Uttar Pradesh Pin Codes

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OfficeName PinCode Taluk District
Bangawan Kharg B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Gyaspur B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Chapunna B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Haseran B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Ishampur B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Khadini B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Kisai Jagdishpur B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Murra B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Nademau B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Nizampur B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Sarai Theku B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Sakatpur B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Gulariyapur B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Ugarpur B.O 209503 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Kuiyan Khera B.O 209503 Farrukhabad Fatehpur
Kisrauli B.O 209503 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Amolar B.O 209731 Kannauj Kannauj
Bamrauli B.O 209731 Kannauj Kannauj
Jeramau Alampur B.O 209731 Kannauj Kannauj
Madhonagar B.O 209731 Kannauj Kannauj
Sataura B.O 209731 Kannauj Kannauj
Salempur B.O 209731 Kannauj Kannauj
Tahpur B.O 209731 Kannauj Kannauj
Balanpur B.O 209732 Kannauj Kannauj
Basta B.O 209732 Kannauj Kannauj
Behrin B.O 209732 Kannauj Kannauj
Lohamarh B.O 209732 Kannauj Kannauj
Mahteypurwa B.O 209732 Kannauj Kannauj
Tirwa Ganj B.O 209732 Kannauj Kannauj
Bhadausi B.O 209734 Kannauj Kannauj
Bhunna B.O 209734 Kannauj Kannauj
Khama B.O 209734 Kannauj Kannauj
Patti B.O 209734 Kannauj Kannauj
Rura B.O 209734 Kannauj Kannauj
Deodha B.O 209738 Kannauj Kannauj
Ferozpur B.O 209738 Kannauj Kannauj
Khanpur B.O 209738 Kannauj Kannauj
Kudhina B.O 209738 Kannauj Kannauj
Mawai Bilwari B.O 209738 Kannauj Kannauj
Rampur Majhila B.O 209738 Kannauj Kannauj
Miruan Marha B.O 209738 Kannauj Kannauj
Bhojpur B.O 209749 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Sitauli B.O 209749 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Chapra B.O 209622 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Harsinghpur B.O 209622 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Hariharpur B.O 209622 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Karanpur Dutt B.O 209622 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Pithnapur B.O 209622 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Kumhraur B.O 209622 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Gandhi B.O 209621 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Jainpur Maheshpur B.O 209621 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Khandauli B.O 209621 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Kankapur B.O 209621 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Sabalpur B.O 209621 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Asaltabad B.O 209720 Kannauj Kannauj
Bhaunrajpur B.O 209720 Kannauj Kannauj
Bhadehi B.O 209720 Kannauj Kannauj
Hariharpur B.O 209720 Kannauj Kannauj
Jasmai B.O 209720 Kannauj Kannauj
Jot B.O 209720 Kannauj Kannauj
Kaitholi B.O 209720 Kannauj Kannauj
Lokpur B.O 209720 Kannauj Kannauj
Todarpur B.O 209720 Kannauj Kannauj
Bhopat Patti B.O 209602 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Jaitpur B.O 209602 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Kanjhiana B.O 209602 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Bahbalpur B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Hathin B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Jafrabad B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Kasawa B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Khojipur B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Khubariapur B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
K. P. Banwari B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Mighauli B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Merapur Garhiya B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Naugai B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Nigoh B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Nandlalpur B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Prempur B.O 209721 Kannauj Kannauj
Awajpur B.O 209625 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Baraun B.O 209625 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Gutasi B.O 209625 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Kila B.O 209625 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
K. P. Ghat B.O 209625 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Pachpukhra B.O 209625 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Pipergaon B.O 209625 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Dundwabuzurg B.O 209722 Kannauj Kannauj
Ismailpur B.O 209722 Kannauj Kannauj
Mohanpur Ratanpur B.O 209722 Kannauj Kannauj
Majhpurwa B.O 209722 Kannauj Kannauj
Tera Rabbu B.O 209722 Kannauj Kannauj
Uncha B.O 209722 Kannauj Kannauj
Agaus B.O 209723 Kannauj Kannauj
Bahosi B.O 209723 Kannauj Kannauj
Belamau Saraiya B.O 209723 Kannauj Kannauj
Bhagwantpur B.O 209723 Kannauj Kannauj
Kalsan B.O 209723 Kannauj Kannauj
Madhpura B.O 209723 Kannauj Kannauj
Pura Rai B.O 209723 Kannauj Kannauj
Parsaramau Majhretha B.O 209723 Kannauj Kannauj
Anaugi B.O 209733 Kannauj Kannauj
Fatehpur B.O 209733 Kannauj Kannauj
Gugrapur B.O 209733 Kannauj Kannauj
Jewan B.O 209733 Kannauj Kannauj
Kiratpur B.O 209733 Kannauj Kannauj
Kulhapur B.O 209733 Kannauj Kannauj
Mirgawan Ki Garhi B.O 209733 Kannauj Kannauj
Matauli B.O 209733 Kannauj Kannauj
Saunsarapur B.O 209733 Kannauj Kannauj
Daraura B.O 209739 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Danmandi B.O 209739 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Gadanpur Turra B.O 209739 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Jhasi B.O 209739 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Jarari B.O 209739 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Kandhrapur B.O 209739 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Musakhiria B.O 209739 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Rajeypur Tappa Mandal B.O 209739 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Ataipur B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Barkhera B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Barjhala B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Bara Biku B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Bhatasa B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Behta Ballu B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
K K W B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Lahra B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Fatehpur
Gaisinghpur B.O 209602 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Lakh B.O 209723 Kannauj Kannauj
Raipur B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Madanpur B.O 209743 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Arjunpur B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Bahadurpur Majhgaon B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Sursi B.O 209734 Kannauj Kannauj
Roop Nagar B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Amlaiya Ashanand B.O 209745 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Barai B.O 209745 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Chilsara B.O 209745 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Nagla Nan B.O 209745 Farrukhabad Fatehpur
Rohili B.O 209735 Kannauj Kannauj
Tera Jaket B.O 209735 Kannauj Kannauj
Barauli B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Gangemau B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Godhani B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Ibrahimpur Zagir B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Jalalpur Panwara B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Jaspura Pur B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Malikapur B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Miyaganj B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Mitra Senpur B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Muraiya Buzurg B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Nazrapur Patti B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Nera B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Painda Bad B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Teramallu B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Tidiyapur B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Kushum Khor B.O 209727 Kannauj Kannauj
Aseha B.O 209729 Kannauj Kannauj
Bibia Jalalpur B.O 209729 Kannauj Kannauj
Chanderpur B.O 209729 Kannauj Kannauj
Nauli B.O 209729 Kannauj Kannauj
Birpur B.O 209747 Kannauj Kannauj
Dadauna B.O 209747 Kannauj Kannauj
Majhupur B.O 209747 Kannauj Kannauj
Paraur B.O 209747 Kannauj Kannauj
Salempur B.O 209747 Kannauj Kannauj
Sarifabad B.O 209747 Kannauj Kannauj
Aruha B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Behta Rampur B.O 209728 Kannauj Kannauj
Lakhanpur B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Mau Rashidabad B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Narainamau B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Paithan B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Rashidabad Tiwariyan B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Rutaul B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Silsanda B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Ahmadganj B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Pitaura B.O 209502 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Bhainsiapur B.O 209724 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Chiyasar B.O 209724 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Gadanpur Deorajpur B.O 209724 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Kadhar B.O 209724 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Katrauli Patti B.O 209724 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Rajipur B.O 209724 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Rampur Majhgaon B.O 209724 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Singhirampur B.O 209724 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Khudaganj B.O 209724 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Bilsari B.O 209505 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Mistni Bahbalpur B.O 209505 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Raukari B.O 209505 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Sikanderpur Khas B.O 209505 Farrukhabad Fatehpur
Siwara Khas B.O 209505 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Auser B.O 209736 Kannauj Kannauj
Binaura Rampur B.O 209736 Kannauj Kannauj
Hamirpur B.O 209736 Kannauj Kannauj
Haraipur B.O 209736 Kannauj Kannauj
Jankhat B.O 209736 Kannauj Kannauj
Simaria B.O 209736 Kannauj Kannauj
Umrain B.O 209736 Kannauj Kannauj
Dhirpur B.O 209743 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Jyonta B.O 209743 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Kanheypur B.O 209743 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Mahoi B.O 209743 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Ugrapur Sultan Patti B.O 209743 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Sahaspur B.O 209743 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Khinmini B.O 209504 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Rasidpur Mai B.O 209504 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Shukrullapur B.O 209504 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Harsinghpur Goa B.O 209504 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Barakeshav B.O 209651 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Sirauli B.O 209651 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Gosarpur B.O 209651 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Maudha B.O 209651 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Rohila B.O 209651 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Sakwai B.O 209651 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Tajpur B.O 209651 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Babna B.O 209501 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Khalwara B.O 209501 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Kanasi B.O 209501 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Kurar B.O 209501 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Puthari B.O 209501 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Pilkhana B.O 209501 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Sirmaura Banger B.O 209501 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Ukhra B.O 209501 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Bihar B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Nadaura B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Nagla Bagh Rathaura B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Pakhna B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Rajendra Nagar B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Guthina B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Nagla Kel Champat B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Sankisa B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Merapur B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Barkhiriya B.O 209652 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Bhiduna B.O 222165 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Karobankat B.O 222165 Mariahun Jaunpur
Kaserawa B.O 222165 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Katwar B.O 222165 Mariahun Jaunpur
Mahuari B.O 222165 Mariahun Jaunpur
Manikapur B.O 222165 Mariahu Jaunpur
Sirauli B.O 222165 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Amara B.O 222170 Kerakat Jaunpur
Belaon B.O 222170 Kerakat Jaunpur
Vijayeepur B.O 222170 Kerakat Jaunpur
Beerampur B.O 222170 Kerakat Jaunpur
Gaddopur B.O 222170 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Kudda B.O 222170 Kerakat Jaunpur
Murara B.O 222170 Kerakat Jaunpur
Batnahit B.O 222202 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Bhikhpur B.O 222202 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Dan B.O 222202 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Kunwarpur B.O 222202 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Madhupur B.O 222202 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Pawara B.O 222202 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Raipur B.O 222202 Badlapur Jaunpur
Ramnagar B.O 222202 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Rajjupur B.O 222202 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Saraibika B.O 222202 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Ukani B.O 222202 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Barpur B.O 222109 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Belawan B.O 222109 Kerakat Jaunpur
Birbhanpur B.O 222109 Badalapur Jaunpur
Dariaoganj B.O 222109 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Garhabaghrai B.O 222109 Badalapur Jaunpur
Leduka B.O 222109 Badlapur Jaunpur
Sadanpur B.O 222109 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Saderi B.O 222109 Badalapur Jaunpur
Gariaon B.O 222204 Machali Shahar Jaunpur
Kilhapur B.O 222204 Shahganj Jaunpur
Sohansa B.O 222204 Machali Shahar Jaunpur
Tikara B.O 222204 Machali Shahar Jaunpur
Unchdih B.O 222204 Machali Shahar Jaunpur
Adhanpur B.O 223102 Shahganj Jaunpur
Basauli B.O 223102 Shahganj Jaunpur
Bhagasa B.O 223102 Shahganj Jaunpur
Ishapur B.O 223102 Shahganj Jaunpur
Pataila B.O 223102 Shahganj Jaunpur
Rasulpur B.O 223102 Shahganj Jaunpur
Samodhpur B.O 223102 Shahganj Jaunpur
Unchgaon B.O 223102 Shahganj Jaunpur
Auraila B.O 222105 Mariahun Jaunpur
Kailawar B.O 222105 Mariahun Jaunpur
Kuddupur B.O 222105 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Madarpur B.O 222105 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Poly B.O 222105 Mariahu Jaunpur
Rampur Naddi B.O 222105 Mariahun Jaunpur
Adiar B.O 222203 Mariahu Jaunpur
Ashapur B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Ashawan B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Wazidpur B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Bhanpur B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Bharathipur B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Bhiura B.O 222203 Mariahu Jaunpur
Banidih B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Gandhauna B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Hariharpur B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Pachawal B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Prithvipur B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Sureri B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Agraura B.O 222141 Badalapur Jaunpur
Badalapur Khurd B.O 222141 Badalapur Jaunpur
Kandhikala B.O 222141 Badlapur Jaunpur
Khalishpur B.O 222141 Badlapur Jaunpur
Khunsapur B.O 222141 Badalapur Jaunpur
Tezi Bazar B.O 222141 Badlapur Jaunpur
Bazar Arasia B.O 223103 Shahganj Jaunpur
Bishunpur B.O 223103 Shahganj Jaunpur
Dehari B.O 223103 Shahganj Jaunpur
Gairwah B.O 223103 Shahganj Jaunpur
Gurbari B.O 223103 Shahganj Jaunpur
Jamunia B.O 223103 Shahganj Jaunpur
Patti Chakesar B.O 223103 Shahganj Jaunpur
Sultanpur Ghughuri B.O 223103 Shahganj Jaunpur
Bakuchi B.O 223101 Shahganj Jaunpur
Chhatai Kala B.O 223101 Shahganj Jaunpur
Sabarhad B.O 223101 Shahganj Jaunpur
Takha B.O 223101 Shahganj Jaunpur
Bodari B.O 222149 Kerakat Jaunpur
Chakara B.O 222149 Kerakat Jaunpur
Kachhawan B.O 222149 Kerakat Jaunpur
Kusarana B.O 222149 Kerakat Jaunpur
Pokhara B.O 222149 Kerakat Jaunpur
Taraon B.O 222149 Kerakat Jaunpur
Khapraha] B.O 222131 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Rithi B.O 222131 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Shahpur B.O 222131 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Sherawan B.O 222131 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Baharipur B.O 222175 Badalapur Jaunpur
Gonauli B.O 222175 Badalapur Jaunpur
Kilai B.O 222175 Badlapur Jaunpur
Kumarpatti B.O 222175 Badlapur Jaunpur
Nakahara B.O 222175 Badlapur Jaunpur
Pahetiapur B.O 222175 Badlapur Jaunpur
Sirkina B.O 222175 Badlapur Jaunpur
Thakurganj B.O 222175 Badlapur Jaunpur
Dukhaipur Sambalshah B.O 223105 Shahganj Jaunpur
Gangauli B.O 223105 Shahganj Jaunpur
Mathura B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Mustafabad B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Tilora B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Asaropur B.O 222145 Badalapur Jaunpur
Barji B.O 222145 Badalapur Jaunpur
Bhatauli B.O 222145 Badalapur Jaunpur
Kolhua B.O 222145 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Lohinda B.O 222145 Badlapur Jaunpur
Mitawa B.O 222145 Badlapur Jaunpur
Rajapur B.O 222145 Badlapur Jaunpur
Shankarganj B.O 222145 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Shekhpur Khutahani B.O 222145 Badalapur Jaunpur
Ajoshi B.O 222161 Mariahun Jaunpur
Barigaon Newada B.O 222161 Mariahu Jaunpur
Belgahan B.O 222161 Mariahun Jaunpur
Belawa Bazar B.O 222161 Mariahu Jaunpur
Bujurga B.O 222161 Mariahun Jaunpur
Chorari B.O 222161 Mariahu Jaunpur
Daudi B.O 222161 Mariahu Jaunpur
Itaye B.O 222161 Mariahu Jaunpur
Jagarnathpur B.O 222161 Mariahun Jaunpur
Jiaramau B.O 222161 Mariahun Jaunpur
Kishunpur B.O 222161 Mariahu Jaunpur
Khajurahawa B.O 222161 Mariahun Jaunpur
Kuttupur B.O 222161 Mariahu Jaunpur
Mainpur B.O 222161 Mariahu Jaunpur
Mithepar B.O 222161 Mariahun Jaunpur
Mokalpur B.O 222161 Mariahun Jaunpur
Seur B.O 222161 Mariahu Jaunpur
Shitalganj B.O 222161 Badlapur Jaunpur
Sudanipur B.O 222161 Mariahun Jaunpur
Amai B.O 222165 Mariahun Jaunpur
Babhaniyaw B.O 222165 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Barigaondih B.O 222165 Mariahu Jaunpur
Rajabazar B.O 222125 Badlapur Jaunpur
Malai B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Bhaisa B.O 222129 Kerakat Jaunpur
Bishunpur Majhwara B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Belhari B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Marhat B.O 223104 Shahganj Jaunpur
Gareriha B.O 222145 Badlapur Jaunpur
Bhathar B.O 222165 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Dakkhinpatti Ranno B.O 222109 Badalapur Jaunpur
Badkhin B.O 222203 Mariahun Jaunpur
Suris B.O 223101 Shahganj Jaunpur
Udaichandpur B.O 222181 Kerakat Jaunpur
Jangipur Khurd B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Narauli B.O 223104 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Panauli B.O 223104 Shahganj Jaunpur
Ranipur B.O 223104 Shahganj Jaunpur
Sauraia B.O 223104 Shahganj Jaunpur
Haripur B.O 222146 Kerakat Jaunpur
Kanuani B.O 222146 Kerakat Jaunpur
Kheosipur B.O 222146 Kerakat Jaunpur
Majhgawan B.O 222146 Kerakat Jaunpur
Mai B.O 222146 Kerakat Jaunpur
Oina B.O 222146 Kerakat Jaunpur
Brahmanpur B.O 222148 Kerakat Jaunpur
Koilari B.O 222148 Kerakat Jaunpur
Senapur B.O 222148 Kerakat Jaunpur
Verdiha B.O 222148 Kerakat Jaunpur
Bami B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Barawan B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Belasin B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Bhikhpur Kala B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Ghagharia B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Karaura B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Khajurahat B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Kotwa B.O 222143 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Kammarpur B.O 223105 Shahganj Jaunpur
Ramnagar B.O 223105 Shahganj Jaunpur
Sarijahangirpatti B.O 223105 Shahganj Jaunpur
Barain B.O 222181 Kerakat Jaunpur
Behra B.O 222181 Kerakat Jaunpur
Ratnupur B.O 222181 Kerakat Jaunpur
Sohani B.O 222181 Kerakat Jaunpur
Ahmadpur B.O 222180 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Bibipur B.O 222180 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Hauz B.O 222180 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Imalo B.O 222180 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Zamaitha B.O 222180 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Kabulpur B.O 222180 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Maharupur B.O 222180 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Aurahi B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Bhakura B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Garaila B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Harbaspur B.O 222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Hindi Baghaila B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Jagdishpur B.O 222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Jamuhai B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Kanja B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Khalilpur B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Kirtapur B.O 222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Malhani B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Muradganj B.O 222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur
NDC Jamuhai B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Pathana B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Premapur B.O 222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Purani Bazar B.O 222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Kalichabad B.O 222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Rampur Baijapur B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Saidpur Garaur B.O 222003 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Shitla Chaukiya B.O 222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Shivapar B.O 222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Sonikpur B.O 222003 Shahganj Jaunpur
Bangaonpatti B.O 222125 Badlapur Jaunpur
Dhema B.O 222125 Badalapur Jaunpur
Gaddopur B.O 222125 Badalapur Jaunpur
Jamaupatti B.O 222125 Badlapur Jaunpur
Kuhi Kalan B.O 222125 Badlapur Jaunpur
Medha B.O 222125 Badlapur Jaunpur
Mirsahdpur B.O 222125 Badlapur Jaunpur
Muradpur B.O 222125 Badalapur Jaunpur
Newada Mukhalispur B.O 222125 Badlapur Jaunpur
Pyareypur Bijhawat B.O 222125 Badalapur Jaunpur
Sarai Durgadas B.O 222125 Badlapur Jaunpur
Shahpur B.O 222125 Badlapur Jaunpur
Tiara B.O 222125 Badalapur Jaunpur
Udpur Ghelhawa B.O 222125 Badlapur Jaunpur
Umari B.O 222125 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Alaiya B.O 222201 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Belwar B.O 222201 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Bhilampur B.O 222201 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Ghuripur B.O 222201 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Khujhidih B.O 222201 Badlapur Jaunpur
Kushmaul B.O 222201 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Neoraha B.O 222201 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Premkapura B.O 222201 Badlapur Jaunpur
Rampur Kundaha B.O 222201 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Saraibhogi B.O 222201 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Sultanpur B.O 222201 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Unchgaon B.O 222201 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Jamua B.O 222127 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Kanhabanshipur B.O 222127 Mariahu Jaunpur
Mujar B.O 222127 Mariahu Jaunpur
Nizamuddinpur B.O 222127 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Shahopatti B.O 222127 Mariahu Jaunpur
Alamganj B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Belaunakala B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Bhannaur B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Gaurapatti B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Gothaon B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Kusa B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Mangara B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Manapur B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Nigoh B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Paltupur B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Pariyat B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Pilkathua B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Sarsara B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Sotipur B.O 222162 Mariahu Jaunpur
Barhata B.O 222144 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Gonapur B.O 222144 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Itaha B.O 222144 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Katahit B.O 222144 Machhali Shshar Jaunpur
Sonahita B.O 222144 Machhali Shahar Jaunpur
Baneora B.O 222128 Mariahu Jaunpur
Bhawaniganj B.O 222128 Mariahu Jaunpur
Budhhipur B.O 222128 Mariahun Jaunpur
Dhanethu B.O 222128 Mariahun Jaunpur
Khetapur B.O 222128 Mariahun Jaunpur
Lagdharpur B.O 222128 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Nonari B.O 222128 Mariahun Jaunpur
Tarati B.O 222128 Mariahun Jaunpur
Argupur Kala B.O 223103 Shahganj Jaunpur
Bangaondih B.O 222101 Mariahu Jaunpur
Bhelara B.O 222101 Shahganj Jaunpur
Harpur B.O 222101 Shahganj Jaunpur
Kalan B.O 222101 Shahganj Jaunpur
Latifpur B.O 223103 Shahganj Jaunpur
Rupaipur B.O 222101 Shahganj Jaunpur
Balrampur B.O 222129 Kerakat Jaunpur
Biri B.O 222129 Kerakat Jaunpur
Chandepur B.O 222129 Kerakat Jaunpur
Chitako B.O 222129 Kerakat Jaunpur
Gobara B.O 222129 Kerakat Jaunpur
Hariharpur B.O 222129 Kerakat Jaunpur
Hisampur B.O 222129 Kerakat Jaunpur
Madhi B.O 222129 Kerakat Jaunpur
Dhirajpur B.O 222132 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Kohara Sultanpur B.O 222132 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Kuwarda B.O 222132 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Masida B.O 222132 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Shambhuganj B.O 222132 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Aara B.O 222133 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Baghendra B.O 222133 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Chorsand B.O 222133 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Kukuhan B.O 222133 Badlapur Jaunpur
Nayansand B.O 222133 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Pilikhini B.O 222133 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Umari B.O 222133 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Damarua B.O 222135 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Mehandi B.O 222135 Machhlishahr Jaunpur
Samadhganj B.O 222135 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Sieura B.O 222135 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Asbaranpur B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Bakarabad B.O 222136 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Bhaupur B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Bidauri B.O 222136 Mariahun Jaunpur
Dewapar B.O 222136 Mariahu Jaunpur
Dharaon B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Dubepur B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Gutwan B.O 222136 Mariahun Jaunpur
Kusia B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Lahangpur B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Lalpur B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Nahora B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Newada B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Pasiahi Khurd B.O 222136 Mariahu Jaunpur
Purev B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Rajepur B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Sehmalpur B.O 222136 Kerakat Jaunpur
Sirkoni B.O 222136 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Aura B.O 222137 Mariahu Jaunpur
Chhangapur B.O 222137 Mariahun Jaunpur
Damodara B.O 222137 Mariahun Jaunpur
Gopalapur B.O 222137 Mariahun Jaunpur
Kumbhapur B.O 222137 Mariahun Jaunpur
Sukhlalganj B.O 222137 Mariahu Jaunpur
Tejgarh B.O 222137 Mariahun Jaunpur
Amahit B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Brahmanpur B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Deduana B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Dehari B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Deokali B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Dilla Ka Pura B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Jaigopalganj B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Kusaila B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Murki B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Narhan B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Pasewa B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Sarauni B.O 222142 Kerakat Jaunpur
Arand B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Ayurved Vishwavidyalay B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Gulalpur B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Guraini B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Jaigahan B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Jamdahan B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Japtapur B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Kalapur B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Khodauli B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Lapari B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Parakamal B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Potaria B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Ranimau B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Songar B.O 222139 Shahganj Jaunpur
Anguli B.O 223104 Shahganj Jaunpur
Bhagmalpur B.O 223104 Shahganj Jaunpur
Dihiya B.O 223104 Shahganj Jaunpur
Gajendrapur B.O 223104 Badlapur Jaunpur
Gauspur B.O 223104 Shahganj Jaunpur
Gopalapur B.O 223104 Shahganj Jaunpur
Binour B.O 209304 Binour Kanpur Nagar
Navgawan B.O 206246 Auraiya Auraiya
Binpurapur B.O 206246 Auraiya Auraiya
Kanhausi B.O 206246 Auraiya Auraiya
Dahgaon B.O 206246 Auraiya Auraiya
Pali Bhogipur B.O 209401 Palibhogipur Kanpur Nagar
Kamara B.O 206250 Bidhuna Auraiya
Rasulpur Umra B.O 209401 Rasulpur Umra Kanpur Nagar
Deoraon B.O 206250 Bidhuna Auraiya
Rajaumau B.O 206250 Bidhuna Auraiya
Sarh B.O 209401 Sarh Kanpur Nagar
Madahadaspur B.O 206255 Bidhuna Auraiya
Semarjhal B.O 209401 Semarjhal Kanpur Nagar
Yakubpur B.O 206255 Bidhuna Auraiya
Sawaijpur B.O 209401 Swaijpur Kanpur Nagar
Jalalpur B.O 206255 Bidhuna Auraiya
Piprauli Shiv B.O 206255 Bidhuna Auraiya
Bhadeora B.O 222133 Kerakat Jaunpur
Belhupur B.O 206246 Auraiya Auraiya
Lahrapur B.O 206246 Auraiya Auraiya
Madhwapur B.O 206246 Auraiya Auraiya
Banthara B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Behta Gambhirpur B.O 209401 Behta Gambhirpur Kanpur Nagar
Bandhmau B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Gopalpur B.O 209401 Gopalpur Kanpur Nagar
Bhaipur B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Gazipur B.O 209401 Gazipur Kanpur Nagar
Bhikhara B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Dondapur B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Harchandkhera B.O 209401 Harchand Khera Kanpur Nagar
Rathgaon B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Kudani B.O 209401 Kudani Kanpur Nagar
Nasra B.O 209401 Nasra Kanpur Nagar
Palhepur B.O 209401 Palhepur Kanpur Nagar
Gailly B.O 206251 Bidhuna Auraiya
Mahoo B.O 206251 Bidhuna Auraiya
Hardoo B.O 206251 Bidhuna Auraiya
Dharde B.O 232102 Chandauli Chandauli
Gulariha B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Nauli B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Seengpurva Mana B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Sondhemau B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Bijhai B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Sahayal B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Purakalan B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Dhupkari B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Dakhlipur B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Piparpur B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Umri B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Aghara B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Kakor Buzurg B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Sehud B.O 206244 Auraiya Auraiya
Meerapur Kewal B.O 222125 Badalapur Jaunpur
Muhammdabad B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Badhin B.O 206252 Bidhuna Auraiya
Barauna Kalan B.O 206252 Bidhuna Auraiya
Samayan B.O 206252 Bidhuna Auraiya
Patna Airwa B.O 206252 Bidhuna Auraiya
Surendha B.O 206252 Bidhuna Auraiya
Umrain B.O 206252 Bidhuna Auraiya
Bhadpur B.O 206252 Bidhuna Auraiya
Bhauti Pratappur B.O 209305 Bhauti Pratappur Kanpur Nagar
Amour B.O 209401 Amour Kanpur Nagar
Aranjhami B.O 209401 Aranjhami Kanpur Nagar
Bausar B.O 209401 Bausar Kanpur Nagar
Sahbad B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Asjana B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Indapamau B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Baraigarh B.O 209401 Baraigarh Kanpur Nagar
Pusauli B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Goora B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Gayatri Seedh Peeth Khadeshar B.O 209214 Gayatri Seedh Peeth Khadeshar Kanpur Nagar
Itra B.O 209217 Itra Kanpur Nagar
Jamu B.O 209214 Jamu Kanpur Nagar
Bharu B.O 209214 Bharu Kanpur Nagar
Ramaipur B.O 209214 Ramaipur Kanpur Nagar
Chaurai B.O 209214 Chaurai Kanpur Nagar
Hardauli B.O 209214 Hardauli Kanpur Nagar
Udaipur B.O 209214 Udaipur Kanpur Nagar
Baikuthpur B.O 209217 Baikunthpur Kanpur Nagar
Tikra B.O 209217 Tikra Kanpur Nagar
Tatya Ganj B.O 209217 Tatyaganj Kanpur Nagar
Pachor B.O 209217 Pachor Kanpur Nagar
Pem B.O 209217 Pem Kanpur Nagar
Usrahar B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Bhanauti B.O 246747 Dhampur Bijnor
Sabdalpur B.O 246735 Dhampur Bijnor
Manpurshivpuri B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Badera B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Gauhani Kalan B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Bhareh B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Atsoo B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Amaota B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Dehli Ujagar B.O 209214 Dehli Ujagar Kanpur Nagar
Chhatarpur B.O 209214 Chhatarpur Kanpur Nagar
Deosarh B.O 209214 Deosarh Kanpur Nagar
Katherua B.O 209214 Katherua Kanpur Nagar
Sirhi Itra B.O 209214 Sirhi Itra Kanpur Nagar
Kadari Champatpur B.O 209214 Kadari Champatpur Kanpur Nagar
Sapai B.O 209214 Sapai Kanpur Nagar
Kaindha B.O 209214 Kaindha Kanpur Nagar
Kathara B.O 209214 Kathara Kanpur Nagar
Kasigaon B.O 208021 Kasigaon Kanpur Nagar
Sanigawan B.O 208021 Sanigawan Kanpur Nagar
Kathongar B.O 208021 Kathongar Kanpur Nagar
Mansoor Pur Hasanpur B.O 203141 Khurja Gautam Buddha Nagar
Pipergaon B.O 208021 Pipergaon Kanpur Nagar
Taudhakpur B.O 208021 Taudhakpur Kanpur Nagar
Prempur Badagaon B.O 209402 Prempur Badagaon Kanpur Nagar
Senpara Paschim B.O 209305 Senpara Paschim Kanpur Nagar
Rooma B.O 209402 Rooma Kanpur Nagar
Parasadepur B.O 209402 Parasadepur Kanpur Nagar
Mardanpur B.O 209305 Mardanpur Kanpur Nagar
Kulgaon B.O 209402 Kulgaon Kanpur Nagar
Maholi B.O 209402 Mahauli Kanpur Nagar
Mahua Gaon B.O 209402 Mahua Gaon Kanpur Nagar
Kariawali B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Gada Kasda B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Khetupur B.O 206121 Auraiy Auraiya
Senganpur B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Bhimsen B.O 209305 Bhimsen Kanpur Nagar
Bhurepurkalan B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Juhikha B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Babain B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Karbigvan B.O 209402 Karbigawan Kanpur Nagar
Bhairampur B.O 209305 Bhairampur Kanpur Nagar
Bheoli B.O 209402 Bheoli Kanpur Nagar
Ballapur B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Bilawan B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Jatpura B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Jaleel Pur B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Jakheta B.O 203394 Sikarpur Bulandshahr
Charora B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Bansuri B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Guraoli B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Dhalana B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Darora B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Kakrai B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Navi Nagar B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Khanoda B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Khalor B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Sakhani B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Tauli B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Titota Veer B.O 203394 Anoop Shahr Bulandshahr
Mirzapur Khader B.O 246725 Dhampur Bijnor
Sunpata B.O 246764 Nagina Bijnor
Jhilmila B.O 246764 Nagina Bijnor
Saidabad B.O 246701 Chandpur Bijnor
Mandawali B.O 246749 Najibabad Bijnor
Dharupur B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Harganpur Sajauli B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Harbanspur Dharam B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Andipur B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Newada B.O 212218 Handia Allahabad
Noorpur B.O 212218 Chail Kaushambi
Purkhas B.O 212218 Chail Allahabad
Audhan B.O 212218 Chail Kaushambi
Bigahra Usmanpur B.O 212218 Chail Kaushambi
Imli Gaon B.O 212218 Chail Kaushambi
Udhinbuzurg B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Tulsipur B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Samsabad B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Tanda B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Selraha B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Nara B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Nidura B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Rampur Dhamawan B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Shakha B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Siyara Mithepur B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Kanwar B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Mohabbatpur Painsa B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Govindpur Goriyon B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Kalyanpur Railly B.O 229125 Dalmau Raebareli
Radhabalampur B.O 229125 Dalmau Raebareli
Terukha B.O 229125 Unchahar ** Raebareli
Thulrai B.O 229125 Dalmau Raebareli
Bhira Govindpur B.O 229125 Dalmau Raebareli
Shanker Bazar B.O 229125 Lalganj Raebareli
Bhelkha B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Bandhawa Rajwar B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Hinauta B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Kadipur B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Kumbhiyawan B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Kurron B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Mawai B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Naugira B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Osa B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Sarswan B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Shahpur B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Ten Shah Aimabad B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Tewa B.O 212207 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Bhaiyan B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Bhatauti B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Belhat B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Basahra B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Dari B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Gunai Gaharpur B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Kurki Kalan B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Bilari B.O 221502 Meja Allahabad
Lutar B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Pasna B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Bikikalan B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Tigza B.O 212302 Meja Allahabad
Amora B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Achhola B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Amilia Kalan B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Aunta B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Babhani Hethar B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Bhaganpur B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Bharari B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Barha Kalan B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Katrauli B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Masauli B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Newadhiya B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Nibaiya B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Samhan B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Uruwa B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Zera B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Arail B.O 211008 Karchhana Allahabad
Chaka B.O 211008 Allahabad Allahabad
Nibi B.O 211008 Allahabad Allahabad
Alwara B.O 212214 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Andhawan B.O 212214 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Bairampur B.O 212214 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Champaha Bazar B.O 212214 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Goraju B.O 212214 Sirathu Kaushambi
Katari B.O 212214 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Kaushambi B.O 212214 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Purab Sarira B.O 212214 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Ramaipur B.O 212214 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Arkamahabirpur B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Bandhuri Rasulipur B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Banthari B.O 212216 Chail Kaushambi
Basuhar B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Bhakanda B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Berauncha B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Dharampur B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Hasanpur B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Hisambad B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Harraipur B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Kanaili B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Khonpa B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Mahila B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Maohar B.O 212216 Phulpur Allahabad
Mohiuddinpur B.O 212216 Karchhana Allahabad
Makdoompur Dhoksaha B.O 212216 Handia Allahabad
Yugrajpur B.O 212216 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Basahra Uparhar B.O 212108 Bara Allahabad
Bihariya B.O 212108 Soraon Allahabad
Bhandiwar B.O 212108 Bara Allahabad
Bemra B.O 212108 Bara Allahabad
Newadhiya Uparhar B.O 212108 Meja Allahabad
Bigahuna B.O 212305 Meja Allahabad
Chawki B.O 212305 Meja Allahabad
Dohariya B.O 212305 Meja Allahabad
Dubeypur B.O 212305 Meja Allahabad
Jawaniya B.O 212305 Meja Allahabad
Madra Mukundpur B.O 212305 Meja Allahabad
Paranipur B.O 212305 Meja Allahabad
Ramnagar B.O 212305 Meja Allahabad
Unchdeeh B.O 212305 Meja Allahabad
Upraura B.O 212305 Meja Allahabad
Afjalpurwari B.O 212217 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Anetha B.O 212217 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Barat Fariq B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Bhadehri B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Dorma B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Ganpa B.O 212217 Sirathu Kaushambi
Baurdih Tiwari B.O 274201 NA Deoria
Salempur B.O 209402 Salempur Kanpur Nagar
Bhadrsa B.O 209402 Bhadrsa Kanpur Nagar
Shivganj B.O 206248 Bidhuna Auraiya
Hathigaon B.O 209402 Hithgaon Kanpur Nagar
Narainpur B.O 206248 Bidhuna Auraiya
Jarkala B.O 209402 Jarkala Kanpur Nagar
Madokmeet B.O 206248 Bidhuna Auraiya
Purva Jain B.O 206248 Bidhuna Auraiya
Kamlapur B.O 209402 Kamlapur Kanpur Nagar
Maharajpur B.O 209402 Maharajpur Kanpur Nagar
Purwa Bhikha B.O 206248 Bidhuna Auraiya
Phuphuwar B.O 209402 Phuphuwar Kanpur Nagar
Kursi B.O 206248 Bidhuna Auraiya
Purwameer B.O 209402 Purwameer Kanpur Nagar
Harvanspur B.O 206248 Bidhuna Auraiya
Subhauli B.O 209402 Subhauli Kanpur Nagar
Heonra B.O 206001 Saifai Etawah
Dhanua B.O 206001 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Lavedi B.O 206001 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Tilsahari B.O 209402 Tilsahari Kanpur Nagar
Purana Bharthana B.O 206001 Bharthana Etawah
Adhasi B.O 206247 Auraiya Auraiya
Jasohan B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Ata B.O 206247 Auraiya Auraiya
Bhagya Nagar B.O 206247 Auraiya Auraiya
Fatehpur Beni B.O 206247 Auraiya Auraiya
Jua B.O 206247 Auraiya Auraiya
Murhi B.O 206247 Auraiya Auraiya
Salhapur B.O 206247 Auraiya Auraiya
Bakhriya B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Bhason B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Bhikhepur B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Birhuni B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Chapta B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Karampur B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Mahmoodpur B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Nigra B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Phariha B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Roshangpur B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Sikharna B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Ucha B.O 206129 Auraiya Auraiya
Colleger Road Bharthana B.O 206001 Bharthana Etawah
Ureng B.O 206120 Bharthana Etawah
Gapchariapur B.O 206248 Bidhuna Auraiya
Parsia Chhitani Singh B.O 274704 Bhatparrani Deoria
Sohanpur B.O 274704 Bhatparrani Deoria
Ranihawa B.O 274201 NA Deoria
Udhopur B.O 274201 NA Deoria
Bardgonia B.O 274201 NA Deoria
Inguri Bazar B.O 274704 NA Deoria
Sarpathi B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Singha Patti B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Sidhua Bangar B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Siswa Goiti B.O 274304 Padrauna Kushinagar
Maghi Kothilwa B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Kauntey Nagar B.O 274201 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Karjahan B.O 274201 NA Deoria
Sarya B.O 274304 Padrauna Kushinagar
Batulahi B.O 274201 NA Deoria
Chhitahi Bazar B.O 274201 NA Deoria
Babhani B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Batrauli B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Badhaya Buzurg B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Bariarpur B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Belwania B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Hata Banuadih B.O 274001 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Majhgaon B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Parsia Jaddu B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Siswa Panday B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Sonughat B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Sarai Sheesgram B.O 206249 Bidhuna Auraiya
Masoodpur B.O 206249 Bidhuna Auraiya
Bisayakpur B.O 209304 Bisayakpur Kanpur Nagar
Rania B.O 209304 Rania Kanpur Dehat
Rurukalan B.O 206249 Bidhuna Auraiya
Barahar B.O 206249 Bidhuna Auraiya
Raipur Kukhat B.O 209304 Raipur Kukhat Kanpur Nagar
Parsauli B.O 209304 Parsauli Kanpur Dehat
Ailly B.O 206249 Bidhuna Auraiya
Jugrajpur B.O 209304 Jugrajpur Kanpur Nagar
Pasuwa B.O 206249 Bidhuna Auraiya
Fatehpur Roshnai B.O 209304 Fatehpur Roshnai Kanpur Nagar
Kalabhoj B.O 206249 Bidhuna Auraiya
Mahuja B.O 274506 Salempur Deoria
Pandaypur B.O 274404 NA Deoria
Madrapali Bharth Rai B.O 274405 NA Deoria
Asrawey Kalan B.O 211012 Allahabad ** Allahabad
Bamhrauli Uparhar B.O 211012 Allahabad Allahabad
Bhagwatpur B.O 211012 Allahabad Allahabad
Bisauna B.O 211012 Allahabad Allahabad
Ganja B.O 211012 Allahabad Allahabad
Gauspur Katahula B.O 211012 Allahabad ** Allahabad
Jalalpur Ghosi B.O 211012 Allahabad Allahabad
Karehnda B.O 211012 Allahabad ** Allahabad
Mandardeeh Mafi B.O 211012 Allahabad ** Allahabad
Pipalgaon B.O 211012 Allahabad ** Allahabad
Shergarh B.O 211012 Allahabad Allahabad
Bampur B.O 212104 Allahabad Allahabad
Bedauli B.O 212104 Meja Allahabad
Bhanjanpur B.O 212104 Koraon ** Allahabad
Daswar B.O 212104 Allahabad Allahabad
Dohatha B.O 212104 Meja Allahabad
Hata B.O 212104 Allahabad Allahabad
Kosda Kalan B.O 212104 Allahabad Allahabad
Majhigaown B.O 212104 Phulpur Allahabad
Manda B.O 212104 Meja Allahabad
Shukulpur B.O 212104 Meja Allahabad
Sonversa B.O 212104 Allahabad Allahabad
Trisentulapur B.O 212104 Allahabad Allahabad
Balak Mau B.O 212201 Sirathu Kaushambi
Bisara B.O 212201 Sirathu Kaushambi
Dariyapur Majhiyawan B.O 212201 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Guwara Gayyabpur B.O 212201 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Bamrauli B.O 212201 Allahabad ** Allahabad
Bhaidava B.O 274601 NA Deoria
Barakagaon B.O 274601 NA Deoria
Nandana B.O 274601 Barhaj Deoria
Nawapar B.O 274601 NA Deoria
Parsia Dewar B.O 274601 NA Deoria
Sonari B.O 274601 NA Deoria
Kakorha B.O 212201 Sirathu Kaushambi
Kush Fara B.O 212306 Koraon ** Allahabad
Mahuli B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Misirpur B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Nathupur B.O 212306 Koraon ** Allahabad
Pachera B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Paintiha B.O 212306 Meja Allahabad
Ramgarh B.O 212306 Meja Allahabad
Rampur Kalan B.O 212306 Koraon ** Allahabad
Saji B.O 212306 Koraon ** Allahabad
Sansarpur B.O 212306 Koraon ** Allahabad
Ataura Bujurg B.O 229121 Lalganj Raebareli
Hasnapur B.O 229121 Lalganj Raebareli
Kundwal B.O 229121 Lalganj Raebareli
Lodipur Utrawan B.O 229121 Lalganj Raebareli
Madhukarpur B.O 229121 Lalganj Raebareli
Bela Khara B.O 229125 Dalmau Raebareli
Bela Ghusisi B.O 229125 Dalmau Raebareli
Barraua B.O 229125 Dalmau Raebareli
Darigapur B.O 229125 Dalmau Raebareli
Ghurwara B.O 229125 Dalmau Raebareli
Alam Chand B.O 212213 Chail Kaushambi
Baserhi B.O 212213 Karchhana Allahabad
Gauspur B.O 212213 Chail Allahabad
Sayed Serawan B.O 212213 Chail Allahabad
Sikandarpur Bazha B.O 212213 Karchhana Allahabad
Ahmedpur Asrauli B.O 212208 Allahabad Allahabad
Ahmedpur Pawan B.O 212208 Allahabad Allahabad
Fatehpur Ghat B.O 212208 Allahabad Allahabad
Mohdpur Taluka B.O 212208 Allahabad Allahabad
Sallahpur B.O 212208 Allahabad Allahabad
Melthua B.O 229125 Dalmau Raebareli
Ambara Mathai B.O 229204 Dalmau Raebareli
Banapar B.O 229204 Lalganj Raebareli
Jharaha B.O 229204 Dalmau Raebareli
Murethi B.O 229204 Dalmau Raebareli
Sudamapur B.O 229204 Dalmau Raebareli
Sultanpur Janauli B.O 229204 Dalmau Raebareli
Ismailmau B.O 229204 Salon Raebareli
Alawalpur B.O 229204 Dalmau Raebareli
Katra B.O 229204 Salon Raebareli
Bharsana B.O 229204 Dalmau Raebareli
Korauli Budhkar B.O 229204 Dalmau Raebareli
Gonda B.O 229204 Unchahar ** Raebareli
Hamirmau B.O 229204 Dalmau Raebareli
Suttha B.O 229204 Dalmau Raebareli
Bardar B.O 229122 Raebareli Raebareli
Mishir Khera B.O 229122 Raebareli Raebareli
Tikwamau B.O 229122 Raebareli Raebareli
Tala B.O 229122 Lalganj Raebareli
Sataon B.O 229122 Raebareli Raebareli
Dukanaha B.O 229205 Lalganj Raebareli
Saguni B.O 229205 Lalganj Raebareli
Ranapur Pahrauli B.O 229210 Lalganj Raebareli
Khanapur Khusti B.O 229205 Lalganj Raebareli
Baraundi B.O 229205 Lalganj Raebareli
Kusundi B.O 229210 Lalganj Raebareli
Drigpal Ganj B.O 229210 Lalganj Raebareli
Sheopuri B.O 229209 Lalganj Raebareli
Deaur B.O 229001 Raebareli Raebareli
Nakphulaha B.O 229001 Raebareli Raebareli
Lodhwamau B.O 229001 Raebareli Raebareli
Sandi Nagin B.O 229001 Raebareli Raebareli
Jathua Tappa B.O 229001 Raebareli Raebareli
Taqia Kala B.O 229001 Rae Bareli Raebareli
Kathwara B.O 229303 Rbl Raebareli
Afzalpur Saton B.O 212205 Sirathu Kaushambi
Alipur Jeeta B.O 212205 Sirathu Kaushambi
Aureni B.O 212205 Sirathu Kaushambi
Korion B.O 212205 Sirathu Kaushambi
Paras B.O 212205 Sirathu Kaushambi
Bidaom B.O 212206 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Raxwara B.O 212206 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Vaish Kanti B.O 212206 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Zafarpur Mahawan B.O 212206 Manjhanpur Kaushambi
Akorha B.O 212301 Akorha Allahabad
Arai B.O 212301 Karchhana Allahabad
Baraon B.O 212301 Karchhana Allahabad
Bendon B.O 212301 Karchhana Allahabad
Deora B.O 212301 Karchhana Allahabad
Dhanaura B.O 212301 Karchhana Allahabad
Harduwa B.O 212301 Karchhana Allahabad
Issauta B.O 212301 Meja Allahabad
Karchha R.S. B.O 212301 Karchhana Allahabad
Konhdar B.O 212301 Karchhana Allahabad
Mungari B.O 212301 Karchhana Allahabad
Pindi B.O 212301 Karchhana Allahabad
Pipraon B.O 212301 Meja Allahabad
Pathra B.O 212301 Meja Allahabad
Silaundhi B.O 212301 Meja Allahabad
Sonai B.O 212301 Meja Allahabad
Tilakhwar B.O 212301 Meja Allahabad
Basahi B.O 212307 Koraon ** Allahabad
Bhunda B.O 212307 Meja Allahabad
Birpur B.O 212307 Bara Allahabad
Deeha B.O 212307 Meja Allahabad
Ghodedeeh B.O 212307 Karchhana Allahabad
Mahori B.O 212307 Karchhana Allahabad
Panasa B.O 212307 Karchhana Allahabad
Rokari B.O 212307 Karchhana Allahabad
Ayodhya B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Badaur B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Badokhar B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Beri B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Bisari B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Bhageshar B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Chiraon B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Deoghat B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Garha B.O 212306 Koraon ** Allahabad
Handia Manpur B.O 212306 Meja Allahabad
Kapasi Kalan B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Karpia B.O 212306 Koraon Allahabad
Khajuri B.O 212306 Meja Allahabad
Chhiri B.O 212107 Allahabad Allahabad
Dubaha B.O 212107 Allahabad Allahabad
Dhara B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Kanti B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Karma B.O 212111 Bara Allahabad
Lalapur Bhatpura B.O 212107 Allahabad Allahabad
Lohgara B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Leondi B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Manpur B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Nayanwar B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Naudhiya Tarhar B.O 212107 Allahabad Allahabad
Naganpur B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Othgi Tarhar B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Panduwa B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Purwa Khas B.O 212111 Bara Allahabad
Panwar B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Tatarganj B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Kasia Pashchim B.O 212201 Chail Kaushambi
Kokhraj B.O 212201 Chail Kaushambi
Kasia Purab B.O 212201 Sirathu Kaushambi
Amirsa B.O 212202 Chail Kaushambi
Balipur Tata B.O 212203 Chail Kaushambi
Boonda B.O 212202 Chail Kaushambi
Bhikhpur Mendwara B.O 212202 Chail Kaushambi
Chalauli B.O 212202 Chail Kaushambi
Faridpur Salem B.O 212202 Chail Kaushambi
Inguwa (Kathgaon) B.O 212202 Chail Kaushambi
Jalalpur Sana B.O 212202 Chail Kaushambi
Kasenda B.O 212202 Chail Kaushambi
Tilgodi B.O 212202 Chail Kaushambi
Badagaon B.O 212203 Charwa Kaushambi
Beruwa B.O 212203 Chail Kaushambi
Gauhani Badi B.O 212203 Charwa Kaushambi
Kaju B.O 212203 Charwa Kaushambi
Khandeora B.O 212203 Chail Kaushambi
Lokipur B.O 212203 Chail Kaushambi
Jahangirabad B.O 212204 Sirathu Kaushambi
Nawawan B.O 212204 Sirathu Kaushambi
Sawrai Buzurg B.O 212204 Phulpur Allahabad
Umarpur Neewan B.O 211011 Allahabad ** Allahabad
Barha B.O 212106 Bara Allahabad
Bharat Nagar B.O 212106 Bara Allahabad
Belsara B.O 212106 Bara Allahabad
Bahraicha B.O 212106 Koraon ** Allahabad
Chhapar B.O 212106 Allahabad Allahabad
Chamu B.O 212106 Allahabad Allahabad
Kapraura B.O 212106 Bara Allahabad
Kaundhiyra B.O 212106 Bara Allahabad
Kheraht Khurd B.O 212106 Bara Allahabad
Khiri B.O 212106 Bara Allahabad
Khoonta B.O 212106 Bara Allahabad
Lendiyari B.O 212106 Allahabad Allahabad
Maida B.O 212106 Bara Allahabad
Palpatti B.O 212106 Meja Allahabad
Panwari B.O 212106 Karchhana Allahabad
Sujani B.O 212106 Bara Allahabad
Bagbana B.O 212111 Bara Allahabad
Balapur B.O 212111 Bara Allahabad
Bara B.O 212107 Allahabad Allahabad
Belamundi B.O 212107 Allahabad Allahabad
Bhita B.O 212107 Allahabad Allahabad
Chhatahra B.O 212107 Allahabad Allahabad
Chilla B.O 212107 Bara Allahabad
Abboopur B.O 224116 NA Faizabad
Akhtiyarpur B.O 224116 Rudauli Faizabad
Jarail Kalan B.O 224116 Rudauli Faizabad
Karaundi B.O 224116 Rudauli Faizabad
Khairi B.O 224116 Rudauli Faizabad
Rauzagaon B.O 224116 Rudauli Faizabad
Saraitha B.O 224116 Rudauli Faizabad
Shujaganj B.O 224116 Rudauli Faizabad
Manjanpur B.O 224117 Rudauli Faizabad
Narauli B.O 224117 Rudauli Faizabad
Neora B.O 224117 Rudauli Faizabad
Sandawa B.O 224117 Rudauli Faizabad
Seonrahara B.O 224117 Rudauli Faizabad
Amraigaon B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Bihara B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Chandramau B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Dewait B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Hansrajpur B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Kasari B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Mathanewada B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Paharpur B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Rampur Janak B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Saidpur B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Saimsi B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Sherpur B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Sunba B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Talgaon B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Umapur B.O 224118 Rudauli Faizabad
Giraunda B.O 224119 Rudauli Faizabad
Hunhuna B.O 224119 Rudauli Faizabad
Jakhauli B.O 224119 Rudauli Faizabad
Pure Kamgar B.O 224119 Ramsanehighat Faizabad
Rani Mau Bhatthi B.O 224119 Ramsanehighat Faizabad
Sithauli B.O 224119 Rudauli Faizabad
Aihar B.O 224120 Rudauli Faizabad
Bari B.O 224120 Rudauli Faizabad
Ferozpur Makhdoomi B.O 224120 Rudauli Faizabad
Hariharpur Kayasthan B.O 224120 Rudauli Faizabad
Neoti B.O 224120 Rudauli Faizabad
Rudauli City B.O 224120 Rudauli Faizabad
Shahpur B.O 224120 Rudauli Faizabad
Tanda Sufi B.O 224120 Rudauli Faizabad
Semarpaha B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Bishun Khera B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Ambara Paschim B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Lalumau B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Deepemau B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Akauni B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Ajitpur B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Kumraura B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Lalganj Bazar B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Merui B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Maha Khera B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Bannamau B.O 229206 Lalganj Raebareli
Dudhwan B.O 229215 Lalganj Raebareli
Raipur B.O 229215 Lalganj Raebareli
Jhampur B.O 229215 Lalganj Raebareli
Tejgaon B.O 229215 Lalganj Raebareli
Malkegaon B.O 229215 Lalganj Raebareli
Kahjurgaon B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Gegason B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Musapur B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Singhortara B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Beni Madhiganj B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Gopali Khera B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Ralpur B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Rautapur B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Bairua B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Rampur Kala B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Bahai B.O 229203 Dalmau Raebareli
Utragauri B.O 229203 Lalganj Raebareli
Chilaula B.O 229203 Dalmau Raebareli
Sondasi B.O 229203 Dalmau Raebareli
Pure Bharo Mishir B.O 229203 Dalmau Raebareli
Chanda Tikar B.O 229203 Dalmau Raebareli
Belahni B.O 229203 Dalmau Raebareli
Balbhadrapur B.O 229207 Dalmau Raebareli
Karkasa B.O 229207 Dalmau Raebareli
Narsawan B.O 229207 Dalmau Raebareli
Pakhrauli B.O 229207 Dalmau Raebareli
Kalyan Pur Bainti B.O 229207 Dalmau Raebareli
Barara Bujurg B.O 229207 Dalmau Raebareli
Bishundaspur B.O 229207 Dalmau Raebareli
Barha B.O 229208 Lalganj Raebareli
Satanpur B.O 229208 Lalganj Raebareli
Mubarakpur B.O 229208 Lalganj Raebareli
Lachhipur B.O 229211 Lalganj Raebareli
Deogaon B.O 229211 Lalganj Raebareli
Jogapur B.O 229211 Lalganj Raebareli
Bakuliha B.O 229211 Lalganj Raebareli
Mahraniganj B.O 229211 Lalganj Raebareli
Pahuri B.O 229201 Lalganj Raebareli
Bijemau B.O 229201 Lalganj Raebareli
Bemaura B.O 229201 Lalganj Raebareli
Hasnapur B.O 229201 Lalganj Raebareli
Hathnasa B.O 229212 Lalganj Raebareli
Dhanpulpur B.O 229212 Lalganj Raebareli
Deopur B.O 229212 Lalganj Raebareli
Gajpati Khera B.O 229212 Lalganj Raebareli
Ibrahimpur B.O 229212 Lalganj Raebareli
Murarmau B.O 229212 Lalganj Raebareli
Nibi B.O 229212 Lalganj Raebareli
Samodha B.O 229212 Lalganj Raebareli
Satwa Khera B.O 229212 Lalganj Raebareli
Bithooli B.O 229202 Lalganj Raebareli
Chahotar B.O 229202 Lalganj Raebareli
Daulatpur B.O 229202 Lalganj Raebareli
Gahrauli B.O 229202 Lalganj Raebareli
Kodra B.O 229202 Maharajganj Raebareli
Nisgar B.O 229202 Lalganj Raebareli
Usroo B.O 229202 Lalganj Raebareli
Sathala B.O 203402 Siyana Bulandshahr
Buklana B.O 203403 Siyana Bulandshahr
Madona Jafara Bad B.O 203402 Siyana Bulandshahr
Lad Pur B.O 203402 Siyana Bulandshahr
Hingwara B.O 203402 Siyana Bulandshahr
Barhana B.O 203403 Siyana Bulandshahr
Bharkau B.O 203403 Siyana Bulandshahr
Hazipur B.O 203403 Siyana Bulandshahr
Dhaniya Wali B.O 203403 Siyana Bulandshahr
Kisola B.O 203403 Siyana Bulandshahr
Gesupur Barwala B.O 203403 Siyana Bulandshahr
Jalalpur B.O 203403 Siyana Bulandshahr
Mankari B.O 203403 Siyana Bulandshahr
Isapur B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Asfabad Chandpura B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Kota B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Harchana B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Khushhalpur B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Kisoli B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Chandiyana B.O 203403 Siyana Bulandshahr
Baghwala B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Baral B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Ginora Shekh B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Garhiya Manpur B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Chaprawat B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Asawar B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Senta B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Maudha B.O 233221 Saidpur Ghazipur
Belhari B.O 233221 Saidpur Ghazipur
Anauni B.O 233221 Saidpur Ghazipur
Ameda B.O 233221 Saidpur Ghazipur
Duttnagar B.O 250626 Baraut Bagpat
Auranga Bad Taherpur B.O 203398 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Jashdeopur B.O 233231 Mohammadabad Yusufpur Ghazipur
Banki Khurd B.O 233229 Mohammadabad Yusufpur Ghazipur
Amrupur B.O 233231 Mohammadabad Yusufpur Ghazipur
Ramgarh B.O 275201 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Soniyapar B.O 233221 Saidpur Ghazipur
Singarpur B.O 233221 Saidpur Ghazipur
Banhpur B.O 203402 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Birbalpur B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Burhanpur B.O 275203 Jakhania Ghazipur
Mirzabad Mania B.O 233231 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Visundhara B.O 203401 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Paswasara B.O 203401 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Benipur B.O 203402 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Chitsona Ali Pur B.O 203402 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Bihta B.O 203402 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Mandora B.O 250223 Sardhana Meerut
Agwanpur B.O 250406 Mawana Meerut
Gaura B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Hasanpur Bhowapur B.O 201010 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Makanpur B.O 201014 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Chirgaon Khurd B.O 284304 NA Jhansi
Rohana B.O 221108 Varanasi Varanasi
Pure Raghunathpur B.O 221006 Varanasi Varanasi
Kaithauli B.O 221006 Vanranasi Varanasi
Chiurapur B.O 221204 NA Varanasi
Udai Rampur Nagla B.O 201015 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Hassanpur B.O 201015 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Achheja B.O 203207 Achheja Gautam Buddha Nagar
Gohilaon B.O 221402 S.r.nagar Sant Ravidas Nagar
Abarana B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Murad Nagar Town B.O 201206 Murad Nagar Ghaziabad
Pasonda B.O 201005 Pasonda Ghaziabad
Kauraha Jagdish Pur B.O 271126 Colonelganj Gonda
Morta B.O 201003 Morta Ghaziabad
Ator Nagla B.O 201003 Ator Nagla Ghaziabad
Bhup Kheri B.O 201003 Bhup Kheri Ghaziabad
Nistoli B.O 201003 Nistoli Ghaziabad
Shahpur Bamheta B.O 201002 Shahpur Bamheta Ghaziabad
Ingram Institute B.O 201002 Ingram Institute Ghaziabad
Roza Yakubpur B.O 201009 Roza Yakubpur Ghaziabad
Chhipyana B.O 201009 Chhpyana Ghaziabad
Chhaprola B.O 201009 Chhprola Ghaziabad
Majgaon B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Utraula Bazar B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Kondari B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bhangaha Kala B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Aurangabad Ristal B.O 201003 Aurangabad Ristal Ghaziabad
Parpa B.O 245301 Dhaulana Ghaziabad
Samana B.O 245301 Dhaulana Ghaziabad
Solana B.O 245301 Dhaulana Ghaziabad
Dehra B.O 245301 Dhaulana Ghaziabad
Panki Ganga Ganj B.O 208020 Ganga Ganj Kanpur Nagar
Bairi B.O 208017 Bairi Gaon Kanpur Nagar
Bisara B.O 201008 Bisara Gautam Buddha Nagar
Piyaoli B.O 201008 Piyaoli Gautam Buddha Nagar
Khiluai B.O 245205 Khiluai Ghaziabad
Salarpur Kalan B.O 201008 Salarpur Kalan Gautam Buddha Nagar
Khanjarpur B.O 201204 Khanjarpur Ghaziabad
Kandaula B.O 245301 Dhaulana Ghaziabad
Maleera B.O 251202 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar
Dadri B.O 250223 Sardhana Meerut
Kaili B.O 250223 Sardhana Meerut
Kapsad B.O 250223 Sardhana Meerut
Sarwat B.O 251001 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar
Agarwal Paper Mill B.O 251001 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar
Badheri B.O 251307 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar
Kamalpur B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Nah B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Chherat B.O 202122 Aligarh Aligarh
Nagla Sarua B.O 202142 Aligarh Aligarh
Paindapur B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Utwara B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Satha B.O 202127 Aligarh Aligarh
Bapandai B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Dwarikapur B.O 204216 Aligarh Hathras
Rajawal B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Sehri Madangarhi B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Talesara B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Barotha B.O 202125 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhavigarh B.O 202125 Aligarh Aligarh
Budhansi B.O 202125 Aligarh Aligarh
Chhadawali B.O 202125 Aligarh Aligarh
Gurushikharan B.O 202125 Aligarh Aligarh
Khan Alampur B.O 202125 Aligarh Aligarh
Kalai B.O 202125 Aligarh Aligarh
Narona Akapur B.O 202125 Aligarh Aligarh
Sadhu Ashram B.O 202125 Aligarh Aligarh
Ukhlana B.O 202125 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhaiyan B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Chhaichhau B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Gidauli B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Harautha B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Kalua Bhilet B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Kajrauth B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Matroi B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Mohreni B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Sahara Khurd B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Iglas Thana B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Salempur B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Simardhari B.O 202124 Aligarh Aligarh
Achna B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Arrana B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Bamani B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Bamoti B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Bisara B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Jarara B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Pala Chand B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Sawai Raghunathpur B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Usram B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Bajauta B.O 202137 Aligarh Aligarh
Hetalpur B.O 202137 Aligarh Aligarh
Basai Kazi B.O 202150 Aligarh Aligarh
Narupura B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Teothu B.O 202280 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhangra B.O 202145 Aligarh Aligarh
Gorai B.O 202145 Aligarh Aligarh
Jamaun B.O 202145 Aligarh Aligarh
Jatwar B.O 202145 Aligarh Aligarh
Khirsauli B.O 202145 Aligarh Aligarh
Maisubhasgram B.O 202145 Aligarh Aligarh
Mohkampur Garia B.O 202145 Aligarh Aligarh
Sudama Ka Bas B.O 202145 Aligarh Aligarh
Sathini B.O 202145 Aligarh Aligarh
Tamotia B.O 202145 Aligarh Aligarh
Badesara B.O 202131 Aligarh Aligarh
Chandaua Goverdhanapur B.O 202131 Aligarh Aligarh
Dudhma B.O 202131 Aligarh Aligarh
Gehtoli Nirmal B.O 202131 Aligarh Aligarh
Nahal B.O 202131 Aligarh Aligarh
Pali Mukimpur B.O 202131 Aligarh Aligarh
Panehra B.O 202131 Aligarh Aligarh
Pipari B.O 202131 Aligarh Aligarh
Rajatau B.O 202131 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhimpur B.O 202142 Aligarh Aligarh
Chilawati B.O 202142 Aligarh Aligarh
Udaipur B.O 202142 Aligarh Aligarh
Hinsel B.O 202142 Aligarh Aligarh
Rampur Shahpur B.O 202142 Aligarh Aligarh
Bistauli B.O 202170 Aligarh Aligarh
Chhonk B.O 202170 Aligarh Aligarh
Gangrol B.O 202170 Aligarh Aligarh
Kathera B.O 202170 Aligarh Aligarh
Baranadi B.O 202128 Aligarh Aligarh
Changeri B.O 202128 Aligarh Aligarh
Tamkoli B.O 202136 Aligarh Aligarh
Rehsupur B.O 202128 Aligarh Aligarh
Sheikhupur B.O 202128 Aligarh Aligarh
Badhari Bujurg B.O 202134 Aligarh Aligarh
Bilona Chitsari B.O 202134 Aligarh Aligarh
Budha Gaon B.O 202134 Aligarh Aligarh
Kanobi B.O 202134 Aligarh Aligarh
Majhola B.O 202134 Aligarh Aligarh
Manena Ummedpur B.O 202134 Aligarh Aligarh
Naugawan B.O 202134 Aligarh Aligarh
Ahraula B.O 202135 Aligarh Aligarh
Paitra Nawabpur B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Rajpur Khas B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Rajmau B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Ramnagar B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Rampur Chandyana B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Sankra B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Sahjahanpur Baijna B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Zafar Manzil B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Bharatpur B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Dewa Hamidpur B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Jamonka B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Karanpur B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Kilpur B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Narainpur B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Rajpur B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Ranjeet Garhi B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Resari B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Sahajpur B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Salpur B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Sujanpur B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Umri B.O 202141 Aligarh Aligarh
Kandauli B.O 202136 Aligarh Aligarh
Kanoi B.O 202136 Aligarh Aligarh
Korah Rustampur B.O 202136 Aligarh Aligarh
Mohrena B.O 202136 Aligarh Aligarh
Pothi B.O 202136 Aligarh Aligarh
Khera Narain Singh B.O 202121 Aligarh Aligarh
Khurrampur B.O 202121 Aligarh Aligarh
Ladhaua B.O 202121 Aligarh Aligarh
Mandanpur B.O 202121 Aligarh Aligarh
Manai B.O 202121 Aligarh Aligarh
Suhawali B.O 202121 Aligarh Aligarh
Tuamai B.O 202121 Aligarh Aligarh
Amrauli B.O 202122 Aligarh Aligarh
Bahadurpur Kota B.O 202122 Aligarh Aligarh
Pala Kastali B.O 202122 Aligarh Aligarh
Sikandarpur Kota B.O 202122 Aligarh Aligarh
Siya Khas B.O 202122 Aligarh Aligarh
Chhabilpur B.O 202280 Aligarh Aligarh
Ganiyabali B.O 202280 Aligarh Aligarh
Ghazipur B.O 202280 Aligarh Aligarh
Izzatpur B.O 202280 Aligarh Aligarh
Kalyanpur Rani B.O 202280 Atrauli Aligarh
Pureni B.O 202280 Aligarh Aligarh
Madholi B.O 202280 Aligarh Aligarh
Gadrana B.O 202150 Aligarh Aligarh
Malikpura B.O 202150 Aligarh Aligarh
Tatarpur B.O 202150 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhenkuri B.O 204214 Aligarh Hathras
Bhuraka B.O 204214 Aligarh Hathras
Jansoi B.O 204214 Aligarh Hathras
Mendamai B.O 204214 Aligarh Hathras
Nagaria Patti B.O 204214 Aligarh Hathras
Nagla Veer Sahai B.O 204214 Aligarh Hathras
Pora B.O 204214 Aligarh Hathras
Basgoi B.O 204214 Aligarh Hathras
Chhonda B.O 204216 Aligarh Hathras
Jiroli B.O 204216 Aligarh Hathras
Kanya Gurukul B.O 204216 Aligarh Hathras
Mohariya B.O 204216 Aligarh Hathras
Parhil B.O 204216 Aligarh Hathras
Rudayan B.O 204216 Aligarh Hathras
Susayat Kalan B.O 204216 Aligarh Hathras
Tilothi B.O 204216 Aligarh Hathras
Ama Madapur B.O 204215 Aligarh Aligarh
Arnot B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Bamnoi B.O 204215 Aligarh Aligarh
Barai Shahpur B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Basai Babas B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Bastoi B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Bazidpur B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Chandpur Mirza B.O 204215 Aligarh Aligarh
Ginoli Kishanpur B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Gopi B.O 204215 Aligarh Aligarh
Gudmai Misripur B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Jiroli Kalan B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Kapasiya B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Mau Chirayal B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Ratanpur Hussainpur B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Tati Dadia B.O 204215 Aligarh Hathras
Adaun B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Ahmedpur B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Allahdadpur Aisi B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Beethna B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhadesi B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhankri Niranjankot B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhemti B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Jatrauli B.O 202137 Aligarh Aligarh
Jalalpur B.O 202137 Aligarh Aligarh
Khandeha B.O 202137 Aligarh Aligarh
Maur B.O 202137 Aligarh Aligarh
Palsera B.O 202137 Aligarh Aligarh
Pempur B.O 202137 Aligarh Aligarh
Shadipur B.O 202137 Aligarh Aligarh
Baraula B.O 202126 Aligarh Aligarh
Barauli B.O 202126 Aligarh Aligarh
Debthala B.O 202126 Aligarh Aligarh
Daheli B.O 202126 Aligarh Aligarh
Daupur B.O 202126 Aligarh Aligarh
Pilona B.O 202126 Aligarh Aligarh
Songra B.O 202126 Aligarh Aligarh
Sumera B.O 202126 Aligarh Aligarh
Bembirpur B.O 202281 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhojpur Nuri B.O 202281 Aligarh Aligarh
Chakathal B.O 202281 Aligarh Aligarh
Kakethal B.O 202281 Aligarh Aligarh
Lohgarh B.O 202281 Aligarh Aligarh
Salarpur B.O 202281 Aligarh Aligarh
Alampur Rani Barla B.O 202129 Aligarh Aligarh
Datawali B.O 202129 Aligarh Aligarh
Hasona Jagmohanpur B.O 202129 Aligarh Aligarh
Kutubour Amarpur B.O 202129 Aligarh Aligarh
Pahari Pur B.O 202129 Aligarh Aligarh
Phusauli B.O 202129 Aligarh Aligarh
Shahagarh B.O 202129 Aligarh Aligarh
Utra B.O 202129 Aligarh Aligarh
Chhalesar B.O 202127 Aligarh Aligarh
Godha B.O 202127 Aligarh Aligarh
Khera Bujurg B.O 202127 Aligarh Aligarh
Parki B.O 202127 Aligarh Aligarh
Sikharna B.O 202127 Aligarh Aligarh
Sunamai B.O 202127 Aligarh Aligarh
Talib Nagar B.O 202127 Aligarh Aligarh
Madrak B.O 202150 Aligarh Aligarh
Musepur Jalal B.O 202150 Aligarh Aligarh
Shahabajpur B.O 202150 Aligarh Aligarh
Shahpur Madrak B.O 202150 Aligarh Aligarh
Deta Khurd B.O 202155 Aligarh Aligarh
Jalalpur B.O 202155 Aligarh Aligarh
Jalokhari B.O 202155 Aligarh Aligarh
