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Moosakhera B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Tarwala B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Thons B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Tehnoli B.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Bhagana B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Beelaheri B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Ikrotia B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Jodia B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Kalgaon B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Khutabpura B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
KHanpur B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Ladpur B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Matalwas B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Palpur B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Pur B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Ujoli B.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Barodakan B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Bichgaon B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Harsana B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Hasanpur B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Jadla B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Jaoli B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Khudiana B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Leeli B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Nangalkhanjadi B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Noorpurganjpur B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Ramnagar B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Sorai B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Toda B.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Bedar B.O 321633 Lachhmangarh Alwar
Berla B.O 321633 Laxmangarh Alwar
Bharkol B.O 321633 Laxmangarh Alwar
Chimrauli Gaur B.O 321633 Laxmangarh Alwar
Chhilori B.O 321633 Laxmangarh Alwar
Devli B.O 321633 Laxmangarh Alwar
Khoramalawali B.O 321633 Laxmangarh Alwar
Bahala B.O 301030 Alwar Alwar
Bhageet B.O 301030 Alwar Alwar
Desula B.O 301030 Alwar Alwar
Jatpur B.O 301030 Alwar Alwar
Khanpur Jat B.O 301030 Alwar Alwar
Kherli Syed B.O 301030 Alwar Alwar
Salpur B.O 301030 Alwar Alwar
Agar B.O 301027 Tana Gazi Alwar
Ajabgarh B.O 301027 Tana Gazi Alwar
Jhiri B.O 301027 Tana Gazi Alwar
Lalpura B.O 301027 Tana Gazi Alwar
Nangalbani B.O 301027 Tana Gazi Alwar
Padakchapli B.O 301027 Tana Gazi Alwar
Piplai B.O 301027 Tana Gazi Alwar
Samra B.O 301027 Tana Gazi Alwar
Ballupura B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Barer B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Bighota B.O 301415 Rajgarh Alwar
Binjari B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Doroli B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Dhamred B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Devti B.O 301415 Rajgarh Alwar
Dubbi B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Karoth B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Koondla B.O 301415 Rajgarh Alwar
Machari B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Motiwara B.O 301415 Rajgarh Alwar
Nathalwara B.O 301415 Rajgarh Alwar
Moonpur B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Neemla B.O 301415 Rajgarh Alwar
Pada B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Sakat B.O 301415 Rajgarh Alwar
Srichandpura B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Surer B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Thana B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Vabeli B.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Bhajera B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Bhuda B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Bulari B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Dera B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Intoli B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Jamdoli B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Karanpura B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Keelpurkhera B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Mundia B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Pragpura B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Parbeni B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Saloli B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Tehtra B.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Adoli B.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Bhanokhar B.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Bhanwar B.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Jatwara B.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Kheda Kalyanpur B.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Khoh B.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Khonkhar B.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Salwari B.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Sahari B.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Bhonker B.O 301707 Tizara Alwar
Budhi Bawal B.O 301707 Tizara Alwar
Chauharpur B.O 301707 Tizara Alwar
Gwalda B.O 301707 Tizara Alwar
Joria B.O 301707 Tizara Alwar
Mehesra B.O 301707 Tizara Alwar
Maseet B.O 301707 Tizara Alwar
Jhiwana B.O 301707 Tizara Alwar
Bhandrol B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Bhangroli B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Dwarapur B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Duhar Chogan B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Dera Bamanwas B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Garh Basai B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Gudhachurani B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Kishori B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Malutana B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Saleta B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Sariska Palace B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Suratgarh B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Seelibaori B.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Baghora B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Bandra B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Bichhala B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Bilaspur B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Birampur B.O 301411 Tijara Alwar
Gotoli B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Hameerka B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Hingwahera B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Isroda B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Jeroli B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Mundana B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Palpur B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Rabhana B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Sarheta B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Shahbad B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Titarka B.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Dariba Project B.O 301410 Thanagazi Alwar
Ambarpur B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Tasimo B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Bijaipur B.O 312022 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Salamgarh B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Bari Tb (S) B.O 313011 Girwa Udaipur
Agucha B.O 311022 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Akola B.O 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Amli B.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Daulatgarh B.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gurlan B.O 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mangrop B.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Potlan B.O 311806 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sanganer B.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Pachlangi B.O 333801 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Papurana B.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Kayamsar B.O 331024 Fatehpur Shekhawati Sikar
Mohi B.O 313324 Kankroli Rajsamand
Asalpur B.O 303604 Jaipur Jaipur
Bichoon B.O 303604 Jaipur Jaipur
Manda Bhim Singh B.O 303604 Jaipur Jaipur
Salt Colony B.O 303604 Jaipur Jaipur
Gadauli B.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ludhawai B.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhasore B.O 314023 Aspur Dungarpur
Gada Kumaria B.O 314023 Aspur Dungarpur
Galiana B.O 314023 Aspur Dungarpur
Jashpur Jabka B.O 314023 Aspur Dungarpur
Khalil B.O 314023 Aspur Dungarpur
Kokapur B.O 314023 Aspur Jaipur
Lilwasa B.O 314023 Aspur Dungarpur
Mowai B.O 314023 Aspur Dungarpur
Mandawar B.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Kantaliya B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Seeriyari B.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Alwar Bus Stand S.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Aryanagar Alwar S.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Delhi Gate Alwar S.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
H.B.Colony Alwar S.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Malakhera Gate Alwar S.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Railway Station Alwar S.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Shivajee Park Alwar S.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Tripoliya Alwar S.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Sectt. Alwar S.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Bahadurpur S.O 301028 Alwar Alwar
Barodameo S.O 301021 Laxaman Garh Alwar
Govind Garh Alwar S.O 301604 Ramgarh Alwar
Malakhera S.O 301406 Alwar Alwar
Narainpur S.O (Alwar) 301024 Thanagazi Alwar
Nogaon S.O 301025 Ramgarh Alwar
Ramgarh S.O (Alwar) 301026 Ramgarh Alwar
Tehla S.O 301410 Rajgarh Alwar
Bhiwari Ind. Area. Alwar S.O 301019 Tijara Alwar
R.H.B. Bhiwari S.O 301019 Tijara Alwar
Dhigawara S.O 301414 Rajgarh Alwar
Garhi Sawai Ram S.O 301413 Rajgarh Alwar
Kathumar S.O 321605 Laxmangarh Alwar Alwar
Khazuri Bass S.O 301018 Tijara Alwar
Kherli S.O 321606 Kathumar Alwar
Kishan Garh Bass S.O 301405 Kishan Garh Alwar
Kotkassim S.O 301702 Kishan Garh Bass Alwar
Laxman Garh S.O 321607 Laxman Garh Alwar
Mauj Pur S.O 321633 Laxmangarh Alwar
Matasya Ind. Area S.O 301030 Ramgarh Alwar
Pratap Garh S.O (Alwar) 301027 Tana Gazi Alwar
Rajgarh (Alwar) S.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Rajgarh R.S. S.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Machari Chowk,rajgarh S.O 301408 Rajgarh Alwar
Reni S.O 301409 Rajgarh Alwar
Ronijathan S.O 301035 Rajgarh Alwar
Tapukara S.O 301707 Tizara Alwar
Thanagazi S.O 301022 Thanagazi Alwar
Tizara S.O 301411 Tizara Alwar
Ajerka S.O 301401 Mandawar Alwar
Bansur S.O 301402 Bansur Alwar
Barrod S.O 301020 Bahror Alwar
Bahror Jat S.O 301714 Bahror Alwar
Gandala S.O 301709 Bahror Alwar
Harsora S.O 301412 Mandawar Alwar
Harsauli S.O 301403 Mandawar Alwar
Jakhrana S.O 301713 Behror Alwar
Karni Kot S.O 301427 Mandawar Alwar
Khairthal S.O 301404 Mandawar Alwar
Kutina S.O 301708 Mandawar Alwar
Majari Kalan S.O 301703 Bahror Alwar
Mandhan S.O 301704 Neemrana Alwar
Mandawar S.O (Alwar) 301407 Mandawar Alwar
Neemrana S.O 301705 Neemrana Alwar
Rampur S.O (Alwar) 301416 Bansur Alwar
Shahjahanpur S.O 301706 Neemrana Alwar
Baitu S.O 344034 Baitu Barmer
Balotra S.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Bishala S.O 344011 Bishala Barmer
Chohtan S.O 344702 Chohtan Barmer
Dhorimana S.O 344704 Dhorimana Barmer
Gadra Road S.O 344501 Gadra Road Barmer
Gudamalani S.O 344031 Gudamalani Barmer
Gunga S.O 344705 Gunga Barmer
Jasol S.O 344024 Jasol Barmer
Kalyanpur S.O (Barmer) 344026 Kalyanpur Barmer
Kavas S.O 344035 Kavas Barmer
Mewanagar S.O 344025 Mewanagar Barmer
Mokalsar S.O 344043 Mokalsar Barmer
Pachpadra City S.O 344032 Pachpadra City Barmer
Padru S.O 344801 Padru Barmer
Parlu S.O 344027 Parlu Barmer
Ramsar S.O (Barmer) 344502 Ramsar Barmer
Ranigaon S.O 344012 Ranigaon Barmer
Rawatsar S.O (Barmer) 344703 Rawatsar Barmer
Samdari S.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Sanawara S.O 344708 Sanawara Barmer
Sedwa S.O 344706 Sedwa Barmer
Shiv S.O 344701 Shiv Barmer
Sindhari S.O 344033 Sindhari Barmer
Siwana S.O 344044 Siwana Barmer
Swau Padamsingh S.O 344037 Swau Padamsingh Barmer
Barmer PR S.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Barmer DB S.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Barmer Coll S.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Barmer RS S.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Balotra IA S.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Balotra SB S.O 344022 Balotra Barmer
Samdari RS S.O 344021 Samdari Barmer
Barakhera S.O 305926 Beawar Ajmer
Govind Garh S.O 305201 Pisangan Ajmer
Jawaja S.O 305922 Beawar Ajmer
Jethana S.O 305207 Pisangan Ajmer
Kabra S.O 305927 Beawar Ajmer
Kharwa S.O 305202 Beawar Ajmer
Lotiyana S.O 305923 Beawar Ajmer
Mangliawas S.O 305203 Beawar Ajmer
Masuda S.O 305623 Beawar Ajmer
Pisangan S.O 305204 Beawar Ajmer
Rajiawas S.O 305925 Beawar Ajmer
Todgarh S.O 305924 Beawar Ajmer
Beawar City S.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Beawar R.S. S.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Nehru Nagar (Beawar) S.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Shahpura Mohalla( Beawar ) S.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Sendra Road (Beawar) S.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Baghera S.O 305415 Nasirabad Ajmer
Bandanwara S.O 305621 Nasirabad Ajmer
Bhwani Khera S.O 305401 Nasirabad Ajmer
Bhinai S.O 305622 Bhinai Ajmer
Bijainagar S.O 305624 Bijainagar Ajmer
Fathegarh S.O 305412 Nasirabad Ajmer
Jalia -II S.O 305625 Nasirabad Ajmer
Junia S.O 305406 Nasirabad Ajmer
Kadera S.O 305405 Beawar Ajmer
Para S.O 305408 Kekri Ajmer
Kekri S.O 305404 Kekri Ajmer
Ramsar S.O (Ajmer) 305402 Nasirabad Ajmer
Sarwar S.O 305403 Sarwar Ajmer
Sawar S.O 305407 Kekri Ajmer
Tantoti S.O 305627 Nasirabad Ajmer
Bajju S.O 334305 Bikaner Bikaner
Bhinasar S.O 334403 Bikaner Bikaner
Bikaner City S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Bangalanagar S.O 334004 Bikaner Bikaner
Bichhwal Ind.Area S.O 334006 Bikaner Bikaner
Bikaner Kutchery S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Chhatararh S.O 334021 Chhatargarh Bikaner
Deshnoke S.O 334801 Nokha Bikaner
Diyatra S.O 334303 Bikaner Bikaner
D.S.Office S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Dungar College S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Gangashahar S.O 334401 Bikaner Bikaner
Himatsar S.O 334802 Bikaner Bikaner
Jamsar S.O 334601 Bikaner Bikaner
Kalu S.O 334602 Bikaner Bikaner
Kotegate S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Khajuwala S.O 334023 Khajuwala Bikaner
Lalkar S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Lalgarh Road S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Lunkaransar S.O 334603 Lunkaransar Bikaner
Mahajan S.O 334604 Lunkaransar Bikaner
M.G.Road S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Mohta Chowk S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Napasar S.O 334201 Bikaner Bikaner
Nokha S.O 334803 Nokha Bikaner
Pabubari S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Panchoo S.O 334804 Bikaner Bikaner
Pawanpuri S.O (Bikaner) 334003 Bikaner Bikaner
Raj.Krishi Vishwavidhyalaya S.O 334006 Bikaner Bikaner
Rani Bazar S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Railway Workshop S.O 334004 Bikaner Bikaner
Rcp Colony S.O 334004 Bikaner Bikaner
Sadul Colony S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Sitla Gate S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Sri Kolayat Ji S.O 334302 Bikaner Bikaner
Sinthal S.O 334202 Bikaner Bikaner
Momasar S.O 331801 Dungargarh Bikaner
Kalubas S.O 331803 Dungargarh Bikaner
Shri Dungargarh S.O 331803 Bikaner Bikaner
Sudsar S.O 331811 Dungargarh Bikaner
Udairamsar S.O 334402 Bikaner Bikaner
Udasar S.O 334022 Bikaner Bikaner
Akola S.O (Chittorgarh) 312205 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Anushakti S.O 323303 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Arnod S.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Bansi S.O (Chittorgarh) 312401 Barisadari Chittorgarh
Barisadari S.O 312403 Barisadari Chittorgarh
Bassi S.O (Chittorgarh) 312022 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Begun S.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Bhabhanagar S.O 323307 Rawatbhatta Chittorgarh
Bhadesar S.O 312602 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Bhadsaura S.O 312024 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Bhenshroadgarh S.O 323304 Rawatbhatta Chittorgarh
Bhoopal sagar S.O 312204 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Binota S.O 312614 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Bohera S.O 312404 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Cement Factory S.O 312021 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Chhoti Sadari S.O 312604 Chhotisadari Chittorgarh
Collectorate  Chittorgarh S.O 312001 Cittorgarh Chittorgarh
Dalot S.O 312619 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Dhamotar  S.O 312616 Arnod Chittorgarh
Doongla S.O 312402 Doongla Chittorgarh
Gangrar S.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Gosunda S.O 312201 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Kailash  Nagar S.O 312617 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Kanera S.O 312606 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Kapasan S.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Kapasan  Town S.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Kutchery Partabgarh S.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Mangrol S.O (Chittorgarh) 312620 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Nikumbh S.O 312603 Barisadari Chittorgarh
Nimbahera S.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Pahuna S.O 312206 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Pratap garh S.O (Chittorgarh) 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Ranasanga  Bazar  Chittorgarh S.O 312001 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Rathajana S.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Rashmi S.O 312203 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Rawatbhatta  Bazar S.O 323305 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Sawa S.O 312613 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Senthi S.O 312025 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Shabhupura S.O 312612 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Singhpur S.O (Chittorgarh) 312207 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Vikram Nagar S.O 323306 Rawabhatta Chittorgarh
Bidasar S.O 331501 Ratangarh Churu
Charwas S.O 331503 Ratangarh Churu
Chhapar S.O 331502 Sujangarh Churu
E.G.Ratangarh S.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
G.G.Sujangarh S.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Gogasar S.O 331504 Ratangarh Churu
Lalgarh S.O (Churu) 331518 Sujangarh Churu
Naya Bass Sujangarh S.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Parihara S.O (Churu) 331505 Ratangarh Churu
Power House Ratangarh S.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Rajaldesar S.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Rajaldesar Bazar S.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Ratangarh RS S.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Salasar S.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Sandwa S.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Sujangarh S.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Sujangarh RS S.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
B.S.Road Churu S.O 331001 Churu Churu
Bhanipura S.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Churu City S.O 331001 Churu Churu
Churu Collectorate S.O 331001 Churu Churu
Dudhwakhara S.O 331029 Churu Churu
Ghantaghar Churu S.O 331001 Churu Churu
Gvm Sardarshahr S.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Hamirwas S.O 331305 Sadulpur Churu
Moti Chowk Sardarshahr S.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Patel Chowk Sadulpur S.O 331023 Rajgarh Churu
Pulasar S.O 331402 Sardarshahr Churu
Rampura Beri S.O 331301 Sadulpur Churu
Ratan Nagar S.O 331021 Churu Churu
Sadulpur S.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Sadulpur City S.O 331023 Rajgarh Churu
Sahwa S.O 331302 Taranagar Churu
Sankhu Fort S.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Satra S.O 331031 Churu Churu
Sidhmukh S.O 331701 Sadulpur Churu
Sardarshahar S.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Sabji Mandi Sardarshahar S.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Station Road Churu S.O 331001 Churu Churu
Taranagar S.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Taranagar Bazar S.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Band Baretha S.O 321405 Bayana Bharatpur
Banshi Paharpur S.O 321403 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Barauli S.O (Dholpur) 328031 Bari Dholpur
Bari S.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Bari Rs S.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Basai Nabab S.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Baseri S.O 328022 Baseri Dholpur
Bayana S.O 321401 Bayana Bharatpur
Bazariya Bayana S.O 321401 Bayana Bharatpur
Bazariya Dholpur S.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Brahmbad S.O 321410 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Civil Court Dholpur S.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Kanchanpur S.O (Dholpur) 328041 Bari Dholpur
Keshar Bagh S.O 328028 Dholpur Dholpur
Khareri S.O 321411 Bayana Bharatpur
Kachahri Bayana S.O 321401 Bayana Bharatpur
Maniya S.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Marena S.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Panch Gaon S.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Rajakhera S.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Rudawal S.O 321402 Bayana Bharatpur
Roopbas S.O 321404 Roopbas Bharatpur
Saipau S.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Sarmathura S.O 328026 Baresri Dholpur
Sabji Mandi Dholpur S.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Udaibhan Ganj Dholpur S.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Weir S.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Weir Town S.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
New Bus Stand Dholpur S.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
C.R. Mukundgarh S.O 333705 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Alsisar S.O 331025 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Baragaon (Jhunjhunu)S.O 333021 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Bhorki S.O 333032 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Bissau S.O 331027 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Chhapoli S.O 333302 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Chirana S.O 333303 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Churiajitgarh S.O 333701 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Dhanuri S.O 333011 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Doomra S.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Dundlod S.O 333702 Nawlgarh Jhujhunu
Dundlod RS S.O 333705 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Footla Bazar S.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Gandhi Chowk Jhunjhunu S.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Gudhagorjika S.O 333022 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Jakhal S.O 333305 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Jhajhar S.O 333304 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Jhunjhunu Bazar S.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Jhunjhunu City S.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Jhunjhunu Court S.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Mahansar S.O 331030 Malsisar Jhujhunu
Malsisar S.O 331028 Malsisar Jhujhunu
Mandawa S.O 333704 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Mandawa Bazar S.O 333704 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Mukundgarh S.O 333705 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Nansagate Nawalgarh S.O 333042 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Nawalgarh S.O 333042 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Nua S.O 333041 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Parasrampura S.O 333308 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Ponkh S.O 333053 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Saraisurpura S.O 333801 Udaiurwati Jhujhunu
Tamkore S.O 331026 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Titanwar S.O 333012 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Udaipurwati S.O 333307 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Ardawata S.O 333027 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Babai S.O (Jhujhunu) 333501 Khetri Jhujhunu
Bagar S.O 333023 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Buhana S.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Ceeri Pilani S.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Chirawa Town S.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Islampur S.O (Jhujhunu) 333024 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Jakhod S.O 333033 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Jasrapur S.O 333514 Khetri Jhujhunu
Kajara S.O 333030 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Khetri S.O (Jhujhunu) 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Khetri Bazar S.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Kcpt Khetri Nagar S.O 333504 Khetri Jhujhunu
Khetri Nagar S.O 333504 Khetri Jhujhunu
Kolihan Nagar S.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Kuharwas S.O 333034 Khetri Jhujhunu
Mandrella S.O 333025 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Narhar S.O 333035 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Pacheri Badi S.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Pilani S.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Sefragunwar S.O 332716 Khetri Jhujhunu
Singhana S.O 333516 Khetri Jhujhunu
Sultana S.O 333028 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Shimala S.O 332746 Khetri Jhujhunu
Surajgarh S.O 333029 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Surajgarh Bazar S.O 333029 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Tibabasai S.O 333036 Khetri Jhujhunu
V.V. Pilani S.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Nandanwan S.O 342008 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Pratap Nagar S.O (Jodhpur) 342003 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Railway Office S.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Ratanada S.O 342011 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Siwanchi Gate S.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Bhaniyana S.O 345024 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer Bsf S.O 345001 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer Gopa Chowk S.O 345001 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer Collectorate S.O 345001 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer Ignp Colony S.O 345001 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Lathi S.O (Jaisalmer) 345031 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Mohangarh S.O (Jaisalmer) 345033 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Nachana S.O 345028 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Nokh S.O 342310 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Phalsund S.O 345025 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Pokaran S.O 345021 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Pokaran City S.O 345021 Luni Jaisalmer
Ramdeora S.O 345023 Pokaran Jaisalmer
Ramgarh S.O (Jaisalmer) 345022 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Aau S.O 342311 Aau Jodhpur
Asop S.O 342901 NA Jodhpur
Balesar S.O 342023 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Banar S.O 342027 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Bap S.O 342307 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Bhavi S.O 342605 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Bhopalgarh S.O 342603 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Bilara S.O 342602 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Borunda S.O 342604 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Chadi S.O 342312 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Dechu S.O 342314 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Dunara S.O 342801 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Aerodrame S.O 342011 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur BSF Trg Centre S.O 342026 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Girdikot S.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Kachery S.O 342006 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur K.U.M. Bhagat Ki Kothi S.O 342005 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur K.U.M. Mandore Road S.O 342007 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Mahamandir S.O 342006 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Rasala Road S.O 342006 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Residency Road S.O 342011 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Umaid Bhawan S.O 342006 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur University Campus S.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Marudhar Ind  Area S.O 342005 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Khichan S.O 342308 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Lavera Baori S.O 342037 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Lohawat S.O 342302 Pokaran Jodhpur
Luni S.O 342802 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Mandore S.O 342304 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Mathania S.O 342305 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Osian S.O 342303 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Peelwa S.O 342309 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Phalodi S.O 342301 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Phalodi Sadar Bazar S.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Pipar S.O 342601 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Pipar Chopra Bazar S.O 342601 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Pipar Road S.O 342606 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Teori S.O 342306 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Shergarh S.O (Jodhpur) 342022 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Setrawa S.O 342025 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Tena S.O 342028 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Agency S.O 342011 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Bhagat Ki Kothi S.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur City S.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Chopasni Road S.O 342003 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jodhpur Cloth Market S.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jalori Gate S.O 342003 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Kabutaron Ka Chowk S.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Soorsagar S.O 342024 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Sankra S.O (Jaisalmer) 345026 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Anandpur Kalu S.O 306301 Jetaran Pali
Balunda S.O 306308 Jaitaran Pali
Bijowa S.O 306601 Desuri Pali
Falna  I. E. S.O 306116 Bali Pali
Rani Sadar Bazar S.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Pali City S.O 306401 Pali Pali
Pali  Housing Board S.O 306401 Pali  Mwr Pali
Pali Industrial Estate S.O 306401 Pali Mwr Pali
Pali Kutchery S.O 306401 Pali Mwr Pali
Pali Railway Station S.O 306401 Pali  Mwr Pali
Desuri S.O 306703 Desuri Pali
Pali Veer Durgadas  Nagar S.O 306401 Pali Pali
Sojat Bazar S.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Sumerpur Krishi Upaj Mandi S.O 306902 Sumerpur Pali
Babra S.O (Pali) 306101 Jaitaran Pali
Bankli S.O 306901 Sumerpur Pali
Bar S.O 306105 Jaitaran Pali
Chandawal S.O 306306 Sojat Pali
Dlf Rabriyawas S.O 306709 Jaitaran Pali
Gundoj S.O 306422 Pali  Mwr Pali
Jaitaran S.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Khod S.O 306119 Pali  Mwr Pali
Kushalpura S.O 306305 Raipur Mwr Pali
Nimaj S.O 306303 Jaitaran Pali
Pipliya Kalan S.O 306307 Raipur Mwr Pali
Raipur  Marwar S.O 306304 Raipur  Mwr Pali
Rohat S.O (Pali) 306421 Rohat Pali
Sanderao S.O 306708 Sumerpur Pali
Sendra S.O 306102 Raipur  Mwr Pali
Sojat S.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Sumerpur S.O 306902 Sumerpur Pali
Tagatgarh S.O 306912 Sumerpur Pali
Auwa S.O 306021 Marwar Jn. Pali
Bagri Nagar S.O 306114 Sojat Pali
Bali S.O 306701 Bali Pali
Chanod S.O 306602 Sumerpur Pali
Falna S.O 306116 Bali Pali
Ghanerao S.O 306704 Desuri Pali
Jawai  Bandh S.O 306126 Sumerpur Pali
Jojawar S.O 306022 Marwar Jn. Pali
Khairwa S.O 306501 Marwar Jn. Pali
Khinwara S.O 306502 Marwar  Jn. Pali
Lunawa S.O 306706 Bali Pali
Mundara S.O 306705 Bali Pali
Nadol S.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Nana S.O 306504 Bali Pali
Ranawas S.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Rani S.O (Pali) 306115 Desuri Pali
Sadri S.O 306702 Desuri Pali
Sewari S.O 306707 Bali Pali
Sojat  Road S.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Somesar (PALI)  S.O 306503 Somesar Pali
Shrimahaveerji S.O 322220 Hindaun Karauli
Phoota Kot Karauli S.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Station Road Hindaun S.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Adarsh Nagar S.O (Sawai Madhopur) 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Krishi Upaj Mandi Gangapur S.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Alanpur S.O 322021 NA Sawai Madhopur
Bhagwatgarh S.O 322701 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Malarna R S S.O 322033 Malarna Dungar Sawai Madhopur
Khirni S.O 322024 Malarna Dungar Sawai Madhopur
Isharda S.O 322703 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Shiwar S.O 322704 Chuth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Chauth Ka Barwara S.O 322702 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Chakeri S.O 322034 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Khandar S.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Kundera S.O 322029 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Malrna Chaur S.O 322030 Malarna Doongar Sawai Madhopur
Malrna Doongar S.O 322028 Malarna Doongar Sawai Madhopur
Phalodi Quarry S.O 322026 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Sawaimadhopur Bazar S.O 322021 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Sawaimadhopur Town S.O 322021 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Soorwal S.O 322027 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Bamanwas S.O 322211 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Gangapur Bazar S.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Garhmoran S.O 322212 Nadoti Karauli
Gudhachandraji S.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Kemri S.O (Karauli) 322216 Nadoti Karauli
Kurgaon S.O 322255 Sapotara Karauli
Mahukala S.O 322202 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Nadoti S.O 322215 Nadoti Karauli
Bonli S.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Narauli Dang S.O 322203 Sapotara Karauli
New Mandi Gangapur S.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Piloda S.O 322205 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Piplai S.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Railway Colony Gangapur S.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Shahar S.O 322204 Nadoti Karauli
Sapotara S.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Wazirpur S.O 322219 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Balghat S.O 322238 Todabhim Karauli
Court Karauli S.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Hindaun City S.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Hindaun Mandi S.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Todabhim S.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Dhindora S.O 322236 Hindaun Karauli
Ghonsla S.O 322254 Hindaun Karauli
Ghatabalaji S.O 321610 Todabhim Karauli
Kailadevi S.O 322243 Karauli Karauli
Karauli S.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Kheda S.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Langra S.O 322249 Mandrail Karauli
Mandrail S.O 322251 Mandrail Karauli
Masalpur S.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Suroth S.O 322252 Karauli Karauli
Srimadhopur Bazar S.O 332715 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Srimadhopur R.S. S.O 332715 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Surani Bazar Srimadhopur S.O 332715 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Nimkathana Town S.O 332713 Neem-Ka-Thana Sikar
Ganeshwar S.O 332705 Nimkathana Sikar
Guhala S.O 332706 Nimkathana Sikar
Gurara S.O 332721 Nimkathana Sikar
Jharli S.O 332707 Nimkathana Sikar
Kanwat Town S.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Khandela S.O 332709 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Maonda RS S.O 332711 Nimkathana Sikar
N.P.Khandela S.O 332709 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Nimkathana S.O 332713 Nimkathana Sikar
