Top 5 Best Apps to Pay Credit Card Bill with Cashback and Rewards in India

Since last few years, digital transactions are accepted and adopted by all people be it small shopkeeper to person selling vegetables. All are now tech savy and accept payments using various apps. Consumers also are using these apps to pay for their products or services using apps after linking their Credit Cards and Bank Account.

But do you know, paying Credit Card Bill Online you can earn handsome cashback rewards. Some pay rewards in Cash and some pay you in form of Credits which can be redeemed by shopping on their app.

I have complied list of top 5 apps which rewards to Pay Credit Card Bills. Go through these and decide which is the best one for you.

Top 5 Best Apps to Pay Credit Card Bills in India

1. Paytm App

Paytm is a very popular app in India. According to the current data, Paytm has over 150 million monthly active users right now.

Paytm is the best app to pay any credit card bill on time with cashback. After adding your credit card to the Paytm app, it will automatically remind you to pay the bills on a particular date of every month.

Along with credit card bill payment, if the Paytm app is installed on your device then it can be used for many other purposes. Like, Mobile recharge, DTH recharge, Electricity bill payment, Gas bill payment, Water bill payment, Rent payment, etc.

Method to Pay:

1. Open the Paytm app and go to the “Credit Card Payment” option.

2. Here enter your 16 digit credit card number and click on “Proceed“.

3. On the next page enter the bill amount that you want to pay and click on “Proceed to Pay“.

3. Now Paytm will redirect you to the payment page where you need to choose your preferred payment option.

4. After selecting the preferred payment option just click on “Pay” and make the credit card bill payment successful.

2. Cred App

Cred is another great app to pay credit card bills for rewards. Here you just need to add your credit cards to its platform. To save your credit cards Cred use a method called “Tokenization“. Which makes your card completely secure to save with the Cred app.

Cred app gives rewards for every credit card bill payment in a month. Here you have a chance to win reward points up to the bill amount you are paying through this Cred app.

For example, if you pay Rs.1000 bill then Cred will pay you up to 1000 reward points, similarly, for Rs.5000 bill payment you can win up to 5000 reward points from Cred.

Not only that, but Cred also has a very simple and beginner-friendly user interface that anyone can use. But the only restriction is Cred app is only for the customers who have a minimum 750 credit score.

Method to Pay:

1. First login to your Cred app and select the credit card you want to pay for.

2. Cred will show you the minimum and total due amount for that credit card.

3. Choose your preferred bill amount and click on “Pay Now“.

4. After that Cred app will show the payment options like UPI, Debit card, and Netbanking.

5. Select your preferred payment option and pay the bill amount successfully.

Depending on the bank or method of payment it could take up to 2 working days to settle the bill amount.

After successful bill payment by Cred, you will get various offers and reward points (Cred coins) which you can use to redeem different offers from its platform in the future.

3. Amazon Pay

For credit card bill payment through Amazon pay, Amazon also pays cashback according to the running offers at that time. Amazon gives cashback as Amazon pay balance, which can be used for multiple purposes on the amazon platform.

Using Amazon pay you can pay bills for any type of credit card. For credit card payment from amazon pay, just you need to have an Amazon account that’s it.

Method to Pay:

1. First login to your Amazon account and go to the Amazon pay section.

2. Here find the “Credit Card Bill” option under the Pay Bills section.

3. Then enter the credit card number, name on the card, and select the bank your credit card belongs from and click on “Proceed“.

4. On the next page enter the due amount that you want to pay and click on “Proceed“.

5. Now on the payment page, Amazon provides payment options like Amazon Pay UPI, Other UPI IDs, and Netbanking.

6. Select your preferred payment option and click on “Place Order & Pay“.

It takes up to 2 working days to settle the bill amount for your credit card. And after successful payment, you will get cashback and a scratch card also.

4. PhonePe App

Similar to the Paytm app, Phonepe is another popular digital payment app in India. Phonepe also provides an opportunity for credit cardholders to clear their credit card bills instantly. With Phonepe you can pay any type of credit card bill using it.

After successful credit card bill payment through Phonepe, it rewards customers with cashback. The cashback received into the Phonepe wallet that you can use for many purposes on its platform in the future.

Method to Pay:

1. First open the Phonepe app and go to the “Credit Card Bill” section.

2. Here enter your credit card number, registered mobile number, and click on “Confirm“.

3. On the next page enter the bill amount, select the bank to pay, and click on “Pay Bill“.

4. Now after entering the UPI pin, your credit card bill is paid successfully via the Phonepe app.

5. Mobikwik App

Mobikwik is another good option to pay credit card bills instantly for credit cardholders. For credit card bill payment using Mobikwik, you’ll receive Supercash in returns.

In the future, you can use this Supercash to pay for different services on its platform or you can convert them into Mobikwik wallet balance.

But there are many limitations to using this Supercash, you can only use up to 10% of it at a time, which is the worst side of MobiKwik to use for a credit card bill payment.

Method to Pay:

1. First open the Mobikwik app and go to the “Credit Card” option.

2. Here add your credit card if not already added by entering the 16 digit card number.

3. Now select that card and enter the due amount that you want to pay and click on the “Confirm”.

4. On the payment page you can choose “Mobikwik Wallet” or “Other Payment Option” as payment method.

5. After selecting the preferred payment option, make the transaction successful for your credit card with the Mobikwik app.

So, these are the 5 most popular apps to make credit card payments with cashback and rewards. You can use any one of them as your preference for your credit card bill payment.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you pay your credit card through the app?

If your credit card issuer bank supports paying through mobile banking then you can definitely make payment successfully for credit card bills using an app.

Which app is best for credit card payment?

According to my experience Paytm is one of the best credit card payment app in India.

What is the fastest way to pay credit card bills?

Use the Paytm app and choose BHIM UPI for your credit card payment. With this method, you can pay for your credit card almost instantly.

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