Bidirka B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Dhanipur B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Govindpur Fagoi B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Gurusena B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Jallupur Sehore B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Hastpur Chandfari B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Kalwa B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Kesopur Jafri B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Konchhor B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Quarsi B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Mahua B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Mehrawal B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Mukandpur B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Naglamandir B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Nagla Devi B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Pala Aisi B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Panethi B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Sarsol B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Shahpur Kutub B.O 202002 Aligarh Aligarh
Dabha B.O 202121 Aligarh Aligarh
Jiroli Hira Singh B.O 202121 Aligarh Aligarh
Amritpur B.O 202132 Aligarh Aligarh
Nagla Padam B.O 202132 Aligarh Aligarh
Ogipur B.O 202132 Aligarh Aligarh
Sudeshpur B.O 202132 Aligarh Aligarh
Bain Kalan B.O 202130 NA Aligarh
Bhamora Kalan B.O 202130 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhikampur B.O 202130 Aligarh Aligarh
Dhansari B.O 202130 Aligarh Aligarh
Habibganj B.O 202130 Aligarh Aligarh
Siroli B.O 202130 Aligarh Aligarh
Sunpahar B.O 202130 Aligarh Aligarh
Abhaipur Behlolpur B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Alampur Fatehpur B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Bonai B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Dinapur B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Haranpur Kalan B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Hardoi B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Harnaut B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Jirauli B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Kaser B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Khandua B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Lehra B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Mandpur B.O 202133 Aligarh Aligarh
Orani Dalpatpur B.O 202280 Aligarh Aligarh
Rukhala B.O 202134 Aligarh Aligarh
Mehgora B.O 202155 Aligarh Aligarh
Mirpur Khas B.O 202155 Aligarh Aligarh
Sabalpur B.O 202155 Aligarh Aligarh
Balwant Nagaria B.O 202143 Aligarh Aligarh
Deorau B.O 202143 Aligarh Aligarh
Deopur B.O 202143 Aligarh Aligarh
Madhaula B.O 202143 Aligarh Aligarh
Pahawati B.O 202143 Aligarh Aligarh
Bena B.O 202165 Aligarh Aligarh
Malav B.O 202165 Aligarh Aligarh
Gorola B.O 202165 Aligarh Aligarh
Siarol B.O 202165 Aligarh Aligarh
Gharbara B.O 202165 Aligarh Aligarh
Simrauthi B.O 202165 Aligarh Aligarh
Jaidpura B.O 202165 Aligarh Aligarh
Untasani B.O 202165 Aligarh Aligarh
Pipalgaon B.O 204211 Aligarh Hathras
Bhatikara B.O 204211 Aligarh Hathras
Sujawalpur B.O 204211 Aligarh Hathras
Tikari Kalan B.O 204211 Aligarh Hathras
Band Abdulhamipur B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Bwarwana B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Bonai B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Gangapur B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Gadola B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Guarau Kalan B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Maho B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Nagla Danda B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Rati Ka Nagla B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Shankerpur B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Siktara B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Srinagar B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Kanau B.O 204212 Aligarh Hathras
Chandaiya B.O 202139 Aligarh Aligarh
Komari B.O 202139 Aligarh Aligarh
Lutsan B.O 202139 Aligarh Aligarh
Sikur B.O 202139 Aligarh Aligarh
Asroi B.O 204213 Aligarh Aligarh
Bardwari B.O 204213 Aligarh Hathras
Jatoi B.O 204213 Aligarh Hathras
Jawar B.O 204213 Aligarh Hathras
Kota B.O 204213 Aligarh Hathras
Pata Khas B.O 204213 Aligarh Hathras
Pateni B.O 204213 Aligarh Hathras
Penth Gaon B.O 204213 Aligarh Hathras
Aidalpur B.O 202135 Aligarh Aligarh
Bankner B.O 202135 Aligarh Aligarh
Fatehgarhi B.O 202135 Aligarh Aligarh
Kasison B.O 202135 Aligarh Aligarh
Khera Sattu B.O 202135 Aligarh Aligarh
Madanpur B.O 202135 Aligarh Aligarh
Shiwala B.O 202135 Aligarh Aligarh
Dhantauli B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Digsari B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Kemthal B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Manti Basai B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Nagla Birkhu B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Nagla Jhujhar B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Nagla Jagdeo B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Pachawari B.O 202123 Aligarh Aligarh
Balua Gajapur B.O 221201 NA Varanasi
Kharawan B.O 221201 NA Varanasi
Kaithauli B.O 277202 NA Ballia
Jamui B.O 221717 NA Ballia
Ramakhurd B.O 210205 NA Chitrakoot
Kalaulitir B.O 210301 NA Hamirpur
Pauthia Bujurg B.O 210301 NA Hamirpur
Barauli Kharka B.O 210430 NA Hamirpur
Rahank B.O 210430 NA Hamirpur
Rawatpura B.O 210430 NA Hamirpur
Ainchana B.O 210425 NA Mahoba
Basaut B.O 210425 NA Mahoba
Chichara B.O 210504 NA Hamirpur
Gusiyari B.O 210504 NA Hamirpur
Kahra B.O 210504 NA Hamirpur
Karahiya B.O 210504 NA Hamirpur
Atrarmaf B.O 210433 NA Mahoba
Bhandra B.O 210433 NA Mahoba
Bilkhi B.O 210433 NA Mahoba
Nanaura B.O 210433 NA Mahoba
Pawa B.O 210433 NA Mahoba
Pipramaf B.O 210433 NA Mahoba
Salarpur B.O 210433 NA Mahoba
Sijwaha B.O 210433 NA Mahoba
Nauranga B.O 210428 NA Hamirpur
Tolarawat B.O 210428 NA Hamirpur
Tikamau B.O 210427 NA Mahoba
Bilauta B.O 210505 NA Hamirpur
Jhalokhar B.O 210505 NA Hamirpur
Kandaur B.O 210505 NA Hamirpur
Misripur B.O 210505 NA Hamirpur
Bagwaha B.O 210426 NA Mahoba
Ladpur B.O 210426 NA Mahoba
Mudhari B.O 210426 NA Mahoba
Satari B.O 210426 NA Mahoba
Sugira B.O 210426 NA Mahoba
Alipur B.O 206243 NA Auraiya
Bharka B.O 209601 NA Farrukhabad
Ghatiaghat B.O 209601 NA Farrukhabad
Maseni B.O 209601 NA Farrukhabad
Sarah B.O 209601 NA Farrukhabad
Dolupura B.O 283203 NA Firozabad
Jagatpur B B.O 205267 NA Mainpuri
Basait B.O 205303 NA Mainpuri
Atirajpur B.O 205264 NA Mainpuri
Nagla Dik B.O 205264 NA Mainpuri
Baghai B.O 283103 NA Firozabad
Aisi B.O 202002 NA Aligarh
Digsi B.O 202002 NA Aligarh
Karanpur B.O 202142 NA Aligarh
Kaseru B.O 202132 NA Aligarh
Bhagatpur B.O 202132 NA Aligarh
Bharpur B.O 202132 NA Aligarh
Takipura B.O 202141 NA Aligarh
Pairi B.O 202136 NA Aligarh
Kalayanpur Bhagirathpur B.O 202124 NA Agra
Dandesari B.O 204211 NA Hathras
Ganthri Shahpur B.O 204211 NA Hathras
Garhi Hirasingh B.O 204211 NA Hathras
Northa Isepur B.O 204211 NA Hathras
Pachaun B.O 204211 NA Hathras
Barla B.O 202129 NA Aligarh
Pipoli B.O 202129 NA Aligarh
Bhilet Ramnagar B.O 202129 NA Aligarh
Madha Habibpur B.O 202155 NA Aligarh
Barsauli B.O 204214 NA Hathras
Basgoi B.O 204216 NA Hathras
Akrawat B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Beharipur B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Ismailpur B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Majupur B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Andla B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Jiroli Dor B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Rait B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Badon B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Dunai B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Kiratpur Nimana B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Shikharan B.O 202140 NA Aligarh
Atrauli Ro R.S. B.O 202282 NA Aligarh
Klyanpur B.O 202282 NA Aligarh
Badholi B.O 202282 NA Aligarh
Kazimabad B.O 202282 NA Aligarh
Jamuna B.O 202282 NA Aligarh
Sahnaul B.O 202282 NA Aligarh
Ahabaranpur B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Ahen B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Allehpur B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Arjunpur B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Bisana B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Jogia B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Ladpur B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Parsara B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Tuksan B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Gangcholi B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Karas B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Lakhnu B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Ruheri B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Veernagar B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Garhi Balna B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Koka B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Luheta Khurd B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Sokhana B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Hatisa Bhagwantpur B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Kunwarpur B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Meetai B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Tehra B.O 204101 NA Hathras
Akhaipur B.O 204102 NA Hathras
Baghraya B.O 204102 NA Hathras
Dariyapur B.O 204102 NA Hathras
Dhatroi B.O 204102 NA Hathras
Kailora B.O 204102 NA Hathras
Salempur B.O 204102 NA Hathras
Thulai B.O 204102 NA Hathras
Punner B.O 204102 NA Hathras
Sohila B.O 271305 NA Gonda
Bhadawan B.O 221101 NA Varanasi
Katari B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Gokha B.O 222127 NA Jaunpur
Marikpur B.O 222203 NA Jaunpur
Pariyawan B.O 222138 NA Jaunpur
Ghughuwa B.O 284201 NA Jhansi
Kachnadakala B.O 284403 NA Lalitpur
Sirsi B.O 284124 NA Lalitpur
Gona Kushmadh B.O 284405 NA Lalitpur
Bomori Bansa B.O 284406 NA Lalitpur
Nunsai B.O 285001 NA Jalaun
Timron B.O 285001 NA Jalaun
Sami B.O 285205 NA Jalaun
Bondri  B.O 243636 Dataganj Budaun
Qazi Mohalla B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Dakarapukhta B.O 243638 NA Budaun
Karkheri B.O 243725 NA Budaun
Bhatauli B.O 243630 NA Budaun
Singraura B.O 243601 NA Budaun
Unola B.O 243601 NA Budaun
Sakhanu B.O 243601 NA Budaun
Noorpur B.O 243601 NA Budaun
Mahclai B.O 243601 NA Budaun
Chitaura B.O 243631 NA Budaun
Gauntara B.O 243631 NA Budaun
Gula Barela B.O 243631 NA Budaun
Mansanagla B.O 243631 NA Budaun
Miaoo B.O 243631 NA Budaun
Bhoor Bisauli B.O 243632 NA Budaun
Danbri B.O 243632 NA Budaun
Faizganj Behta B.O 243632 Bisauli Budaun
Laxmipur B.O 243632 NA Budaun
Mohkampur B.O 243632 NA Budaun
Manunagar B.O 243632 NA Budaun
Nizamuddin Purshah B.O 243632 NA Budaun
Sangrampur B.O 243632 NA Budaun
Sikri B.O 243632 NA Budaun
Sisaraka B.O 243632 NA Budaun
Gangoli B.O 243632 NA Budaun
Singhrawa B.O 226102 NA Lucknow
Sahijana B.O 226103 NA Lucknow
Laulai B.O 226028 Lucknow Lucknow
Atrauli B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Atwa Bhasen B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Atia Sahpur B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Chhanoiya B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Dalelnagar B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Loomamau B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Malehra B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Malaiya B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Meer Nagar Ajigawan B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Rainso B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Sandila Town B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Sarve B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Saank B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Teriya B.O 241204 NA Hardoi
Dhamraoli B.O 203002 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Madhuharpur B.O 272207 NA Siddharthnagar
Hatwa B.O 272125 NA Sant Kabir Nagar
Dhobbhara B.O 272176 NA Sant Kabir Nagar
Barparwa B.O 272165 NA Sant Kabir Nagar
Bharwal Parvata B.O 272165 NA Sant Kabir Nagar
Tighra B.O 272165 NA Sant Kabir Nagar
Baridiha B.O 272165 NA Sant Kabir Nagar
Gonare B.O 272171 NA Basti
Chhitahi B.O 272172 NA Sant Kabir Nagar
Jainti B.O 224147 NA Ambedkar Nagar
Cheriya B.O 273401 NA Gorakhpur
Chhatai B.O 273212 Khajni Gorakhpur
Jakahi B.O 273212 NA Gorakhpur
Belwa Qazi B.O 273303 NA Maharajganj
Sekhanli B.O 273304 NA Maharajganj
Rautapur B.O 273209 NA Gorakhpur
Khajuri Baboo B.O 273411 NA Gorakhpur
Ujjarpar B.O 273412 NA Gorakhpur
Brahmasari B.O 273213 NA Gorakhpur
Sukrauli B.O 273213 NA Gorakhpur
Gangapar B.O 273412 NA Gorakhpur
Bargahpur B.O 273157 NA Gorakhpur
Lehrabazar B.O 273157 NA Gorakhpur
Mundera Bazar B.O 273201 NA Gorakhpur
Lachchipur B.O 273007 NA Gorakhpur
Dhuswakala B.O 273162 NA Maharajganj
Medida B.O 273162 NA Maharajganj
Puranderpur B.O 273162 NA Maharajganj
Rudrapura Sheonath B.O 273162 NA Maharajganj
Shaildah B.O 273162 NA Maharajganj
Ramnagar B.O 273164 NA Maharajganj
Chakdah B.O 273164 NA Maharajganj
Tikaria B.O 273165 NA Gorakhpur
Parasurampur B.O 273152 NA Gorakhpur
Bhatauli B.O 231501 NA Mirzapur
Neorhia Ghat B.O 231501 NA Mirzapur
Sandwa B.O 231501 NA Mirzapur
Hinauti B.O 231304 NA Mirzapur
Tilaulikala B.O 231210 NA Mirzapur
Bahuar B.O 231302 NA Mirzapur
Sundari B.O 231212 NA Sonbhadra
Bagharu B.O 231212 NA Sonbhadra
Naudiha B.O 231212 NA Sonbhadra
Shakteshgarh B.O 231304 NA Mirzapur
Mokarsim B.O 231216 NA Sonbhadra
Hansipur B.O 231306 NA Mirzapur
Telipurmali B.O 244221 NA Jyotiba Phule Nagar
Kaural B.O 244251 NA Jyotiba Phule Nagar
Bahroli Taharpur B.O 244410 NA Moradabad
Jalalpur B.O B.O 250621 Baraut Bagpat
Mahobkanth B.O 210429 Kulpahar Mahoba
Banda Katra B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Pipra Sohat B.O 273162 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Ilahibagh B.O 273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Jafra Bazar B.O 273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Pali B.O 273209 Sahajanwa Gorakhpur
Kamharia Buzurg B.O 273309 Pharenda Maharajganj
Mokalpur B.O 228171 Kadipur Sultanpur
Sotha B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Kandoli B.O 245304 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Bhoora B.O 262908 Pallia Kheri
PhoolBehad B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Shahnagar Patparaganj B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Dhuriyapar Chini mil B.O 273409 Gola Gorakhpur
Piprouli B.O 273212 Sahajanwa Gorakhpur
Halalpur B.O 250617 Baghpat Varanasi
Sisana B.O 250609 Baghpat Bagpat
Ubarpur B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bhoora Bhadraul B.O 243636 Dataganj Budaun
Nandna Kala B.O 225305 Fatehpur Barabanki
Anchora  Kamboh B.O 244304 Sambhl Jyotiba Phule Nagar
Jayapur B.O 221305 Varanasi Varanasi
Babusarai B.O 221314 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Singanpur B.O 209602 Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
Morania Gandhi Nagar B.O 262904 Palia Kheri
Kabir Ganj B.O 262904 Palia Kheri
Chandia Hajara B.O 262904 Palia Kheri
Ashok Nagar B.O 262904 Palia Kheri
Sera Bera B.O 262902 Palia Kheri
Bijua B.O 262901 Gola Kheri
Mudia Puja Gaon B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Ramia Behar B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
Mudia B.O 262805 Gola Kheri
Bhupatipur B.O 262805 Gola Kheri
Mailani Gram B.O 262803 Gola Kheri
Tharvaranpur B.O 262803 Gola Kheri
Banshi B.O 262802 Gola Gokaran Nath Kheri
Phoolpur Gunia B.O 262722 Dhaurahara Kheri
Awadhpur B.O 262727 Mohammdi Kheri
Kanchanpur B.O 262802 Gola Gokaran Nath Kheri
Nakia Khera B.O 261505 Mohammdi Kheri
Baghoom B.O 261505 Mohammdi Kheri
Hindustan Farm B.O 262801 Gola Gokaran Nath Kheri
Mahadeo Atra B.O 262721 Lakhimpur Kheri
Rajgarh B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Dharmapur B.O 262901 Gola Kheri
Ram Nagar B.O 262904 Palia Kheri
Shardapuri B.O 262904 Palia Kheri
Sujanpur B.O 262907 Nighasan Kheri
Jhandi Raj B.O 262903 Nighasan Kheri
Khawahia No 2 B.O 262907 Nighasan Kheri
Kumbhi B.O 262804 Mohammadi Kheri
Maharaj Nagar B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Maksoodapur B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Dalelganj B.O 242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Katia Tola B.O 242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Ghantaghar B.O 242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Maujampur B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Gopipur B.O 222138 Jaunpur Jaunpur
Mohabbatganj Uparhar B.O 211007 Allahabad Allahabad
Jayantipur B.O 212202 Chail Kaushambi
Khandesara B.O 212106 Allahabad Allahabad
Kathauli B.O 212303 Meja Allahabad
Deys Medical Tiraha B.O 211010 Allahabad Allahabad
Didaura B.O 244102 Moradabad Moradabad
Agsauli B.O 204211 Aligarh Hathras
Bartar Khas B.O 204211 Aligarh Hathras
Bhisi Mirjapur B.O 204211 Aligarh Hathras
Behrabad B.O 202280 Aligarh Aligarh
Jhujhuraka B.O 202280 Aligarh Aligarh
Khair Mandi B.O 202138 Aligarh Aligarh
Kalyanpur Bhagirathpur B.O 202281 Aligarh Aligarh
Bhankari Ahibasi B.O 202150 Aligarh Aligarh
Dedamai B.O 202150 Aligarh Aligarh
Agrana B.O 204211 Aligarh Hathras
Bhot Bakkal B.O 244924 Suar Rampur
Bilaspur B.O 203202 Sikandrabad Bulandshahr
Raiganj B.O 224123 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Harrai B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Manapur B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Phalawda B.O 250401 Mawana Meerut
SARAI SAHJADA B.O 212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Meethapur B.O 229216 Lalganj Raebareli
Jaitpur B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Khajuron B.O 229308 Bachhrawan Raebareli
CCM Padmapur B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Sagra B.O 272151 Rudhauli Basti
Belwa B.O 272129 Harraiya Basti
Mahthawal B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Bhadanw B.O 272205 Shoharatgarh Siddharthnagar
Karma B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Manka B.O 210208 Banda Chitrakoot
Padiya (E.U.P-5089) B.O 209125 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Piparidih B.O 275103 Mau Mau
Majhaul B.O 247665 Roorkee Saharanpur
Khushalipur B.O 247662 Behat Saharanpur
Banderjud B.O 247662 M.bad Saharanpur
Simbhalki Gujjar B.O 247662 Saharanpur Saharanpur
Chauradev B.O 247669 Saharanpur Saharanpur
Harora B.O 247669 Punwarka Saharanpur
Khajuri Akbarpur B.O 247669 Saharanpur Saharanpur
Dudhla B.O 247341 Gangoh Saharanpur
Jharwan B.O 247341 Nakur Saharanpur
Khadlana B.O 247341 Gangoh Saharanpur
Bansdei B.O 247341 Gangoh Saharanpur
Lakhnauti B.O 247341 Gangoh Saharanpur
Bahera B.O 247453 Nanauta Saharanpur
Mora B.O 247453 Nanauta Saharanpur
Shimlana B.O 247453 Nanauta Saharanpur
Thaska B.O 247453 Nanauta Saharanpur
Naya Gaon B.O 247453 Saharanpur Saharanpur
Anwarpur Baroli B.O 247129 M.bad Saharanpur
Khajnawar B.O 247129 M.bad Saharanpur
Kaluwala Jahanpur B.O 247129 Behat Saharanpur
Kurdi Khera B.O 247129 M.bad Saharanpur
Khurrampur B.O 247129 M.bad Saharanpur
Niyamatpur B.O 247129 M.bad Saharanpur
Sansarpur B.O 247129 M.bad Saharanpur
Talhapur B.O 247129 M.bad Saharanpur
Bachiti B.O 247551 Nagal Saharanpur
Dhangera B.O 247551 Nagal Saharanpur
Khera Mugal B.O 247551 Nagal Saharanpur
Kota B.O 247551 Nagal Saharanpur
Basulia B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Chak Kanahu B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Ghusgawan B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Gora Raipur B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Hadaf B.O 242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Khiria Rasoolpur B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Keeeratpur B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Mahasir B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Mudia Pamar B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Murchha B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Niyamatpur B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Paina Buzurg B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Pingri Pingra B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Shahbaznagar B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Sindhauli B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Tera B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Tikri B.O 242001 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Ashrafpur B.O 242220 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Chaurasia B.O 242220 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Chilaua B.O 242220 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Raghunathpur B.O 242220 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Jearrahimpur B.O 242220 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Azmatpur B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Bhambi B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
D P J Pur B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Devkali B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
D Ghanshyam B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Dudwa B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Gularia B Singh B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Jitauria B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Mohiuddinpur B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Nabhichi B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Nawadabanki B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Ranmastpur B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Rarua B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Tindua Nagaria B.O 242042 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Alldadpur Baihari B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Baharia B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Bangaon B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Barua B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Bhaunti B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Burhaura B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Ch Bahadupur B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Ch Sahabganj B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Dhiaria B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Gularia B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Gunara B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Gurugram B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Jam Daulatpur B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Kakrala B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Kateli Bmaua B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Khadhar B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Makrandpur B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Mangtora B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Simariaraipur B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Bahanderi B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Chhetepur B.O 242306 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Malupur B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Mirzapur B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
N G Mahsulpur B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Palharai B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Pehna B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Pirthvipurdhai B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Shahpur B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
S Purkayasthan B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Singhayousufpur B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Sulamanpurpatti B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Tingri B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Udaipurbhoor B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Zarinpur B.O 242221 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Chandpur B.O 242123 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Goradhanenega B.O 242123 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Haripur B.O 242123 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Mahuagundey B.O 242123 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Seramau (North) B.O 242123 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Sondha B.O 242123 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Sultanpur B.O 242123 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Tulapua B.O 242123 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Amora B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Audapur B.O 242223 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Babakkarpur B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Barenda B.O 242223 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Bhainsi B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Deoriajhala B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Dilawarpur B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Gandhar B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Hathel B.O 242223 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Indeypur B.O 242223 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Kamalnainpur B.O 242223 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Kurriakalan B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Lakhnaur B.O 242223 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Malhpur B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Mp Mamarazpur B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Mohdpurazmabad B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Paraincha B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Piprolaahmadpur B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Rawatpur B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Sarthauli B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Umraha B.O 242223 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Awa B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Barriprasidhpur B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Bhanpura B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Garhiarangeen B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Gogeypur B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Govindpur B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Khamaria B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Kundramajra B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Marena B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Dabhora Simra B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Shankerpur B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Sarjupur B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Umarsar B.O 242303 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Dhaknalahia B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Kajriniranjanpur B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Khandepur B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Lalpur B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Malika B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Muradpur B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Narotha Hansram B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Prasadpur B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Rautapur B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Silhua B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Tahkhurdkalan B.O 242405 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Akbaria B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Charkhaula B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Hariharpursimra B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Hasanpur B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Jalalpur B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Jiginia B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Kamlapur B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Kheramajhkhera B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Korigawan B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Laxmipur B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Majila B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Sootha B.O 242305 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Baisaribaisra B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Barkherajaipal B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Batlaiya B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Bauri B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Budhwana B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Jaitipur B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Jeorabhoor B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Jarharharipur B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Kakraua B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Kotakhas B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Kudaiya B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Kundri B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Madnapur B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Madroli B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Nawadrudrapur B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Paliapatti B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Sandaamipur B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Shahpurkhitaua B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Seora B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Sikandarpurkalanan B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Ukhlinawada B.O 242301 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Azizganj B.O 242226 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Dadraul B.O 242226 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Jamaur B.O 242226 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Raikhera B.O 242226 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Andkhera B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Areli B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Azizpur B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Bharribasantpur B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Bikrampurchakora B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Bilandpurgaddipur B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Chandeura B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Deoria B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Dhakiatiwari B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Ganpatpur B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Hatgaon B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Ladhaula B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Parsonakhalilpur B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Rampurbasant B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Safaura B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Sandakhas B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Talgaon B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Unkalan B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Zindpura B.O 242407 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Agonasujanpur B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Anawa B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Ayun B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Baragaon B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Behtasambad B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Bilsandibuzurg B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Gandharpur B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Gangsara B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Jewan B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Jujharpur B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Kaluapur B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Kanpara B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Korokuiyan B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Kotawari B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Mudiakurmiyat B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Mahuichathia B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Nahil B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Satwabuzurg B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Sunarabuzurg B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Ullia B.O 242401 Powayan Shahjahanpur
Badshahnagar B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Chandapur B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Chauhanapur B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Kahelia B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Kaneng B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Khiriaheer B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Mudigawan B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Pasgawan B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Raura B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Saraura B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Seramau(South) B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Shahjapur B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Singraha B.O 242406 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Bankagaon B.O 242306 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Bartara B.O 242306 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Bhatpurarasulpur B.O 242306 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Bhawalkhera B.O 242306 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Gurri B.O 242306 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Kursanda B.O 242306 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Padrasikandarpur B.O 242306 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Ramapurbarkatpur B.O 242306 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Sarhi B.O 242306 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Shahganj B.O 242306 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Siswa B.O 242306 Sadar Shahjahanpur
Scri B.O 242306 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Uchaunlia B.O 242306 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Uliapur B.O 242306 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
Astoli B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Barakalan B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Bamhora B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Behta Jangal B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Bhundeli B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Bikrampur B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Chaurabagerkhet B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Dahelia B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Dasia B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Gundaura Daudpur B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Jakhia B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Kilapur B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Khajuri B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Kunderi B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Kundaria B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Laxmanpur B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Mai Khurd Kalan B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Pach Deoria B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Paraur B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Patna Devkali B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Pilhua B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Parthipur Kuverpur B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Usmanpur Sarfra B.O 242127 Jalalabad Shahjahanpur
Banthara B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Bilhari B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Birsinghpur B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Chauhatia B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Dhakiaragha B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Dabhora B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Dhaneora B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Gopalpurthatheura B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Khairpurmilkipur B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Nizampur B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Piproli B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Rajanpur B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Rati B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Rudrapur B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Rujwari B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Samdhana B.O 242307 Tilhar Shahjahanpur
Parsehra B.O 261404 Sitapur Sitapur
Sakrara B.O 261404 Sitapur Sitapur
Bhadebhar B.O 261404 Sitapur Sitapur
Bargawan B.O 261151 Mishrikh Sitapur
Bahadurnagar B.O 261151 Mishrikh Sitapur
Bhakuraha B.O 261151 Mishrikh Sitapur
Fakharpur B.O 261151 Misrikh Sitapur
Gursanda B.O 261151 Mishrikh Sitapur
Kotra Deokali B.O 261151 Misrikh Sitapur
Mathan B.O 261151 Mishrikh Sitapur
Musabbarpur B.O 261151 Mishrikh Sitapur
Sejkhurd B.O 261151 Mishrikh Sitapur
Akbapur B.O 261401 Mishrikh Sitapur
Kolhuwa B.O 261401 Mishrikh Sitapur
Arthapur B.O 261401 Mishrikh Sitapur
Ant B.O 261401 Mishrikh Sitapur
Garasa B.O 261401 Mishrikh Sitapur
Islamnagar B.O 261401 Mishrikh Sitapur
Kishunpur B.O 261401 Misrikh Sitapur
Qutubnagar B.O 261401 Mishrikh Sitapur
Mohkampur Mandaruwa B.O 261401 Mishrikh Sitapur
Sahabnagar B.O 261401 Mishrikh Sitapur
Phulruwa B.O 261401 Misrikh Sitapur
Dhourahra B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Dugana B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Itauwa B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Kusepa B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Lalpur B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Lakhuwabehar B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Maror B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Marsanda B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Matuwa Saraiyan B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Maithaura B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Sumrawan B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Sonsari B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Basudaha B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Rajapur Kalan B.O 261205 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Basaideeh B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Gonda Deoria B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Godhana B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Parwatpur B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Lauli B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Dateli B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Gangoopur B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Sakaran B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Tanda Kalan B.O 261136 Laharpur Sitapur
Razakarnai B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Shivthana B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Ahmedabad B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Bakahuan B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Bhinaini B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Bhusna B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Bilauli Nankari B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Deokaliya B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Dhoukalganj B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Gurera B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Hasnapur B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Kaimahara Kalan B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Keoty Badullah B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Kauwa Khera B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Kotra B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Lashkarpur B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Madnapur B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Manikapur B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Maharaj Nagar B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Pokhra Kalan B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Ramabhari B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Sadarpur B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Sarain B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Tikra B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Bhurkunda Bazar B.O 261201 Biswan Sitapur
Amtamau B.O 261405 Mishrikh Sitapur
Badrawan B.O 261405 Misrikh Sitapur
Beehatbeeram B.O 261405 Mishrikh Sitapur
Baniyamau B.O 261405 Mishrikh Sitapur
Fateh Nagar B.O 261405 Sitapur Sitapur
Rajepara B.O 261405 Mishrikh Sitapur
Adwari B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Bohra B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Chandraseni B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Jhauwa B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Khanpur B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Naseerpur B.O 261202 Laharpur Sitapur
Punjikhera B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Palhari B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Rewan B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Supauli B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Sanda B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Bhainsaha B.O 261202 Biswan Sitapur
Atwa B.O 261402 Mishrikh Sitapur
Bhithauli Chitrakoot B.O 261402 Mishrikh Sitapur
Bizwar B.O 261125 Sitapur Sitapur
Gauria Kalan B.O 261125 Sitapur Sitapur
Mazlishpur B.O 261125 Sitapur Sitapur
Mubarakpur Udaipur B.O 261125 Sitapur Sitapur
Shah Maholi B.O 261125 Sitapur Sitapur
Sonari B.O 261125 Sitapur Sitapur
Baragaon Bhurjiha B.O 261125 Sitapur Sitapur
Nauwa Mahmoodpur B.O 261125 Sitapur Sitapur
Bambhanawan B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Bambhiya B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Bhadmara B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Bhartha B.O 261205 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Dalpatpur B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Dhenua B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Gwari B.O 261205 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Jatpurwa Kishoreganj B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Kankari B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Kodaura B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Kondari B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Husainpur Khani B.O 261205 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Magdapur B.O 261205 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Panditpurwa B.O 261205 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Semra B.O 261205 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Seota B.O 261205 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Shankarpur B.O 261205 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Seepatpur B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Thoura B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Thangaon B.O 261205 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Itauri B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Golok Kondar B.O 261205 Biswan Sitapur
Bambhaura B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Bachhawal B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Barbatapur Chitahla B.O 261141 Sitapur Sitapur
Beehat Gaur B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Bisara B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Bhurkuri B.O 261141 Sitapur Sitapur
Brahmawali B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Chathia B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Chaturaiya B.O 261141 Sitapur Sitapur
Girdharpur B.O 261141 Sitapur Sitapur
Hathia B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Tihar B.O 261121 Laharpur Sitapur
Newada B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Inayat Nagar B.O 261141 Misrikh Sitapur
Jahansapur B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Kachura B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Kusaila B.O 261141 Misrikh Sitapur
Kateeli B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Neri B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Patabodh B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Sadikapur B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Salahpur B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Tikra Teekar B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Urdauli B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Wazirnagar B.O 261141 Misrikh Sitapur
Pailakisha B.O 261141 Mishrikh Sitapur
Bambhera B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Bhithauli B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Bhithaura B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Hasnapur B.O 261302 Biswan Sitapur
Kasmanda B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Lalpuir B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Makhuwapur B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Madhawapur B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Neorajpur B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Phoolpur B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Sujaulia B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Saraura Kalan B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Shah Jalalpur B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Suraincha B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Unchakhera Kalan B.O 261302 Sidhauli Sitapur
Itari B.O 261207 Biswan Sitapur
Angarasi Shekhwapur B.O 261207 Laharpur Sitapur
Dhondhi B.O 261207 Laharpur Sitapur
Gauria Jhal B.O 261207 Laharpur Sitapur
Kalabahadurpur B.O 261207 Laharpur Sitapur
Kaimahra B.O 261207 Laharp[ur Sitapur
Kasraila Bazar B.O 261207 Sitapur Sitapur
Makhpur Jareli B.O 261207 Laharpur Sitapur
Mubarakpur B.O 261207 Laharpur Sitapur
Parsendi B.O 261207 Laharpur Sitapur
Samaisa B.O 261207 Laharpur Sitapur
Teola B.O 261207 Laharpur Sitapur
Kazi Sarain B.O 261207 Biswan Sitapur
Ataura B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Angaraura B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Bahadurganj B.O 261204 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Bhagipur B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Bansura B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Chikkari Dhandhar B.O 261204 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Gondaha B.O 261204 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Itia B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Keora B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Lohiyanagar B.O 261204 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Para Ramnagra B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Terwa Manikapur B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Umari Ganeshpur B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Sadhuwapur B.O 261204 Mahmoodabad Sitapur
Ahewa B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Baloia B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Dahawa B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Dhakhinawan B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Daulatpur Behma B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Kabra B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Khalgaon B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Kharwalia B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Manduri B.O 261301 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Neelgaon B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Rehuwa B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Saidapur B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Sair B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Sarwa B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Sarwa Jalalpur B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Unchakhera Ajai B.O 261301 Sidhauli Sitapur
Amberpur B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Atariya B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Anshuamau B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Akohra B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Badanpur B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Bari B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Baunabhari B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Chauriya B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Dhawarpara B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Gandhauli B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Ganga Ganj B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Garhi Kherwa B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Hindaura B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Husainganj B.O 261303 Sidhali Sitapur
Kuchlai B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Kursi B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Kondaria B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Kathwa B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Manwa B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Parewajal B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Pachhimgaon B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Raipur Deo Singh B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Saholi B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Sitarasoi B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Sarain B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Terwa B.O 261303 Sidhauli Sitapur
Meer Nagar B.O 261206 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Rajapur Kalan B.O 261206 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Pahla B.O 261206 Biswan Sitapur
Sultanapur B.O 261206 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Shamshabad B.O 261206 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Saraiyan Mahipat Singh B.O 261206 Biswan Sitapur
Balsinghpur B.O 261206 Biswan Sitapur
Ishwarwara B.O 261206 Biswan Sitapur
Babupur B.O 261206 Biswan Sitapur
Bilauli Bazar B.O 261206 Biswan Sitapur
Bambhaur B.O 261206 Biswan Sitapur
Imiliya Manpur B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Baghain B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Bhethra Madhav B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Manapur B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Meeranagar B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Marahmatnagar B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Niyamatpur Labarha B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Painteypur B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Purwa  Rewan B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Samardaha B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Chandpur B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Mohammadpur Kadim B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Padukha B.O 261203 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Banni Kharela B.O 261145 Biswan Sitapur
Belwa Baharurpur B.O 261145 Biswan Sitapur
Bisenda B.O 261145 Biswan Sitapur
Hathiya Gazipur B.O 261145 Biswan Sitapur
Munderi B.O 261145 Biswan Sitapur
Marsanda B.O 261145 Biswan Sitapur
Purwa Dasa Pur B.O 261145 Biswan Sitapur
Saraiyan Sani B.O 261145 Biswan Sitapur
Tendua B.O 261145 Biswan Sitapur
Ulara B.O 261145 Biswan Sitapur
Ashrafpur B.O 261131 Sitapur Sitapur
Dharaincha Bazar B.O 261131 Sitapur Sitapur
Garhisenpur B.O 261131 Sitapur Sitapur
Gauriya B.O 261131 Sitapur Sitapur
Nerpur B.O 261131 Sitapur Sitapur
Rahimabad B.O 261131 Sitapur Sitapur
Tappa Khajuriya B.O 261131 Sitapur Sitapur
Paharpur Maheshpur B.O 261131 Sitapur Sitapur
Suhetara B.O 261131 Sitapur Sitapur
Sharifganj B.O 261131 Sitapur Sitapur
Bartal B.O 261403 Misrikh Sitapur
Brahmawali B.O 261403 Misrikh Sitapur
Bharauna B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Chandpur B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Gohilari B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Kalli B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Korauna B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Kunera B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Mareli B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Mudia Kail B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Ralamau B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Ramshala B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Ailiya B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Angarasi B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Baseti B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Belgawan B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Chinhara B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Daranagar B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Dhouremau B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Humaunpur B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Imaliya Sultanpur B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Indrauli B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Jar B.O 261001 Sitpaur Sitapur
Keshavpur B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Khagesiamau B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Koriya Udaipur B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Lilsi B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Mainasi Saraiyan B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Mirzapur B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Neri Kalan B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Padrakha B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Kasimpur B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Ramkot B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Reseura Form B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Sahsapur B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Banzariya B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Tareenpur B.O 261001 Sitapur Sitapur
Belamau Kalan B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Umari B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Akhtiyarpur B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Badeliya B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Gurdhapa B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Kabirpur Budhanpur B.O 261121 Laharpur Sitapur
Keoti Kalan B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Koriya Udnapur B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Kusuma B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Mumtajpur B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Murai Tajpur B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Mudikhera B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Pichhaura B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Parsehra Nath B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Rajepur B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Hargaon N.D. B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Saadat Nagar B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Selumau B.O 261121 Sitapur Sitapur
Ajaipur B.O 261208 Biswan Sitapur
Behta Pakauri B.O 261208 Biswan Sitapur
Biswan Khurd B.O 261208 Biswan Sitapur
Govindapur B.O 261208 Biswan Sitapur
Hazaratpur B.O 261208 Biswan Sitapur
Mallapur B.O 261208 Laharpur Sitapur
Mudila B.O 261208 Biswan Sitapur
Kathura B.O 261208 Biswan Sitapur
Ramuwapur B.O 261208 Laharpur Sitapur
Rehar B.O 261208 Biswan Sitapur
Salpur B.O 261208 Biswan Sitapur
Sujawalpur B.O 261208 Biswan Sitapur
Sonawan B.O 261208 Laharpur Sitapur
Dadeura B.O 261404 Sitapur Sitapur
Nighuwamau B.O 261404 Sitapur Sitapur
Samsapur B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Sarosa B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Tatroi B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Sandana B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Ramgarh B.O 261403 Mishrikh Sitapur
Karseora B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Murthana B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Kakrahi B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Akbarpur B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Beni Sarain B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Behra Kodehra B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Bhadfar B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Bilariya B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Dhakera B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Gularipurwa B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Gurepara B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Katesar B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Makanpur B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Mudrasan B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Nabinagar B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Newada Nayagaon B.O 261135 Laharur Sitapur
Nimauchi B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Raipur Ganj B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Ramnagar B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Shahpur B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Sherpur B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Laharpur East B.O 261135 Laharpur Sitapur
Rampur Kalan B.O 261206 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Sirsa Khurd B.O 261206 Biswan Sitapur
Kothwal B.O 261204 Mahmudabad Sitapur
Rakhauna B.O 261121 Laharpur Sitapur
Abhiya Kalan B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sadar Sultanpur
Ahimane B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bahadurpur B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Baijapur B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bikwajitpur B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bhapta B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Chhatauna B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Dhakwa B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Ganpat Sahai Degree College B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Hanumanganj B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Gorabarik B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Jhauara B.O 228001 Lambhua Sultanpur
Katawan B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Kuchhmuchh B.O 228001 Lambhua Sultanpur
Lohra Mau B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Pakhrauli B.O 228001 Lambhua Sultanpur
Ramnagar Kot B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Uturi B.O 228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Alimuddinpur B.O 228171 Kadipur Sultanpur
Alipur Saravan B.O 228171 Kadipur Sultanpur
Anirudhpur B.O 228171 Kadipur Sultanpur
Faridpur B.O 228171 Kadipur Sultanpur
Harthua Babhanpur B.O 228171 Kadipur Sultanpur
Paudhan Rampur B.O 228171 Kadipur Sultanpur
Tajuddinpur B.O 228171 Kadipur Sultanpur
Unurkha B.O 228171 Kadipur Sultanpur
Baburi B.O 227805 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bela Pashchim B.O 227805 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Dharawan B.O 227805 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Haji Patti B.O 227805 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Khokhipur B.O 227805 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Kotia B.O 227805 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Majhana B.O 227805 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Purab Kasthuni B.O 227805 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Rajupur B.O 227805 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Unchgaon B.O 227805 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Benipur B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Darkha B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Jangal Ramnagar B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Tirhut B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Bani B.O 228131 Kadipiur Sultanpur
Nimi B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Sikari B.O 227815 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Numayen Merai B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Bansi B.O 228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Safipur B.O 222303 Lambhua Sultanpur
Dhema B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Unchgaon B.O 227811 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Kakwa B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Korari Gidhar Shah B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Mahmadpur B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Naraini B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Paharganj B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Padari B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Ram Nagar B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Rebha B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Kohra B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Umapur Gana Patti B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Agai B.O 228121 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bingi B.O 228121 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Chandaur B.O 228121 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Jajjaur B.O 228121 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Makdoomnagar B.O 228121 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Murua B.O 228121 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Pipargaon B.O 228121 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Ainjar B.O 227814 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Baqghauna B.O 227814 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Bahurahwan B.O 227814 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Barmhauli B.O 227814 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Kanehti B.O 227814 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Nandrai B.O 227814 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Padare B.O 227814 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Peero Saraia B.O 227814 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Singhni B.O 227814 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Deora B.O 227814 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Athaisi B.O 228120 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Damodarpur B.O 228120 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Kaithwara B.O 228120 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bhakhari B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Dih B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Dehriyawan B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Kampa B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Meghmau B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Nandauli B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Raincha B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Soraon B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Saini B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Gaura Loharia B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Narsara B.O 227806 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Bahauddinpur B.O 228133 Kadipur Sultanpur
Basupur B.O 228133 Kadipur Sultanpur
Nanemau B.O 228133 Kadipur Sultanpur
Mirpur Saraiya B.O 228133 Kadipur Sultanpur
Dahiyawan B.O 227406 Amethi Sultanpur
Ratapur B.O 227406 Amethi Sultanpur
Sawangi B.O 227406 Amethi Sultanpur
Arjunpur B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Ausanpur B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Bhardhipur B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Garayen B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Harha B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Kaithapur B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Kandhaipur B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Patipur B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Ranipur B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Shivgarh B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Suryabhan Patti B.O 227304 Lambhua Sultanpur
Bargaon B.O 227407 Amethi Sultanpur
Dhanapur B.O 227407 Amethi Sultanpur
Ramgarh B.O 227407 Amethi Sultanpur
Misrauli B.O 227407 Amethi Sultanpur
Ahda B.O 228132 Kadipur Sultanpur
Dhema B.O 228132 Kadipur Sultanpur
Kachha Bhitaura B.O 228132 Kadipur Sultanpur
Kharsara B.O 228132 Kadipur Sultanpur
Lama Bankata B.O 228132 Kadipur Sultanpur
Motigarpur B.O 228132 Kadipur Sultanpur
Paharpur Sarai Bhikham B.O 228132 Kadipur Sultanpur
Paras Patti B.O 228132 Kadipur Sultanpur
Hamzabad B.O 228132 Kadipur Sultanpur
Ugharpur Bhatpura B.O 228132 Kadipur Sultanpur
Bhanti B.O 227408 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bikana B.O 227408 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Mai Ghatkaur B.O 227408 Amethi Sultanpur
Saruawan B.O 227408 Amethi Sultanpur
Sanaha B.O 227408 Amethi Sultanpur
Tikari B.O 227408 Amethi Sultanpur
Bethara B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Bhilampur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Chhitepatti B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Dhanaupur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Gosaisinghpur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Hatiyawan B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Imligaon B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Kamtaganj B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Kaithi Jalalpur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Kumbhi B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Kunda Bhairavpur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Khalispur Dingur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Loknathpur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Narayanpur Kalan B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Palia Golpur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Paharpur Rai Patti B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Rohiyawan Jalalpur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Sarsawan B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Surhurpur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Umarpur B.O 228131 Kadipur Sultanpur
Ballipur B.O 228125 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Dih Dhaggupur B.O 228125 Kadipur Sultanpur
Inayatpur B.O 228125 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Kanauli B.O 228125 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Mahmoodpur B.O 228125 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Manipur Patna B.O 228125 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Motiganj B.O 228125 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Pratap Pur B.O 228125 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Sonara B.O 228125 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Achalpur B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Angrawan B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Balbhadrapur B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Baraulia B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Bhatgawan B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Bhoen B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Gaura Katari B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Hargaon B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Katari B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Mawai B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Parvatpur B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Rajamau B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Ram Bax Garh B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Resi B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Sambhai B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Sarme B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Sukhi Bajgarh B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Umra Dih B.O 227801 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Baregaon B.O 228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Fatehpur Sangat B.O 228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Hayatnagar B.O 228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Jasapara B.O 228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Madhavpur Chhatauna B.O 228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Misrauli B.O 228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Saifullaganj B.O 228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Teary B.O 228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Ugharpur B.O 228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Baidaha B.O 228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Aindhi B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Anapur B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Arjunpur B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Asura B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Barna Tikar B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Basti Dei B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Bisundaspur B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Dhani Jalalpur B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Guawan B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Hardon B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Juthipur B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Mau B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Purabgaon B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Raghipur B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Saintha B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Tikaria B.O 227409 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Dobhiara B.O 227815 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Jarai Kalan B.O 227815 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Pipari B.O 227815 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Ichhuti B.O 227815 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Purab Gaon B.O 227815 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Taudhikpur B.O 227815 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Thauri B.O 227815 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Umara B.O 227815 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Bahlolpur B.O 227808 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bandhua Kalan B.O 227808 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bankepur B.O 227808 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Dadupur B.O 227815 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Dubepur B.O 227815 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Jurupur B.O 227808 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Mahrajganj B.O 227808 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Maniyarpur B.O 227808 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Naugawan Raitasi B.O 227808 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Palahipur B.O 227808 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Ramapur B.O 227808 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Shahpur B.O 227808 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Darpipur B.O 227412 Amethi Sultanpur
Dharai Mafi B.O 227412 Amethi Sultanpur
Pashchim Duara B.O 227412 Amethi Sultanpur
Domadih B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Dulari Nagar B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Goriabad B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Gai Mau B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Hari Mau B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Jagesarganj B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Kamrauli B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Mangauli B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Muhammadpur B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Naudar B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Rasulpur B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Rachkheta B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Saresar B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Sidhiawan B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Sindurwa B.O 227809 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Amilia Sikara B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Birsinghpur B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Biraipur B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Dharsauli B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Jamalpur Jajrahi B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Mungar B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Palia B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Purushottampur B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Rupinpur B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Seotari B.O 228141 Kadipur Sultanpur
Banke Gaon B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Barauna Dih B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Barwaripur B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Burhana B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Daria Amrethu B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Hamidpur B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Hamjapur Pathan B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Kadipur Khurd B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Katsari B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Katghara Patti B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Kisundaspur B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Malikpur Nonara B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Musatafabad Saraiya B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Raibigo B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Angnakol B.O 228118 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bainti Kalan B.O 222301 Lambhua Sultanpur
Malhipur B.O 222301 Lambhua Sultanpur
Ramganj Bazar B.O 222301 Patti Pratapgarh
Sonawan B.O 222301 Lambhua Sultanpur
Akorhi B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Babhangawan B.O 228151 Kadipur Sultanpur
Bariauna B.O 228151 Sulatnpur Sultanpur
Chandipur B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Chakchurawanpur B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Dhajai Keshavpur B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Dheka Pakhanpur B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Dhundhu B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Gaura B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Jura Patti B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Kotwa Lahangrai B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Nachana B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Parwar B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Rajupur Ikdala B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Saidkhanpur B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Seur Chamurkha B.O 228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bhandara B.O 228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Ferozpur Kala B.O 228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Khadar Basantpur B.O 228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Naugawan Tir B.O 228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Parsipur B.O 228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Rupapur B.O 228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Sohgauli B.O 228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Sarkaura B.O 228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Tirchhe B.O 228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bahrauli B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Barua B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Barsara B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Belahi B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Budhapur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Chaukia B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Garabpur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Ghatampur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Hardaspur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Jamkhuri B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Mahdeva B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Maksudan B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Misirpur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Narendapur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Parasurampur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Raja Umari B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Ramgarh B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Raipur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Rikhpur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Shahpur Harbansh B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Shankarpur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Sheshanpur B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Tato Muraini B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Waini B.O 222302 Lambhua Sultanpur
Bhua Pathkauli B.O 222303 Lambhua Sultanpur
Chhapar B.O 222303 Lambhua Sultanpur
Dewarh B.O 222303 Lambhua Sultanpur
Khanpur B.O 222303 Lambhua Sultanpur
Kothara Khurd B.O 222303 Lambhua Sultanpur
Rampur B.O 222303 Lambhua Sultanpur
Sadarpur B.O 222303 Lambhua Sultanpur
Sukul Umari B.O 222303 Lambhua Sultanpur
Tamarsepur B.O 222303 Lambhua Sultanpur
Baura Jagdishpur B.O 228142 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bhikhupur B.O 228142 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Bijhuri B.O 228142 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Chorma B.O 228142 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Isur B.O 228142 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Kareban B.O 228142 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Lahauta B.O 228142 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Parsara B.O 228142 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Parsa Darwa B.O 228142 Sultanpur Sultanpur
Asarfpur B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Aurangabad B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Bhanauli B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Chanauki B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Dadra B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Gajanpur Duaria B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Imligaon Chupi B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Isauli B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Para B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Pichhaura B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Rasulabad B.O 227813 Fikhana Sultanpur