Patan S.O (Sikar) 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Sirohi S.O 332714 Nimkathana Sikar
Thoi S.O 332719 Nimkathana Sikar
Katrathal S.O 332024 Sikar Sikar
Khoor S.O 332023 Sikar Sikar
Kochhore S.O 332406 Sikar Sikar
Koodan S.O 332031 Sikar Sikar
Losal S.O 332025 Sikar Sikar
Losal Bazar S.O 332025 Sikar Sikar
Mochiwara S.O 332001 Sikar Sikar
Nechhwa S.O 332026 Sikar Sikar
Palsana S.O (Sikar) 332402 Sikar Sikar
Patoda S.O (Sikar) 332312 Sikar Sikar
Phagalwa S.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Piprali S.O 332027 Sikar Sikar
Ranoli S.O (Sikar) 332403 Sikar Sikar
Sihot Badi S.O 332028 Sikar Sikar
Singrawat S.O 332030 Sikar Sikar
Shishu S.O 332405 Sikar Sikar
Tatanwa S.O 332042 Sikar Sikar
Fatehpur Shekhawati S.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Balaran S.O 332401 Sikar Sikar
Bajajgram S.O 332021 Sikar Sikar
Bajaj Road-Sikar S.O 332001 Sikar Sikar
Devipura S.O 332001 Sikar Sikar
Dhod S.O 332002 Sikar Sikar
Fatehpuri Gate S.O 332001 Sikar Sikar
Gandhinagar S.O (Sikar) 332001 Sikar Sikar
Ganeri S.O 332029 Sikar Sikar
Beswa S.O 332303 Fatehpur Shekhawati Sikar
Beedasar S.O 332316 Fatehpur Shekhawati Sikar
Dhandhan S.O 332302 Fatehpur Shekhawati Sikar
Fatehpur Bazar S.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Jajod S.O (Lachhmangarh) 332318 Fatehpur Shekhawati Sikar
Khuri Badi S.O 332315 Fatehpur Shekhawati Sikar
Lachhmangarh S.O 332311 Lachhmangarh Sikar
Lachhmangarh Bazar S.O 332311 Lachhmangarh Sikar
Nayama Bazar- Lachhmangarh S.O 332311 Lachhmangarh Sikar
Ramgarh Shekhawati S.O 331024 Fatehpur Shekhawati Sikar
Ramgarh Bazar S.O 331024 Fatehpur Sikar
Rolsabsar S.O 332304 Fatehpur Sikar
Roru Badi S.O 332317 Fatehpur Shekhawati Sikar
Sadinsar S.O 332305 Fatehpur Shekhawati Sikar
Sikaria Bazar-Fatehpur S.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Tihawali S.O 332307 Fatehpur Shekhawati Sikar
Ajitgarh Amarsar S.O 332701 Srimadhopur Sikar
Baori S.O 332411 Srimadhopur Sikar
Baya S.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Danta S.O 332702 Srimadhopur Sikar
Danta Ramgarh S.O 332703 Srimadhopur Sikar
Jajod S.O (Srimadhopur) 332722 Srimadhopur Sikar
Khachariawas S.O 332710 Srimadhopur Sikar
Khatushyamjika S.O 332602 Srimadhopur Sikar
Mandha Surera S.O 332742 Srimadhopur Sikar
Mahroli S.O 332603 Srimadhopur Sikar
Mundru S.O 332712 Srimadhopur Sikar
Ringas S.O 332404 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Ringas Town S.O 332404 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Abu S.O 307501 Aburoad Sirohi
Aburoad S.O 307026 Abu Road Sirohi
Anadra S.O 307511 Reodar Sirohi
Binanigram S.O 307031 Pindwara Sirohi
Dantrai S.O 307512 Reodar Sirohi
Jawal S.O 307801 Sirohi Sirohi
Jkpuram S.O 307019 Pindwara Sirohi
Kalandari S.O 307802 Sirohi Sirohi
Mandar S.O (Sirohi) 307513 Reodar Sirohi
Palri M S.O 307043 Sirohi Sirohi
Pindwara S.O 307022 Pindwara Sirohi
Posalia S.O 307028 Sheoganj Sirohi
Reodar S.O 307514 Reodar Sirohi
Rohida S.O 307024 Aburoad Sirohi
Sarupganj S.O 307023 Pindwara Sirohi
Shantivan S.O 307510 Abu Road Sirohi
Sheoganj S.O (Sirohi) 307027 Sheoganj Sirohi
Ahore S.O 307029 Ahore Jalor
Bagra S.O 343025 Jalore Jalor
Bagoda S.O 343032 Jalore Jalor
Bhinmal S.O 343029 Bhinmal Jalor
Gudabalotan S.O 307030 Ahore Jalor
Hadecha S.O 343027 Sanchore Jalor
Jaswantpura S.O 307515 Bhinmal Jalor
Joojani S.O 343030 Bhinmal Jalor
Kagmala S.O 343049 Bhinmal Jalor
Mandwala S.O 343042 Jalor Jalor
Malwara S.O 343039 Bhinmal Jalor
Modran S.O 343028 Bhinmal Jalor
Ramseen S.O 307803 Bhinmal Jalor
Raniwara S.O 343040 Raniwara Jalor
Sanchore S.O 343041 Sanchore Jalor
Sayla S.O (Jalor) 343022 Sayla Jalor
Siana S.O 343024 Bagra Jalor
Ummedabad S.O 343021 Sayla Jalor
Vadgaon S.O (Jalor) 343048 Sanchore Jalor
Anupagarh S.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
Bishanpura S.O 335021 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Block Area S.O 335001 Srigangangar Ganganagar
Chunawadh S.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Dalpatsinghpur S.O 335023 Srigangangaar Ganganagar
Dholipal S.O 335064 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Ganeshgarh S.O 335025 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Gajsinghpur S.O 335024 Gajsingpur Ganganagar
Goushala Road S.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Gharsana S.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
Hindumalkote S.O 335901 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Jetsar S.O 335702 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
Kesrisinghpur S.O 335027 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Lalgarh Jatan S.O 335037 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Mandi Sriganganagar S.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Mandi Gharsana S.O 335711 Gharsana Ganganagar
Mirzewala S.O 335038 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Mukarjee Nagar S.O 335001 Srigangangar Ganganagar
Mukalawa S.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Nizampura S.O 335040 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Padampur S.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
Purani Abadi S.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Raisinghnagar S.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Ramsinghpur S.O 335703 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
Ridmalsar S.O 335061 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Sadulshahar S.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Sribijaynagar S.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
Srikaranpur S.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Sriganganagar Rs S.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Udyog Vihar S.O 335002 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Bhadra S.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Channibari S.O 335511 Nohar Hanumangarh
Civil Line Hanumangarh3 S.O 335512 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Dabri S.O 335503 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Dabli Rathan S.O 335801 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Gogameri S.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Goluwala S.O 335802 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Hanumangarh Jn. Court S.O 335512 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Hanumangarh Town Bazar S.O 335513 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Hanumangarh Town S.O 335513 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Kalana S.O 335502 Nohar Hanumangarh
Manaksar S.O 335065 Suratgarh Hanumangarh
Nai Abdi Manumangarh Town S.O 335513 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Nohar S.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Nohar Bazar S.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Pilibangan S.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Rawatsar S.O (Hanumangarh) 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Sangaria S.O (Hanumangarh) 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Sangaria Rs S.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Sardargarh S.O 335705 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Suratgarh S.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Suratgarh City S.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Talwara Jheel S.O 335525 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Tibbi S.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Fatehnagar S.O (Udaipur) 313205 Mavli Udaipur
Gogunda S.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Jhamar Kotra S.O 313015 Girwa Udaipur
Kanore S.O 313604 Lasadia Udaipur
Khemli S.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Kheroda S.O 313602 Vallabhangar Udaipur
Kurawar S.O (Udaipur) 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Nandeshma S.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Palana Khurd S.O 313204 Mavli Udaipur
Parsola S.O 312626 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Sanwar S.O (Udaipur) 313206 Mavli Udaipur
Sayra S.O 313704 Sayra Udaipur
Vallabhnagar S.O (Udaipur) 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Zinc Smelter S.O 313024 Girwa Udaipur
Delwara S.O 313202 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Deogarh S.O (Rajsamand) 313331 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Goanguda S.O 313321 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Gilund S.O 313207 Gilund Rajsamand
Kelwa S.O (Rajsamand) 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Kelwara S.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Khamnore S.O 313322 Khamnore Rajsamand
Koaria S.O 313327 Koaria Rajsamand
Kotharia S.O (Rajsamand) 313323 Kothaira Rajsamand
Kuraj S.O 313328 Kuraj Rajsamand
Lawa Sardargarh S.O 313330 Lawa Sardargarh Rajsamand
Nathdwara Chaupati S.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Nathdwara S.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Railmagra S.O 313329 Railmagra Rajsamand
Rajsamand S.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
T F Kankroli S.O 313342 Kankroli Rajsamand
Bambora S.O 313706 Girwa Udaipur
Bhinder S.O (Udaipur) 313603 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Dabok S.O 313022 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Badgaon S.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Chawand S.O 313904 Sarara Udaipur
Chhani S.O (Udaipur) 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Intali Khera S.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Jhadol (P) S.O 313702 Jhadol Udaipur
Jhadol (S) S.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Jhallara S.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Kherwara S.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Kotra S.O (Udaipur) 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Nai S.O 313031 Girwa Udaipur
Ogna S.O 313906 Jhadol Udaipur
Parsad S.O 313801 Sarara Udaipur
Phalasia S.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Rishabhdeo S.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Salumber S.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Sarara S.O 313902 Sarara Udaipur
Semari S.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Udaipur Shastri Circle S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur H Magri S.O 313002 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur Industrial Area S.O 313003 Girwa Udaipur
Zawar Mines S.O 313901 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur City S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur Fatehpura S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur Macchala Magra S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur Naya Sarafa S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur Palace Road S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur Pratapnagar S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur Railway Station S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur Rani Road S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur Station Road S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur Surajpole S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Udaipur University Campus S.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Barar S.O 313341 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Bhim S.O 305921 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Charbhuja S.O 313333 Rajasamand Rajsamand
Charbhuja Road S.O 313332 Charbhuja Rajsamand
Dariba S.O 313211 Railmagra Rajsamand
Jaipur R.S. S.O 302006 Jaipur Jaipur
Jhotwara S.O 302012 Jaipur Jaipur
Vishwakarma Industrial Area S.O 302013 Jaipur Jaipur
Gandhi Nagar S.O (Jaipur) 302015 Jaipur Jaipur
Malviya Nagar S.O (Jaipur) 302017 Jaipur Jaipur
Durgapura S.O 302018 Jaipur Jaipur
Shyam Nagar S.O (Jaipur) 302019 Jaipur Jaipur
Mansarovar S.O 302020 Jaipur Jaipur
Vaishali Nagar S.O 302021 Jaipur Jaipur
Sitapura Industrial Area S.O 302022 Jaipur Jaipur
Vidhyadhar Nagar S.O 302039 Jaipur Jaipur
Heerapura S.O 302021 Jaipur Jaipur
Jagatpura S.O 302017 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhankrota S.O 302026 Jaipur Jaipur
Crpf Campus  Lalwas S.O 302027 Amer Jaipur
Amer S.O 302028 Amer Jaipur
Sanganer Bazar S.O 302029 Sanganer Jaipur
Pratap Nagar Housing Board S.O 302033 Jaipur Jaipur
Harmada S.O 302013 Jaipur Jaipur
Amer Clark Hotel S.O 302018 Jaipur Jaipur
Arjun Lal Sethi Nagar S.O 302004 Jaipur Jaipur
Ajmer Road S.O 302006 Jaipur Jaipur
Amba Bari S.O 302039 Jaipur Jaipur
Bani Park S.O 302016 Jaipur Jaipur
Collectorate S.O (Jaipur) 302016 Jaipur Jaipur
Dwarikapuri S.O 302016 Jaipur Jaipur
Khatipura S.O 302012 Jaipur Jaipur
S.F.S.Mansarovar S.O 302020 Jaipur Jaipur
P.W.D.Office S.O 302006 Jaipur Jaipur
Raj Bhawan S.O (Jaipur) 302006 Jaipur Jaipur
Road No-5 Vkia S.O 302013 Jaipur Jaipur
Sindhi Colony S.O 302016 Jaipur Jaipur
Barkat Nagar S.O 302015 Jaipur Jaipur
Janta Colony S.O 302004 Jaipur Jaipur
Jhalana Doongri S.O 302004 Jaipur Jaipur
Krishna Mandir S.O 302004 Jaipur Jaipur
Mrec Jaipur S.O 302017 Jaipur Jaipur
Raja Park Colony S.O 302004 Jaipur Jaipur
Rajasthan University S.O 302004 Jaipur Jaipur
S.M.S.Hospital S.O 302004 Jaipur Jaipur
Tilak Nagar S.O (Jaipur) 302004 Jaipur Jaipur
Amer Road S.O 302002 Jaipur Jaipur
Chandpole Bazar S.O 302001 Jaipur Jaipur
Govind Nagar S.O (Jaipur) 302002 Jaipur Jaipur
Haldiyon Ka Rasta S.O 302003 Jaipur Jaipur
High Court S.O (Jaipur) 302005 Jaipur Jaipur
Indra Bazar S.O 302001 Jaipur Jaipur
Krishi Upaj Mandi S.O 302003 Jaipur Jaipur
Kishanpole Bazar S.O 302002 Jaipur Jaipur
Legislative Assembly S.O 302005 Jaipur Jaipur
M.I.Road S.O 302001 Jaipur Jaipur
N.C.R.Building S.O 302005 Jaipur Jaipur
C.P.M.G S.O 302001 Jaipur Jaipur
Purani Basti S.O (Jaipur) 302001 Jaipur Jaipur
Rajasthan State Hotel S.O 302001 Jaipur Jaipur
Ramganj Bazar S.O 302003 Jaipur Jaipur
Station Road S.O (Jaipur) 302006 Jaipur Jaipur
Vidyut Bhawan S.O 302005 Jaipur Jaipur
Poogal S.O 334808 Bikaner Bikaner
Bankora S.O 314023 Aspur Dungarpur
Mandfia S.O 312027 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Rajpur S.O (Alwar) 301415 Rajgarh Alwar
Sangaria S.O (Jodhpur) 342013 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Nagola S.O 305628 Bhinai Ajmer
Khoohri S.O 345034 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Karwar S.O 323616 Bundi Bundi
Jamdoli S.O 302031 Jaipur Jaipur
Panchyawala S.O 302034 Jaipur Jaipur
NIMS University S.O 303121 Amer Jaipur
MOTIDOONGRI S.O 301002 Alwar Alwar
Mavli Jn. S.O 313203 Mavli Udaipur
Mahindra World City S.O (Jaipur) 302037 Sanganer Jaipur
Jodhpur Shastri Nagar S.O 342003 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Fatehgarh S.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Pal S.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
STPS Suratgarh S.O 335805 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Murlipura S.O 302039 Jaipur Jaipur
Ranjeet Nager S.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Vijay Mandir S.O 301023 alwar Alwar
Jaisinghpura Khore S.O 302036 Jaipur Jaipur
Saraswati Nagar S.O 302017 Jaipur Jaipur
Champaneri S.O 305629 Bhinai Ajmer
Jamola S.O 305630 Masuda Ajmer
Gandhi Colony Jaisalmer S.O 345001 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Kuri Bhagtasni Housing Board S.O 342005 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Subhash Nagar Jodhpur S.O 342008 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Saran Nagar S.O 342015 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Vedaant Gyan Valley S.O 303122 Jaipur Jaipur
Muhana S.O 302043 Jaipur Jaipur
Sadas SO 312627 Gangrar Chittorgarh
KSTPP Jhalawar S.O 326024 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Soyla S.O 342029 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Karansar S.O 303123 Renwal Jaipur
Janoothar S.O 321206 Deeg Bharatpur
Industrial Area Jhotwara S.O 302012 Jaipur Jaipur
Nangal Jaisabohara S.O 302040 Jaipur Jaipur
Somesar S.O 342021 Shergarh Jodhpur
Rajasthan High Court NB S.O 342013 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Bharja S.O 307032 Sirohi Sirohi
Kelwara S.O 325224 Baran Baran
Dablana S.O 323026 Hindoli Bundi
Nagarfort S.O 304026 Duni Tonk
Kookas S.O 302038 Jaipur Jaipur
Bad ke Balaji S.O 302042 Jaipur Jaipur
Dhariawad S.O 312625 Dhariawad Chittorgarh
Bassi Chak S.O 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Peepalkhunt S.O 312624 Pipalhunt Chittorgarh
Bindayaka S.O. 302041 Jaipur Jaipur
Sirohi Bhatkra S.O 307001 Sirohi Sirohi
Sirohi Sarupvilas S.O 307001 Sirohi Sirohi
Aburoad Diesel Shed S.O 307026 Abu Road Sirohi
Aburoad Gandhi Nagar S.O 307026 Abu Road Sirohi
A.I.A. Aburoad S.O 307026 Abu Road Sirohi
I.A.Jalore S.O 343002 NA Jalor
Jalore V.D.C. S.O 343001 Jalor Jalor
Dhansa S.O 343023 NA Jalor
Bhinmal Sadar Bazar S.O 343029 Bhinmal Jalor
Jassusar Gate S.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Dadabari Kota S.O 324009 NA Kota
Avikanagar S.O 304501 NA Tonk
Adityapuram S.O 312622 NA Chittorgarh
Boranada S.O 342012 NA Jodhpur
Pratap Nagar Sector 11 S.O 302033 Sanganer Jaipur
Airport Sanganer S.O 302029 Sanganer Jaipur
Tripolia Bazar S.O 302002 Jaipur Jaipur
Jaipur City S.O 302003 Jaipur Jaipur
Rajasthan Secretariate S.O 302005 Jaipur Jaipur
Uchain S.O 321302 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bharatpur Agency S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Akhaigarh S.O 321614 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ballabhgarh S.O 321409 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhusawar S.O 321406 NA Bharatpur
Chhonkarwara Kalan S.O 321407 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Halena S.O 321601 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jurhera S.O 321023 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kamanlsg S.O 321022 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kumher S.O 321201 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Nadbai S.O 321602 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Nadbai Town S.O 321602 Nadbai Bharatpur
Nagar S.O (Bharatpur) 321205 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pahari S.O (Bharatpur) 321204 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pathena S.O 321615 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Penghore S.O 321202 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sarsena S.O 321642 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sikri S.O 321024 Nagar Bharatpur
Anahgatebharatpur S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bharatpur City S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Collectorate BTP S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Gopalgarh BTP S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Jaghina S.O 321021 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kanjoli Line S.O 321026 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kherli Gadasia S.O 321028 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kotwalibharatpur S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Krishna Colony BTP S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Kumhergate BTP S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Mathura Gate BTP S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
New Mandi BTP S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Pichuna S.O 321301 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Ranjeet Nagar BTP S.O 321001 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Rareh S.O 321025 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Sewar S.O 321303 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Thakarda S.O 314029 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bagidora S.O 327601 Banswara Banswara
Arthuna S.O 327032 Banswara Banswara
Banswara Ind. Area S.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Banswara City S.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Banswara Prathvi Ganj S.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Banswara Mahi Colony S.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Barodia S.O 327604 Banswara Banswara
Anandpuri S.O (Banswara) 327031 Banswara Banswara
Chhinch S.O 327603 Banswara Banswara
Ganoda S.O 327021 Banswara Banswara
Garhi S.O (Banswara) 327022 Banswara Banswara
Ghatol S.O 327023 Banswara Banswara
Jolana S.O 327034 Banswara Banswara
Khamera S.O 327027 Banswara Banswara
Luharia S.O 327605 Banswara Banswara
Partapur S.O 327024 Banswara Banswara
Kushalgarh S.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Talwara S.O 327025 Banswara Banswara
Kalinjara S.O 327606 Banswara Banswara
Mahidam S.O 327026 Banswara Banswara
Sajjan Garh S.O 327602 Banswara Banswara
Kushal Garh Bazar S.O 327801 Banswara Banswara
Aspur S.O 314021 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bichhiwara S.O 314801 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Damdi S.O 314036 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dungarpur Gapsagar S.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Kanba S.O 314804 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Paldeval S.O 314011 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Punali S.O 314028 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Punjpur S.O 314038 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Vikasnagar S.O (Dungarpur) 314404 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Antri S.O (Dungarpur) 314037 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Bhiluda S.O 314031 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Chitri S.O 314035 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Chikhli S.O (Dungarpur) 314030 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Dhambola S.O 314402 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Galiakot S.O 314026 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Khadagda S.O 314027 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Obri S.O 314401 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Padwa S.O (Dungarpur) 314024 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Peeth S.O 314406 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sagwara S.O 314025 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sagwara Bazar S.O 314025 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Saroda S.O 314032 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Simalwara S.O 314403 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Ramgarh S.O (Dungarpur) 314034 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Sabla S.O 314022 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Paota (Dausa) S.O 321612 Dausa Dausa
Renwal S.O 303603 Jaipur Jaipur
Bandikui S.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Bandikui Mandi S.O 303313 Dausa Dausa
Bassi S.O (Jaipur) 303301 Jaipur Jaipur
Banskho S.O 303305 Jaipur Dausa
Baswa S.O (Dausa) 303327 Dausa Dausa
Bhandarej S.O 303501 Dausa Dausa
Bewai S.O 303315 Dausa Dausa
Collectorate Dausa S.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Dausa Town S.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Didwana S.O 303511 Dausa Dausa
Dubbi S.O 303304 Dausa Dausa
Geejgarh S.O 303502 Dausa Dausa
Gudha Katla S.O 303323 Dausa Dausa
Kanota S.O 303012 Jaipur Jaipur
Kherla S.O 322240 Dausa Dausa
Kundal S.O (Dausa) 303325 Dausa Dausa
Lalsot S.O 303503 Dausa Dausa
Lawain S.O 303004 Dausa Dausa
Mahwa S.O 321608 Dausa Dausa
Mahwa Road S.O 321609 Dausa Dausa
Mandawari S.O 303504 Dausa Dausa
Manpur S.O (Dausa) 303509 Dausa Dausa
Nangal Rajawatan S.O 303505 Dausa Dausa
Paparda S.O 303506 Dausa Dausa
Ramgarh Pachwara S.O 303510 Dausa Dausa
Rasidpur S.O 321613 Dausa Dausa
Sainthal S.O 303507 Dausa Dausa
Sikandra S.O (Dausa) 303326 Dausa Dausa
Sikrai S.O 303508 Dausa Dausa
Toonga S.O 303302 Dausa Dausa
A C Jobner S.O 303329 NA Jaipur
Badhal S.O 303602 Jaipur Jaipur
Bagru S.O 303007 Jaipur Jaipur
Chaksu S.O 303901 Jaipur Jaipur
Chittora Renwal S.O 303904 Jaipur Jaipur
Dudu S.O 303008 Jaipur Jaipur
Jobner S.O 303328 NA Jaipur
Kalwad S.O 303706 Jaipur Jaipur
Kotkhawada S.O 303908 Jaipur Jaipur
Madhorajpura S.O 303006 Jaipur Jaipur
Mozmabad S.O 303009 Jaipur Jaipur
Naraina S.O 303348 Jaipur Jaipur
Phagi S.O 303005 Jaipur Jaipur
Phulera S.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Phulera Bazar S.O 303338 Jaipur Jaipur
Shivdaspura S.O 303903 Jaipur Jaipur
Watika S.O 303905 Jaipur Jaipur
Achrol S.O 303002 Jaipur Jaipur
Amarsar S.O 303601 Jaipur Jaipur
Andhi S.O 303001 Jaipur Jaipur
Bhabroo S.O 303119 Jaipur Jaipur
Chomu S.O 303702 Jaipur Jaipur
Gathwadi S.O 303120 Jaipur Jaipur
Govindgarh S.O (Jaipur) 303712 Jaipur Jaipur
Etwa Bhopji S.O 303804 Jaipur Jaipur
Jahota S.O 303701 Jaipur Jaipur
Jaitpura I A S.O 303704 Jaipur Jaipur
Jamwaramgarh S.O 303109 Jaipur Jaipur
Kaladera S.O 303801 Jaipur Jaipur
Khejroli S.O 303803 Jaipur Jaipur
Kotputli S.O 303108 Jaipur Jaipur
Med S.O 303003 Jaipur Jaipur
Manoharpur S.O (Jaipur) 303104 Jaipur Jaipur
Morija S.O 303805 Jaipur Jaipur
Nareda S.O 303105 Jaipur Jaipur
Paota(Jaipur) S.O 303106 Jaipur Jaipur
Pragpura S.O 303107 Jaipur Jaipur
Rajnauta S.O 303110 Jaipur Jaipur
Samod S.O 303806 Jaipur Jaipur
Udaipuria S.O 303807 Jaipur Jaipur
Virat Nagar S.O 303102 Jaipur Jaipur
Digod S.O 325201 Kota Kota
Subzi Mandi Kota S.O 324006 Kota Kota
Sultanpur S.O (Kota) 325204 Kota Kota
Gadepan S.O 325208 Kota Kota
Gangdhar S.O 326516 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Ghatoli S.O 326039 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Itawa S.O 325004 Kota Kota
Collectorate Jhalawar S.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Jhalara Patan City S.O 326023 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Kaithun S.O 325001 Kota Kota
Kanwas S.O 325602 Kota Kota
Khairabad S.O (Kota) 326529 Kota Kota
Khatoli S.O 325009 Kota Kota
Kota Kutchery S.O 324001 Kota Kota
Nayapura Kota S.O 324001 Kota Kota
Subhash Marg Kota S.O 324001 Kota Kota
Kota Jn. S.O 324002 Kota Kota
New Railway Colony Kota S.O 324002 Kota Kota
Wagon Repair Colony Kota S.O 324002 Kota Kota
Industerial Estate Kota S.O 324003 Kota Kota
Udyog Puri Kota S.O 324004 Kota Kota
P.I.P. Kota S.O 324005 Kota Kota
Kota City S.O 324006 Kota Kota
Mahaveer Nagar Kota S.O 324005 Kota Kota
Vigyan Nagar Kota S.O 324005 Kota Kota
Talwandi Kota S.O 324005 Kota Kota
Kaithuni Pole Kota S.O 324006 Kota Kota
Chhawni Ram Chandra Pura S.O 324007 Kota Kota
Gumanpura Kota S.O 324007 Kota Kota
Small Industrial Area Kota S.O 324007 Kota Kota
Thermal Colony Kota S.O 324008 Kota Kota
Engineering College Kota S.O 324010 Kota Kota
Kishan Ganj S.O (Baran) 325216 Baran Baran
Khanpur S.O (Jhalawar) 326038 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Mangrol S.O (Baran) 325215 Baran Baran
Morak S.O 326517 Kota Jhalawar
Manohar Thana S.O 326037 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Pach Pahar S.O 326512 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Pirawa S.O 326034 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Ram Ganj Mandi S.O 326519 Kota Kota
Raipur S.O (Jhalawar) 326036 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Salpura S.O 325219 Baran Baran
Sangod S.O 325601 Kota Kota
Sarola S.O 326035 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Shahabad S.O (Baran) 325217 Baran Baran
Simlia S.O 325203 Kota Kota
Siswali S.O 325206 Kota Baran
Shrichhattarpur S.O 326501 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Suket S.O 326530 Kota Kota
Sunel S.O 326513 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Aklera S.O 326033 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Anta S.O 325202 Kota Baran
Anta Gas Power Project Anta S.O 325209 Kota Baran
Asnawar S.O 326021 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Aditya Nagar S.O 326520 Kota Kota
Atone S.O 325223 Baran Baran
ATRU S.O 325218 Baran Baran
Ayana S.O 325214 Baran Kota
Bakani S.O 326022 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bapawar S.O 325207 Jhalawar Kota
Baran MDG S.O 325205 Baran Baran
Krishi Upaj Mandi Baran S.O 325205 Baran Baran
Bhawanimandi S.O 326502 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Bohat S.O 325222 Baran Baran
Cable Nagar S.O 325003 Kota Kota
Chaumahla S.O 326515 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Chechat S.O 326518 Kota Kota
Chhabra S.O 325220 Kota Baran
Chhipa Barod S.O 325221 Kota Baran
Dag S.O 326514 Jhalawar Jhalawar
Banasthali Vidya Peeth S.O 304022 Tonk Tonk
Deoli S.O (Tonk) 304804 Tonk Tonk
Deoli Bazar S.O 304804 Tonk Tonk
Diggi S.O 304504 Tonk Tonk
Duni S.O (Tonk) 304802 Tonk Tonk
Govt.College Tonk S.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Jumma Masjid Tonk S.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Jhilai S.O 304025 Tonk Tonk
Lamba Hari Singh S.O 304503 Tonk Tonk
Malpura S.O 304502 Tonk Tonk
Newai S.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Newai RS S.O 304021 Tonk Tonk
Nasirda S.O 304507 Tonk Tonk
Panwar S.O 304803 Tonk Tonk
Peeplu S.O 304801 Tonk Tonk
Purani Tonk S.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Todarai Singh S.O 304505 Tonk Tonk
Uniara S.O 304024 Tonk Tonk
Quafala Bazar Tonk S.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Balchand Para Bundi S.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Baranaya Gaon S.O 323024 Bundi Bundi
Dei S.O 323802 Bundi Bundi
Hindoli S.O 323023 Bundi Bundi
Indergarh S.O (Bundi) 323613 Bundi Bundi
Kapren S.O 323301 Bundi Bundi
Kesoraipatan S.O 323601 Bundi Bundi
Kesoraipatan Sugar Factoy S.O 323602 Bundi Bundi
Khatkar S.O 323803 Bundi Bundi
Lakheri S.O 323603 Bundi Bundi
Lakheri Gaon S.O 323615 Bundi Bundi
Nainwan S.O 323801 Bundi Bundi
Namana S.O 323022 Bundi Bundi
New Colony Bundi S.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Sumerganj Mandi S.O 323614 Bundi Bundi
Talera S.O (Bundi) 323021 Bundi Bundi
Umar S.O 323025 Bundi Bundi
Aligarh S.O (Tonk) 304023 Tonk Tonk
Meghniwas B.O 323304 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Melana B.O 312606 Kanera Chittorgarh
Meriyakhedi B.O 312616 Arnod Chittorgarh
Mishron Ki Pipli B.O 312201 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Mohana B.O 323307 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Moheda B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Morwan B.O 312024 Doongala Chittorgarh
Mota Dhamaniya B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Motikhedi B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Motipura B.O 312022 Begun Chittorgarh
Mowai B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Phalasiya B.O 312204 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Munjwa B.O 312403 Barisadari Chittorgarh
Murla B.O 312205 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Muroli B.O 312203 Rasmi Chittorgarh
Nadakhera B.O 312027 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Nagawali B.O 312024 Doongala Chittorgarh
Nagdi B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Nagri B.O 312022 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Nakor B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Nandwai B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Nannana B.O 312614 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Napania B.O 312024 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Napawali B.O 312603 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Narayankheda B.O 312616 Arnod Chittorgarh
Narela B.O 312207 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Naugama B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Netawal garh pachhali B.O 312001 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Nevaria B.O 312206 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Nilod B.O 312205 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Nimbahera B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Ninor B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Ochhari B.O 312001 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Odund B.O 312201 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Pachunda B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Pal B.O 312605 Arnod Chittorgarh
Pal B.O 312022 Chitttorgarh Chittorgarh
Palka B.O 312022 Chittorgah Chittorgarh
Palod B.O 312402 Doongla Chittorgarh
Pandawa B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Pandoli S T B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Panmodi B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Pari B.O 312204 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Parliya B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Parsoli B.O 312403 Barisadari Chittorgarh
Parsoli B.O 312022 Begun Chittorgarh
Pateliya B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Patoliya B.O 312205 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Peelikheda B.O 312604 Chhotisadari Chittorgarh
Peend B.O 312603 Bari Sadari Chittorgarh
Palasia B.O 312204 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Phalodara B.O 312404 Barisadari Chittorgarh
Phalwa B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Piloo B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Pipalwas B.O 312001 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Pirana B.O 312402 Doongla Chittorgarh
Pithalwadikalan B.O 312604 Chhotisadri Chittorgarh
Potlajagir B.O 312602 Bhadesar Chittorgarh
Punawali B.O 312603 Barisadri Chittorgarh
Putholi B.O 312021 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Raghunathpura B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Raipur B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Raipurjangal B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Raita B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Rajgarh B.O 312022 Begun Chittorgarh
Rajpura B.O 323306 Rawatbhatta Chittorgarh
Rampuria B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Ranikhera B.O 312601 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Ratanpuria B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Ratichandjikakhera B.O 312403 Barisadari Chittorgarh
Rawarda B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Rawatpura B.O 312402 Doongla Chittorgarh
Rewlia Khurd B.O 312201 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Rewara B.O 312206 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Richawara B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Rolahera B.O 312021 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Rolia B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Rood B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Sadalkhera B.O 312603 Barisadri Chittorgarh
Sadi B.O 312022 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Sadi B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Sadi B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Sagathali Thana B.O 312615 Arnod Chittorgarh
Sainik School B.O 312021 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Samaria Khurd B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Sangesara B.O 312024 Doongla Chittorgarh
Sangria B.O 312404 Barisadari Chittorgarh
Sankhali B.O 312203 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Sarsi B.O 312606 Kanera Chittorgarh
Satkhanda B.O 312612 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Satola B.O 312403 Barisadari Chittorgarh
Satpura B.O 312201 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Sehnwa B.O 312001 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Selarpura Kalan B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Semalpura B.O 312001 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Semarthali B.O 312604 Chhoti Sadari Chittorgarh
Semlia B.O 312001 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Semlia Peela Khera B.O 312402 Doongla Chittorgarh
Semnop B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Sewna B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Sidhpura B.O 312616 Arnod Chittorgarh
Sihana B.O 312206 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Siyakhedi B.O 312604 Chhotisadari Chittorgarh
Sonagar B.O 312022 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Soniyana B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Subi B.O 312604 Chhoti Sadari Chittorgarh
Sudri B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Suhagpura B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Sukhwara B.O 312613 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Surpur B.O 312201 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Suwania B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Swaroopganj B.O 312604 Chhotisadari Chittorgarh
Tambolia B.O 323304 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Tana B.O 312205 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Teela B.O 312616 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Thada B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Thukrai B.O 312023 Begun Chittorgarh
Tumbadia B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Tumbadia B.O 312207 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Uchnarkhurd B.O 312202 Kapasan Chittorgarh
Udpura B.O 312620 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Umand B.O 312205 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Undwa B.O 312901 Gangrar Chittorgarh
Unkliya B.O 312620 Nimbahera Chittorgarh
Untakheda B.O 312616 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Unthel B.O 312619 Arnod Chittorgarh
Upreda B.O 312203 Rashmi Chittorgarh
Usrol B.O 312204 Bhupalsagar Chittorgarh
Varmandal B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Veerpur B.O 312605 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Kesharpura B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Sakriya B.O 312623 Partabgarh Chittorgarh
Narani B.O 312604 Chhotisadari Chittorgarh
Sripura B.O 323304 Rawatbhata Chittorgarh
Harasar B.O 331505 Sujangarh Churu
