PNB Scam: Neerav Modi, Mehul Chokse if not come first time, second summon will not be sent.

In the case of the Punjab National Bank (PNB) case, the enforcement directorate (ED) is continuing the strike action. ED had asked Neerav Modi, his wife, brother and Mehul Chokase to appear in his Mumbai office today. The first summon of the ED was completed on Friday evening. ED is now in the process of issuing summons to all four.

Earlier, ED filed another case against PNB Magistrate Nirav Modi on Friday. He also raided 35 different locations across the country and seized properties worth Rs 549 crore. In the case so far, the total assets worth Rs 5649 crore have been seized.

In the case of these seized properties, gold, diamonds and other jewelery are included. ED has filed the new case on the basis of the second FIR of the CBI. According to ED sources, on Friday, 35 more booths of Neerwa Modi were raided. He said that till now the ED has seized assets worth Rs. 5649 crore while taking action in this mahoghota. However, according to an estimate, the value of the seized property can be up to Rs 6000 crore.

According to sources, the raids against neerav Modi and his colleagues have been done on the locations located in 11 states of the country. During this, the investigating agency has recovered a list of 29 fixed assets. The listing of this property of Nirav Modi and his company came from CBDT.

Of the 35 new locations raided by the ED on Friday, two in Goa, seven in Ahmedabad, four in Chandigarh, one in Calcutta, three in Delhi, one in Patna, four in Lucknow, one in Chennai, A hideaway is included in Jalandhar. Apart from this, officials of the IT department have also pasted a notice outside the booth of Neerav Modi, located in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.

Earlier on Thursday, ED had raided 17 locations of Neerav Modi and Gitanjali James and seized property worth Rs. 5100 crores. At the same time, after coming to the scam, PNB suspended its 18 employees while taking action.

Additionally, on Friday, the Foreign Ministry suspended the passport of Neerav Modi and Mehul Choksee for four weeks. At the same time, Nirvav gave a week’s time to Modi to answer that why his passport should not be canceled. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravi Kumar said that if Neerwa Modi does not answer in a week, then it will be assumed that he failed to do so.


Source : aajtak

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