Rudauli B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Sadipur B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Purab Bisara B.O 227813 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Barehti B.O 227807 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Bhikhipur B.O 227807 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Gunnaur B.O 227807 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Hardoia B.O 227807 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Harkaranpur B.O 227807 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Mayas B.O 227807 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Nayakot Dharauli B.O 227807 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Bisara Pashchim B.O 227807 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Alahdadpur B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Bahrauli B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Bhada B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Bhain B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Bhenwai B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Dehli Mubarakpur B.O 228133 Amethi Sultanpur
Durgapur B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Kalyanpur B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Kenaura B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Mangara B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Mochawa B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Miranpur B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Semri Purushottampur B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Sonari B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Tikaria B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Trisuli B.O 227816 Amethi Sultanpur
Baharpur B.O 227816 Musafirkna Sultanpur
Barsanda B.O 227816 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Deokali B.O 227816 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Hussainganj Kala B.O 227816 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Kankupur B.O 227816 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Mahemau B.O 227816 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Makhdoompur B.O 227816 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Mangrauli B.O 227816 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Mau Atwara B.O 227816 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Sathyain B.O 227816 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Tarwa B.O 227816 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Kauhar B.O 227411 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Kitiyawan B.O 227411 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Korari Hir Shah B.O 227411 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Kunda B.O 227411 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Manapur B.O 227411 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Sevain B.O 227411 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Tarawa B.O 227411 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Tarsara B.O 227411 Gauriganj Sultanpur
Dakhin Gaon B.O 227411 Gauraiganj Sultanpur
Phatefpur B.O 227811 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Harkhumau B.O 227811 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Kisni B.O 227811 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Mahona B.O 227811 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Mardanpur B.O 227811 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Pali B.O 227811 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Sansarpur B.O 227811 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Seora B.O 227811 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Teosi B.O 227811 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Bhimi Pachchhim B.O 227413 Amethi Sultanpur
Chandheria B.O 227413 Amethi Sultanpur
Deraha B.O 227413 Amethi Sultanpur
Karaundi B.O 227413 Amethi Sultanpur
Shivgarh Jalalpur B.O 227413 Amethi Sultanpur
Kasara B.O 227413 Amethi Sultanpur
Karnaipur B.O 227413 Amethi Sultanpur
Amari B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Bhatauta Tulsi Patti B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Deorajpur B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Haripur B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Hinduabad B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Meopur B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Magarsan Kala B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Mangrawan B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Narayanpur B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Pakarpur B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Paharpur B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Rawania B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Shahabuddinpur B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Sukulpur B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Surapur B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Trilokpur Newada B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Usrauli B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Gaura Tikari B.O 228161 Kadipur Sultanpur
Bisawan B.O 227812 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Baranpur B.O 227812 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Saraiya Mafi B.O 227812 Musafirkhana Sultanpur
Agahar B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Pindoria B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Gaderi B.O 227405 Amethi Sultanpur
Thengaha B.O 227413 Amethi Sultanpur
Bhawapur B.O 227406 Amethi Sultanpur
Biri Hajipur B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Satanpur B.O 228145 Kadipur Sultanpur
Narharpur B.O 222302 Kadipur Sultanpur
Akorha B.O 232102 Varanasi Varanasi
Bhadauliya B.O 232102 Chandauli Chandauli
Dhaneja B.O 232102 Chandauli Chandauli
Gauri B.O 232102 Chandauli Chandauli
Jarkhor B.O 232102 Chandauli Chandauli
Mavaiya B.O 232102 Chandauli Chandauli
Pasahi B.O 232102 Varanasi Varanasi
Sikari B.O 232102 Chandauli Chandauli
Shivpur B.O 232102 Chandauli Chandauli
Bentairi B.O 232103 Varanasi Varanasi
Bhabhaura B.O 232103 Varanasi Varanasi
Bhaisahi B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Bhikhampur B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Bhatraul B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Gaighat B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Kharaujha B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Musakhan B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Pachwania B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Piparia B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Rampurkala B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Saidupur B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Sikanderpur B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Sikarganj B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Tiyari B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Utraut B.O 232103 Chakia Chandauli
Barthara Kalan B.O 232104 Chandauli Chandauli
Basila B.O 232104 Chandauli Chandauli
Dharauli B.O 232104 Chandauli Chandauli
Jagdish Sarai B.O 232104 Chandauli Chandauli
Jamunipur B.O 232104 Chandauli Chandauli
Kanta B.O 232104 Chandauli Chandauli
Khagwal B.O 232104 Chandauli Chandauli
Gosaipurmohawn B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Chilabali B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Amdaha B.O 232111 Varanasi Varanasi
Sewari B.O 232109 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Kori B.O 232120 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Khurja B.O 232104 NA Chandauli
Launda B.O 232104 Chandauli Chandauli
Majhwarkhas B.O 232104 Chanduali Chandauli
Marhi B.O 232104 Chanduali Chandauli
Parasikalan B.O 232104 Chandauli Chandauli
Vishunpura B.O 232104 Chandauli Chandauli
Ambba B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Amauli B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Barthara Khurd B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Chhitauni B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Gobraha B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Hariadih B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Jalhupur B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Khetalpur B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Luthakalan B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Moonari B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Mustafabad B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Narainpur B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Pachraon B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Piyari B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Ramchandipur B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Shivdasa B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Tiwaripur B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Ukathi B.O 221104 Varanasi Varanasi
Ajgara B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Amarpatti B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Bela B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Babiaon B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Bathauli B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Chaubepurkhurd B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Danganj Bazar B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Hathiyarkalan B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Kohashi B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Kaithaur B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Laskarpur B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Lakhanpur B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Niyar B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Rajapur B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Saraiya No.-1 B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Singhpur B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Sultanipur B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Tewar B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Udaipur B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Jagdishpur B.O 221101 Varanasi Varanasi
Naipurakhurd B.O 221011 Varanasi Varanasi
Ramna B.O 221011 Varanasi Varanasi
Seergoverdhan B.O 221011 Varanasi Varanasi
Tikari B.O 221011 Varanasi Varanasi
Bachhaon B.O 221011 Varanasi Varanasi
Susuwahi B.O 221011 Varanasi Varanasi
Kurahuwan B.O 221011 Varanasi Varanasi
Amara B.O 232105 Sakaldhia Chandauli
Babhniyaon Raipur B.O 232105 Sakaldhia Chandauli
Dabaria B.O 232105 Sakaldhia Chandauli
Dharaon B.O 232105 Sakaldhia Chandauli
Hingutarjagdishpur B.O 232105 Sakaldhia Chandauli
Sakrari B.O 232105 Varanasi Varanasi
Torwan B.O 232105 Sakaldhia Chandauli
Bhagwanpur B.O 221005 Varanasi Varanasi
Sunderpur B.O 221005 Varanasi Varanasi
Arkaura B.O 232106 Varanasi Varanasi
Awati B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Baghari B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Derhgaonwa B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Hetampur B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Kharan B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Merahan B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Pipari B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Kadirabad B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Kawaipaharpur B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Sishaurakalan B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Raiytha B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Meerasarai B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Dheena B.O 232106 Varanasi Varanasi
Dighghi B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Barahan B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Jalalpur B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Noori B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Kamharia B.O 232106 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Chandrawati B.O 221116 Varanasi Varanasi
Rajwari B.O 221116 Varanasi Varanasi
Srikanthpur B.O 221116 Varanasi Varanasi
Tekuri B.O 221116 Varanasi Varanasi
Alampur B.O 232101 Chandauli Chandauli
Bharchha B.O 232101 Chandauli Chandauli
Chandasi B.O 232101 Varanasi Varanasi
Dul;hipur B.O 232101 Varanasi Varanasi
Derwakalan B.O 232101 Chandauli Chandauli
Dandi B.O 232101 Chandauli Chandauli
Hanumanpur B.O 232101 Varanasi Varanasi
Kurahana B.O 232101 Chandauli Chandauli
Niyamatabad B.O 232101 Chandauli Chandauli
Pachokhar B.O 232101 Chandauli Chandauli
Alinagar B.O 232101 Chandauli Chandauli
Jalilpur B.O 232101 Varanasi Varanasi
Chakarghatta B.O 232111 Chakia Chandauli
Majhghain B.O 232111 Chakia Chandauli
Shamsherpur B.O 232111 Chakia Chandauli
Kateshar B.O 221008 Varanasi Varanasi
Ballipur B.O 232107 Sakaldiha Varanasi
Laxmangarh B.O 232107 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Nadi Nidhaura B.O 232107 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Saifpur B.O 232107 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Nairhi B.O 232107 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Awajapur B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Verdisanda B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Bhojapur B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Darahara B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Dighwat B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Kamharia B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Maniyarpur B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Mahesua Nai Bazar B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Naraina B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Paura B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Ranepur B.O 232108 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Tulsiashram Nonar B.O 232108 Varanasi Varanasi
Kavarua B.O 232108 Varanasi Varanasi
Amilai B.O 232109 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Bathawar B.O 232109 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Gurera B.O 232109 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Kawanr B.O 232109 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Kharkhara B.O 232109 Varanasi Varanasi
Mathela B.O 232109 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Mahuwarikhas B.O 232109 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Naikot B.O 232109 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Papaura B.O 232109 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Prabhupur B.O 232109 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Ashapur B.O 221007 Varanasi Varanasi
Bariyasanpur B.O 221112 Varanasi Varanasi
Barain B.O 221112 Varanasi Varanasi
Konia B.O 221007 Varanasi Varanasi
Kamauli B.O 221112 Varanasi Varanasi
Lamahi B.O 221007 Varanasi Varanasi
Rasoolgarh B.O 221007 NA Varanasi
Sathwa B.O 221007 Varanasi Varanasi
Saraimohana B.O 221112 Varanasi Varanasi
Sultanpur B.O 221007 Varanasi Varanasi
Tapowanashram B.O 221007 Varanasi Varanasi
Umrahan B.O 221112 Varanasi Varanasi
Adsand B.O 232110 Varanasi Varanasi
Amara B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Arangi B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Asana B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Bhujana B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Bhatiza B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Chiraigaon B.O 232110 Varanasi Varanasi
Imilia B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Ghosawa B.O 232110 Varanasi Varanasi
Fesuda B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Jeori B.O 232110 Varanasi Varanasi
Naubatpur B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Oyarchak B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Sogai B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Barahani B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Bagahikumbhapur B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Rampur B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Seruka B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Rewasa B.O 232110 Chandauli Chandauli
Keshavpur B.O 232120 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Maharkha B.O 232120 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Rupetha B.O 232120 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Janso Ki Marai B.O 232120 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Farsandpurmohanpur B.O 232120 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Sanghati B.O 232120 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Amilia B.O 232118 Varanasi Varanasi
Amaon B.O 232118 Chakia Chandauli
Bhorsar B.O 232118 Chakia Chandauli
Dhunnoo B.O 232118 Varanasi Varanasi
Karnaul B.O 232118 Chakia Chandauli
Khakhara B.O 232118 Chakia Chandauli
Khilchi B.O 232118 Chakia Chandauli
Keraigaon B.O 232118 Chakia Chandauli
Tiyara B.O 232118 Chakia Chandauli
Baraura B.O 232118 Chakia Varanasi
Illia B.O 232118 Chakia Chandauli
Katwamafi B.O 232118 Varanasi Varanasi
Chhapara B.O 221115 Varanasi Varanasi
Jurahardhan B.O 221115 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Mahuwarkalan B.O 221115 Varanasi Varanasi
Marufpur B.O 221115 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Patti B.O 221115 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Samudpur B.O 221115 Sakaldiha Chandauli
Targaonajgara B.O 221115 Varanasi Varanasi
Murdaha Bazar B.O 221202 Varanasi Varanasi
Pali B.O 221304 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Pakhawaiya B.O 221306 Gyanpur Varanasi
Jhanjhaur B.O 221206 Varanasi Varanasi
Bauribojh B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bhonda B.O 221201 Pindra ** Varanasi
Danupur B.O 221201 Varanasi Varanasi
Hasanpur Biraon B.O 221201 Varanasi Varanasi
Kuru B.O 221201 Varanasi Varanasi
Madhumakhiya B.O 221201 Varanasi Varanasi
Sisawan B.O 221201 Varanasi Varanasi
Ghosiya B.O 221301 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Hridaipur B.O 221301 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Kurauna B.O 221301 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Pipargaon B.O 221301 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Ugapur B.O 221301 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Basani B.O 221204 Varanasi Varanasi
Deochandpur B.O 221204 Varanasi Varanasi
Kaniyar B.O 221204 Varanasi Varanasi
Berawa Paharpur B.O 221309 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Chhechhuwan B.O 221309 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Dhantulsi B.O 221309 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Digh B.O 221309 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Ithara B.O 221309 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Katra Bazar B.O 221309 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Narepar Sitamarhi B.O 221309 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Koruta Bazar B.O 221107 Varanasi Varanasi
Dwarikapur B.O 221314 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Girdbaragaon B.O 221314 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Saripur B.O 221314 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Sarawatkhani B.O 221314 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Umarha B.O 221314 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bhopapur B.O 221202 Varanasi Varanasi
Ramampur B.O 221304 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Sadopur B.O 221304 Pindra ** Varanasi
Sarairajputani B.O 221304 Pindra ** Varanasi
Birapatti B.O 221105 Varanasi Varanasi
Ghamahapur B.O 221105 Varanasi Varanasi
Kajisarai B.O 221105 Varanasi Varanasi
Kotwa Koraut B.O 221105 Varanasi Varanasi
Basantpur B.O 221405 Varanasi Varanasi
Daipur B.O 221405 Varanasi Varanasi
Hariharpur B.O 221405 Varanasi Varanasi
Jansa Bazar B.O 221405 Pindra ** Varanasi
Khewali B.O 221405 Varanasi Varanasi
Raisipur B.O 221405 Varanasi Varanasi
Rameswar B.O 221405 Varanasi Varanasi
Kandawa B.O 221106 Varanasi Varanasi
Phulawaria B.O 221106 Varanasi Varanasi
Dhandhorpur B.O 221305 Varanasi Varanasi
Marui B.O 221305 Pindra ** Varanasi
Paniyara B.O 221305 NA Varanasi
Shahanshahpur B.O 221305 Varanasi Varanasi
Baragaon B.O 221310 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Darawasi B.O 221310 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Sagarraipur B.O 221310 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Semradh B.O 221310 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Suryabhanpur B.O 221310 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Ibrhimpur Uparwar B.O 221310 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Barahi Newada B.O 221207 Varanasi Varanasi
Dabethuwa B.O 221207 Varanasi Varanasi
Nayepur Chaumuhani B.O 221207 Pindra ** Varanasi
Tari B.O 221207 Varanasi Varanasi
Thaney Rampur B.O 221207 Varanasi Varanasi
Koilara B.O 221306 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Nahiyan B.O 221202 Varanasi Varanasi
Odar B.O 221202 Varanasi Varanasi
Puarikalan B.O 221202 Varanasi Varanasi
Rajpur B.O 221202 Varanasi Varanasi
Khataura B.O 221204 Varanasi Varanasi
Kuar B.O 221204 Varanasi Varanasi
Kundi B.O 221204 Varanasi Varanasi
Ramapur Hathiwar B.O 221204 Pindra ** Varanasi
Rasoolpur B.O 221204 Varanasi Varanasi
Asanao Bazar B.O 221401 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Munsiladpur B.O 221401 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Pipris B.O 221401 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Raya B.O 221401 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Sarroi B.O 221401 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Uchetha B.O 221401 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Harshosh B.O 221302 Varanasi Varanasi
Sajoi B.O 221302 Varanasi Varanasi
Sarauni B.O 221302 Varanasi Varanasi
Amilaur B.O 221303 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bairibisa B.O 221303 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bhawanipur B.O 221303 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Dhirpur B.O 221303 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Jagannathpur B.O 221303 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Loharakhas B.O 221303 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
R.S. Dham B.O 221303 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Tilanga B.O 221303 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Achhawar B.O 221304 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Chakkisundas B.O 221304 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Chaksundarpur B.O 221304 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Dasharthpur B.O 221304 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Laxamanpatti B.O 221304 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Nathaipur B.O 221304 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Sahasepur B.O 221306 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Baripur B.O 221309 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Shivrampur B.O 221202 Varanasi Varanasi
Jagdishpur B.O 221202 Varanasi Varanasi
Benipur Kundariya B.O 221307 Varanasi Varanasi
Domaila B.O 221313 Varanasi Varanasi
Gorai B.O 221307 Varanasi Varanasi
Kardhana B.O 221307 Varanasi Varanasi
Khochawan B.O 221313 Varanasi Varanasi
Mankaiya B.O 221307 Varanasi Varanasi
Thathara B.O 221313 Varanasi Varanasi
Ajaipur B.O 221406 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Amilauri B.O 221406 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Kariyaon B.O 221406 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Purani Bazar B.O 221406 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Puregareria B.O 221406 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Kukarauthi B.O 221409 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Pargaspur B.O 221409 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bayaon B.O 221308 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bichhiya B.O 221308 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Birampur B.O 221308 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Rohi B.O 221308 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Sudhwai B.O 221308 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Amawa Khurd B.O 221402 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bahari B.O 221402 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bhagawanpur Kanhari B.O 221402 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Darunaha B.O 221402 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Domanpur B.O 221402 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Jhauwa B.O 221402 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Palhaiya B.O 221402 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Belwan B.O 221206 Varanasi Varanasi
Kanakpur B.O 221206 Varanasi Varanasi
Karkhiaon B.O 221206 Varanasi Varanasi
Khalispur B.O 221206 Varanasi Varanasi
Parsara B.O 221206 Varanasi Varanasi
Pindarai B.O 221206 Varanasi Varanasi
Surahi B.O 221206 Varanasi Varanasi
Birbhanpur B.O 221311 Varanasi Varanasi
Kashipur B.O 221311 Varanasi Varanasi
Mahgaon B.O 221311 Varanasi Varanasi
Mehandiganj B.O 221311 Varanasi Varanasi
Banakat B.O 221403 Varanasi Varanasi
Barki B.O 221403 Varanasi Varanasi
Bhikhampur B.O 221403 Varanasi Varanasi
Bhitkuri B.O 221403 Varanasi Varanasi
Kalikabara B.O 221403 Varanasi Varanasi
Kapsethi B.O 221403 Varanasi Varanasi
Raghupur B.O 221403 Varanasi Varanasi
Ramdih B.O 221403 Varanasi Varanasi
Sakalpur B.O 221403 Varanasi Varanasi
Sikhari Barki B.O 221403 Varanasi Varanasi
Garkhara B.O 221208 Varanasi Varanasi
Garthama B.O 221208 Varanasi Varanasi
Hiramanpur B.O 221208 Varanasi Varanasi
Katuna B.O 221208 Varanasi Varanasi
Marui B.O 221208 Varanasi Varanasi
Palahipatti B.O 221208 Varanasi Varanasi
Rupchandpur B.O 221208 Varanasi Varanasi
Sehamalpur B.O 221208 Varanasi Varanasi
Abholi B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Abhiya B.O 221404 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bhanda B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bhikharirampur B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bhori B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Bisauli Kripalpur B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Durgaganj B.O 221404 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Ekauni B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Gaura B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Kador B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Matethu B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Patti Bejaon B.O 221404 Bhadohi Sant Ravidas Nagar
Sanda B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Sarai Kansrai B.O 221404 Gyanpur Sant Ravidas Nagar
Chamaon B.O 221003 Varanasi Varanasi
Christ Nagar B.O 221003 Varanasi Varanasi
Pisaur B.O 221003 NA Varanasi
Sarsawan B.O 221003 Varanasi Varanasi
S.Hariya B.O 247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur
Halalpur B.O 247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur
Dhakdei B.O 247001 Nakur Saharanpur
Sabdalpur B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Shekhpura Qudeem B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Mavi Kalan B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Unali B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Nazirpura Devli B.O 247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur
Nagrajpur B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Salempur Bhukheri B.O 247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur
Hassanpur B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Pheraheri B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Kailashpur B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Baliakheri B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Pundain B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Tiwaya B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Badheri Ghoghu B.O 247001 Saharanpur H.o. Saharanpur
Beera Kheri B.O 247340 Nakur Saharanpur
Dhorala B.O 247340 Nakur Saharanpur
Khera Afgan B.O 247340 Nakur Saharanpur
Randeva B.O 247340 Nakur Saharanpur
Randheri B.O 247340 Nakur Saharanpur
Raniyala Dayalpur B.O 247340 Nakur Saharanpur
Bhuradev B.O 247121 Behat Saharanpur
Faizabad B.O 247121 Behat Saharanpur
Jasmour B.O 247121 Behat Saharanpur
Jatonwala B.O 247121 Behat Saharanpur
Kamboh Majra B.O 247121 Behat Saharanpur
Jandkhera B.O 247451 Rampur Saharanpur
Jandhera Samaspur B.O 247451 Rampur Saharanpur
Nalhera Gujjar B.O 247451 Saharanpur Saharanpur
Pahansu B.O 247451 Rampur Saharanpur
Sona Arjunpur B.O 247451 Rampur Saharanpur
Sherpur B.O 247451 Rampur Saharanpur
Umrikalan B.O 247451 Rampur Saharanpur
Umahikalan B.O 247451 Rampur Saharanpur
Alipura B.O 247232 Sarsawa Saharanpur
Chauri B.O 247232 Sarsawa Saharanpur
Gaderheri B.O 247232 Sarsawa Saharanpur
Jhabiran B.O 247232 Sarsawa Saharanpur
Qutubpur B.O 247232 Sarsawa Saharanpur
Pilakhni B.O 247232 Sarsawa Saharanpur
Raipur B.O 247232 NA Saharanpur
Sorana B.O 247232 Sarsawa Saharanpur
Shahjahanpur B.O 247232 Sarsawa Saharanpur
Telipura B.O 247232 Sarsawa Saharanpur
Dhikka Kalan B.O 247232 Sarsawa Saharanpur
Anantmau B.O 247452 Nanauta Saharanpur
Bhari B.O 247452 Nanauta Saharanpur
Jandheri B.O 247452 Nanauta Saharanpur
Khudana B.O 247452 Nanauta Saharanpur
Mahengi B.O 247452 Nanauta Saharanpur
Tikrol B.O 247452 Nanauta Saharanpur
Ambehta Shekhan B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Amboli B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Babupur B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
B. Majbatta B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Bastam B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Banhera Khas B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Chandena Koli B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Diwalheri B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Gangdaspur B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Ghaloli B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Gunarsa B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Gopali B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Jaroda Jatt B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Kuri B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Kulsath B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Kenduki B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Miragpur B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Rankhandi B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Sakhan Khurd B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Saraswati Nagar B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Sanpla Khatri B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Sarsina B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Talheri Buzurg B.O 247554 Deoband Saharanpur
Beenpur B.O 247341 Gangoh Saharanpur
Jandhera B.O 247341 Gangoh Saharanpur
Kunda Kalan B.O 247341 Gangoh Saharanpur
Mohanpura B.O 247341 Gangoh Saharanpur
Rangail B.O 247341 Gangoh Saharanpur
Hassanpur Madanpur B.O 247662 M.bad Saharanpur
Sherpur Khanazadpur B.O 247662 M.bad Saharanpur
Mohand B.O 247662 M.bad Saharanpur
Tanko Sunderpur B.O 247662 M.bad Saharanpur
Kakua B.O 282009 Agra Agra
Basai Jagner B.O 283115 Keragarh Agra
Jonai B.O 283124 NA Agra
Anwal Khera B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Maharajpur B.O 283111 Bah Agra
Mehra Chudhary B.O 283111 Fatehabad Agra
Nagar Chand B.O 283111 Bah Agra
Nagaria B.O 283111 Fatehabad Agra
Nibohara B.O 283111 Fatehabad Agra
Palia B.O 283111 Fatehabad Agra
Rasoolpur B.O 283111 Fatehabad Agra
Swara B.O 283111 Fatehabad Agra
Sikrara B.O 283111 Fatehabad Agra
Tanora Noorpur B.O 283111 Fatehabad Agra
Tiwaha B.O 283111 Fatehabad Agra
Tarauli Gujar B.O 283111 NA Agra
Holipura B.O 283113 Bah Agra
Bichola B.O 283113 Bah Agra
Bitholi B.O 283113 Bah Agra
Pharera B.O 283113 Bah Agra
Pidhora B.O 283113 Bah Agra
Pura Kanhera B.O 283113 Bah Agra
Rajora B.O 283113 Bah Agra
Ratoti B.O 283113 Bah Agra
Chitra Hat B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Garhwar B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Kachora Ghat B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Khilawali B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Kukapur B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Mau B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Nadgawan B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Naugawan B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Parna B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Richhpura B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Sanjeti B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Shahpur Brahman B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Bhara B.O 283115 Kheragarh Agra
Dhanina B.O 283115 NA Agra
Soni Khera B.O 283115 NA Agra
Richoba B.O 283115 NA Agra
Tnatpur B.O 283115 Kheragarh Agra
Barwar B.O 283119 Kheragarh Agra
Cheet B.O 283119 NA Agra
Dehgawan B.O 283115 NA Agra
Digrauta B.O 283119 NA Agra
Garh Mukha B.O 283119 Kheragarh Agra
Noni B.O 283115 NA Agra
Sarendha B.O 283119 NA Agra
Sarendi B.O 283119 NA Agra
Singaich B.O 283115 Kheragarh Agra
Waha B.O 283119 Kiraoli Agra
Bhilawali B.O 283121 NA Agra
Bhakar B.O 283121 NA Agra
Nagla Dulhe Khan B.O 283121 NA Agra
Rasoolpur B.O 283121 NA Agra
Beman B.O 283122 NA Agra
Deoretha B.O 283122 Agra Agra
Jaingara B.O 283122 Kiraoli Agra
Mahuar B.O 283122 NA Agra
Nahchani B.O 283122 Kiraoli Agra
Puramana B.O 283122 NA Agra
Rojholi B.O 283122 Kiraoli Agra
Salemabad B.O 283122 NA Agra
Ayela B.O 283124 NA Agra
Birai B.O 283124 NA Agra
Birharu B.O 283124 NA Agra
Dankasha B.O 283124 NA Agra
Garshan B.O 283124 NA Agra
Hironda B.O 283124 NA Agra
Jajau B.O 283124 NA Agra
Arela B.O 283201 NA Agra
Chamraula B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Chaoli B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Chokda B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Khanda B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Mahwatpur B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Mitaoli B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Mukhbar B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Murthar Alipur B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Nagla Bel B.O 283201 NA Agra
Nagla Bari B.O 283201 NA Agra
Siktara B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Tehu B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Ushmanpur B.O 283201 Etmadpur Agra
Jaganpur B.O 282005 NA Agra
Agwar B.O 283202 NA Agra
Behrampur B.O 283202 Etmadpur Agra
Bhagupur B.O 283202 Etmadpur Agra
Dhaurra B.O 283202 Etmadpur Agra
Dharera B.O 283202 Etmadpur Agra
Sawain B.O 283202 Etmadpur Agra
Arnota B.O 283111 Bah Agra
Wazitpur B.O 283111 Fatehabad Agra
Barauli Gujar B.O 283111 NA Agra
Bhalokhara B.O 283111 Bah Agra
Bihari B.O 283111 Bah Agra
Bijhamai B.O 283111 Bah Agra
Dauki B.O 283111 Bah Agra
Gubroth B.O 283111 NA Agra
Jagrajpur B.O 283111 NA Agra
Jarari B.O 283111 NA Agra
Khander B.O 283111 NA Agra
Kundaul B.O 283111 Bah Agra
Kaulara Kalan B.O 283111 NA Agra
Shiaupura B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Nagla Sabla B.O 282006 NA Agra
Rehan Kalan B.O 282006 NA Agra
Baseri Chahar B.O 283122 NA Agra
Nunhai B.O 282006 NA Agra
Kheria B.O 283102 NA Agra
Karodhana Kala B.O 282009 NA Agra
Kurra Chittaipur B.O 282009 NA Agra
Nainana Jat B.O 282009 NA Agra
Rohta B.O 282009 NA Agra
Semri B.O 282009 Agra Agra
Nagla Kali B.O 282009 NA Agra
Arhera B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Aulanda B.O 283110 NA Agra
Baseri Kazi B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Bharkol B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Chauma Shahpur B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Churiyari B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Dabar B.O 283110 NA Agra
Dulhara B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Doora B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Gurki Mandi B.O 283110 NA Agra
Jajau B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Jajauli B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Korai B.O 283110 NA Agra
Mehdau B.O 283110 NA Agra
Mandi Mirja Khan B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Nagar B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Patsal B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Samara B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Sikraondha B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Undera B.O 283110 Kiraoli Agra
Bikapur Tap Kharga B.O 283112 Kheragarh Agra
Birthala B.O 283112 NA Agra
Darki B.O 283112 NA Agra
Kheria B.O 283112 Kheragarh Agra
Mahab B.O 283112 Kheragarh Agra
Mihawa B.O 283112 Kheragarh Agra
Nagla Patam B.O 283112 Fetehabad Agra
Puseta B.O 283112 NA Agra
Rahlai B.O 283112 NA Agra
Bamnai Kalan B.O 283115 NA Agra
Ladhu Khera B.O 283124 NA Agra
Nadeem B.O 283124 NA Agra
Rithori B.O 283124 NA Agra
Tehra B.O 283124 NA Agra
Barauli Ahir B.O 283125 NA Agra
Barobara Khurd B.O 283125 NA Agra
Chitaura B.O 283125 Fatehabad Agra
Dhim Shree B.O 283125 Fatehabad Agra
Dhanaula Kalan B.O 283125 Fatahabad Agra
Digner B.O 283125 Agra Agra
Garhi Lal Kalan B.O 283125 NA Agra
Gutila B.O 283125 Agra Agra
H.N.Khera B.O 283125 NA Agra
Lakhurani B.O 283125 Fatehabad Agra
Lahra B.O 283125 Fatehabad Agra
Pentikhera B.O 283125 NA Agra
Phool Pur B.O 283125 NA Agra
Shahpur Toola B.O 283125 NA Agra
Shyamo B.O 283125 Agra Agra
Thana Shankar Dwari B.O 283125 Fatehabad Agra
Therai B.O 283125 Fatehabad Agra
Bamrauli B.O 283104 NA Agra
Chamraua B.O 283104 NA Agra
Chaurangahar B.O 283104 NA Agra
Gonseli B.O 283104 NA Agra
Kamtari B.O 283104 NA Agra
Kwari B.O 283104 NA Agra
Maloni B.O 283104 NA Agra
Pura Guman Singh B.O 283104 Bah Agra
Pura Tinnet B.O 283104 NA Agra
Rudhmuli B.O 283104 NA Agra
Sidhaoli B.O 283104 NA Agra
Vikrampur B.O 283104 NA Agra
Aharan B.O 283201 NA Agra
Shiv Nagar B.O 283114 Bah Agra
Baman B.O 283126 NA Agra
Basona B.O 283126 NA Agra
Hasanpur B.O 283126 Etmadpur Agra
Kanjauli B.O 283126 NA Agra
Malupur B.O 283126 Etmadpur Agra
Pent Khera B.O 283126 Etmadpur Agra
Poiya Tarrakpur B.O 283126 Etdmadpur Agra
Sarai B.O 283126 Etmadpur Agra
Semera B.O 283126 Etmadpur Agra
Uncha B.O 283126 Etmadpur Agra
Barenda B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Basoni B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Biprawali B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Karkoli B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Kukthari B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Manikpura B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Reha B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Sabora B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Tasond B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Umretha B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Gajaura B.O 283123 Bah Agra
Arsena B.O 282007 NA Agra
Artoni B.O 282007 NA Agra
Bainpur B.O 282007 NA Agra
Bodla B.O 282007 NA Agra
Dahtora B.O 282007 Agra Agra
Kailash B.O 282007 NA Agra
Keetham B.O 282007 NA Agra
Panwari B.O 282007 NA Agra
Runkata B.O 282007 NA Agra
Bamrauli Katara B.O 282006 Agra Agra
Budhana Mustkil B.O 282006 Agra Agra
Chhalesar B.O 282006 NA Agra
Dhandupura B.O 282006 NA Agra
Hazipur Khera B.O 282006 Etmadpur Agra
Kalal Kheria B.O 282006 Agra Agra
Arrua Khas B.O 283101 NA Agra
Biara B.O 283101 NA Agra
Baharawati B.O 283101 NA Agra
Daultabad B.O 283101 NA Agra
Hansela B.O 283101 NA Agra
Kachaura B.O 283101 Kiraoli Agra
Kathwari B.O 283101 NA Agra
Mangrol Jat B.O 283101 Kiraoli Agra
Raibha B.O 283101 Kiraoli Agra
Rampur B.O 283101 NA Agra
Sandhan B.O 283101 NA Agra
Turkia B.O 283101 Kiraoli Agra
Akhabai B.O 283102 Kiraoli Agra
Berichahar B.O 283102 Kheragarh Agra
Bisalpur B.O 283102 Kheragarh Agra
Dhanoli B.O 283102 Kiraoli Agra
Garsani B.O 283102 NA Agra
Jarua Katra B.O 283102 Agra Agra
Malpura B.O 283102 Agra Agra
Mankeda B.O 283102 Agra Agra
Murkia B.O 283102 Kheragarh Agra
Ujarai B.O 283102 Kiraoli Agra
Atoos B.O 283105 NA Agra
Barara B.O 283102 NA Agra
Daoli B.O 283105 NA Agra
Kalwari B.O 283105 Agra Agra
Karahara B.O 283105 NA Agra
Kukthala B.O 283105 NA Agra
Midhakur B.O 283105 Agra Agra
Pathauli B.O 283105 Agra Agra
Sahara B.O 283105 Agra Agra
Shahi B.O 283105 Agra Agra
Sahata B.O 283105 NA Agra
Sunari B.O 283105 Agra Agra
Khandri B.O 282002 NA Agra
Bamrauli Ahir B.O 282009 Agra Agra
Deori B.O 282009 Agra Agra
Dahaura B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Gajadharpur B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Gureharipur B.O 271902 Mahasi ** Bahraich
Jaitapur B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Khairabazar B.O 271902 Nanpara Bahraich
Kaudha B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Khapurwa B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Kundaspara B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Madhavpur B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Maila Saraiya B.O 271902 NA Bahraich
Mundki B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Nandwal B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Raipura B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Ramgarhi B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Sarai Jagna B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Shukulpurwa B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Tendwa Mahant B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Gopchandpur B.O 271825 Mahasi Bahraich
Gadamar Kuurd B.O 271825 Mahasi Bahraich
Khasha Mohd.Pur B.O 271825 Mahasi ** Bahraich
Bhabnoti Shankarpur B.O 271825 Mahasi Bahraich
Rampurwa B.O 271825 Mahasi ** Bahraich
Pipri B.O 271825 Mahasi Bahraich
Newada B.O 271825 Mahasi Bahraich
Maurauwa Bazar B.O 271825 Mahasi ** Bahraich
Patupur B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Khanpur B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Singhpur B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Kandra B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Gujra B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Haiveriya B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Bhaggarwa B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Meerpur Koniya B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Narounda B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Fattepur B.O 271825 Mahasi Bahraich
Laxmanpur Semrahniya B.O 271804 Bhinga Shrawasti
Parasrampur B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Sutaouli B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Payrepur B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Vairi Maheshpur B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Babkapur B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Bhilora Basu B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Balchandpur B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Baundi B.O 271902 NA Bahraich
Bamiyari B.O 271902 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Ranipur B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Shahpur Bargadwa B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Shankarpur B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Sonbarsa B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Taal Baghaura B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Titiharia B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Balapur B.O 271845 Ikauna Shrawasti
Bhutaha B.O 271845 Ikauna Shrawasti
Dhanuhi B.O 271845 Ikauna Shrawasti
Ganeshpur B.O 271845 Ikauna Shrawasti
Khajurar B.O 271845 Payagpur ** Shrawasti
Khargaura Janoob B.O 271845 Ikauna Shrawasti
Madara B.O 271845 NA Shrawasti
Mahdeiya B.O 271805 Ikauna ** Shrawasti
Manoharapur B.O 271845 Ikauna Shrawasti
Puredeen Namgarh B.O 271805 Ikauna Shrawasti
Sonrai B.O 271845 Ikauna Shrawasti
Takiya B.O 271845 Ikauna Shrawasti
Tendwa Mahanth B.O 271845 Ikauna Shrawasti
Laxmanpur Kothi B.O 271803 Bhinga Shrawasti
Maharu Murtiha B.O 271803 Bhinga Shrawasti
Metkaha B.O 271802 Mahasi ** Bahraich
Mohammad Nagar B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Nasirganj B.O 271804 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Ramnagra B.O 271804 Bhinga Shrawasti
Shekhdahir B.O 271802 Mahasi Bahraich
Shahpur Kathotia B.O 271804 Bhinga Shrawasti
Shikari Chanda B.O 271803 Bhinga Shrawasti
Sitkahana B.O 271803 Ikauna Shrawasti
Soharwa B.O 271875 Bahraich Bahraich
Sonwan B.O 271804 Bhinga Shrawasti
Tandwabasantpur B.O 271825 Mahasi Tahsil Bahraich
Tulsipur B.O 271802 Bhinga Shrawasti
Banthihwa B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Bhangha B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Chahalwa B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Dudhwania B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Ekgharwa B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Gothwa B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Hariharpur Rani B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Hasnapur B.O 271804 Bhinga Shrawasti
Janki Nagar B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Jogin Bharia B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Jokhwa Bazar B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Kishun Pur Chand Bhari B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Kotwa B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Laxmanpur Bazar B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Machhrihwa B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Mujehna B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Naubasta B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Chetia Murar B.O 271835 Ikauna Shrawasti
Mukeria B.O 271851 Mahasi Bahraich
Lohiya Nagar B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Madhwapur B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Majhara B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Mangouriha B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Matehi B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Motipur B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Murtiha B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Nainiha B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Nausurgumtiha B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Nidhipurwa B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Nisangora B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Parwani Gauri B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Petraha B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Pratappur Jungal Matera B.O 271855 Lakhimpur Kheri
Sangwa B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Saraa Kalan B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Semari Bazar B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Shahpur Kalan B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Urra Bazar B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Amwa Pokhar B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Argorwa B.O 271865 NA Bahraich
Balha B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Banjaria B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Bankashi B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Botania B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Chamarpurwa B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Chandanpur K. Pur B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Dhannigaon B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Govindpur Pandit B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Gaighat B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Girdharpur B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Gurghutta B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Hardi B.O 271825 Mahasi Bahraich
Mahasi B.O 271824 Mahasi Bahraich
Kapoorpur B.O 271824 Mahasi Bahraich
Rehuwa Mansoor B.O 271824 Mahasi Bahraich
Sadhuwapur B.O 271824 Mahasi Bahraich
Sikandarpur B.O 271824 Mahasi ** Bahraich
Tappah Sipah B.O 271901 Kaisarganj Bahraich
Jataura B.O 271901 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Bhartha B.O 271901 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Arai Umari B.O 271904 NA Bahraich
Harchanda B.O 271904 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Mahuri Kala B.O 271904 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Badholi B.O 271904 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Mustafabad B.O 271904 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Rani Ganj B.O 271904 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Garethi Gurudutt Singh B.O 271851 Mahsi Bahraich
Khaira Dhaukal B.O 271851 Nanpara Bahraich
Naruttampur B.O 271851 Nanpara Bahraich
Maikupurwa B.O 271851 Mahasi Bahraich
Matera Kalan B.O 271851 Nanpara Bahraich
Pachdevri B.O 271851 Mahasi ** Bahraich
Rajapur Kalan B.O 271851 Mahasi Bahraich
Raipur B.O 271851 Mahasi Bahraich
Vanshpurwa B.O 271851 Mahasi Bahraich
Shankarpur Laxmanpur B.O 271851 Nanpara Bahraich
Aggapur B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Amwa B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Akbarapur Semra B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Bairagijot B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Kanibojhi B.O 271803 Bhinga Shrawasti
Kathara Bazar B.O 271803 Bhinga Shrawasti
Parsa Deharia B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Patna Khargaura B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Pure Gokul Singh B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Ramgarhi B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Samari Chak Pihani B.O 271831 Bhinga Shrawasti
Babhni B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Bachkahwa B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Badal Pur B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Beerpur B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Bhartha Rosan Garh B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Bishunapur B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Gabbapur B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Gulara B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Hempur B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Jabdi B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Katkuiya B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Madhwapur B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Medikiya B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Motipur B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Pure Prasad B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Pure Wale B.O 271840 Bhinga Shrawasti
Badrauli B.O 271903 Kaisarganj Bahraich
Babhnanpurwa B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Birahimpur B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Gorahia B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Gandara B.O 271903 Kaisarganj Bahraich
Naugoia B.O 271903 Kaisarganj Bahraich
Katka Bhagatpurwa B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Kundasar B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Maholi B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Majhanwa Takuli B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Parsendi B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Dharsawan B.O 271835 Ikauna Shrawasti
Jaichandpur B.O 271835 Ikauna Shrawasti
Katha B.O 271835 Ikauna Shrawasti
Raideeh B.O 271835 Ikauna Shrawasti
Rampur Painda B.O 271835 Ikauna Shrawasti
Semgarha B.O 271835 Ikauna Shrawasti
Shahpur Bara B.O 271835 Ikauna Shrawasti
Siswara B.O 271835 Ikauna Shrawasti
Vijaypur Sisawan B.O 271835 Ikauna Shrawasti
Ailiha B.O 271870 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Hariharpur B.O 271870 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Katghara Kala B.O 271870 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Imilia B.O 271870 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Satpediya B.O 271806 Bahraich Bahraich
Parsia B.O 271870 Payagpur ** Shrawasti
Piparia Mahipal Singh B.O 271870 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Belwa Padum B.O 271806 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Sarsa B.O 271806 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Chakujot B.O 271870 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Kursaha B.O 271821 Bahraich Bahraich
Khanpur Mallah B.O 271821 Bahraich Bahraich
Khariha B.O 271821 Bahraich Bahraich
Gangwal B.O 271821 Bahraich Bahraich
Raniapur Gobrahi B.O 271821 Bahraich Bahraich
Sohariyawan B.O 271821 Bahraich Bahraich
Shivpur Bairagi B.O 271821 Bahraich Bahraich
Puraina B.O 271821 Bahraich Bahraich
Lakkharampur B.O 271821 Bahraich Bahraich
Ganga Jamuni B.O 271821 Bahraich Bahraich
Bhopatpur B.O 271882 Nanpara Bahraich
Intaha B.O 271882 Nanpara Bahraich
Moharba B.O 271882 Nanpara Bahraich
Amwa Molvi B.O 271882 Nanpara Bahraich
Aswa Mohammad Pur B.O 271882 Nanpara Bahraich
Bulbul Newaj B.O 271882 Nanpara Bahraich
Maina Newaria B.O 271882 Nanpara Bahraich
Bhaukhara B.O 271882 Nanpara Bahraich
Pandri Tara B.O 271882 Nanpara Bahraich
Pakara Deoria B.O 271882 Nanpara Bahraich
Gotutti B.O 271875 Nanpara Bahraich
Balbhaddrapur B.O 271875 Nanpara Bahraich
Dihwa B.O 271875 Nanpara Bahraich
Patna Ghesiyari B.O 271875 Nanpara Bahraich
Dandey Kuinya B.O 271875 Nanpara Bahraich
Hardutt Nagar B.O 271875 Bhinga Shrawasti
Raipur B.O 271875 Nanpara Bahraich
Karanpur B.O 271875 Nanpara Bahraich
Deorania B.O 271875 Bhinga Shrawasti
Dharmanpur B.O 271875 Mahasi ** Bahraich
Shankarpur B.O 271875 Nanpara Bahraich
Reoli B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Turahni Rajjab B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Katra Bahadurpur B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Aliabulbul B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Diha B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Dhauli B.O 271871 Payagpur ** Shrawasti
Semariyawan B.O 271871 Bahraich Bahraich
Mankapur Kala B.O 271871 Bahraich Bahraich
Lalpur B.O 271806 Bahraich Bahraich
Ailo B.O 271871 Bahraich Bahraich
Tallab Baghel B.O 271871 Bahraich Bahraich
Ramnagar Khajuri B.O 271871 Bahraich Bahraich
Farda Sumerpur B.O 271806 Bahraich Bahraich
Kashijot B.O 271871 Bahraich Bahraich
Laukahi B.O 271871 Bahraich Bahraich
Basanera B.O 271871 Bahraich Bahraich
Shivdaha B.O 271871 Bahraich Bahraich
Handa Basehri B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Jamunaha Bhawania Pur B.O 271865 Bhinga Shrawasti
Kakri B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Kotwa B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Lakhai Kalan B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Mansoor Nagar B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Manwaria Diwan B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Nawab Ganj Alia Bad B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Puraina Bhawani Bux B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Pargahawa B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Rahmatogaon B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Raibojha B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Rajapur Kala B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Ram Nagar Semara B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Sarra Maundri B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Sarraiya B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Tiwari Gaon B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Umaria B.O 271865 Nanpara Bahraich
Babaganj B.O 271881 Nanpara Bahraich
Banjaria B.O 271881 Nanpara Bahraich
Charda B.O 271881 Nanpara Bahraich
Devra B.O 271881 Nanpara Bahraich
Jalalpur B.O 271881 Nanpara Bahraich
Kewalpur B.O 271881 Nanpara Bahraich
Makanpur B.O 271881 Nanpara Bahraich
Madhavpur Nidaona B.O 271881 Nanpara Bahraich
Prahalad Gaon B.O 271881 Nanpara Bahraich
Umari B.O 271903 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Lakkha Baundi B.O 271825 Mahasi Bahraich
Kot Bazar B.O 271871 Payagpur ** Shrawasti
Nautala B.O 271851 Mahasi Bahraich
Payagpur Bus Station B.O 271871 Payagpur ** Bahraich
Baibahi B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Baldoopurwa B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Bardaha B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Basantapur B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Bhawaniapur B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Bitania B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Boundi B.O 271830 NA Bahraich
Khaira Kala B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Laluhi B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Manikpur B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Newada B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Patrahiya B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Raiganj B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Rampur Dhobia B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Sohbatia B.O 271830 Nanpara Bahraich
Barkharia B.O 271841 Nanpara Bahraich
Bichhiya B.O 271841 Nanpara Bahraich
Chafaria Bazar B.O 271841 Nanpara Bahraich
Chahalwa B.O 271841 Nanpara Bahraich
Fakirpuri B.O 271841 Nanpara Bahraich
Karikot B.O 271841 Nanpara Bahraich
Katraniaghat B.O 271841 Nanpara Bahraich
Sujauli B.O 271841 Nanpara Bahraich
Balai Goan B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Balsinghpur B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Belhan B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Daulatpur B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Dharampur B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Dharmapur B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Gangapur B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Gaurapipra B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Goorh B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Gopia B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Harkhapur B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Kakraha B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Kundwa B.O 271855 Nanpara Bahraich
Naiwashi B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Basantapur B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Jagtapur B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Bhangha B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Jiganiamahipal B.O 271872 Kaiserganj Bahraich
Amrahwa B.O 271803 Bhinga Shrawasti
Bahrai R.S. B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Begampur B.O 271875 Bahraich Bahraich
Bhagwanpur Bhaisahi B.O 271803 Bhinga Shrawasti
Bhausawan B.O 271804 Bahraich Bahraich
Bishunapur B.O 271804 Bhinga Shrawasti
Chandarkha Bujurga B.O 271802 Ikauna Shrawasti
Chaukgoi B.O 271802 Bhinga Shrawasti
Chaukharia B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Chittuara B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Dargah B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Dikuali B.O 271804 Bhinga Shrawasti
Doobkalan B.O 271804 Bhinga Shrawasti
Gopala Sarai B.O 271803 Bhinga Shrawasti
Jamunaha Heera Singh B.O 271803 Bhinga Shrawasti
Jamdan B.O 271803 Ikauna Shrawasti
Jhingha Road B.O 271802 Bahraich Bahraich
Kalkalwa B.O 271803 Bhinga Shrawasti
Ambarpur B.O 271851 Nanpara Bahraich
Bakaina Bazar B.O 271851 Mahasi Bahraich
Chok Sahar B.O 271851 Mahasi Bahraich
Kewalpur B.O 271851 Nanpara Bahraich
Curaipurwa B.O 271851 Bahraich Bahraich
Kishunpur Meetha B.O 271851 Mahasi Bahraich
Sablapur B.O 271825 Mahasi Bahraich
Sasia Chunamani B.O 271825 Mahasi ** Bahraich
Anuwa B.O 212401 Handia Allahabad
Arahkala B.O 221508 Handia Allahabad
Ashey  Pur B.O 221508 Handia Allahabad
Atraura B.O 221502 Baraut Allahabad
Andhiyaari B.O 229413 Lalgopal Ganj Allahabad
Babuganj B.O 212404 Phulpur Allahabad
Badagaon B.O 212502 Soraon Allahabad
Bahadurgarh Arwasi B.O 212402 Phulpur Allahabad
Bhagwatipurkhutana B.O 212503 Holagarh Allahabad
Balraj Nagar B.O 229412 Soraon Allahabad
Bamaila B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Bakajalalpur B.O 212507 Mau Aima Allahabad
Koraur B.O 212401 Phulpur Allahabad
Saraswatipur Urf Kaudhiyar B.O 229412 Soraon Allahabad
Lakshagrih B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Lokmanpur B.O 221502 Handia Allahabad
Maharchha B.O 212401 Handia Allahabad
Mehraunda B.O 212507 Mau Aima Allahabad
Mailahan B.O 212402 Phoolpur Allahabad
Malak Harhar B.O 211013 Phaphamau Allahabad
Mawaiya Hindwani B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Mansoorabad B.O 229411 Anapur Allahabad
Mandwa Bazar B.O 212401 Karchhana Allahabad
Mendara B.O 229411 Anapur Allahabad
Mohd.Pur Gheempur B.O 212507 Soraon Allahabad
Mugarshan B.O 221505 Phulpur Allahabad
Motiha B.O 221508 Handia Allahabad
Mubarakpur B.O 229412 Atrampur Allahabad
Mukundpur B.O 212503 Holgarh Allahabad
Chhitpalgarh B.O 212507 Soraon Allahabad
Chaka B.O 221508 Saidabad Allahabad
Deewanganj B.O 212402 Handia Allahabad
Dhobaha B.O 221502 Baraut Allahabad
Dhokari B.O 221508 Handia Allahabad
Dubawal B.O 221505 Handia Allahabad
Dumduma B.O 221508 Handia Allahabad
Deoli B.O 212402 Phoolpur Allahabad
Deonahri B.O 221507 Phulpur Allahabad
Garapur B.O 221507 Sahson Allahabad
Kiraon B.O 212507 Handia Allahabad
Kewai Buzurg B.O 221502 Handia Allahabad
Khakhaicha B.O 212405 Handia Allahabad
Khaptiha B.O 221508 Handia Allahabad
Khargapur B.O 212502 Meja Allahabad
Bhopatpur B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Bithauli B.O 221502 Handia Allahabad
Bhiti B.O 221502 Baraut Allahabad
Bhatewra Kathar B.O 212401 Handia Allahabad
Biharia B.O 229413 Soraon Allahabad
Bari B.O 212502 Soraon Allahabad
Beerapur B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Barai Harakh B.O 212503 Holagarh Allahabad
Bagai Khurd B.O 212404 Ghiyanagar Allahabad
Bhelsi B.O 221502 Baraut Allahabad
Chamrupur Urf Nantaut B.O 212402 Phoolpur Allahabad
Chandopara B.O 212402 Phoolpur Allahabad
Chandpur B.O 212502 Soraon Allahabad
Chanethu B.O 212401 Janghai Bazar Allahabad
Chhata B.O 212507 Phulpur Allahabad
Chhibaiya B.O 211019 Allahabad ** Allahabad
Kishundaspur B.O 212401 Handia Allahabad
Kotwa B.O 221505 Hanumanganj Allahabad
Kumhawa B.O 212109 Phulpur Allahabad
Katwaroopur B.O 221505 Handia Allahabad
Karaundi B.O 212502 Soraon Allahabad
Girdkot B.O 221502 Baraut Allahabad
Gohari B.O 211013 Phaphamau Allahabad
Gorigon B.O 212402 Phulpur Allahabad
Haripur Marron B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Harisenganj B.O 212507 Mau Aima Allahabad
Hetapatti B.O 221507 Sahson Allahabad
Hetapur B.O 221505 Handia Allahabad
Hathigahan B.O 211013 Soraon Allahabad
Ismailganj B.O 211013 Soraon Allahabad
Jagatpur B.O 221505 Hanumanganj Allahabad
Jagdishpur B.O 211013 Phaphamau Allahabad
Prem Misirpur Korali B.O 229411 Soraon Allahabad
Prithvipur B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Purabnara B.O 212503 Holagarh Allahabad
Patwa B.O 212401 Handia Allahabad
Ramaipur B.O 221505 Handia Allahabad
Ramgarh Kothari B.O 212402 Handia Allahabad
Rampur Kotwa B.O 229413 Soraon Allahabad
Sarai Inayat B.O 221505 Handia Allahabad
Serawan B.O 229412 Atrampur Allahabad
Shahipur B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Shivgarh B.O 212502 Soraon Allahabad
Siyadeeh B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Sirsa Chauraha B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Siswan B.O 212507 Soraon Allahabad
Soron B.O 212405 Soraon Allahabad
Shringverpur B.O 229411 Soraon Allahabad
Singra Mau B.O 221507 Phulpur Allahabad
Barasta Kalan B.O 212405 Ugrasenpur Allahabad
Barethi B.O 221505 Hanumanganj Allahabad
Basgit Bazar B.O 221508 Saidabad Allahabad
Basna B.O 212405 Handia Allahabad
Jalalpur Kasba B.O 212402 Phoolpur Allahabad
Jamunipur B.O 221505 Hanumaganj Allahabad
Jaswan B.O 221502 Handia Allahabad
Jagdishpur B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Jaguwa B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Kahli B.O 212109 Phulpur Allahabad
Kamlanagar B.O 212109 Phulpur Allahabad
Kanethi B.O 212402 Phoolpur Allahabad
Kapsa B.O 212402 Phoolpur Allahabad
Karnaipur B.O 212109 Phulpur Allahabad
Katahra B.O 221503 Handia Allahabad
Katrauli B.O 212402 Handia Allahabad
Belwa B.O 221507 Sahson Allahabad
Sikikhurda B.O 221508 Handia Allahabad
Tejpur B.O 212507 Soraon Allahabad
Tela B.O 221502 Handia Allahabad
Ulda B.O 229412 Atrampur Allahabad
Umari B.O 221507 Sahson Allahabad
Umariasari B.O 212507 Mauaima Allahabad
Utraon B.O 221508 Handia Allahabad
Aladadpur B.O 229411 Anapur Allahabad
Madhonagar Bigahia B.O 211013 Phaphamau Allahabad
Aura B.O 221502 Handia Allahabad
Pure Kanta B.O 221502 Handia Allahabad
Bomapur B.O 212109 Phulpur Allahabad
Nibi Bari B.O 212401 Handia Allahabad
Pure Ghasi B.O 229411 Anapur Allahabad
Buir B.O 221508 Saidabad Allahabad
Leelapur Kala B.O 221505 Handia Allahabad
Sewaith B.O 211013 Phaphamau Allahabad
Chhatnag B.O 211019 Allahabad ** Allahabad
Mahajna B.O 221502 Handia Allahabad
Bajha Mazra Lohia Nagar B.O 229412 Atrampur Allahabad
Prem Nagar Chauraha B.O 212502 Soraon Allahabad
Sarai Madan Urf Chanti B.O 212503 Holagarh Allahabad
Bhogwara B.O 212405 Ugrasenpur Allahabad
Babhan Kuiyan B.O 221507 Sahson Allahabad
Mendewa B.O 221507 Phulpur Allahabad
Masni Jagdishpur B.O 229412 Atrampur Allahabad
Malawan Khurd B.O 211019 Phulpur Allahabad
Narainganj B.O 212507 Soraon Allahabad
Nindura B.O 229413 Lalgopalganj Allahabad
Nasratpur B.O 212502 Soraon Allahabad
Newada B.O 212507 Sirathu Kaushambi
Niyayipur B.O 212503 Holagarh Allahabad
Nindula B.O 212401 Janghai Bazar Allahabad
Newada B.O 212401 Chail Kaushambi
Nibi Kalan B.O 211019 Karchhana Allahabad
Nai Bazar B.O 212507 Soraon Allahabad
Pachdeora B.O 229412 Atrampur Allahabad
Parewa Narainpur B.O 229413 Handia Allahabad
Pipari B.O 212401 Soraon Allahabad
Piyari Urf Bijlipur B.O 229413 Lalgopalganj Allahabad
Mahesh Pur B.O 276137 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Kotila. B.O 276207 Sadar Azamgarh
Balaipur B.O 276143 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Badagaon B.O 223227 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Narhankhas B.O 276124 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Punapar B.O 276124 Ghosi Azamgarh
Jagdishpur B.O 276124 Sagari Azamgarh
Ajampur B.O 276125 Sadar Azamgarh
Anjam Shhid B.O 276125 Sagari Azamgarh
Chhattarpur Khushahal B.O 276125 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Kakarahatta B.O 276125 Sagari Azamgarh
Barohi Fetahpur B.O 276121 Sagari Azamgarh
Bhimbar B.O 276121 Sagari Azamgarh
Vijayapar B.O 276121 Lalganj Azamgarh
Chhihi B.O 276121 Sagari Azamgarh
Gaddopur B.O 276121 Sagari Azamgarh
Emalipur B.O 276121 Lalganj Azamgarh
Jairajpur B.O 276121 Lalganj Azamgarh
Patila Gaosh Pur B.O 276121 Lalganj Azamgarh
Patwadh Kautuk B.O 276121 Sagari Azamgarh
Shekhupur B.O 276121 Lalganj Azamgarh
Haraia B.O 276127 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Maukutubpur B.O 276127 Sagari Azamgarh
Ramgarh B.O 276127 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Sirahi B.O 276127 Lalganj Azamgarh
Jameen Rasulpur B.O 276127 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Bankatia B.O 276136 Sagari Azamgarh
Bardiha B.O 276136 Sagari Azamgarh
Dighwania Kaji B.O 276136 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Garerua B.O 276136 Sagari Azamgarh
Jokhara B.O 276136 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Luchui B.O 276136 Sagri Azamgarh
Pihar B.O 276136 Sagari Azamgarh
Naraipur B.O 276136 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Tarauka B.O 276136 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Koilari B.O 276207 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Chandai B.O 276207 Sadar Azamgarh
Bibipur B.O 276135 Sadar Azamgarh
Gauri Narayanpur B.O 276135 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Jolhapur B.O 276135 Sadar Azamgarh
Khutia B.O 276208 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Madharsia B.O 276208 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Bhuidharpur B.O 276208 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Kisundaspur B.O 276208 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Ora B.O 276208 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Nasiruddinpur B.O 276208 Sadar Azamgarh
Youdhisthirpatti. B.O 223221 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Vinoa Puri B.O 223221 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Kushmahara B.O 223221 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Bilari B.O 223221 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Gahaji B.O 223221 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Bhimal Patti B.O 223221 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Chhitauna B.O 223221 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Samsabad B.O 223221 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Sukhi Pur B.O 223221 Phool Pur Azamgarh
Daniyalpur B.O 223221 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Sarain B.O 223221 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Khajuri B.O 223221 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Gauri B.O 223221 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Edilpur B.O 223221 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Baraipur B.O 223221 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Sumhadeeh B.O 276288 Phool Pur Azamgarh
Bahauddinpur. B.O 276288 Phool Pur Azamgarh
Khairuddinpur B.O 276288 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Kohanda B.O 276288 Phulpur Azamgarh
Galib Pur B.O 276288 Phool Pur Azamgarh
Bhani Pur B.O 276288 Phool Pur Azamgarh
Mutkallipur B.O 276288 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Khandaura B.O 276143 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Kalafatpur B.O 276143 Lalganj Azamgarh
Bhadaon B.O 223224 Phool Pur. Azamgarh
Martin Ganj B.O 223224 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Kaura Gahani B.O 223224 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Karui B.O 223224 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Chitara Mahamud Pur B.O 223224 Nizamabad ** Azamgarh
Palthi B.O 223224 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Guwai B.O 223224 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Hubbi Ganj B.O 223224 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Mir Ahmedpur Sahjada B.O 223224 Phool Pur Azamgarh
Fulesh B.O 223224 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Surahan B.O 223224 Phool Pur Azamgarh
Malgaon B.O 223222 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Nauhara B.O 223222 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Palia Maphi B.O 223222 Phool Pur Azamgarh
Khanjahan Pur B.O 223222 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Oril B.O 223222 Madhuban ** Mau
Godhana B.O 223222 Phool Pur Azamgarh
Naharpur B.O 223225 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Rama Pur B.O 223225 Phuool Pur Azamgarh
Raida B.O 223225 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Faridpur B.O 223225 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Nandaon B.O 276305 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Nardah B.O 276305 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Rangdih B.O 276305 Ghosi Mau
Towa B.O 276305 Ghosi Mau
Niauj B.O 276305 Nijamabad Azamgarh
Beenapara B.O 276305 Nijamabad Azamgarh
Rajapur Sikaraur B.O 276305 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Babu Ki Basti B.O 276305 Nizamabad ** Azamgarh
Ambarpur B.O 223227 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Kujiyari B.O 223227 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Fariha B.O 223227 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Ajagara Masharki B.O 276122 Sagari Azamgarh
Baksh Pur B.O 276303 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Irani B.O 276303 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Jamuawan B.O 276303 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Kammar Pur B.O 276303 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Nurvey B.O 276303 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Lasara Khurd B.O 276303 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Sarai Mohan B.O 276303 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Murhar B.O 276303 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Mustafa Bad B.O 221706 Sadar Mau
Nasira Bad Kala B.O 221706 Sadar Mau
Pindohari B.O 221706 Sadar Mau
Semrajpur B.O 221706 NA Mau
Singdhwal B.O 221706 Madhuban ** Mau
Ardauna B.O 221705 Sadar Mau
Chakarka B.O 221705 Sadar Mau
Gahana B.O 221705 Sadar Mau
Gahani B.O 221705 Sadar Mau
Kirath Sarai B.O 221705 Sadar Mau
Pahasa B.O 221705 Sadar Mau
Talai Pur B.O 221705 NA Mau
Bhela Bandh B.O 275305 Ghosi Mau
Bhawaria Sath B.O 275305 Sadar Mau
Faizullahpur B.O 275305 Ghosi Mau
Hardas Pur B.O 275305 Sadar Mau
Itaura Dori Pur B.O 275305 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Kurthi Zafar Pur B.O 275305 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Saharoj B.O 275305 Sadar Mau
Adari B.O 275102 Maunath Bhanjan Mau
Alinagar B.O 275102 Sadar Mau
Hathini B.O 275102 Sadar Mau
Kasara B.O 275102 Sadar Mau
Mohammadpur Math B.O 275102 Sadar Mau
Daulatabad B.O 276129 Sadar Azamgarh
Rasepur B.O 276129 Ghosi Mau
Fatehpur B.O 276402 M.b. Gohana Mau
Gokulpura B.O 276402 M.b.gohana Mau
Padari B.O 276402 M.b.gohana Mau
Sulatanipur B.O 276402 M.b.gohana Mau
Chak Inami B.O 276206 Sadar Azamgarh
Jogari B.O 275306 Sadar Mau Mau
Mirpur Rahima Par B.O 275306 Sadar Mau Mau
Dagauli B.O 275306 Sadar Mau Mau
Bandi Ghat B.O 275306 Mohamda Bad Gohana Mau
Bind Mathia B.O 276404 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Gujar Par B.O 276404 Sadar Azamgarh
Pahi B.O 276404 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Bamhaur B.O 276406 Sadar Azamgarh
Lohara B.O 276406 Sadar Azamgarh
Raut Mau B.O 276406 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Ashona B.O 276406 Sadar Azamgarh
Kerama B.O 276406 Sadar Azamgarh
Sutarahi B.O 276406 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Bisunpura B.O 276405 Lalganj Mau
Bhuvana Bujurga B.O 276405 Lalganj Azamgarh
Bhadir B.O 276405 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Bara B.O 276405 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Dhaur Hara B.O 276405 Mohammada Bad Gohana Mau
Dholana B.O 276405 Mohammada Bad Gohana Mau
Dewal Ashram B.O 276405 Lalganj Azamgarh
Vijra Pura B.O 275302 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Fateh Pur Tal Naraja B.O 275302 Ghosi Mau
Hamid Pur B.O 275302 Ghosi Mau
Iraura Chaubey Pur B.O 275302 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Narawa Sarai B.O 275302 Badrav Mau
Bandikala B.O 276403 M.b. Gohna Mau
Surahu Pur B.O 276403 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Halima Bad B.O 276403 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Dev Kali Tas B.O 276403 Mohammdabad Gohana Mau
Pichari B.O 276403 Lalganj Azamgarh
Allauddinpur B.O 276403 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Kolaura B.O 276403 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Utarizpur B.O 276403 Lalganj Azamgarh
Molana Pur B.O 276137 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Badasara Aima B.O 276141 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Badasara Khalsa B.O 276141 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Bhedaura B.O 276141 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Chewata B.O 276141 Sagari Azamgarh
Kaudia B.O 276141 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Lahar Par B.O 276141 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Maniyar Pur B.O 276141 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Meh Mauni B.O 276141 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Mokhalish Pur B.O 276141 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Newada B.O 276141 Sagari Azamgarh
Pach Khaura B.O 276141 Sagari Azamgarh
Rasul Pur Pasi Pur B.O 276141 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Tahar Wajid Pur B.O 276141 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Bhavar Nath B.O 276135 NA Azamgarh
Mohamdalla B.O 276128 NA Azamgarh
Maharaj Pur B.O 276135 Sadar Azamgarh
Palhani B.O 276128 Sadar Azamgarh
Zafarpur B.O 276128 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Basgit B.O 276128 Sadar Azamgarh
Badaura B.O 276128 Sadar Azamgarh
Bhangaha B.O 276128 Sadar Azamgarh
Deeha B.O 276128 Lalganj Azamgarh
Gambhir Ban B.O 276128 Jahana Ganj Azamgarh
Kanaila B.O 276128 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Kisun Pur B.O 276128 Jahana Ganj Azamgarh
Samaida B.O 276128 Lalganj Azamgarh
Sewata B.O 276128 Sadar Azamgarh
Uchagaon B.O 276128 Sadar Azamgarh
Tamauli B.O 276207 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Tegar Pur B.O 276207 Lalganj Azamgarh
Sirsal B.O 276207 Sadar Azamgarh
Shethawal B.O 276207 Sadar Azamgarh
Ajaji Dewara Karkhia B.O 276122 Sagari Azamgarh
Baijabari B.O 276122 NA Azamgarh
Chan Patti B.O 276122 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Dewara Khas Raja B.O 276122 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Haji Pur B.O 276122 Sagari Azamgarh
Esmail Pir B.O 276122 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Karkhia Rutam Sarai B.O 276122 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Matia B.O 276122 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Tahir Pur B.O 276122 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Urdiha B.O 276122 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Amuwari B.O 276138 Sagari Azamgarh
Berama B.O 276138 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Chaklal Chand B.O 276140 Sagari Azamgarh
Khalispur B.O 276138 Sagari Azamgarh
Mohmmadpur B.O 276138 Sagari Azamgarh
Maltari B.O 276138 Sagri Azamgarh
Mahulia Bojhia B.O 276138 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Jameen Harkhori B.O 276140 Sagri Azamgarh
Araji Amani B.O 276139 Sagari Azamgarh
Bhaisha B.O 276139 Sagari Azamgarh
Dewara Jadidi B.O 276137 Sagri Azamgarh
Harkhpura Khas B.O 276139 Sagri Azamgarh
Nauwarar Dewara Jadid B.O 276137 Sagri Azamgarh
Haidarabad B.O 276137 Sagri Azamgarh
Jameel Pur B.O 276139 Sagri Azamgarh
Jurarampur B.O 276139 Sagri Azamgarh
Khan Pur Bhagatpatti B.O 276139 Sagari Azamgarh
Singhwara B.O 276139 Sagri Azamgarh
Rasulpur Nandalal B.O 276139 Sagri Azamgarh
Shivpur B.O 276137 Sagari Azamgarh
Sohauli B.O 276301 Phulpur Azamgarh
Sonhara B.O 276301 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Mahuja Newada B.O 276301 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Base Pur Dandava B.O 223223 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Badaya B.O 223223 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Basahia B.O 223223 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Bansgaon B.O 223223 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Gajendra Patti Bhidaura B.O 223223 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Govind Pur B.O 223223 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Lohara B.O 223223 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Madia Par B.O 223223 Godhan Pur Azamgarh
Mahagu Pur B.O 223223 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Mir Pur B.O 223223 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Nandana B.O 223223 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Pakar Deeha B.O 223223 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Deora Patti B.O 223223 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Sen Pur B.O 223223 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Bhagat Pur B.O 223223 Nizamabad ** Azamgarh
Amari B.O 276142 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Ataraith B.O 276142 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Bharauli B.O 276142 Budanpur Azamgarh
Bhilampur Chhapra B.O 276142 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Ban Kat Jagdeesh B.O 276142 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Gaura B.O 276142 Lalganj Azamgarh
Kakarahi B.O 276142 Lalganj Azamgarh
Kabiruddin Pur B.O 276142 Lalganj Azamgarh