Dudhwakha R.S. B.O 331029 Churu Churu
Dhingi B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Dhanoti Chhoti B.O 331701 Sadulpur Churu
Lachharsar B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Murdakia B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Hadyal Village B.O 331029 Churu Churu
Inderpura B.O 331029 Churu Churu
Ladria B.O 331029 Churu Churu
Lohsana Bara B.O 331029 Churu Churu
Lohsana Chhota B.O 331029 Churu Churu
Morthal B.O 331029 Sadulpur Churu
Rajpura B.O 331029 Taranagar Churu
Satyun B.O 331029 Taranagar Churu
Sirsala B.O 331029 Churu Churu
Sirsali B.O 331029 Churu Churu
Binjawas B.O 331305 Sadulpur Churu
Bhamreed B.O 331305 Sadulpur Churu
Chand Gothi B.O 331305 Sadulpur Churu
Harpalu Tal B.O 331305 Sadulpur Churu
Neema B.O 331305 Sadulpur Churu
Nuhand B.O 331305 Sadulpur Churu
Sardarpura B.O 331305 Sadulpur Churu
Thirpali Bari B.O 331305 Sadulpur Churu
Derajsar B.O 331402 Sardarshahar Churu
Jaisinghsar B.O 331402 Sardarshahar Churu
Kaklasar B.O 331402 Sardarshahar Churu
Phogan B.O 331402 Sardarshahar Churu
Sarsar B.O 331402 Sardarshahar Churu
Udasar Bidawtan B.O 331402 Sardarshahar Churu
Bewar B.O 331301 Sadulpur Churu
Bhojan B.O 331301 Sadulpur Churu
Bhainsali B.O 331301 Sadulpur Churu
Biran B.O 331301 Sadulpur Churu
Kalari B.O 331301 Sadulpur Churu
Khairubari B.O 331301 Sadulpur Churu
Nawan B.O 331301 Sadulpur Churu
Depalsar B.O 331021 Churu Churu
Dhani D.S.Pura B.O 331021 Churu Churu
Meghsar B.O 331021 Churu Churu
Untawalia B.O 331021 Churu Churu
Bairasar Chhota B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Bhagela B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Bhuwari B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Bungi B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Chainpura Chhota B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Chubakia Tal B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Dadrewa B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Devipura B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Dhigarla B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Dhani Mozi B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Dokwa B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Rajiasar B.O 331505 Sujangarh Churu
Ratnadesar B.O 331505 Sujangarh Churu
Abadsar B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Alsar B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Bandwa B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Bharpalsar B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Bhawandesar B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Binadesar B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Dhandheru Bhamuwan B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Asalkheri B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Bhamasi B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Buntia B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Dhadhar B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Dandu B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Dhirasar B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Dhadharia Charnan B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Ghantel B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Ginari Patta Lohasana B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Ghanghu B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Jasasar B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Jasrasar B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Jharia B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Khansoli B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Karwasar B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Khandwa B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Khinwasar B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Lakhau B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Nakrasar B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Ramsara B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Ranasar B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Rampura Bass B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Pithisar B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Sahjusar B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Somasi B.O 331001 Churu Churu
Barjangsar B.O 331411 Sardarshahr Churu
Bhojasar B.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Bukalsar Bara B.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Jaitasar B.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Jaitsisar B.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Kalwasia B.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Malkasar B.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Malsar B.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Ransisar B.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Sadasar B.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Tolasar B.O 331411 Sardarshahar Churu
Ghanau B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Gothya Bari B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Gulpura B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Gwalisar B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Hadyal RS B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Hansiyawas B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Jaitpura B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Jharsar Chhota B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Lambor Bari B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Lakhlan B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Laseri B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Mahalana Utarada B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Lilaki B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Modawasi B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Mundi Tal B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Nyangal Bari B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Nyangal Chhoti B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Narwasi Village B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Narwasi RS B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Paharsar B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Ragha Chhoti B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Suratpura B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Thanmathoi B.O 331023 Sadulpur Churu
Bharang B.O 331302 Taranagar Churu
Dhirwas B.O 331302 Taranagar Churu
Mehrasar Uppadhiyan B.O 331302 Taranagar Churu
Meghsar B.O 331302 Taranagar Churu
Punsisar B.O 331302 Taranagar Churu
Raiyatunda B.O 331302 Taranagar Churu
Somasisar B.O 331302 Taranagar Churu
Baijwa B.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Janau Khari B.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Jaswantpura B.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Kalana Tal B.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Lilawati B.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Nesal B.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Norangpura B.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Rawantsar Kunjla B.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Sankhan Tal B.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Sulkhania B.O 331303 Sadulpur Churu
Binasar B.O 331031 Churu Churu
Raipuria B.O 331031 Churu Churu
Molisar B.O 331031 Churu Churu
Bhimsana B.O 331701 Sadulpur Churu
Birami Khalsa B.O 331701 Sadulpur Churu
Dhani Bari B.O 331701 Sadulpur Churu
Dhanoti Kalan B.O 331701 Sadulpur Churu
Galar B.O 331701 Sadulpur Churu
Kanjan B.O 331701 Sadulpur Churu
Malwas B.O 331701 Sadulpur Churu
Ramsara Tal B.O 331701 Sadulpur Churu
Adsisar B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Aspalsar Bara B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Baila B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Bandhnau B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Bhadasar B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Bikamsara B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Billu Bass Rampura B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Boghera B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Bhojasar Upadhiyan B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Dhani Pachera B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Gajusar B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Karansar B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Kalyanpura B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Khejara B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Mehrasar Chachera B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Mehari Rajviyan B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Pichkai Tal B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Patlisar Bara B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Rajasar Bikan B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Ramsisar B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Ratusar B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Rangaisar B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Sonpalsar B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Sawai Bari B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Simla B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Udsar B.O 331403 Sardarshahar Churu
Allayala B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Anandsinghpura B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Bain B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Banara B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Bhaleri B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Bhalau Tal B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Bhuchawas B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Jegania B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Jetasar B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Joglia B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Loonasar B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Parsneu B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Simsia B.O 331802 Ratangarh Churu
Bachharara Bara B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Biramsar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Bhanuda B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Bhukhredi B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Charanwasi B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Daudsar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Dulrasar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Deepsar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Gorisar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Golsar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Gopalpuria B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Hamusar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Hudera B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Jaleu B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Jandwa B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Kusumdesar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Khudera Charnan B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Khotari B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Lunchh B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Ladhasar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Loha B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Melusar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Noowan B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Nosaria B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Pabusar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Payali B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Ratansara B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Roopalisar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Sahanali Bari B.O 331022 Churu Churu
Sehla B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Sangasar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Tidiasar B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Thathawata B.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Bamania B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Charia B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Kanwari B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Kharia Kaniram B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Khinchiwala B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Khuri B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Mainasar B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Norangsar B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Nyama B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Sandan B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Sitsar B.O 331506 Sujangarh Churu
Amarsar B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Bamboo B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Bairasar B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Charla B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Girwarsar B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Inyara B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Katar Chhoti B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Luhara B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Parewara B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Reda B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Sadu Bari B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Tehandesar B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Udwala B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Utalad B.O 331517 Sujangarh Churu
Badabar B.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Bobasar Bidawtan B.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Guleria B.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Jindrasar B.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Kanuta B.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Kolasar B.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Lodsar B.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Malsisar B.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Magrasar B.O 331507 Sujangarh Churu
Ranasar Bikan B.O 331504 Ratangarh Churu
Bhanin B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Changoi B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Chalkoi Banirotan B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Dhana Bhakran B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Dhani Kumharan B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Dhani Asha B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Gajuwas B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Jharsar Kandhlan B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Jigsana Tal B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Jori B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Jothran B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Kalwas B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Kohina B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Kotwad Tal B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Melusar B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Nethwa B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Pandreu Tibba B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Punras B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Pandreu Tal B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Redi Bhurawas B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Rajas B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Sarayan B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Seowa B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Togawas B.O 331304 Taranagar Churu
Dariba B.O 331501 Sujangarh Churu
Dunkar B.O 331501 Sujangarh Churu
Balera B.O 331503 Sujangarh Churu
Gopalpura B.O 331503 Sujangarh Churu
Dewani B.O 331502 Sujangarh Churu
Ajeetsar B.O 331504 Ratangarh Churu
Asalsar B.O 331504 Ratangarh Churu
Kangar B.O 331504 Ratangarh Churu
Badsar B.O 331518 Sujangarh Churu
Bagsara B.O 331518 Sujangarh Churu
Bhasina B.O 331518 Sujangarh Churu
Jeeli B.O 331518 Sujangarh Churu
Jogalsar B.O 331518 Sujangarh Churu
Kalyansar B.O 331518 Sujangarh Churu
Mundra B.O 331518 Sujangarh Churu
Parawa B.O 331518 Sujangarh Churu
Sarothia B.O 331518 Sujangarh Churu
Absar B.O 331505 Sujangahr Churu
Bhojasar B.O 331505 Sujangarh Churu
Dhatri B.O 331505 Sujangarh Churu
Bidiyari B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Khanpur Meena B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Pipron B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Karwari B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Madhabhau B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Samona B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Kenthari B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Sikandara B.O 321401 Bayana Bharatpur
Barehmori B.O 328001 Rajakhera Dholpur
Basaineem B.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Bhesena B.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Bichhia B.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Dubra B.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Jatoli B.O 328001 Rajakhera Dholpur
Jirauli B.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Kasimpur B.O 328001 Rajakhera Dholpur
Mahmadpur B.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Moroli B.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Odi B.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Sandey B.O 328001 Rajakhera Dholpur
Sadikpur B.O 328001 Rajakhera Dholpur
Tagawali B.O 328001 Rajakhera Dholpur
Tor B.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Dahgaon B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Damdama B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Farso B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Gobra B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Kanavar B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Khohra B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Lehchora Kalan B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Mahaloni B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Nahroli B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Navali B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Salabad B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Shahpur Dang B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Shergarh B.O 321401 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Bhawanpura B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Dumaria B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Garhi Bajna B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Kot B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Mahmadpura B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Nagla Tula B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Pali Dang B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Paraua B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Samri B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Singhania B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Tarsuma B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Turtipura B.O 321405 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Dana Khedli B.O 321403 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Jatmasi B.O 321403 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Jotroli B.O 321403 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Mahalpur Choora B.O 321403 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Sirrond B.O 321403 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Angai B.O 328031 Baresei Dholpur
Chilachond B.O 328031 Baresei Dholpur
Lilothi Jhala B.O 328031 Baresei Dholpur
Rahrai B.O 328031 Baresei Dholpur
Sanora B.O 328031 Baresei Dholpur
Aligarh B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Bahadurpur B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Bijoli B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Dhanora B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Dhimari B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Gajpura B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Kansotikhera B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Matsura B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Naksoda B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Nidhara B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Rupaspur B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Salemabad B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Sahedi B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Singorai B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Tontari B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Umreh B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Donari B.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Kharagpur B.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Kolari B.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Kurenda B.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Maloni Panwar B.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Nidhara B.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Piphera B.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Pipraua B.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Sakhwara B.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Siyasat Nagar B.O 328023 Saipau Dholpur
Atarsuma B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Bagthar B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Barai B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Bharli B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Dhorr B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Daupura B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Ekta B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Harjupura B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Jarga B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Khidora B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Khori Ibrahimpur B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Mahu Gulawali B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Mamodhan B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Mudik B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Nadanpur B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Ratanpur B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Salempur B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Tajpur B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Poonthpura B.O 328022 Baresei Dholpur
Naroli B.O 321410 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Purabai Kheda B.O 321410 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Singhada B.O 321410 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Soopa B.O 321410 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Afjalpur B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Badretha B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Gadhi Sukkha B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Japawali B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Kurenda B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Lakhepura B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Marholi B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Mahua Kheda B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Norha B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Nagala Bidhora B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Nagla Dulhe Khan B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Sohan B.O 328041 Bari Dholpur
Varipura B.O 328028 Dholpur Dholpur
Basainadang B.O 328028 Dholpur Dholpur
Kotra B.O 328028 Dholpur Dholpur
Nagar B.O 328028 Dholpur Dholpur
Visnoda B.O 328028 Dholpur Dholpur
Adda B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Aroda B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Bagren B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Dhadhren B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Kapoora Malooka B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Keir B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Khan Kheda B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Khunt Kheda B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Madanpur B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Raroda B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Samogar B.O 321411 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Bagcholi Khar B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Baretha B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Bintipura B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Bothpura B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Dubati B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Hinota B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Jalalpur B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Jasupura B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Kherli B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Kotpura B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Mangrol B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Mauja Ka Nagla B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Sahapura B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Tanda B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Viparpur B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Virondha B.O 328024 Dholpur Dholpur
Basai Kare B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Chilpura B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Faraspura B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Gunpur B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Jetpur B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Karkakherli B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Kathoomari B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Lalpur Rehsena B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Mehandpur B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Pahari B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Pakkapura B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Samor (Marena) B.O 328029 Rajakhera Dholpur
Basai Samanta B.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Biloni B.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Gari Chatola B.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Kolua B.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Maloni Khurd B.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Manpur B.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Purani Chhawani B.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Pureni B.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Sarani Khera B.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Tehri B.O 328030 Dholpur Dholpur
Bajna B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Barsala B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Basai Ghiyaram B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Dev Khera B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Dhondi Ka Pura B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Ganhedi B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Gari Zafar B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Hathbai B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Khanpura B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Khudila B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Machhariya B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Mithawali B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Nagar B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Nahila B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Nadoli B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Samliyapura B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Sikroda B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Silawat B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Singhawali B.O 328025 Rajakhera Dholpur
Baroda B.O 321402 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Dahina Gaon B.O 321402 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Kakraua B.O 321402 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Khera Thakur B.O 321402 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Mandoli B.O 321402 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Madha Pura B.O 321402 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Moroli Dang B.O 321402 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Rasilpur B.O 321402 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Chak Samri B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Chenkora B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Daulat Garh B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Dorda B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Ibrahimpur B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Khan Surjapur B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Khanwa B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Mertha B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Maloni B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Milsama B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Noharda B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Ondelgaddi B.O 321404 Bayana Mdg Bharatpur
Boreilly B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Chitora B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Lajjakigarhi B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Kanasil B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Kunkuta B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Madha Kankoli B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Neem Khera B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Nunhera B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Rajaura Khurd B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Rajaura Kalan B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Sahrauli B.O 328027 Saipau Dholpur
Bijholi B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Biloni B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Chandpura B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Chandrawali B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Domai B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Golari B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Jhiri B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Kharauli B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Madanpur B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Madhasil B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Padampura B.O 328026 Baresei Dholpur
Bajhera Kalan B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Hishamada B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Jagjiwanpur B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Jeewad B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Lakhanpur B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Muhari B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Rahimgarh B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Samraya B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Siras B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Suhans B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Umrend B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Sone Ka Gurja B.O 328021 Bari Dholpur
Thana Tang B.O 321401 Bayana Bharatpur
Sadpura B.O 321410 Bayana Bharatpur
Gajipur B.O 321411 Bayana Bharatpur
Mehrawar B.O 321411 Bayana Bharatpur
Nibhera B.O 321402 Bayana Bharatpur
Nayagaon B.O 321404 Roopbas Bharatpur
Rundh B.O 321404 Roopbas Bharatpur
Bansi B.O 321408 Weir Bharatpur
Sigra B.O 333704 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Jabasar B.O 331026 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Kankaria B.O 333053 Khetri Jhujhunu
Bakhatawarpura B.O 333023 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Bagor B.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Haminpur B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Rampura B.O 333036 Khetri Jhujhunu
Toliasar B.O 333704 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Wahidpura B.O 333704 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Lumawas B.O 333704 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Balaria B.O 333705 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Ghoriwara Kalan B.O 333705 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Ghoriwara Khurd B.O 333705 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Kaseru B.O 333705 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Mandasi B.O 333705 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Narsinghanni B.O 333705 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Pabana B.O 333705 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Barwasi B.O 333042 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Chobdaranki Dhani B.O 333042 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Mauta B.O 333302 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Lohargal B.O 333303 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Todpura B.O 333303 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Tonk Chhhilri B.O 333303 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Phooskhani B.O 333701 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Kharkhari B.O 333011 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Ladusar B.O 333011 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Loona B.O 333011 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Sonasar B.O 333011 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Hansasari B.O 333011 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Dabri Baloda B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Delsar Kaklan B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Deogaon B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Jejusar B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Kairu B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Kumawas B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Mainas B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Ranasar B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Sotwara B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Togara Kalan B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Togara Khurd B.O 333707 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Bamlas B.O 333022 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Dahani Risiyan B.O 333022 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Duriya B.O 333022 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Jaitpura B.O 333022 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Posana B.O 333022 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Raghunathpura B.O 333022 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Bhagera B.O 333305 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Bugala B.O 333305 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Manaksas B.O 333801 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Papara B.O 333801 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Badet B.O 331026 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Budhaka Bas B.O 331026 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Kaliasar B.O 331026 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Khyali B.O 331026 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Chhawasari B.O 333012 Udaiprwati Jhujhunu
Hukampura B.O 333012 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Ked B.O 333012 Udaiplurwati Jhujhunu
Khinwasar B.O 333012 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Khatkar B.O 333012 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Bagora B.O 333307 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Dholekhera B.O 333307 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Girdharpura Shahpura B.O 333307 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Inderpura B.O 333307 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Kot B.O 333307 Udailpurwati Jhujhunu
Nangal B.O 333307 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Hanumanpura B.O 333704 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Bahadurwas B.O 333704 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Chanderapura B.O 333704 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Abusar B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Bakara B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Bhimsar B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Bhurasar B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Churella B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Hansasar B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Hamiri B.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Chelasi B.O 333042 Nawalglarh Jhujhunu