Keshav Pur B.O 276142 Lalganj Azamgarh
Kothwa Jalal Pur B.O 276142 Lalganj Azamgarh
Mangit Pur B.O 276142 Lalganj Azamgarh
Pipari B.O 276142 Budan Pur Mau
Rithia B.O 276142 Lalganj Azamgarh
Dewara Jadid B.O 276137 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Huse Pur B.O 276137 Budan Pur Azamgarh
Badaharia B.O 223227 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Gandhuai B.O 223227 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Firuddin Pur B.O 223227 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Bairampur B.O 276206 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Chandabhari B.O 276206 Nizamzbad Azamgarh
Barikhas B.O 276206 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Mohanath B.O 276206 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Khaliasemari B.O 276206 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Sodhari B.O 276206 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Shiwali B.O 276206 Lalganj Azamgarh
Zamin Katghar B.O 276206 Nizamabad Azamgarh
Bakhara B.O 223226 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Bunda B.O 223226 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Chhittepur B.O 223226 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Ishapur B.O 223226 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Sikaraur Sahabari B.O 223226 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Banbirpur B.O 276304 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Buxpur Mejawa B.O 276304 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Bhormau B.O 276304 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Dharmdaspur Newada B.O 276304 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Durbasa B.O 276304 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Jagdishpur B.O 276304 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Khurasan B.O 276304 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Khutauli B.O 276304 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Loniadeeh B.O 276304 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Mundiyar B.O 276304 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Mundwar B.O 276304 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Chhapra Sultanpur B.O 276124 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Dighwania Majhuwa B.O 276124 Sagari Azamgarh
Jameen Bilari B.O 276124 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Lilapatti Bankatia B.O 276124 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Mandanpur B.O 276124 Sagari Azamgarh
Pichhaura B.O 276301 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Dubara B.O 276301 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Ahirauli B.O 276301 Phoolpur Azamgarh
Ashwania B.O 276301 Lalganj Azamgarh
Bargahan B.O 276301 Lalganj Azamgarh
Barauna B.O 276301 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Udiawan B.O 276301 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Bheera B.O 276301 Lalganj Azamgarh
Jeoli B.O 276301 Lalganj Azamgarh
Chewar Pachhim B.O 276201 Lalganj Azamgarh
Kalicha Bad B.O 276201 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Kanjahit B.O 276201 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Kariya Gopal Pur B.O 276201 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Ram Pur Katharawa B.O 276201 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Sikraur B.O 276201 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Sri Kant Pur B.O 276201 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Gopalpur Sethuli B.O 276201 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Belaon B.O 276302 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Chhaon B.O 276302 Nizama Bad Azamgarh
Dayalpur B.O 276302 Nizama Bad Azamgarh
Kalanderpur B.O 276302 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Mujaffarpur B.O 276302 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Ranipur Razamo B.O 276302 Nizama Bad Azamgarh
Sarai Paltu B.O 276302 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Beohara B.O 276202 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Bithuwa B.O 276202 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Bhopalpur B.O 276202 Lalganj Azamgarh
Chirkihit B.O 276202 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Gomadih B.O 276202 Lalganj Azamgarh
Karsara B.O 276202 Lal Ganj Mau
Katauli Kala B.O 276202 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Khaniara B.O 276202 Lalganj Azamgarh
Lahuwan B.O 276202 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Mohammad Pur Dharang B.O 276202 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Narsingh Pur B.O 276202 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Parasi B.O 276402 Mehnagar ** Mau
Rajapur B.O 276402 M.b.gohana Mau
Kekai Hindola B.O 276402 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Sansarava B.O 276402 Md. Gohana Mau
Nagpur B.O 276402 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Yakubpur B.O 276402 M.b. Gohana Mau
Haraura B.O 276126 Mehnagar Azamgarh
Aira Bujurg B.O 276126 Mehnagar Azamgarh
Uchahuwan B.O 276126 Lalganj Azamgarh
Pithaupur Rasti B.O 276126 Ghosi Mau
Phulaieh Khajura B.O 276126 Lalganj Azamgarh
Khargpur B.O 276126 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Singhpur B.O 276126 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Khoulukhor B.O 276131 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Mittupur B.O 276131 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Badua Godam B.O 275305 Sadar Mau
Baktawar Ganj B.O 275305 Sadar Mau
Bangali Pijara B.O 275103 Sadar Mau
Bada Gaon B.O 276403 Sadar Mau
Duwraon B.O 221705 Sadar Mau
Kahinaur B.O 275103 Mau Mau
Khiriya B.O 275103 Sadar Mau
Pardaha B.O 221705 Sadar Mau
Raini B.O 276403 Sadar Mau
Raikwardeeh B.O 275103 Sadar Mau
Sarvan B.O 221705 Sadar Mau
Salahabad B.O 275103 Sadar Mau
Tajopur B.O 275305 Sadar Mau
Umapur B.O 221705 Sadar Mau
Indarpur Bhalya B.O 221705 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Ataraul Pandey B.O 221706 Sadar Mau
Ailakhaimilia B.O 221706 Sadar Mau
Belaujha B.O 221706 Sadar Mau
Chhichore B.O 221706 Sadar Mau
Golauri B.O 221706 Sadar Mau
Kanso B.O 221706 Sadar Mau
Khurhar B.O 276403 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Palia B.O 276403 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Pali Garh B.O 276403 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Makhuni B.O 276403 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Kanjhakhurd B.O 276403 Mohammadabad Gohana Mau
Daulasepur B.O 276403 Mohammmadabad Mau
Amarhar B.O 276403 Lalganj Azamgarh
Canal Head B.O 275303 Ghosi Mau
Gotha B.O 275303 Ghosi Mau
Nai Bazar B.O 275303 Ghosi Mau
Panail B.O 275303 Ghosi Mau
Mohammadabad Sipah B.O 275303 Ghosi Mau
Mahula B.O 275303 Ghosi Mau
Karami B.O 276129 Mohd. Gohana Mau
Sarauda B.O 276129 Mohd. Gohana Mau
Chhapara B.O 276129 Mohd. Gohana Mau
Sachui B.O 276129 Mohd. Gohana Mau
Kamarawa B.O 276129 Mohd. Gohana Mau
Bramhanpur B.O 276129 Maunath Bhanjan Mau
Kajha B.O 276129 Mohd. Gohana Mau
Misarauli B.O 276129 Mohd. Gohana Mau
Palhana B.O 276205 Lal Ganj Azamgarh
Abusaidpur B.O 276205 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Bisham B.O 276205 Lalganj Azamgarh
Jamalpur B.O 276205 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Mangrawa B.O 276205 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Bangaon B.O 276123 Lalganj Azamgarh
Bhawarpur B.O 276123 Lalganj Azamgarh
Bibipur B.O 276123 Mehnagar Azamgarh
Bharathipur B.O 276123 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Kamahariya B.O 276123 Mehnagar Azamgarh
Maholi B.O 276123 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Naurasia B.O 276123 Lalganj Azamgarh
Pakari B.O 276123 Lalganj Azamgarh
Tandawa B.O 276123 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Tandadeeh B.O 276123 Lalganj Azamgarh
Pandaha B.O 276202 Meh Nagar Azamgarh
Safipur B.O 276202 Lalganj Azamgarh
Salempur B.O 276202 Lalganj Azamgarh
Sarawan B.O 276202 Lalganj Azamgarh
Ubarpur B.O 276202 Lalganj Azamgarh
Jaitipur B.O 276202 Lalganj Azamgarh
Diriapur Newada B.O 276203 Lalganj Azamgarh
Dandwal B.O 276203 Lalganj Azamgarh
Kubakhas B.O 276203 Lalganj Azamgarh
Nehula B.O 276203 Lalganj Azamgarh
Sidhauna B.O 276203 Lalganj Azamgarh
Bela Klichpur B.O 276203 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Sihuka Abhirpur B.O 276203 Lalganj Azamgarh
Tilkhara Pura Dani B.O 276203 Lalganj Azamgarh
Dewait B.O 276204 Sagri Azamgarh
Bachhawal B.O 276204 Mehnagar Azamgarh
Babu Ki Khajuri B.O 276204 Nizamabad ** Azamgarh
Benupur B.O 276204 Sagri Azamgarh
Dama B.O 276204 Sagri Azamgarh
Gaura B.O 276204 Sagri Azamgarh
Renda B.O 276204 Sagri Azamgarh
Gopalpur B.O 276204 Mehnagar Azamgarh
Hardaspur B.O 276204 Sagri Azamgarh
Karauti B.O 276204 Mehnagar Azamgarh
Kharihani B.O 276204 Mehnagar Azamgarh
Nai B.O 276204 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Pawani Kala B.O 276204 Mehnagar Azamgarh
Rasoolpur B.O 276204 Sagri Mau
Baddo Pur B.O 276125 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Hira Patti B.O 276135 Sadar Azamgarh
Jamal Pur B.O 276128 Sadar Azamgarh
Gopal Pur Sadar B.O 276128 NA Azamgarh
Mataulipur B.O 276206 NA Azamgarh
Shah Garh B.O 276406 Sadar Azamgarh
Patkhauli B.O 276125 Sadar Azamgarh
Hafiz Pur B.O 276125 NA Azamgarh
Mauri B.O 221706 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Kalyanpur B.O 275105 Ghosi Mau
Kari Sath B.O 275105 Ghosi Mau
Lilari Bharauli B.O 275105 Ghosi Mau
Maur Bojh B.O 275105 Maunath Bhanjan Mau
Pidhwal B.O 275105 Ghosi Mau
Sarai Ganesh B.O 275105 Ghoshi Mau
Ariyaso B.O 275105 Ghosi Mau
Ahamadpur Asana B.O 275304 Ghosi Mau
Manik Pur Haraura B.O 275304 Ghosi Mau
Sultan Pur B.O 275304 Ghosi Mau
Pakari Bujurg B.O 275304 Ghosi Mau
Jamdih B.O 275304 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Bhatmila B.O 275301 Ghosi Mau
Bojhi Bazar B.O 275301 Ghosi Mau
Hemai B.O 275301 Ghosi Mau
Katirahi Bugurg B.O 275301 Ghosi Mau
Piruth Singhpur B.O 275301 Ghosi Mau
Piwatal B.O 275301 Ghosi Mau
Pilsui B.O 275301 Ghosi Mau
Rampur Sohand B.O 275301 Ghosi Mau
Taktewarampur B.O 275301 Lalganj Azamgarh
Usari Khurd B.O 275301 Ghosi Mau
Dhrampur Bisnupur B.O 221601 Madhuban Mau
Gajiapur B.O 221601 Madhuban Mau
Parasia B.O 221601 Madhuban Mau
Gangupur B.O 221601 Madhuban Mau
Molnapur B.O 221601 Madhuban Mau
Bariyadih B.O 221601 Madhuban Mau
Belauli B.O 221602 Lalganj Mau
Bahadurpur B.O 221602 Madhuban Mau
Kamalsagar B.O 221602 Madhuban Mau
Kathtaraon B.O 221602 Madhuban Mau
Lakhnaur B.O 221602 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Nemdand B.O 221602 Madhuban Mau
Rampur B.O 221602 Madhuban ** Mau
Bharopur B.O 221603 Madhuban Mau
Banpokhara B.O 221603 Madhuban Mau
Baundih B.O 221603 Madhuban Mau
Fatehpur Talratoy B.O 221603 Madhuban Mau
Jajaauli B.O 221603 Madhuban Mau
Katghar Shankar B.O 221603 Madhuban Mau
Lalanpur B.O 221603 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Nathupur B.O 221603 Mehnagar ** Mau
Siddha Ahilashpur B.O 221603 Maduban Mau
Sipaibrahima Bad B.O 221603 Madhuban Mau
Saundih B.O 221603 Madhuban Mau
Undaura B.O 221603 Ghosi Mau
Bela Sultanpur B.O 275307 Azamgarh Mau
Lalitpur B.O 275307 Ghosi Mau
Lakhani Mubarakpur B.O 275307 Ghosi Mau
Makhmelpur B.O 275307 Ghosi Mau
Moongmas B.O 275307 Ghosi Mau
Parasupur B.O 275307 Madhuban Mau
Pawani B.O 275307 Ghosi Mau
Majhwara B.O 275307 Ghosi Mau
Dargah B.O 276306 Madhuban Mau
Gonghat B.O 276306 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Bela Kasaila B.O 276306 Azamgarh Mau
Pur Ranga B.O 276306 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Misarauli B.O 276306 Madhu Ban Mau
Mohammadpur Hasanpur B.O 276306 Azamgarh Mau
Rasoolpur B.O 276306 Madhuban Mau
Sikari Kot B.O 276306 Azamgarh Azamgarh
Bibi Pur B.O 276306 Madhu Ban Mau
Bhagwat B.O 276129 Sadar Azamgarh
Mande B.O 276129 Sadar Azamgarh
Barahalaganj B.O 276129 Sadar Azamgarh
Sherpur B.O 276129 Sadar Azamgarh
Jigar Sandi B.O 276129 Sadar Azamgarh
Dharwara B.O 276131 Sadar Azamgarh
Koilari B.O 276131 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Mahuyamurarpur B.O 276131 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Punargi B.O 276131 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Sema B.O 276131 Sadar Azamgarh
Karisath B.O 276131 Burhanpur Azamgarh
Bhujahi B.O 276131 Sadar Azamgarh
Lapsipur B.O 276131 Mehnagar ** Azamgarh
Basarik Pah B.O 277401 Ballia Ballia
Sitakund B.O 277001 Ballia Ballia
Khoripakar B.O 277001 Ballia Ballia
Takarsand B.O 277001 Ballia Ballia
Tikhampur B.O 277001 Ballia Ballia
Deokali B.O 277001 Ballia Ballia
Raghunath Pur Piparpatti B.O 277001 Ballia Ballia
Saharaspali B.O 277001 Ballia Ballia
Zeera Basti B.O 277001 Ballia Ballia
Sanwaru Bandh B.O 277001 Ballia Ballia
Bhagwanpur B.O 277201 Bairia Ballia
Chandpur B.O 277201 Bairia Ballia
Jagdeva B.O 277201 Bairia Ballia
Pandey Pur B.O 277201 Bairia Ballia
Tengarihi B.O 277201 Bairia Ballia
Amghat B.O 277203 Ballia Ballia
Dawani B.O 277203 Ballia Ballia
Dumari B.O 277203 Ballia Ballia
Majhauli B.O 277203 Ballia Ballia
Salempur B.O 277203 Ballia Ballia
Sher B.O 277203 Ballia Ballia
Balihar B.O 277205 Bairia Ballia
Daya Chhapra B.O 277205 Bairia Ballia
Gangapur B.O 277205 Bairia Ballia
Babubel B.O 277402 Bairia Ballia
Baghaunch B.O 277402 Bairia Ballia
Rudrapur B.O 277402 Bairia Ballia
Jawahi B.O 277402 Bairia Ballia
Jawahi Dear B.O 277402 Bairia Ballia
Husainabad B.O 277219 Bansdih Ballia
Kirtupur B.O 277219 Bansdih Ballia
Kharauni B.O 277219 Bansdih Ballia
Parvatpur B.O 277219 Bansdih Ballia
Belahari B.O 277403 Ballia Ballia
Karmauta B.O 277303 Sikandarpur Ballia
Manikpur B.O 277207 Bansdih Ballia
Uchera B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Inds0 B.O 221711 Bilthara Road Ballia
Indauli B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Akhar B.O 277401 Ballia Ballia
Hariharpur B.O 277401 Ballia Ballia
Janari B.O 277401 Ballia Ballia
Nagwa B.O 277401 Ballia Ballia
Repura B.O 277401 Ballia Ballia
Shivpur Dier B.O 277401 Ballia Ballia
Asan B.O 277302 Sikandarpur Ballia
Bara Gaon B.O 277302 Sikandarpur Ballia
Hathaunj B.O 277302 Sikandarpur Ballia
Jigirasand B.O 277302 Sikandarpur Ballia
Panicha B.O 277302 Sikandarpur Ballia
Chak Usaraila B.O 277124 Sikandarour Ballia
Jagadara B.O 277124 Sikandarpur Ballia
Pakari B.O 277124 Sikandarpur Ballia
Prasadpur B.O 277124 Sikandarpur Ballia
Thohilpali B.O 277124 Sikandarpur Ballia
Ukachhi B.O 277124 Sikandarpur Ballia
Usasa B.O 277124 Sikandarpur Ballia
Amaharpatti Uttar B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Amahara B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Atarsua B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Athialapura B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Baijalpur B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Bhelai B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Chandrawar B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Chintamanpur B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Jam B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Kharuaon B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Kurem B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Muriyari B.O 277207 Bansdih Ballia
Rampur B.O 277207 Bansdih Ballia
Sultanpur B.O 277207 Bansdih Ballia
Chakia B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Ibrahima Bad B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Durjanpur B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Gonhia Chapra B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Gopalnagar B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Jamalpur B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Karmanpur B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Madhubani B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Narayengarh B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Sonbarsa B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Suremanpur B.O 277208 Bairia Ballia
Achalgarh B.O 277209 Bairia Ballia
Bhojchapra B.O 277209 Bansdih Ballia
Bhopalpur B.O 277209 Bairia Ballia
Chheridih B.O 277209 Bairia Ballia
Dalchapra B.O 277209 Bairia Ballia
Gaighat B.O 277209 Bansdih Ballia
Hariahan Kalan B.O 277209 Bansdih Ballia
Jharkataha B.O 277209 Bairia Ballia
Kusauri B.O 277209 Bansdih Ballia
Moonchapra B.O 277209 Bairia Ballia
Muradih B.O 277209 Bansdih Ballia
Sri Nagar B.O 277209 Bairia Ballia
Asanwar B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Aundi B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Chhibbi B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Dumari B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Gopalpur B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Hajauli B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Kajhari B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Kopawan B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Naraon B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Sinhachawar B.O 221701 Rasra Ballia
Kazipur B.O 277303 Siaknderpur Ballia
Lilkar B.O 277303 Sikanderpur Ballia
Masoompur B.O 277303 Sikanderpur Ballia
Sisotar B.O 277303 Sikanderpur Ballia
Nanhul B.O 277303 Sikanderpur Ballia
Siwankala B.O 277303 Sikanderpur Ballia
Bakawan B.O 277202 Bansdih Ballia
Deodih B.O 277202 Bansdih Ballia
Hardattpur B.O 277202 Bansdih Ballia
Mairitar B.O 277202 Bansdih Ballia
Kummhaila B.O 277301 Ballia Ballia
Suryapura B.O 277301 Ballia Ballia
Shivpur Datiwar B.O 277301 Ballia Ballia
Chhotaki Seriya B.O 277210 Bansdih Ballia
Kewara B.O 277210 Bansdih Ballia
Sahodih B.O 277210 Bansdih Ballia
Dokati B.O 277204 Bairia Ballia
Kodahara Uparwar B.O 277204 Bairia Ballia
Jai Prakash Nagar B.O 277204 Bairia Ballia
Murli Chhapra B.O 277204 Bairia Ballia
Ram Nagar B.O 277204 Bairia Ballia
Sonaki Bhat B.O 277204 Bairia Ballia
Chand Diar B.O 277214 Bairia Ballia
Ibrahimabad Uprwar B.O 277214 Bairia Ballia
Laxman Chapra B.O 277214 Bairia Ballia
Shobha Chapra B.O 277214 Bairia Ballia
Bahuara B.O 277216 Bairia Ballia
Sawan Chapra B.O 277216 Bairia Ballia
Semaria B.O 277216 Bairia Ballia
Sripalpur B.O 277216 Bairia Ballia
Suryabhanpur B.O 277216 Bairia Ballia
Bahadura B.O 277207 Sikanderpur Ballia
Barasari Jageer B.O 277207 Bansdih Ballia
Bhikharia B.O 277207 Bansdih Ballia
Khanwar B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Kodai B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Lahasani B.O 221711 Bilthjara Road Ballia
Malapharsenpur B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Nanaura B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Narhi B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Nikasi B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Parasia B.O 221711 Bilthara Road Ballia
Sultanpur B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Tadi Bada Gaon B.O 221711 Bilthara Road Ballia
Triloknanda B.O 221711 Bilthra Road Ballia
Anjorpur B.O 277502 Ballia Ballia
Chaura B.O 277502 Ballia Ballia
Rampur Chit B.O 277502 Ballia Ballia
Amaon B.O 277501 Ballia Ballia
Baghuna B.O 277501 Ballia Ballia
Bharauli B.O 277501 Ballia Ballia
Kotwa Narayenpur B.O 277501 Ballia Ballia
Ramgarh B.O 277501 Ballia Ballia
Tutuwari B.O 277501 Ballia Ballia
Apail B.O 277304 Bansdih Ballia
Bharakhara B.O 277304 Bansdih Ballia
Dhanauti B.O 277304 Bansdih Ballia
Karnai B.O 277304 Ballia Ballia
Karammar B.O 277304 Bansdih Ballia
Sakarpura B.O 277213 Bansdih Ballia
Halpur B.O 277213 Bansdih Ballia
Malhaua Chorkaind B.O 277213 Bansdih Ballia
Bahuta Chak Upadhyay B.O 221715 Bilthra Road Ballia
Chandadih B.O 221715 Bilthra Road Ballia
Haldi Rampur B.O 221715 Bilthra Road Ballia
Akhop B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Awayen B.O 221715 Bithara Road Ballia
Banspar Bahorwa B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Bilthara Bazar B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Chainpur Gulaura B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Birpura B.O 221709 Rasra Ballia
Isari Salempur B.O 221709 Rasra Ballia
Khari B.O 221709 Rasra Ballia
Ratsi Mehmanpur B.O 221709 Sikanderpur Ballia
Sarya Bagdaura B.O 221709 Rasra Ballia
Takha B.O 221709 Rasra Ballia
Akhtiyarpur B.O 221713 Ballia Ballia
Barhwalia B.O 221713 Ballia Ballia
Daulatpur B.O 221713 Ballia Ballia
Katharia B.O 221713 Ballia Ballia
Nasirpurkalan B.O 221713 Ballia Ballia
Budhuan B.O 277121 Rasra Ballia
Jigini B.O 277121 Ballia Ballia
Kharahatar B.O 277121 Ballia Ballia
Saraya B.O 277121 Ballia Ballia
Shahpur B.O 277121 Ballia Ballia
Charauan B.O 221718 Bilthra Road Ballia
Gauapar B.O 221718 Bilthra Road Ballia
Jamuaon B.O 221718 Belthra Road Ballia
Palia Khas B.O 221718 Bilthra Road Ballia
Rachauli B.O 221718 Bilthra Road Ballia
Rampur Kanungoa B.O 221718 Bilthra Road Ballia
Rupwar Bhagwanpur B.O 221718 Bilthra Road Ballia
Sisyandkala B.O 221718 Bilthra Road Ballia
Sikarhata B.O 221718 Bilthararoad Ballia
Telma B.O 221718 Bilthararoad Ballia
Atrauli B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Bachhaipur B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Biharaharpur B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Bhimpura B.O 221711 Bilthara Road Ballia
Chandi B.O 221711 Bilthara Road Ballia
Chachaya B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Deoriha B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Dihwa B.O 221711 Sikandarpur Ballia
Ekail B.O 221711 Sikandarpur Ballia
Gothain B.O 221711 Rasra Ballia
Farsatar B.O 221715 Bilthararoad Ballia
Piparauli B.O 221715 Bilthararoad Ballia
Turtipar B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Ubhaon B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Kundail B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Sarya Dihu Bhagat B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Sonadih B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Jiutpura B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Pasuhari B.O 221715 Bilthara Road Ballia
Auria Kalan B.O 221716 Bilthara Road Ballia
Bahorawan B.O 221716 Bilthara Road Ballia
Barauli B.O 221716 Bilthara Road Ballia
Barawan Ratipatti B.O 221716 Bilthra Rioad Ballia
Bhimpura B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Bhujaini B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Govindpur B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Ibrahimpatti B.O 221716 Blthra Road Ballia
Kasoundar B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Mahari B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Mohammadpur B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Patoi B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Semaria B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Udharan B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Uskar B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Jajauli No-2 B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Babhanauli B.O 221716 Bilthra Road Ballia
Bisukia B.O 277503 Ballia Ballia
Cherueyan B.O 277503 Ballia Ballia
Singhpur B.O 277503 Ballia Ballia
Middha B.O 277506 Ballia Ballia
Thamhanpura B.O 277506 Ballia Ballia
Surahi B.O 277504 Ballia Ballia
Piprakal;a B.O 277504 Ballia Ballia
Agrauli B.O 277401 Ballia Ballia
Maharajpur B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Mundera B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Nagahar B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Nagpur B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Nawapura B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Parasia B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Pradhanpur B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Rasoolpur B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Rampur B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Saraybharti B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Sardaspur B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Siswar B.O 221712 Rasra Ballia
Dighar B.O 277403 Ballia Ballia
Dudhaila Kalan B.O 277403 Basllia Ballia
Kanchanpur B.O 277403 Ballia Ballia
Piyaraunta B.O 277403 Ballia Ballia
Baghuri B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Bharthaon B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Deokali B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Dhoridih B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Duhabihra B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Isarpitha Patti B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Jajauli B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Kathaura B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Khathghara B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Koth B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Rudrawar B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Karsi B.O 221717 Sikanderpur Ballia
Janaupur B.O 277123 Ballia Ballia
Pachkhora B.O 277123 Ballia Ballia
Sawan B.O 277123 Rasra Ballia
Sikariyan Kalan B.O 277123 Rasra Ballia
Bigahi B.O 277211 Bansdih Ballia
Binaha B.O 277211 Bansdih Ballia
Bisauli B.O 277211 Bansdih Ballia
Chnd Pur B.O 277211 Bansdih Ballia
Dumariya B.O 277211 Bansdih Ballia
Kusaura B.O 277211 Bansdih Ballia
Puras B.O 277211 Bansdih Ballia
Rohuan B.O 277211 Bansdih Ballia
Bachhapar B.O 277303 Sikandar Pur Ballia
Balupur B.O 277303 Sikandarpur Ballia
Charawan Barwan B.O 277303 Sikandarpur Ballia
Banahra B.O 277303 Sikandarpur Ballia
Chetankishor B.O 277303 Sikandarpur Ballia
Gosain Pur B.O 277303 Sikandarpur Ballia
Amood B.O 210432 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bilgaon B.O 210432 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Chhiboli B.O 210432 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Dhauhal Buzurg B.O 210432 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Inderpura B.O 210432 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Jalalpur B.O 210432 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Manna B.O 210432 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Neoli Bansa B.O 210432 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Raipur Sadat B.O 246763 Bijnor Bijnor
Tanda Maidas B.O 246763 Nagina Bijnor
Mithi Beri B.O 246763 Chandpur Bijnor
Lal Dhang B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Jhakaki B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Jogirampuri B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Jahanabad Khovra B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Dhansini B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Kishanpur Amvla B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Chandanpura B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Kotkader B.O 246763 Nagina Bijnor
Bhaguwala B.O 246749 Najibabad Bijnor
Jalpur B.O 246732 Najibabad Bijnor
Rajpur Nawada B.O 246732 Najibabad Bijnor
Sofatpur B.O 246732 Nagina Bijnor
Sabdalpur Bitra B.O 246732 Najibabad Bijnor
Khirni Barkatpur B.O 246723 Najibabad Bijnor
Tisotra B.O 246723 Najibabad Bijnor
Mohanpur B.O 246749 Najibabad Bijnor
Jatpura Bonda B.O 246749 Najibabad Bijnor
Bijauri B.O 246749 Najibabad Bijnor
Tanda Shahuwala B.O 246724 Nagina Bijnor
Barkhera B.O 246724 Nagina Bijnor
Chitawar B.O 246731 Najibabad Bijnor
Hussainpur B.O 246731 Najibabad Bijnor
Bahupura B.O 246731 Najibabad Bijnor
Barampur B.O 246731 Najibabad Bijnor
Mauzzampur Narayan B.O 246731 Najibabad Bijnor
Padla B.O 246731 Najibabad Bijnor
Meman Bhanera B.O 246731 Najibabad Bijnor
Bhojpur B.O 246731 Najibabad Bijnor
Doodhli B.O 246731 Najibabad Bijnor
Kumhera B.O 246731 Najibabad Bijnor
Maheswari Jat B.O 246764 Nagina Bijnor
Mirzapur Mahesh Urf Bankpur B.O 246764 Nagina Bijnor
Shadipur B.O 246764 Nagina Bijnor
Rajapur Sadat B.O 246764 Nagina Bijnor
Lakhuwala B.O 246764 Nagina Bijnor
Barooki B.O 246764 Nagina Bijnor
Baibalpur B.O 246764 Nagina Bijnor
Islamabad B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Saidpuri Mahichand B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Majhera Shakroo B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Nainpura B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Hirawali B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Jeetpur Paldi B.O 246762 Bijnor Bijnor
Pakhanpur B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Alladinpur  Bhogi B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Manawwarpur  Said B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Alaihdajpur Khajuba B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Bhagwanpur B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Haijarpur B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Harganpur B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Begrajpur B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Milak Mukeempur B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Rustampur Sherpali Jat B.O 246733 Nagina Bijnor
Meharlipur B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Rampur Bidar B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Sikri Buzurg B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Narayan Kheri B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Mahua B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Taharpur Said B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Sedha B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Sadruddin Nagar B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Bairmabad  Garhi B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Phoolsanda B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Mohammedpur Kamil B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Nakibpur Khajoori B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Alhedalpur Mubarak B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Jamalpur Kirat B.O 246735 Dhampur Bijnor
Kolasagar B.O 246735 Dhampur Bijnor
Rawana Shikarpur B.O 246735 Nagina Bijnor
Hafizabad B.O 246747 Nagina Bijnor
Nwadasaidpur Jalal B.O 246747 Dhampur Bijnor
Shahzadpur B.O 246747 Dhampur Bijnor
Mohammedpur Rajauri B.O 246747 Nagina Bijnor
Shergarh B.O 246747 Nagina Bijnor
Haraivli B.O 246747 Dhampur Bijnor
Jatpura B.O 246747 Nagina Bijnor
Allhapurmohkam B.O 246747 Nagina Bijnor
Shahnagar Kurali B.O 246747 Nagina Bijnor
Aasfabad Chaman B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Bhatpura B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Alampur Ganvri B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Bheekhawala B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Birla Farm B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Gordhanpur B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Hidayatpur B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Jamanwala B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Kalluwala B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Kasampur Garhi B.O 246722 Dhampur Bijnor
Maniyawala B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Rasoolabad B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Rehar B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Sirwasuchand B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Udaipur B.O 246722 Dhampur Bijnor
Bhogpur B.O 246735 Dhampur Bijnor
Kiwar B.O 246745 Dhampur Bijnor
Bagwara B.O 246745 Dhampur Bijnor
Haldua Mafi B.O 246745 Dhampur Bijnor
Mewa Nawada B.O 246745 Dhampur Bijnor
Mehmoodpur B.O 246745 Dhampur Bijnor
Maqsoodpur B.O 246745 Dhampur Bijnor
Sadaranpur B.O 246745 Dhampur Bijnor
Sipahiwala B.O 246746 Dhampur Bijnor
Mukarabpuri B.O 246746 Dhampur Bijnor
Sadafal B.O 246746 Dhampur Bijnor
Budhanpur B.O 246746 Dhampur Bijnor
Daultabad B.O 246746 Dhampur Bijnor
Palanpur B.O 246746 Dhampur Bijnor
Nawada Kesho B.O 246746 Dhampur Bijnor
Suawala B.O 246747 Nagina Bijnor
Parauli B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Rewara B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Jhuksa B.O 243630 Dataganj Budaun
Nadail B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Paharpur B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Reonai B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Sarup Pur B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Sateti B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Simarra Bhojpur B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Sirtaul B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Sarah Bagholi B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Sarah Barolia B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Sirasaul B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Musepur B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Pindol B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Azampur Bisaria B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Baksena B.O 243635 Datganj Budaun
Bela Dandi B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Bhau Nagla B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Chitri B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Daharpur Kalan B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Ghilaur B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Hazratpur B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Karanpur B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Jamalpur B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Labhari B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Majhara B.O 243635 Dataganj` Budaun
Nagaria Khanu B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Nauni B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Nawada Madhukar B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Mausampur B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Manikapur Kaur B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Palia Gujar B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Papar Hamzapur B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Pipla B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Puraini B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Prasidhpur B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Saijani B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Salempur B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Sarai Piparia B.O 243635 Dataganj Budaun
Asadpur B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Bairpur Maharaji B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Bandarai B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Dabthara Harlal B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Ghosali Bahan B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Isampur Danda B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Kashipur B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Lahara Nagla Shyam B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Madkawali B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Nadrauli B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Nagla Ajmeri B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Pataria B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Pusawali B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Bilhat B.O 243634 Budaun Budaun
Puthi Sarai B.O 243634 Budaun Budaun
Beor B.O 243634 Budaun Budaun
Sikrauri B.O 243634 Budaun Budaun
Rahma B.O 243634 Budaun Budaun
Kartoli B.O 243634 Budaun Budaun
Deorijeet B.O 243634 Budaun Budaun
Bhanpur B.O 243720 Bisuali Budaun
Hatsa B.O 243720 Bisauli Budaun
Jasrathpur B.O 243720 Bisauli Budaun
Khajuria B.O 243720 Bisauli Budaun
Mohamadpurmi B.O 243720 Bisauli Budaun
Parveznagar B.O 243720 Bisauli Budaun
Prithvipur B.O 243720 Bisauli Budaun
Tara Pathakpur B.O 243720 Bisauli Budaun
Dabtori B.O 243720 Bisauli Budaun
Bhirawati B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Bhakrauli B.O 243751 Gunnaur Budaun
Chhapra B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Dhanari B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Dupta Kalan B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Harphari B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Hirauni B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Kail B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Ikona B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Khaill Pur B.O 243751 Dataganj Budaun
Mehmoodpur B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Saitua B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Shahjanabad B.O 243751 Gunnour Budaun
Dinaura B.O 243751 Budaun Budaun
Ambiapur B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Bairmai Khurd B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Bans Barolia B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Behta Gusain B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Dudhauni B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Gudhani B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Haibatpur B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Khitaura B.O 243633 Bisli Budaun
Mirzapura Sohra B.O 243633 Bilsi Budaun
Nagarjhoona B.O 243633 Bisli Budaun
Naithura B.O 243633 Bilsi ** Budaun
Sarai Brahman B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Dhandwara B.O 243722 Gunnaur Budaun
Allahpur Samaspur B.O 243723 Bilsi Budaun
Aslaur B.O 243723 Sahaswan Budaun
Beor Kasimabad B.O 243723 Bisauli Budaun
Bhusaya B.O 243723 Bilsi Budaun
Chandoi B.O 243723 Bilsi Budaun
Danpur B.O 243723 Bilsi ** Budaun
Garikhanpur B.O 243723 Bilsi ** Budaun
Gari Bichola B.O 243723 Gunnour Budaun
Jarwar B.O 243723 Gunnour Budaun
Kotha B.O 243723 Bilsi ** Budaun
Nadha B.O 243723 Bilsi ** Budaun
Nagla Barah B.O 243723 Bisauli Budaun
Noorpur Pinoni B.O 243723 Bisauli Budaun
Rajthal B.O 243723 Bilsi Budaun
Sitholi B.O 243723 Bilsi Budaun
Surahi B.O 243723 Bilsi Budaun
Gurhana B.O 243637 Dataganj Budaun
Katiyan B.O 243637 Dataganj Budaun
Mehua Hasanganj B.O 242021 Dataganj Budaun
Dehemu B.O 243636 Dataganj Budaun
Husainpur Pukhata B.O 243636 Dataganj Budaun
Nana Khera B.O 243636 Dataganj Budaun
Pipraul Pukhta B.O 243636 Datagnj Budaun
Palia Pukhta B.O 243636 Dataganj Budaun
Reonaiya B.O 243636 Dataganj Budaun
Jeora Parrwala B.O 243636 Dataganj Budaun
Sikandrabad B.O 243636 Dataganj Budaun
Neora B.O 243727 Gunnour Budaun
Singhaula Daulatsingh B.O 243727 Gunnour Budaun
Gawan B.O 243727 Guoour Budaun
Singhauli Kalloo B.O 243727 Gunnour Budaun
Jijora B.O 243727 Gunnour Budaun
Bhavipur B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Chani B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Kangwagugna B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Gandhrauli B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Karanpur B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Khandwa B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Kariamai B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Ughaiti B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Pipri Raghunathpur B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Mewali B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Ikh Khera B.O 243724 Bisauli Budaun
Gandah B.O 243630 Dataganj Budaun
Gularia B.O 243630 Dataganj Budaun
Kama B.O 243630 Dataganj Budaun
Khukri B.O 243630 Dataganj Budaun
Mailha B.O 243630 Dataganj Budaun
Mehtabpur B.O 243630 Dataganj Budaun
Sukhaura B.O 243630 Dataganj Budaun
Sadullaganj B.O 243630 Dataganj Budaun
Sisaiya Gusain B.O 243630 Dataganj Budaun
Atarpura B.O 243725 Bisauli Budaun
Agthra B.O 243725 Bisauli Budaun
Bagrain B.O 243725 Bisauli Budaun
Katgaon B.O 243725 Bisauli Budaun
Khurampur Bhamori B.O 243725 Bisuali Budaun
Makrandpur B.O 243725 Bisauli Budaun
Nauli Harnathpur B.O 243725 Bisauli Budaun
Pepal B.O 243725 Bisauli Budaun
Rehariya B.O 243725 Bisauli Budaun
Sigthara B.O 243725 Bisauli Budaun
Urena B.O 243725 Bisuali Budaun
Bhundi B.O 243641 Dataganj Budaun
Katra Sadatganj B.O 243641 Dataganj Budaun
Khera Jalalpur B.O 243641 Dataganj Budaun
Lilwan B.O 243641 Dataganj Budaun
Sareli Pukhta B.O 243641 Dataganj Budaun
Rizola B.O 243641 Dataganj Budaun
Bankota B.O 243726 Budaun Budaun
Barategdar B.O 243726 Budaun Budaun
Baror Amanullapur B.O 243726 Budaun Budaun
Beoli B.O 243726 Budaun Budaun
Gotha B.O 243726 Budaun Budaun
Jinaura B.O 243726 Budaun Budaun
Hatra B.O 243726 Budaun Budaun
Rota B.O 243726 Budaun Budaun
Sohi B.O 243726 Budaun Budaun
Sursena B.O 243726 Budaun Budaun
Afjalpur Chhaganpur B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Bhagta Nagla B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Bhawanipur Khairu B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Bhamori B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Baksar B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Dharampur Tappa Vaish B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Kolhai B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Kariyaban B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Malpurtatera B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Musta Fabad Jaretha B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Mithanpur B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Narsena B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Qaji Tola B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Rasoolpur Bela B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Rasoolpur Kalan B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Sagrai B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Sukrullapur B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Samspurmalik Fatta B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Silhari B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Sirsa Khurd B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Sujawali B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Tigra B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Tehra B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Usmanpur B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Zarifnagar B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Dahagawan B.O 243638 Sahaswan Budaun
Arifpur Nawada B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Asis Berkhin B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Asrasi B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Bharkuian B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Barachirra B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Buda R.S. B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Budhawai B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Dugraiya B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Fatehpur B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Gidhaul B.O 243601 Buduan Budaun
Gurgaon B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Gaurami B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Gularia B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Ikri B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Jalalpur B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Jakheli B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Jagat B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Katinna Berchau B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Kendela B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Kudah Shahpur B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Kurau B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Kakora B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Kumargaon B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Lakhanpur B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Lahi Faridpur B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Mongar B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Mn Sulra B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Musajhag B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Nauli Fatuhabad B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Nizampur B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Naushera B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Qadarchawk B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Roop Pur B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Ram Zanpur B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Salarpur B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Shyam Nagar B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Sakri Kasimpur B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Marauri B.O 243631 Dataganj Budaun
Sirsa Dabrai B.O 243601 Budaun Budaun
Abhigaon B.O 243631 Dataganj Budaun
Naviganj B.O 243631 Dataganj Budaun
Chandauk B.O 203394 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Andhiyar B.O 203391 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Bhaipur B.O 203391 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Katiyawaly B.O 203391 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Khailiya  Kalyanpur B.O 203391 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Rewara B.O 203391 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Dhamera  Keerat B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Dariyapur B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Ghunghraoli Banwaripur B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Amarpur B.O 203405 Siyana Bulandshahr
Chithera B.O 203405 Siyana Bulandshahr
Giroura B.O 203405 Siyana Bulandshahr
Ginoura  Nagly B.O 203405 Siyana Bulandshahr
Kamalpur B.O 203405 Siyana Bulandshahr
Kanauna B.O 203405 Siyana Bulandshahr
Pali  Partapur B.O 203405 Siyana Bulandshahr
Raghunathpur B.O 203405 Siyana Bulandshahr
Sonjhana  Jhaya B.O 203405 Siyana Bulandshahr
Bihra B.O 203407 Siyana Bulandshahr
Mundi  Bakapur B.O 203407 Siyana Bulandshahr
Parwana B.O 203407 Siyana Bulandshahr
Nimchana B.O 203407 Siyana Bulandshahr
Sega  Jagatpur B.O 203407 Siyana Bulandshahr
Shekhpur   Gadwa B.O 203407 Siyana Bulandshahr
Ajnara B.O 203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Ashwari B.O 203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Bhudhana B.O 203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Manglore B.O 203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Pondhery B.O 203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Jugsana  Kalan B.O 203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Rehamapur Siyawali B.O 203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Ronda B.O 203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Raura B.O 203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Shiwaly B.O 203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Guthaoli B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Kanwra B.O 203205 Sikandrabad Bulandshahr
Darawer B.O 203398 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Dhanouri   Kalan B.O 203201 Goutam  Budd  Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar
Salempur  Gujar B.O 203202 Goutam Budd Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar
Rampur  Manpur B.O 203129 Khurja Bulandshahr
Ahemedanagar B.O 203411 Siyana Bulandshahr
Akapur  Tiyana B.O 203411 Siyana Bulandshahr
Barkatpur B.O 203411 Siyana Bulandshahr
Bhanshrouli B.O 203411 Siyana Bulandshahr
Nishurkha B.O 203411 Siyana Bulandshahr
Bhainshakhur B.O 203411 Siyana Bulandshahr
Shera B.O 203411 Siyana Bulandshahr
Tajpur B.O 203411 Siyana Bulandshahr
Partapur B.O 203411 Siyana Bulandshahr
Sihi B.O 203411 Siyana Bulandshahr
Birouli B.O 203409 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Kurli B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Mohana B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Banboai B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Pitubash B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Oledha B.O 203408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Til Begum  Pur B.O 203206 Sikandrabad Bulandshahr
Akabarpur B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Chanderu B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Chitson B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Dhatori B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Hattmabad B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Jauly Garh B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Kahira B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Lalkuan B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Luharaly Ludhiyana B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Malagarh B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Mukeempur B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Mirjapur B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Naya  Gaon B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Aulina B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Rangpur B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Sarai Ghashi B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Surjawaly B.O 203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Jhal Khera B.O 203002 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Naithala  Hasanpur B.O 203002 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Shikhera B.O 203002 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Bagsara B.O 203390 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Birouly B.O 203390 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Bhargava Pharmacy B.O 203390 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Balka B.O 203409 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Jadoul B.O 203409 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Maithna  Jagatpur B.O 203409 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Utrouly B.O 203409 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Anchrookalan B.O 203395 Shikarpur Bulandshahr
Bohich B.O 203395 Shikarpur Bulandshahr
Kailawan B.O 203395 Shikarpur Bulandshahr
Daduwa Mutafabad B.O 203395 Shikarpur Bulandshahr
Sarawa B.O 203395 Shikarpur Bulandshahr
Utrawaly B.O 203395 Shikarpur Bulandshahr
Aurangabad Aheer B.O 203205 Sikarndrabad Bulandshahr
Bilsoory B.O 203205 Sikandrabad Bulandshahr
Bharana B.O 203205 Sikandrabad Bulandshahr
Ishmail Pur B.O 203205 Sikandrabad Bulandshahr
Mahepa B.O 203205 Sikandrabad Bulandshahr
Prangarh B.O 203205 Sikandrabad Bulandshahr
Sanota B.O 203205 Sikandarabad Bulandshahr
Geshupur B.O 203205 Sikandrabad Bulandshahr
Gajipur B.O 203205 Sikandrabad Bulandshahr
Bigraou B.O 203412 Siyana Bulandshahr
Baddha  Bazidpur B.O 203412 Siyana Bulandshahr
Barouli Basdev Pur B.O 203412 Siyana Bulandshahr
Bhainsaura B.O 203412 Siyana Bulandshahr
Bibayana B.O 203390 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Jirouly B.O 203390 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Malakpur B.O 203390 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Surajpur Makhena B.O 203390 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Parly B.O 203390 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Roop  Wash B.O 203390 Anoup  Shaher Bulandshahr
Sirora  Banger B.O 203390 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Surajpur  Makhena B.O 203390 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Khad  Mohan Nagar B.O 203412 Siyana Bulandshahr
Mahav B.O 203412 Siyana Bulandshahr
Waira  Firozpur B.O 203412 Siyana Bulandshahr
Amargarh B.O 203398 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Ahar B.O 203398 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Barhpura B.O 203398 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Doulatpur   Kala B.O 203398 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Ghungharwaly B.O 203398 Anupshhar Bulandshahr
Khandoi B.O 203398 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Mawai B.O 203398 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Mohersha B.O 203398 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Mauwa  Khera B.O 203398 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Narsena B.O 203398 Anupshahr Bulandshahr
Shikoi B.O 203398 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Thana  Gajraula B.O 203398 Anupshaher Bulandshahr
Arniya B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Agaura  Hameerpur B.O 203131 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Bagrai  Khurd B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Bada Gaon B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Bichoula B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Dashhera  Kherli B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Dharpa Chuhar Pur B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Dinoul B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Jawal B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Jarara B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Kehroula B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Kalena B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Kirra B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Meerpur B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Bhatwara B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Munda  Khera B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Muni B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Nagla Mahiuddinpur B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Raniaoli B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Roop  Wash Pachgain B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Shahbaz Pur B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Surjawaly B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Senda  Faridpur B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Seekri B.O 203131 Khurja Bulandshahr
Kamona B.O 203397 Debai Bulandshahr
Behlolpur B.O 203397 Debai Bulandshahr
Biroura B.O 203397 Debai Bulandshahr
Narau B.O 203397 Debai Bulandshahr
Sahar B.O 203397 Debai Bulandshahr
Tyore  Buzurg B.O 203397 Debai Bulandshahr
Mirzapur Niloni B.O 203201 Goutam  Budd  Nagar Bulandshahr
Nawada B.O 203201 Goutam  Budd  Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar
Parsol B.O 203201 Goutam  Budd  Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar
Bhikampur B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Choundhera B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Dangarh B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Daoulatpurkalan B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Indoure  Khera B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Khakhunda B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Keeratpur B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Runsi B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Satwara B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Shekhpur B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Poothery  Kalan B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Chehla B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Donka B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Muradpur B.O 203392 Debai Bulandshahr
Asadpur Gher B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Dharmpur B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Daurau B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Dogawan B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Karanbash B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Kaser  Kalan B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Kaser  Khurd B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Khushalabad B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Kharikbari B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Pilkhana B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Rahim  Kot B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Satoha B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Uamrara B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Talwar B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Raj Ghat B.O 203393 Debai Bulandshahr
Astauly B.O 203202 Goutam Budd Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar
Baroda B.O 203202 Goutam Budd Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar
Chiti B.O 203202 Goutam Budd Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar
Deota B.O 203202 Goutam Budd Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar
Rashol  Rithaury B.O 203202 Goutam Budd Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar
Wair B.O 203202 Goutam Budd Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar
Bhaipur B.O 203141 Jewer Bulandshahr
Bhunna  Jattan B.O 203141 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Chhapana B.O 203141 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Chingrawly B.O 203141 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Firoujpur B.O 203141 Jewer Bulandshahr
Gotheny B.O 203141 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Lodana B.O 203141 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Jawan B.O 203141 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Narmohamadpur B.O 203141 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Ram  Garhi B.O 203141 Jewer Bulandshahr
Shahpur  Kala B.O 203141 Jewer Bulandshahr
Dayanatpur B.O 203135 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Kureb B.O 203135 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Kanigarhi B.O 203135 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Mangrouly B.O 203135 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Pindrawal B.O 203397 Debai Bulandshahr
Faleda B.O 203135 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Sabouta  Jafrabad B.O 203135 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Bichat  Sujanpur B.O 203203 Sikandrabad Gautam Buddha Nagar
Chol R.S. B.O 203203 Sikandrabad Gautam Buddha Nagar
Jhajhar B.O 203203 Sikandrabad Gautam Buddha Nagar
Mahamdpur  Jadon B.O 203203 Sikandrabad Gautam Buddha Nagar
Sunpera B.O 203203 Sikandrabad Gautam Buddha Nagar
Salempur  Jat B.O 203203 Sikandrabad Gautam Buddha Nagar
Wailana B.O 203203 Sikandrabad Gautam Buddha Nagar
Biroundi Tajpur B.O 203203 Sikndrabdad Gautam Buddha Nagar
Banchawaly B.O 203203 Sikandrabad Gautam Buddha Nagar
Khabra  Khanpur B.O 203203 Sikandrabad Gautam Buddha Nagar
Aterna B.O 203129 Khurja Bulandshahr
Badshahpur  Pachgain B.O 203129 Khurja Bulandshahr
Devrala B.O 203129 Khurja Bulandshahr
Gwarauly B.O 203129 Khurja Bulandshahr
Gangawaly B.O 203129 Khurja Bulandshahr
Nagliya  Udaibhan B.O 203129 Khurja Bulandshahr
Farkana  Gangagarhi B.O 203129 Khurja Bulandshahr
Raipur Palda B.O 203129 Khurja Bulandshahr
Sabitgarh B.O 203129 Khurja Bulandshahr
Asgarpur B.O 203132 Khurja Bulandshahr
Bhadaura Kamalpur B.O 203132 Khurja Bulandshahr
Dabar B.O 203132 Khurja Bulandshahr
Samashpur B.O 203132 Khurja Bulandshahr
Sarangpur B.O 203132 Khurja Bulandshahr
Sonda  Habibpur B.O 203132 Khurja Bulandshahr
Belon B.O 203389 Debai Bulandshahr
Rampur B.O 203389 Debai Bulandshahr
Vijay  Nagliya B.O 203389 Debai Bulandshahr
Dighi B.O 203396 Debai Bulandshahr
Fazalpur B.O 203396 Debai Bulandshahr
Ganga  Garh B.O 203396 Debai Bulandshahr
Kunwarpur B.O 203396 Debai Bulandshahr
Lalner B.O 203396 Dibai Bulandshahr
Soi B.O 203396 Debai Bulandshahr
Chiroury B.O 203399 Jewer Bulandshahr
Dharakpur B.O 203399 Debai Bulandshahr
Jargawan B.O 203399 Debai Bulandshahr
Ronija B.O 203209 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Tirthaly B.O 203209 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Bhaipur  Brahmanan B.O 203209 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Karauli Banger B.O 203209 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Ahamedpur  Chauroli B.O 203155 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Bankapur B.O 203155 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Chanchaly B.O 203155 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Kishore Pur B.O 203155 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Manchad B.O 203155 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Neemka B.O 203155 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Ranhera B.O 203155 Jewer Gautam Buddha Nagar
Dhanoura B.O 203203 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
Baghachaur B.O 274409 NA Kushinagar
Jabahi Dayal B.O 274409 NA Kushinagar
Mathia Sriram B.O 274409 NA Kushinagar
Pipara Agarwa B.O 274409 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Salemgarh B.O 274409 NA Kushinagar
Tarya Lachhiram B.O 274409 NA Kushinagar
Vedupar B.O 274409 NA Kushinagar
Bairauna B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Barhara B.O 274001 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Dhanauti Khurd B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Deoria Meer B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Garer B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Kushahari B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Katrari B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Lahilpar B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Pipara Chandrabhan B.O 274001 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Piperpanti B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Barpar B.O 274201 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Mahiganj B.O 274204 Rudrapur Deoria
Manga Kodar B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Pipara Kachhar B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Shitalmajha B.O 274204 Rudrapur Deoria
Tara Sara B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Tiwai B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Ahirauli B.O 274509 Salempur Deoria
Sohnaria B.O 274408 NA Deoria
Sikata B.O 274303 Padrauna Kushinagar
Morban B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Koilasawa B.O 274401 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Nautan Hathia Garh B.O 274206 Hata Kushinagar
Bharahey Chaura B.O 274701 NA Deoria
Belkunda B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Rawatpar Amethia B.O 274502 NA Deoria
Ropan Chhapara B.O 274502 Salempur Deoria
Sutawar B.O 274502 NA Deoria
Bagaha B.O 274505 NA Deoria
Bardiha Parsuram B.O 274505 NA Deoria
Dharmer B.O 274505 Salempur Deoria
D.B. Ashram B.O 274505 Salempur Deoria
Malkauli ` B.O 274505 NA Deoria
Panika Bazar B.O 274505 NA Deoria
Pipara Mishir B.O 274505 NA Deoria
Baraon B.O 274205 NA Deoria
Chakarwa B.O 274205 NA Deoria
Jamira B.O 274205 NA Deoria
Khareshar B.O 274205 NA Deoria
Nakail B.O 274205 NA Deoria
Naipur B.O 274205 NA Deoria
Samogar B.O 274205 NA Deoria
Bhera Pakar B.O 274506 NA Deoria
Bankata Misir B.O 274506 Salempur Deoria
Chanuki B.O 274506 Salempur Deoria
Kodara B.O 274506 Salempur Deoria
Payasi B.O 274506 NA Deoria
Andila B.O 274604 Barhaj ** Deoria
Dhaula Pandit B.O 274604 NA Deoria
Kasili B.O 274604 NA Deoria
Chariayan Buzurg B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Deogaon B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Indupur B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Jogam B.O 274202 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Kalaban B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Karmajeetpur B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Kataura B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Khaira Banua B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Khairatia B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Labkani B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Lerha B.O 274202 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Mathia Sahu B.O 274202 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Patherhat B.O 274202 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Sadhopur B.O 274202 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Sirjam Khas B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Sohasa B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Balua Afgan B.O 274705 Salempur Deoria
Pipara Bithal B.O 274705 Salempur Deoria
Raibari B.O 274705 NA Deoria
Baidauli B.O 274501 Salempur Deoria
Baikunth Pur B.O 274501 NA Deoria
Bijapur Jhantaur B.O 274501 NA Deoria
Barhara B.O 274501 NA Deoria
Jaitpura B.O 274501 Salempur Deoria
Karaundi B.O 274501 NA Deoria
Majhwalia B.O 274501 NA Deoria
Parsia Mishir B.O 274501 NA Deoria
Pipara Shukul B.O 274501 NA Deoria
Sallahpur B.O 274501 NA Deoria
Babhnauli Pandey B.O 274502 NA Deoria
Baurdih B.O 274502 Salempur Deoria
Churia B.O 274502 NA Deoria
Matiara Jagdish B.O 274502 NA Deoria
Mehraunaghat B.O 274502 NA Deoria
Nadauli B.O 274502 NA Deoria
Naini B.O 274502 NA Deoria
Garauna B.O 274604 NA Deoria
Mathura Chhapar B.O 274405 NA Deoria
Pipra Madan Gopal B.O 274405 NA Deoria
Sidhua B.O 274405 NA Deoria
Bardihadal B.O 274204 Rudrapur Deoria
Baurdih B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Chhapauli B.O 274204 Rudrapur Deoria
Ekla Mishraulia B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Fatehpur B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Jogia Buzurg B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Jokaha Khas B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Karauta B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Koilgarha B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Korawa B.O 274204 NA Deoria
Laxmipur B.O 274204 Rudrapur Deoria
Mauna Garhwa B.O 274604 NA Deoria
Satraon B.O 274604 NA Deoria
Telia Kalan B.O 274604 Barhaj Deoria
Tikar B.O 274604 Barhaj Deoria
Bankul B.O 274703 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Bansopatti B.O 274703 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Bhawani Chapar B.O 274703 NA Deoria
Bhopatpura B.O 274703 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Hata B.O 274703 NA Deoria
Khurwasia B.O 274703 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Rahimpur B.O 274703 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Ratsia B.O 274703 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Baghara B.O 274404 NA Deoria
Baghauchghat B.O 274404 NA Deoria
Bishunpura Bazar B.O 274404 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Kotwa Misir B.O 274404 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Mehaharhangpur B.O 274404 NA Deoria
Pakaha B.O 274404 NA Deoria
Rampur Mahuabari B.O 274404 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Shahpur Shukla B.O 274404 NA Deoria
Sakutai B.O 274404 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Ajana B.O 274508 Salempur Deoria
Khema Dei B.O 274508 NA Deoria
Kharwania B.O 274508 Salempur Deoria
Sajaon B.O 274508 NA Deoria
Ametahi B.O 274405 NA Deoria
Baliawan B.O 274405 NA Deoria
Belwa B.O 274405 Deoria Deoria
Bhikhampura B.O 274405 NA Deoria
Deoria Budhoo Khan B.O 274405 Deoria Deoria
Gaura B.O 274405 Deoria Deoria
Govindpur B.O 274405 Deoria Deoria
Balepur B.O 274509 Salempur Deoria
Bakuchi B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Barthi B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Chero B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Chordiha B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Chakarawa Bahordas B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Deoria  Urf Shampur B.O 274509 Salempur Deoria
Dol Chhapra B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Dumwalia B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Itahua Chandauli B.O 274509 Salempur Deoria
Madhawapur B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Pipara Ramdhar B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Rampur Buzurg B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Srinagar B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Sohnag B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Thengval Dubey B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Tulsi Bara B.O 274509 NA Deoria
Baida B.O 274208 NA Deoria
Belawa Dubauli B.O 274208 Rudrapur Deoria
Bhelaur B.O 274208 NA Deoria
Ekauna B.O 274208 NA Deoria
Majha Narain B.O 274208 NA Deoria
Nagawa Khas B.O 274208 NA Deoria
Pach Lari B.O 274208 Rudrapur Deoria
Pachrukha B.O 274208 NA Deoria
Bajaratar Mahuawa B.O 274408 NA Deoria
Banjaria B.O 274408 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Kanchanpur B.O 274408 NA Deoria
Mahuapatan B.O 274408 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Mushari B.O 274408 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Piprajham B.O 274408 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Rampurgarh B.O 274408 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Shahjahanpur B.O 274408 NA Deoria
Sirsia Khohia B.O 274408 NA Deoria
Sirsia Gotha B.O 274408 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Asana B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Ahraulibazar B.O 274149 Hata Kushinagar
Bankata Bharpurawa B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Bhaluhi B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Chiurapali B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Jadishpur Dharmdani B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Kundur B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Lehani B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Mansoorganj B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Mujdiha B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Mahuwa Buzurg B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Rohuwa Machhargawa B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Somali B.O 274149 NA Kushinagar
Turkdiha B.O 274149 Hata Kushinagar
Atharaha B.O 274301 Hata Kushinagar
Bharsar Khas B.O 274301 NA Kushinagar
Baulia B.O 274301 NA Kushinagar
Fardaha B.O 274301 NA Kushinagar
Gaunaria B.O 274301 NA Kushinagar
Mathia Naraipur B.O 274402 NA Kushinagar
Natwalia B.O 274402 Kasia Kushinagar
Parsauni Khurd B.O 274402 NA Kushinagar
Sakhopar B.O 274402 NA Kushinagar
Sapaha B.O 274402 NA Kushinagar
Sekhwania B.O 274402 NA Kushinagar
Batrauli Bazar B.O 274303 Padrauna Kushinagar
Basdila Pandey B.O 274303 Padrauna Kushinagar
Goraria B.O 274303 Padrauna Kushinagar
Horlapur B.O 274303 NA Kushinagar
Jhankaul B.O 274303 Padrauna Kushinagar
Laxmipur B.O 274303 NA Kushinagar
Pachrukhia B.O 274303 Padrauna Kushinagar
Pipra Jatampur B.O 274303 NA Kushinagar
Chandarpur B.O 274306 NA Kushinagar
Chakhani Bhumihari Patti B.O 274306 NA Kushinagar
Deoria Baboo B.O 274306 NA Kushinagar
Harpur Mafi B.O 274306 NA Kushinagar
Khutahi B.O 274306 Hata Kushinagar
Kusumha B.O 274306 NA Kushinagar
Khanu Chhapara B.O 274306 NA Kushinagar
Lala Chhapara B.O 274306 Hata Kushinagar
Mania Chhapar B.O 274306 Hata Kushinagar
Marar Bindwalia B.O 274306 NA Kushinagar
Pagar B.O 274306 NA Kushinagar
Puraini B.O 274306 NA Kushinagar
Ragarganj B.O 274306 Hata Kushinagar
Rampur Bagaha B.O 274306 Hata Kushinagar
Bhaisaha B.O 274802 Padrauna Kushinagar
Belwaghat B.O 274802 Padrauna Kushinagar
Bhojauli Buzurg B.O 274802 Padrauna Kushinagar
Barwa Ratanpur B.O 274802 NA Kushinagar
Bali B.O 274802 NA Kushinagar
Gethihawa B.O 274802 NA Kushinagar
Kohargaddi B.O 274802 NA Kushinagar
Khairi B.O 274802 NA Kushinagar
Madanpur Bherihari B.O 274802 Padrauna Kushinagar
Mathia Buzurg B.O 274802 NA Kushinagar
Nebua Raiganj B.O 274802 NA Kushinagar
Siswa Maniraj B.O 274802 NA Kushinagar
Sohrauna B.O 274802 NA Kushinagar
Amwa Bazar B.O 274305 Hata Kushinagar
Barwa Bazar B.O 274305 Padrauna Kushinagar
Khajuri Bazar B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Kotwa Bazar B.O 274305 Padrauna Kushinagar
Kushumhi B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Naurangia B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Parwarpar B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Pipra Bazar B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Pakariyar Bazar B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Rambar Buzurg B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Ruari B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Sidhawey B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Singaha B.O 274305 Padrauna Kushinagar
Tekuatar B.O 274305 NA Kushinagar
Gauri Jagdish B.O 274406 NA Kushinagar
Gauri Ibrahim B.O 274406 NA Kushinagar
Madhopur Buzurg B.O 274406 NA Kushinagar
Piparaghat B.O 274406 NA Kushinagar
Rakaba Junglepatti B.O 274406 Tamkohi Kushinagar
Barsaina B.O 274207 Hata Kushinagar
Vijaikaf B.O 274207 Hata Kushinagar
Chilua B.O 274207 NA Kushinagar
Dhadha Buzurg B.O 274207 NA Kushinagar
Naumunda B.O 274207 NA Kushinagar
Padari B.O 274207 NA Kushinagar
Pindara B.O 274207 NA Kushinagar
Pakari B.O 274207 Hata Kushinagar
Barwa Raja Pakar B.O 274407 NA Kushinagar
Bagahi B.O 274407 NA Kushinagar
Dhuria Imilia B.O 274407 NA Kushinagar
Laxmipur Baboo B.O 274407 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Parsauni Buzurg B.O 274407 NA Kushinagar
Pagara Prsad Giri B.O 274407 NA Kushinagar
Ahiraulidan B.O 274409 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Bahadur Pur B.O 274409 NA Kushinagar
Phulwaria Lachhi B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Rampur Awasthi B.O 274001 NA Deoria
Babuiya Harpur B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Balkuria B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Belwa Jungle B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Betia B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Dharampur B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Dandopur B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Deoria Pandey B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Dumarbhar B.O 274304 Padrauna Kushinagar
Jataha Bazar B.O 274304 Padrauna Kushinagar
Khesia B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Katai Bharpurwa B.O 274304 Padrauna Kushinagar
Kinnerpatti B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Kubernath B.O 274304 Padrauna Kushinagar
Nahar Chhapra B.O 274304 Padrauna Kushinagar
Padari Piperpanti B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Pakari Buzurg B.O 274304 Padrauna Kushinagar
Parsauni B.O 274304 NA Kushinagar
Barnai B.O 274201 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Gotha Rasoolpur B.O 274201 Deoria Sadar Deoria
Balua B.O 274704 NA Deoria
Karitin B.O 274301 NA Kushinagar
Khabhara Bhar B.O 274301 NA Kushinagar
Malukahi B.O 274301 NA Kushinagar
Mundera B.O 274301 Hata Kushinagar
Mathauli B.O 274301 NA Kushinagar
Pipara Brahaman B.O 274301 Hata Kushinagar
Rampur Chaubey B.O 274301 Hata Kushinagar
Singari B.O 274301 NA Kushinagar
Rampur Jungle B.O 274801 NA Kushinagar
Amawa Digar B.O 274302 Tamkuhi Raj Kushinagar
Bansgaon B.O 274302 Padrauna Kushinagar
Barwa Patti B.O 274302 Padrauna Kushinagar
Bishunpura B.O 274302 NA Kushinagar
Chaf B.O 274302 NA Kushinagar
Dashahawa B.O 274302 NA Kushinagar
Dharampur Parbat B.O 274302 NA Kushinagar
Gauri Sriram B.O 274302 NA Kushinagar
Gurwalia B.O 274302 NA Kushinagar
Mahuawa Buzurg B.O 274302 NA Kushinagar
Rampur Barhan B.O 274302 NA Kushinagar
Tirma Sahun B.O 274302 NA Kushinagar
Banbira B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Bihar Buzurg B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Belwa Karkhana B.O 274401 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Bhatahi Khurd B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Chandrauta B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Gurwalia B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Farendaha B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Jaura Man Rakhan B.O 274401 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Kishundeopur B.O 274401 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Laxmipur Mishra B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Lachhia B.O 274401 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Nadawa Bishunpur B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Nakataha Misir B.O 274401 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Patherawa B.O 274401 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Pipra Kanak B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Sariya Mahanth Patti B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Sohang B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Shankar Pat Khauli B.O 274401 Tamkuhi Kushinagar
Semara Hardo Patti B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Sumahi Khurd B.O 274401 NA Kushinagar
Arjun Dumari B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Bhuri Pakar B.O 274203 Hata Kushinagar
Bikram Bhisunpur B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Bhaisahi Bazar B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Dharmpur B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Jhanga B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Langari B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Narainpur B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Paikauli B.O 274203 Hata Kushinagar
Pipraicha B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Pipara B.O 274203 Hata Kushinagar
Rampur Buzurug B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Rampur Sohrauna B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Sirsia B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Sakrauli B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Samogar B.O 274203 NA Kushinagar
Bhatni Dadan B.O 274206 NA Kushinagar
Bhatni Buzurg B.O 274206 Hata Kushinagar
Desahi Barwa B.O 274206 NA Kushinagar
Dumari Swangi Patti B.O 274206 Hata Kushinagar
Naika Chhapar B.O 274206 Hata Kushinagar
Padauli Padiapar B.O 274206 NA Kushinagar
Pakri Birbhadra B.O 274206 NA Kushinagar
Pipra Daula Kadam B.O 274206 NA Kushinagar
Sahbajpur B.O 274206 NA Kushinagar
Ahirauli Bazar B.O 274402 Salempur Kushinagar
Dhuria Khas B.O 274402 NA Kushinagar
J.M.C. Sohasha Mathia B.O 274402 Kasia Kushinagar
Karmaini Premwalia B.O 274402 NA Kushinagar
Kurmauta Manjharia B.O 274402 NA Kushinagar
Mahuawa Karkhana B.O 274402 NA Kushinagar
Mainpur B.O 274402 NA Kushinagar
Markara B.O 274601 NA Deoria
Israuli B.O 274602 NA Deoria
Deosia B.O 274602 NA Deoria
Nariaon B.O 274602 NA Deoria
Nema B.O 274602 NA Deoria
Reoli B.O 274602 NA Deoria
Takia B.O 274602 NA Deoria
Koraya B.O 274182 Barhaj Deoria
Karmtar Sher Khan B.O 274182 NA Deoria
Langra Bazar B.O 274182 Barhaj Deoria
Marhawa B.O 274182 NA Deoria
Tekua B.O 274182 NA Deoria
Thakur Deoria B.O 274182 NA Deoria
Belwa Baboo B.O 274701 Salempur Deoria
Dumari B.O 274701 Salempur Deoria
Nonapar B.O 274701 NA Deoria
Padari Bazar B.O 274701 NA Deoria
Puraini B.O 274701 Salempur Deoria
Pipara Dixit B.O 274701 Salempur Deoria
Peokol B.O 274701 Salempur Deoria
Rampur Khori Bari B.O 274701 Salempur Deoria
Sisawa B.O 274701 NA Deoria
Ahirauli Baghel B.O 274702 Bhatpar Rani ** Deoria
Barka Gaon B.O 274702 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Bankata Amethia B.O 274702 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Bhathwa Tiwari B.O 274702 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Kothilwa B.O 274702 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Kukur Ghanti B.O 274702 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Maripar B.O 274702 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Pakri Baboo B.O 274702 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Pipra Uttar Patti B.O 274702 NA Deoria
Sarya B.O 274702 Bhatpar Rani Deoria
Sawarenji B.O 274702 NA Deoria
Tikampar B.O 274702 NA Deoria
Bara Dixit B.O 274603 NA Deoria
Bishunpura Dewar B.O 274603 NA Deoria
Bhulaipur B.O 274603 Barhaj Deoria
Kaparwar B.O 274603 NA Deoria
Karail Shukla B.O 274603 NA Deoria
Karjahan B.O 274603 NA Deoria
Kotpur Pipra B.O 274603 NA Deoria
Khori B.O 274603 NA Deoria
Mahen B.O 274603 NA Deoria
Mirjapur B.O 274603 NA Deoria
Bakhara Khas B.O 274202 NA Deoria
Gahi B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Jasrathpur B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Junedpur B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Kaila B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Kakora B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Nadrala B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Nagla Gajpat B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Sarutiya B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Sarauth B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Pardanapur B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Ubhai Asadnagar B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Basundhara B.O 207301 Etah Etah
Barabhodela B.O 207301 Jaleshar Etah
Baraikalyanpur B.O 207301 Jaleshar Etah
Borakalan B.O 207301 Jalesher Etah
Gahrana B.O 207301 Jalesher Etah
Jalukhera B.O 207301 Jalesher Etah
Jarani Kalan B.O 207301 Jalesher Etah
Kaytha B.O 207301 Firojabad Firozabad
Khatout B.O 207301 Jalesher Etah
Narura B.O 207301 Jalesher Etah
Pipehra B.O 207301 Jalesher Etah
Pondari B.O 207301 Jalesher Etah
Rohina Mirjapur B.O 207301 Jalesher Etah
Tikathar B.O 207301 Jalesar Etah
Kisarauli B.O 207124 Kasganj Etah
Kudhar B.O 207124 Kasganj Etah
Kumraua B.O 207124 Kasganj Etah
Nameni B.O 207124 Kasganj Etah
Harsena B.O 207124 Kasganj Etah
Pachgain B.O 207124 Kasganj Etah
Mubarik Pur Mafi B.O 207124 Kasganj Etah
Jakhera B.O 207124 Kasganj Etah
Mahawar B.O 207124 Kasganj Etah
Udaipura B.O 207248 Aliganj Etah
Rustamgarh B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Chirola B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Neem Khera B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Tirlokpur B.O 207401 Kasganj Etah
Myau B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Khiriya Patti B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Loya Badshapur B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Sonhar B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Sarvodaya Ashram B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Neorai B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Sarnau B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Girora B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Nagla Pawal B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Bhagipur B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Arjunpur Nauabad B.O 207241 Kasganj Etah
Nagla Khilli B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Khaddua B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Garhi B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Garia Sheelam B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Sheetal Pur B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Jamlapur B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Abhaipura B.O 207241 Kasganj Etah
Karsana B.O 207241 Kasganj Etah
Nadarmai B.O 207241 Kasganj Etah
Partappur B.O 207241 Kasganj Etah
Samaspur Dengri B.O 207241 Kasganj Etah
Sarsai Narau B.O 207241 Kasganj Etah
Sujrai B.O 207241 Kasganj Etah
Tharachithara B.O 207241 Kasganj Etah
Akbarpurkot B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Amraulirattanpur B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Angriya B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Mohammadnagar Bajhera B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Daheliyapooth B.O 207247 Aliganj Etah
Datingara B.O 207247 Etah Etah
Datauli B.O 207248 Aliganj Etah
Shikhpura B.O 207248 Aliganj Etah
Kasela B.O 207248 Aliganj Etah
Rupdhani B.O 207248 Aliganj Etah
Bastarmau B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Garka B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Kadarganj B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Karampur B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Midhola Bujurg B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Mohanpur B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Nagla Bhimsen B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Samaspur B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Singpur B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Sikehara B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Sunngarhi B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Bahrojpur B.O 207242 Patiali Etah
Barna B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Bhalol B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Bhaupura B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Barahpur B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Dharoli B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Khirya Nagar Shah B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Meidupura B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Nagla Leeladhar B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Suhagpur B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Pinjari B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Sahadat Nagar B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Targawan B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Daheliya B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Jiroliya B.O 207249 Aliganj Etah
Badhawali B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Berni B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Chirgawan B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Ganehspur B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Jamon B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Jainpura B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Maksud Pur B.O 207302 Jalesasr Etah
Misauli B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Naukhera B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Narau B.O 207302 NA Etah
Pilkhatra B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Punhera B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Rajmal B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Rajwali B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Rejua B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Shakrauli B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Simrau B.O 207302 Jaleasr Etah
Takhawan B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Bhondela B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Gudaun B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Isauli B.O 207302 Jaleasr Etah
Sarai Neem B.O 207302 Jaleasr Etah
Nagla Anni B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Shahnagar Timarua B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Ummargarh B.O 207302 Jalesar Etah
Pathreki B.O 207123 Kasganj Etah
Gorha B.O 207123 Kasganj Etah
Kayampur Baheria B.O 207123 Kasganj Etah
Tilsai B.O 207123 Kasganj Etah
Behta B.O 207123 Kasganj Etah
Mihari B.O 207123 Kasganj Etah
Nagla Katila B.O 207123 Kasganj Etah
Rekhpur B.O 207123 Kasganj Etah
Salai B.O 207123 Kasganj Etah
Mahdva B.O 207123 Kasganj Etah
Beri B.O 207401 Kasganj Etah
Bahadurpur B.O 207401 Kasganj Etah
Kanar Kheraa B.O 207401 Kasganj Etah
Kutukpur Kaseri B.O 207401 Kasganj Etah
Mehni Sora B.O 207401 Kasganj Etah
Pidora B.O 207401 Kasganj Etah
Piwari B.O 207401 Kasganj Etah
Salempur Pironda B.O 207401 Kasganj Etah
Jalalpur Santhal B.O 207248 Etah Etah
Sarawal B.O 207248 Patiali Etah
Baroliya B.O 207248 Aliganj Etah
Jasmai B.O 207248 Aliganj Etah
Fagnaul B.O 207248 Aliganj Etah
Ahamdabad B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Bijauri B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Babsa B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Barauli B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Bhagwala B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Begaur B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Chhachena B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Datai B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Jirsimi B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Jeskhpur B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Kansuri B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Hirondi B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Kashon B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Kagrool B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Kakrawali B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Lalgarhi B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Mahua Khaira B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Milawali B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Marthara Bhagwandas B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Ahemadpur Nagla Dhanu B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Nagla Galu B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Nigoh Hasanpur B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Chhoti Nidhaoli B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Puraon B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Pamas B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Phaphoto B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Parson B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Rarpatti B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Rijor B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Rajpur B.O 207001 Etah Etah
Mohani Mamoorganj B.O 207401 Kasganj Etah
Achalpur B.O 207125 Kasganj Etah
Burhenabad B.O 207125 Etah Etah
Banthal Kutukpur B.O 207125 Etah Etah
Gobra B.O 207125 Etah Etah
Dhiramai B.O 207125 Etah Etah
Lodhamai B.O 207125 Etah Etah
Naya  Bans B.O 207125 Etah Etah
Sheorai B.O 207125 Etah Etah
Sirsa Tippu B.O 207125 Etah Etah
Baznagar B.O 207402 Kasganj Etah
Roshan Nagar B.O 207402 Kasganj Etah
Gaupura B.O 207402 Kasganj Etah
Dholeswar B.O 207122 Jalesar Etah
Gahaitoo B.O 207122 Jalesar Etah
Jhinwar B.O 207122 Jalesar Etah
Manora B.O 207122 Jalesar Etah
Margayan B.O 207122 Jalesar Etah
Magrauli B.O 207122 Jalessar Etah
Mitraul B.O 207122 Jalesar Etah
Dalshahpur B.O 207122 Jalesar Etah
Narthar B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Sahori B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Ballia B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Jagpura B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Raja Rijola B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Bahdola B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Rajepur Kurra B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Sanauri Khas B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Ashokpur B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Aurangabad B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Thana Darioganj B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Bahora B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Khaduya B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Nardoli B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Hathodaban B.O 207243 Patiali Etah
Barai B.O 207120 Etah Etah
Barigawan B.O 207120 Etah Etah
Bhadwas B.O 207120 Etah Etah
Jitauli B.O 207120 Etah Etah
Jogamai Kalan B.O 207120 Etah Etah
Muiddinpur B.O 207120 Etah Etah
Songra B.O 207120 Etah Etah
Shahpur Tehla B.O 207244 Patiyali Etah
Majhola B.O 207244 Aliganj Etah
Alliyapur B.O 207244 Aliganj Etah
Bilsad B.O 207244 Aliganj Etah
Mokampur B.O 207244 Aliganj Etah
Bhargain B.O 207244 Aliganj Etah
Bijora B.O 207244 Aliganj Etah
Luhari Kherra B.O 207244 Aliganj Etah
Gariya Jagannath B.O 207244 Aliganj Etah
Nagla Pohpi B.O 207244 Patiali Etah
Amirasa B.O 207245 Kasganj Etah
Jahangirpur B.O 207245 Kasganj Etah
Kachhela B.O 207245 Kasganj Etah
Khojpur B.O 207245 NA Etah
Myasur B.O 207245 Kasganj Etah
Faroli B.O 207245 Kasganj Etah
Yakootganj B.O 207245 Kasganj Etah
Aun B.O 207246 NA Etah
Bhujpura B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Fatehpur B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Magthara B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Pilkhuni B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Pithanpur B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Naugaon B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Dhondhara B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Sultanpur B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Kamalpur B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Ghansinghpur B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Bhensrasi B.O 207246 Patiali Etah
Alipur B.O 207250 Aliganj Etah
Kalua Teel Pur B.O 207250 Aliganj Etah
Kharsulia B.O 207250 Aliganj Etah
Virahampuri B.O 207403 Kasganj Etah
Kadarwadi B.O 207403 Kasganj Etah
Khairpur B.O 207403 Kasganj Etah
Malikpur B.O 207403 Kasganj Etah
Mehmood Pur Pukhata B.O 207403 Kasganj Etah
Salempur Bebe B.O 207403 Kasganj Etah
Sirawali B.O 207403 Kasganj Etah
Goyati B.O 207403 Kasganj Etah
Angadpur B.O 207121 Etah Etah
Ambarpur Rejor B.O 207121 NA Etah
Bhartoli B.O 207121 Etah Etah
Chaprai Sikandarpur B.O 207121 Etah Etah
Ishara Purbi B.O 207121 Etah Etah
Kawar B.O 207121 Etah Etah
Lothra B.O 207121 Etah Etah
Nandpur Bailamay B.O 207121 Etah Etah
Peepal Khairia B.O 207121 Etah Etah
Saina Kalan B.O 207121 Etah Etah
Bhadsan B.O 206120 Bharthana Etawah
Bojha B.O 206120 Bharthana Etawah
Darbatpur B.O 206120 Bharthana Etawah
Indraukhi B.O 206120 Bharthana Etawah
Niwarikalan B.O 206120 Bharthana Etawah
Pilkhana B.O 206120 Bharthana Etawah
Sekhupur Adhar Singh B.O 206120 Bharthana Etawah
Bijoli B.O 206124 Bharthana Etawah
Fatehpura B.O 206124 Bharthana Etawah
Ghughsina B.O 206124 Bharthana Etawah
Gulabpura B.O 206124 Bharthana Etawah
Ingurri B.O 206124 Bharthana Etawah
Kunetha B.O 206124 Bharthana Etawah
Ludhiani B.O 206124 Bharthana Etawah
Prithvirampur B.O 206124 Bharthana Etawah
Sherpur B.O 206124 Bharthana Etawah
Beena B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Bakauli B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Chaubia B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Kauwa B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Karri B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Kadampur B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Kharagpur Saraiya B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Moonj B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Parasana B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Punja B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Purela B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Sarsai Helu B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Sarsai Nawar B.O 206123 Bharthana Etawah
Abhinaypur Pathakpur B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Baroli Khurd B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Chakwa Bujurg B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Hardoi B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Kathua B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Kharduli B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Kharkauli B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Kheda Helu B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Kumahwar B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Rahin B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Santoshpur Ghat B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Sirsa B.O 206253 Saifai Etawah
Baisolighat B.O 206126 Etawah Etawah
Jagannathpur B.O 206128 Bharthna Etawah
Itailly B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Baharpura B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Birondhi B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Ber B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Garhwana B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Girdharipura B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Kakrahi B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Kandheshi Pachar B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Kudrail B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Kunwara B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Kushna B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Malhausi B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Maman B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Merhi Dudhi B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Nagaria Yadwan B.O 206242 Bharthna Etawah
Pali Khurd B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Ramain B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Samhon B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Samthar B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Sarawa B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Sainfi B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Sarai Chauri B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Takha B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Umarsenda B.O 206242 Bharthana Etawah
Bachheri B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Bansari B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Barechha B.O 206125 Chakarnagar ** Etawah
Bidauri B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Bindwa Kalan B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Bindwa Khurd B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Bithauli B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Chaurela B.O 206125 Chakarnagar Etawah
Gauhani B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Jagtauli B.O 206125 Chakarnagar Etawah
Kandheshi Dhar B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Piproli Gadhia B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Rajpur B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Sahson B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Sindaus B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Titawali B.O 206125 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Birari B.O 206126 Etawah Etawah
Chandanpur B.O 206126 Etawah Etawah
Dadora B.O 206126 Etawah Etawah
Karba Bujurg B.O 206126 Etawah Etawah
Maniamau B.O 206126 Etawah Etawah
Mugalpur Naraini B.O 206126 Etawah Etawah
Prithvipur B.O 206126 Etawah Etawah
Ritaur B.O 206126 Etawah Etawah
Adhiyapur B.O 206002 Saifai Etawah
Vaidpura B.O 206002 Saifai Etawah
Dataoli B.O 206002 Saifai Etawah
Sarangpura B.O 206002 Saifai Etawah
Balrai B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Bauth B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Bibamau B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Dharwar B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Garhi Ram Dhan B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Jagsora B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Jhabrapura B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Kaisth B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Kukaoli B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Kursena B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Malajani B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Nagla Ram Sunder B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Nagla Taur B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Niloi B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Sirhaul B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Sishat B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Vijaypura B.O 206245 Jaswant Nagar Etawah
Bahadurpurghar B.O 206127 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Bidhipura B.O 206127 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Chindauli B.O 206127 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Chandrapura B.O 206127 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Durgapura B.O 206127 Bharthana Etawah
Ekari B.O 206127 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Eknaur B.O 206127 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Nandgaon B.O 206127 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Paharpura B.O 206127 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Takrupur B.O 206127 Chakar Nagar Etawah
Andawa B.O 206128 Bharthana Etawah
Anantraam Sonasi B.O 206128 Bharthana Etawah
Phoolpur B.O 206128 Bharthana Etawah
Puraoli B.O 206128 Bharthana Etawah
Ujhiani B.O 206128 Bharthana Etawah
Pratapner B.O 206001 Etawah Etawah
Chitbhawan B.O 206003 Etawah Etawah
Manikpur Bissu B.O 206003 Etawah Etawah
Musaoli B.O 206003 Etawah Etawah
Pilkhar B.O 206003 Etawah Etawah
Ginja B.O 206130 Saifai Etawah
Kuiya B.O 206130 Saifai Etawah
Larkhaur B.O 206130 Saifai Etawah
Ajabpur B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Bahuri B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Barauli Jamunapar B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Barhpura B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Garhaita B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Gati B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Jaitpura Par B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Jarhauli B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Kamet B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Murong B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Pachhayagaon B.O 206131 Etawah Etawah
Bamuripur B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Badharipur B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Bharsen B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Bhaupur B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Burhadana B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Chirhuli B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Ikaurapur B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Jaitapur B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Kakhaotoo B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Keontra B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Khanpur B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Kharka B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Luhiapur B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Panhar B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Sahabda B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Sherpur Saraiya B.O 206122 Auraiya Auraiya
Baghaipur B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Bansi B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Bhainsol B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Chhachhund B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Dashehra B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Ghasara B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Gwari B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Nagaria B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Pata R.S. B.O 206241 Bidhuna Auraiya
Janishnagar B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Sohari Garhia B.O 206121 Auraiya Auraiya
Kaithawa B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Tilakpur Farm B.O 206243 Bidhuna Auraiya
Saraipukhta B.O 206250 Bidhuna Auraiya
Banket B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Bhawapur B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Chwardhar B.O 224204 Bikapaur Faizabad
Dashrathpur B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Dharehata Dashrathpur B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Gaura B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Gayaspur B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Gundhaur B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Khapraila Bazar B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Kurha B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Malethukanak B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Pohpi B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Ruroo B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Saraibhanauli B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Sherpur Para B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Sohawal Saloni B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Toron Darab Ganj B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Arsath B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Amari B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Gopalpur B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Gadopur Majhwa B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Haripur Jalalabad B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Kot Sarai B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Mau Yaduwanshpur B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Mumtaj Nagar B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Sariyawan B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Naka Muzzafra B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Ahiran Subansh B.O 224225 Milkipur Faizabad
Hardoiya B.O 224225 Milkipur Faizabad
Kalyanpur Keotani B.O 224225 Milkipur Faizabad
Mawai Kalan B.O 224225 Milkipur Faizabad
Paliya Pratapshah B.O 224225 Milkipur Faizabad
Rani Bazar B.O 224127 Milkipur Faizabad
Mubarakganj B.O 224189 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Aghiyari B.O 224228 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Haiderganj B.O 224205 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Utrethu B.O 224234 Faizabad Faizabad
Nimari B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Barwa B.O 224182 Sohawal Faizabad
Kotwa Mohamadpur B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Lakhanpur B.O 224129 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Bhiyaon B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bishambharpur B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Deeh Bhilon B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Marahara B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Mathura Rasoolpur B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Neori B.O 224139 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Noorpur Kalan B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Pindoria B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Rakba Amola B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Aribpur B.O 224143 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Dhenkara B.O 224143 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Gohila B.O 224143 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Haridaspur B.O 224143 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Manikpur B.O 224143 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Musepur B.O 224143 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Makrahi B.O 224143 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Naurahni Rampur B.O 224143 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Rasoolpur Mundera B.O 224143 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Majhgawan B.O 224129 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Mujahidpur B.O 224129 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Makoiya B.O 224129 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Sheotara B.O 224129 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Sukul Bazar B.O 224129 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Sultanpur Kabirpur B.O 224129 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Bangaon B.O 224132 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bathua B.O 224132 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bhadar B.O 224132 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kahi B.O 224132 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Karnaipur B.O 224132 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kela Lal Khan B.O 224132 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Madarbhari B.O 224132 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Malawan B.O 224132 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Pariyawan B.O 224132 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Parwar Bhari B.O 224132 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Umrawan B.O 224132 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ahirauli Ranimau B.O 224137 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Alauddinur B.O 224137 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Gharwal B.O 224137 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Kharuwaon B.O 224137 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Nikaspur B.O 224137 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Persanpur B.O 224137 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Samdih B.O 224137 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Sikraura Kanchanpur B.O 224137 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Tandwa Jalal B.O 224137 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Tendwai Kalan B.O 224137 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Ahirauli Govind Sahab B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ajmalpur B.O 224139 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Sabukpur B.O 224143 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Khamariyanghat B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Madainiya B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Madarmau B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Narwa Pitambarpur B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Rambag Baragaon B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Tikoria Buzurg B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Umari Jalal B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Nariyawa B.O 224147 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ambarpur B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Arai B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ashrafpur Majhagawan B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Baragaon Sheikhpur B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bhaukuwan B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bhujgi B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Begikol B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Daulatabad B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Fatehpur B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ismailpur Tahepur B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kannoopur B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Mainpur B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Mathia B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Nagpur B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Nathu Pur Laudhana B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Pethia B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Rajepur Kopa B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Rukunpur Kasimpur B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Sheopal B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Tighara B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Udaipur B.O 224149 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ashrafpur Barwa B.O 224151 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bhari Diha B.O 224151 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Karampur B.O 224151 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Khajawan B.O 224151 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Khewar B.O 224151 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Marthua Saraiya B.O 224151 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Pratappur Chamurkha B.O 224151 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Pyare Pur B.O 224151 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Yarkee B.O 224151 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Baragaon Brahimpur B.O 224230 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Chandpur B.O 224230 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Dhiwa Daulatpur B.O 224230 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Jamunipur B.O 224230 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Shadipur B.O 224230 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Ahirauli B.O 224157 Akbarur Ambedkar Nagar
Atwari B.O 224157 Akbarur Ambedkar Nagar
Fatehpur Belabagh B.O 224157 Akbarur Ambedkar Nagar
Hath Pakar B.O 224157 Akbarur Ambedkar Nagar
Ramdas Patti B.O 224157 Akbarur Ambedkar Nagar
Sonawan B.O 224157 Akbarur Ambedkar Nagar
Bhidur B.O 224155 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Dargah Rasoolpur B.O 224155 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Gayaspur Samsuddinpur B.O 224155 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Gaura Mohammadpur B.O 224155 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Jeewat B.O 224155 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Paras Katui B.O 224155 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Tandwa Maulai B.O 224155 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bela B.O 224231 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Chapra B.O 224231 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Chiotipara B.O 224231 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Daridiha B.O 224231 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Hiri Pakaria B.O 224231 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Jaitoopur B.O 224231 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Jamu Kalan B.O 224231 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Keotahi B.O 224231 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Mathani B.O 224231 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Narharpur B.O 224231 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ram Nagar Karri B.O 224231 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Sehra Jalalpur B.O 224231 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Adampur Tiloni B.O 224168 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bahorikpur B.O 224168 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bandan Deeh B.O 224168 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Baramadpur Lohra B.O 224168 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Baramadpur Jariyari B.O 224168 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bhikharipur B.O 224168 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Chanaipur B.O 224168 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Dandupur B.O 224168 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Kadipur Khas B.O 224168 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kudia Chitauna B.O 224168 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Mansapur B.O 224168 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Meerpur Sheikhpur B.O 224168 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Nasirpur B.O 224168 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Semari B.O 224168 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Subhakarpur B.O 224168 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bhadohi B.O 224159 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Dhaurua B.O 224159 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Itauri B.O 224159 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kalepur Mahuwal B.O 224159 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kar Misripur B.O 224159 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Khajuri B.O 224159 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Khalispur B.O 224159 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Makhdoom Baramadpur B.O 224159 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Paruiya Ashram B.O 224159 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Setha Kalan B.O 224159 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Surhurpur B.O 224159 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Arjunpur B.O 224152 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Basohari B.O 224152 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Benipur B.O 224152 Faizabad Faizabad
Dharamganj B.O 224152 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Lohjhara B.O 224152 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Mustafabad B.O 224152 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Rambaba B.O 224152 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Rudaupur B.O 224152 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Samar Singhpur B.O 224152 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Saya B.O 224152 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Tewaripur Sabna B.O 224152 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bankata Bujurg B.O 224176 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bijli Tihayatpur B.O 224176 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Chak Bhadaya B.O 224176 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Lalmanpur B.O 224176 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Mubarakpurpikar B.O 224176 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Mundiyari B.O 224176 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Sirsiya Jamunipur B.O 224176 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Tandwa Bharatpur B.O 224176 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Amadarveshpur B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Annapur B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Aribpur Ramnagar B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Bidhar B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Bsaiya Ganga Sagar B.O 224181 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Bemaval B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Chahoraghat B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Hisamuddinpur Pipra B.O 224181 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Kawahianjanpur B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Lakhmipur B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Neeba B.O 224181 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Shajana Hamjapur B.O 224181 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Sarawan B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Shahpur Bangawan B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Sutharpara B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Yadavpur B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Lakhandih B.O 224181 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Lakhnipatti B.O 224181 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Amartal B.O 224186 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Barepur B.O 224186 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Gomunpur B.O 224186 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Hajpura B.O 224186 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Katgharmusa B.O 224186 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Katui B.O 224186 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Larpur B.O 224186 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Machhiligaon B.O 224186 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Rukunuddinpur B.O 224186 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Sulhantara B.O 224186 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Sultangarh B.O 224186 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Lawaiya Pratappur B.O 224183 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Mahulia B.O 224183 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Majgaon B.O 224183 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Masorha B.O 224183 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Sarjupur B.O 224183 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Baraura B.O 224227 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Lodipur B.O 224227 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Maharajganj B.O 224227 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Makhdumsarai B.O 224227 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Mumrejpur B.O 224227 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Rampur Mungradilla B.O 224227 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ajmeri Badshahpur B.O 224190 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Arsawan B.O 224190 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Asopur B.O 224190 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Balaiya Jagdishpur B.O 224190 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Brahimpur Kusma B.O 224190 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Chhajapur B.O 224190 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Debipur B.O 224190 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Hajlapur B.O 224190 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Husainpur Girant B.O 224190 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Husainpur Sudnaha B.O 224190 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Khaspur B.O 224190 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Mubarakpur B.O 224190 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Nandapur B.O 224190 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Pirthivipur B.O 224190 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Rampur Kalan B.O 224190 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Tanda City B.O 224190 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Lorpur B.O 224235 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Naugaon B.O 224235 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Semaur B.O 224143 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Semra Nasirpur B.O 224143 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Saidpur Lurvadih B.O 224143 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Tarauli Mubarakpur B.O 224143 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Zainuddinpur B.O 224143 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Ainawa B.O 224145 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Avsanpur B.O 224145 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Bharsari B.O 224145 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Chitoi B.O 224145 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Faridpur Kalan B.O 224145 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Khukhutara B.O 224145 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Naipura B.O 224145 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Husainpur B.O 224146 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kartora B.O 224146 Akberpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kakardilla B.O 224146 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Saidapur B.O 224146 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Saidpur Bhitari B.O 224146 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Shikrohar B.O 224146 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Tara Khurd B.O 224146 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Admapur B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Akhtara Narainpur B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Alaupur B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Asnara B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Bairi Buzurg B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Chandipur Khurd B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Hariharpur B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Jamaloopur B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Jogipur Dhanikpur B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Kalyanpur B.O 224147 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Reona B.O 224225 Milkipur Faizabad
Bakauli B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Chandaura B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Dharauli B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Gaddopur B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Gauhania B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Harakhpur B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Mahuwa B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Mamudiha B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Mahmedpur B.O 224121 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Nandauli B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Raipatti B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Ramnagar Amawan Sufi B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Sarauli B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Taldholi B.O 224121 Milkipur Faizabad
Golaghat B.O 224123 Faizabad Faizabad
Gurukul B.O 224123 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Narain Ashram B.O 224123 Faizabad Faizabad
Ranopali B.O 224123 Faizabad Faizabad
Swarg Dwar B.O 224123 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Gondwa B.O 224126 Sohawal Faizabad
Hajipur B.O 224126 Sohawal Faizabad
Kareru B.O 224126 Sohawal Faizabad
Maholi Uprahar B.O 224126 Sohawal ** Faizabad
Pirkhauli B.O 224126 Sohawal Faizabad
Ramnagar Dhaurahra B.O 224126 Sohawal Faizabad
Sarangpur B.O 224126 Sohawal Faizabad
Seewar B.O 224126 Sohawal Faizabad
Gauhanna Qanoongo B.O 224127 Milkipur Faizabad
Gothwara B.O 224127 Milkipur Faizabad
Kadipur B.O 224127 Milkipur Faizabad
Mehnauna B.O 224127 Milkipur ** Faizabad
Sijhauli B.O 224235 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Chirra Mohammad Pur B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Sari B.O 224127 Milkipur Faizabad
Sirhir B.O 224127 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Sohkhawan B.O 224127 Motinagar Faizabad
Sondhiyawan B.O 224127 Milkipur Faizabad
Kailkeshopur B.O 224202 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Naipura B.O 224202 Bikapur Faizabad
Raithua B.O 224202 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Ballipur B.O 224204 Bikapur Faizabad
Bainti B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Benipur B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Bhitergaon B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Hathigo B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Janjwara B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Kannawan B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Ninhiyawan Bazar B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Paroma B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Rauhari B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Sulhepur B.O 224209 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Tharia Kalan B.O 224209 Bikapur Faizabad
Jyoti Sadan B.O 224133 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Alwalpur B.O 224135 Faizabad Faizabad
Dadera B.O 224135 Faizabad Faizabad
Dhrampur B.O 224135 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Sanethu B.O 224135 Faizabad Faizabad
Shahnawan B.O 224135 Faizabad Faizabad
Baidarapur B.O 224189 Sohawal Faizabad
Dillisaraiya B.O 224189 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Ismail Nagar Singra B.O 224189 Sohawal Faizabad
Kandai Kalan B.O 224189 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Kundurkha Khurd B.O 224189 Sohawal Faizabad
Pilkhawan B.O 224189 Sohawal Faizabad
Surwari B.O 224189 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Tandwa B.O 224189 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Deokali B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Water Works B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Sahadatganj B.O 224001 Faizabad Faizabad
Amsin B.O 224141 Faizabad Faizabad
Ankaripur B.O 224141 Faizabad Faizabad
Asgawan B.O 224141 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bala Paikauli B.O 224141 Faizabad Faizabad
Bandanpur B.O 224141 Faizabad Faizabad
Chachikpur B.O 224141 Faizabad Faizabad
Chandrikaganj B.O 224141 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Fatehpur Kamasin B.O 224141 Faizabad Faizabad
Jaitpur Nidhiyawan B.O 224141 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Rajapur Sraiya B.O 224141 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ramapur B.O 224141 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Raniwan B.O 224141 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Samda B.O 224141 Faizabad Faizabad
Teliagarh B.O 224141 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Adilpur B.O 224208 Bikapur Faizabad
Banswar Kalan B.O 224208 Milkipur ** Faizabad
Chamela B.O 224208 Bikapur Faizabad
Malethu Buzurg B.O 224208 Bikapur Faizabad
Mian Ganj B.O 224208 Bikapur Faizabad
Paraspur Sathra B.O 224208 Bikapur Faizabad
Para Tajpur B.O 224208 Bikapur Faizabad
Sagar Pati Pandhula B.O 224208 Bikapur Faizabad
Singhora B.O 224208 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Sonbarsa B.O 224208 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Urwa Vaish B.O 224208 Bikapur Faizabad
Basawan B.O 224228 Milkipur Faizabad
Chirauli B.O 224228 Milkipur Faizabad
Kadanpur B.O 224228 Milkipur Faizabad
Kahuwa B.O 224228 Milkipur Faizabad
Kinauli B.O 224228 Milkipur Faizabad
Basantpur B.O 224206 Bikapur Faizabad
Bodahari B.O 224206 Milkipur Faizabad
Bhav Nathpur B.O 224206 Bikapur Faizabad
Bhaironpur Tikari B.O 224206 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Katari B.O 224206 Bikapur Faizabad
Koro Raghopur B.O 224206 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Mangari B.O 224206 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Marui Sahai Singh B.O 224206 Bikapur Faizabad
Mahawan B.O 224206 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Nuawan Baidara B.O 224206 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Ramnagar Chaukia B.O 224206 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Bakchuna B.O 224153 Milkipur Faizabad
Barauli B.O 224153 Milkipur Faizabad
Bhakhauli B.O 224153 Milkipur Faizabad
Deogaon B.O 224153 Milkipur Faizabad
Ghorwal B.O 224153 Milkipur Faizabad
Kotiya B.O 224153 Milkipur Faizabad
Mewapur B.O 224153 Milkipur Faizabad
Palpur B.O 224153 Milkpur Faizabad
Rasoolpur Lilha B.O 224153 Milkipur Faizabad
Rautawan B.O 224153 Milkipur Faizabad
Sidhari Bazar B.O 224153 Milkipur Faizabad
Banghusara B.O 224205 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Belarambagh B.O 224205 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Dahema B.O 224205 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Janabazar B.O 224205 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Pachiyana B.O 224205 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Pachgawan B.O 224205 Bikapur Faizabad
Sihipur B.O 224205 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Teria B.O 224205 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Udharna B.O 224205 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bawan B.O 224229 Milkipur Faizabad
Birauli B.O 224229 Milkipur Faizabad
Jorium B.O 224229 Milkipur Faizabad
Pithila B.O 224229 Milkipur Faizabad
Sidhauna B.O 224229 Milkipur Faizabad
Khanpur B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Kinhupur B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Kotdeeh B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Kumbhi B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Kurawan B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Majnai B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Palia Jagmohan Singh B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Seora B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Shekhanpur B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Tarauli B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Uchhahpali B.O 224158 Milkipur Faizabad
Atraura B.O 224234 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Basantpur B.O 224234 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Karampur Barsawan B.O 224234 Faizabad Faizabad
Lalpur B.O 224234 Faizabad Faizabad
Mahuwari B.O 224234 Faizabad Faizabad
Pausara B.O 224234 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Rohiyawan B.O 224234 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Sherawa Ghat B.O 224234 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Asrewa B.O 224207 Bikapur Faizabad
Dehriyawan B.O 224207 Bikapur Faizabad
Gayasuddinpur B.O 224207 Bikapur Faizabad
Jalapur Bhaggoo B.O 224207 Bikapur Faizabad
Konchha B.O 224207 Bikapur Faizabad
Mumrej Nagar B.O 224207 Bikapur Faizabad
Sarai Khargi B.O 224207 Bikapur Faizabad
Alnabhari B.O 224161 Faizabad Faizabad
Babuapur B.O 224161 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Baihari B.O 224161 Faizabad Faizabad
Balrampur B.O 224161 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Bakarganj B.O 224161 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Benawa B.O 224161 Faizabad Faizabad
Beraspur B.O 224161 Faizabad Faizabad
Bhoya B.O 224161 Faizabad Faizabad
Dalpatpur B.O 224161 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Dilasiganj B.O 224161 Bikapur Faizabad
J.K.I.C.  Arwat B.O 224161 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Jarhi B.O 224161 Faizabad Faizabad
Rauwa Lohangpur B.O 224161 Faizabad Faizabad
Sarai Sagar B.O 224161 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Tandauli B.O 224161 Faizabad Faizabad
Anjrauli B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Bhimatali B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Chitaura B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Dhanaicha B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Ghatauli B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Gokula B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Manjhanpur B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Marui Ganeshpur B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Parsawan Khurd B.O 224164 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Ranapur B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Tendha Khurd B.O 224164 Milkipur Faizabad
Upadhyapur B.O 224164 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bankegaon B.O 224201 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Dasauli B.O 224201 Faizabad Faizabad
Itaura B.O 224201 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kondri B.O 224201 Faizabad Faizabad
Mahawan B.O 224201 Faizabad Faizabad
Narainpur B.O 224201 Faizabad Faizabad
Pora B.O 224201 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Rampur Sardha B.O 224201 Faizabad Faizabad
Deogarh B.O 224171 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Gyanpur B.O 224171 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Janapur B.O 224171 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Madna B.O 224171 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Srai Rasi B.O 224171 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Baraon B.O 224203 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Beni Gaddopur B.O 224203 Bikapur Faizabad
Kodaila B.O 224203 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Netwari Chaturpur B.O 224203 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Parsawan B.O 224203 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Sulhepur B.O 224203 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Taarun Blgara B.O 224203 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Anjana B.O 224172 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Bhadauli B.O 224172 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Gangauli B.O 224172 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Jagdishpur B.O 224172 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kumbhiya B.O 224172 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Punhad B.O 224172 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Sihoriya B.O 224172 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Lakhauri B.O 224182 Sohawal Faizabad
Nawada B.O 224182 Sohawal Faizabad
Sanaha B.O 224182 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Astikaan B.O 224284 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Dhema Vaish B.O 224284 Milkipur Faizabad
Ghurehta B.O 224284 Milkipur Faizabad
Mubarakpur Umarni B.O 224284 Milkipur Faizabad
Taksara B.O 224284 Milkipur Faizabad
Arthar B.O 224188 Sohawal Faizabad
Bhitaura B.O 224188 Sohawal Faizabad
Jaganpur B.O 224188 Sohawal Faizabad
Khirauni B.O 224188 Sohawal Faizabad
Magalsi B.O 224188 Sohawal Faizabad
Majnawa B.O 224188 Sohawal Faizabad
Meerpur B.O 224188 Sohawal Faizabad
Moiyabegumganj B.O 224188 Sohawal Faizabad
Panditpur B.O 224188 Sohawal Faizabad
Barehta B.O 224195 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ghuritikar B.O 224195 Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar
Jaishingmau B.O 224195 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Kakauli B.O 224195 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Kesharuabujurg B.O 224195 Bikapur Faizabad
Khamipurnidhiywan B.O 224195 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Paliachalpur B.O 224195 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Sonaura Gaupur B.O 224195 Tanda Ambedkar Nagar
Bangaondihwa B.O 224122 Akabarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bewana B.O 224122 Akabarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bhupatipur B.O 224122 Akabarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Jagdishpur B.O 224122 Akabarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kalhuwa Kaura B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Katariya Yaqubpur B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Kurcha B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Mubarakpur Daiyadeeh B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Manauri Samaisa B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Rampur Jaisingh B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Seehmaikarirat B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Rampursakarwari B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Songaon B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Tajpur B.O 224122 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ashapur B.O 224125 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Chakiya B.O 224125 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Madhupur B.O 224125 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Mirzapur B.O 224125 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Mundehra B.O 224125 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Pakhanpurbichaila B.O 224125 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Purebadalhi B.O 224125 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Ratna B.O 224125 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Bhaupur B.O 224210 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Daudpur B.O 224210 Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar
Deohat B.O 224210 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Kurki Bazar B.O 224210 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Rampur Rampatti B.O 224210 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Tendwa Paharpur B.O 224210 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Achhati B.O 224129 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Baniyani B.O 224129 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Bela Parsa B.O 224129 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Bukia B.O 224129 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Garha B.O 224129 Allapur ** Ambedkar Nagar
Indaipur B.O 224129 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Kaurahi B.O 224129 Alapur Ambedkar Nagar
Kaunh B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Lamehata B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ukathu B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bhadba B.O 212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ayah B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Baranpur B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Banarsi B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Beragarhiwa B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bilandpur B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bhitaura B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Churiyani B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Damapur B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Dhakauli B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kandhi B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Korai B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Meoli B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ramwan B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sangaon B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Shah B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Teliyani B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Umari B.O 212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Birnai B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Alamganj B.O 212635 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Baragaon B.O 212663 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Amilihapal B.O 212650 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ahmadpur Kusumbha B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Afoi B.O 212653 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Budhramau B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bilanda B.O 212645 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Akbarpur Churai B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ahewa B.O 212651 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kishandaspur B.O 212654 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ailai B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bakewar Sarai B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Arhaiya B.O 212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Anjana Bhairaon B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Alampur B.O 212659 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ajamatpur B.O 212661 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ashok Nagar Bharsawan B.O 212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Abhaipur B.O 212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Aurai B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Burhwan B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Chandpur B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Dapsaura B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Dayalnagar B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Dhamina Khurd B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Gaura B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Gauri Aura B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Gohrari B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Makarandpur B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Rithwa Awajipur B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Salhepur B.O 212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Chhichha B.O 212635 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Deegh B.O 212635 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Jafrabad B.O 212635 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Jonihan B.O 212635 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Khuta B.O 212635 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Lalpur B.O 212635 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Mandraon B.O 212635 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Mahraha B.O 212635 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Chakas Karan B.O 212663 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Datauli B.O 212663 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ladigaon B.O 212663 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Muttaur B.O 212663 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Saibasi B.O 212663 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sidhaon B.O 212663 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Tapani B.O 212663 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Karmon B.O 212650 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Gaura Bujurg B.O 212650 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Hasaupur B.O 212650 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Salempur B.O 212650 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Nizamuddinpur B.O 212650 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Yauhan B.O 212650 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Arhauli B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bamharauli B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Belain B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Dampur B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Devrar B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Jam B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kalyanpur Kachrauli B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kharsendwa B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Narsinghpur Kabraha B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Pallawan B.O 212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Allipur B.O 212653 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Baigaon B.O 212653 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ijura Bujurg B.O 212653 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Mandwan B.O 212653 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sultanpurghosh B.O 212653 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Chhichhni B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Deolan B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Gambhari B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kusumbhi B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Khesahan B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Laugaon B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Mawaiya B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Paina Khurd B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Pamrauli B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Shankha B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sarkee B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sewramau B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Suketi B.O 212621 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Lateefpur B.O 212645 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Mahoi B.O 212645 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bandipur B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Itaily B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kaseruwa B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Katra Kasimpur B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Mohamdabad B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Patti B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Paigamberpur B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Raipur Muwari B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Saraisaba B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Semramanapur B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sithaura B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Shahpur B.O 212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Asani B.O 212651 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Chitishapur B.O 212651 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Farshi B.O 212651 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Maujmabad B.O 212651 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Mawai B.O 212651 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Naugaon B.O 212654 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Amaon B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Alampur Giriya B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Baswa B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Budwan B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bhakharana B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Chitauli B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Fatehpur Tekari B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Hardon B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kasba Sohan B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Katoghan B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kumbhipur B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kharai B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Pauli B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Purain B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Silmi B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Tesahi Bujurg B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Teni B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Tyonja B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Vijaeepur B.O 212655 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bara B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Barigawan B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Basant Khera B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bhaisauli B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bijuri B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Bijauli B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Deomai B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Deori Bujurg B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Digharua B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Jafarganj B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Khotila Sijauli B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Missi B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Musafa B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Naraicha B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Selawan B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sultangarh B.O 212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Baraipur B.O 212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Dendasai B.O 212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Gharwasipur B.O 212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Jahangirnagar Gahura B.O 212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Jairampur B.O 212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kot B.O 212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kulli B.O 212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Saidpur Pachmai B.O 212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sothrapur B.O 212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Beonti B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Chandapur B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ekdala B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Garha B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Malookbari B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Narauli B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Rari B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Raipur Bhasraul B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sarkandi B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sarauli B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Paharpur B.O 212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Banthara B.O 212659 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kapil Kalan B.O 212659 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Arhawal B.O 212661 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Gauri B.O 212661 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Korra Kanak B.O 212661 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Mahana B.O 212661 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Mahakhera B.O 212661 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Chakhendi B.O 212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Dawatpur B.O 212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Guneer B.O 212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kotiya B.O 212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Rari Bujurg B.O 212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Rewari Bujurg B.O 212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Tarapur B.O 212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Aung B.O 212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Gugauli B.O 212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Korsam B.O 212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Khadra B.O 212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Madokipur B.O 212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Padhara B.O 212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Mirai B.O 212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Shadipur B.O 212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sheorajpur B.O 212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Chak Korra Sadat B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ghoori Bujurg B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Khas Mau B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Manda Sarai B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Muraon B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Naraini B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sawant B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Sahjahanpur Selraha B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Thariyaon B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ainjhi B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Malaon B.O 212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Berraon B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Berui B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Jarauli B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kandhiya B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Kaundar B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Manawan B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Ram Nagar Kauhan B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Rithwan Bhairwan B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Tikar B.O 212620 Fatehpur Fatehpur
Dundahera B.O 201009 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Kaila B.O 201009 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Adhyatmic Nagar B.O 201015 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Dasna R.S. B.O 201015 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Galand B.O 201015 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Jindal Nagar B.O 201015 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Kushlia B.O 201015 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Nahal B.O 201015 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Raispur B.O 201002 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Rajapur B.O 201002 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Sadarpur B.O 201002 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Badshahnpur Siroli B.O 201102 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Behta Hazipur B.O 201102 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Chirori B.O 201102 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Jaoli B.O 201102 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Teela Sahbazpur B.O 201102 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Abupur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Bhadoli B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Basantpur Sainthli B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Bhikanpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Dosa Banjarpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Didoli B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Duhai B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Jalalabad B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Jalalpur Dhindar B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Kakra B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Kanauja B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Khimawati B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Khindora B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Achheja B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Gandu Nagla B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Kumhera B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Nekpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Noorpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Raoli Kalan B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Shahpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Sultanpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Surana B.O 201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Anwarpur B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Atrauli B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bajhera Khurd B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bhojpur B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bhadola B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Chajarsi B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Dehpa Azampur B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Doohri B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Kalchina B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Kastala B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Khera B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Mukeempur B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Nagola B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Samaipur B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Tyori B.O 245304 Hapur Ghaziabad
Vedpura B.O 203207 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Behhrampur B.O 203207 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Chhaisa B.O 201314 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Chholas B.O 201314 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Chithera B.O 201314 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Dujana B.O 203207 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Kachera Versabad B.O 203207 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Kot B.O 201314 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Khandera B.O 201314 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Khatana B.O 203207 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Kheri Bhanauta B.O 203207 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Luharli B.O 201314 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Pali B.O 203207 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Rori B.O 201201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Sara B.O 201201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Saidpur B.O 201201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Talhata B.O 201201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Begmabad B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Gyaspur B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Nagla Akhu B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Niwari B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Patla B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Painga B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Shahjahanpur B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Sikri Kalan B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Sikri Khurd B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Saunda B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Tibra B.O 201204 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Baxur B.O 245207 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Bharna B.O 245207 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Dhana B.O 245207 Modinagar Ghaziabad
Phuldehra B.O 245207 Hapur Ghaziabad
Mubarikpur B.O 245207 Hapur Ghaziabad
Mohd. Pur Khudaliya B.O 245207 Hapur Ghaziabad
Rajethi B.O 245207 Hapur Ghaziabad
Sikhera B.O 245207 Hapur Ghaziabad
Wait B.O 245207 Hapur Ghaziabad
Sainthli B.O 201314 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Jarcha B.O 203207 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Kalaunda B.O 203207 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Bambawar B.O 203207 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Ghori B.O 201310 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Kulesra B.O 201306 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Kasna B.O 201310 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Sakipur B.O 201306 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Tugalpur B.O 201310 A.g.nioda Gautam Buddha Nagar