Dhania B.O 333042 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Kolsia B.O 333042 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Monwari B.O 333042 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Nawalari B.O 333042 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Bharu B.O 333041 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Bhojasar B.O 333041 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Bibasar B.O 333041 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Derwala B.O 333041 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Dhigal B.O 333041 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Durana B.O 333041 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Hetamsar B.O 333041 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Siriyasar Kaklan B.O 333041 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Bhojnagar B.O 333308 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Dhamora B.O 333308 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Naya Parasrampura B.O 333308 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Chanwara B.O 333053 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Deepura B.O 333053 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Gadala Kalkan B.O 333053 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Gura B.O 333053 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Kakarana B.O 333053 Udaiplurwati Jhujhunu
Khoh B.O 333053 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Kishorepura B.O 333053 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Mainpura B.O 333053 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Newari B.O 333053 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Bagoli B.O 333801 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Jodhpura B.O 333801 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Khatehpura B.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Kolinda B.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Lootu B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Nand B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Nayasar B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Patusari B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Paratappura B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Purohitonki Dhani B.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Samsapur B.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Shekhasar B.O 333001 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Udas B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Shinshiya B.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Gidania B.O 333027 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Jodha Ka Bas B.O 333027 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Khadot B.O 333027 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Sari B.O 333027 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Chinchroli B.O 333501 Khetri Jhujhunu
Gadrata B.O 333501 Khetri Jhujhunu
Kalota B.O 333501 Khetri Jhujhunu
Madhogarh B.O 333501 Khetri Jhujhunu
Alipur B.O 333023 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Adarsh Nagar B.O 333023 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Budana B.O 333023 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Desusar B.O 333023 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Jaipahari B.O 333023 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Kasimpura B.O 333023 Jhunjhunui Jhujhunu
Khudana B.O 333023 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Lalpur B.O 333023 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Lamba B.O 333023 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Narnod Maligaon B.O 333023 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Pakori Dhani B.O 333023 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Badbar B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Jhanjha B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Kalakhari B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Khandawa B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Lambi Ahir B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Mainana B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Palota B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Saga B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Sahad B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Sanwlod B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Sirsala B.O 333502 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Sultana Ahiran B.O 333502 Buhana Jhujhunu
Bharunda Kalan B.O 333024 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Bharunda Khurd B.O 333024 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Kali Pahari B.O 333024 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Khajpur Naya B.O 333024 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Mohanpura B.O 333024 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Asalwas B.O 333033 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Balonda B.O 333033 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Berla B.O 333033 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Bhudanpura B.O 333033 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Dhingaria B.O 333033 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Dhulwa B.O 333033 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Gadli B.O 333033 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Kuloth Chhoti B.O 333033 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Kukloth Kalan B.O 333033 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Mahapalwas B.O 333033 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Ureeka B.O 333033 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Dhani Badan B.O 333514 Khetri Jhujhunu
Gharadana Khurd B.O 333514 Khetri Jhujhunu
Ghardana Kalan B.O 333516 Khetri Jhujhunu
Kharkhara B.O 333514 Khetri Jhujhunu
Loyal B.O 333514 Khetri Jhujhunu
Manota Jatan B.O 333514 Khetri Jhujhunu
Teelawali B.O 333514 Khetri Jhujhunu
Bhobia B.O 333030 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Dhindawa Aguna B.O 333030 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Jeeni B.O 333030 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Pharat B.O 333030 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Badalwas B.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Bansiyal B.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Beelawa B.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Chirani B.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Dada Fatehpura B.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Nalpur B.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Tihara B.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Tyonda B.O 333503 Khetri Jhujhunu
Dhana B.O 333504 Khetri Jhujhunu
Makro B.O 333504 Khetri Jhujhunu
Manota Kalan B.O 333504 Khetri Jhujhunu
Mandri B.O 332746 Khetri Jhujhunu
Tatija B.O 333504 Khetri Jhujhunu
Ranwa B.O 332746 Khetri Jhujhunu
Bhuriwas B.O 333034 Khetri Jhujhunu
Dhakamandi B.O 333034 Khetri Jhujhunu
Ghasera B.O 333034 Khetri Jhujhunu
Jaitpura B.O 333034 Buhana Jhujhunu
Jharoda B.O 333034 Khetri Jhujhunu
Kajala B.O 333034 Khetri Jhujhunu
Nuhania B.O 333034 Khetri Jhujhunu
Sagawa B.O 333034 Khetri Jhujhunu
Udamandi B.O 333034 Khetri Jhujhunu
Lalamandi B.O 333034 Khetri Jhujhunu
Bajawa B.O 333025 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Dabri B.O 333025 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Jakhora B.O 333025 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Budania B.O 333025 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Nalawa B.O 333025 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Bajala B.O 333025 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Badangarh B.O 333035 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Deoroad B.O 333035 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Kherala B.O 333035 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Bhaloth B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Bhirr B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Churina B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Deolawas B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Gunti B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Nihaloth B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Pacheri Chhoti B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Panthroli B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Raipur Ahiran B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Santore B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Sohali B.O 333515 Buhana Jhujhunu
Bangothari B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Beri B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Chhapara B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Dhandhar Ka Bas B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Dobara B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Doodawa B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Dulaniya B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Jherli B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Kaji B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Khudania B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Ladunda B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Likhawa B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Morwa B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Pantharia B.O 333031 Buhana Jhujhunu
Peepli B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Sujdola B.O 333031 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Dalelpura B.O 332716 Khetri Jhujhunu
Hardia B.O 332716 Khetri Jhujhunu
Padewa B.O 332716 Khetri Jhujhunu
Norangpura B.O 332716 Khetri Jhujhunu
Basawata Khurd B.O 333516 Buhaana Jhujhunu
Chittausa B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Dhadhot Kalan B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Dumoli Khurd B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Goth B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Gujarwas B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Khanpur B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Muradpur B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Puhania B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Thali B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Moi Purani B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Raipur Jatan B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Shahpura B.O 333516 Buhana Jhujhunu
Gowala B.O 333028 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Kishorpura B.O 333028 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Kyamsar B.O 333028 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Maharampur B.O 333028 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Padampura B.O 333028 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Solana B.O 333028 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Thincholi B.O 333028 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Keharpura B.O 333028 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Kithana B.O 333028 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Agawana Khurd B.O 333029 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Bhawathari B.O 333029 Surajgarh Jhujhunu
Kakoda B.O 333029 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Kasani B.O 333029 Chirawa Jodhpur
Lotia B.O 333029 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Pilod B.O 333029 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Raghunathpura B.O 333029 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Dalota B.O 332746 Khetri Jhujhunu
Dhosi B.O 332746 Khetri Jhujhunu
Doodwa B.O 332746 Khetri Jhujhunu
Gorir B.O 332746 Khetri Jhujhunu
Kishanpura B.O 333036 Khetri Jhujhunu
Mehara Jatuwas B.O 333036 Khetri Jhujhunu
Nangali Gujarwas B.O 333036 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Bas Ghasiram B.O 331025 Malsisar Jhujhunu
Haripura B.O 331025 Malsisar Jhujhunu
Kant B.O 331025 Malsisar Jhujhunu
Rampura B.O 331025 Malsisar Jhujhunu
Ajari Bari B.O 333021 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Bajawa B.O 333021 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Binjusar B.O 333021 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Bishanpura B.O 333021 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Deorasar B.O 333021 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Hasalsar B.O 333021 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Malsar B.O 333021 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Sithal B.O 333021 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Gilonki  Dhani B.O 333032 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Signore B.O 333032 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Bidasar B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Birmi B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Chandawa B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Dhilsar B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Diloi South B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Dulchas B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
K.K. Dhani B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Kodesar B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Patoda B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Punio Ka Bas3 B.O 331027 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Tain B.O 331027 Jhunjhunun Jhujhunu
Girawadi B.O 333302 Udaip;urwati Jhujhunu
Jahaz B.O 333302 Udail;urwati Jhujhunu
Mandawara B.O 333302 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Heerawaa B.O 333027 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Chhau B.O 333305 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Majhau B.O 333305 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Niwai B.O 333305 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Barwa B.O 333304 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Basawa B.O 333304 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Birol B.O 333304 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Gothara B.O 333304 Nawalgarh Jhujhunu
Bhikhansar B.O 331030 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Kakreu Kalan B.O 331028 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Niradhana B.O 331028 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Pithusar B.O 331028 Alsisar Jhujhunu
Bajisar B.O 333704 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Khalasi B.O 333704 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Kuharu B.O 333704 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Maharadasi B.O 333704 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Mojas B.O 333704 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Sihor B.O 333036 Khetri Jhujhunu
Thathwari B.O 332746 Khetri Jhujhunu
Bar Ki Dhani B.O 333022 Udaipurwati Jhujhunu
Radod B.O 342901 Asop Jodhpur
Kaprda B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Feench B.O 342801 Dunara Jodhpur
Salawas B.O 342013 Luni Jodhpur
Shekhasar B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Sointra B.O 342022 Shergarh Jodhpur
Badoda Gaon B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Chacha B.O 345031 NA Jaisalmer
Bardana B.O 345023 NA Jaisalmer
Agolai B.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Bambore Darjiyan B.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Bavarli B.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Bhandu Kalan B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Barli B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Chaali B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Chokhan B.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Chincharli B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Daibara Kheechiyan B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Dhandhaniya B.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Dhandhaniya Bhayalan B.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Dhawa B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Doli B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Janadesar B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jhanwar B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Joliyali B.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Khudala B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Lodi Daijran B.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Lunawas Kallan B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Loonawas Khara B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Narnadi B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Subdand B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Sinli B.O 342014 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Surani B.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Bhiyasar B.O 342311 Aau Jodhpur
Bhojasar B.O 342311 Aau Jodhpur
Cheemana B.O 342311 Aau Jodhpur
Ghantiyali B.O 342311 Aau Jodhpur
Kelansar B.O 342311 Aau Jodhpur
Mattoda B.O 342311 Aau Jodhpur
Nimbo Ka Talab B.O 342311 Aau Jodhpur
Nokhra Bhatiyan B.O 342311 Aau Jodhpur
Suwap B.O 342311 Aau Jodhpur
Barni Khurd B.O 342901 Aau Jodhpur
Dadmi B.O 342901 Asop Jodhpur
Basni Harisingh B.O 342901 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Garasni B.O 342901 Asop Jodhpur
Gajsinghpura B.O 342901 Asop Jodhpur
Mageria B.O 342901 Asop Jodhpur
Paldi Ranawatan B.O 342901 Asop Jodhpur
Rajlani B.O 342901 Asop Jodhpur
Balesar Durgawatan B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Bastawa B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Belwa B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Belwa Bagawatan B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Bhandu Charni B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Bhandu Jati B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Gopalsar B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Jhinjhinyala B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Judia B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Kui Inda B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Nimba Ka Gaon B.O 342023 Balesar Jodhpur
Banwarla B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Binawas B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Bhatinda B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Birami B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Bisalpur B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Chandelao B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Daikara B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Dantiwara B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Dangiawas B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Gangani B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Jajeli Daikara B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Jajiwal Kallan B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Kakelao B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Kharda Randheer B.O 342015 Banar Jodhpur
Khatiyasani B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Modi Joshiyan B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Nandri B.O 342015 Banar Jodhpur
Palasni B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Peethawas B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Salwa Kallan B.O 342027 Banar Jodhpur
Bari Sidh B.O 342307 Bap Jodhpur
Chakhoo B.O 342307 Bap Jodhpur
Kansingh Ki Sidh B.O 342307 Bap Jodhpur
Khidrat B.O 342307 Bap Jodhpur
Loona B.O 342307 Bap Jodhpur
Kanasar B.O 342307 Bap Jodhpur
Malamsingh Ki Sidh B.O 342307 Bap Jodhpur
Noore Ki Bhuj B.O 342307 Bap Jodhpur
Udat B.O 342307 Bap Jodhpur
Bala B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Boyal B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Bhana Nagra B.O 342605 Bilara Jodhpur
Hariada B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Hungaon Kallan B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Lamba B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Malkosni B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Olvi B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Padasla Kallan B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Ramasni B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Rawar B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Silari B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Tilwasni B.O 342605 Bhavi Jodhpur
Bagoria B.O 342603 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Birai B.O 342603 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Birani B.O 342603 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Hiradesar B.O 342603 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Mailana B.O 342603 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Nadsar B.O 342603 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Surpura Khurd B.O 342603 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Ustran B.O 342603 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Barna B.O 342602 Bilara Jodhpur
Jetiwas B.O 342602 Bilara Jodhpur
Jhak B.O 342602 Bilara Jodhpur
Kharia Mithapur B.O 342602 Bilara Jodhpur
Pichiyak B.O 342602 Bilara Jodhpur
Udaliyawas B.O 342602 Bilara Jodhpur
Patel Nagar B.O 342604 Borunda Jodhpur
Sewania B.O 342604 Bilara Jodhpur
Barsallu Kallan B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Bugri B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Champasar B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Gingala B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Hatundi B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Jakhan B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Khindakore B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Kinjari B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Kapooria B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Laxman Nagar B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Poonasar B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Raimalwara B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Rohina B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Ridmalsar B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Tapoo B.O 342312 Chadi Jodhpur
Sagrau B.O 342314 Dechu Jodhpur
Kanodia B.O 342314 Dechu Jodhpur
Kolu Pabuji B.O 342314 Dechu Jodhpur
Kolu Rathoran B.O 342314 Dechu Jodhpur
Kushlawa B.O 342314 Dechu Jodhpur
Sanurij B.O 342314 Dechu Jodhpur
Thadia B.O 342314 Dechu Jodhpur
Bhacharna B.O 342801 Dunara Jodhpur
Piparli B.O 342801 Dunara Jodhpur
Rohicha Kallan B.O 342801 Dunara Jodhpur
Rohicha Khurd B.O 342801 Dunara Jodhpur
Sar B.O 342801 Dunara Jodhpur
Sarecha B.O 342801 Dunara Jodhpur
Amla B.O 342308 Khichan Jodhpur
Denok B.O 342308 Khichan Jodhpur
Dholasar B.O 342308 Khichan Jodhpur
Moriya Munjasar B.O 342308 Khichan Jodhpur
Barjasar B.O 342308 Khichan Jodhpur
Padiyal B.O 342308 Khichan Jodhpur
Palina B.O 342308 Khichan Jodhpur
Shaitan Singh Nagar B.O 342308 Khichan Jodhpur
Anvana B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Bhawad B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Dhanari Kallan B.O 342029 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Danwra B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Karwar B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Kajnau Kallan B.O 342029 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Kelva Kallan B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Kherapa B.O 342029 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Kasti B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Lavera Khurd B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Lordi Panditji B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Lavera Kallan B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Nandia Kallan B.O 342029 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Netra B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Nandiya Khurd B.O 342029 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Sawant Kuan Khurd B.O 342037 Lavera Baori Jodhpur
Dhelana B.O 342302 Lohawat Jodhpur
Lohawat Jatabas B.O 342302 Lohawat Jodhpur
Paschimi Dhani B.O 342302 Lohawat Jodhpur
Samrau B.O 342302 Lohawat Jodhpur
Jammeshwar Nagar B.O 342302 Phalodi Jodhpur
Palli B.O 342302 Lohawat Jodhpur
Dhandiya B.O 342802 Shergarh Jodhpur
Guda Vishnoiyan B.O 342802 Luni Jodhpur
Kakani B.O 342802 Luni Jodhpur
Khara Bera Purohitan B.O 342802 Luni Jodhpur
Khara Bera Bheemawatan B.O 342802 Luni Jodhpur
Khejarli Kallan B.O 342802 Luni Jodhpur
Mogra Kallan B.O 342802 Luni Jodhpur
Satlana B.O 342802 Luni Jodhpur
Sikarpura B.O 342802 Luni Jodhpur
Punjla B.O 342304 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Surpura B.O 342304 Mandore Jodhpur
Bhenser Chawandiali B.O 342305 Mathania Jodhpur
Jud B.O 342305 Mathania Jodhpur
Kharda Mewasa B.O 342305 Mathania Jodhpur
Manaklao B.O 342305 Mathania Jodhpur
Rampura Bhatiyan B.O 342305 Mathania Jodhpur
Umed Nagar B.O 342305 Mathania Jodhpur
Bethwasia B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Bhikamkore B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Baran Khurd B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Chandarakh B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Dabri B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Khabra Khurd B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Khetasar B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Neora B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Nosar B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Padasala B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Sirmandi B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Thob B.O 342303 Osian Jodhpur
Barnau B.O 342309 Peelwa Jodhpur
Bher B.O 342309 Peelwa Jodhpur
Bhojakore B.O 342309 Peelwa Jodhpur
Dayakore B.O 342309 Peelwa Jodhpur
Gilakore B.O 342309 Peelwa Jodhpur
Lorta Achalawatan B.O 342309 Peelwa Jodhpur
Nathrau B.O 342309 Peelwa Jodhpur
Bari Baori B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Baru B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Bengti Kallan B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Bengti Khurd B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Bithdi B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Chilla B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Hindalgore B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Hopardi B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Jalora B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Jamba B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Khetasar B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Lordiyan B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Malar B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Mohri B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Mokheri B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Motai B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Neneu B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Raneri B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Singhda B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Tekra B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Tepu B.O 342301 Phalodi Jodhpur
Buchakallan B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Bhagasani B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Chirdani B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Chodhan B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Chokari Kallan B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Khawaspura B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Khejarla B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Kosana B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Hariyadhana B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Madaliya B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Nanan B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Ransi Gaon B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Ramaniyana B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Riyan B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Sambhariya B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Sathin B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Sindhipura B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Siyara B.O 342601 Pipar Jodhpur
Artiyan Kallan B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Bhundana B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Borvi Khurd B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Bucheti B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Burkiya B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Dhoru B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Khangta B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Kharia Khangar B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Kudi B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Kood B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Kheri Salwa B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Malar B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Nandiya Prabhawati B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Palri Sidhan B.O 342606 Bhopalgarh Jodhpur
Ratkuria B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Ramdawas Kallan B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Rajshri Nagar B.O 342606 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Sewki Kallan B.O 342606 Pipar Road Jodhpur
Bhungra B.O 342022 Shergarh Jodhpur
Chaba B.O 342022 Shergarh Jodhpur
Himmatpura B.O 342022 Shergarh Jodhpur
Raisar B.O 342022 Shergarh Jodhpur
Suwalia B.O 342022 Shergarh Jodhpur
Asarlai B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Bhaloo Kallan B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Bhalu Rajwan B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Chordiyan B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Dhasania B.O 342021 Setrawa Jodhpur
Deda Hapan B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Deda B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Dewatu B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Jaitsar B.O 342021 Setrawa Jodhpur
Jethania B.O 342021 Setrawa Jodhpur
Kalau B.O 342021 Setrawa Jodhpur
Ketu Kallan B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Ketu Hema B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Khiny Asariya B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Lawaran B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Shekhala B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Solankiya Tala B.O 342025 Setrawa Jodhpur
Pabusar B.O 342021 Setrawa Jodhpur
Khirja Khas B.O 342028 Tena Jodhpur
Khirja Tibna B.O 342028 Tena Jodhpur
Khirja Ashan B.O 342028 Tena Jodhpur
Siyada B.O 342028 Tena Jodhpur
Banaka Bas B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Balarwa B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Barla Basni B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Berdon Ka Bass B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Bhalasariya B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Binjwaria B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Birai B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Chamu B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Cherai B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Deriya B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Devania B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Gheora B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Indroka B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Jelu Gagari B.O 342306 Osian Jodhpur
Khudiyala B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Mandial Kallan B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Narwa B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Panchala Khurd B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Utamber B.O 342306 Teori Jodhpur
Amarsalagar B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Adabala B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Bandha B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Bida B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Baramsar B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Bericiyala B.O 345034 NA Jaisalmer
Bhadasar B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Bhoo B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Bhagu Ka Gaon B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Chatogarh B.O 345001 Bilara Jodhpur
Chelak B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Damodara B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Dangara B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Dedha B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Deora B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Dewa B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Dhaisar B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Kanoi B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Kathori B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Khinya B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Khuiyala B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Keeta B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Kotri B.O 345034 NA Jaisalmer
Lunar B.O 345034 NA Jaisalmer
Myazhar B.O 345034 NA Jaisalmer
Mokhala B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Mulana B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Narsinghaon Ki Dhani B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Nedai B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Parewar B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Pithala B.O 345034 NA Jaisalmer
Phulia B.O 345034 NA Jaisalmer
Pochina B.O 345034 NA Jaisalmer
Poonam Nagar B.O 345001 Bilara Jodhpur
Rasla B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Roopsi B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Salkha B.O 345001 Bilara Jodhpur
Sam B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Satto B.O 345034 NA Jaisalmer
Sonu B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Sultana B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Tejpala B.O 345001 Bilara Jodhpur
Dabla B.O 345001 NA Jaisalmer
Balu Singh Ki Dhani B.O 345024 NA Jaisalmer
Madwa B.O 345024 Pokaran Jaisalmer
Pannasar B.O 345024 NA Jaisalmer
Bhadariya B.O 345031 NA Jaisalmer
Chandan B.O 345031 NA Jaisalmer
Delasar B.O 345031 NA Jaisalmer
Dholiya B.O 345031 NA Jaisalmer
Khetolai B.O 345031 NA Jaisalmer
Odhania B.O 345031 NA Jaisalmer
Sodakore B.O 345031 NA Jaisalmer
Hamira B.O 345033 NA Jaisalmer
Kanod Rawaliya B.O 345033 NA Jodhpur
Askandra B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Away B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Bharewala B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Bahala B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Chinu B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Didhu B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Madasar B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Pancheka Talab B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Satyaya B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Tadana B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Tawriwala B.O 345028 NA Jaisalmer
Bodana B.O 342310 NA Jaisalmer
Sanwara Gaon B.O 342310 NA Jaisalmer
Bandhewa B.O 345025 NA Jaisalmer
Bhikodai B.O 345025 NA Jaisalmer
Dantal B.O 345025 NA Jaisalmer
Phulasar B.O 345025 NA Jaisalmer
Rajmathai B.O 345025 NA Jaisalmer
Swami Ki Dhani B.O 345025 NA Jaisalmer
Bamnu B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Baghthal B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Barath Ka Gaon B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Burkiya B.O 345021 Pokaran Jaisalmer
Chandsama B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Chowk B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Dadhu B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Gomat B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Jhabra B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Jhalaria B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Kelawa B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Lawan B.O 345021 Pokaran Jaisalmer
Modardi B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Mandla B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Nathusar B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Padroda B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Ratariya B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Ujlan B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Utwaliya B.O 345021 NA Jaisalmer
Ajasar B.O 345023 NA Jaisalmer
Ekah B.O 345023 NA Jaisalmer
Khara B.O 345023 NA Jaisalmer
Loharki B.O 345023 NA Jaisalmer
Raghwa B.O 345022 NA Jaisalmer
Seuwa B.O 345022 NA Jaisalmer
Baiya B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Bhadli B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Devikot B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Jhinjhinyali B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Kapuriya B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Koda B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Kunda B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Lakha B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Modha B.O 345027 Fatehgarh Jaisalmer
Rama B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Randha B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Rewari B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Seerhar B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Beru B.O 342024 NA Jodhpur
Chawanda B.O 342024 NA Jodhpur
Ghantiyala B.O 342024 NA Jodhpur
Kali Beri B.O 342024 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Keru B.O 342024 NA Jodhpur
Malunga B.O 342024 NA Jodhpur
Popawas B.O 342024 NA Jodhpur
Salori B.O 342024 NA Jodhpur
Tejrawa B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Tejmalta B.O 345027 NA Jaisalmer
Bhensara B.O 345026 NA Jaisalmer
Bonada B.O 345026 NA Jaisalmer
Loona Kallan B.O 345026 NA Jaisalmer
Loona Khurd B.O 345026 NA Jaisalmer
Nedan B.O 345026 Pokaran Jaisalmer
Ola B.O 345026 NA Jaisalmer
Rajgarh B.O 345026 NA Jaisalmer
Sanawara B.O 345026 NA Jaisalmer