Tilapta Karanwas B.O 201306 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Baraula B.O 201304 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Gejha B.O 201304 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Sarfabad B.O 201307 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Parthala Khanjarpur B.O 201307 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Chhaprauli Bengar B.O 201304 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Nagla Charandas B.O 201305 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Chhajarsi B.O 201307 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Khora Gaon B.O 201309 Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar
Asaura B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bajhera Kalan B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bhatiyana B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Chhajupur B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Dadri B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Dahana B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Dhanaura B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Ghungrala B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Gohra Alamgirpur B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Harsinghpur B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Iklahdi B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Kharkhari B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Kathikhera B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Girdharpur Tmrel B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Mahmoodpur B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Mathurawali B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Nan B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Phagota B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Raghunathpur B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Rampur Puth B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Shah Mohiuddinpur B.O 245101 Hapur Ghaziabad
Alipur B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bachhlota B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bankhanda B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Hoshdarpur Garhi B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Kanya Kalyanpur B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Matnaurs B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Nali Husainpur B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Rasulpur B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Sikandarpur Kakori B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Sakhpur B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Tatarpur B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Upera B.O 245201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Alamnagar B.O 245208 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bhadsiyana B.O 245208 Hapur Ghaziabad
Mahmoodpur Palwara B.O 245208 Hapur Ghaziabad
Nek Nanpur Nanai B.O 245208 Hapur Ghaziabad
Sharpur B.O 245208 Hapur Ghaziabad
Athsaini B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bagarpur B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bihuni B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Bhaina Dholpur B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Dehra Rampur B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Dotai B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Haidarpur B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Jakhera Rahmatpur B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Jharina B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Luhari B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Muradpur Janupura B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Nanpur B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Salarpur B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Sadullapur B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Shyampur Jatt B.O 245205 Hapur Ghaziabad
Churiyala B.O 201201 Hapur Ghaziabad
Gathia B.O 233222 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Hajipur Baresar B.O 233222 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Mahespur Kalan B.O 233222 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Renga B.O 233222 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Jahurabad B.O 233222 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Semaur B.O 233222 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Barsara B.O 233232 Zamania Ghazipur
Dharammarpur B.O 233232 Zamania Ghazipur
Dinapur B.O 233232 Zamania Ghazipur
Saitapatti B.O 233232 Zamania Ghazipur
Puraina B.O 233232 Zamania Ghazipur
Alipur Madara B.O 275203 Jakhania Ghazipur
Bhurkura B.O 275203 Jakhania Ghazipur
Chauja B.O 275203 Jakhanian ** Ghazipur
Jalalpurdhani B.O 275203 Jakhania Ghazipur
Jhotna B.O 275203 Saidpur Ghazipur
Khetabpur B.O 275203 Jakhania Ghazipur
Orasan B.O 275203 Jakhania Ghazipur
Padumpur B.O 275203 Kakhania Ghazipur
Rampur Balbhadra B.O 275203 Jakhania Ghazipur
Sadarjahanpur B.O 275203 Jakhania Ghazipur
Chochakpur B.O 233224 Zamania Ghazipur
Lilapur B.O 233224 Zamania Ghazipur
Sikandarpur B.O 233224 Zamania Ghazipur
Asawar B.O 233225 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Dubiha B.O 233225 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Gandhinagar B.O 233225 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Gondaur B.O 233225 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Hartmanpur B.O 233225 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Maura B.O 233225 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Patepur B.O 233225 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Utraon B.O 233225 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Maharaur B.O 233230 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Rajapur Katya B.O 233230 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Khajurgaon B.O 233230 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Baragaon B.O 275202 Saidpur Ghazipur
Siyari B.O 233233 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Murki Kalan B.O 233227 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Bauri B.O 233303 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Malsa B.O 232336 Zamania Ghazipur
Khargasipur Urf Naibazar B.O 232331 Zamania Ghazipur
Kaithwalia B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Khetabpur B.O 233230 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Sidhaut B.O 233230 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Shekhanpur B.O 233230 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Joga Musahib B.O 233233 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Lauwadih B.O 233233 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Mundera B.O 233233 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Dadara B.O 233221 Saidpur Ghazipur
Karampur B.O 233221 Saidpur Ghazipur
Sauna B.O 233221 Saidpur Ghazipur
Birpur B.O 233231 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Kathar B.O 233231 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Kanuwan B.O 233231 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Loharpur B.O 233231 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Mason B.O 233231 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Sukhdehra B.O 233231 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Taraon Balua B.O 233231 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Mahuwari B.O 275201 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Pali B.O 275201 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Jewal B.O 233306 Saidpur Ghazipur
Paharpur Kalan B.O 233306 Saidpur Ghazipur
Rampur Majha B.O 233306 Saidpur Ghazipur
Rasulpur Pacharasi B.O 233306 Saidpur Ghazipur
Sammanpur B.O 233306 Saidpur Ghazipur
Taraon B.O 233306 Saidpur Ghazipur
Turna B.O 233306 Saidpur Ghazipur
Dhamupur B.O 275202 Jakhania Ghazipur
Hardaspur Kalan B.O 275202 Jakhania Ghazipur
Lediha B.O 275202 Jakhania Ghazipur
Orarai B.O 275202 Jakhania Ghazipur
Sikhari B.O 275202 Jakhanian ** Ghazipur
Tirchhi B.O 275202 Jakhania Ghazipur
Rehti Malipur B.O 275202 Jakhania Ghazipur
Abishahan B.O 233222 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Alawalpur Afga B.O 233222 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Basudeopur B.O 233222 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Dahendu B.O 233222 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Dhotari B.O 233222 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Salamatpur B.O 275201 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Bhikham Amhat B.O 233229 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Kamupur B.O 233229 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Mata B.O 233229 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Narainpur B.O 233229 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Bhuwarpur B.O 233307 Saidpur Ghazipur
Bikrampur B.O 233307 Saidpur Ghazipur
Khidirganj B.O 233307 Saidpur Ghazipur
Makhdumpur B.O 233307 Saidpur Ghazipur
Mangari B.O 233307 Saidpur Ghazipur
Uchauri B.O 233307 Saidpur Ghazipur
Badhupur B.O 233300 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Bharsar B.O 233300 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Chaurabojh B.O 233300 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Pandepur Radhey B.O 233300 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Ruhipur B.O 233300 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Tilesara B.O 233300 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Basuchak B.O 233306 Saidpur Ghazipur
Ranipur B.O 233300 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Reosara B.O 233233 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Khairabari B.O 233233 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Deoria B.O 233233 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Bajidpur B.O 233310 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Chaura B.O 233310 Jakhania Ghazipur
Hansrajpur B.O 233310 Jakhania Ghazipur
Sarai Gobind B.O 233310 Jakhania Ghazipur
Yusufpur B.O 233310 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Barahi B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Bijaura B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Bhojapur B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Bogna B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Chaubepur B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Dhanespur B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Dorasar B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Gahli Basarikpur B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Gai B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Ghariha B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Gobindpur B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Harhari B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Indaur B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Kansahari B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Kelhi B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Kondari B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Matehu B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Nakhatpur B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Prithvipur B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Pipnar B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Singera B.O 233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Abadan Bairan B.O 233227 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Awathahi B.O 233227 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Balapur B.O 233227 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Machhati B.O 233227 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Murtazipur B.O 233227 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Pakhanpura B.O 233227 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Pardhan Ki Bareji B.O 233227 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Semara B.O 233227 Jakhanian ** Ghazipur
Tandawan B.O 233227 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Tamalpura B.O 233227 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Tiwaripur B.O 233227 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Gauspur B.O 233227 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Shahbazkuli B.O 233227 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Bagend B.O 233301 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Bareji B.O 233301 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Kataria B.O 233301 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Parasa B.O 233301 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Rajapur B.O 233301 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Alipur Bangawan B.O 233302 Saidpur Ghazipur
Belsari B.O 233302 Saidpur Ghazipur
Chandipur B.O 233302 Saidpur Ghazipur
Dhanaipur B.O 233302 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Dhelwa B.O 233302 Saidpur Ghazipur
Fateullahpur B.O 233302 Saidpur Ghazipur
Kusumhi Kalan B.O 233302 Saidpur Ghazipur
Madanahi B.O 233302 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Nari Pachdeora B.O 233302 Saidpur Ghazipur
Naisare B.O 233302 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Sabua B.O 233302 Saidpur Ghazipur
Saheri B.O 233302 Saidpur Ghazipur
Sauram B.O 233302 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Barhat B.O 233311 Saidpur Ghazipur
Chilar B.O 233311 Saidpur Ghazipur
Katghara B.O 233311 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Dhari Kala B.O 233311 Saidpur Ghazipur
Pahalwanpur B.O 233311 Saidpur Ghazipur
Parsotia B.O 233311 Saidpur Ghazipur
Sihori B.O 233311 Saidpur Ghazipur
Sujanipur B.O 233311 Saidpur Ghazipur
Bhala B.O 233303 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Lawa B.O 233303 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Miranpur B.O 233303 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Para B.O 233303 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Amehta B.O 233223 Saidpur Ghazipur
Bahediya B.O 233223 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Baheri B.O 233223 Saidpur Ghazipur
Gauri B.O 233223 Saidpur Ghazipur
Khanpur B.O 233223 Saidpur Ghazipur
Newada B.O 233223 Saidpur Ghazipur
Akbarpur B.O 275204 Zamania Ghazipur
Bhala Khurd B.O 275204 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Barwa Kalan B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Darhwal B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Daulatnagar B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Dora B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Gadaipur B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Hurmuzpur B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Maudhia B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Mirpur B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Mirzapur B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Paliwar B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Raipur B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Salempur Baghai B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Ukraon B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Shishuapar B.O 275204 Saidpur Ghazipur
Basupur B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Baurawan B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Bhitari B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Chaktaj Katghara B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Deochandpur B.O 233304 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Daulatpur B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Bhuwalchak B.O 232336 Zamania Ghazipur
Bhagirathpur B.O 232336 Zamania Ghazipur
Dewaitha B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Gohda Bishunpura B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Kusi B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Mircha B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Mohammadpur B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Nagsar B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Raksaha B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Sarahula B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Sinhani B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Tajpur Kurra B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Tiyari B.O 232326 Zamania Ghazipur
Bhataura B.O 232327 Zamania Ghazipur
Pachauri B.O 232327 Zamania Ghazipur
Sayer B.O 232327 Zamania Ghazipur
Basuka B.O 232339 Zamania Ghazipur
Deokali B.O 232339 Zamania Ghazipur
Nasirpur B.O 232339 Zamania Ghazipur
Derhgawan B.O 232328 Zamania Ghazipur
Pakari B.O 232328 Zamania Ghazipur
Gaura B.O 232328 Zamania Ghazipur
Amaura B.O 232333 Zamania Ghazipur
Athatha B.O 232333 Zamania Ghazipur
Bhadaura B.O 232333 Zamania Ghazipur
Dewal B.O 232333 Zamania Ghazipur
Gorsara B.O 232333 Zamania Ghazipur
Lahna B.O 232333 Zamania Ghazipur
Mahna B.O 232333 Zamania Ghazipur
Maniya B.O 232333 Zamania Ghazipur
Seorai B.O 232333 Zamania Ghazipur
Utrauli B.O 232333 Zamania Ghazipur
Bhikhichaura B.O 232332 Zamania Ghazipur
Garua Maksudpur B.O 232332 Zamania Ghazipur
Patkaniya B.O 232332 Zamania Ghazipur
Suhwal B.O 232332 Zamania Ghazipur
Yuvrajpur B.O 232332 Zamania Ghazipur
Dhanarhi B.O 232330 Zamania Ghazipur
Abhaipur B.O 232331 Zamania Ghazipur
Baruin B.O 232331 Zamania Ghazipur
Daudpur B.O 232331 Zamania Ghazipur
Gaighat B.O 232331 Zamania Ghazipur
Narsinghpur B.O 232331 Zamania Ghazipur
Rohura B.O 232331 Zamania Ghazipur
Tokwa B.O 232331 Zamania Ghazipur
Akarmpur Banjaripur B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Dahra Kalan B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Holipur B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Kaneri B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Mahpur B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Muriyar B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Dhuwarjun B.O 233304 Saidpur Ghazipur
Basewa B.O 275205 Saidpur Ghazipur
Guraini B.O 275205 Jakhania Ghazipur
Kharwadih B.O 275205 Jakhania Ghazipur
Manihari B.O 275205 Jakhania Ghazipur
Sauri B.O 275205 Jakhania Ghazipur
Surhurpur B.O 275205 Saidpur Ghazipur
Bharauli Kalan B.O 233228 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Goshalpur B.O 233228 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Mahend B.O 233228 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
Patar B.O 233228 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Sonwani B.O 233228 Mohammedabad Ghazipur
Alawalpur B.O 233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Andhau B.O 233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Arakhpur B.O 233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Atwa Fatehpur B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Bikapur B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Baipur Deokali B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Chak Abdul Sattar B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Chaukiya B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Chhawani Line B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Fadanpur B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Hussainpur B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Jaitpura B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Khalispur B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Mahrajganj B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Noorpur B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Permeth B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Pithapur B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Rasulpur Kanhwara B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Rauza B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Sarai Gokul B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Sohilapur B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Talwal B.O 233002 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Dharmagatpur B.O 233300 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Belwa Urf Rasulpur B.O 233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Buzurga Gouspur B.O 233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Gumma B.O 233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Kataila B.O 233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Manpur B.O 233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Pahetia B.O 233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Rampur Jiwan B.O 233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur
Bahadurpur B.O 232329 Zamania Ghazipur
Darauli B.O 232329 Zamania Ghazipur
Dhanauta B.O 232329 Zamania Ghazipur
Lahuwar B.O 232329 Zamania Ghazipur
Pachokhar B.O 232329 Zamania Ghazipur
Phulli B.O 232329 Zamania Ghazipur
Umarganj Nariaon B.O 232329 Zamania Ghazipur
Betabar Kalan B.O 232340 Zamania Ghazipur
Tisaura B.O 232340 Zamania Ghazipur
Saidabad B.O 232340 Zamania Ghazipur
Sabbalpur Kalan B.O 232340 Zamania Ghazipur
Tajpur Majnha B.O 232340 Zamania Ghazipur
Jeevpur B.O 232340 Zamania Ghazipur
Andharipur Sonwal B.O 232336 Zamania Ghazipur
Asaon B.O 232336 Zamania Ghazipur
Ayah B.O 271202 Gonda Gonda
Belawa Bahuta B.O 271202 Gonda Gonda
Binuhani B.O 271202 Gonda Gonda
Bishunpur Sangam B.O 271202 Gonda Gonda
Gilauli B.O 271202 Gonda Gonda
Para Sarai B.O 271202 Gonda Gonda
Ranipur B.O 271202 Gonda Gonda
Tirre Manorama B.O 271202 Gonda Gonda
Bhawanipur Uppadhyay B.O 271209 Balrampur Gonda
Basant Pur Raja B.O 271209 Balrampur Balrampur
Devtaha B.O 271209 Balrampur Gonda
Janki Nagar B.O 271209 Balrampur Gonda
Ashidha B.O 271204 Balrampur Gonda
Bhangaha Hussain Nagar B.O 271204 Gonda Gonda
Bhatpurwa B.O 271204 Balrampur Balrampur
Bishunpur Bel Bharia B.O 271204 Balrampur Balrampur
Jhalidham B.O 271204 Gonda Gonda
Kamrawan B.O 271204 Balrampur Balrampur
Pipra Bhodhar B.O 271204 Balrampur Balrampur
K.C.Pur B.O 271003 Colonelganj Gonda
Chandawatpur B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
Jhauhana B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
T.Patti B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
Tilka Deeh B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
D.Nath B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
Dhobharai B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
Pathwalia B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
P.A. Singh B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
F.P. Tarhar B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
Forbisganj B.O 271003 NA Gonda
Banwaria B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
Mokalpur B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
Madhopur B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
Banjaria B.O 271003 Gonda Gonda
Dhanaura B.O 271504 Utraula Balrampur
Ahiya Chet B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Ram Adhin Purwa B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Birahin Pur B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Mujehani B.O 271205 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bhathar B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Dhaurahara B.O 271604 Colonelganj Gonda
Imiliarupi B.O 271601 Gonda Gonda
Barhara Bhitaura B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Rampur Banghusra B.O 271607 Balrampur Balrampur
Turkadeeh B.O 271301 Mankapur Gonda
Dalpatpur B.O 271310 Mankapur Gonda
Fattepur B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Haribashpur B.O 271319 Tarabganj Gonda
Kolahanpur Visen B.O 271319 Mankapur Gonda
Khadauwan B.O 271319 Tarabganj Gonda
Lakar Mandi B.O 271319 Tarabganj Gonda
Ramapur Bhagahi B.O 271319 Tarabganj Gonda
Achalpur Kaithawalia B.O 271307 Gonda Gonda
Kharhawa Deehwa B.O 271307 Utraula Balrampur
Golahipur B.O 271307 Utraula Balrampur
Deoria Inayat B.O 271307 Utraula Balrampur
Bishunpur Sagar B.O 271307 Utraula Balrampur
Lokiya Tahir B.O 271307 Utraula Balrampur
Obarideeh B.O 271307 Utraula Balrampur
Ramapur Grant B.O 271307 Utraula Balrampur
Intai Abdullah B.O 271307 Utraula Balrampur
Bhelya Madanpur B.O 271307 Utraula Balrampur
Maddo Chaura B.O 271307 Utraula Balrampur
Maruia Bujurga B.O 271307 Mankapur Gonda
Achalpur B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Babhani B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Deoria Rani Jot B.O 271607 Balrampur Balrampur
Maniyaria B.O 271607 Utraula Balrampur
Bardaulia B.O 271207 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bisunpur B.O 271207 Balrampur Balrampur
Chaudhary Deeh B.O 271207 Tulsipur Balrampur
Deopura B.O 271207 Tulsipur Balrampur
Hasanpur B.O 271207 Tulsipur Balrampur
Motipur B.O 271207 Tulsipur Balrampur
Shankar Nagar B.O 271207 Tulsipur Balrampur
Sonpur B.O 271207 Tulsipur Balrampur
Udaipur B.O 271207 Tulsipur Balrampur
Ramnagar Tarhar B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Durjan Pur Pandey B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Narayanpuredha B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Bhgahar Buland B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Mashaipur B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Chandipur B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Taj Pur B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Chetpur B.O 271123 Tarabganj Gonda
Bauriha B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Nagwa B.O 271123 Tarabganj Gonda
Umedpur B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Darjikuwa B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Mahraiya Chakasar B.O 271123 Gonda Gonda
Govindpara B.O 271301 Mankapur Gonda
Khirai Khirwa B.O 271301 Mankapur Gonda
Mahewa Gopal B.O 271301 Mankapur Gonda
Rajapur B.O 271301 Mankapur Gonda
Ram Pur Bansawan B.O 271301 Mankapur Gonda
Rajgarh B.O 271301 Gonda Gonda
Siswaria B.O 271301 Mankapur Gonda
Sumeripur B.O 271301 Mankapur Gonda
Siha Gaon B.O 271301 Mankapur Gonda
Beliya B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Birahmatpur B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Karda B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Kodar B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Kherideeh B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Majhara B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Naubasta B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Rampur Tengraha B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Rampur Kharahta B.O 271124 Tarabganj Gonda
Banepur B.O 271129 Tarabganj Gonda
Karnipur Deeh B.O 271129 Tarabganj Gonda
Kotha B.O 271129 Tarabganj Gonda
Naipur B.O 271129 Tarabganj Gonda
Ashokpur B.O 271303 Tarabganj Gonda
Vishnoharpur B.O 271303 Mankapur Gonda
Durjanpur B.O 271303 Tarabganj Gonda
Kisundaspur B.O 271303 Tarabganj Gonda
Lauwa Beerpur B.O 271303 Tarabganj Gonda
Mahngoopur B.O 271303 Tarabganj Gonda
Raghuraj Nagar B.O 271303 Tarabganj Gonda
Puraini B.O 210432 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Aunta B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Basela B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bhainsai B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Chilli B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Dhamna B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Dhanauri B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Itaura B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Jakeri B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kaitha B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Nakra B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Odera B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Saidpur B.O 210431 Hamirpur Mahoba
Sarsai B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Turra B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Umariya B.O 210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Artara B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bahadurpur Kalan B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Baswari B.O 210506 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Biharka B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bhamai B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bhaismari B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bhulsi B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bigahna B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Garha B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Ichauli B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kaithi B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Khandeh B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kamharia B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kishwahi B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kunetha B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Mehuna Mundera B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Makraon B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Naraich B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Padhori B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Parchhat B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Ragaul Tahsil B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Sisolar B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Shekaupur B.O 210505 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kanwara B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Bichhwahi B.O 210123 Banda Banda
Kharauli B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Kaubra B.O 210208 Banda Chitrakoot
Ora B.O 210206 Banda Banda
Parsaunja B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Adri B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Amlor B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Baragaon B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Chandwara B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Dharikhera B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Gadaria B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Gauri Kalan B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Gazipur B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Jaspura B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Jhanjhari Ka Purwa B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Mawaighat B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Madauli Kalan B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Marjha B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Narauli B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Nari B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Nandadeo B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Piprodar B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Padohra B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Rampur B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Sabada B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Sikahula B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Sindhan Kalan B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Bhadedu B.O 210207 Banda Chitrakoot
Biharwan B.O 210207 Banda Chitrakoot
Chillimal B.O 210207 Banda Chitrakoot
Karaundi Kalan B.O 210207 Banda Banda
Khatwara B.O 210207 Banda Chitrakoot
Kalwalia B.O 210207 Banda Chitrakoot
Mamsi Buzurg B.O 210207 Banda Chitrakoot
Nandin Kurmiyan B.O 210207 Banda Banda
Sardhuwa B.O 210207 Banda Chitrakoot
Benda B.O 210128 Banda Banda
Bhujrakh B.O 210128 Banda Banda
Khaunda B.O 210128 Banda Banda
Mungus B.O 210128 Banda Banda
Mahui B.O 210128 Banda Banda
Pipargawan B.O 210128 Banda Banda
Semri Basilpur B.O 210128 Banda Banda
Atariyan B.O 210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bandhur Khurd B.O 210501 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Markundi B.O 210208 Banda Chitrakoot
Murka B.O 210208 Banda Chitrakoot
Saraiya B.O 210208 Banda Chitrakoot
Sigwan B.O 210208 Banda Chitrakoot
Unchadih B.O 210208 Banda Chitrakoot
Baria B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Barua B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Biyawal B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Chhibon B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Hanna Vinaika B.O 210209 Banda Banda
Khaptiha B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Khandeho B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Lauri B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Mandaur B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Nibi B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Pardawan B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Purab Patai B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Ram Nagar B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Sirwawal B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Hatwa B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Birauna B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Chandwara B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Gumanganj B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Gurha Kalan B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Jamwara B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Kailnjar B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Kartal B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Lahureta B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Kulsari B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Nauhai B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Nahri B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Padmai B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Pangara B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Parsahar B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Pongari B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Risaura B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Sarha B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Audaha B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Beohara B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Bachharan B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Baramafi B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Chaura B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Darsenda B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Ganiwa Parsidhpur B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Hardoli B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Kapna Itaura B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Karwara Bujurg B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Lohda B.O 210206 Banda Banda
Naditaura B.O 210206 Banda Banda
Aktaunhan B.O 210421 Hamirpur Mahoba
Amgaon B.O 210430 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Ujnedi B.O 210301 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Barwa B.O 210341 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Ajnar B.O 210423 Hamirpur Mahoba
Banki B.O 210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Birkhera B.O 210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Chandpura B.O 210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kundaura B.O 210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Nadehra B.O 210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Pandhari B.O 210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Pachkhura B.O 210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Terha B.O 210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bajehta B.O 210501 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Chhani Buzurg B.O 210501 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Lodipur Newada B.O 210501 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Mahera B.O 210501 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Ruripara B.O 210501 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Sayar B.O 210501 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Swasa Bujurg B.O 210501 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Umari B.O 210501 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Anghaura B.O 210421 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bamhauri Kalan B.O 210421 Hamirpur Mahoba
Bamrara B.O 210421 Hamirpur Mahoba
Chandauli B.O 210421 Hamirpur Mahoba
Garha B.O 210421 Hamirpur Mahoba
Rewai B.O 210421 Hamirpur Mahoba
Rainpura B.O 210421 Hamirpur Mahoba
Supa B.O 210421 Hamirpur Mahoba
Jigni B.O 210430 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kachhewan Kalan B.O 210430 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kargawan B.O 210430 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Magrauth B.O 210430 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Chikasi B.O 210430 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kuchhechha B.O 210301 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Manjhoopur B.O 210301 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Tikrauli B.O 210301 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bidokhar B.O 210341 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Deogaon B.O 210341 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Mawaijar B.O 210341 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Piteora B.O 210341 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Patanpur B.O 210341 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Ari B.O 210423 Hamirpur Mahoba
Akona B.O 210423 Hamirpur Mahoba
Baghanra B.O 210423 Hamirpur Mahoba
Budhwara B.O 210423 Hamirpur Mahoba
Tikaria B.O 210423 Hamirpur Mahoba
Urdana B.O 210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Gyondi B.O 210507 Hamirpur Mahoba
Bharwara B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Bendo B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Bijaypur B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Budero B.O 210429 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Dulara B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Gaurahari B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Kankuwan B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Kashipur B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Kaithi B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Kilahua B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Kohaniya B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Mahua B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Masoodpura B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Roori Kalan B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Teiya B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Paharia B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Umari B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Syondhi B.O 210429 Hamirpur Mahoba
Bibuni Kalan B.O 210506 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Chilli B.O 210506 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Gundela B.O 210506 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Imiliya B.O 210506 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Masgaon B.O 210506 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Neoria B.O 210506 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Pahari Bhitari B.O 210506 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Dhagwan B.O 210428 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bilbai B.O 210427 Hamirpur Mahoba
Bhauli B.O 210505 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Chhani Kalan B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Bira B.O 210422 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Chhirka B.O 210504 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kuwan B.O 210425 Hamirpur Mahoba
Jarakhar B.O 210428 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Malehta B.O 210428 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Chikahra B.O 210427 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Maho R.S. B.O 210427 Hamirpur Mahoba
Paswara B.O 210427 Hamirpur Mahoba
Sijahri B.O 210427 Hamirpur Mahoba
Kharaunj B.O 210505 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kusmara B.O 210505 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Patara B.O 210505 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Para B.O 210505 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Kuwan B.O 210425 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Surha B.O 210425 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Khiruhi B.O 210504 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Mawai Khurd B.O 210504 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Sirsi Kalan B.O 210504 Hamirpur Mahoba
Sirsi Khurd B.O 210504 Hamirpur Mahoba
Dharaun B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Garha B.O 210424 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Ganj B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Khajuriha Pahra B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Mahewa B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Makarbai B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Parsaha B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Patha B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Singhaupur Baghari B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Sheohar B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Sukaura B.O 210424 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Bila Dakhin B.O 210424 Hamirpur Mahoba
Chhandaut B.O 210422 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Zitkiri B.O 210422 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Khera Silazit B.O 210422 Hamirpur Hamirpur
Atarahat B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Anathuwa B.O 210201 Banda Banda
Aliha B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Achharaund B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Ajeetpur B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Alona B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Bansi B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Badokhar Bujurg B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Badokhar Khurd B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Basahari B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Baraimanpur B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Bilgaon B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Chhehraon B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Chhenahra Lalpur B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Durendi B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Ganchchha B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Girwan B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Goeramugli B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Gureh B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Hathaura B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Jamalpur B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Jaria B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Jaurahi B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Masuri B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Lama B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Lucktara B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Mahokhar B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Manipur B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Mawai B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Mohanpurwa B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Parsaunda B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Paprenda B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Pachnehi B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Paigambarpur B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Padui B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Tindwara B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Trivedi B.O 210001 Banda Banda
Ballan B.O 210201 Banda Banda
Chausar B.O 210201 Banda Banda
Gokhia B.O 210201 Banda Banda
Ganaon B.O 210201 Banda Banda
Khambhaura B.O 210201 Banda Banda
Oraha B.O 210201 Banda Banda
Pachokhar B.O 210201 Banda Banda
Punahur B.O 210201 Banda Banda
Pindkhar B.O 210201 Banda Banda
Augasi B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Badagaon B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Bagehta B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Beonja B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Bhadedu B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Bhabhua B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Hardauli B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Jalalpur B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Majhila B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Murwal B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Majhiwan B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Nibhaur B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Nilathu B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Palhari B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Paras B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Patwan B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Pawaiya B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Pindaran B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Samgara B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Sathi B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Simauni B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Sheo B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Umarahni B.O 210121 Banda Banda
Baghelabari B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Akuna B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Bhaisaundha B.O 210204 Banda Chitrakoot
Audaha B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Agarahunda B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Dadhwamanpur B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Ghuretanpur B.O 210202 Banda Chitrakoot
Harbamafi B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Hariharpur B.O 210202 Banda Chitrakoot
Jabrapur B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Mahuta B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Piyar B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Pathara B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Rasin B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Rauli Kalyanpur B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Turra B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Titihara B.O 210202 Banda Chitrakoot
Pauhar B.O 210202 Banda Banda
Bagha B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Bisandi B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Bachhaundha B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Chillolar B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Jamoo B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Kairikhurd B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Korrahi B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Marauli B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Oran B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Para B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Pahari Bujurg Sani B.O 210203 Banda Chitrakoot
Singhpur B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Saya B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Ranipur B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Tindura B.O 210203 Banda Banda
Dighwat B.O 210123 Banda Banda
Gugauli B.O 210123 Banda Banda
Jauharpur B.O 210128 Banda Banda
Palra B.O 210123 Banda Banda
Piprahari B.O 210123 Banda Banda
Sadimadanpur B.O 210123 Banda Banda
Padarathpur B.O 210123 Banda Banda
Jankikund B.O 210204 Banda Chitrakoot
Khohi B.O 210204 Banda Chitrakoot
Semaria Jagannathpurbasi B.O 210204 Banda Chitrakoot
Armar B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Banthari B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Berraon B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Bira B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Budhauli B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Charka B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Ingua B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Lohra B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Lakhanpur B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Marka B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Mau B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Museewan B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Mamsi Khurd B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Narayanpur B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Pannah B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Parsauli B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Sandasani B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Satnyaon B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Tilausa B.O 210125 Banda Banda
Ainchwara B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Bhanri B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Basila B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Chandramara B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Itwan B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Lodhwara B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Nai Bazar Karwi B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Purwa Tarauha B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Ragauli B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Raipura B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Semaria Charandasi B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Sidhpur B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Chakla B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Semardaha B.O 210205 Banda Chitrakoot
Arjunah B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Bargarh B.O 210208 Banda Chitrakoot
Barha Kotra B.O 210209 Banda Chitrakoot
Baheri B.O 210129 Banda Banda
Asoh B.O 210206 Banda Chitrakoot
Amara B.O 210126 Banda Banda
Bardwara B.O 210207 Banda Chitrakoot
Amlikaur B.O 210128 Banda Banda
Ghauraunda B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Hastam B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Khurhand B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Katrawal B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Mahua B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Makri B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Malehra Newada B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Nagnedi B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Sahewa B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Saunta Syondha B.O 210120 Banda Banda
Garchappa B.O 210208 Banda Banda
Goiya Kalan B.O 210208 Banda Banda
Itwan Dundela B.O 210208 Banda Chitrakoot
Sirauli Kalan B.O 225202 Ramnagar Barabanki
Semrai B.O 225202 Ramnagar Barabanki
Telwari B.O 225202 Ramnagar Barabanki
Telyani B.O 225202 Ramnagar Barabanki
Itaura B.O 225403 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Imliha B.O 225403 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Qyampur B.O 225403 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Kusfar B.O 225403 Ram Sanehi Gaht Barabanki
Khutauli B.O 225403 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Tarapur B.O 225403 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Patulki B.O 225404 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Pahroopur B.O 225404 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Neoli Danapur B.O 225404 Ramsanehighat Barabanki
Banarki B.O 225201 Ramnagar Barabanki
Bhitauli B.O 225201 Ramnagar Barabanki
Badshahnagar B.O 225401 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Chirra B.O 225401 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Khetasarai B.O 225401 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Puredalai B.O 225401 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Rasoolpur B.O 225401 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Sarai Barai B.O 225401 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Fattapur Kalan B.O 225401 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Dhanauli B.O 225416 Ramsanehighat Barabanki
Dharoopur B.O 225416 Haider Garh Barabanki
Gajpatipur B.O 225416 Haider Garh Barabanki
Jargawan B.O 225416 Haider Garh Barabanki
Jarauli B.O 225416 Haider Garh Barabanki
Tikra B.O 225121 Ramsanehighat Barabanki
Beejapur B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Bibiapur B.O 225119 Haidergarh Barabanki
Ram Mandai B.O 225303 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Rampur Katra B.O 225206 Nawabganj Barabanki
Sarsa B.O 225413 Haider Garh Barabanki
Semrawan B.O 225413 Haidergarh Barabanki
Uchita B.O 225413 Haider Garh Barabanki
Addra B.O 225207 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Badosarai B.O 225207 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Chaila B.O 225207 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Danapur Shukla B.O 225207 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Kamoli B.O 225207 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Khajuri B.O 225207 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Kintoor B.O 225207 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Markamau B.O 225207 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Banwa B.O 225123 Nawabganj Barabanki
Para Khandauli B.O 225123 Nawabganj Barabanki
Chiraiya B.O 225125 Haider Garh Barabanki
Gerawan B.O 225125 Haider Garh Barabanki
Islampur B.O 225125 Haider Garh Barabanki
Jameen Husainabad B.O 225125 Haider Garh Barabanki
Magauwan B.O 225125 Haider Garh Barabanki
Palia B.O 225125 Haider Garh Barabanki
Sarai Gopi B.O 225125 Haider Garh Barabanki
Bhawaniyapur Kheoli B.O 225405 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Ghazipur B.O 225405 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Hunsepur B.O 225405 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Jariyari B.O 225405 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Kithoori Daroga B.O 225405 Ramsanehighat Barabanki
Meruwa B.O 225405 Ramsanehighat Barabanki
Said Khanpur B.O 225405 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Sanauli B.O 225405 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Thorthia B.O 225405 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Darhara B.O 225203 Nawabganj Barabanki
Kamarkha B.O 225203 Nawabganj Barabanki
Narain Bhari B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Patna B.O 225301 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Peend B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Rasoolpur B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Sarsaundi B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Shafipur B.O 225301 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Tera Kalan B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Ukhari B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Aseni B.O 225003 Nawabganj Barabanki
Basti B.O 225003 Nawabganj Barabanki
Bhitauli Kalan B.O 225003 Nawabganj Barabanki
Gadia B.O 225003 Nawabganj Barabanki
Madhopur B.O 225003 Nawabganj Barabanki
Safedabad B.O 225003 Nawabganj Barabanki
Tindola B.O 225003 Nawabganj Barabanki
Ansari B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Dayalpur B.O 225119 Haidergarh Barabanki
Inayatpur B.O 225119 Haider Garh Barabanki
Anwari B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Atahara B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Bahrauli B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Barhaidih Maholia B.O 225302 Fatehpur Barabanki
Dadera B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Darawan B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Gariya Bazar B.O 225302 Fatehpur Barabanki
Ghunghter B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Mohsand B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Nindoora B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Pandari B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Rasoolpur B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Sirsaipur B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Sulemabad B.O 225302 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Tikaitganj B.O 225302 Fatehpur Barabanki
Bansa Sharif B.O 225204 Nawabganj Barabanki
Baragaon B.O 225204 Nawabganj Barabanki
Bhayara B.O 225204 Nawabganj Barabanki
Bindaura B.O 225204 Ramnagar Barabanki
Budhwara B.O 225204 Nawabganj Barabanki
Nainamau B.O 225204 Nawabganj Barabanki
Naseernagar B.O 225204 Nawabganj Barabanki
Neola Karsanda B.O 225204 Nawabganj Barabanki
Niyamatpur B.O 225204 Nawabganj Barabanki
Basauli B.O 225303 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Kheorajpur B.O 225416 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Motikpur B.O 225416 Haider Garh Barabanki
Paigamberpur B.O 225416 Haider Garh Barabanki
Poore Chandraman B.O 225416 Haider Garh Barabanki
Silhaur B.O 225416 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Tikariya Saidkhanpur B.O 225416 Nawabganj Barabanki
Mansara B.O 225416 Haider Garh Barabanki
Nahamau B.O 225202 Ramnagar Barabanki
Lodhaura B.O 225201 Ramnagar Barabanki
Mallapur B.O 225201 Ramnagar Barabanki
Baburi Gaon B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Bishunpur B.O 225301 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Gheri B.O 225301 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Harrai B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Ismailpur B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Jaruwa B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Kasimganj B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Khanwaha B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Kheoli B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Kondari B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Malookpur B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Mittai B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Mujeebpur B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Muradabad B.O 225301 Nawabganj Barabanki
Neoli B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Patmau B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Sethmau B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Bhikhara B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Chaubeesi B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Ghar Kuiyan B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Kamela B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Kanwan B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Khanpur B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Kharsatiya B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Lahi B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Lohangpur B.O 225124 Haidergarh Barabanki
Ratauli B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Rauli B.O 225124 Haidergarh Barabanki
Ruknuddinpur B.O 225124 Haidergarh Barabanki
Saalpur B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Sarai Rawat B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Thalwara B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Umrawal Kirsia B.O 225124 Haider Garh Barabanki
Barauli Malik B.O 225121 Nawab Ganj Barabanki
Bhanauli B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Bhanmau B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Birahimabad B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Daravpur B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Dhaurahra B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Galhamau B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Manpur B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Nanmau B.O 225121 Nawabganj Barabanki
Khijirpur B.O 225203 Nawabganj Barabanki
Sadruddinpur B.O 225203 Nawabganj Barabanki
Ram Sahai B.O 225206 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Saidanpur B.O 225206 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Ahmadpur B.O 225412 Nawabganj Barabanki
Ambaur B.O 225412 Nawabganj Barabanki
Baghaura B.O 225412 Nawabganj Barabanki
Behta B.O 225412 Nawabganj Barabanki
Dadra B.O 225412 Nawabganj Barabanki
Lachhbar Bajaha B.O 225412 Nawabganj Barabanki
Loharpur B.O 225412 Haidergarh Barabanki
Mahmoodabad B.O 225412 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Palhari B.O 225412 Nawabganj Barabanki
Saifpur B.O 225412 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Sarai Kayasthan B.O 225412 Nawabganj Barabanki
Udhauli B.O 225412 Nawabganj Barabanki
Yakootganj B.O 225412 Nawabganj Barabanki
Akhtiyarpur  Sharifabad B.O 225122 Nawabganj Barabanki
Barauli Jata B.O 225122 Nawabganj Barabanki
Gehendwar B.O 225122 Nawabganj Barabanki
Laxmanpur B.O 225122 Nawabganj Barabanki
Markhapur B.O 225122 Nawabganj Barabanki
Sarai Parsanda B.O 225122 Nawabganj Barabanki
Teergaon B.O 225122 Nawabganj Barabanki
Dhanaura B.O 225413 Haider Garh Barabanki
Malhauli B.O 225413 Haider Garh Barabanki
Maugorpur B.O 225413 Ramsanehighat Barabanki
Neochhana B.O 225413 Haider Garh Barabanki
Kotwa Dham B.O 225415 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Amoli Kalan B.O 225205 Ramnagar Barabanki
Bhainsuriya B.O 225205 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Katka B.O 225205 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Madhawapur B.O 225205 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Sirkauli B.O 225205 Ramnagar Barabanki
Amahia B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Belpur B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Bhikharpur B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Chauri Aladadpur B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Dhanauli Thakuran B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Digsari B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Dilauna B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Hakami B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Kithaiya B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Maulahara B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Shahpur B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Sukhipur B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Surajpur B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Tiwaripur B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Dadrauli Bhawaniapur B.O 225206 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Kandhaipur B.O 225206 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Mailaraiganj B.O 225206 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Malauli B.O 225206 Ramnagar Barabanki
Maulabad B.O 225206 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Mushkabad B.O 225206 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Pyarepur B.O 225206 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Gaura B.O 225305 NA Barabanki
Gudauli B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Hazratpur B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Hasanpur Tanda B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Israuli B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Itaunja B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Jafarpur B.O 225305 Ramnagar Barabanki
Jagatpur B.O 225305 Fatehpur Barabanki
Jagsenda B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Kandraula B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Khansi Sarai B.O 225305 NA Barabanki
Kutloopur B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Khapurwa B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Mahmoodpur B.O 225305 Ramnagar Barabanki
Madanpur B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Majhgawan Sharif B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Mithwara B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Ralbhari B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Sarhemau B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Sarsawan B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Sirauli Surjanpur B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Sundhiyamau B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Talgaon B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Terhwa B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Watia B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Bangawan B.O 225415 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Bansgaon B.O 225415 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Gidrapur B.O 225415 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Hadha B.O 225415 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Hassaur B.O 225415 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Kothri Gauriya B.O 225415 Siraul Gauspur Barabanki
Manjhela B.O 225415 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Panapur B.O 225415 Ramsanehighat Barabanki
Qusba Ichauli B.O 225415 Sirauli Gauspur Barabanki
Ranikatra B.O 225415 Sirauli Gauspur** Barabanki
Ranimau Tarai B.O 225415 Ramsanehighat Barabanki
Sarai Dunauli B.O 225415 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Sikari Jeewal B.O 225415 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Udwat Nagar B.O 225415 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Achhechha B.O 225208 Ramnagar Barabanki
Budhera B.O 225208 Ramnagar Barabanki
Baburiha B.O 225208 Ramnagar Barabanki
Puremanbhawan Singh B.O 225208 NA Barabanki
Sihali B.O 225208 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Rasauli B.O 225001 Nawabganj Barabanki
Ram Van Kuteer B.O 225001 Nawabganj Barabanki
Shahabpur B.O 225001 Nawabganj Barabanki
Baddoopur B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Bajgahni B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Bandagi Nagar B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Basantpur B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Bhadras B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Hansuwapara B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Jharsawan B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Kaji Behta B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Katuri Kalan B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Khinjhana B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Rahilamau B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Sadrapur B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Salempur B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Shailie Keeratpur B.O 225306 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Ashrafpur B.O 225409 Ram Sanehi Ghat Barabanki
Dandoopur B.O 225416 Haider Garh Barabanki
Mohammadpur B.O 225126 Haidergarh Barabanki
Pareewan B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Pokhra B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Ramnagar Pareeva B.O 225126 Haidergarh Barabanki
Shivnaam B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Tejwapur B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Tilokpur Usmanpur B.O 225126 Haidergarh Barabanki
Bibipur Garh B.O 225120 Haider Garh Barabanki
Mohabbatpur B.O 225120 Haider Garh Barabanki
Sohawan B.O 225120 Haider Garh Barabanki
Barain B.O 225414 Nawabganj Barabanki
Bhitaura Lakhan B.O 225414 Haider Garh Barabanki
Daulatpur B.O 225414 Nawabganj Barabanki
Garhi Rakhmau B.O 225414 Nawabganj Barabanki
Kola B.O 225414 Nawabganj Barabanki
Barail B.O 225001 Nawabganj Barabanki
Bara B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Bhilwal B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Ganehari B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Garhi B.O 225126 Ramsanehighat Barabanki
Hasanpur B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Jaurass B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Kaboolpur B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Kakari B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Khaira Kankoo B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Khwajapur B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Loni Katra B.O 225126 Haidergarh Barabanki
Manodharpur B.O 225126 Haider Garh Barabanki
Sharifabad B.O 225125 Haider Garh Barabanki
Daulatpur B.O 225304 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Hetmapur B.O 225304 Ramnagar Barabanki
Jhanjhari B.O 225304 NA Barabanki
Kandarwal B.O 225304 Ramnagar Barabanki
Lalpur Karauta B.O 225304 Ramnagar Barabanki
Raniganj Bazar B.O 225304 Ramnagar Barabanki
Ruhera B.O 225304 Ramnagar Barabanki
Basara B.O 225305 Fatehpur Barabanki
Belahara B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Bheriya B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Bilakhiya B.O 225205 Ramnagar Barabanki
Bindaura Dhartharia B.O 225305 Ramnagar Barabanki
Chheda B.O 225305 Fateh Pur Barabanki
Dharampur B.O 225305 Nawabganj Barabanki
Barehpura B.O 262121 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Banskhera B.O 262121 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Bhadsara B.O 262121 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Harraipur B.O 262121 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Kargaina B.O 262121 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Mundalia B.O 262121 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Parewa Vaish B.O 262121 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Pipalia B.O 262121 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Tirkunia B.O 262121 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Digoi B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Guleli B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Kangaon B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Kasumara B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Katsari B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Mehmoodpur B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Manona B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Mohammadpur Pathra B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Noorpur B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Phulasi B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Reoti B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Tanda B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Urla B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Bhura Bahadur Pur B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Damkhoda B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Dandia Nagla B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Dunda Sumali B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Girdharpur B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Itau Dhura B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Jasai Nagar B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Jokhanpur B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Man Pur B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Mundia Nabi Bux B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Nadeli B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Nazarganj B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Pachpera B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Pindari Ashok B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Rasoolpur B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Rath B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Parasi Ramkishan B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Madhopur B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Naugawan Bramhanan B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Nawada Bilsandi B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Pandari B.O 262305 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Mala Colony B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Nizamdandi B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Piparia Agroo B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Richhaula B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Roopur Kamaloo B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Sakhaula B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Sarauri B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Sardar Nagar B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Shahi B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Suhas B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Balipur B.O 243123 Bareilly Bareilly
Bithri Chainpur B.O 243123 Bareilly Bareilly
Kesarpur Saidpur B.O 243123 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Khazuria Sampat B.O 243123 Bareilly I Bareilly
Kunwarpur Banzaria B.O 243123 Bareilly Bareilly
Mehtarpur B.O 243123 Bareilly Bareilly
Mohanpur B.O 243123 Bareilly Bareilly
Padarathpur B.O 243123 Bareilly Ho Bareilly
Rajau Paraspur B.O 243123 Bareilly Bareilly
Thiria Nizawatkhan B.O 243123 Bareilly Bareilly
Abhaipur B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Pachpeda Taluk Maharajpur B.O 262122 Puranpur Pilibhit
Bhagwantapur B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Bhairo Kalan B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Chandia Hazara B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Dhuria Palia B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Dudhia Khurd B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Gobhia Sarai B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Ghungchai B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Pauta Kalan B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Piperia Mundan B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Ram Nagar Jagatpur B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Sehpura B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Simra Akbar Ganj B.O 262203 Baheri Bareilly
Bakania B.O 262202 Barkhera Pilibhit
Bamrauli B.O 262202 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Behtim B.O 262202 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Bhaden Kanja B.O 262202 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Harrai B.O 262202 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Meerpur Hamirpur B.O 262202 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Kareli B.O 262202 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Ranth B.O 262202 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Amra Karoor B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Amrita B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Azampur Barkhera B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Ahirwara B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Barhera B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Bauni B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Biharipur Hira B.O 262201 Baheri Bareilly
Barkhera Chaturaha B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Churra B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Chandpura B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Deohana B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Deoria Kalan B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Dhakia B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Ghajhera B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Imalia Gangi B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Intgoan B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Jallapur B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Khandepur B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Karrkhera B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Kishni B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Kumirkha B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Luhicha B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Mohammadpur Bhanja B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Nisui B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Rajupur Kalan B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Sahasa B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Sudanpur B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Bohit B.O 243502 Bareilly Bareilly
Dauli Raghuwar Dayal B.O 243502 Bareilly Bareilly
Gauntara B.O 243502 Bareilly Bareilly
Ghunsa B.O 243502 Bareilly Bareilly
Jogither B.O 243502 Bareilly Bareilly
Khalilpur B.O 243502 Bareilly Bareilly
Mandauli B.O 243502 Meerganj Bareilly
Nandausi B.O 243502 Bareilly Bareilly
Swale Nagar B.O 243502 Bareilly Bareilly
Teolia B.O 243502 Baheri Bareilly
Tiliapurbo B.O 243502 Bareilly Bareilly
Basudharan B.O 243203 Baheri Bareilly
Chathia B.O 243203 Baheri Bareilly
Gularia Mohammad Hussain B.O 243203 Baheri Bareilly
Kanman B.O 243203 Baheri Bareilly
Khera Ramnagar B.O 243203 Baheri Bareilly
Mundia Jagir B.O 243203 Baheri Bareilly
Rehpura Ganimat B.O 243203 Baheri Bareilly
Rohili B.O 243203 Baheri Bareilly
Angadpur Khamaria B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Athana B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Budhauuli B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Dalpura B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Dhakni Rajpuri B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Faiznagar B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Hazipur Khazuria B B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Kakra Kalan B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Khateli B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Kuan Tanda B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Laungpur B.O 243503 Fridpur Bareilly
Marhi Sukatia B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Nagaria Vikram B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Neoria Mobile B.O 262305 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Abhayrajpur B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Alahiya B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Attangachandpur B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Baboora B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Bhadpura B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Bhauwa Bazar B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Bijamau B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Bilasnagar B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Dalelnagar B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Dhaurera B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Jeoti Jagir B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Khajuria Sriram B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Narharpur Gaurikhera B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Parasrampur B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Rukumpur B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Sardarnagar B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Sundari Amsah B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Mundia Teli B.O 262406 Nawabganj Bareilly
Bahanpur B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Baratbhoj B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Bithora Kalan B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Bhikaripur B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Chandoi B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Dalelganj B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Dang B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Gehluiya B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Gajraula Kalan B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Jatpura B.O 262122 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Kalyanpur Khas B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Kanakore B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Khamaria Pull B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Khundara B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Lalauri Khera B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Lalpur B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Maktul B.O 262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Gulabtanda B.O 262122 Puranpur Pilibhit