Dhawa B.O 341511 Merta Nagaur
Dugoli B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Chhawata Khurd B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Jal R.S. B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Lalsari B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Degana Village B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Banthri B.O 341305 Didwana Nagaur
Bhadawa B.O 341501 Degana Nagaur
Charanwas B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Hudeel B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Dhadhwara B.O 341511 Merta Nagaur
Jaroda B.O 341511 Merta Nagaur
Jogimagara B.O 341511 Merta Nagaur
Kheduli B.O 341511 Merta Nagaur
Kupras B.O 341511 Merta Nagaur
Oladan B.O 341511 Merta Nagaur
Kharnal B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Panchori B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Phirod B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Rohini B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Satheran B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Singar B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Sinod B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Shyamsar B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Sukhwasi B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Sadokan B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Tankala B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Tantwas B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Tausar B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Unthwaliya B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Barangaon B.O 341021 Nagaur Nagaur
Boodhi B.O 341021 Nagaur Nagaur
Kumari B.O 341021 Nagaur Nagaur
Raidhanu B.O 341021 Nagaur Nagaur
Akora B.O 341022 Nagaur Nagaur
Burdi B.O 341022 Nagaur Nagaur
Chhapara B.O 341022 Nagaur Nagaur
Jhareli B.O 341022 Nagaur Nagaur
Kameria B.O 341022 Nagaur Nagaur
Somana B.O 341022 Nagaur Nagaur
Soneli B.O 341022 Nagaur Nagaur
Surpalia B.O 341022 Nagaur Nagaur
Tanwara B.O 341022 Nagaur Nagaur
Asawari B.O 342902 Merta Nagaur
Basni Sejan B.O 342902 Merta Nagaur
Barnel B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Chhajoli B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Dugastau B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Anwaliyasar B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Balaya B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Bhadana B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Bhadwasi B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Bhakrod B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Bher B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Bhundel B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Chawandiya B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Chau B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Chenar B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Chuntisara B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Datina B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Daru B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Deu B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Ganthilasar B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Gogelao B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Gudhabhagwandas B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Jalaniyasar B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Janewa B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Jharisara B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Jodhiyasi B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Kalri B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Karnu B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Kharikaramsota B.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Gawardi B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Indawar B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Kalru B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Kanwariyat B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Katyasani B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Khakharki B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Kurdayan B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Lambajatan B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Lampolai B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Mokala B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Morra B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Mugadara B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Netariya B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Pundlu B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Rasaliyawas B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Satlas B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Chhapri B.O 341511 Merta Nagaur
Datani B.O 341511 Merta Nagaur
Gudha Jodhan B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Gugaryali B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Jochina B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Kathoti B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Khinyala B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Rajod B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Rotoo B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Silanwad B.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Bhanwal B.O 341518 Merta Nagaur
Badayali B.O 341518 Merta Nagaur
Jaswantabad B.O 341518 Merta Nagaur
Liliya B.O 341518 Merta Nagaur
Ladawa B.O 341518 Merta Nagaur
Medas B.O 341518 Merta Nagaur
Bhadora B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Bhatnokha B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Dhadhariyakallan B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Gawalu B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Gowankallan B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Janana B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Mori B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Mundiyar B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Palrijodhan B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Roon B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Sankhawas B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Sheelgaon B.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Achina B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Akala Hamiran B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Bairathal B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Bhanwanda B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Birloka B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Kantiya B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Khatora B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Kurchi B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Madpura B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Manakpura B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Nagari B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Narwakallan B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Panchlasidha B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Tadas B.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Akeli ‘b’ B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Arwar B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Bachhwari B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Bhaola B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Gajoo B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Borwa B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Geloli B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Gothara B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Kasnau B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Lunsara B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Nimbrichandawatan B.O 341024 Nagaur Nagaur
Bhadana B.O 341026 Nagaur Nagaur
Inana B.O 341026 Nagaur Nagaur
Karlu B.O 341026 Nagaur Nagaur
Thirod B.O 341026 Nagaur Nagaur
Akeli ‘a’ B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Arniyala B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Baggar B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Bargaon B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Beetan B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Bhuriyasani B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Chawandiyakallan B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Chundiya B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Dangawas B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Dhandhalas B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Dhaneriya B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Gagrana B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Ganthiya B.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Badighati B.O 305026 NA Nagaur
Bherunda B.O 341031 Merta Nagaur
Bhikarniyakallan B.O 341031 Merta Nagaur
Dhanipura B.O 305026 NA Nagaur
Dodiyana B.O 341031 Merta Nagaur
Mewara B.O 341031 Merta Nagaur
Nathawara B.O 341031 Merta Nagaur
Nimbola Bishwa B.O 305026 NA Nagaur
Padukhurd B.O 341031 Merta Nagaur
Ratrana B.O 305026 Merta Nagaur
Sathana B.O 341031 Merta Nagaur
Sudwar B.O 341031 Merta Nagaur
Tehla B.O 341031 Merta Nagaur
Antroli Khurd B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Banwarala B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Butati B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Choliyas B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Jalsu Nanak B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Jalsukallan B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Khinyas B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Nimbolakallan B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Punas B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Rajod B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Sirasana B.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Alaniyawas B.O 341513 Merta Nagaur
Bijathal B.O 341513 Merta Nagaur
Jatawas B.O 341513 Merta Nagaur
Jhintiya B.O 341513 Merta Nagaur
Kod B.O 341513 Merta Nagaur
Ladpura B.O 341513 Merta Nagaur
Rohisa B.O 341513 Merta Nagaur
Sensara B.O 341513 Merta Nagaur
Bugarda B.O 341027 Nagaur Nagaur
Didiyakallan B.O 341027 Nagaur Nagaur
Gagwana B.O 341027 Nagaur Nagaur
Khanwar B.O 341027 Nagaur Nagaur
Manglod B.O 341027 Nagaur Nagaur
Ratanga B.O 341027 Nagaur Nagaur
Surjaniyawas B.O 341027 Nagaur Nagaur
Chiloo B.O 341029 Nagaur Nagaur
Pipasar B.O 341029 Nagaur Nagaur
Sewari B.O 341029 Nagaur Nagaur
Dehari B.O 341030 Nagaur Nagaur
Pharrod B.O 341030 Nagaur Nagaur
Merwas B.O 341030 Nagaur Nagaur
Rohina B.O 341030 Nagaur Nagaur
Sandila B.O 341030 Nagaur Nagaur
Ubasi B.O 341030 Nagaur Nagaur
Ajawa B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Ambapa B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Barichhapri B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Barangana B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Chhapara B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Chhotichhapri B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Chholukhan B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Daulatpura B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Dayalpura B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Dhyawa B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Girroda Mitha B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Khatiyabasani B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Kalwani B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Khinwaj B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Lachhari B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Marwarbalia B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Mawa B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Mithri B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Nimbikhurd B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Phogari B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Firwasi B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Ramsabas B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Raidhana B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Reengan B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Sanwarad B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Sewa B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Singhana B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Singrawatkallan B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Sardi B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Supaka B.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Chuwa B.O 341301 Degana Nagaur
Jakhara B.O 341301 Degana Nagaur
Kasari B.O 341301 Degana Nagaur
Kiro R.S. B.O 341301 Degana Nagaur
Manjhi B.O 341301 Degana Nagaur
Rajapura B.O 341301 Degana Nagaur
Bardawa B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Barikallan B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Dindarpura B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Ganeshpura B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Khariya B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Kyamsar B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Modiawat B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Nuwa B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Payali B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Sudarasan B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Sardarpura Khurd B.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Badabara B.O 341302 Degana Nagaur
Bhinchawa B.O 341302 Degana Nagaur
Pawa B.O 341302 Degana Nagaur
Ranigaon B.O 341302 Degana Nagaur
Serani Ki Dhani B.O 341302 Degana Nagaur
Bajoli B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Bajwas B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Bamana B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Barana B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Chandaroon B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Chosali B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Dotina B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Dugorachala B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Idwa B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Kherwa B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Khurikallan B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Kitalsar B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Kundari B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Langod B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Kurdada B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Mandaljodhan B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Midiyan B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Mithariya B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Morikhurd B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Netiyas B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Nimbrikallan B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Paliyas B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Palrikallan B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Peeh B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Poonlota B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Rajlota B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Ramsari B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Rid B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Sanju B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Tilanesh B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Binthwaliya B.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Bhadasar B.O 341516 Didwana Nagaur
Chawandia B.O 341516 Didwana Nagaur
Daudsar B.O 341516 Didwana Nagaur
Parewari B.O 341516 Didwana Nagaur
Moriallan B.O 341515 Degana Nagaur
Thata B.O 341515 Degana Nagaur
Balsamand B.O 341304 Ladnun Nagaur
Dabari B.O 341304 Ladnun Nagaur
Dholia B.O 341304 Ladnun Nagaur
Kasumbi B.O 341304 Ladnun Nagaur
Ledi B.O 341304 Ladnun Nagaur
Rodu B.O 341304 Ladnun Nagaur
Tanwara B.O 341304 Ladnun Nagaur
Kharesh B.O 341318 Degana Nagaur
Khojas B.O 341318 Degana Nagaur
Pirwa B.O 341318 Degana Nagaur
Sania B.O 341318 Degana Nagaur
Agoonta B.O 341305 Didwana Nagaur
Kerap B.O 341305 Didwana Nagaur
Mamroda B.O 341305 Didwana Nagaur
Palot B.O 341305 Didwana Nagaur
Ransisar B.O 341305 Didwana Nagaur
Sagoobari B.O 341305 Didwana Nagaur
Asotapura B.O 341306 Ladnun Nagaur
Bakalia B.O 341306 Ladnun Nagaur
Dujar B.O 341306 Ladnun Nagaur
Sunari B.O 341306 Ladnun Nagaur
Bhadlia B.O 341517 Ladnun Nagaur
Gelasar B.O 341517 Ladnun Nagaur
Nandolichandawatan B.O 341517 Ladnun Nagaur
Rasidpura B.O 341517 Ladnun Nagaur
Bansa B.O 341506 Didwana Nagaur
Berwa B.O 341506 Didwana Nagaur
Begsar B.O 341506 Didwana Nagaur
Dabara B.O 341506 Didwana Nagaur
Dikawa B.O 341506 Didwana Nagaur
Akoda B.O 341506 Didwana Nagaur
Jharod B.O 341506 Didwana Nagaur
Khakholi B.O 341506 Didwana] Nagaur
Baldu B.O 341316 Ladnun Nagaur
Bharnawa B.O 341316 Ladnun Nagaur
Chandrai B.O 341316 Ladnun Nagaur
Dudoli B.O 341316 Ladnun Nagaur
Gorau B.O 341316 Ladnun Nagaur
Hudas B.O 341316 Ladnun Nagaur
Malgaon B.O 341316 Ladnun Nagaur
Odit B.O 341316 Ladnun Nagaur
Thakriyas B.O 341316 Ladnun Nagaur
Dhingasari B.O 341317 Ladnun Nagaur
Dhurila B.O 341317 Ladnun Nagaur
Genana B.O 341317 Ladnun Nagaur
Khamiyad B.O 341317 Ladnun Nagaur
Sinwa B.O 341317 Ladnun Nagaur
Asarwa B.O 341319 Degana Nagaur
Chandi B.O 341319 Degana Nagaur
Chindaliya B.O 341319 Degana Nagaur
Dhananwa B.O 341319 Degana Nagaur
Gaondi B.O 341319 Degana Nagaur
Indokha B.O 341319 Degana Nagaur
Kharwaliya B.O 341319 Degana Nagaur
Mandukara B.O 341319 Degana Nagaur
Nawad B.O 341319 Degana Nagaur
Thebari B.O 341319 Degana Nagaur
Gular B.O 341501 Degana Nagaur
Harnawa B.O 341501 Degana Nagaur
Janjila B.O 341501 Degana Nagaur
Lalana Khurd B.O 341501 Degana Nagaur
Nimbri B.O 341501 Degana Nagaur
Sirsu B.O 341501 Degana Nagaur
Dhandholi B.O 341520 Kuchamancity Nagaur
Gedakallan B.O 341520 Nawacity Nagaur
Gingaliya B.O 341520 Nawacity Nagaur
Ladoli B.O 341520 Nawacity Nagaur
Mamroli B.O 341520 Nawacity Nagaur
Nandoli Mertiyan B.O 341520 Nawacity Nagaur
Sabalpura B.O 341520 Nawacity Nagaur
Bhinchawa B.O 341502 Parbatsar Nagaur
Dabariya B.O 341502 Parbatsar Nagaur
Hudia B.O 341502 Parbatsar Nagaur
Jakhali B.O 341502 Parbatsar Nagaur
Jusariya B.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Jiwadiya B.O 341502 Parbatsar Nagaur
Kalwa B.O 341502 Parbatsar Nagaur
Loroli B.O 341502 Parbatsar Nagaur
Manana B.O 341502 Parbatsar Nagaur
Modicharana B.O 341502 Parbatsar Nagaur
Saferkallan B.O 341502 Parbatsar Nagaur
Alatawa B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Barnel B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Bhiyankallan B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Dobarikallan B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Damboi Khurd B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Dobariya B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Itawalakha B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Jaswantpura B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Khardiya B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Kherileela B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Kheriseela B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Kuchipala B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Nundara B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Ramsia B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Sarnawara B.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
Bidiad B.O 341542 Parbatsar Nagaur
Billoo B.O 341542 Parbatsar Nagaur
Morer B.O 341542 Parbatsar Nagaur
Anandpura B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Bhanwata B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Dalelpura B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Hariyajun B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Heerani B.O 341508 Degana Nagaur
Indokha B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Jiliya B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Kankariya B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Muwana B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Narainpura B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Palara B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Rajaliya B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Rasal B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Rooppura B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Sabalpura B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
S.Padampura B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Bhooni B.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Araksar B.O 341519 Nawacity Nagaur
Chitawa B.O 341519 Nawacity Nagaur
Daulatpura B.O 341519 Nawacity Nagaur
Jijoth B.O 341519 Nawacity Nagaur
Motipura B.O 341519 Nawacity Nagaur
Nalot B.O 341519 Nawacity Nagaur
Nagwara B.O 341519 Nawacity Nagaur
Prempura B.O 341519 Nawacity Nagaur
Shiv B.O 341519 Nawacity Nagaur
Barwala B.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Barwali B.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Bharnai B.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Dildhani B.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Gunawati B.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Jusari B.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Kukrod B.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Manglana B.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Deolikallan B.O 341507 Nawacity Nagaur
Shimbhupura B.O 341507 Nawacity Nagaur
Shyamgarh B.O 341507 Nawacity Nagaur
Banwaligudha B.O 341533 Nawacity Nagaur
Lichana B.O 341533 Nawacity Nagaur
Palrinawa B.O 341533 Nawacity Nagaur
Bhagwanpura B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Chosala B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Govindi B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Jabdinagar B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Khardiya B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Khorandi B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Lalas B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Lunwa B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Mundghasoi B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Panchota B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Thikariya Khurd B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Todas B.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Bassi B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Banwal B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Bansed B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Bhadasiya B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Chitai B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Dhadhota B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Gangawa B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Jhalara B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Khakharki B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Khanpur’ B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Khokhar B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Kinsariya B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Mayapur B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Neniya B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Peeplad B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Rabariyad B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Rohindi B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Taparwara B.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
Bhaisana B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Deoli Kalan B.O 306306 Jaitaran Pali
Hemaliyawas Kalan B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Kulthana B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Piplad B.O 306114 Sojat Pali
Surayta B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Bhakriwala B.O 306401 Pali Mwr Pali
Bhangesar B.O 306401 Pali Mwr Pali
Bhanwari B.O 306401 Pali Mwr Pali
Bhandar B.O 306504 Bali Pali
Bharunda B.O 306901 Sumerpur Pali
Bhatund B.O 306707 Bali Pali
Bheemaliya B.O 306503 Desuri Pali
Bheemana B.O 306504 Bali Pali
Bheetwara B.O 306705 Bali Pali
Bhoombaliya B.O 306301 Jaitaran Pali
Birantiya Kalan B.O 306105 Jaitaran Pali
Birantiya Khurd B.O 306105 Jaitaran Pali
Birol B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Bisalpur B.O 306126 Sumerpur Pali
B.M.G. Hospital Ramnagar B.O 306902 Sumerpur Pali
Bithora Kalan B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Bomadara B.O 306401 Pali Mwr Pali
Dari B.O 306401 Pali Mwr Pali
Dayalpura B.O 306401 Pali Mwr Pali
Bopari B.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Bornadi B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Borimada B.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Boosi B.O 306503 Desuri Pali
Bootiwas B.O 306102 Raipur Pali
Boya B.O 306701 Bali Pali
Chadwas B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Chamunderi B.O 306504 Bali Pali
Chanchori B.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Chanddawal R.S. B.O 306306 Sojat Pali
Chang B.O 306102 Raipur Pali
Chawariya B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Chelawas B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Chawandiya B.O 306305 Raipur Pali
Chenda B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Chotila B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Chirpatiya B.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Chokariya B.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Chittar B.O 306102 Raipur Pali
Chopra B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Dantiwara B.O 306701 Bali Pali
Dayalana B.O 306502 Desuri Pali
Deegai B.O 306422 Pali Mwr Pali
Deepwas B.O 306304 Raipur Pali
Denda B.O 306422 Pali Mwr Pali
Deoli Auwa B.O 306021 Marwar Jn. Pali
Deoli Hulla B.O 306114 Sojat Pali
Deoli Pabuji B.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Deoria B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Deotra B.O 306116 NA Pali
Dhakri B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Dhabar Kalan B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Dhalop B.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Dhamli B.O 306501 Marwar Jn. Pali
Dhana B.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Dhaneriya B.O 306101 Jaitaran Pali
Dhani B.O 306116 Bali Pali
Dhanla B.O 306022 Marwar Jn. Pali
Dhareshwar B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Dhariya B.O 306119 Pali Mwr Pali
Dhola B.O 306422 Pali Pali
Dhinawas B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Dhundhla B.O 306103 Marwar Jn. Pali
Diwandi B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Dudiya B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Dudapura B.O 306704 Bali Pali
Dujana B.O 306708 Sumerpur Pali
Dudni B.O 306126 Sumerpur Pali
Dutariya B.O 306503 Desuri Pali
Falka – Kalan B.O 306301 Jaitaran Pali
Falna Village B.O 306116 Bali Pali
Fattapura B.O 306902 Sumerpur Pali
Gadhana B.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Gadwara B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Gajnai B.O 306114 Sojat Pali
Gajnipura B.O 306502 Marwar Jn. Pali
Garniya B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Gelawas B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Ghenri B.O 306502 Desuri Pali
Ghorawar B.O 306709 Jaitaran Pali
Giradra B.O 306401 Pali  Mwr Pali
Giri B.O 306102 Raipur Pali
Gogra B.O 306912 Sumerpur Pali
Goriya B.O 306707 Bali Pali
Guda Binja B.O 306114 Sojat Pali
Guda Endla B.O 306422 Pali Mwr Pali
Guda Kalan B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Guda Kesarsingh B.O 306021 Marwar Jn Pali
Gudalass B.O 306705 Bali Pali
Guda Ramsingh B.O 306021 Marwar Jn. Pali
Guda-shama B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Guda Soorsingh B.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Guriya B.O 306307 Raipur Pali
Hajiwas B.O 306105 Raipur Pali
Haripur B.O 306304 Raipur Pali
Hariyamali B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Hingawas B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Hemawas B.O 306401 Pali Mwr Pali
Hemaliyawas Khurd B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Hingola Khurd B.O 306501 Marwar Jn. Pali
Inderwara B.O 306503 Desuri Pali
Isali B.O 306021 Marwar Jn. Pali
Itendra Charnan B.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Itendra Mertiyan B.O 306119 Pali Mwr Pali
Jadan B.O 306401 Marwar Jn. Pali
Januda B.O 306021 Marwar Jn. Pali
Jawali B.O 306119 Pali Marwar Pali
Jeejardi B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Jeewand Kalan B.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Jheetra B.O 306401 Rohat Pali
Jhoontha B.O 306304 Raipur Pali
Jhujanda B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Kakaradi B.O 306126 Sumerpur Pali
Kalab-kalan B.O 306304 Raipur Pali
Kalali B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Kanpura B.O 306902 Sumerpur Pali
Kanuja B.O 306102 Raipur Pali
Kanwaliya  Kalan B.O 306301 Jaitaran Pali
Karadi B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Karmawas Maliyan B.O 306305 Raipur Pali
Karmawas Patta B.O 306307 Raipur Pali
Keerwa B.O 306422 Pali Pali
Kekindra B.O 306301 Jaitaran Pali
Kelwad B.O 306114 Sojat Pali
Kerla B.O 306401 Pali Pali
Kerli B.O 306502 Desuri Pali
Kesooli B.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Khandi B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Kharachi B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Kharda B.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Kharda B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Khardi B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Khariya-neev B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Khariya-soda B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Khatukara B.O 306119 Desuri Pali
Kheemara B.O 306708 Sumerpur Pali
Kheemel B.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Khinawari B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Khiwandi B.O 306901 Sumerpur Pali
Khodiya B.O 306114 Sojat Pali
Khokhra B.O 306306 Sojat Pali
Kishanpura B.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Koliwara B.O 306902 Sumerpur Pali
Koorna B.O 306422 Pali Pali
Korta B.O 306901 Sumerpur Pali
Kot- Baliyan B.O 306701 Bali Pali
Kothar B.O 306504 Bali Pali
Kotri B.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Kot- Solankiyan B.O 306022 Marwar Jn. Pali
Koyalbao B.O 306504 Bali Pali
Kumatiya B.O 306504 Bali Pali
Kurki B.O 306101 Jaitaran Pali
Lalrai B.O 306705 Bali Pali
Lambiya B.O 306501 Marwar Jn. Pali
Lambiya B.O 306301 Jaitaran Pali
Lapod B.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Latara B.O 306705 Bali Pali
Leelamba B.O 306305 Jaitaran Pali
Lototi B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Mada B.O 306702 Desuri Pali
Magartalab B.O 306502 Marwar Jn. Pali
Malnoo B.O 306504 Bali Pali
Malsabaori B.O 306023 Marwar Jn Pali
Manda B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Mandal B.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Mandawas B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Mandigarh B.O 306702 Desuri Pali
Mandiya B.O 306401 Pali Pali
Manihari B.O 306401 Pali Pali
Mandla B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Meo B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Mesiya B.O 306105 Raipur Pali
Mirgesar B.O 306706 Bali Pali
Mohra – Kalan B.O 306307 Raipur Pali
Mohrai B.O 306303 Jaitaran Pali
Mokampura B.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Mori Bera B.O 306126 Desuri Pali
Morkha B.O 306705 Bali Pali
Murdawa B.O 306306 Sojat Pali
Musaliya B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Nadana-bhatan B.O 306119 Desuri Pali
Nanana B.O 306102 Raipur Pali
Narlai B.O 306703 Desuri Pali
Neembara B.O 306503 Desuri Pali
Nimbera- Kalan B.O 306305 Jaitaran Pali
Neembli- Manda B.O 306103 Marwar Jn. Pali
Neembli-uran B.O 306401 Pali Pali
Neepal B.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Netra B.O 306902 Sumerpur Pali
Novi B.O 306901 Sumerpur Pali
Panchalwara B.O 306705 Bali Pali
Pachanpura B.O 306304 Raipur Pali
Padarla B.O 306707 Bali Pali
Palri-jod B.O 306902 Sumerpur Pali
Panchetiya B.O 306503 Desuri Pali
Pachunda – Kalan B.O 306114 Sojat Pali
Panota B.O 306022 Marwar Jn. Pali
Pawa B.O 306708 Sumerpur Pali
Perwa B.O 306126 Sumerpur Pali
Patwa B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Phoolmal B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Phulad B.O 306023 Marwar In. Pali
Pilowani B.O 306502 Desuri Pali
Pomawa B.O 306902 Sumerpur Pali
Pratap – Garh B.O 306101 Raipur Pali
Prithviraj Ka Gurha B.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Rabriyawas B.O 306709 Jaitaran Pali
Radawas B.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Raipuriya B.O 306502 Desuri Pali
Rajadand B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Rajola – Kalan B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Rajola – Khurd B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Ramawas B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Ramasani – Bala B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Rampura – Kalan B.O 306306 Jaitaran Pali
Rana B.O 306401 Pali Pali
Ranakpur B.O 306702 Desuri Pali
Rani Gaon B.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Raniwal B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Ras B.O 306101 Raipur Pali
Ratadiya B.O 306102 Raipur Pali
Raira Kalan B.O 306307 Raipur Pali
Relra B.O 306102 Raipur Pali
Rendri B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Reprawas B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Rohat R.S. B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Roopawas B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Rupawas B.O 306401 Pali Pali
Sabalpura B.O 306307 Raipur Pali
Saleriya B.O 306119 Desuri Pali
Sandiya B.O 306306 Sojat Pali
Sangawas B.O 306303 Jaitaran Pali
Sansari B.O 306022 Marwar Jn. Pali
Sanwalta B.O 306603 Desuri Pali
Sapooni B.O 306501 Marwar Jn. Pali
Saran B.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Sardar-samand B.O 306401 Pali Pali
Sawrad B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Seesarwada B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Sela B.O 306701 Bali Pali
Sena B.O 306707 Bali Pali
Sesli B.O 306706 Desuri Pali
Sehwaj B.O 306103 Marwar Jn. Pali
Sewariya B.O 306101 Raipur Pali
Sheotalao B.O 306705 Bali Pali
Shekhawas B.O 306103 Marwar Jn. Pali
Shivpura B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Sindharli B.O 306702 Desuri Pali
Sindru B.O 306708 Sumerpur Pali
Sinla B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Siwas B.O 306502 Marwar Jn. Pali
Siyat B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Sodawas B.O 306503 Pali Pali
Sonai Manji B.O 306401 Pali Pali
Sumel B.O 306101 Raipur Pali
Sumer B.O 306703 Desuri Pali
Talkiya B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Tewali B.O 306503 Pali Pali
Thakurla B.O 306503 Pali Pali
Thakurwas B.O 306023 Marwar Jn. Pali
Toonkra B.O 306102 Raipur Pali
Varkana B.O 306601 Desuri Pali
Vidhyawari B.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Wandar B.O 306502 Marwar Jn. Pali
Kalaliya B.O 306105 Raipur Pali
Kirana B.O 306105 Raipur Pali
Digarna B.O 306308 Jaitaran Pali
Kharadi B.O 306308 Jaitaran Pali
Nimbol B.O 306308 Jaitaran Pali
Sinla B.O 306308 Jaitaran Pali
Dadai B.O 306601 Desuri Pali
Agewa B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Alawas B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Amarpura B.O 306102 Raipur  Mwr Pali
Amaliya B.O 306504 Bali Pali
Ana B.O 306703 Desuri Pali
Anoppura B.O 306602 Sumerpur Pali
Asarlai B.O 306303 Jaitaran Pali
Atabara B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Babagaon B.O 306708 Sumerpur Pali
Babhan B.O 306103 Sojat Pali
Bagiara B.O 306305 Raipur Pali
Bagol B.O 306502 Desuri Pali
Balada B.O 306709 Jaitaran Pali
Balrai B.O 306422 Pali Mwr Pali
Balana B.O 306912 Sumerpur Pali
Balupura B.O 306901 Sumerpur Pali
Bamnera B.O 306901 Sumerpur Pali
Banjakuri B.O 306308 Jaitaran Pali
Bansiya B.O 306307 Raipur Pali
Banta R.S. B.O 306503 Desuri Pali
Banta Town B.O 306503 Desuri Pali
Barod B.O 306702 Desuri Pali
Barsa B.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Barwa B.O 306706 Bali Pali
Basna B.O 306306 Sojat Pali
Basant B.O 306708 Sumerpur Pali
Basni Jojawar B.O 306022 Marwar Jn. Pali
Bayad B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Beejapur B.O 306707 Bali Pali
Beelawas B.O 306104 Sojat Pali
Beerami B.O 306115 Desuri Pali
Beethu B.O 306421 Rohat Pali
Beethora B.O 306602 Sumerpur Pali
Ber – Kalan B.O 306302 Jaitaran Pali
Bagri Kalaliya B.O 306105 Raipur Pali
Bhadarlau B.O 306503 Desuri Pali
Bhagora B.O 306022 Marwar Jn. Pali
Baman Baroda B.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Shesha B.O 322024 Malarna Dungar Sawai Madhopur
Riwali B.O 322212 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Sankara B.O 322202 Malarna Doongar Sawai Madhopur
Chitara B.O 322026 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Nibhera B.O 322243 Sapotara Karauli
Udgaon B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Binega B.O 322219 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Kanchroli B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Siloti B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Badasawata B.O 322204 Nadoti Karauli
Ninder B.O 322251 Mandrail Karauli
Pancholi B.O 322251 Mandrail Karauli
Ranipura B.O 322251 Mandrail Karauli
Rodhai B.O 322251 Mandrail Karauli
Bhawali B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Gubreda B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Gurda B.O 322242 Mandrail Karauli
Jamura B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Kanchanpura B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Bichhi Doona B.O 322033 Malarna Dungar Sawai Madhopur
Fatehpur B.O 322033 Sapotara Karauli
Hadoti B.O 322033 Sapotara Karauli
Bhoori Pahari B.O 322033 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Doongri B.O 322033 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Dubbi B.O 322027 NA Sawai Madhopur
Jadawata B.O 322027 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Karmoda B.O 322027 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Mainpura B.O 322027 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Nindarda B.O 322027 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Ramdi B.O 322027 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Sunari B.O 322027 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Badila B.O 322211 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Dungarwada B.O 322211 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Jahra B.O 322211 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Kakrala B.O 322211 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Meena Koleta B.O 322211 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Radhopura B.O 322211 NA Sawai Madhopur
Ranila B.O 322211 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Shafipura B.O 322211 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Tundila B.O 322211 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Liwali B.O 322211 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Amavragarh B.O 322212 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Bhanwara B.O 322212 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Maksudanpura B.O 322033 Malarna Dungar Sawai Madhopur
Bhadoti B.O 322024 Malarna Dungar Sawai Madhopur
Didwadi B.O 322024 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Gambhira B.O 322024 Malarna Dungar Sawai Madhopur
Hathdoli B.O 322024 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Hindupura B.O 322024 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Jolanda B.O 322024 Malarna Dungar Sawai Madhopur
Mamdoli B.O 322024 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Atunkalan B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Jinapur B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Khatupura B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Sherpur Khilchipur B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Alapur B.O 322001 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Baharnwanda Khurd B.O 322001 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Dakwa B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Dhamun Khurd B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Ghimeera B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Khandeola B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Kustala B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Rawanjana Doongar B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Jonla B.O 322701 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Adalwada Kalan B.O 322701 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Jhopra B.O 322701 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Lorwara B.O 322701 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Jatwara Kalan B.O 322701 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Sumel B.O 322201 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Bucholai B.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Badhkalan B.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Koyla B.O 322201 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Ahmadpur B.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Nogaon B.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Lalpur Umri B.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Khoontala B.O 322201 NA Sawai Madhopur
Talawada B.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Udaikalan B.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Amargarh Chaur B.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Ancher B.O 322703 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Sarsop B.O 322703 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Chhan B.O 322001 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Mui B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Daulatpura B.O 322001 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Rawanjana Chaur B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Khijuri B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Pancholas B.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Mai Kalan B.O 322001 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Balaria B.O 322702 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Panwdera B.O 322702 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Rajmana B.O 322702 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Bagina B.O 322702 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Badagaon Didayach B.O 322702 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Bhedola B.O 322702 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Binjari B.O 322702 Chauth Ka Barwara Sawai Madhopur
Makholi B.O 322034 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Selu B.O 322034 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Badolas B.O 322034 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Aulwada B.O 322034 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Padana B.O 322034 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Bichpuri Gujran B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Kosra Chhareta Tod B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Akhaigarh B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Bhahraonda Kalan B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Kyarda Kalan B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Bichpuri B.O 322212 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Chirawada B.O 322212 Nadoti Sawai Madhopur
Sukar B.O 322212 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Chainpura B.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Dhawan B.O 322213 Todabhim Karauli
Dholeta B.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Jahira B.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Kamalpura B.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Kheda Malupada B.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Pal B.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Rajaheda B.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Rajpura B.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Talawada B.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Timawa B.O 322213 Nadoti Karauli
Badagaon B.O 322216 Nadoti Karauli
Bhilapada B.O 322216 Nadoti Karauli
Mohanpura B.O 322216 Nadoti Karauli
Tesgaon B.O 322216 Nadoti Karauli
Dabra B.O 322255 Sapotrara Karauli
Shaikhpura B.O 322255 Sapotara Karauli
Mehmedpur B.O 322255 Sapotara Karauli
Jahangirpur B.O 322255 Karauli Karauli
Makanpur B.O 322255 Karauli Karauli
Gairai B.O 322255 Karauli Karauli
Samerda B.O 322255 Karauli Karauli
Kachroda B.O 322255 Sapotara Karauli
Ledia B.O 322255 Sapotara Karauli
Mandawra B.O 322255 Sapotara Karauli
Bariya B.O 322255 Karauli Karauli
Kashipura B.O 322255 Karauli Karauli
Bhartun B.O 322255 Sapotara Karauli
Bijalpur B.O 322255 Karauli Karauli
Baloti B.O 322202 Sapotara Karauli
Chhawa B.O 322202 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Chuli B.O 322202 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Khanpur Baroda B.O 322202 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Kherla B.O 322202 Sapotara Karauli
Nimoda R S B.O 322202 Sapotara Karauli
Toksi B.O 322202 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Salempur B.O 322202 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Redawat B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Singor Kalan B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Barnawada B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Gandawar B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Naypur B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Goth Bihari B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Aniyala B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Baler B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Badwas B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Barod B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Gothra B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Kuredi B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Padri B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Talwada B.O 322025 Khandar Sawai Madhopur
Endwa B.O 322029 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Bhadlav B.O 322029 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Chharoda B.O 322029 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Rawal B.O 322029 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Shayampura B.O 322029 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Galad Kalan B.O 322030 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Kodyai B.O 322030 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Jastana B.O 322030 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Pipalda B.O 322030 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Taranpur B.O 322030 Malarna Dungar Sawai Madhopur
Nimod B.O 322030 Malarna Doongar Sawai Madhopur
Gotod B.O 322030 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Datooli B.O 322030 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Behted B.O 322028 Malrna Doongar Sawai Madhopur
Bhooka B.O 322028 Malrna Doongar Sawai Madhopur
Morpa B.O 322028 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Falsawata B.O 322028 Malrna Doongar Sawai Madhopur
Dangarwada B.O 322026 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Dumoda B.O 322026 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Lahsoda B.O 322026 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Phalodi B.O 322026 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Ajnoti B.O 322027 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Dhanoli B.O 322027 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Pali B.O 322236 Hindaun Karauli
Vijaypura B.O 322236 Hinduan Karauli
Hukmikheda B.O 322236 Hindaun Karauli
Khedihewat B.O 322236 Hindaun Karauli
Jatnagla B.O 322236 Hindaun Karauli
Chinayata PSSK B.O 322236 Hindaun Karauli
Devlane B.O 322254 Hindaun Karauli
Jagdishpura B.O 322254 Hindaun Karauli
Kherli Gurjar B.O 322254 Todabhim Karauli
Mohammedpur B.O 322254 Todabhim Karauli
Mundia B.O 322254 Todabhim Karauli
Thigharia B.O 322254 Todabhim Karauli
Bhajeda B.O 321610 Todabhim Karauli
Bhanakpura B.O 321610 Todabhim Karauli
Patoli B.O 321610 Todabhim Karauli
Parla Khalsa B.O 321610 Todabhim Karauli
Sankarwada B.O 321610 Todabhim Karauli
Ateiwa B.O 322243 Karauli Karauli
Kalyani B.O 322243 Karauli Karauli
Karanpur B.O 322243 Sapotara Karauli
Karsai B.O 322243 Karauli Karauli
Kota B.O 322243 Karauli Karauli
Khohri B.O 322243 Karauli Karauli
Lohara B.O 322243 Karauli Karauli
Maholi B.O 322243 Karauli Karauli
Marmada B.O 322243 Sapotara Karauli
Nanpur B.O 322243 Sapotara Karauli
Rajor B.O 322243 Karaui Karauli
Rampur Dhabai B.O 322243 Karauli Karauli
Toda B.O 322243 Saptara Karauli
Ata B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Chainpur B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Barkheda B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Fatehpur B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Gadholi B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Gudla B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Gunesera B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Kondar B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Manchi B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Bardala B.O 322215 Nadoti Karauli
Daharia B.O 322215 Nadoti Karauli
Dalpura B.O 322215 Nadoti Karauli
Datasuti P T B.O 322215 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Garhkheda B.O 322215 Nadoti Karauli
Jirna B.O 322215 Nadoti Karauli
Jitkipur B.O 322215 Nadoti Karauli
Kema B.O 322215 Nadoti Karauli
Raysana B.O 322215 Nadoti Karauli
Salavad B.O 322215 Nadoti Karauli
Bara Gao Sarwar B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Bagdoli B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Bapui B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Borda B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Gungorad B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Jhanun B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Kushalpura B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Kolada B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Lakhanpur B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Mitrapura B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Moran B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Nimod B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Pipalwada B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Rathod B.O 322023 Bonli Sawai Madhopur
Eaket B.O 322203 Sapotara Karauli
Baroda Gajrajpal B.O 322203 Sapotara Karauli
Chauragon B.O 322203 Sapotara Karauli
Jiwatkheda B.O 322203 Sapotara Karauli
Jirota B.O 322203 Sapotara Karauli
Khidarpur B.O 322203 Sapotara Karauli
Jodli B.O 322203 Sapotara Karauli
Masawata B.O 322203 Sapotara Karauli
Narayanpur Tatwara B.O 322203 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Baglai B.O 322205 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Khandeep B.O 322205 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Mahanandpur B.O 322205 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Mohcha B.O 322205 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Choti Udai B.O 322205 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Barnala B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Batoda B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Bichhoch B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Binjari B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Amargarh Dang B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Amarwad B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Bajna B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Bukna B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Daulatpura B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Gothra B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Inayati B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Jakhoda B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Kalyanpura B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Kishorpura B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Luloj B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Ramthara B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Vapoti B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Baroli B.O 322219 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Jiwali B.O 322219 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Medi B.O 322219 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Meena Baroda B.O 322219 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Pawata Gaddi B.O 322219 Gangpur Sawai Madhopur
Gorda B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Jhadisa B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Kariri B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Khedi B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Khohra B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Machadi B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Manderu B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Mannauj B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Matasula B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Mirzapur B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Nangal Lat B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Padampura B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Shahrakhar B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Bargama B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Salempur B.O 322230 Todabhim Karauli
Vajna Kalan B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Khareta B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Dahra B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Kanjoli B.O 322230 Todabhim Karauli
Bhopar B.O 322230 Todabhim Karauli
Lahchoda B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Lapawali B.O 322230 Todabhim Karauli
Nagala Meena B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Sikroda Meena B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Karsoli B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Jhareda B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Katara Ajij B.O 322230 Todabhim Karauli
Singhania B.O 322230 Todabhim Karauli
Kyarda Khurd B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Mandawara B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Banki PSSK B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Phulwara B.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Dukawali B.O 322236 Hindaun Karauli
Jagar B.O 322236 Hindaun Karauli
Sherpur B.O 322236 Hindaun Karauli
Pipalpura B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Raghuvanshi B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Rondkala B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Saiypur B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Sunderpura B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Tulsipura B.O 322241 Karauli Karauli
Vajeda B.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Gavda Meena B.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Katkad B.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Kotri B.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Muthiyapur B.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Palanpur B.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Irenia B.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Sanet B.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Shri Mahaveerji R S B.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Todupura B.O 322234 Hindaun Karauli
Bahadurpur B.O 322249 Sapotara Karauli
Khedia B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Khunda B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Narayana B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Ratiyapura B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Rundh Ka Pura B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Chhabar B.O 322242 Karauli Karauli
Kemla B.O 322220 Nadoti Karauli
Chandangaon B.O 322220 Hindaun Karauli
Pahadiyanagar B.O 322220 Todabhim Karauli
Maheswa B.O 322220 Todabhim Karauli
Danalpur B.O 322220 Hindaun Karauli
Nisura B.O 322220 Todabhim Karauli
Ranoli B.O 322220 Todabhim Karauli
Ronsi B.O 322220 Nadoti Karauli
Shekhpura B.O 322220 Todabhim Karauli
Shantiveer Nagar B.O 322220 Hindaun Karauli
Rendayal Gurjar B.O 322220 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Bhukrawali B.O 322252 Hindaun Karauli
Dhanda B.O 322252 Karauli Karauli
Jatwada B.O 322252 Hindaun Karauli
Tali B.O 322252 Karauli Karauli
Somla B.O 322252 Hindaun Karauli
Bhanwar B.O 322214 NA Sawai Madhopur
Chandanholi B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Dabar B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Jiwad B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Kherli B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Mehrawar B.O 322214 NA Sawai Madhopur
Narauli Chaur B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Palasod B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Phulwada B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Sancholi B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Sitod B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Sundery B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Bairada B.O 322214 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Bagor B.O 322204 Nadoti Karauli
Mandal B.O 322204 Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur
Kunjela B.O 322204 Nadoti Karauli
Lawad B.O 322204 Nadoti Karauli
Sop B.O 322204 Nadoti Karauli
Bagida B.O 322218 Sapotara Karauli
Parita B.O 322219 Karauli Karauli
Phoolwada Popat B.O 322219 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Raipur B.O 322219 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Saingarpura B.O 322219 Karauli Karauli
Seva B.O 322219 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Shyaroli B.O 322219 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Bhandari Anduruni B.O 322238 Todabhim Karauli
Badleta Khurd B.O 322238 Todabhim Karauli
Khudawal B.O 322238 Todabhim Karauli
Morda B.O 322238 Todabhim Karauli
Nangal Pahadi B.O 322238 Todabhim Karauli
Pahadi B.O 322238 Todabhim Karauli
Urden B.O 322238 Todabhim Karauli
Ajijpur B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Bhaisa B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Bonl B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Dadanpur B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Dorawali B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Jonl B.O 321611 Todabhim Karauli
Bugdar B.O 322249 Mandrail Karauli
Bhankari B.O 322249 Mandrail Karauli
Harnagar B.O 322249 Karauli Karauli
Khoobnagar B.O 322249 Karauli Karauli
Sasedi B.O 322249 Karauli Karauli
Aound B.O 322251 Mandrail Karauli
Chandelipura B.O 322251 Mandrail Karauli
Dhoreta B.O 322251 Mandrail Karauli
Kased B.O 322251 Mandrail Karauli
Mongepura B.O 322251 Mandrail Karauli
Harsawa B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Almas B.O 332303 Fatehpur Sikar
Ajabpura B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Garh Taknet B.O 332701 Srimadhopur Sikar
Surera B.O 332742 Srimadhopur Sikar
Jugalpura B.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Rooppura B.O 332719 Nimkathana Sikar
Bagroda B.O 332303 Fatehpur Sikar
Bhagasara B.O 332303 Fatehpur Sikar
Bheenchari B.O 332303 Fatehpur Sikar
Dinwa B.O 332303 Fatehpur Sikar
Hirna B.O 332303 Fatehpur Sikar
Nabipura B.O 332303 Fatehpur Sikar
Ramshisar B.O 332302 Fatehpur Sikar
Bhooma Bada B.O 332318 Fatehpur Sikar
Dhanani B.O 332318 Fatehpur Sikar
Juliasar B.O 332318 Fatehpur Sikar
Mangloona B.O 332318 Fatehpur Sikar
Narsas B.O 332318 Fatehpur Sikar
Akwa B.O 332315 Fatehpur Sikar
Badhadhar B.O 332315 Fatehpur Sikar
Gassu B.O 332315 Fatehpur Sikar
Jasrasar B.O 332315 Fatehpur Sikar
Lalasi B.O 332315 Fatehpur Sikar
Palthana B.O 332315 Fatehpur Sikar
Rashidpura B.O 332315 Fatehpur Sikar
Sanwaloda Dhayalan B.O 332315 Fatehpur Sikar
Sanwloda Purohitan B.O 332315 Fatehpur Sikar
Sanwloda Ladkhani B.O 332315 Fatehpur Sikar
Bagri B.O 332311 Fatehpur Sikar
Bairas B.O 332311 Fatehpur Sikar
Batranau B.O 332311 Fatehpur Sikar
Chachiwad B.O 332311 Fatehpur Sikar
Dantru B.O 332311 Fatehpur Sikar
Deenwa B.O 332311 Fatehpur Sikar
Hamirpura B.O 332311 Fatehpur Sikar
Kumas B.O 332311 Fatehpur Sikar
Narodara B.O 332311 Fatehpur Sikar
Reta B.O 332406 Sikar Sikar
Roopgarh B.O 332406 Sikar Sikar
Beri B.O 332031 Sikar Sikar
Gothra Bhukaran B.O 332031 Sikar Sikar
Kolida B.O 332031 Sikar Sikar
Palri B.O 332031 Sikar Sikar
Posani B.O 332031 Sikar Sikar
Subhash Nagar B.O 332031 Sikar Sikar
Yalsar B.O 332031 Sikar Sikar
Bhima B.O 332025 Sikar Sikar
Bhirana B.O 332025 Sikar Sikar
Bosana B.O 332025 Sikar Sikar
Chirasara B.O 332025 Sikar Sikar
Jana B.O 332025 Sikar Sikar
Khanri B.O 332025 Sikar Sikar
Losal Chhoti B.O 332025 Sikar Sikar
Sangliya B.O 332025 Sikar Sikar
Ghirnia Bada B.O 332026 Sikar Sikar
Kachhwa B.O 332026 Sikar Sikar
Kothyari B.O 332026 Lachhmangarh Sikar
Kumas B.O 332026 Sikar Sikar
Tunwa B.O 332026 Sikar Sikar
Abhaipura B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Jalalsar B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Karanga Bada B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Mandela Bada B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Mandela Chhota B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Nayabas B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Tajsar B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Athwas B.O 332401 Fatehpur Sikar
Disnau B.O 332401 Fatehpur Sikar
Kaswali B.O 332401 Fatehpur Sikar
Kheri Radan B.O 332401 Fatehpur Sikar
Madhopura B.O 332401 Fatehpur Sikar
Rajpura B.O 332401 Sikar Sikar
Rahnawa B.O 332401 Fatehpur Sikar
Bhaironpura B.O 332001 Sikar Sikar
Sabalpura B.O 332001 Sikar Sikar
Kanwarpura B.O 332001 Sikar Sikar
Nathawatpura B.O 332001 Sikar Sikar
Antri B.O 332021 Sikar Sikar
Chandpura B.O 332021 Sikar Sikar
Dujod B.O 332021 Sikar Sikar
Deogarh B.O 332021 Sikar Sikar
Gokulpura B.O 332021 Sikar Sikar
Harsh B.O 332021 Sikar Sikar
Kashikabas B.O 332021 Sikar Sikar
Mandawara B.O 332021 Sikar Sikar
Puran Badi B.O 332021 Sikar Sikar
Anokhu B.O 332002 Sikar Sikar
Nagwa B.O 332002 Sikar Sikar
Netarwas B.O 332002 Sikar Sikar
Pewa B.O 332002 Sikar Sikar
Bochi B.O 332029 Sikar Sikar
Sutod B.O 332029 Sikar Sikar
Tiroki Badi B.O 332029 Sikar Sikar
Bhadwasi B.O 332024 Sikar Sikar
Dadia B.O 332024 Sikar Sikar
Dinarpura B.O 332024 Sikar Sikar
Kudli B.O 332024 Sikar Sikar
Jheegar Chhoti B.O 332024 Sikar Sikar
Tarpura B.O 332024 Sikar Sikar
Badalwas B.O 332023 Sikar Sikar
Bhagatpura B.O 332023 Sikar Sikar
Bidoli B.O 332023 Sikar Sikar
Gothra Taglan B.O 332023 Sikar Sikar
Jachas B.O 332023 Sikar Sikar
Mandota B.O 332023 Sikar Sikar
Mundawara B.O 332023 Sikar Sikar
Rajpura B.O 332023 Sikar Sikar
Sami B.O 332023 Sikar Sikar
Dudhwa B.O 332406 Sikar Sikar
Jeenmata B.O 332406 Sikar Sikar
Jeenwas B.O 332406 Sikar Sikar
Mohanpura B.O 332406 Sikar Sikar
Nimera B.O 332406 Sikar Sikar
Ralwata B.O 332406 Sikar Sikar
Sankhu B.O 332401 Fatehpur Sikar
Barsinghpura B.O 332402 Danta Ramgarh Sikar
Dookia B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Gordhanpura B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Govati B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Govindpura B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Gudha Chhota B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Jurathara B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Mandha Madni B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Prithvipura B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Sunderpura B.O 332402 Sikar Sikar
Alkhpura Bogan B.O 332312 Sikar Sikar
Bathot B.O 332312 Sikar Sikar
Singodra B.O 332311 Fatehpur Sikar
Dhakas B.O 331024 Fatehpur Sikar
Khotiya B.O 331024 Fatehpur Sikar
Nethwa B.O 331024 Fatehpur Sikar
Neemakidhani B.O 331024 Fatehpur Sikar
Sahnusar B.O 331024 Fatehpur Sikar
Takhalsar B.O 331024 Fatehpur Sikar
Thedi B.O 331024 Fatehpur Sikar
Hudera B.O 332304 Fatehpur Sikar
Rosawa B.O 332304 Fatehpur Sikar
Sekhisar B.O 332304 Fatehpur Sikar
Badusar B.O 332317 Fatehpur Sikar
Bibipur B.O 332317 Fatehpur Sikar
Rajas B.O 332317 Fatehpur Sikar
Balod Bhakaran B.O 332305 Fatehpur Sikar
Balod Chhoti B.O 332305 Fatehpur Sikar
Dabri B.O 332305 Fatehpur Sikar
Tihay B.O 332307 Fatehpur Sikar
Thimoli B.O 332307 Fatehpur Sikar
Bagriawas B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Bassi B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Bharni B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Dhabawali B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Dhaliawas B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Kotri B.O 332715 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Mau B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Nangal Bhim B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Patwari Ka Bas B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Prithvipura B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Ralawata B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Tiwari Ki Dhani B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Vijaypura B.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Ajmeri B.O 332701 Srimadhopur Sikar
Aspura B.O 332701 Srimadhopur Sikar
Bhojasar B.O 332312 Sikar Sikar
Ghana B.O 332312 Sikar Sikar
Hapas B.O 332312 Sikar Sikar
Miran B.O 332312 Sikar Sikar
Sola B.O 332312 Sikar Sikar
Khakholi B.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Kirdoli B.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Molyasi B.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Pardoli Badi B.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Rulyana Mali B.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Sewa B.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Sewad Badi B.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Shyampura B.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Sihot Chhoti B.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Sutot B.O 332041 Sikar Sikar
Chainpura B.O 332027 Sikar Sikar
Gungara B.O 332027 Sikar Sikar
Hardayalpura B.O 332027 Sikar Sikar
Kushalpura B.O 332027 Sikar Sikar
Purohitkabas B.O 332027 Sikar Sikar
Singhasan B.O 332027 Sikar Sikar
Bajore B.O 332403 Sikar Sikar
Goriyan B.O 332403 Sikar Sikar
Khandelsar B.O 332403 Sikar Sikar
Raipura B.O 332403 Sikar Sikar
Rewasa B.O 332403 Sikar Sikar
Sherpura Sujas B.O 332403 Sikar Sikar
Shyampura B.O 332403 Sikar Sikar
Trilokpura B.O 332403 Sikar Sikar
Bhilunda B.O 332028 Sikar Sikar
Binjasi B.O 332028 Sikar Sikar
Dher Ka Bas B.O 332028 Sikar Sikar
Gunatoo B.O 332028 Sikar Sikar
Fatehpura B.O 332028 Sikar Sikar
Rulyani B.O 332028 Sikar Sikar
Shahpura B.O 332028 Sikar Sikar
Mordunga B.O 332030 Sikar Sikar
Sarwari B.O 332030 Sikar Sikar
Sujanpura B.O 332030 Sikar Sikar
Baral B.O 332405 Sikar Sikar
Palasara B.O 332405 Sikar Sikar
Sangarwa B.O 332405 Sikar Sikar
Ved Ki Dhani B.O 332405 Sikar Sikar
Bhuwala B.O 332042 Sikar Sikar
Dugoli B.O 332042 Sikar Sikar
Palwas B.O 332042 Sikar Sikar
Tasar Badi B.O 332042 Sikar Sikar
Banthod B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Bari B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Chuwas B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Birania B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Dewas B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Fadanpura B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Gangiasar B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Garinda B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Godia Bada B.O 332301 Fatehpur Sikar
Jugrajpura B.O 332701 Srimadhopur Sikar
Kishorepura B.O 332701 Srimadhopur Sikar
Mandusiya B.O 332701 Srimadhopur Sikar
Raipur Jagir B.O 332701 Neem-Ka-Thana Sikar
Tatera B.O 332701 Srimadhopur Sikar
Seepur B.O 332701 Srimadhopur Sikar
Ladpur B.O 332411 Srimadhopur Sikar
Malikpur B.O 332411 Srimadhopur Sikar
Shahpura B.O 332411 Srimadhopur Sikar
Thikaria B.O 332411 Srimadhopur Sikar
Bajiawas B.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Banathala B.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Charanwas B.O 332601 Danta Ramgarh Sikar
Dhingpur B.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Jalund B.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Kantia B.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Khora B.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Likhma Ka Bas B.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Mota Ki Dhani B.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Rulana B.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Ladpur B.O 332601 Srimadhopur Sikar
Motlawas B.O 332702 Srimadhopur Sikar
Mundiawas B.O 332702 Srimadhopur Sikar
Neemawas B.O 332702 Srimadhopur Sikar
Suliawas B.O 332702 Srimadhopur Sikar
Bhurdonkabas B.O 332703 Srimadhopur Sikar
Dholasari B.O 332703 Srimadhopur Sikar
Meirajanpura B.O 332703 Danta Ramgarh Sikar
Goriyan B.O 332722 Srimadhopur Sikar
Jankipura B.O 332722 Srimadhopur Sikar
Kasarda B.O 332722 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Nimera B.O 332722 Srimadhopur Sikar
Sawaipura B.O 332722 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Shola B.O 332722 Srimadhopur Sikar
Chakgopinathpura B.O 332710 Danta Ramgarh Sikar
Koolie B.O 332710 Srimadhopur Sikar
Shyampura B.O 332710 Srimadhopur Sikar
Umara B.O 332710 Srimadhopur Sikar
Abhawas B.O 332602 Srimadhopur Sikar
Aloda B.O 332602 Srimadhopur Sikar
Chomupurohitan B.O 332602 Srimadhopur Sikar
Ganora B.O 332602 Srimadhopur Sikar
Lamiya B.O 332602 Danta Ramgarh Sikar
Samer B.O 332602 Srimadhopur Sikar
Bharija B.O 332742 Srimadhopur Sikar
Dansroli B.O 332742 Srimadhopur Sikar
Kankra B.O 332742 Srimadhopur Sikar
Rajpura Nosal B.O 332742 Srimadhopur Sikar
Arnia B.O 332603 Srimadhopur Sikar
Gudha B.O 332603 Srimadhopur Sikar
Simarla Pironka B.O 332603 Srimadhopur Sikar
Lisariya B.O 332712 Srimadhopur Sikar
Nangal Nathusar B.O 332712 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Nathusar B.O 332712 Srimadhopur Sikar
Ratanpura B.O 332712 Srimadhopur Sikar
Bhopatpura B.O 332404 Srimadhopur Sikar
Dadia Rampura B.O 332404 Srimadhopur Sikar
Jetusar B.O 332404 Srimadhopur Sikar
Kotri Dhayalan B.O 332404 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Lakhani B.O 332404 Srimadhopur Sikar
Lampuwa B.O 332404 Srimadhopur Sikar
Sargoth B.O 332404 Srimadhopur Sikar
Tapiplya B.O 332404 Srimadhopur Sikar
Hansapur B.O 332715 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Holikabas B.O 332715 Nimkathana Sikar
Jairampura B.O 332715 Nimkathana Sikar
Chiplata B.O 332705 Nimkathana Sikar
Dariba B.O 332705 Nimkathana Sikar
Deepawas B.O 332705 Nimkathana Sikar
Khiroti B.O 332705 Neem-Ka-Thana Sikar
Ladikabas B.O 332705 Nimkathana Sikar
Mokalwas B.O 332705 Nimkathana Sikar
Ganwari B.O 332705 Nimkathana Sikar
Toda B.O 332705 Nimkathana Sikar
Chowkri B.O 332706 Nimkathana Sikar
Narsinghpuri B.O 332706 Nimkathana Sikar
Fatehpura B.O 332721 Nimkathana Sikar
Rajpura B.O 332721 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Shyamgarh B.O 332721 Nimkathana Sikar
Sakraimata B.O 332721 Nimkathana Sikar
Hardaskabas B.O 332707 Nimkathana Sikar
Haripura B.O 332707 Nimkathana Sikar
Hathideh B.O 332707 Nimkathana Sikar
Sanwalpura Shekhawatan B.O 332707 Nimkathana Sikar
Sanwalpura Tanwaran B.O 332707 Nimkathana Sikar
Surani B.O 332707 Nimkathana Sikar
Basri B.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Basri Khurd B.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Bhadwari B.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Dhani Jorawarsingh B.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Harjanpura B.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Kanwat R.S. B.O 332708 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Lorwara B.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Neemki B.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Pritampuri B.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Samrathpura B.O 332708 Nimkathana Sikar
Athbigha B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Bamanwas B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Barsinghpura B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Bhojpur B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Dayara B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Dhani Guman Singh B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Dudhwalonkabas B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Gokulkabas B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Hod B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Kerpura B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Khatundra B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Kotri B.O 332709 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Paniharwas B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Rampura B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Royal B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Saledipura B.O 332709 Nimkathana Sikar
Tiwarikidhani B.O 332709 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Dayalkinangal B.O 332711 Nimkathana Sikar
Jillo B.O 332711 Nimkathana Sikar
Makri B.O 332711 Nimkathana Sikar
Maonda Khurd B.O 332711 Nimkathana Sikar
Maonda Kalan B.O 332711 Nimkathana Sikar
Nathakinangal B.O 332711 Nimkathana Sikar
Ballupura B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Bihar B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Biharipur B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Chhajakinangal B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Dalpatpura B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Dokan B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Doongakinangal B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Ghasipura B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Hasampur B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Raipur B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Rampura B.O 332718 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Ramsinghkidhani B.O 332718 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Shyampura B.O 332718 Nimkathana Sikar
Bhagwanpura B.O 332714 Nimkathana Sikar
Bhagoth B.O 332714 Nimkathana Sikar
Garh Bhopji B.O 332719 Nimkathana Sikar
Kalyanpura B.O 332719 Nimkathana Sikar
Kardka B.O 332719 Sri Madhopur Sikar
Rampura B.O 332719 Sikar Sikar
Simrala B.O 332719 Nimkathana Sikar
Sihori B.O 332719 Nimkathana Sikar
Chak 3h Choti B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
5 Psd B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