Sharif Nagar B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Siatheri B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Yaqoobganj B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Faridpur B.O 243201 Baheri Bareilly
Himmatpur B.O 243402 Aonla Bareilly
Kaimua B.O 243402 Aonla Bareilly
Langura B.O 243402 Aonla Bareilly
Milak Majhera B.O 243402 Aonla Bareilly
Naugawan Thakuran B.O 243402 Aonla Bareilly
Naurangpur B.O 243402 Aonla Bareilly
Sardar Nagar Ghat B.O 243402 Aonla Bareilly
Singha B.O 243402 Aonla Bareilly
Sarau B.O 243402 Aonla Bareilly
Akha B.O 243004 Bareilly Bareilly
Chanehti B.O 243004 Bareilly Bareilly
Chaubari B.O 243004 Bareilly Bareilly
Haraulia B.O 243004 Bareilly Bareilly
Kareli B.O 243004 Bareilly Bareilly
Kiara B.O 243004 Bareilly Bareilly
Sarai Talfi B.O 243004 Bareilly Bareilly
Simra Boripur B.O 243004 Bareilly Bareilly
Umarsia B.O 243004 Bareilly Bareilly
Amkhera B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Bhopatpura B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Bahadurpur B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Daulatpur B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Jeorah Kalyanpur B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Jogither B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Karunapur Karoor B.O 262203 Baheri Bareilly
Khajuria Pachpera B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Madhupuri B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Mudia Hulas B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Narainpur B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Pania Ramkishan B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Parsia B.O 262203 Barkhera Pilibhit
Meerpur Bahanpur B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Naugawan Santosh B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Paharganj B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Rasiayankhanpur B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Rohania B.O 262201 Bisalpur Pilibhit
Alampur Jafarabad B.O 243401 Aonla Bareilly
Deochara B.O 243401 Aonla Bareilly
Kudha B.O 243401 Bhamora Bareilly
Kusari B.O 243401 Aonla Bareilly
Rajupur B.O 243401 Aonla Bareilly
Sirohi B.O 243401 Aonla Bareilly
Atamanda B.O 243202 Baheri Bareilly
Bhairpura B.O 243202 Baheri Bareilly
Bilwa B.O 243202 Bareilly Bareilly
Dhaura B.O 243202 Bareilly Bareilly
Khanpur B.O 243202 Bareilly Bareilly
Pachdeora Kalan B.O 243202 Bareilly Bareilly
Surla B.O 243202 Bareilly Bareilly
Chakdah B.O 243202 Baheri Bareilly
Agras B.O 243501 Bareilly Bareilly
Aundh B.O 243501 Bareilly Bareilly
Bhitaura B.O 243501 Bareilly Bareilly
Meerapur Rafiabad B.O 243501 Bareilly Bareilly
Mohammad Ganj B.O 243501 Bareilly Bareilly
Sirsa Jagir B.O 243501 Bareilly Bareilly
Soraha B.O 243501 Bareilly Bareilly
Aliganj B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Anurudhpur B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Atarchhedi B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Balai Bhagwantpur B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Gaini B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Jitaur B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Khelam B.O 243302 Bareilly Bareilly
Kundaria Faizulapur B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Majhgawan B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Mandora B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Kalyanpur B.O 243302 Aonla Bareilly
Pachomi B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Piperthara B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Qadarganj B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Raipur Hans B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Rampura Ratan B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Sarkara B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Simra Bahor Nagla B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Sunha B.O 243503 Faridpur Bareilly
Bargawan B.O 243506 Faridpur Bareilly
Jaraul B.O 243506 Faridpur Bareilly
Nagaria Kalan B.O 243506 Faridpur Bareilly
Shahpur Baniyan B.O 243506 Faridpur Bareilly
Shivpuri Raudhauli B.O 243506 Faridpur Bareilly
Tara Khas B.O 243506 Faridpur Bareilly
Tiswa B.O 243506 Faridpur Bareilly
Malgoan B.O 243403 Aonla Bareilly
Bhandsar B.O 243002 Bhojipura Bareilly
Biharman Nagla B.O 243122 Bareilly Bareilly
Mundia Ahamad Nagar B.O 243002 Bhojipura Bareilly
Rithora B.O 243002 Bhojipura Bareilly
Saidpur Hakins B.O 243122 Bareilly Bareilly
Chandupur B.O 262124 Puranpur Pilibhit
Jamunia B.O 262124 Puranpur Pilibhit
Piperia Santosh B.O 262124 Puranpur Pilibhit
Dunidam B.O 262302 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Sunpahar B.O 262302 Pilibhit Pilibhit
Behroli B.O 243504 Meerganj Bareilly
Dhaneta B.O 243504 Meerganj Bareilly
Dibna B.O 243504 Meerganj Bareilly
Goola B.O 243504 Meerganj Bareilly
Gugai B.O 243504 Meerganj Bareilly
Gularia B.O 243504 Meerganj Bareilly
Hurhuri B.O 243504 Meerganj Bareilly
Mandanpur B.O 243504 Meerganj Bareilly
Samaspur B.O 243504 Meerganj Bareilly
Simaria B.O 243504 Meerganj Bareilly
Kadherchaura B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Kasganja B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Madhotanda B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Naujalia Nakatia B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Piperia Dulai B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Ramnagra Colony B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Rampura Fakire B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Rudrapur B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Sabalpur B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Shahgarh B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Sherpur B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Shivnagar B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Udaikaranpur B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Ghatampur B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Karnapur B.O 262122 Pooranpur Pilibhit
Baragoan B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Barser Sikandarpur B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Basantpur B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Beodhan Khurd B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Gurgaon B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Hardaspur B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Kesarpur B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Kangawan Shyam B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Lilaur B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Mau Chandpur B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Shivpuri B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Sirauli B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Sona B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Labhari B.O 243303 Aonla Bareilly
Ahemdabad B.O 243407 Nawabganj Bareilly
Barhepura B.O 243407 Nawabganj Bareilly
Baraur B.O 243407 Nawabganj Bareilly
Grem B.O 243407 Nawabganj Bareilly
Hafizganj B.O 243407 Nawabganj Bareilly
Harharpur B.O 243407 Nawabganj Bareilly
Mundia Bhikampur B.O 243407 Nawabganj Bareilly
Ratna B.O 243407 Nawabganj Bareilly
Paiga B.O 243407 Nawabganj Bareilly
Bairamnagar B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Balli B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Dhaneli B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Dunka B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Gehluiya B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Haldi B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Junahi B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Kanakpuri B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Kulchha B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Mehmoodpur B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Mawai Kazian B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Nagaria Sobarni B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Narkhera B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Sahora B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Sheeshgarh B.O 243505 Meerganj Bareilly
Aonla Katra B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Aonla Kila B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Gotha Khandua B.O 243301 Aonla Bareilly
Rasoolpur B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Shahpur B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Sehari Khas B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Turkaulia B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Chitahi B.O 272193 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Chaukhara B.O 272193 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Ramwapur Raut B.O 272193 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Ramwapur Jagatram B.O 272193 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Sukla Jote B.O 272193 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Sikta B.O 272193 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Sohna B.O 272193 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Kamsar B.O 272193 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Mahuwa Bzg. B.O 272193 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Nagawa B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Imiliha B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Badahara B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Sohas Khas B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Khakhara Khurd B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Bhelaunji B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Madanpur B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Gopinathpur B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Jagdishpur B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Harish Nagar B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Nedula B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Salempur B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Sringinari B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Sukrauli B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Bhanpurkhas B.O 272195 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Bhawaniganj B.O 272195 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Mailani B.O 272195 Domagariaganj Siddharthnagar
Parsa Khurd B.O 272195 Bhanpur Siddharthnagar
Piraila B.O 272195 Bhanpur)sonha) Siddharthnagar
Kharawan Kunwsar B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Biskohar B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Penda B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Jinswa B.O 272190 Bhanpur Basti
Turkipur B.O 272128 Harraiya Basti
Kudja B.O 272154 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Tikur B.O 272154 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Mahui Nankar B.O 272154 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Khajuri B.O 272154 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Kalnakhor B.O 272154 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Mushahara B.O 272154 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Baur Byas B.O 272154 Menhdawal Siddharthnagar
Menhdupar B.O 272154 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Sakarpar B.O 272154 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Banauli B.O 272154 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Belrai B.O 272154 Menhdawal Siddharthnagar
Dumaria Buzurg B.O 272154 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Pendari Buzurg B.O 272154 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Pakri B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Nakahi B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Chetra B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Cchamapur B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Dhanaura Mustahkam B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Antari Bazar B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Ramwapur B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Makraur B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Khaira Bazar B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Mahatha Bazar B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Dabra B.O 272205 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Ahri B.O 272204 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Santora B.O 272204 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Mahadev Buzurg B.O 272201 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Dhebarua B.O 272201 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Tilakpur B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Pokhara B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Gopiapar B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Kodai B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Dailapur B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Garha B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Mahuwalakhanpur B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Dubauli Dubey B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Barahata B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Haribanshpur B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Bai.Mustahkam B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Umaria B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Bairagal B.O 272131 Basti Basti
Bemhari B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Govindpara B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Ojhaganj B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Unji B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Kaudikol B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Barhni B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Pak. Bakhtawar B.O 272131 Harraiya Basti
Naghara B.O 272131 Harrraiya Basti
Barhya B.O 272161 Basti Basti
Mahuwadabar B.O 272161 Harraiya Basti
Bhangura B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Chilma Bazar B.O 272301 Harraiya Basti
Chhardahi B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Dihukpura B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Parsaon B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Rajpur Bairihwa B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Delhwa B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Dingrapur B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Kathwathia Alam B.O 272191 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Malhwar B.O 272191 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Manoharpur B.O 272191 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Telgadia Bzg B.O 272191 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Quadirabad B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Nagahara B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Kondra Pandey B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Puraina Mansoor B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Pakri Jai B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Pursia B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Hathiagarh B.O 272002 NA Basti
Manjharia Vikram B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Labnapar B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Bankata B.O 272002 Basti Basti
Bai Pokhar B.O 272002 Basti Basti
Pakari Dhaurahra B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Bhelkha B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Dudhaura B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Chhapia Sheobaran B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Jamadashahi B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Puraina Pandey B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Subdeiyakala B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Ganeshpur B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Marwatia Kasaila B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Orawara B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Gaighat B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Gauspur B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Kanaila B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Kewarimustahkam B.O 272301 Harraiya Basti
Kusaura B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Kudraha B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Manuwa B.O 272301 Basti Basti
Naikapar B.O 272301 Harraiya Basti
Amrauli Sumali B.O 272190 Bhanpur Basti
Bargadwa B.O 272190 Bhanpur (sonha) Basti
Bishunpurwa B.O 272190 Bhanpur Basti
Chaukwa B.O 272190 Bhanpur Basti
Jahlipur B.O 272190 Bhanpur Basti
Bardia Kunwar B.O 272128 Harraiya Basti
Kataria B.O 272128 Harraiya Basti
Nande Kuwan B.O 272128 Harraiya Basti
Roopgarh B.O 272128 Harraiya Basti
Sarraiya Atibal B.O 272128 Harraiya Basti
Sudipur B.O 272128 Harraiya Basti
Dhirauli Babu B.O 272127 Harraiya Basti
Ghorsayen B.O 272127 Harraiya Basti
Hiyaroopur B.O 272127 Harraiya Basti
Jaitapur B.O 272127 Harraiya Basti
Dhusurai Bzg B.O 272204 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Harkauli B.O 272204 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Katehna B.O 272204 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Mahapaliuttar B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Dulhanorth B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Lotan B.O 272206 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Khakhara B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Haribanshpur B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Sikri Bazar B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Karmaini B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Madhubani B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Beltikar B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Bagheli B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Ramnagar B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Bhitpara B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Ekdangwa B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Sainua B.O 272206 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Mau B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Bairwanankar B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Tandia Bazar B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Sugahi B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Semrahna B.O 272208 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Audahi Kalan B.O 272201 Basti Basti
Shankarpur B.O 272195 Bhanpur Siddharthnagar
Wasadargah B.O 272195 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Amauna Pandey B.O 272191 Basti Basti
Bewa Chauraha B.O 272191 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Bharatbhari B.O 272191 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Pikaura B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Kachhia B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Belwaria Jungle B.O 272161 Harraiya Basti
Ainpur B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Itbahara B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Ajgaiba Jungle B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Sardaha Sukul B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Kurda B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Belghat B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Tinich B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Malauli Gosain B.O 272129 Harraiya Basti
Dhenugawan B.O 272129 Harraiya Basti
Nandnagar B.O 272129 Harraiya Basti
Sikandarpur B.O 272129 Harraiya Basti
Tharuapur B.O 272129 Harraiya Basti
Bijwar Barahai B.O 272129 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Lalpur B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Raghunathpur B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Bhainsaha B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Deferi B.O 272130 Harraiya Basti
Amarediha B.O 272194 Bhanpur Basti
Dhaurahra B.O 272194 Bhanpur Basti
Tusail B.O 272194 Bhanpur Basti
Tandwa B.O 272194 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Piraila Garib B.O 272194 Bhanpur Basti
Dhawai B.O 272194 Bhanpur Basti
Dhosar B.O 272194 Bhanpur Basti
Karmahiya B.O 272194 Bhanpur Basti
Ramnagar B.O 272194 Bhanpur Basti
Gagapur B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Mahadeoghurhoo B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Trilokpur B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Bhojwar B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Bajrabhari B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Kathela B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Tenuwagrant B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Dhangarwa B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Dhobha B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Karahiagosain B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Bairwa B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Bhadokhar B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Jigina Thakur B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Govindpur B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Rehra Kalan B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Semari Khan Kot B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Khuniyawan B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Mudila Nankar B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Patila B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Maina B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Khadsari B.O 272192 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Beerpur B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Bhandariamanik Ganj B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Bharwatia Bzr B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Chafa B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Dhaurahara B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Dhobha B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Fatehpur B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Gaura Bazar B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Jhahraon B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Kusumhi B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Malimainha B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Lapsi B.O 272190 Bhanpur Basti
Majhauwa Khurd B.O 272190 Bhanpur Basti
Sihari Sardaha B.O 272190 Bhanpur Basti
Teliha Deeh B.O 272190 Bhanpur Basti
Sonha B.O 272190 Bhanpur Basti
Gaura Upadhyay B.O 272124 Basti Sadar Basti
Kothwa B.O 272124 Basti Sadar Basti
Niranjanpur B.O 272124 Basti Sadar Basti
Rampur B.O 272124 Basti Sadar Basti
Naraiyanpur B.O 272124 Basti Sadar Basti
Samaspur B.O 272124 Basti Sadar Basti
Sillo B.O 272124 Basti Sadar Basti
Siktaha B.O 272172 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Taryapar B.O 272172 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Siswania B.O 272172 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Lutuhi B.O 272172 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Diwakarpur B.O 272181 Harraiya Basti
Itwakungai B.O 272181 Harraiya Basti
Hundrakunwar B.O 272181 Harraiya Basti
Jitipur B.O 272181 Harraiya Basti
Mahadewa B.O 272181 Harraiya Basti
Belbharia Ram Gulam B.O 272181 Harraiya Basti
Raghwapur B.O 272181 Harraiya Basti
Vedipur B.O 272181 Harraiya Basti
Gauhania B.O 272155 Harraiya Basti
Majhauwa Babu B.O 272155 Harraiya Basti
Bhadawal B.O 272155 Basti Basti
Barahpur B.O 272155 Harraiya Basti
Keshwapur B.O 272155 Harraiya Basti
Sukrauli Chaudhary B.O 272155 Harraiya Basti
Chorkhari B.O 272155 Harraiya Basti
Amari Bazar B.O 272155 Harraiya Basti
Mahuwapar B.O 272155 Harraiya Basti
Thana Khas B.O 272155 Harraiya Basti
Deora Bazar B.O 272207 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Patni Jungle B.O 272207 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Bheemapar B.O 272207 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Parsa Belhari B.O 272202 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Piparsan B.O 272202 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Alidapur B.O 272202 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Bishunpurwa B.O 272202 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Mudila Khatai B.O 272202 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Birdpur No.7 B.O 272202 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Pachgawan B.O 272202 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Narkul B.O 272202 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Kathar Jungle B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Katya B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Dewapar B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Kasaila B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Bahadurpur B.O 272302 Basti Basti
Beili B.O 272302 Basti Basti
Ranipur B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Lakhanahat B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Marwatia Baboo B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Meetanjot B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Pokharni B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Semara B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Mahripur B.O 272302 Basti Sadar Basti
Khatiyawan B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Chhagulia Bagulia B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Lauki Lala B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Bajahara B.O 272125 Basti Basti
Chhata B.O 272125 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Pachpokhari B.O 272125 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Mahani B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Bhivra B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Burhi Belhar B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Joorie B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Parsa Jhakaria B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Tinharimafi B.O 272126 Basti Sadar Basti
Tilja B.O 272126 Basti Sadar Basti
Dandwakala B.O 272126 Basti Sadar Basti
Bhagausa B.O 272126 Basti Sadar Sant Kabir Nagar
Bhitiya B.O 272126 Basti Sadar Sant Kabir Nagar
Gunakhor B.O 272126 Basti Sadar Basti
Babhni Misra B.O 272126 Basti Sadar Sant Kabir Nagar
Banskhor Kalan B.O 272126 Basti Basti
Danokuiya B.O 272126 Basti Sadar Basti
Hatwa B.O 272126 Basti Sadar Basti
Kohriyawan B.O 272126 Basti Sadar Basti
Madwanagar B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Madhukarpur B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Narkataha B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Pathara Bzr B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Ramwapur Dubey B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Sonkhar B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Tilauli B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Suparaja B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Harraiya Nankar B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Bairikhala B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Belsar B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Gorhi B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Ekma B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Misraulia B.O 272124 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Sugapankhi B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Atraura B.O 272175 Basti Basti
Koni B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Chauri Khurd B.O 272148 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Padaria B.O 272173 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Rasula Bad B.O 272173 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Pauli B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Govind Ganj B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Rosaya Bazar B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Ashraf Pur B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Chaparaghat B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Takiya B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Chapra Magarvi B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Umariya Bazar B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Sanichara Bazar B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Dihwa B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Semardadi B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Madhopur B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Umariya Pandey B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Marpauna B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Shivapar B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Rampur Barakoni B.O 272162 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Ahra B.O 272178 NA Sant Kabir Nagar
Bansgoan B.O 272178 Basti Basti
Bodwal B.O 272178 Basti Basti
Chai Kalan B.O 272178 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Baghari B.O 272178 Basti Basti
Budhakalan B.O 272178 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Changera Mangera B.O 272178 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Dari Deeha B.O 272178 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Ekdangi B.O 272178 Basti Sadar Basti
Gulariha Sirma B.O 272178 Basti Sadar Basti
Kuriyar B.O 272178 Basti Sadar Basti
Karah Pithia B.O 272178 Basti Sadar Basti
Kurthia B.O 272178 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Pedari B.O 272178 Basti Sadar Basti
Rampur Revti B.O 272178 Basti Sadar Basti
Salehpur B.O 272178 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Sanda B.O 272178 Basti Sadar Basti
Unchgaon B.O 272178 Basti Sadar Basti
Unchahra B.O 272178 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Rajapur Sarraiya B.O 272178 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Sonkhar B.O 272178 Basti Sadar Basti
Bhuwan Dand B.O 272178 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Bargo B.O 272175 Basti Basti
Deegha B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Pakhuwapar B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Dhanjwsal B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Taraini B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Belduha B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Bhagata B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Devapar B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Molnapur B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Popaya B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Tamakhas B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Tumpar B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Chandrahar B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Vishwanathpur B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Govindpur B.O 272164 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Athadama B.O 272151 Basti Basti
Bankatia B.O 272151 Rudhauli Basti
Bhitehara B.O 272151 Rudhauli Basti
Chharahata B.O 272151 Bansi Basti
Chhitauni B.O 272151 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Dindai B.O 272151 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Katbandh B.O 272151 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Khambha B.O 272151 Rudhauli Basti
Mahuwar B.O 272151 Rudhauli Basti
Masaicha B.O 272151 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Masina Khas B.O 272151 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Semari B.O 272151 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Surwarkalan B.O 272151 Rudhauli Basti
Ajgara B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Asnar B.O 272153 Basti Basti
Bankuiya B.O 272153 Basti Basti
Gauri B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Bangawa B.O 272153 Basti Basti
Jeewa B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Kakrapokhar B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Kotiagarori B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Chiraiha B.O 272148 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Dandwapandey B.O 272148 Rudhauli Basti
Ghosiyari Bzr B.O 272148 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Kapiyawa B.O 272148 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Kerauna B.O 272148 Rudhauli Basti
Kaitholia B.O 272148 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Mahuswar B.O 272148 Rudhauli Basti
Manaitapur B.O 272148 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Pipra Pratham B.O 272148 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Sehuda Kala B.O 272148 Rudhauli Basti
Belhar Kala B.O 272270 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Bhainsamafi B.O 272270 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Bhataura B.O 272270 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Karma Kalan B.O 272270 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Kotia Urf Sekhui B.O 272270 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Loharsan B.O 272270 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Narayanpur B.O 272270 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Ambari B.O 272150 Basti Basti
Dasia B.O 272150 Bhanpur Baboo Basti
Kohra B.O 272150 Rudhauli Basti
Majhauwa Baikunth B.O 272150 Rudhauli Basti
Misraulia Bhaiya B.O 272150 Rudhauli Basti
Parsa  Damya B.O 272150 Bhanpur Babu Basti
Raunakala B.O 272150 Rudhauli Basti
Belhasa B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Bhagwanpur B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Baur Byas B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Sitikar B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Ghenchuwa B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Nandaur B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Pakaria B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Sai Buzurg B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Santoshpur B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Ramwapur B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Kopia B.O 272199 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Agiyauna B.O 272152 Menhdawal Siddharthnagar
Arji B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Banethu B.O 272152 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Bankeygaon B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Belaukh B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Bisunpurwa B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Charthari B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Gopalpur B.O 272152 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Marwatia Bazar B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Nasirganj B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Pachmohani B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Pasai B.O 272152 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Rajediha Bazar B.O 272152 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Rithia Bazar B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Sawadand B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Sishania B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Suhai Kanpurwa B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Tilaura B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Kadja B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Deokali B.O 272152 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Lahara B.O 272152 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Barhya B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Belauli B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Ghurapali B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Pachneori B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Bhatauli B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Bisauwa B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Gagnai Rao B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Gulariha B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Jaswal B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Kauwathore B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Pakari Araji B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Sangath B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Raghunathpur B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Gaura B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Ushara Shahid B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Karma Khan B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Karahi B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Baghnagar B.O 272002 Basti Basti
Majhauwa Khajuri B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Rasoolpur B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Saithawalia B.O 272002 Basti Sadar Basti
Bharwalia B.O 272123 Basti Sadar Basti
Khoria B.O 272123 Basti Sadar Basti
Deisand B.O 272123 Basti Sadar Basti
Pagar B.O 272123 Basti Sadar Basti
Barahuwan B.O 272123 Basti Basti
Thokwsa B.O 272171 Basti Sadar Basti
Newari B.O 272171 Basti Sadar Basti
Rautapar B.O 272171 Basti Sadar Basti
Bhitani B.O 272177 Basti Sadar Basti
Khairati B.O 272177 Basti Sadar Basti
Kharka B.O 272177 Basti Sadar Basti
Naguwa B.O 272177 Basti Sadar Basti
Bhawanipur B.O 272124 Basti Sadar Basti
Jajupur B.O 272127 Harraiya Basti
Khesuwa B.O 272127 Harraiya Basti
Manjhilgaon B.O 272127 Harraiya Basti
Pachwas B.O 272127 Harraiya Basti
Sangrampur B.O 272127 Harraiya Basti
Turasi B.O 272127 Harraiya Basti
Mansoornagar B.O 272163 Harraina Basti
Barahpur B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Bhainsa Chaubey B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Shivpur B.O 272163 Bhanpur Basti
Pendar B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Pipra Kazi B.O 272163 Harraiya Basti
Belhara B.O 272182 Basti East Basti
Siarapar B.O 272182 Basti East Basti
Sansarpur B.O 272182 Basti East Basti
Bijwar Barhai B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
Bitharia B.O 272189 Domariaganj Siddharthnagar
T.N.Deoria B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Tama B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Sikari B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Baghauli B.O 272175 Basti Basti
Gangauli B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Madhopur B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Shivapar B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Utrawal B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Samdaha B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Bhujaini B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Gandhigram B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Meerganj B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Dhamaicha B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Umari Kalan B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Lahuradeva B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Bania Bari B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Chakdahi B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Ghatramha B.O 272175 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Mudadeehabeg B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Melan Khurd B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Kusuru Khurd B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Sumha B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Pachawa B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Jeodhara B.O 272125 Basti Sadar Basti
Mohankola B.O 272201 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Bohli B.O 272201 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Ramnagar B.O 272201 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Par R.S. B.O 272201 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Dhekhari B.O 272201 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Khurhuria B.O 272204 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Chilihia B.O 272204 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Bhadehargrant B.O 272204 Shohratgarh Siddharthnagar
Dandwaghat B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Sekhui B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Chetia B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Pachhar B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Bidra B.O 272153 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Talpurwa B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Khaira B.O 272153 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Bargadwa  Khabhri B.O 272153 Basti Basti
Karahi B.O 272153 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Barao Nansar B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Bhanwari B.O 272153 Basti Basti
Basantpur B.O 272153 Basti Basti
Janiajote B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Kolhui B.O 272153 Itwa Siddharthnagar
Asogwa B.O 272153 Basti Basti
Bihra B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Rudrapur B.O 272153 Bansi Siddharthnagar
Birdpur No.13 B.O 272203 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Sekhuiya B.O 272203 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Maharia B.O 272207 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Kondragrant B.O 272207 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Jogia Udaipur B.O 272207 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Harraiya B.O 272207 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Dhensanankar B.O 272207 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Mahulani B.O 272207 Naugarh Siddharthnagar
Karmaini B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Naugo B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Sxande Khurd B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Bhitia Kala B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Kudwa B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Jamohara B.O 272271 Menhdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
Mundera Shukul B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Jigina B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Auradand B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Babhnauli B.O 272165 Basti Basti
Rajnauli B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Baijnathpur B.O 272165 Basti Basti
Sirsi B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Tama B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Tanda B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Ghorang B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Bhainsa Khoont B.O 272165 Basti Basti
Devri B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Bakainia B.O 272165 Basti Basti
Malauli B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Katarsoyam B.O 272165 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Revta B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Deokali Kala B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Dhaurepar B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Kali Jagdishpur B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Pindia Bazar B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Gaighat B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Mahobara B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Mukhlishpur B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Nukta B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Onia B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Bhainsahi B.O 272176 Dhanghata Sant Kabir Nagar
Asharfa Bad B.O 272173 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Girdhar Pur B.O 272173 Khalilabad Sant Kabir Nagar
Naya Gaon B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Fatehpur Kalan B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Dharm Nagri B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Faridpur Bhogi B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Daranagar Ganj B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Sabdalpur Rehra B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Mangolpura Roopchand B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Prithvipur B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Nasiri B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Bharaira B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Bakherpur Garhi B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Suwheri B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Sardhani B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Qaziwala B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Vidur Kuti B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Uledha B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Mustafabad B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Murhat B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Bhaisa B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Shiwala Kalan B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Pheena B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Bakhrabad  Urf Khatai B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Allauddinpur B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Ratagarh B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Azampur B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Lodhipur Milak B.O 246727 Dhampur Bijnor
Bishanpur B.O 246727 Chandpur Bijnor
Nagli Pathwari B.O 246727 Dhampur Bijnor
Manjhola Billoch B.O 246727 Dhampur Bijnor
Kmala B.O 246727 Bijnor Bijnor
Singha B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Umri B.O 246761 Bijnor Bijnor
Sikanderpur Basi B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Rampur Bishna B.O 246731 Nagina Bijnor
Bhogli B.O 246762 Nagina Bijnor
Anwarpur Chandka B.O 246722 Nagina Bijnor
Mirzapur B.O 246747 Dhampur Bijnor
Asgaripur B.O 246727 Dhampur Bijnor
Shahpur Kheri B.O 246727 Bijnor Bijnor
Jheeran B.O 246727 Chandpur Bijnor
Morna B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Kharak Jeetpur B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Gajraula Shiv B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Agri B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Mo. Pur Mandawali B.O 246701 Bijnor Bijnor
Rasoolpur Nagla B.O 246736 Chandpur Bijnor
Basantpur B.O 246736 Chandpur Bijnor
Akondha B.O 246736 Chandpur Bijnor
Bakaina B.O 246736 Chandpur Bijnor
Datiyana B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Ismailpur B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Bahmanshora B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Pipli Jat B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Saindwar B.O 246725 Bijnor Bijnor
Heempur Deepa B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Heempur Buzurg B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Ajdev Khanpur B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Roniya B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Gandhore B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Darbara B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Sudnipur Rawati B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Siau B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Aurangabad Urf Sikanderpur B.O 246725 Najibabad Bijnor
Bagarpur B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Jalilpur B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Imliya B.O 246725 Chandpur Bijnor
Fazalpur Dhaki B.O 246729 Chandpur Bijnor
Nayak Nagla B.O 246729 Chandpur Bijnor
Sisauna B.O 246729 Chandpur Bijnor
Gangu Nagla B.O 246729 Chandpur Bijnor
Maseet B.O 246729 Bijnor Bijnor
Baberpur B.O 246729 Chandpur Bijnor
Sherpur Kalyan B.O 246726 Bijnor Bijnor
Pawati B.O 246726 Bijnor Bijnor
Paijaniya B.O 246726 Chandpur Bijnor
Kumharpura Urf Ibrahimpur B.O 246726 Chandpur Bijnor
Nagal Jat B.O 246726 Chandpur Bijnor
Mehamdabad B.O 246726 Chandpur Bijnor
Baldiya B.O 246726 Chandpur Bijnor
Chanda Nagli B.O 246726 Chandpur Bijnor
Amhera B.O 246726 Chandpur Bijnor
Bilai B.O 246726 Chandpur Bijnor
Chowkpuri B.O 246728 Chandpur Bijnor
Dhanaura B.O 246728 Chandpur Bijnor
Dhokalpur B.O 246728 Bijnor Bijnor
Nawada B.O 246728 Chandpur Bijnor
Umri B.O 246728 Bijnor Bijnor
Khari B.O 246728 Bijnor Bijnor
Aheerpura B.O 246734 Bijnor Bijnor
Shadipur Milak B.O 246734 Chandpur Bijnor
Pipalsana B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Mauri Kedarpur B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Neendru B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Mauzampur Jaitra B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Bakshanpur B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Tibri B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Dhakka Karamchand B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Saddobair B.O 246761 Nagina Bijnor
Milak Puranpur B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Padli Basera B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Mankuaa B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Nasirpur Banwari B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Amkhera  Sanjarpur B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Sarkara Chakrajmal B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Sarkathal Sahni B.O 246761 Chandpur Bijnor
Athai Sheikh B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Bhatiyana Khushalpur B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Maujampur Suraj B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Habibwala B.O 246761 Dhampur Bijnor
Akhera B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Sherpur Balla B.O 246733 Dhampur Bijnor
Mohd.Pur Devmal B.O 246721 Bijnor Bijnor
Budgara B.O 246721 Najibabad Bijnor
Maheswari Nagla B.O 246721 Najibabad Bijnor
Khanpur Madho B.O 246721 NA Bijnor
Mohiddinpur B.O 246721 Chandpur Bijnor
Narayanpur B.O 246721 Bijnor Bijnor
Rawli B.O 246721 Najibabad Bijnor
Ganjalpur B.O 246721 Naijibabad Bijnor
Simla Kalan B.O 246721 Najibabad Bijnor
Bahadarpur Sherfuddin B.O 246721 Najibabad Bijnor
Raipur Berisal B.O 246721 Najibabad Bijnor
Chandok R.S. B.O 246721 Najibabad Bijnor
Guniapur B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Fazalpur B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Gajraula Paimar B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Mahawatpur Billoch B.O 246763 Najibabad Bijnor
Semra Sekhpur B.O 271303 Tarabganj Gonda
Tulsipur Majha B.O 271303 Tarabganj Gonda
Khargupur B.O 271303 Tarabganj Gonda
Koilara B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Pandari B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Purab Tola B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Farenda B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Bishunipur B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Naikiniya B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Jahandaria B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Dewarda B.O 271401 Tarbganj Gonda
Liloi Kala B.O 271401 Tarbganj Gonda
Baksaila B.O 271401 Tarbganj Gonda
Gopipur B.O 271401 Tarbganj Gonda
Changeri B.O 271401 Tarbganj Gonda
Nagdahi B.O 271401 Tarabganj Gonda
Didsia Kala B.O 271401 Tarabganj Gonda
Neerpur Khayala B.O 271401 Tarabganj Gonda
Magura Bazar B.O 271401 Tarabganj Gonda
Susunda B.O 271401 Tarabganj Gonda
Badsara Ram Singh B.O 271401 Tarabganj Gonda
Mijhaura B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Malaon B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Taorasi B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Pure Azab B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Madhaipur B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Charsari B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Balmathar B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Bahuwan Br. Majha B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Ata B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Deheas B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Marchaur B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Jarauli B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Akohari B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Utraula B.O 271504 Tarbganj Gonda
Raksaria B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Bhauriganj B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Kundwa Tewaripur B.O 271504 Colonelganj Gonda
Lali Purwa B.O 271504 Colonelganj Gonda
Rajapur B.O 271504 Colonelganj Gonda
Mohna B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Sarinya B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Bamdera B.O 271125 Colonelganj Gonda
Baruee Gondha B.O 271125 Colonelganj Gonda
Durgodwa B.O 271125 Colonelganj Gonda
Hadiagad B.O 271125 Colonelganj Gonda
Kaithola B.O 271125 Colonelganj Gonda
Thakurapur B.O 271125 Colonelganj Gonda
Thathiya Mathiya B.O 271125 Colonelganj Gonda
Bhabhuwa Kot B.O 271311 Colonelganj Gonda
Chitrauli B.O 271311 Colonelganj Gonda
Gobrepurwa B.O 271311 Colonelganj Gonda
Gurwalia B.O 271311 Colonelganj Gonda
Jahgirwa B.O 271311 Colonelganj Gonda
Lale Mau B.O 271311 Colonelganj Gonda
Mauhar B.O 271311 Colonelganj Gonda
B.P.Bhujai B.O 271126 Colonelganj Gonda
Kharthari B.O 271126 Colonelganj Gonda
Parsagodari B.O 271126 Colonelganj Gonda
Sarwangpurwa B.O 271126 Colonelganj Gonda
Gursari B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Kandaru B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Kurtha B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Malauna B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Mohammadpur B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Nahwa Parsaura B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Paharapur B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Pandey Chaura B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Parsa Mahesi B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Pipri Rawat B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Sakraura B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Shisa Mau B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Usrair B.O 271502 Colonelganj Gonda
Pirwartara B.O 271204 Gonda Gonda
Sisai Jangal B.O 271204 Balrampur Balrampur
Bangaon B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Bhartha B.O 271503 NA Gonda
Chauhan Purwa B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Deva Pasiya B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Katuwa Nala B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Kotiya Madara B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Narayan Pur Kala B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Pipari Majha B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Pure Nidhi B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Selhari B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Shahajot B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Urdi B.O 271503 Colonelganj Gonda
Bangai B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Beerpur Bhoj B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Bhairampur B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Bichhudi B.O 271122 Colonelganj Gonda
Khairam Lalwa Chak B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Mallapur B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Parsia Rani B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Pipara  Bazar B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Pure Bahori B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Ramapur B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Sahjanwa B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Ursaina B.O 271122 Gonda Gonda
Bishunpur Kla B.O 271504 Colonelganj Gonda
Subhagpur B.O 271504 Tarabganj Gonda
Barnapur B.O 271401 Tarabganj Gonda
Parsada B.O 271401 Tarabganj Gonda
Sisai B.O 271401 Tarabganj Gonda
Umrapur Chauhan B.O 271401 Tarabganj Gonda
Sarawa B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Ranipur B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Tiwari Bazar B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Khojanpur B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Bangaon B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Niyama B.O 271403 Taranganj Gonda
Pure Ghisiram B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Kindhaura B.O 271403 Taranganj Gonda
Dhodhey Pur B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Jamtha B.O 271403 Tarabganu Gonda
Paras B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Singha Chanda B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Amdahi B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Dhanauli B.O 271403 Tarabganjj Gonda
Taradheeh B.O 271403 Tarabganjj Gonda
Garauli B.O 271403 Tarabganj Gonda
Sonauli Mohammad Pur B.O 271402 Tarabganj Gonda
Gaj Singh J Pur B.O 271402 Tarabfanj Gonda
Banau B.O 271402 Tarabganj Gonda
Dixar B.O 271402 Tarabganj Gonda
Pure Dal B.O 271402 Tarabganj Gonda
Aili Parsauli B.O 271402 Tarabganj Gonda
Semri Kala B.O 271402 Tarabganj Gonda
Sidhauti B.O 271402 Tarabganij Gonda
Bhopat Pur B.O 271309 Tarabganj Gonda
Dhaurahra Ghat B.O 271309 Tarabganj Gonda
Akbar Pur B.O 271309 Tarabganj Gonda
Gedsar B.O 271309 Tarabganj Gonda
Gauhani B.O 271309 Tarabganj Gonda
Ghacha B.O 271309 Tarabganj Gonda
Sakipur B.O 271309 Tarabganj Gonda
Rangi B.O 271309 Tarabganj Gonda
Bahlol Pur B.O 271002 Gonda Gonda
Imliya Gurdayal B.O 271002 Gonda Gonda
Bahre Kuiya B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Belha B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Bargadhi B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Bhatpurwa Kala B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Beer Pur Khairaniya B.O 271201 Ikauna ** Shrawasti
Bheekh Pur B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Deoria B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Gajaihwa B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Jabdha B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Jewnar B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Katra Shankar Nagar B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Mirjapur B.O 271201 Balrampur Balrampur
Jamuni Kala B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Sonpur B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Thakurapur B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Manikapur B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Puraina B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Shivpur Mhadev B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Ganeshpur B.O 271203 Tulsipur Balrampur
Newal Garh B.O 271203 Tulsipur Balrampur
Ramwapur B.O 271203 Tulsipur Balrampur
Amwabas B.O 271203 Tulsipur Balrampur
Mutera B.O 271203 Tulsipur Balrampur
Raniyapur B.O 271203 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bhojpur Tharu B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Hallaura B.O 271210 Tuslipur Balrampur
Khamahariya B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bakaulirajpur B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Gulriha Sandwa B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Chauhattar Khurd B.O 271210 Tulsipur Balrampur
Kauwapur B.O 271205 Tulsipur Balrampur
Badalpur B.O 271205 Tulsipur Balrampur
Gulriha B.O 271205 Balrampur Balrampur
Lai Budwa B.O 271205 Balrampur Balrampur
Mundila B.O 271205 Balrampur Balrampur
Sehrinwa B.O 271205 Tulsipur Balrampur
Sugganagar B.O 271205 Balrampur Balrampur
Bankatwa B.O 271861 Tulsipur Balrampur
Baldev Nagar B.O 271861 Tulsipur Balrampur
Kodri B.O 271861 Tulsipur Balrampur
Laliya B.O 271861 Tulsipur Balrampur
Mangra Kohal B.O 271861 Tulsipur Balrampur
Pranpur B.O 271861 Tulsipur Balrampur
Achkawapur B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Adamtara B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Kutti Ram Talha B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bemiha B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Belhsa B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bargadwa B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bhagwanpur Khadar B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Dhawai B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Malda B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Kundwa B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Ganeshpur B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Pipriha Jamuni B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bargadha Sohna B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Madha Nagar B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Mnohrapur B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Manpur B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Vijay Nagar B.O 271215 Tulsipur Balrampur
Tirlokpur B.O 271215 Tulsipuir Balrampur
Kohar Gaddi B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Amauli Dhamali B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bairihwa B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Banghusri B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bethaniya Karihniya B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Badhara B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Kataiyabhari B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Chandanpur B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Dumri B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Madni B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Rehra Cahuki B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Ram Nagar B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bhagwanpur Kondar B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Chauhattar Kalan B.O 271208 Gonda Gonda
Dharampur B.O 271208 Balrampur Balrampur
Lal Nagar Sipahia B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Laxmi Nagar B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Laukahwa B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bhagwanpur B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Rani Jot B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bangai B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Imlia Kondar B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Gurchihwa B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Thurwaliya B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Majgawan B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Bisunpur Vishram B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Visunpur Tantanwa B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Suganagar Dumri B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Shankarpur Kalan B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Dhabauliya B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Parasrampur B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Parasrampur Rajahana B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Rajdarwa Tharu B.O 271206 Tulsipur Balrampur
Gudra B.O 271208 Tulsipur Balrampur
Alipur Bujurg B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Bank Bazar B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Bhairampur B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Chhitarpara B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Dualata Bad Grant B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Majhgaon B.O 271310 Mankapur Gonda
Dumaria Deeh B.O 271310 Mankapur Gonda
Kasipur B.O 271310 Tarabganj Gonda
Jigana Bazar B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Bhitaura B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Dinkarpur B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Ghunahi B.O 271302 Manakpur Gonda
Bhorha B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Bairi Pur Ramnath B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Jhilahi B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Harna Tayar B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Balli Pur B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Surjapur B.O 271302 Tarabganj Gonda
Harsinghwa Chauhan B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Andhiyari B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Dhuswa B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Machhali Gaon B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Karoha Man B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Pachputi Jagtapur B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Bankasia B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Mallhipur B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Lamti Uprauhwa B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Deoria B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Kunjalpur B.O 271302 Mankapur Gonda
Hathini Bhopatpur B.O 271305 Mankapur Gonda
Mawai B.O 271305 Mankapur Gonda
Surwar Khurd B.O 271305 Mankapur Gonda
Gaighat B.O 271305 Mankapur Gonda
Majhauwa Bujurg B.O 271305 Mankapur Gonda
Shitalganj Grant B.O 271305 Mankapur Gonda
Gaura Pandey B.O 271305 Harraiya Basti
Manda B.O 271305 Mankapur Gonda
Ailanpur Grant B.O 271305 Mankapur Gonda
Deoria Alawal B.O 271601 Gonda Gonda
Karamdeeh B.O 271601 Gonda Gonda
Malari B.O 271601 Gonda Gonda
Chuwar B.O 271313 Mankapur Gonda
Kotkhas B.O 271313 Mankapur Gonda
Parsaudaikar B.O 271313 Manapur Gonda
Charu B.O 271313 Mankapur Gonda
Parsa Tiwari B.O 271313 Mankapur Gonda
Mandap B.O 271313 Mankapur Gonda
Sabarpur B.O 271313 Mankapur Gonda
Mahrajganj Grant B.O 271313 NA Gonda
Khamariaha Bujurg B.O 271313 Mankapur Gonda
Belahri Bujurg B.O 271313 Mankapur Gonda
Hathiagarh B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Maddo Bazar B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Keshav Nagar Grant B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Chandradeep Ghat B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Kook Nagar Grant B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Bangaonwa B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Narharpur B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Sitarampur Grant B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Ismaila B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Dhari Ghat B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Farenda Khurda B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Daulatpur Grant B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Allipur Grant B.O 271312 Mankapur Gonda
Intai B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Godahana B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Husaina Bad Grant B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Jaita Pur B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Khajuria B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Naubasta Mundila B.O 271604 Balrampur Balrampur
Parsona B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Pehar B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Nandauri B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Sukhuiya B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Terhawa Nabad B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Gajpur Grant B.O 271604 Utraula Balrampur
Bakharwa B.O 271603 Gonda Gonda
Debari Kalan B.O 271603 Gonda Gonda
Mehnawan B.O 271603 Gonda Gonda
Rajapur B.O 271603 Gonda Gonda
Retwa Gara B.O 271603 Gonda Gonda
Ujjaini Kalan B.O 271603 Gonda Gonda
Pure Basalat B.O 271603 Gonda Gonda
Kotia B.O 271306 Utraula Balrampur
Badhya Fareed Khan B.O 271306 Utraula Balrampur
Bhdhipur B.O 271306 Utraula Balrampur
Datauli B.O 271306 Utraula Balrampur
Bisunpur Grant B.O 271306 Utraula Balrampur
Saraikhas B.O 271306 Utraula Balrampur
Fakirapur B.O 271609 Utraula Balrampur
Gumri B.O 271609 Utraula Balrampur
Mahdaiya State B.O 271609 Utraula Balrampur
Pipra Ram Chandar B.O 271609 Utraula Balrampur
Puraina Wajid B.O 271609 Utraula Balrampur
Rehar Mafi B.O 271609 Utraula Balrampur
Belbhari B.O 271602 Gonda Gonda
Bisambharpur B.O 271602 Gonda Gonda
Dutt Nagar B.O 271602 Gonda Gonda
Dulhapur B.O 271602 Gonda Gonda
Rudragarh Nausi B.O 271602 Gonda Gonda
Bangai Barwar B.O 271602 Gonda Gonda
Bankati Suryabali Singh B.O 271602 Gonda Gonda
Dari Chaura B.O 271607 Utraula Balrampur
Deoria Mubarakpur B.O 271607 Utraula Balrampur
Mahuwa B.O 271607 Utraula Balrampur
Ardauna B.O 273163 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Auratar B.O 273304 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Uska B.O 273303 Maharajganj Maharajganj
Katahra B.O 273303 Maharajgang Maharajganj
Katahari B.O 273163 NA Maharajganj
Kotamukund Pur B.O 273303 Maharajganj Maharajganj
Kothibhar B.O 273163 Maharajganj Maharajganj
Kaima B.O 273163 Maharajganj Maharajganj
Kamhariakala B.O 273303 Maharajganj Maharajganj
Karamahi B.O 273163 Maharajganj Maharajganj
Karmha B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Khajuria B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Khesrari B.O 273163 NA Gorakhpur
Khutha Bazar B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Gaunaria B.O 273207 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Gopala B.O 273302 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Germa B.O 273163 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Gaura Dubey B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Guri Badhipurwa B.O 273163 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Garaura B.O 273305 Nidhlaul Maharajganj
Chargha B.O 273163 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Chehari B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Chainpur B.O 273163 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Chauk B.O 273303 Mahrajganj. Maharajganj
Chaumukha B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Jagdaur B.O 273207 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Jamie Pandit B.O 273207 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Jhingti B.O 273305 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Jhulnipur B.O 273304 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Dagroopur B.O 273305 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Doma Khas B.O 273304 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Balua B.O 273302 Mahrajgang Maharajganj
Salamat Garh B.O 273303 Marajganj Maharajganj
Murarpur B.O 273409 Gola Gorakhpur
Deepgarh B.O 273408 NA Gorakhpur
Machhaligaon B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Basantpur B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Khoria Bazar B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Nawapar B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Rampur Rakba B.O 273201 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Awadhpur B.O 273202 Sadar Gorakhpur
Kanapar B.O 273403 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Pali B.O 273403 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Malahanpar B.O 273403 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Siswa Urf Siuwa B.O 273403 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Sahupar B.O 273403 NA Gorakhpur
Pandeypura B.O 273403 NA Gorakhpur
Khortha B.O 273401 Bhowapar Gorakhpur
Bhiti B.O 273401 Khajani Gorakhpur
Bhaghagarha B.O 273401 Sadar Gorakhpur
Kakarakhore B.O 273401 Khajani Gorakhpur
Dohariya Bazar B.O 273015 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jagatabela B.O 273015 Sadar Gorakhpur
Manjharia B.O 273015 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jangle Dhushar B.O 273014 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jangle Laxmipur B.O 273014 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jangle Salikram B.O 273014 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jangle Tulshiram B.O 273014 Sadar Gorakhpur
Bariepar B.O 273209 Sadar Gorakhpur
Bharpahi B.O 273209 Sadar Gorakhpur
Bhashla B.O 273209 Sadar Gorakhpur
Bharshad B.O 273209 Sahajanwa Gorakhpur
Bhaisaha B.O 273202 Sadar Gorakhpur
Dumri Khas B.O 273202 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jungle Gauri B.O 273202 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jhangha B.O 273202 Sadar Gorakhpur
Amhia B.O 273202 Sadar Gorakhpur
Phothwa Inar B.O 273202 Sadar Gorakhpur
Gahira B.O 273202 Sadar Gorakhpur
Bhauwapar Bazar B.O 273202 NA Gorakhpur
Belwa Babu B.O 273202 Sadar Gorakhpur
Belakanta B.O 273152 NA Gorakhpur
Basdila B.O 273202 Sadar Gorakhpur
Baria Khas B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Barpar B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Sidhagaur B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Pirahani B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Sukahlpuri B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Tanda B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Tiha Mohammadpur B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Nibidubey B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Parsia B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Patna B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Farsand B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Khandaesari B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Madria B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Mahupar B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Newaijpar B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Bimuti B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Bhatpar B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Derwa B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Balwa Dakhli B.O 273402 NA Gorakhpur
Bhrauli B.O 273402 Gola Gorakhpur
Bharroh B.O 273408 Gola Gorakhpur
Bhita B.O 273403 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Bisaunpur B.O 273403 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Bhitirawat B.O 273209 Sahajanwa Gorakhpur
Chadrawn B.O 273209 Sahajanwa Gorakhpur
Dumarinivas B.O 273209 Sahajanwa Gorakhpur
Dhuriapar B.O 273209 Sahajanwa Gorakhpur
Bhuswal B.O 273403 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Baghrain B.O 273403 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Hata Buzurg B.O 273403 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Jigina Bhion B.O 273403 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Karanjahi B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Baksuri B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Chawaria Buzurg B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Dhanwda Buzurg B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Gajpur B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Bashwanpur B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Tigharakhairwa B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Mahuarkol B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Pakdidubey B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Tiar B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Boopgarh B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Janipur B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Dubauli B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Malaon B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Munderathakurai B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Sogaura B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Thunni Mahadev Chak B.O 273413 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Girdharpur B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Kanaicha B.O 273413 Basgaob Gorakhpur
Kanail B.O 273413 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Mahuja B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Shingaha B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Belabirbhan B.O 273411 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Dharsi B.O 273411 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Dandi B.O 273413 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Ghorsaon B.O 273411 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Jadishpur Bhaluwan B.O 273411 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Kotha B.O 273411 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Rajgharh B.O 273411 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Kohra Buzurg B.O 273408 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Rakhat B.O 273411 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Belkur B.O 273411 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Salarpur B.O 273411 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Karwal Majhgawa B.O 273411 Basgaon Gorakhpur
Chhapra B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Baraipar B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Dadri B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Semra Khurd B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Khakhaichkhor B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Kodarpandey B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Newada B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Rampur Bhaghaura B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Khirkitadubey B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Bhiti B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Mathia B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Riaon B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Sahuwakol B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Sihaijpar B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Mohaljalkar B.O 273412 Gola Gorakhpur
Pichaura B.O 273401 NA Gorakhpur
Kusmaul B.O 273401 Bhowapar Gorakhpur
Bhagawanpur B.O 273401 Bhowapar Gorakhpur
Mishraula B.O 273401 Bhowapar Gorakhpur
Gahanshad B.O 273209 Sahajanwa Gorakhpur
Ghaghsara B.O 273209 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Harpur Budhat B.O 273209 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Kodari B.O 273209 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Lakhanapaar B.O 273209 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Mahaita B.O 273209 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Minwa B.O 273209 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Niwas B.O 273209 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Parmeswarpur B.O 273209 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Randauli B.O 273209 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Rithuwakhor B.O 273209 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Sidhauli B.O 273209 Sajhanwa Gorakhpur
Bahrampur B.O 273016 Sader Gorakhpur
Bargo B.O 273016 Sader Gorakhpur
Chhapiya B.O 273016 Sader Gorakhpur
Davarpar B.O 273016 Sader Gorakhpur
Lahsari B.O 273016 Sader Gorakhpur
Lalpur Tikar B.O 273016 Sader Gorakhpur
Mirzapur Bazar B.O 273016 Sader Gorakhpur
Nauwa Awal B.O 273016 Sader Gorakhpur
Nausar B.O 273016 Sader Gorakhpur
Rampur B.O 273016 Sader Gorakhpur
Belwatikar B.O 273302 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Basuli  Farm B.O 273163 Nochlaul Maharajganj
Baspar Baijauli B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Baspar B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Basantpur B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Bheria B.O 273207 NA Maharajganj