68np B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Hakamabada B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Khayaliwala B.O 335002 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Ujjalwas B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Dalpatpura B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Chahiyan B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Chak 4bb B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Chak 4 G Choti B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Chak 5 Kk B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Chak 6 G Choti B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Chak 11 G Choti B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Chak 27 Gg B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Dhingawali B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Gudhuwala B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Jodhewala B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Rattewale B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Sagarwala B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Tatarsar B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Dhanoor B.O 335023 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Chak 2 X B.O 335023 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Chak 24 H B.O 335023 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Chak 28 H B.O 335023 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Chak 30 H B.O 335023 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Inderpura B.O 335064 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Kalwasia B.O 335064 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Kheruwala B.O 335064 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Manuka B.O 335064 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Narayangarh B.O 335064 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Bakhtanwali B.O 335025 Sadulsahar Ganganagar
Ladhuwala B.O 335025 Sadulsahar Ganganagar
Narsinghpura B.O 335025 Sadulsahar Ganganagar
9 Ml B.O 335025 Sadulsahar Ganganagar
2 Ffa B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
4 Jj B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
15 Ff B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
19 Rb B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
23 Ff B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Hanumangarh
32 Bb B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
35 Bb B.O 335024 Gajsinghpura Ganganagar
56 F B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
Khyaliwala B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
Motasarkhuni B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
Rajpura B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
Sangrana B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
Thandewala B.O 335024 Gajsinghpur Ganganagar
Zorawarpura B.O 335024 Gajsinghpura Ganganagar
1 Sm B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
2 Kma B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
2 Gmb B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
2 Kld B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
4kpd B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
7 GD B.O 335711 Gharsana Ganganagar
7 Mld B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
7 Knd B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
10 Kd B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
12 Knd B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
13 Dol B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
22 Rjd B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
Khober B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
Khanuwali B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
Rojari B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
Rawla B.O 335707 Gharsana Ganganagar
Dullapur Kerri B.O 335901 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Khakhan B.O 335901 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Kotha B.O 335901 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Orki B.O 335901 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Pakki B.O 335901 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Sujawalpur B.O 335901 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Bugia B.O 335702 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
Jankidaswala B.O 335702 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Raghunathgarh B.O 335702 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
Sarupsar B.O 335702 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
6 Gb B.O 335702 Sribijenagar Ganganagar
7 Lc B.O 335702 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
Arayan B.O 335027 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Gulabewala B.O 335027 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Gurusar B.O 335027 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Kaminpura B.O 335027 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Malkana Kalan B.O 335027 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Malkana Khurd B.O 335027 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Mohlan B.O 335027 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
19 F B.O 335027 Kesrisinghpur Ganganagar
Morjand Khari B.O 335037 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Panniwali B.O 335037 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Sardpura Jiwan B.O 335037 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
2 K M B.O 335711 Gharsana Ganganagar
6 D D B.O 335711 Gharsana Ganganagar
12 H B.O 335711 Gharsana Ganganagar
13 M D B.O 335711 Gharsana Ganganagar
Satrana B.O 335711 Gharsana Ganganagar
Patroda B.O 335711 Gharsana Ganganagar
3 C Chotti B.O 335038 Srigaganagar Ganganagar
10 Z B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
11 Z B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
19 Z B.O 335038 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
23 Z B.O 335038 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Daulatpura B.O 335038 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Matili Rathan B.O 335038 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Phusewala B.O 335038 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Sahibsinghwala B.O 335038 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Sangetpura B.O 335038 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Bakhtana B.O 335038 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
3mk B.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
5tk B.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
6tk B.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
16ps B.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
19ps B.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
31ml B.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Dabla B.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Jhotanwali B.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Udsar B.O 335039 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
13ff B.O 335040 Padampur Ganganagar
14ff B.O 335040 Padampur Ganganagar
40ff B.O 335040 Padampur Ganganagar
50gg B.O 335040 Padampur Ganganagar
Kharlan B.O 335040 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Dharinganwali B.O 335040 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Srinagar B.O 335040 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
2rb B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
4nn B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
5eeea B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
5nn B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
6cc B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
8nn B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
23bb B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
29bb B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
Binjbaila B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
Delwan B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
Fakirwali B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
Ghamoorwali B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
Jalloki B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
Jorkian B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
Sanwatsar B.O 335041 Padampur Ganganagar
9ps B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
11ps B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
22ps B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
67rb B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
71rb B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Bhadwanwala B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Bagicha B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Bajuwala B.O 335051 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
Bhompura B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Fozuwala B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Likhmewala B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Mokamwala B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Sukhchainpura B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Satzanda B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Thakri B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Karadwali B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Mohannagar B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Nanuwala B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Shyamgarh B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Thandi B.O 335051 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
2a B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
3nd B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
9lm B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
15lm B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
15blda B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
48gba B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
51gb B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
61gb B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
65gb B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
70gb B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
72gb B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
74gb B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
Gomanwali B.O 335703 Sribijeynagar Ganganagar
Kupli B.O 335703 Anoopgarh Ganganagar
Nahranwali B.O 335703 Ramsinghpur Ganganagar
1 Ps B.O 335061 Padampur Ganganagar
54 Lnp B.O 335061 Padampur Ganganagar
69 Lnp B.O 335061 Padampur Ganganagar
Fakirwali Kothi B.O 335061 Padampur Ganganagar
Pharsewala B.O 335061 Padampur Ganganagar
Harkhewala B.O 335061 Padampur Ganganagar
Ratanpura B.O 335061 Padampura Ganganagar
Alipura B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Banwali B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Budharwali B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Dalianwali B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Gadderkhera B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Karadwala B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Khatsajwar B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Kishanpura Utrada B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Manniwali B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Noorpura B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Rasuwala B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Indergarh B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Chhapanwali B.O 335062 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
Birmana B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
5 As B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
17 Gb B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
4 Bld B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
12 Gb B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
Bhopalpura B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
19 Gb B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
25 Gb B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
40 Gb B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
42 Gb B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
Gudli B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
Kalyankote B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
Raghunathpura B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
Vilochia B.O 335704 Sribijaynagar Ganganagar
Badopal B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Baringa B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Burjwala B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
3 ‘o’ B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
6 ‘o’ B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
15 ‘o’ B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
42 H B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
47 F B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
61 F B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Danewala B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Majhiwala B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Mukan Pabusar B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Radewala B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Naggi B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Roopnagar B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Tejewala B.O 335073 Srikaranpur Ganganagar
Chak 2ll B.O 335002 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Chak 13 Lnp B.O 335002 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Govindpura B.O 335002 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Kundlawala B.O 335002 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Mahiyanwali B.O 335002 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Nathwala B.O 335002 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Natewala B.O 335002 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Sihaganwali B.O 335002 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Dharmsinghwala B.O 335002 Sadulsahar Ganganagar
Ajitpura B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Bhagwan B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Gandhi Bari B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Karanpura B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Utradabas B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Bhadi B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Bhangarh B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Biran B.O 335511 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Garhichhani B.O 335511 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Jhansal B.O 335511 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Mahrana B.O 335511 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Malkhera B.O 335511 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Ninan B.O 335511 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Ramgadhia B.O 335511 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Sahuwala B.O 335511 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Sherpura B.O 335511 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Asan B.O 335503 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Bhirani B.O 335503 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Gadhra B.O 335503 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Jogiwala B.O 335503 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Sagra B.O 335503 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Shivdanpura B.O 335503 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Suratpura B.O 335503 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Bahlolnagar B.O 335801 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Fatehgarh B.O 335801 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Kamana B.O 335801 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Karanisar Sahjipura B.O 335801 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Badbiran B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Barwali B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Bharwana B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Dhilki B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Lalana B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Deeplana B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Khachwana B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Munsari B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Nethrana B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Farlika B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Ramgarh B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Nathwania B.O 335504 Nohar Hanumangarh
Ayalki B.O 335802 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
Dablibaspema B.O 335802 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
Gurusar Modia B.O 335802 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
Kewalwali Dhani B.O 335802 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
Khotanwali B.O 335802 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
Pakka Bhadwan B.O 335802 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
Surewali B.O 335802 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
Amarsinghwala B.O 335802 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
Hardayalpura B.O 335802 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
26 J.R.K. B.O 335802 Pilibanga Hanumangarh
Anupshahar B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Bhojasar B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Dobi B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Bhanai B.O 335501 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Amarpura Theri B.O 335513 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Kishanpura Dikhnada B.O 335513 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Kohlan B.O 335513 Kohlan Hanumangarh
Ramsara Narain B.O 335513 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Jhamber B.O 335513 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Kamrani B.O 335513 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Sherekan B.O 335513 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Dungarana B.O 335502 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Gheu B.O 335502 Bhdra Hanumangarh
Kanau B.O 335502 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Kiradabara B.O 335502 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Kunji B.O 335502 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Malsisar B.O 335502 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Mundriabara B.O 335502 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Raslana B.O 335502 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Bojhla B.O 335502 Bhadra Hanumangarh
Daulatpura B.O 335065 Suratgarh Hanumangarh
Lilanwali B.O 335065 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Malerkhera B.O 335065 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Nagrana B.O 335065 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Fatehpura B.O 335065 Suratgarh Hanumangarh
Aradhki B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Bhukarka B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Birkali B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Chak Sardarpura B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Daidas B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Dhandhela B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Dhansia B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Gandheli B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Gorkhana B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Gudia B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Jabrasar B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Jasana B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Jhedasar B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Khuiuyan B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Malwani B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Mandarpura B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Meghana B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Naulakhi B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Neemla B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Ratanpura B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Pandusar B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Sirangsar B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Sonari B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Tidyasar B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Lalania B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Toparia B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Dhani Lakhan B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Nanau B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Padampura B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Soorpura B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Munsari B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Khinania B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Thirana B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Durjana B.O 335523 Nohar Hanumangarh
Amarpura Rathan B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Salochanwala B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Chohilanwali B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Dhaba B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Chak 34 Stg B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Dulmana B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Kalibanga B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Lakhasar B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Likhmisar B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Longwala B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Pilibanga Village B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Prempura B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Panditanwali B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Sanger B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Ahmedpura B.O 335803 Pilibangan Hanumangarh
Baramsar B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Bhompura B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Bherunsari B.O 335524 Rawatsar. Hanumangarh
Chahuwali B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Dablikalan B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Dhannasar B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Hardaswali B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Jorawarpura B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Kanwani B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Khoda B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Lakhuwali Head B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Mainawali B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Mirzewali Mer B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Mahela B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Daniyasar B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
4 Dwm B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
15 Kwd B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
4 Cym B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Madhunagar B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Mohanmagaria B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Moter B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Naiyasar B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Naurangdesar B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Pallu B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Poharka B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Purabsar B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Rampura Matoria B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Bisrasar B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Thalarka B.O 335524 Rawatsar Hanumangarh
Bashir B.O 335063 Sangari Hanumangarh
Bhakranwali B.O 335063 Sangari Hanumangarh
Bhagatpura B.O 335063 Snagaria Hanumangarh
Bolanwali B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Deengarh B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Dhaba B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Gilwala B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Gudia B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Haripura B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Jandwali Sikhan B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Kharakhera B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Badopal B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Bhagwansar B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Birdhwal R.S.(Suratgarh) B.O 335805 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Birdwal Head B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Deidaspura B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Farm Colony Suratgarh B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Govindsar B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Ghamandia B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Maler B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Mokalsar B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Padampura B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Rajpura Pipran B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Rajiasar B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Rampura B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Ramsara Jakhran B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Rayanwali B.O 335805 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Somasar B.O 335805 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Sardarpura Bika B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Thethar B.O 335805 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Thukrana B.O 335805 Suratgarh Ganganagar
8 SHPD B.O 335705 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Manaktheri B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Hindor B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Silwala Kalan B.O 335525 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Masani B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Masitanwali B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Meharwala B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Kikarawali B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Kulchander B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Morjand Sikhan B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Naiwala B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Nathwana B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Nukera B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Rampura Mala B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Sabuana B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Saliwala B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Shahpini B.O 335063 Snagaria Hanumangarh
Santpura B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Amarpura Jalukhat B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Ratanpura B.O 335063 Sangaria Hanumangarh
Vidyapeeth B.O 335063 Snagaria Hanumangarh
3 F D M B.O 335705 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Narwana B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Rampura Neola B.O 335804 Suratgarh Ganganagar
Munda B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Pakki Dabli B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Rampura Ramsara B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Silwala Khurd B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Chak 2 Ksp B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Chak 4 Ksp B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Rathikhara B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Panniwali B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Peerkamadia B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Surewala B.O 335526 Tibbi Hanumangarh
Bhatiwala B.O 335701 Sadulshahar Ganganagar
3 Y B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Chak 5 E Chhoti B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Fathui B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Chak 5 Ll B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Chak 20 GG B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Kalian B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Khatlabana B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Maderan B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Mohanpura B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Rohirawali Suthran B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Rohiranwali Rathan B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Sadhuwali B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Sahuwala B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
15 Z B.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Jandwali B.O 335512 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Jawalasinghwala B.O 335512 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Jorkia B.O 335512 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Makkasar B.O 335512 Hanumangrh Hanumangarh
Nawan B.O 335512 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Pakka Saharana B.O 335512 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Rorawali B.O 335512 Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
Satipura B.O 335512 Hanumangrh Hanumangarh
Banda B.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
Chakbhagsar B.O 335001 Anupgarh Ganganagar
Kamrania B.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
Khokharanwali B.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
1lsm9(Bada Colony) B.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
Chak15 A B.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
Chak 22 A B.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
Chak 27 A B.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
78 Gb B.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
Chak 86 Gb B.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
90 Gb B.O 335701 Anupgarh Ganganagar
Khatan B.O 335021 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Lakhahakam B.O 335021 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Sanwatsar B.O 335021 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
39 Ps B.O 335021 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
41 Ps B.O 335021 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Chak 75 NP B.O 335021 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Sameja(15 PTD) B.O 335021 Raisinghnagar Ganganagar
Chak KK B.O 335022 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Barjal B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Pipla B.O 313321 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Antri B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Odan B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Noli B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Larathi B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Amlia B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Kejad B.O 313902 Sarara Udaipur
Gadoli B.O 313203 Mavli Udaipur
Laku Ka Lewa B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Teja Ka Was B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Bhensda Kalan B.O 313024 Girwa Udaipur
Bichhadi B.O 313024 Girwa Udaipur
Debari B.O 313024 Girwa Udaipur
Gudli B.O 313024 Girwa Udaipur
Sakroda B.O 313024 Girwa Udaipur
Ajitgarh B.O 305921 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Dansaria B.O 305921 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Godhaji Ja Gaon B.O 305921 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Balli Ijassa Kheda B.O 305921 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Kaladeh B.O 305921 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Kukar Khera B.O 305921 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Kukra B.O 305921 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Samliya B.O 305921 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Togi B.O 305921 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Bansa B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Jhilwara B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Kalaguman B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Kharnota B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Lambodi B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Manawaton Ka Guda B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Sathia B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Sevantri B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Sunkhar B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Thurawad B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Todawara Gujran B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Umarwas B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Janawad B.O 313333 Amet Rajsamand
Aagaria B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Bikawas B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Gosundi B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Goval B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Jeeran B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Khakharmala B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Kuanthal B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Liki B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Mad B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Nanana B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Narana B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Selaguda B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Tikar B.O 313332 Amet Rajsamand
Charana B.O 313211 Railmagra Rajsamand
Gawaardi B.O 313211 Railmagra Rajsamand
Kabra B.O 313211 Railmagra Rajsamand
Kotri B.O 313211 Railmagra Rajsamand
Rajpura B.O 313211 Railmagra Rajsamand
Bilota B.O 313202 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Chirwa B.O 313202 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Kailashpuri B.O 313202 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Kaliwas B.O 313202 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Manakwas B.O 313202 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Negadia B.O 313202 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Rama B.O 313202 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Shishvi B.O 313202 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Anjana B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Bagana B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Chhaplian B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Daver B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Isharmand B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Kakrod B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Kalesaria B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Khamlighat B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Kundwa B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Lasani B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Madaria B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Nardaska Guda B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Badrada B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Bhana B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Bhawa B.O 313324 Rajsmand Rajsamand
Boraj B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Gajpur B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Kalinjar B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Koyal B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Mahalon Ki Pipli B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Masatiyon Ki Madri B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Mundol B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Pasund B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Pharara B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Piparda B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Piplantri B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Punawali B.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Sakroda B.O 313324 Raajsamand Rajsamand
Sanghat Kalan B.O 313324 Raajsamand Rajsamand
Sayon Ka Khera B.O 313324 Raajsamand Rajsamand
Sundarcha B.O 313324 Raajsamand Rajsamand
Baggad B.O 313341 Bhim Rajsamand
Hamelon Ki Bar B.O 313341 Bhim Rajsamand
Kachhabali B.O 313341 Bhim Rajsamand
Lakha Guda B.O 313341 Bhim Rajsamand
Mandawar B.O 313341 Bhim Rajsamand
Miyala B.O 313341 Bhim Rajsamand
Thikarwas B.O 313341 Bhim Rajsamand
Pardi B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Pipli B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Ranchhedi B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Savadari B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Tal B.O 313331 Deogarh Rajsamand
Bhada Bhanuja B.O 313321 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Bhensa Kamed B.O 313321 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Jhalon Ki Madar B.O 313321 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Koshiwara B.O 313321 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Machind B.O 313321 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Morcha B.O 313321 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Sameecha B.O 313321 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Usar B.O 313321 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Khad Bamnia B.O 313207 Gilund Rajsamand
Kundia B.O 313207 Gilund Rajsamand
Pachhamata B.O 313207 Gilund Rajsamand
Panotia B.O 313207 Gilund Rajsamand
Aidana B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Antalia B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Atma B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Dhaneen B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Dhanyla B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Jhanjhar B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Khatmala B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Merda Khalsa B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Padasali B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Sapol B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Siyana B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Tansol B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Tunkra B.O 313334 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Badgaon B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Bansada B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Bhopa Khera B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Chargadia B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Dhundia B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Hinta B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Kundai B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Kunthwas B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Motida B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Saleda B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Sarangpura B.O 313603 Bhinder Udaipur
Daroli B.O 313022 Bhinder Udaipur
Gupri B.O 313022 Bhinder Udaipur
Khedi B.O 313022 Bhinder Udaipur
Merta B.O 313022 Bhinder Udaipur
Nandwel B.O 313022 Bhinder Udaipur
Bankora B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Baradara B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Kadia B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Kankrwa B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Kanooja B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Kesar B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Kuncholi B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Majera B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Oda B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Taladari B.O 313325 Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
Balicha B.O 313322 Khamnore Rajsamand
Kadmal B.O 313322 Khamnore Rajsamand
Molela B.O 313322 Khamnore Rajsamand
Saloda B.O 313322 Khamnore Rajsamand
Semal B.O 313322 Khamnore Rajsamand
Unwas B.O 313322 Khamnore Rajsamand
Vati B.O 313322 Khamnore Rajsamand
Sema B.O 313322 Khamnore Rajsamand
Binol B.O 313327 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Galwa B.O 313327 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Jetpura B.O 313327 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Jhor B.O 313327 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Phiyawadi B.O 313327 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Pipli Ahiran B.O 313327 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Akodara B.O 313323 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Bamanhera B.O 313323 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Bijnol B.O 313323 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Maja B.O 313323 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Namana B.O 313323 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Pakhand B.O 313323 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Gogathala B.O 313328 Railmagra Rajsamand
Jitawas B.O 313328 Railmagra Rajsamand
Junda B.O 313328 Railmagra Rajsamand
Khandel B.O 313328 Railmagra Rajsamand
Lapsia B.O 313328 Railmagra Rajsamand
Dowra B.O 313330 Lawa Sardargarh Rajsamand
Jilola B.O 313330 Lawa Sardargarh Rajsamand
Lodiyana B.O 313330 Lawa Sardargarh Rajsamand
Olanakhera B.O 313330 Lawa Sardargarh Rajsamand
Panotia B.O 313330 Lawa Sardargarh Rajsamand
Sakroda B.O 313330 Lawa Sardargarh Rajsamand
Bagol B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Dhayla B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Karoli B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Kessuli B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Kunthwa B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Lal Madri B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Mandiyana B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Salore B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Shishoda B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Tantol B.O 313322 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Gunjol B.O 313301 Nathdwara Rajsamand
Bhatoli B.O 313342 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Dhoinda B.O 313342 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Emdi B.O 313342 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Naogama B.O 313342 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Rajiawas B.O 313342 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Bamnia Kalan B.O 313329 Railmagra Rajsamand
Banerian B.O 313329 Railmagra Rajsamand
Chowkdi B.O 313329 Railmagra Rajsamand
Pipli Dadiyan B.O 313329 Railmagra Rajsamand
Sadri B.O 313329 Railmagra Rajsamand
Sakrawas B.O 313329 Railmagra Rajsamand
Sansera B.O 313329 Railmagra Rajsamand
Barda B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Bedla B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Bhutala B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Godach B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Iswal B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Kadia B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Lakhawali B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Losing B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Loyra B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Madar B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Nedach B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Sapetia B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Shobhagpura B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Thoor B.O 313011 Badgaon Udaipur
Adiwali B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Balicha B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Dabaycha B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Deri B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Jayra B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Kanbai B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Karawada B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Nayagaon B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Patia B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Sarera B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Sundra B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Thana B.O 313804 Kherwara Udaipur
Badawali B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Baroda B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Bhoraipal B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Dagar B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Godasar B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Intali Pal B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Katev B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Mallada B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Pandiyawara B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Rathora B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Shaktawat Ka Guda B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Tokar B.O 313026 Salumber Udaipur
Adkalia B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
B K Kherwara B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Damana B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Dheemari B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Dodawali B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Godana B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Gogala B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Gorana B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Khakhad B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Mohd. Phalasia B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Sultan Ji ka  Kherwara B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Dewas B.O 313702 Salumber Udaipur
Badgaon B.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Chatpur B.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Dhingri B.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Ghatod B.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Kantora B.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Sallada B.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Sarsia B.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Shyampura B.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Udaipuria Jagir B.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Veerpura B.O 313905 Sarara Udaipur
Amloda B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Bhabrana B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Dholgiri Ka Khera B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Ghated B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Jetana B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Jodhpur Khurd B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Kalyankalan B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Karakalan B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Manpur B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Matasula B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Payara B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Samoda B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Sheshpur B.O 313038 Salumber Udaipur
Badla B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Bawalwara B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Bayri B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Bhanda B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Barothi B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Dhinkwas B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Ghodi B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Jawas B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Karchha B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Katarwas B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Khandiobri B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Pograkalan B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Saroli B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Sulai B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Suveri B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Khanmeen B.O 313803 Kherwara Udaipur
Bakhel B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Barli B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Bikarni B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Dhedmaria B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Guran B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Jed B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Jogiwara B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Juda B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Kagwas B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Khajuria B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Mahad B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Mahadi B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Mamer B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Mandawal B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Mandwa B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Medi B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Merpur B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Nayawas B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Sada B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Samoli B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Sandraf B.O 307025 Kotra Udaipur
Alsigarh B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Baghpura B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Bari Undri B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Bujhra B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Jekra B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Madla B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Madri B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Makradeo B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Pai B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Pipalwara B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Saradeet B.O 313031 Girva Udaipur
Sisarma B.O 313031 Girwa Udaipur
Beerothi B.O 313906 Jhadol Udaipur
Gejvi B.O 313906 Jhadol Udaipur
Padawali B.O 313906 Jhadol Udaipur
Sameeja B.O 313906 Jhadol Udaipur
Vass B.O 313906 Jhadol Udaipur
Barapal B.O 313801 Kherwara Udaipur
Chanawada B.O 313801 Kherwara Udaipur
Kaya B.O 313801 Kherwara Udaipur
Paduna B.O 313801 Kherwara Udaipur
Pal Kharwad B.O 313801 Kherwara Udaipur
Sarupal B.O 313801 Kherwara Udaipur
Tidi B.O 313801 Kherwara Udaipur
Ambassa B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Amiwara B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Bichhiwara B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Daiya B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Kolyari B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Lathuni B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Manpur B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Nichli Sigri B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Oda B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Som B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Upreta B.O 313701 Jhadol Udaipur
Balua B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Bhudar B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Bilakh B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Garnalakotra B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Godawat Gorimba B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Kagdar B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Kanuwara B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Kojawara B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Massaron Ki Obri B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Paderi B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Pareda B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Pipli (A) B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Pipli (B) B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Sagwara B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Ugamna Kotra B.O 313802 Kherwara Udaipur
Adkalia B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Bamnia B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Banoda B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Bassi B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Bassi Junjawat B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Bedawal B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Chiboda B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Dal B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Deogam B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Dharod B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Gamda Pal B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Isarwas Dangiyan B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Jambuda B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Karawali B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Kharka B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Kherad B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Malpur B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Morila B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Orwaria B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Saradi B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Seria B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Thada B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Toda B.O 313027 Salumber Udaipur
Bana Khurd B.O 313902 Sarara Udaipur
Dayli B.O 313904 Sarara Udaipur
Katanwara B.O 313902 Sarara Udaipur
Nathara B.O 313904 Sarara Udaipur
Pal Nimboda B.O 313902 Sarara Udaipur
Pal Sarara B.O 313902 Sarara Udaipur
Sagtara B.O 313902 Sarara Udaipur
Thana B.O 313904 Sarara Udaipur
Chandora B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Chorai B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Depur B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Dhankiwara B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Dhelana B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Jambuda B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Kunda B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Kuradia B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Medi Dhani B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Navda B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Rajol B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Sagtari B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Shayampura B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Surkhand Ka Khera B.O 313903 Sarara Udaipur
Balicha B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Bhoiyon Ki Pancholi B.O 313003 Girwa Udaipur
Bhuwana B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Dakan Kotra B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Dhinkli B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Fatehpur B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Kaladwas B.O 313003 Girwa Udaipur
Kanpur B.O 313003 Girwa Udaipur
Karda B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Kewda Khurd B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Lakadwas B.O 313003 Girwa Udaipur
Matoon B.O 313003 Girwa Udaipur
Palodara B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Paner B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Piladhar B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Royda B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Saveena B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Titardi B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Kathar B.O 313001 Girwa Udaipur
Deopura B.O 313901 Girwa Udaipur
Jawar B.O 313901 Girwa Udaipur
Mahuwara B.O 313901 Girwa Udaipur
Padla B.O 313901 Girwa Udaipur
Singhatwara B.O 313901 Girwa Udaipur
Bhimal B.O 313203 Mavli Udaipur
Khempur B.O 313203 Mavli Udaipur
Ladani B.O 313203 Mavli Udaipur
Phalichada B.O 313203 Mavli Udaipur
Sakroda B.O 313203 Mavli Udaipur
Vadiyar B.O 313203 Mavli Udaipur
Lopada B.O 313203 Mavli Udaipur
Ballabh B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Dhavdi B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Gingla B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Gudel B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Idana B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Mayada B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Panund B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Phila B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Sihad B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Sulawas B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Tekan B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Utharda B.O 313706 Salumber Udaipur
Badgaon B.O 313205 Mavli Udaipur
Changedi B.O 313205 Mavli Udaipur
Intali B.O 313205 Mavli Udaipur
Vasni Kalan B.O 313205 Mavli Udaipur
Bagdunda B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Bhadviguda B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Chatia Khedi B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Chhali B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Chorbaori B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Kachhaba B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Mada B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Majawad B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Modi B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Morwal B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Nal B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Obra Kalan B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Rawalia Kalan B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Ravlia Khurd B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Surajgarh B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Majawadi B.O 313705 Gogunda Udaipur
Agad B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Akola B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Amar Pura B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Anjani B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Arnia B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Baalicha B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Bharev B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Deolia B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Dhamniya B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Kali Bhit B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Kun B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Lasadia B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Lunda B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Pithalpura B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Sarangpura B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Dholia B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Dhikiya B.O 313604 Bhinder Udaipur
Bijanwas B.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Boyana B.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Chandesara B.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Dholi Magri B.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Ghasa B.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Nahar Magra B.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Rakhyawal B.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Salera Kalan B.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Sangwa B.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Veerdholia B.O 313201 Mavli Udaipur
Amar Pura B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Arinda B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Baggad B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Barodia B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Batharda Kalan B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Batharda Khurd B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Kharsan B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Majawada B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Menar B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Modi B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Onarsingh Ki Bhagal B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Vana B.O 313602 Bhinder Udaipur
Adwas B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Ajbara B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Bemla B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Dantesar B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Jagat B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Jawad B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Methudi B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Naijhar B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Semal B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Shishvi B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Wali B.O 313703 Girwa Udaipur
Bekria B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Dhol B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Gogrood B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Jaswantgarh B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Jhadoli B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Kyari B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Loharcha B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Malwa Ka Chora B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Mewaron Ka Math B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Pipla B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Rao Madra B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Saidem B.O 313708 Gogunda Udaipur
Bhansol Garwara B.O 313204 Mavli Udaipur
Jawad B.O 313204 Mavli Udaipur
Mahuda B.O 313204 Mavli Udaipur
Noorda B.O 313204 Mavli Udaipur
Palan Kalan B.O 313204 Mavli Udaipur
Sindhu B.O 313204 Mavli Udaipur
Thamla B.O 313204 Mavli Udaipur
Uthnol B.O 313204 Mavli Udaipur
Wanri B.O 313204 Mavli Udaipur
Tothada B.O 312626 Dhariawad Udaipur
Dhaneria B.O 313206 Mavli Rajsamand
Jewana B.O 313206 Mavli Rajsamand
Khartana B.O 313206 Mavli Rajsamand
Morath B.O 313206 Mavli Rajsamand
B K Kalwana B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Bhanpura B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Bokhada B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Diyan B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Ganawal B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Jemli B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Kamol B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Padrada B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Palasma B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Punawali B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Roachh B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Semad B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Singhara B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Suavaton Ka Guda B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
Tarpal B.O 313704 Gogunda Rajsamand
ARS Station B.O 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Balathal B.O 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Bhatewaar B.O 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Dhamania B.O 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Karanpur B.O 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Kikawas B.O 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Nawania B.O 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Puria Kheri B.O 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Rundera B.O 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Tarawat B.O 313601 Vallabhnagar Udaipur
Bhalon Ka Guda B.O 313024 Girwa Udaipur
Neendar B.O 302013 Jaipur Jaipur
Basna B.O 302028 Amer Jaipur
Bhanpur Kalan B.O 302028 Amer Jaipur
Bilod B.O 302028 Amer Jaipur
Dhand B.O 302028 Amer Jaipur
Khora Meena B.O 302028 Amer Jaipur
Kookas B.O 302028 Amer Jaipur
Nangal Soosawatan B.O 302028 Amer Jaipur
Toda Meena B.O 302028 Amer Jaipur
Natata B.O 302028 Amer Jaipur
Jaisinghpura Bas B.O 302026 Sanganer Jaipur
Mahapura B.O 302026 Sanganer Jaipur
Mukandpura B.O 302026 Jaipur Jaipur
Indergarh B.O 302027 Amer Jaipur
Langareeyawas B.O 302027 Amer Jaipur
Rahori B.O 302027 Amer Jaipur
Roop Was B.O 302027 Amer Jaipur
Saipura B.O 302027 Amer Jaipur
Saiwar B.O 302027 Amer Jaipur
Dhankya B.O 302041 Kalwad Jaipur
Khora Bisal B.O 302012 Jaipur Jaipur
Kishanpura B.O 302012 Jaipur Jaipur
Meena Wala B.O 302012 Jaipur Jaipur
Mundia Rampura B.O 302041 Jaipur Jaipur
Neendar Banar B.O 302012 Jaipur Jaipur
Niwaroo B.O 302012 Jaipur Jaipur
Rojda B.O 302012 Jaipur Jaipur
Lakhana B.O 302029 Sanganer Jaipur
Mahapura B.O 302029 Sanganer Jaipur
Muhana B.O 302029 Sanganer Jaipur
Neota B.O 302029 Sanganer Jaipur
Akhepura B.O 302013 Jaipur Jaipur
Azad Nagar S.O (Bhilwara) 311001 NA Bhilwara
Rupaheli S.O 311030 NA Bhilwara
Mandal S.O (Bhilwara) 311403 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Asind S.O 311301 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Badnore S.O 311302 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bagore S.O 311402 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Banera S.O 311401 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bapunagar Bhilwara S.O 311001 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhilwara City S.O 311001 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhilwara Court S.O 311001 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bhilwara Rly Station S.O 311001 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bigod S.O 311601 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Bijolian S.O 311602 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gangapur (Bhilwara) S.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Gulabpura S.O 311021 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Hamirgarh S.O 311025 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Hurda S.O 311022 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Indra Market S.O 311001 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kachola S.O 311605 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kashipuri Bhilwara S.O 311001 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Koshithal S.O 311805 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kothian S.O 311023 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kotri S.O (Bhilwara) 311603 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Krisi Upaj Mandi Bwa S.O 311001 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Kundgate Shahpura S.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Labour Colony S.O (Bhilwara) 311001 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Upreda S.O 311408 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mandalgarh S.O 311604 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Mod Ka Nimbahera S.O 311026 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Pander S.O 311202 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Phulia Kalan S.O 311407 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Piplund S.O 311203 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Pur S.O (Bhilwara) 311802 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Railagaon S.O 311024 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Raipur S.O (Bhilwara) 311803 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Raja Ji Ka Kareda S.O 311804 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Sahada S.O 311806 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Shambhugarh S.O 311204 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Shahpura Raj S.O 311404 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Shastri Nagar Gangapur S.O 311801 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Subhash Nagar-Bhilwara S.O 311001 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Suwana S.O 311011 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Jahazpur S.O 311201 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Adarsh Nagar (Ajmer) S.O 305002 Ajmer Ajmer
Alwar Gate Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Ashok Marg Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Bhajan Ganj Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Crpf Ajmer S.O 305005 Ajmer Ajmer
Dargha Shareef Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Dhan Mandi Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Ganj Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Gc Road Ajmer S.O 305007 Ajmer Ajmer
Gujar Dharti Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Hmt Ajmer Dtso S.O 305003 Ajmer Ajmer
Ie Makhu Pura Ajmer S.O 305002 Ajmer Ajmer
Jln Hospital Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Jones Ganj Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Kaiser Ganj Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Kutchery S.O (Ajmer) 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Loco Work Shop Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Maday S.O 305024 Ajmer Ajmer
Mayo S.O 305007 Ajmer Ajmer
Mds University Ajmer S.O 305009 Ajmer Ajmer
Mss Hatundi S.O 305012 Ajmer Ajmer
Nagra Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Naka Madar Ajmer S.O 305007 Ajmer Ajmer
Naya Bazar S.O (Ajmer) 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Pal Beesla Ajmer S.O 305007 Ajmer Ajmer
Raj. Edu. Board Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
RPSC Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Ram Ganj Ajmer S.O 305003 Ajmer Ajmer
Regional College Ajmer S.O 305004 Ajmer Ajmer
Session Court Ajmer S.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Shastri Nagar S.O (Ajmer) 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Vaishali Nagar Ajmer S.O 305004 Ajmer Ajmer
Aditya Mills S.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Arain S.O 305813 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Gandhi Nagar Madanganj S.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Chandra Colony S.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Dhan Mandi – Kishan Garh S.O 305802 Kishangarh Ajmer
Gagwana S.O 305023 Ajmer Ajmer
Harmara S.O 305812 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Karel S.O 305021 Ajmer Ajmer
Karkeri S.O 305819 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Kishangarh City S.O 305802 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Kuchil S.O 305811 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Pushkar S.O 305022 Ajmer Ajmer
Raj Garh (Ajmer) S.O 305205 Ajmer Ajmer
Roopnagar S.O 305814 Kishangarh Ajmer
Salemabad S.O 305815 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Saradhana S.O 305206 Ajmer Ajmer
Shivaji Nagar S.O (Ajmer) 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Srinagar S.O (Ajmer) 305025 Ajmer Ajmer
Tiloniya S.O 305816 Kishan Garh Ajmer
Ladariya S.O 341517 Ladnun Nagaur
Maulasar S.O 341506 Didwana Nagaur
Station Road Didwana S.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Nimbijodhan S.O 341316 Ladnun Nagaur
Pahelipatti Ladnun S.O 341306 Ladnun Nagaur
Rahugate Ladnun S.O 341306 Ladnun Nagaur
Ratau S.O 341317 Didwana Nagaur
Toshina S.O 341319 Didwana Nagaur
Badu S.O (Nagaur) 341501 Degana Nagaur
Besroli S.O 341520 Degana Nagaur
Borawar S.O 341502 Makrana Nagaur
Gachhipura S.O 341504 Degana Nagaur
I.A.Bidiad S.O 341542 Parbatsar Nagaur
I.A.Nawacity S.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Kuchamancity S.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Kukanwali S.O 341519 Nawacity Nagaur
Makrana Rs S.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Maroth S.O 341507 Makrana Nagaur
Mithri S.O 341533 Didwana Nagaur
Nawacity Lsg S.O 341509 Nawacity Nagaur
Parbatsar S.O 341512 Parbatsar Nagaur
S.R. Kuchamancity S.O 341508 Nawacity Nagaur
Makrana S.B. S.O 341505 Parbatsar Nagaur
Bansiwala Temple S.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Basni S.O 341021 Nagaur Nagaur
Deh S.O 341022 Nagaur Nagaur
Gotan S.O 342902 Merta Nagaur
Jael S.O 341023 Jael Nagaur
Jasnagar S.O 341518 Merta Nagaur
Khajwana S.O 341028 Mundwa Nagaur
Khinwsar S.O 341025 Khinwsar Nagaur
Kum Merta S.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Kuchera S.O (Nagaur) 341024 Mundwa Nagaur
Marwar Mundwa S.O 341026 Marwar Mundwa Nagaur
Merta S.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Merta City S.O 341510 Merta Nagaur
Merta Road S.O 341511 Merta Nagaur
Nagaurcity S.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Padukallan S.O 341031 NA Nagaur
Ren S.O 341514 Merta Nagaur
Riyan S.O 341513 Merta Nagaur
Rol S.O 341027 Nagaur Nagaur
Sribalaji S.O 341029 Nagaur Nagaur
Tarnau S.O 341030 Nagaur Nagaur
Thanwala S.O 305026 Merta Nagaur
Bari Khatu S.O 341301 Didwana Nagaur
Berichhoti S.O 341551 Didwana Nagaur
Chhotikhatu S.O 341302 Didwana Nagaur
Degana S.O 341503 Degana Nagaur
Dhankoli S.O 341516 Didwana Nagaur
D.M.Didwana S.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Harsore S.O 341515 Degana Nagaur
Jaswantgarh S.O 341304 Didwana Nagaur
Khunkhuna S.O 341318 Degana Nagaur
Koliya S.O 341305 Didwana Nagaur
Ladnun Lsg S.O 341306 Ladnun Nagaur
Ladnuncity S.O 341306 Ladnun Nagaur
B.K.Kaul Nagar S.O 305004 Ajmer Ajmer
Chanderverdai Nagar S.O 305003 Ajmer Ajmer
Central University of Rajasthan,Bandar Sindari S.O 305817 Kishangarh Ajmer
Panchsheel Nagar  S.O 305004 Ajmer Ajmer
Pushkar Bazar S.O 305022 Ajmer Ajmer
Marble Ind. Area Kishangarh S.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Ajai Nagra S.O 305003 Ajmer Ajmer
Shyampura S.O 311606 Mandalgarh Bhilwara
Ajmer H.O 305001 Ajmer Ajmer
Madanganj Kishangarh H.O 305801 Kishangarh Ajmer
Alwar H.O 301001 Alwar Alwar
Bahror H.O 301701 Bahror Alwar
Barmer H.O 344001 Barmer Barmer
Beawar [Raj] H.O 305901 Beawar Ajmer
Bikaner H.O 334001 Bikaner Bikaner
Chittorgarh H.O 312001 Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
Churu H.O 331001 Churu Churu
Ratangarh H.O 331022 Ratangarh Churu
Dholpur H.O 328001 Dholpur Dholpur
Jhunjhunu H.O 333001 Jhunjhunu Jhujhunu
Chirawa H.O 333026 Chirawa Jhujhunu
Jodhpur H.O 342001 Jodhpur Jodhpur
Jaisalmer H.O 345001 Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
Nagaur H.O 341001 Nagaur Nagaur
Didwana H.O 341303 Didwana Nagaur
Pali Marwar H.O 306401 Pali Pali
Marwar Jn. H.O 306001 Marwar Jn. Pali
Sawaimadhopur H.O 322001 Sawaimadhopur Sawai Madhopur
Gangapur H.O 322201 Gangapur Sawai Madhopur
Hindaun H.O 322230 Hindaun Karauli
Sikar H.O 332001 Sikar Sikar
Srimadhopur H.O 332715 Srimadhopur Sikar
Sirohi H.O 307001 Sirohi Sirohi
Jalore H.O 343001 Jalore Jalor
Sriganganagar H.O 335001 Sriganganagar Ganganagar
Hanumangarh Jn. H.O 335512 Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh
Udaipur H.O 313004 Girwa Udaipur
Kankroli H.O 313324 Rajsamand Rajsamand
Jaipur G.P.O. 302001 Jaipur Jaipur
Shastri Nagar H.O 302016 Jaipur Jaipur
Jawahar Nagar H.O 302004 Jaipur Jaipur
Deeg H.O 321203 Bharatpur Bharatpur
Bhilwara H.O 311001 Bhilwara Bhilwara
Dungarpur H.O 314001 Dungarpur Dungarpur
Banswara H.O 327001 Banswara Banswara
Dausa H.O 303303 Dausa Dausa
Sambhar Lake H.O 303604 Jaipur Jaipur
Shahpura H.O 303103 Jaipur Jaipur
Kota H.O 324001 Kota Kota
Jhalawar H.O 326001 Jhalawar Jhalawar
New Grain Mandi Kota H.O 324007 Kota Kota
Tonk Raj H.O 304001 Tonk Tonk
Bundi H.O 323001 Bundi Bundi
Bharatpur H.O 321001 NA Bharatpur
Nasirabad H.O 305601 Nasirabad Ajmer
Makrana H.O 341505 MAKRANA Nagaur

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