Bhainsi B.O 273302 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Madanpura B.O 273304 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Madhwalia B.O 273163 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Manikapur B.O 273305 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Madhubani B.O 273207 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Mahuawa B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Mishraulia B.O 273207 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Mujahna Buzurg B.O 273207 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Munderi B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Mednipur B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Meghwali Kala B.O 273304 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Rampur Kala B.O 273163 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Rampur Baldiha B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Rengahia B.O 273304 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Rudhaulibhawshak B.O 273303 Marajganj Maharajganj
Ledi B.O 273304 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Laxmipurektanga B.O 273302 Maharaganj Maharajganj
Laxmipurkhurd B.O 273305 Nachulwa Maharajganj
Laxmipurdeurwa B.O 273302 Maharaganj Maharajganj
Laxmipurshiwala B.O 273302 Maharganj Maharajganj
Lohepar B.O 273163 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Sekhuani B.O 273305 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Senduria B.O 273207 Mahraganj Maharajganj
Sonara B.O 273303 Marajganj Maharajganj
Sonbarsa B.O 273207 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Sabaya B.O 273163 NA Maharajganj
Sewareji B.O 273303 Marajganj Maharajganj
Shewatari Bzr B.O 273305 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Siswa Raja B.O 273302 Maharajganj Maharajganj
Sohrauna Tiwari B.O 273302 Maharjang Maharajganj
Shikarpur B.O 273302 Maharjang Maharajganj
Harakpur B.O 273302 Maharajang Maharajganj
Arwagadish B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Mahubujurg B.O 273407 Khajni Gorakhpur
Rohari B.O 273407 NA Gorakhpur
Kotwa B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Marwatiya B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Pachperwa B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Basahi B.O 273404 Khajni Gorakhpur
Mokarimpur B.O 273404 Gola Gorakhpur
Biraikhurd B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Gajpur B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Dhudhara B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Dhuripar B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Raujadaragah B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Gigani Bujurg B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Pandeypura B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Keshawapar B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Gaurkhas B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Newas B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Purwa Bazar B.O 273407 NA Gorakhpur
Bela Khurd B.O 273407 NA Gorakhpur
Sidhawana B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Shahpur B.O 273407 Gola Gorakhpur
Barpar Mafi B.O 273409 Gola Gorakhpur
Bishunpur Raja B.O 273409 Gola Gorakhpur
Jharkata B.O 273409 Gola Gorakhpur
Harpur B.O 273409 Gola Gorakhpur
Tarayapar B.O 273409 Gola Gorakhpur
Baranagar B.O 273409 Gola Gorakhpur
Uchagaon B.O 273409 Gola Gorakhpur
Babhnauli B.O 273404 Khajni Gorakhpur
Shankarpur B.O 273404 Khajni Gorakhpur
Kuri Bazar B.O 273404 Khajani Gorakhpur
Siswa Babu B.O 273404 NA Gorakhpur
Lakhuapakar B.O 273404 Khajani Gorakhpur
Piparshandi B.O 273404 Khajani Gorakhpur
Gaighat B.O 273404 Khajani Gorakhpur
Alawalpur B.O 273213 NA Gorakhpur
Ahirauli Bujurg B.O 273213 Khajani Gorakhpur
Ashauji Bazar B.O 273213 Khajani Gorakhpur
Baraw B.O 273213 Khajani Gorakhpur
Deharatikar B.O 273213 Khajani Gorakhpur
Baripur B.O 273213 NA Gorakhpur
Badago B.O 273213 Khajani Gorakhpur
Trilokpur B.O 273213 Khajani Gorakhpur
Patakhuli B.O 273213 Khajani Gorakhpur
Karamdeva B.O 273211 NA Gorakhpur
Murdewa B.O 273211 Khajani Gorakhpur
Barigaon B.O 273211 NA Gorakhpur
Barayapar B.O 273211 NA Gorakhpur
Bheunsa B.O 273211 NA Gorakhpur
Israuli B.O 273211 Khajani Gorakhpur
Baraipurwa B.O 273406 NA Gorakhpur
Ropnari B.O 273406 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Hardi Chak B.O 273406 NA Gorakhpur
Bhatauli B.O 273406 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Gaursaira B.O 273406 NA Gorakhpur
Saraya Tiwari B.O 273406 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Barni Gopalpur B.O 273406 Bansgaon Gorakhpur
Samayathanbhiti B.O 273408 Gola Gorakhpur
Kodri B.O 273408 NA Gorakhpur
Tarkulwa Tiwari B.O 273302 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Dogahra B.O 273305 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Darahata B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Devgatti B.O 273305 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Dhanewa Dhanai B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Narayanpur B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Nadua Bazar B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Neta Surhurwa B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Pakdi Bishunpur B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Pakdiar Bishunpur B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Pakdi Dixit B.O 273302 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Pakdinauni A B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Pachrukhia B.O 273302 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Pachrenawa B.O 273207 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Panewa Panei B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Piparpati Tiwari B.O 273302 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Parsauni B.O 273207 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Parsamalik B.O 273305 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Parsa Gidahi B.O 273302 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Pipra Bazar B.O 273207 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Pipra B.O 273305 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Purena Khandi Chauri B.O 273302 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Bagapar B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Baithwalia B.O 273304 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Badhara Mir B.O 273207 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Badhra Mahant B.O 273163 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Bodna B.O 273305 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Belwa Khurd B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Bauliaraja B.O 273303 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Bariarpur B.O 273163 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Biraicha B.O 273151 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Bali B.O 273304 Nichlaul Maharajganj
Kakrahi B.O 273408 NA Gorakhpur
Patauha B.O 273408 Gola Gorakhpur
Gopalpur B.O 273408 Gola Gorakhpur
Mannipursahdauli B.O 273408 NA Gorakhpur
Nuaon B.O 273408 NA Gorakhpur
Dewalapar B.O 273408 Gola Gorakhpur
Chilwa B.O 273408 Gola Gorakhpur
Bigahi B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Semar Dadi B.O 273212 NA Gorakhpur
Karanpura B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Bihari Bujurg B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Dhobouli B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Jhudiya B.O 273212 Khajni Gorakhpur
Pagar B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Rampur Pandey B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Jaitpur B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Bargahan B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Hariharpur B.O 273212 Khajni Gorakhpur
Bharohiya B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Basiakhor B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Gadar B.O 273212 Sahjanwa Gorakhpur
Pachauri B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Amtaura B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Sonbarsa Babu B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Khajuri B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Tenuwa B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Madanpura B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Dewrartula B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Mahuraon B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Bhaisa Bazar B.O 273212 Khajani Gorakhpur
Khajani Tehsil B.O 273212 NA Gorakhpur
Katai Tikar B.O 273212 NA Gorakhpur
Pharendra Khurd B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Hagana Mohammadpur B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Bargadwa Harriya B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Baratgarah B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Pokharbhinda B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Goplapur B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Karimnagar B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Dandwarkhurd B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Indrapur B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Mathuranagar B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Bankata B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Ramnagar B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Sarpataha B.O 273155 Farenda Maharajganj
Banjaria Sonbarsa B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Mishrouliya B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Mahulani B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Lalpur B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Belaharriya B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Amwabujurg B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Siakrgarh B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Sauraha B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Sahjanwa Babu B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Shahabad B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Keshouli B.O 273157 Farenda Maharajganj
Baisar B.O 273161 Farenda Maharajganj
Sikandrajitpur B.O 273161 Farenda Maharajganj
Mahdewa B.O 273161 Farenda Maharajganj
Marhatha B.O 273161 Farenda Maharajganj
Nausagra B.O 273161 Farenda Maharajganj
Bandoh B.O 273161 Farenda Maharajganj
Belouha B.O 273161 Farenda Maharajganj
Bhaurabari B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Ramchaura B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Rigouli B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Sonoura Bujurg B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Suras B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Kamasinkhurd B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Baluwa B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Baidabazar B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Mahuwashukul B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Madhonagar B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Maulaganj B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Netwar Bazar B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Gulhariya B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Rajuarakhurd B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Loharpurwa B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Khajurgawan B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Thakurnagar B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Kunwar B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Smardhira B.O 273162 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Lejarmahdewa B.O 273162 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Lvp Nagar B.O 273155 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Semra Maharaj B.O 273162 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Rajdhani B.O 273162 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Basantpur B.O 273162 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Rajmandir Kala B.O 273162 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Khlikgarh B.O 273162 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Jara B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Bhagawanpur B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Banarisihakhurd B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Puraniha B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Kajari B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Charalaha B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Naikot B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Bhagirathpur B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Adda Bazar B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Ratanpur B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Karamahwa B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Akasarawa B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Karialia B.O 273164 Nautanawa Maharajganj
Nipania B.O 273164 Nautanwa Maharajganj
Rajpur B.O 273158 Camperganj Gorakhpur
Dhrampur B.O 273158 Camperganj Gorakhpur
Davipur B.O 273158 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Gangibazar B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Jangle Agahi B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Domara B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Kataharimahurasar B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Barhyachowk B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Tighara B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Narakataha Bazar B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Fardahani B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Ban B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Mansorganj Khurd B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Majhauna B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Rakhore B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Rawatganj B.O 273165 Campierganj Gorakhpur
Sarhari B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Kanapar B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Turkwalia B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Thawaipar B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Rajabari B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Kalyanpur B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Makhanaha B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Mahawan Khore B.O 273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Kusumhi Bazar B.O 273002 Sadar Gorakhpur
Gopalpur B.O 273002 Sadar Gorakhpur
Baraipur B.O 273002 Sadar Gorakhpur
Sihoria B.O 273002 Sadar Gorakhpur
Sonbarsa Bazar B.O 273002 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jagdishpur B.O 273002 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jungle Ramgarh B.O 273002 Sadar Gorakhpur
Sadhna B.O 273405 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Kuin Bazar B.O 273405 Chauri Chaura Maharajganj
Bishunpura B.O 273405 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Bautha B.O 273405 NA Gorakhpur
Dihghat B.O 273405 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Dumraila B.O 273405 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Haraiya B.O 273203 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Jungle Rasoolpur B.O 273203 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Nauwabari B.O 273203 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Mithbel B.O 273203 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Junjle Dumri No-2 B.O 273306 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jungle Dumri No-1 B.O 273306 Sadar Gorakhpur
Natwa Jungle B.O 273306 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jainpur B.O 273306 Sadar Gorakhpur
Khutahan Khas B.O 273306 Sadar Gorakhpur
Piparpati B.O 273306 Sadar Gorakhpur
Shyamdeorva B.O 273306 Sadar Maharajganj
Chiuthan B.O 273306 Sadar Gorakhpur
Badhara Baraipar B.O 273306 Sadar Gorakhpur
Sumergarh B.O 273306 Sadar Gorakhpur
Gulharia B.O 273013 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jingle Ayodhayay Prasad B.O 273013 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jungle Aurahi B.O 273013 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jhungia Bazar B.O 273013 Sadar Gorakhpur
Baghar B.O 273201 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
S Athwa Purvi B.O 273201 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Mehia B.O 273201 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Parsauni B.O 273201 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Pholwaria B.O 273201 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Bishwnathpur B.O 273201 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Gaunar B.O 273201 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Sonbarsa B.O 273201 Chauri Chaura Gorakhpur
Maniram B.O 273007 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Balapar B.O 273007 NA Gorakhpur
Jangle Beni Madho B.O 273007 Sadar Gorakhpur
Parmeshwar Pur B.O 273007 Sadar Gorakhpur
Mirpur B.O 273007 Sadar Gorakhpur
Maina Bhagar B.O 273007 Sadar Gorakhpur
Rampurgopalpur B.O 273007 Sadar Gorakhpur
Sihorwa B.O 273007 Sadar Gorakhpur
Raiganj B.O 273010 Sadar Gorakhpur
Jungle Chauri B.O 273010 Sadar Gorakhpur
Nebuiya B.O 273301 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Lakhima B.O 273301 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Bashia Buzurg B.O 273301 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Jaddupipra B.O 273301 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Harpurtiwari B.O 273301 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Semra Chandauli B.O 273301 Mahrajganj Maharajganj
Dharmauli B.O 273301 NA Maharajganj
Patra Bazar B.O 273152 Sadar Gorakhpur
Hemdhapur B.O 273152 Sadar Gorakhpur
Samdar Khurd B.O 273306 Sadar Gorakhpur
Naiyapar Khurd B.O 273152 Sadar Gorakhpur
Unaula B.O 273152 Sadar Gorakhpur
Dhanaha Naik B.O 273301 Sadar Gorakhpur
Luhsi B.O 273152 Sadar Gorakhpur
Babnapur B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Bahar B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Bhadaicha B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Dhiar Maholiya B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Rara B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Kakendi B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Kaudha B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Kurria B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Kutuwapur B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Khajurahara B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Lalpalpur B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Madara B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Maholiya Shivpar B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Malihamau B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Naya Gaon Mubarakpur B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Neer B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Odra B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Poora Bahadur B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Saitiyapur B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Sakatpur B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Sathara B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Sakara B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Sadai Behta B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Sikarohari B.O 241001 Harodi Hardoi
Sursa B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Tatyora B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Turtipur B.O 241001 Harodi Hardoi
Eja B.O 241001 Hardoi Hardoi
Ranguwan B.O 284121 Jhansi Jhansi
Dhanaura B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Belma Kalan B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Khisni Buzurg B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Karmai B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Khiriya Latkanju B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Kakdari B.O 284126 NA Lalitpur
Silgan B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Sarsela B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Bahadurpur B.O 285124 Jalaun Jalaun
Deogaon B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Chitaura B.O 285126 Madhogarh Jalaun
Dhamna B.O 285126 Madhogarh Jalaun
Harauli B.O 285126 Madhogarh Jalaun
Kailor B.O 285126 Madhogarh Jalaun
Kursenda B.O 285126 Madhogarh Jalaun
Ramhetpura B.O 285126 Madhogarh Jalaun
Sihari B.O 285126 Madhogarh Jalaun
Baseeth B.O 285206 Konch Jalaun
Gaindoli B.O 285206 Konch Jalaun
Ghillaur B.O 285206 Konch Jalaun
Sajera B.O 285206 Konch Jalaun
Jaganpura B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Naraul B.O 285127 Madhogarh Jalaun
Ninaoli B.O 285127 Madhogarh Jalaun
Pachokhara B.O 285127 Madhogarh Jalaun
Rudrapura B.O 285127 Madhogarh Jalaun
Sidhpura B.O 285127 Madhogarh Jalaun
Teehar B.O 285127 Madhogarh Jalaun
Uncha B.O 285127 Madhogarh Jalaun
Ajeetapur B.O 285129 Madhogarh Jalaun
Eeton B.O 285129 Madhogarh Jalaun
Majeeth B.O 285129 Madhogarh Jalaun
Nawar B.O 285129 Madhogarh Jalaun
Diraoti B.O 285205 NA Jalaun
Chhani B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Guraoti B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Jaitpura B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Kainth B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Kanasi B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Khanua B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Khairi B.O 285205 NA Jalaun
Kishunpura B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Lohagarh B.O 285205 Konch Jhansi
Pachipuri B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Paniyara B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Salaiyya Buzurg B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Sunaya B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Sadupura B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Toomra B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Titra Khalilpur B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Khutaila B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Aindha B.O 285223 Konch Jalaun
Barsar B.O 285223 Konch Jalaun
Binaura B.O 285223 Konch Jalaun
Kurkuru B.O 285223 Konch Jalaun
Said Nagar B.O 285223 Konch Jalaun
Sikri Vyas B.O 285223 Konch Jalaun
Bhadeikh B.O 285125 NA Jalaun
Daulatpur B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Gora Rathor B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Lohai B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Pipri Gaharwar B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Rampura Kirwaha B.O 285125 NA Jhansi
Romai Mustkil B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Roora Jaitia B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Nahili B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Sheikhpur Ahir B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Shankarpur B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Tikri B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Waoli B.O 285125 Madhogarh Jalaun
Abhedepur B.O 285130 NA Jalaun
Bichauli B.O 285130 Madhogarh Jalaun
Damras B.O 285130 Madhogarh Jalaun
Eekon B.O 285130 Madhogarh Jalaun
Jakha B.O 285130 Madhogarh Jalaun
Nipaniya B.O 285130 Madhogarh Jalaun
Pipri Athgaiyan B.O 285130 Madhogarh Jalaun
Simhara Kasimpur B.O 285130 Madhogarh Jalaun
Sirsa Kalar B.O 285130 Madhogarh Jalaun
Dhawari B.O 284202 NA Jhansi
Garhwai B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Gokul B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Ghuraiya B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Jakhaura B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Karguwan Khurd B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Kudri B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Kuretha B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Nagra B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Nauta B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Sarsenda B.O 284202 NA Jhansi
Sutta B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Tehrauli B.O 284202 NA Jhansi
Boodha B.O 284002 Jhansi Jhansi
Churara B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Ghat Lehchura B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Haiwatpura B.O 284204 NA Jhansi
Itayal B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Kakwara B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Mahewa B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Kureecha B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Markuan B.O 284204 NA Jhansi
Patha Dhakarwara B.O 284204 NA Jhansi
Rewan B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Roni Baragaon B.O 284204 NA Jhansi
Rora Bhatpura B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Sijari Buzurg B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Saipura B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Rupa Dhamna B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Siaori B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Soot Bazar B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Dhamna Payak B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Amra B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Amrokh B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Bakwan B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Basobai B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Bharosa B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Bheonraghat B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Chelra B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Jaunra B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Karkos B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Kharauwa B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Kumhariya B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Kumhrar B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Ladawra B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Lawan B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Nandkhas B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Pandori B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Patti Kumharra B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Pulia B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Reo B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Semri B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Shahjahanpur B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Simiriya B.O 284303 NA Jalaun
Talaud B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Tori B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Atariya B.O 284303 Moth Jhansi
Amgaon B.O 284306 Moth Jhansi
Khilli B.O 284306 Moth Jhansi
Nari B.O 284306 Moth Jhansi
Pahargaon B.O 284306 Moth Jalaun
Sersa B.O 284306 NA Jhansi
Sesha B.O 284306 NA Jhansi
Ambabai B.O 284419 Jhansi Jhansi
Dangarwaha B.O 284419 Jhansi Jhansi
Punaoli Kalan B.O 284419 Jhansi Jhansi
Rajapur B.O 284419 Jhansi Jhansi
Pali Pahari B.O 284419 Jhansi Jhansi
Amanpura-war B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Bangra B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Deori Singhpura B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Gairaha B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Ghurat B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Kachneo B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Katera B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Luhari B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Magarpur B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Padra B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Palra B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Pathguwan B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Ratausa B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Sakrar B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Siaoni Khurd B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Vijay Garh B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Uldan B.O 284205 Mauranipur Jhansi
Badokhari B.O 284304 NA Jhansi
Chheonta B.O 284304 Moth Jhansi
Sakin B.O 284304 Moth Jhansi
Garhiagaon B.O 284003 Jhansi Jhansi
Karari B.O 284003 Jhansi Jhansi
Lahar Gird B.O 284003 Jhansi Jhansi
Barhwar B.O 284206 NA Jhansi
Bijna B.O 284206 Mauranipur Jhansi
Dhurwai B.O 284206 Mauranipur Jhansi
Pandwaha B.O 284206 Mauranipur Jhansi
Pasaura B.O 284206 Mauranipur Jhansi
Billa B.O 284402 Mehroni Lalitpur
Kailguwan B.O 284402 Mahroni Lalitpur
Kuagaon B.O 284402 Mahroni Lalitpur
Marrauli B.O 284402 Mahroni Lalitpur
Paah B.O 284402 Mahroni Lalitpur
Pura Kakdari B.O 284402 NA Lalitpur
Sunwaha B.O 284402 Mahroni Lalitpur
Udaipura B.O 284402 Mahroni Lalitpur
Alapur B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Asaupura B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Barkhiriya B.O 284122 NA Lalitpur
Basatguwan B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Deoran B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Dulawan B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Bastrawan B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Sarol B.O 284121 Jhansi Jhansi
Ujyan B.O 284121 Jhansi Jhansi
Taindol B.O 284201 Jhansi Jhansi
Bhagwantpura B.O 284127 Jhansi Jhansi
Simraha B.O 284127 Jhansi Jhansi
Chamrauwa B.O 284120 Jhansi Jhansi
Khailar B.O 284120 Jhansi Jhansi
Khajraha Buzurg B.O 284120 Jhansi Jhansi
Khajraha Khurd B.O 284120 Jhansi Jhansi
Mathurapura B.O 284120 Jhansi Jhansi
Aupara B.O 284301 NA Jhansi
Bajhera B.O 284301 Jhnsi Jhansi
Baral B.O 284301 NA Jhansi
Jaryai B.O 284301 Jhansi Jhansi
Karguwan B.O 284301 Jhansi Jhansi
Pahari Buzurg B.O 284301 Jhansi Jhansi
Simthari B.O 284301 Jhansi Jhansi
Ram Nagar B.O 284301 NA Jhansi
Siya B.O 284301 Jhansi Jhansi
Ahiraura B.O 284302 NA Jhansi
Bilati Karke B.O 284302 Maruanipur Jhansi
Gonti B.O 284302 Mauranipur Jhansi
Iskil B.O 284302 Mauranipur Jhansi
Labhera B.O 284302 Mauranipur Jhansi
Kudri B.O 284302 Mauranipur Jhansi
Patha B.O 284302 NA Jhansi
Dumrai B.O 284203 Garautha Jhansi
Kakarwai B.O 284203 Garautha Jhansi
Kachir B.O 284203 Garautha Jhansi
Khadaura B.O 284203 Garautha Jhansi
Moti Katra B.O 284203 Garautha Jhansi
Rampura B.O 284203 NA Jalaun
Simardha B.O 284203 Garautha Jhansi
Siya Kharka B.O 284203 Garautha Jhansi
Asta B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Baghaira B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Bamaur B.O 284202 Garautha Jhansi
Bangri B.O 284202 NA Jhansi
Gadiya B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Gadyana B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Jamalpur B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Kalyanpura B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Lakhanpura B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Muhara B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Madanwara B.O 284122 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Bachhraoni B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Baghaura B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Bamhori Khandel B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Baroda Daang B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Bhaoni B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Bhailoni Lodh B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Bhailoni Suba B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Chiglauwa B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Chungi B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Dasrara B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Dhangol B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Ladhwari B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Nagara B.O 284123 NA Jhansi
Paron B.O 284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Baroda Swami B.O 284124 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Ghisauli B.O 284124 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Kisalwans B.O 284124 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Mainwara B.O 284124 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Nanaura B.O 284124 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Nauharkalan B.O 284124 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Pipra Raipur B.O 284124 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Rakh Panchampur B.O 284124 NA Lalitpur
Siron Kalan B.O 284124 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Bamhori Bahadur Singh B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Bhondi B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Dhawari B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Gurha B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Kakrauwa B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Khajuriya B.O 284405 NA Lalitpur
Khitwans B.O 284405 NA Lalitpur
Kumheri B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Naikaura B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Nainwara B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Patha B.O 284405 NA Jhansi
Silawan B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Sindwaha B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Saujana B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Chhapchhaul B.O 284405 Mahroni Lalitpur
Bamhori Madawra B.O 284404 NA Lalitpur
Dhawa B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Didonia B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Dhauri Sagar B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Garholi Kalan B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Gidwaha B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Girar B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Karitoran B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Sadhumar B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Saidpur B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Siron Madawra B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Sonrai B.O 284404 Mahroni Lalitpur
Bangawan Kalan B.O 284136 NA Lalitpur
Arjunkhiriya B.O 284406 Mahroni Lalitpur
Balabehat B.O 284406 Mahroni Lalitpur
Dongra Kalan B.O 284406 Mahroni Lalitpur
Gauna B.O 284406 Mahroni Lalitpur
Mahauli B.O 284406 Mahroni Lalitpur
Paraul B.O 284406 Mahroni Lalitpur
Patna B.O 284406 Mahroni Lalitpur
Umariya B.O 284406 NA Lalitpur
Dongra Khurd B.O 284406 Mahroni Lalitpur
Deori B.O 284501 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Kailwara B.O 284501 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Lagaun B.O 284501 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Thanwara B.O 284501 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Badiwar Kalan B.O 284126 NA Lalitpur
Bamhori Sarr B.O 284126 Talbehat Lalitpur
Bhuchera B.O 284126 NA Lalitpur
Bijrautha B.O 284126 NA Lalitpur
Hasarkalan B.O 284126 NA Lalitpur
Khandi B.O 284126 Talbehat Lalitpur
Kadesarakalan B.O 284126 Talbehat Lalitpur
Miyaoon B.O 284126 NA Lalitpur
Natthikheda B.O 284126 Talbehat Lalitpur
Pawa B.O 284126 Talbehat Lalitpur
Poora Kalan B.O 284126 Talbehat Lalitpur
Poora Virdha B.O 284126 NA Lalitpur
Rajawan B.O 284126 Talbehat Lalitpur
Sanori B.O 284126 Talbehat Lalitpur
Serwans Kalan B.O 284126 Talbehat Lalitpur
Sarsend B.O 284126 Talbehat Lalitpur
Bamhori Kalan B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Bunt B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Baarod B.O 284403 NA Lalitpur
Baroda-bijlaun B.O 284403 NA Lalitpur
Birdha B.O 284403 NA Lalitpur
Burhwar B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Chadhraoo B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Daoni B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Dailwara B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Dhaurra B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Ghatwar B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Jakhlaun B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Jijyawan B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Jamuniya B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Jeeron B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Kalyanpura B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Khiriya Chhatara B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Kuantala B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Masaura Khurd B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Mirchwara B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Niwai Nibaho B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Padhna B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Pali B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Patauwa B.O 284403 NA Lalitpur
Piprai B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Rajwara B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Ronda B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Satarwans B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Serwans Khurd B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Tera B.O 284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur
Aeir B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Baragaon B.O 285001 NA Jalaun
Beerpura B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Chilli B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Dhanaura B.O 285001 NA Jalaun
Garhar B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Imiliya B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Karmer B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Kharoosa B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Kukargaon B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Kharra B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Kharka B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Rahiya B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Roora Addu B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Shahjadpura B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Sihari Daoodpur B.O 285001 NA Jalaun
Dhantauli B.O 285001 NA Jalaun
Mandri B.O 285001 Orai Jalaun
Akorhi B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Basob B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Bilayan B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Birasni B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Birguwan Buzurg B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Birguwan Khurd B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Bharsoonda B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Chandurra B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Dhagwan Kalan B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Dhurat B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Jakhauli B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Jamrohi Khurd B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Pindari B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Pirona B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Somai B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Satoh B.O 285201 Konch Jalaun
Bhadreikhi B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Chamari B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Chhonk B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Imiliya Buzurg B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Karamchandpur B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Kurahna Alamgir B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Masgaon B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Parasan B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Piprayan B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Rirua B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Sandhi B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Shahjahanpur B.O 285202 Kalpi Jalaun
Usargaon B.O 285202 NA Jalaun
Atagaon B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Atarehati B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Garherna B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Gopalpura B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Ingui B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Jugrajpura B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Kudaari B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Kuthonda B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Manpura B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Mijhauna B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Naoli B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Parawar B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Rura Sirsa B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Sarr B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Sirsa Dogarhi B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Rendhar B.O 285121 Jalaun Jalaun
Alipur B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Babina B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Bagi B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Barkhera B.O 285203 NA Jalaun
Beri B.O 285203 NA Jalaun
Bhendi B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Chatela B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Garrehi B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Lamsar B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Margayan B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Matra B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Mawai Ahir B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Kakrau B.O 285203 NA Jalaun
Udanpur B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Harchandpur B.O 285203 Kalpi Jalaun
Bandhauli B.O 285122 Orai Jalaun
Gurha B.O 285122 Orai Jalaun
Jaisari Kalan B.O 285122 Orai Jalaun
Kusmiliya B.O 285122 Orai Jalaun
Mohammedabad B.O 285122 Orai Jalaun
Mohana B.O 285122 Orai Jalaun
Bhaoupura B.O 285128 Jalaun Jalaun
Gora Bhoopka B.O 285128 Jalaun Jalaun
Kartalapur B.O 285128 Jalaun Jalaun
Madora B.O 285128 Jalaun Jalaun
Madori B.O 285128 Jalaun Jalaun
Sheikhpur Buzurg B.O 285128 Jalaun Jalaun
Bilond B.O 285124 Jalaun Jalaun
Dhoota B.O 285124 Jalaun Jalaun
Jaigha B.O 285124 Jalaun Jalaun
Lidaupur B.O 285124 Jalaun Jalaun
Mai B.O 285124 Jalaun Jalaun
Patrahi B.O 285124 Jalaun Jalaun
Akorhi Dubey B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Amkhera B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Atariya B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Atra Kalan B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Aurekhi B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Binaura B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Babai B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Chhiriya Salempur B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Gadhela B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Garhgawan B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Hatheri B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Itahiya B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Jagnewa B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Keolari B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Khaksis B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Kuthonda Buzurg B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Lahchura B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Musmariya B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Nadai B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Parwatpura B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Pratap-pura B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Sahav B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Salabad B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Sikri Raja B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Sarawan B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Sarsai B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Urgaon B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Chaki B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Kusmara B.O 285123 Jalaun Jalaun
Bairai B.O 285204 Kalpi Jalaun
Gulaoli B.O 285204 Kalpi Jalaun
Kalpi R.S. B.O 285204 Kalpi Jalaun
Kashirampur B.O 285204 Kalpi Jalaun
Magraul B.O 285204 NA Jalaun
Mainupur B.O 285204 Kalpi Jalaun
Nibahna B.O 285204 Kalpi Jalaun
Anda B.O 285205 NA Jalaun
Aknewa B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Baroda Kalan B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Bhadari B.O 285205 NA Jalaun
Bhend B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Chamend B.O 285205 Konch Jalaun
Isagarh B.O 284002 Jhansi Jhansi
Nai Basti B.O 284002 Jhansi Jhansi
Orchha Gate B.O 284002 Jhansi Jhansi
Bhojala B.O 284002 Jhansi Jhansi
Sainyargate B.O 284002 Jhansi Jhansi
Khushipura B.O 284002 Jhansi Jhansi
Kochha Bhanwar B.O 284128 Jhansi Jhansi
Akseo B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Bamhori B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Banka Pahari B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Barauri B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Berwai B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Bhadarwara B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Bhasneh B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Bhadarwara Khurd B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Bhandra Khilara B.O 284204 NA Jhansi
Bijaura B.O 284204 NA Jhansi
Bonda B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Dhaurra B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Dhawakar B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Aivani B.O 284204 NA Jhansi
Ghat Kotra B.O 284204 Mauranipur Jhansi
Bijauli B.O 284135 Jhansi Jhansi
Hasari B.O 284135 NA Jhansi
Baratakalan B.O 284121 Jhansi Jhansi
Baidora B.O 284401 Jhansi Jhansi
Burhpura B.O 284401 Jhansi Jhansi
Chanaoni B.O 284401 Jhansi Jhansi
Ghisauli B.O 284401 Jhansi Jhansi
Manpura B.O 284401 Jhansi Jhansi
Nayakhera B.O 284401 Jhansi Jhansi
Birguwan B.O 284121 Jhansi Jhansi
Dhamnakhurd B.O 284121 Jhansi Jhansi
Garhmau B.O 284121 Jhansi Jhansi
Jonri Buzurg B.O 284121 Jhansi Jhansi
Palar B.O 284121 Jhansi Jhansi
Kheora B.O 208017 Kheora Kanpur Nagar
Birhuan B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Aurotahar Pur B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Reri B.O 209301 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Bara B.O 209311 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Sujanpur(E.U.P.9348) B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Sabhalpur B.O 209205 Shivrajpur Kanpur Dehat
Atesuwa B.O 209831 Unnao Unnao
Dodiya Khera B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Targaon B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Ghatampur B.O 209865 Unnao Unnao
Banther B.O 209862 Unnao Unnao
Kanjaura B.O 209862 Unnao Unnao
Mirzapur Ajgaon B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Mawai Dhamiyan B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Mustafabad B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Rampur Gaderuwa B.O 209870 Unna Unnao
Sorauli Khanpur B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Tiyar B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Udshah B.O 209871 Unnao Unnao
Saray Malkaadim B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Auras B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Miyanganj B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Purthiyawa B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Atwa B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Bandakhera B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Devgaon B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Korari Khurd B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Mustafabad Pakhrora B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Mraunda Majhwara B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Osiya B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Rahat Ganj B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Unnwa B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Darauli B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Mundha B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Sarai Sakhan B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Pariyar B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Kanjaura B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Munda B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Udtar B.O 209871 Sfipur Unnao
Fatehpur Chaurasi B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Gangadas Pur B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Zamuniya Kachh B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Dabauli B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Jajamau B.O 209871 Safuipur Unnao
Lawani Kalan B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Bhadsar Nausahra B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Daldalha B.O 209871 Safipur Unnao
Uttha B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Kakban B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Khera Kurshi B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Gajna B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Titthi B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Devha B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Nashirapur B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Nanamau B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Pihani Majbootnagar B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Vakori B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Bachhna B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Baranda B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Bari Alipur B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Kamsaan B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Makanpur B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Mojampur B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Rahimpur B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Arhariyamau B.O 209312 Knpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Gurugaon B.O 209312 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Jalalpur B.O 209312 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Kailai B.O 209312 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Meenapur B.O 209312 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Mohammedpur B.O 209312 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Malasa B.O 209312 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Sithrabujurg B.O 209312 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Girdu B.O 209312 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Gabdaha B.O 209203 Chaubepur Kanpur Dehat
Gauri Bhagwantpur B.O 209203 Chaubepur Kanpur Dehat
Ghanshyampur B.O 209203 Chaubepur Kanpur Dehat
Tari Pathakpur B.O 209203 Chaubepur Kanpur Dehat
Maloo B.O 209203 Chaubepur Kanpur Dehat
Rootapur Kalan B.O 209203 Chaubepur Kanpur Dehat
Aslanapur B.O 209301 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Angadpur B.O 209301 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Ursaan B.O 209301 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Galuapur B.O 209301 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Nandpur B.O 209301 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Baalai Bujurg B.O 209301 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Baragaon Bhikhi B.O 209301 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Bijhara B.O 209301 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Bhaisayan(E.U.P-7098) B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Bharamau B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Jot B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Laloo B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Mahera B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Makrandpur B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Narkhurd B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Puraanpurwa B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Shisahi B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Gaur B.O 209112 Amraudha Kanpur Dehat
Debair B.O 209112 Amraudha Kanpur Dehat
Devrahut B.O 209112 Amraudha Kanpur Dehat
Nonapur B.O 209112 Amraudha Kanpur Dehat
Paniyamau B.O 209112 Amraudha Kanpur Dehat
Bilhapur B.O 209112 Amraudha Kanpur Dehat
Mancha B.O 209112 Amraudha Kanpur Dehat
Selhoopur B.O 209112 Amraudha Kanpur Dehat
Shekhpur B.O 209112 Amraudha Kanpur Dehat
Virsinghpur B.O 209209 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Birhar B.O 209209 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Behta Bujurg B.O 209209 Kanpur Dehta Kanpur Dehat
Bauhar B.O 209209 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Pasikhera B.O 209209 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Pahewa B.O 209209 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Umri B.O 209209 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Rawatpur Chaudhriyan B.O 209209 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Dharmangadpur B.O 209307 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Bhadhpur B.O 209307 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Bhool B.O 209307 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Naubasta B.O 209307 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Pratappur B.O 209307 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Rasatpur B.O 209307 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Raipalpur B.O 209307 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Surar B.O 209307 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Anta B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Anaie B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Araul B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Aakeen B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Aurangpur Gahdeva B.O 209202 Bilhaur Kanpur Dehat
Hyuma B.O 209301 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Asdhna B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Akbarpur B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Bara Daulatpur B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Bari Mahtaen B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Bhadwara B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Bhadras B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Chanwar B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Dhamna Bujurg B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Gujela B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Harbansh Pur B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Itrra B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Kotra Makrandpur B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Kohara B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Kuwankhera B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Nauranga B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Roop Nagar B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Rar B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Revna B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Rawaipur B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Patrsa B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Korea B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Kaitha B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Pras B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Sadar Bazar Ghatampur B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Srinagar B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Jajpur B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Parachand B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Dharmangadpur B.O 209206 Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat
Akaru B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Injuarampur B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Kahijari B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Khamhaila B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Chhatrsa B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Zalihapur B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Dilauliya B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Ban B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Laxmanpur Pilakh B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Sunderpur Gajan B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Sithmara B.O 209302 Jhinjhak Kanpur Dehat
Aanupur B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Kodwa B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Baripal B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Bibipur B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Maitha R.S. B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Maitha B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Lalpur Shivrajpur B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Bhandauli B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Sambhuai B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Sajeti B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Hathika B.O 208001 Kanpur Kanpur Dehat
Karosa B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Kumbhi B.O 209101 Akbapur Kanpur Dehat
Gujraai B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Jhindaura B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Barapur B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Bewain B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Bewan B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Bhuganiyapur B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Rathigaon B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Rurwahar B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Lalpur B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Lalpur R.S. B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Sariyapur B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Gauriyapur B.O 209101 Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
Gaurikaran B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Damanpur B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Doharapur B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Budhauli B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Bhal B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Mariyapur B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Mubarakpur B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Ramau B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Rasdhan B.O 209115 Kanpur Dheat Kanpur Dehat
Rurgaon B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Vaina B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Satti B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Silhara B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Shahjahanpur B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Asalatganj B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Nabipur B.O 209311 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Mohana (E.U.P. 7305) B.O 209311 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Patra B.O 209311 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Girsi B.O 209311 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Katri B.O 209208 Kanpur Dehta Kanpur Dehat
Gadatha B.O 209208 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Dheli B.O 209208 Kanpur  Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Bamhrauli B.O 209208 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Bamhrauli Ghat B.O 209208 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Makhauli B.O 209208 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Singrasipur B.O 209208 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Asvi B.O 209310 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Aurangabad B.O 209310 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Khanpur B.O 209310 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Jsapur B.O 209310 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Nonari B.O 209310 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Prokha B.O 209310 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Bhandemau B.O 209310 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Mahua Mahoi B.O 209310 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Jahagirabad B.O 209308 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Targaon B.O 209308 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Tilsara B.O 209308 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Padri Lalpur B.O 209308 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Barnaon B.O 209308 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Rampur B.O 209308 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Shambhua B.O 209308 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Akauri B.O 209111 Pukhraayan Kanpur Dehat
Kachhigaon B.O 209111 Pukhrayan Kanpur Dehat
Chowki B.O 209111 Pukhrayan Kanpur Dehat
Bhognipur B.O 209111 Pukhrayan Kanpur Dehat
Saray B.O 209111 Pukhrayan Kanpur Dehat
Haramau B.O 209111 Pukhrayan Kanpur Dehat
Hansemau B.O 209111 Pukhrayan Kanpur Dehat
Gauri Karan B.O 209111 Pukhrayan Kanpur Dehat
Anwa B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Oderi B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Kamalpur B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Kandhi B.O 209115 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Mahuwa Nogaon B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Ratanpur B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Naila B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Usri B.O 209306 Rasulabad Kanpur Dehat
Chitaauli B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Indrarukh B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Jaganpur B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Kashipur B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Kari Kalwari B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Pur (E.U.P.3155) B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Roshanmau ( E.U.P.-6054) B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Saray Garewa B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Sargaon Bujurg B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Shahi ( E.U.P-6127) B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Banipara B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Gahlo Zarbi B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Tigaei B.O 209303 Rura Kanpur Dehat
Durooli B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Duwari B.O 209121 Kanpu Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Gajner B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Gangruli B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Hathai B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Zithrauli B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Zuniya B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Kathethi (E.U.P-7895) B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Lohari B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Manethu B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Mangta B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Ninama B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Pama R.S. B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Rasulpur Gogumau(E.U.P-7906) B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Saitha B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Sairua B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Sultanur B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Karsa B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Bharatpur Piyaso B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Kausum B.O 209121 Kanpur Dehat Kanpur Dehat
Kakoopur B.O 209205 Shivrajpur Kanpur Dehat
Chhatarpur B.O 209205 Shivrajpur Kanpur Dehat
Bhaisau B.O 209205 Shivrajpur Kanpur Dehat
Bhaisana B.O 209205 Shivrajpur Kanpur Dehat
Oriya B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Aonaha B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Kunjehi B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Dalipangar B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Nigoha B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Bannapur B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Barra Tharra B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Bairi Sawai B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Itauli B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Ugoo B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
S.N.C. B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Karowan B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Kanta Guljarpur B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Kursath B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Kesar Ganj B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Korari Kalan B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Gauraiya Kalan B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Jamuka B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Tikra B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Deeh B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Thana B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Dipwal B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Nibai B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Patari B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Pansariya (E.U.P.9189) B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Pidna B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Poora N Pansari B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Badarka B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Band Hamirpur B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Bether B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Bhadohi B.O 209801 Unnao Kanpur Dehat
Manjra Bhikhna B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Makhi B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Raukarna B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Ranipur B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Rawal Kalan B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Rithnai B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Rupau B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Sarosi B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Shadipur B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Sikandarpur Karan B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Sikandarpur Sihura B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Singrosi B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Sainta B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Haraha B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Patiyara B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Chamrauli B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Kodara Sandana B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Nawai B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Chandpur Jhalaei B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Raipur Garhi (M) B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Parenda B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Bhauli B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Jaitipur B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Makoor B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Rainapur B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Sonic B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Argoopur B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Ashayash B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Atwabaik B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Bhikharipur Patsiya B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Faridpur Katter B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Hafizabad B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Jogo Kot B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Jagatnagar B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Khambhauli B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Marhapur B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Rajepur B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Ruri Sadikpur B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Saipur Sagaura B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Utmaanpur B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Sursaini B.O 209868 Unnao Unnao
Aakampur B.O 209866 Unnaao Unnao
Chainpur B.O 209866 Unnao Unnao
Zamipur B.O 209866 Unnao Unnao
Malona B.O 209866 Unnao Unnao
Mankapur B.O 209866 Unnao Unnao
Gaura B.O 209866 Unnao Unnao
Sumerpur B.O 209866 Unnao Unnao
Kundenpur B.O 209866 Unnao Unnao
Pokhri B.O 209866 Unnao Unnao
Pakrakhurd B.O 209866 Unnao Unnao
Alipur B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Baxer B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Dhankoli B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Majhgawa B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Dhanikhera B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Jagatpur B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Raipur B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Narain Das Khera B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Sagwar B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Dundpur Jhthra B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Shekh Pur Nari B.O 209862 Unnao Unnao
Maswasi B.O 209862 Unnao Unnao
Sahjani B.O 209862 Unnao Unnao
Dhaura B.O 209881 Unnao Unnao
Nevalganj B.O 209881 Unnao Unnao
Rasupur Bankiya B.O 209881 Unnao Unnao
Samadpur Hardas B.O 209881 Unnao Unnao
Shahpur Tonda B.O 209881 Unnao Unnao
Asha Khera B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Asawar B.O 209859 Uunao Unnao
Darehata B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Katehru B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Kusumbhi B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Mirrikalan B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Sahrawa B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Chauper B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Sohramau B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Asoha B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Kantha B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Arjunamau B.O 209859 Unnao Unnao
Akbarpur B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Akwabad B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Dhani Khera B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Indemau B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Majhgawan Sevak B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Panhan B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Shukla Khera B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Sijni B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Vazidpur B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Parsanda B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Bardaha B.O 209867 Unnao Unnao
Baigaon B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Bhopatpur B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Badora B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Bhatnag B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Dhannapur B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Dela B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Zargaon B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Mohmmedpur B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Madarpur Narainpur B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Mirzapur Sumbhari B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Chetra B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Nathikhera B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Nevarna B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Orhar B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Padri Kalan B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Padri Khurd B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Taura B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Tripurarpur B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Bichhiya B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Majhgawa B.O 209825 Purwa Unnao
Badhwa Kola B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Barithana B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Birsinghpur B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Bachhaauli B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Hedrabad B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Kotra B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Laglesra B.O 209870 Unnao Unnao
Bhiwan B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Bhavaiya B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Sakrawa B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Sakhrez B.O 209204 Sheoli Kanpur Dehat
Arsun Bangar B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Umarpur B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Kasolar B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Khawajaphool B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Gurdahi Bujurg B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Dharampur B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Palhnapur B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Pindarthu B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Manpur B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Mirgaon B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Sandelpur B.O 209125 Sikandra Kanpur Dehat
Dundwa B.O 209210 Uttaripura Kanpur Dehat
Nadoha B.O 209210 Uttaripura Kanpur Dehat
Boramau B.O 209210 Uttaripura Kanpur Dehat
Radhan ( E.U.P.-5857) B.O 209210 Uttaripura Kanpur Dehat
Saibasu B.O 209210 Uttaripura Kanpur Dehat
Ssudhardevo (E.U.P – 9346) B.O 209210 Uttaripura Kanpur Dehat
Aderuwa B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Aterdhani B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Osaina B.O 209801 Unnao Unnao
Chanden Pur B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Terha B.O 209863 Unnao Unnao
Panai Kalan B.O 209864 Unnao Unnao
Mahesh Khera B.O 209864 Unnao Unnao
Sawaen B.O 209864 Unnao Unnao
Behta Bhawani B.O 209865 Unnao Unnao
Bisen Mau B.O 209865 Unnao Unnao
Kharoli B.O 209865 Unnao Unnao
Garha Kola B.O 209865 Unnao Unnao
Kulaha Bagha B.O 209865 Unnao Unnao
Osiya B.O 209865 Unnao Unnao
Rujhai B.O 209865 Unnao Unnao
Raithana B.O 209865 Unnao Unnao
Pali B.O 209865 Unnao Unnao
Dubeypur B.O 209827 Unnao Unnao
Magraiyar B.O 209827 Unnao Unnao
Mehramau B.O 209827 Unnao Unnao
Unchgaon Sani B.O 209827 Unnao Unnao
Aon B.O 209827 Unnao Unnao
Pasakhera B.O 209827 Unnao Unnao
Ballapur B.O 209869 Unnao Unnao
Vyoli Islamabad B.O 209869 Unnao Unnao
Ganj Jalalabad B.O 209869 Unnao Unnao
Hariyapur B.O 209869 Unnao Unnao
Kalwari B.O 209869 Unnao Unnao
Raghurampur B.O 209869 Unnao Unnao
Manjra Piper Khera B.O 209861 Unnao Unnao
Shankerpur Sarai B.O 209861 Unnao Unnao
Devra Kalan B.O 209861 Unnao Unnao
Maula Bankipur B.O 209841 Unnao Unnao
Byohani B.O 209841 Unnao Unnao
Chharihara B.O 209841 Unnao Unnao
Akohari B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Ahesa B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Bhusandi B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Gulriha B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Kanchanpur B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Lowa Singhan Khera B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Mawai B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Muktemau B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Mouddinpur B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Sagoli B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Gulauli B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Samadha B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Sarwan B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Para B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Sandana B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Kardaha B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Banigaon B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Devmay B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Drehata B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Lohana B.O 209821 Unnao Unnao
Akrampur B.O 209862 Unnao Varanasi
Baherwa B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Barkherwa B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Deokali B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Ganeshpur B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Kaimahra B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Kalaam B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Lokesor B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Lakhperaganj B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Manyora B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Meerpur B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Midania B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Mudia Khera B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Murtiha B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Fardhan B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Piparawan B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Rampur Gokul B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Rangila Nagar B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Razaganj B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Siyathu B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Udaipur Mahewa B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Bijhauli B.O 262701 Lakhimpur Kheri
Gopalapur B.O 262702 Lakhimpur Kheri
Ambarsot B.O 262721 Lakhimpur Kheri
Bhira Ghanshi B.O 262721 Lakhimpur Kheri
Mohola B.O 262721 Lakhimpur Kheri
Mohammadpur Mahewa B.O 262721 Lakhimpur Kheri
Mahangukhera B.O 262721 Lakhimpur Kheri
Nizampur-nighati B.O 262721 Lakhimpur Kheri
Rudrapur Kallan B.O 262721 Lakhimpur Kheri
Sadhauna B.O 262721 Lakhimpur Kheri
Aggar Khurd B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Daudpur B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Gaura B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Khambhar Khera B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Laukiha B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Madhwapur Barola B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Pipra Form B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Pipra Goom B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Pratappur B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Sisaura B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Srinagar B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Lakhaha B.O 261501 Lakhimpur Kheri
Betisahdeo B.O 261502 Dhaurahara Kheri
Ganga Nagar B.O 262906 Nighasan Kheri
Khargapur B.O 262802 Gola Kheri
Khunti Bujurg B.O 261505 Mohammdi Kheri
Basantapur Kallan B.O 262902 Palia Kheri
Sunderwal B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Tetarpur B.O 261506 Lakhimpur Kheri
Abhayapur B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
Akathi B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
Dulahi B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
Ghur Ghutta Bujurg B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
G.T. Amethi B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
Haukana B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
Mallbehar B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
Nainapur B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
Ram Nagar Bagaha B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
Semri B.O 262724 Dhaurahara Kheri
Dareri B.O 262907 Dhaurahara Kheri
Dhakherwa B.O 262907 Nighasan Kheri
Dhakherwa Khalsa B.O 262907 Dhaurahara Kheri
Dhakherwa Nankar B.O 262907 Nighasan Kheri
Jamhaura B.O 262907 Dhaurahara Kheri
Podhua B.O 262907 Dhaurahara Kheri<